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  1. What gets you most excited to RP? Has the server been more or less enjoyable over time?
  2. "It ahm hozh to peep mi writingz have lazted" Glurgz'Yar grumbles whilst continuing his century long pilgrimage
  3. Responding to posts is starting to feel a lot like responding to that discussion post due Sunday at 11:59 pm ET. (Please upvote, I NEED it)
  4. “Latz has nub been around in nearly ah century…” Ghuun'Akaal grumbles
  5. Our Misguided Brother We Akaal weep for our brother who has fallen into the arms of darkness, we have failed in our duties as shepherds of enlightenment. Drus’Akaal is no more, Drus’Akaal has succumbed to the temptations of the Inferi, of the Bronze Bull, and of our greatest enemy, Iblees. Hours prior to the traitor writing his missive, I came across him in the city of Sulianpolis while I was scouting for our enemies. I approached Drus asking my weak-minded brother, asking what purpose he had there. He dishonored us with lies. He was there as an ALLY of the Inferi Bull. Urukim! YOU must see through that trickery of chaos, YOU must not allow such lies to guide us into further conflict, such is the goal of darkness. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ As for the accusations against the honorable Clan Akaal, I will address them each in turn: 1. Our misguided brother has misunderstood the meaning of Vitalism and the understandings of Akaal. Vitalism is not of dark shamanism, rather it is akin to any sort of spiritual worship. Akaal simply seeks to empower a lesser spirit into a greater. THIS IS NO DARKNESS. 2. Our misguided brother has misunderstood and misidentified the means in which Akaal continues life through death. Is it a crime to survive? Survival is in our BLOOD. When our time comes, we will welcome the Stargush with open arms. We will not blame ourselves for surviving as Krug willed us to do. THIS IS NO DARKNESS. 3. Our misguided brother has failed to find purpose and meaning in history. Gadhaal the Black is a piece of the uruikim story. To fail to acknowledge and learn of the stories of our ancestors is to blind ourselves. THIS IS NO DARKNESS. 4. Our misguided brother has succumbed to rumors regarding the Blood Rex. Akaal played no part in his disappearance. Once again, do not fall for the lies of Iblees. THIS IS NO DARKNESS. 5. Our misguided brother once again equates knowledge and understanding of history to purpose and moral. Clan Akaal denies any such claim of Dark Shamanism, such are baseless rumors without support. THIS IS NO DARKNESS. 6. Our misguided brother has failed in his trials of Akaal, misunderstanding their meaning and value. Akaal are not xionists, each and every member is free to have relations with whichever spirit they feel called towards. This has always been the way of Akaal. THIS IS NO DARKNESS. The only wrongdoing of Akaal was its failure in guiding DRUS to the LIGHT. For this, we apologize to the Ancestors, we apologize the our fellow Urukim. We are the Light. KAAL AKAAL Signed, Ghuun'Akaal, Elder of Clan Akaal, Disciple of Dlimbok, Champion of Bregthar
  6. The Elder Akaal spits out his cactus juice, his clawed hands crumbling the parchment "Why did latz nub come to mi firzt bruddah, der ahm anzwerz to latz grukz dat can explain it all..." he sighs before picking up his own materials, sitting down to write.
  7. A certain urukim returns from his own pilgrimage deep into the Earth to find his Akaal brothers had left without him "Mi guezz mi will have to hear wub happened...." he grumbles with a heavy sigh
  8. "Thiz Olog ahm out of itz grukker... agh zoon to be without azh" the shaman grumbles, returning his focus to his haruspexy as crimson mists float about him.
  9. Duraath: The Gnashing Marauders of Akaal Flames engulfed their entirety, the ash billowing, enveloping the environment, marking it with its deathlike grayness. From within those clouds of smoke, a laughter fitting of demons became audible, echoing about that valley. Louder and louder, the terrifying cackles taunted them, toying with their inevitable demise. Finally those wicked figures emerged, enormous beasts with claws rivaling the size of their clansmens’ blades, jagged teeth still stained red from their latest meal. The hulking hyenas drew the attention of their victims who did not even notice the large urukim on their backs. Within seconds did the slaughter commence, their flesh and bones becoming a meal for the Akaal mounts. The appearance of the Duraath began as those Akaal of the Grizhubu erected large Moruhks in the nearby grasslands. As those monuments to Throqugrizh began to decompose and rot, the large beasts first revealed themselves, in search of a meal. At first, the Akaal fought off these enormous hyena’s, guarding their sacred shrines from their carnage. However, the enlightened shamans could not remain by their Moruhks forever, a new approach was needed. And so, the priests began to leave meals of slaughtered meat for those savage beasts. Night after night, this continued, the Duraath becoming conditioned for such, quickly expecting those urukim to bring their next meal. Description From afar, these creatures look as if they are your typical hyena but larger. Duraaths are anywhere from 5-5.5 feet tall, weighing anywhere from 800-1000 lbs. The claws of the Duraath are hooked, perfect tools for piercing and tearing their prey’s skin. Their sharp teeth are jagged and designed to tear the flesh of their large prey. Duraath are primarily scavengers drawn to the bloodiest remnants of battlefields. Still, Duraath make formidable hunters with their keen sense of smell. The Duraath have a very powerful bite, akin to a typical hyena of their size. What the Duraath lack in both strength and speed in comparison to the Lur wolf, they make up for with their terrifying laughter. Taming Taming a Duraath is a very dangerous process that has become sacred within Akaal. A capable orc is sent into the cave of a Duraath to challenge one. After wrestling it to the floor, the Akaal forces the Duraath’s mouth open and presses their own flesh against their fang, allowing the hyena-like creature to taste their blood. This ritual demonstrates to the Duraath that the Akaal is superior and a worthy rider, binding the two by blood. However, this ritual does not alone maintain this relationship. The Duraath rider must continue to hunt and feed their Duraath for a time, creating a dependency on the Akaal. The Duraath are needy carnivores who will quickly abandon their uruk if not properly fed. If the Akaal successfully feeds their Duraath for two OOC weeks, the Duraath will be much less likely to turn on their rider. Still, the Akaal must continue to feed their companion or risk them running away. Redlines: Duraath are primarily meant for an event setting. Duraath function identically to horses should they be used outside of sanctioned events without OOC consent. Consent must be granted by the organizer of the event for the Duraath to be used in combat. Duraath cannot be used in CRP outside of events. This can be overridden if all parties agree. An exception to the CRP rule is if a third party purposefully attacks the Duraath. Once this occurs, the Duraath may partake in CRP. If a Duraath is killed in an event, they must be PKed Legitimate RP MUST accompany the acquiring of a Duraath, while forum posts are not required, they are highly recommended. Only one Duraath can be owned at a time unless you are breeding them. Duraath cannot be tamed or ridden by Ologs After each combat scenario, Duraath will rest for one IRL hour. Credits: Krunos10 (writer), Panashea (editor), Jihnyny (editor), DrunkPapaBear (editor)
  10. "War against the False Light... Finally..." one Head of the Hydra rasps upon his sandstone throne, his voice echoing about the glorious temple.
  11. What gets you to log in these days? The communities you are a part of? The RP narrative that you have going? Perhaps both? In addition, why did you get me hyped for Warhammer delves last map and where are they now?
  12. Hello, love the lore. 1) How do we reconcile the current lore for necros and darkstalkers that require them to acquire lifeforce through darkening? (The soul of a darkstalker being that of a vacuum of entropy). 2) Do we think 4 slashing type attacks is too high a threshold for cut bone? Seems a bit high, especially given their brittle nature.
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