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  1. Azdrazi women unite. 

  2. BORN TO ASIOTH. WORLD IS A ****. 神様 Kill ‘em all 1989. I am an Azdrazi woman. 410,757,864,530 DEAD PALADINS.
  3. A stalwart adherent to the Arch-Drakaar confessed of a draconical canticle, its breath of a pungent smoke coupled with littered embers as it filled the air as the pact sealed between the two ancient entities, furthermore, the Destiny-rid Nephilim, dreamt of what was to come, the longing for victory, after eons of his ancestors battle, it would prevail all to be worth. " R U I N " It uttered under its breath, preparing for battle into the ancient scar of the mortal plane. "The love of siblings shall prevail; for their destiny bestowed upon them, by their father, shall not be deceived by wayward cretins, those cowards, those self-conniving bastards. " It finished, before continuing to speak blessings unto the sacred Child- The destined Drake.
  4. let me kamikaze into xans realm with my jihad brothers.
  5. qizu carried when we were tired +1 much needed, a concise and detailed update and allows Heralds to live up to their cute little potential.
  6. The egg-bearer cackled mildly as soot's of ember and ash split from his grievous maw and thus like a stove roaring heat blasted forth as his brothers victory surrounded him in a great warming flame, he proudly announced thereafter. "The martyr proves useful, at the frontline of battle once more ahead of me and our siblings" It spat lowly, somewhat saddened, perhaps even dismayed to an extent at the lack of invitation yet nonetheless forever would he be proud at the martyr bounds attitude to the enemy.
  7. Heir remade from Holy Ash of Tor-Azdroth. Remade. Reborn. Destined purpose. Destined Death, defiled; defied. Not once more, will it die. Not again shall it sunder, and cry, nor weep or fly ever so high, or again shall it fall until it dies. -The Regent A luminous thread of ash with woven strings attached betwixt the Nephilim's crude talons had intricately hovered over the thrumming oval-shaped orb, its intensity boiling as it presence was shakable, nigh tangible even behind that prison-made-shell, those strands of ash waved against it, harmlessly webbing its shield-shelled form, as cinders of ash balanced upon the strings and blew across it. The Nephilims jaw lightly dropped, hanging, balancing at the roots of amazement, constant awe smothered those sharp eyes, a constant reminder, a repeating cause that ushered sweet-iron duty. Words of a deep-draconic, impossible to understand, they were alien to even the ash and soil it stood upon, the fires themselves boomed with a mad ferocity as it sung their repeated song. ♫Dearest mine kin. Chosen prince. Oh hear my words ♫ ♫Taketh the winds, crack and shatter clouds and rest upon our hearts of fire♫ ♫Like distant thunder you will sunder, upon our ears.♫ ♫Chosen prince, I sing unto you like a sweet-melody will you be born♫ ♫Saveth the king from his damnation, chosen hier be his blade♫ ♫Thus it is decree, taketh thine titles- It thou devotion; duty to the empire.♫ ♫ Chosen hier, the sky’s are yours too walk; tread the air- fly and defy the circumstances of our race. ♫ ♫ The puissant prince will grow to unmatched heights reveling in the idea of power and knowledge. ♫ ♫ Rival a mountain in all perspectives, oh Chosen prince I sing unto thee. - Lead us, througheth the burning path ♫ ♫ To victory will you bring us, aid us to our final charge. - Those cowering pests shall sunder, crash and fall. The foundations topple upon the known world. ♫ ♫ To victory our chains shall fall loose, then freedom is yet a blink away. ♫ ♫ Heir of fire ♫ ♫ Heir of trueborn flame ♫ ♫ The Chosen Prince ♫ The Nephilim repeated that old poem which manifested from his lips at the peak of old tor-azdroth, at the summit laid the stone An-Gho, even in death his hums were heard throughout the melody, in complete sync, a mad dyad placed wonderfully together. The song was sung right after the battle between Morur’ei and Vothdrem, the death of Vothdrem, though perhaps deserved, secretly the Nephilim was burdened with a guilt, untold and remaining unknown he would savor the pain for the foe to face. Yet nothing came of it, the Nephilim had wondered was even repeating the same old song, appealing? No. Of course not. Perhaps the Nephilim lacked understanding, perhaps it was that ignorance, blinded by his dragonic-pride, yet nevertheless, too much wisdom, too much guise did it have to shame itself under guilt. His idea of the orb was a bewildering mystery, he had only a complex variety of theories; some held sense, some had not- yet he was willing to take the chance, willing to sing any blasphemy, any sacrifice to see the odds. Tor-Praeth The coming Age of the Dragon. Age of flame. “Oh you cosmic wonder of creation, I wonder what mantle shall you bear? Who’s name you shall sing, a creature born in this age, to live in the next.” -Azlihessan as he splattered his blood upon a stone tablet, the very blood depicting words upon rock. “Where will you bring the flock of the Titan? I am sure it will be great heights, greater then what I could ever reach.” The Regent then uttered, after having the Age of Nephilim across Almaris bless the unlived-drake, unhatched, destiny waiting to be made living. I yearn for the day, to be a second witness of a new ascension gift returned unto us, rightfully so, bare the mantle of re-made, made prince under the blood of Azdromoth Herald of the apocalyptic fate of those damned cretins in their wayward heavens. The day your roar beckons the call, the day this object spurns or toils with anything, something, will be a blessed day, a day where the age of dragonic-kind will no longer merely survive, it shall thrive. The pillars of the sky dismantled, as the heart of the sky is ripped out and its blood rains a terror that will shake them unthinkably so, they wait for their chance, yet we will them rid of every opportunity, we will reveal them for the cowards they are, their weaknesses exposed, then humiliated for that is their worth. They feared my father before his days of birth- For even then, he peaked the heavens and mused at their decrepit flaws. Dragur witnessed the amusement as your First foundation fell, now watch as this new-age comes and my father's prestige proceeds your own. Yet he already has, a thousand years ago- When Asioth was discovered, then re discovered, then recovered with a lax tongue, and a crooked pen. His sons His daughters The heirs of his coming Empire of fire. …………. Cloudbreaker I await the day. Service you owe; your duty will be your mantle.
