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  1. It is rare for someone to play a character of intentional low intelligence. Which player-character do you think did it best?

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    2. kaylacita
    3. Pureimp10


      @indiana105 isnt actually playing, its a self insert

    4. Greehn


      sometimes i don't think @indiana105is actually playing a character

  2. Which LOTC bloodline is most famous and/or recognizable? 

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    2. Traveller


      even non lore-heads know who the barclays are

    3. Solour


      if u dont say barclay ur wrong

    4. SethWolf


      Your average noob might not know the name Novellan or Barbanov, but id be hard pressed to find any noob that doesnt know the name Barclay even in passing. The memes, the forum sigs, the amount of people with '2k' in their name, the catchy slogans. Barclay won the meme war.

  3. What group on the server do you believe achieves the highest quality of RP? 

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    2. Laeonathan


      I don't believe you can objectively define 'highest quality of roleplay'. I think it just depends. Some of my favorite moments in roleplay have been: 1.) Battling the Celia'nor tear 2.) The young Spider event by Xarkly 3.) random deeplore rp on my high elf in cnor with lhindir

    3. Benleft
    4. marikandaperc


      i liked interacting w the druids in amathine in their new place.. had a rly good build too

  4. Who is the most accomplished player-created protagonist in LOTC history and why? 

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    2. WOWJ
    3. xMuted


      Thorin grandaxe m'glorious paragon

    4. milksoda


      Lectors + hidden DLC (coming soon) Lector Dreameater Prime

  5. Who is the most notorious player-created villain in LOTC history and why? 

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    2. ColonelKuehl1
    3. Nectorist


      kairn ithelanen has to be up there. notorious in many elf, bandit, orc, and human circles

    4. sam33497
  6. Unworthy - The Light's Forgiving Embrace [PK] (Art done by TeaSpiller) It started with Light. He never recognized it for what it was, ignorant of the blessings bestowed upon himself - he had family, friends, purpose… The Light dimmed. Of course it lingered, even as he turned his back towards it. He wanted more, needed more… and so, he lost everything. (Sketch by JustLizzy) Darkness. It seduced him, preyed upon him in his weakness moment, and he couldn’t fight back. He embraced the dark, it’s cold embrace twisting his soul. The Light became the False Light His enemies were of the Light, they took everything from him in its name - Vengeance was Justice, and Justice was Salvation. He was not enough for Darkness And so it took his wife, his children, his friends, and his Honor. They would devote eternity to its service - what choice did they have? The False Light continued to taunt them for its warmth was everywhere in this realm. Why? Why are we still at this? Who are we after again? Those who once wronged us are gone, did they really wrong us? (Art done by ComatosePrincess) Doubt The beauty of the dark quickly fades when exposed for what it truly is, yet those who live in its shadow can never truly escape, a spiteful remorse filling their cursed souls with wretchedness. Is that the Light? The head of Aonghus Seragon had sat in that paladin’s sack for nearly a year, cursing the holy knights existence to no avail. Yet, when Light in its truest form touched him, the Darkness abandoned him without a second thought. It ended with Light The Light did not judge him, the Light forgave him, despite his sin, despite his hatred for it. His Soul was cleansed of its taint. He was saved, yet he still felt guilty for those he left behind in Darkness. Was it fair to be saved when he cursed them to such? But the Light did not deal in fairness, it dealt in goodness, and it was goodness that guided Aonghus to eternal bliss. As he passed into the Seven Skies, he only hoped that the Light may find those he cared for - Ailsa, Aurelion, Liadain, and the others.
  7. This amendment would prevent me from moving 4 blocks per turn in CRP if I am wearing armor that has earth ensorcellment.
  8. Message me if you interested in helping build the Hou-zi develop in Sakuragakure. 

  9. Hou-nification *a notice would be posted across the lands of Aevos, directed to those remnant Hou-Zi Ni’Hao Xiondi, My name is Yáohuàng, a Laobai-Zhu of Sakuragakure. It is my belief that for too long those of us that are left have been fragmented and separated, our growth limited in isolation. In the beautiful lands that I reside, I have found a welcoming community, one that encourages all of its people to prosper. Thus, I am writing in the hopes of bringing our kind together to live under the beautiful cherry blossoms. Come and seek me out, Yáohuàng, and together we shall build a community of Hou-Zi within these foreign lands. Zaihui, Yáohuàng the Hou'Shūyō
  10. Raktzu sat cross-legged in his northern abode, his claws etching the following message into a canvas of hide for the Jūshoku: "Raktzu will be interviewed. Balance is the way of the hunter, this one is forever dedicated to the Hunt." This is all.
  11. +1 An absolutely necessary change that I'd fight to the death over despite only having encountered it for the first time moments ago.
  12. I find the biggest flaw with banditry to be laziness - laziness on the part of the bandit AND laziness on the victim of the banditry. Let us start with the former. Unfortunately, the style of banditry that most people are familiar with is led by individuals or groups that appear (italics added for emphasis) to be acting without regard to whether their victim is enjoying the RP. As with all RP, the experience is elevated when their is mutual understanding, or even a mutual pursuit of furthering their characters story narrative. Banditry, in its most common implementation, feels out of place and lacking in purpose, largely due to the bandits seemingly hasty and noncreative approach to the act. Like any type of RP, the quality of RP should not be neglected. Now, I believe the laziness of the victim is a direct result of the history and experience of banditry on the server as well as a result of the way the server works. Poor banditry roleplay has created an expectation among the player base that when they hear the common "HALT" emote, their mood quickly sours. While understandable, it is still not always acceptable. Rather, these players should ideally give bandits a chance - otherwise the situation will only be worse for everyone.
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