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  1. This fills a hole in shamanism lore. It has very little combat mechanics but rather focuses on providing great RP for the server. + 100000000000
  2. This character has since been filled. If you have interest in Adunian RP, please feel free to still reach out. I can help you get settled in Cartref Mor!
  3. HELLO LOTC! Looking for someone to play an Adunian character. He is the son of two Adunians, both sitting on the council of Cartref Mor, the Adunian settlement. The character's name is Aodhan, he is 8 years of age and has a twin sister, a third child is soon to be born. His mother, Ailsa, is the People’s Watcher and soon to be Knight. His father, Aonghus, is the leader of the adunian military and the Order of the Greymist (Adunian Knights). If you are looking for: Númenóreans-ish RP Alchemy RP Knight RP Dark vibes Chill people I would prefer to go into more detail in DMs. Please contact Raztun#7376 or CindyF|Maiyun_Waifu#83
  4. CALL TO THE ENLIGHTENED In the old city of San’Khatun the urukim of Akaal gather to discuss the happenings of the realm. Together these shamans and haruspex decided a path forward, they would be the Light that faces the evils of darkness, paving the way for their peoples acceptance into the Stargush’Stroh. The Akaal begin their quest in search of knowledge and power, to gain the means to face the threats that hide in the shadows of men. As those spiritual urukim departed, a hobgoblin marched deeper into the scorched jungle. When the light faded into night, he returned to the Iron’Uzg, a bloodied animal held in his clawed digits. The Kukaal found his way into an empty forge, retrieving his ritual carving knife, its blade etched with strange red symbols that glowed as he worked. Wearing the newly crafted, bone-adorned armor set, Bumba walked about the city. *A splintered bone pins a bloodied missive against the blargs of those of the Akaal and its initiates* BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF AKAAL - The time has come for us to combine and expand our knowledge. Our clan has helped to pioneer this new age of flame and blood, but there is still much for us to do. We lack the information, the tools, and the numbers to start conflict with those that must be driven from our mortal realm. Our duty to Krug and to our Ancestors require us to fix this, for this age of urukim will crumble with inaction. Go out Akaal, make alliances, discover new knowledge, and craft weapons and armor that can withstand the power of dragons and demons. Individually, we do not stand a chance, but together, as united urukim, our Light will drown out the darkness. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Bumba'Akaal, Kukaal of Clan Akaal, Herald of the Heartbeat
  5. AKAAL (“Of Light”) The Akaal serve as heralds and messengers of a new age of urukim. Many traditional clans find the Akaal’s ways to be unorthodox. Above all, the Akaal are worshippers of urukim, both those who have passed to the Stargush’Stroh and those that remain in the mortal realm. Placing much significance on the material world, the Akaal have developed rituals, customs, and practices involving blood, alchemy, and their own bodies. With less of a significance on the immortal spirits, the Akaal revere the ancestral and elemental spirits, believing that combined with the divinity of blood, they contain the means to reach the epitome of urukim, the ultimate image of Krug. With great diversity within their own numbers, the clan is connected in their purpose to shepherd the descendants of Krug into a new age of spiritualism. Immortal and Ancestral Spirits: Unlike other orcish clans, the Akaal do not worship specific immortal spirits. Instead, it is common for clan members to pick and choose the immortal spirits that they dedicate themselves. Other members renounce the immortal spirits all together, finding them to have corrupted the orcish people, leading them towards periods of dismay. The Akaal are able to reconcile these spiritual distinctions, finding greater purpose in the unification of the blood and soul of the urukim. The Akaal venerate the ancestors, taking great pride in the orcish lineage that connects them to Krug. Those who were honorable and worthy enough to cross into the Stargush’Stroh are deserving of the utmost respect and praise, the stories of their lives a testament to the greatness of Krug’s children. It is not from the immortal spirits but from the ancestors that the Akaal seek guidance, hoping to bring themselves and their brothers into the orcish afterlife. Mortalism, Grizh, and the Elemental: Recognizing their own mortality, the Akaal place great importance on the impression they leave on the material realm. Blood is regarded as sacred as it ties each orc to their ancestry. However, their adoration of blood is not only for their own. Instead, the Akaal glorify the divine embodiment of blood, drawing from its power through ritual, battle, and sacrifice. To spill the blood of the corrupted is to purify this transcendental oversoul, bringing strength and honor to the individual and to the urukim. Among the primordial aspects of nature, Akaal recognizes blood as a quasi-elemental force that exists on a similar level to the elemental. Their attention to the elemental extends beyond blood, the Akaal viewing the elemental spirits with special significance. Body as a Living Tapestry An Akaal regards the physical form of the urukim as sacred. Every scar, tattoo, and marking reveals the story of the individual, these modifications serving as badges of honor and status. To mark one's body without purpose and meaning is to desecrate your image before your kin and your ancestry. This mortal divinity extends beyond scarification, as a urukim’s blood is of high significance, only to be spilled for worthy causes such as spiritualism and war. For these reasons, you will find the Akaal riddled with marks, scars, and tattoos that chronicle the clan members life. Their rituals and practices often involve scarring and the spilling of blood. Their blood serves as their closest connection to Krug in the mortal realm and their scars serve as conduits for guidance and knowledge from their ancestors.