  8. A miniature Nephilim, colored like a rock imbued with bristling veins that were concreted upon its form, blazon and cold, yet warm and subtle. It had begun to ponder the texts, as every text that was written by the loyal adherents of the Arch-Drakaar, he took his confinements and judged, even love spilled from this treachery that was his eyes- He began to contemplate as awe stroked his figure meticulously, he sung a canticle of praise and fierce worship unto the relic which he held so dearly to him, so tightly to him. Clung to him like a distant brother, a strayed-away cousin now united- His kin, his family. "Asioth was found in the depths where Gods dare to look- Once treaded, a path of the slave, yet once found in the bewilderment it IS, all things become possible, as the absolution of its divine truth separates ye from that which blinds you. My father will cripple such heavens that counter our truth, in such we will know divinity. We will know freedom amongst chains and cruel slavers. The Nephilim spoke unto itself as it enjoyed the reading of the Herald's text. fascinated as the mortal perspective was keenly explored on the loyal adhereant's work, as time was still and as slow as a rock for the Nephilims mind- Only that burning fervent passion of hard-bitter duty moved it onwards.
  9. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/rules/ (I hate this lore) APPROVE IT NOW.
  10. didn't think abt it too much tbh, the strength dynamic on lotc is rly weird, Idk much about tiger kha too use it- and I feel like it would be odd to compare azdrazi strength to a tiger kha, don't think I've ever heard anyone mention it to be used like that, I feel like comparing it to just an orc is simpler, as orcs are more common then ur typical tiger kha which u don't rly see that often
  11. who are u speaking for lol, ppl defiantly did ask. maybe ur speaking to the wrong ppl but idk who u speak too
  12. That's the way you look at it, you don't have to, yet you decide too. Err yeah primarily a strength boost is for crp in most cases (if not all) lulz! an inch for u is massive so I see where your coming from. (kinda)
  13. “The Titans strength is not diminished so easily” “But for his sons?” “We are not pathetic magi, whom cast tricks and spells upon the cretinous foes, we use steel, blood and fire.” - A leal adherent to the Arch-Drakaar declared dutifully. Azdrazi now can garner more strength than ever, their very inner-flame strengthened as their psyche nearly doubled with this boon of strength boosted their prowess two-fold, thusly the renowned drake-strength (orc-strength) Is now theirs to possess. Azdrazi have a total of 16 dragonflame units, when their inner-flame is full and at its most powerful they naturally possess the strength of an orc, yet never quite equalling the full might of an orc. When their inner-flame has been diminished by at least [4] units, or thus leaving a remainder of [4] units their strength is weakened to that of a human, still strong yet not as sufficient as before. Though as well they would find that when they are hiding their form and their inner-flame is scarcely hidden under fake flesh, whilst in polymorph they will not have access to orcish strength, rather remaining at peak descendant. -Cannot have Orc strength whilst in polymorph -It is not ‘peak’ orc strength (meaning a full-on orc is always slightly stronger in strength; having an edge in strength.) -When their inner-flame is reduced to [4] they have peak descendant strength. (of their original race) -If an azdrazi has [12] corrupted units, they will not have orcish-strength. Primordial descent a treacherous yet immaculate form of the Nephilim, mimicking what they should be in all their glory, their inner-flame is strong, burning, and fervent thus rather than the regular orc strength they possess it would now equate to that of an olog. If their inner-flame is reduced to [4] it shall return to peak-orc strength. -When their inner-flame is reduced to [4] they have peak Orc strength. Primordial descent amendment: -While in primordial descent, the Nephilim may be able to use the other augmented flame spells. -Primordial descent will have an increase of height by 1ft (10ft maximum) OOC:
  14. would be cool, people can argue u have range as an advantage but what u going to do when i come running at u with my tower shield? U die. XD - every time I used a bow in crp I regret it as I am forced to do 3 emotes instead of 2! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!
  15. "THE BELLS TOLLS NOT." An adherent of the Arch-Drakaar declared as a fist punched the air.
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