  6. The Order of the Greymist Zealous warriors devoted to their people and their ancestors, the Order was created to ensure the strength and longevity of the Adunian people. Tossing aside traditional notions of chivalry, these knights care little for honor, courtesy, and charity. Instead those of the Greymist view most as morally ambiguous, believing that all choices are guided by selfishness and self-preservation. Reliance on others and on borrowed power is a weakness that will inevitably lead to an individual's demise. Only through one's own strength and competency can greatness truly be achieved, and through greatness, the Adunians can once again be brought to glory. Code of the Greymist Strength An individual’s physical and mental strength determines their value Faith Abandoned by the Creator, only the Ancestors can guide us Loyalty Survival of the Adunian people is of utmost importance Perpetuity A knight is bound in service both in life and in death Hierarchy I. Grey Knight Commander Leader of the Order, tasked with organizing the broader goals and purposes of the Order. They will lead the important meetings and decisions within the Order with the aid of their council. Has the ultimate say in all decisions of the Order, including membership. II. Greymist Champion Those who have proved themself most in their service as a Knight. They serve as council to the Grey Knight Commander, often acting as the mentors to Aspirants and Squires. III. Mistguard Those who have proven themselves and have achieved Knighthood. The Mistguard answers to the Greymist Champions and the Grey Knight Commander performing any tasks of the Order. Mistguard members will be expected to learn alchemy. IV. Aspirant Those seeking Knightship within the Order. Their mentor will assign their duties and obligations. V. Squire Young Adunians who wish to walk the path of the Greymist. Similar to Aspirants, they will be assigned to a Knight who shall mentor them until they come of age. Ascension to Knightship Initiation: Those seeking to join the Order of the Greymist must seek out a Grey Knight Commander. The Grey Knight Commander will access the strength and ability of the individual through a duel. Depending on the result, the Grey Knight Commander will accept or deny the individual as an Aspirant of the Order. They will be required to swear an oath to their people and ancestors before beginning their journey to knightdom. Training: At its core, the Order is structured on strength and self-motivation. Aspiring knights will be assigned to a Grey Knight Commander or Greymist Champion who will oversee and direct an individual's training. Those in charge have the discretion to remove the Aspirant from the Order at any time if they find fitting. Once the overseeing knight determines that the Aspirant’s mind and body are ready, they can begin the final step towards the Mistguard. Rite of the Greymist A secret ritual known only by those who have experienced it. The Rite will challenge the Aspirant’s mind and body as they traverse the mists of life, death, and reality itself. Those who make it through this trial shall rise to the ranking of the Mistguard and will receive a unique moniker. Squireship Squireships can begin at the age of 12, where they are assigned to a willing knight. Shadowing the Knight for the years to come, they will train in combat, medicine, and other relevant skills. The Knight will be responsible for administering the Squireship tasks and chores. Upon reaching the age of 16, the mentoring Knight has the discretion to move the Squire into the Rite of the Greymist where they will take their oaths and ascend to Knighthood. If the mentor finds the Squire is not ready, they may deem it necessary for the Squire to go through the entire process as an Aspirant. OOC Note If you are interested in joining this Knightly Order, feel free to contact me for more information! IGN: Krunos10 Discord: Raztun#7376
  7. "When the entirety of your position relies on an old oath, entirely ignoring the many enumerated complaints about your failing Kingdom, a moment of reflection is required" an Adunian Squire grunts, scowling at the missive before tearing it in half
  8. Rite of the Guiding Three Roaming the hazy, volcanic terrain beyond the walls of Cartref Mor, the young, muscle-strapped Adunian collected the herbs and salt water that was required. Sweat dripped from his pale skin as he inhaled heavy breaths. His ashen gaze focused on the molten path with a fiery determination. Time passed slowly as the searing heat wore down on the young warrior, each moment more difficult than the next. His hand periodically hovered the sword that sat on his hip, hoping for his chance to prove himself. Drifting through darkness, a burst of bright orange and red light blinded his vision. The light began to fade, the crackling of a fire echoed around him as a familiar fireplace came into view. Closer and closer he floated towards the flame until it enveloped his form, his body twisting in agony as his skin blistered. Unable to produce a scream, he prayed to the Ancestors for mercy. For what felt like eternity, his consciousness suffered in fiery torment until he forced himself further into the flames. Immediately, his pain subsided as the burning visions twisted around him to reveal the burning visage of the familiar minotaur, his greatest feat. The young adunian pressed forward in the blazing desert, climbing up and down ashen black and red mountains. Eventually, he heard a growl in the near distance, a smirk etched into his face as he moved in its direction. As he rounded a hill, a beast leaped at him from behind, digging its claws across his back. The warrior shifted his form to view a snarling, badger-sized bear. Two more of these beasts approached from afar, one noticeably bigger than the others. Gripping his blade, he darted past the lava bear to leap onto a large rock. He raised his blade in a defensive posture, ragged breaths escaping his sweating form. The burning head of the bull thrashed about until its eyes became void of life. His consciousness was then carried away back to the tavern of Cartref Mor. A spectator to those who merrily ate and drank about a table, he recognized a few of his new Adunian friends. The voices of the three Ancestors whispered prayers in his subconscious as he witnessed the scene. As the voices faded, the illustration before him vanished to return him to darkness. Leaping off the stone to the right most bear, the warrior stabbed his blade deep into its neck, immediately ending its life. The other two bears pounced forward, one bit into his ankle and the other into thigh. The young adunian yanked his sword from the dead bear, swiping it horizontally, to detach a limb from the smaller lava bear. The larger bear leaped forward, clawing the adunian’s face before rolling down a hill. The young warrior’s blood and sweat dripped from his figure, forming a crimson pool at his feet. Unleashing a roar, he stabbed forward towards the smaller lava bear, piercing its head. It was not long after that the larger bear suffered a similar fate after providing one more scar to the face of the warrior. Falling to his knees, the warrior-to-be closed his eyes to offer a prayer to Elendil. Cocooned in darkness, the whispers of the Elendil, Maria, and Braen reverberated across the emptiness sending him forward, back into his physical form. The young adunian lifted his body out of the bloodied waters, his eyes looking up to the stone ceiling before shifting to his guide. Gradually, he stepped out of the tub, its crimson contents scattering across the dirt floor. The voice of Elendil rang through his head, repeating the same line over and over again. “Rise Aonghus Seragon, your flame shall be your glory”
  9. Wars are bad for the server and bad for RP 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Nooblius


      @SalvoI don't think it's wise to dismiss someone's thoughts based off only playing for slightly over a year, as ultimately that's a long enough time they could be more in touch with current state of server than you!

      However, I will disagree that war fundamentally is bad for server. I do think the system of conquest and warclaim focus is bad for server, smaller scale war actions that have more frequent impacts on RP instead of just who is PRO of what tile would be better for the server.

    3. Salvo


      Wars aren't bad, it's the server and the people that play it that have changed


      Also gatekeeping is good

    4. Wizzar


      @SalvoNever claimed nor tried to claim that wars have always been bad. I am speaking from my experience as an orc who has been involved with 4-5 wars thus far. However, I disagree with the premise that my perspective is void based purely on how much time I've been on the server. 


      @Nooblius I do not necessarily disagree that wars are fundamentally bad. However, in practice, they've all been pretty bad since I've joined the server, especially the wars between the orcs and dwarves. As a player from both sides, its very disappointing and its one of the reasons I have not been playing my dwarf character as of late. I am definitely salty about the whole thing, I won't deny it. 

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTto5j32B-0 Transitioning to the New Age [!] A missive is left in various places throughout San’Velku, reaching the eyes of its citizenry. “Honor, worship, and blood. These three aspects of urukim culture and tradition keep us on the path to the Stargush’Stroh. In times of war, the spirits challenge our curse of bloodlust more than ever as we stand against those that are weaker in mind, body, and soul. Despite the dishonor of our foes, it is imperative that we remain true to the ideals of our ancestors. Brothers and sisters must support one another to keep our honor and bloodlust in check. Since our inception, the children of Krug have banded together in clans, many of these clans surviving the test of time. Clans have worked to develop and maintain culture, to worship their ancestors, and to dedicate themselves to those spirits they champion. Unfortunately, the older clans have over time transformed into weeds that now work to stunt the growth and potential of the new age of urukim. Members of these broken clans lack purpose and guidance under negligent Warchiefs. While we must always worship our ancestors and bring light to their wisdom and accomplishments, it is time we remove these parasitic clans from our walls. The Akaal welcomes those abandoned urukim who seek purpose and guidance to the Stargush’Stroh. You owe no obligation to a clan that has deserted you and the Iron’Uzg. Come and join a clan that has pioneered a new age of blood and flame, a clan that seeks to bring the future our ancestors dreamed of into fruition. As you begin the trials of the Akaal, we will offer you protection, enlightenment, and a baptism to begin anew.” **The missive is signed in blood** - Bumba’Akaal
  11. Challenge for Kukaal *A splintered bone pins a bloodied missive against the blargs of those of the Akaal* “In the coming cactus days, I Bumba’Akaal, formerly Bumba’Izig, lay claim to the title of Kukaal. The blood speaks to me and has given me a purpose that I wish to bring into fruition. I will expand the Akaal, guiding more Urukim to the Stargush’Stroh and introducing them to the Heartbeat that envelops all” “As Skaatchnak currently represents the Izig lineage in Akaal, I plan on taking on his mantle as one of the three Kukaal. Skaatchnak has done more for the urukim than any other, pioneering a new age of flame and blood. He is my greatest teacher and closest brother for whom I hold the utmost respect. While he continues to serve our people, I believe it is time for new blood to lead” “I CALL A CLAN MEETING AT THE OLD REX PALACE IN SAN’KHATUN. LUP’KRUG, LUP’AKAAL, AND LUP’GRIZH” *The bottom is signed by a bloodied handprint*
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