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  1. Ragrin wiped a single tear that dropped and swam down his cheek "Dats my boy"
  2. The creature with a heart of fire and skin of stone smiled gently at the note, reading each word again and again before he neatly folded it and placed it on a desk.
  3. The Nephilim spoke a prayer for the cloudbreaker drake, humming in tune with the fire that surrounded him. Before he dropped an odd flower atop where it was slain.
  4. A certain Nephilim would read the missive quickly digesting its words. SILENCE. ITS. LIES.
  5. As a certain Nephilim read the missive on being resurrected, he would read and blink at the missive, before going to march to some humans....
  6. In times of grief and pain where the soul suffers and the flame weeps The Nephilim who saw, the Nephilim who witnessed change - He who wanted it, and he who attempted to risk his own well-being to secure the one who tried to end his. He strove and his fire wept as it made battle with a sword that clung to his shoulder, he imagined a better outcome, yet the worst one set aflame. The thing had no time to regret or think of a mere distraction that plagued his draconic mind. "Wood elf, I will not talk and act as if I knew you. For I did not, lest you recalled that time when you tried to strike me. Though whether that you lived or that strike hit true, I would have acted as I do now, say what I say now. I apologize for not doing as much to save your life and your soul, and I am sorry that I shattered your last words, and didn't allow your beloved to silence your words - I take responsibility for that, it was my own fault. Only I can understand, how my fire wished to cling to you to save you from your misguided direction, perhaps we could have been friends, allies, or even brothers. I offer many blessings Vallein and Valyris, too many blessings to keep count, many prayers - I cannot save your soul now for it is out of my reach, yet I hope your body is given a respectable ceremony matter the crimes you committed - I hope however they deal with it, it cleanses it from its sins and needless mistakes." The thing declared out aloud, offering a simple shrug before he set himself down in the corner of a tavern - He was lucky to find himself a near-infinite amount of alcohol in which he would digest and devoured the strong beverages, his maw was avarice for the liquids, and he quickly drank as much as his heart desired - He quenched his thirst or attempted at least, his expression was emotionless filled with callasnous as the drinks took no effect.
  7. A certain Nephilim noticed the missive, reading its details and contents with a watchful eye - Did he scan the page, before offering a well-thought-out response that will explain the endeavor "The claims you make are blinded perhaps it is because of that light which blinds you, you claim I am 'corruption' and a taint, yet you don't know of my origins nor did you care to learn or debate on such, instead you attempted an assassination? In a place of peace - Little man, and elf. Dare I assume that you'd suggest that my fire is 'taint and corruption' yet it is the purest form of life, you claim me and mine people as 'darkspawn' yet you know nothing of my culture, nothing of my birthright, it's near pathetic to see a blind man make judgment over something that he does not understand in the slightest speck. The Nephilim uphold purity and that ancient pact which is to secure the safety of the descendants. You have never met my father, never felt his warmth - so speak not on us and our purpose, you who fears fire as much as he who fears the dark."
  8. Something read through the new laws and codes, which dictate the future of the dwarven religion, yet as he studied the words and surveyed them with a close eye - he found himself with a growing opinion conjuring up in his mind, so in something he shortly replied to himself as he mused out aloud. "The sacred brathmordkin yemekar bless it, yet it and you claim it wishes for 'balance' hence the name 'yemekars' balance, yet it invites the influence of certain aenguldaemonica - Such as Xan and others. And even voidal magick, is this not a sin in itself? As they alter the dwedmar soul from its originality. This is well too confusing! Why have these codes, if they are easily shattered without resistance? Multiple dwed allow the influence of dark magicks and the deific ones of the species (aenguldaemonica) in which wish to claim rule and worship, over descendant kind. Yet if dwarves are the most favoured and perfect creation of yemekar, why are these soul-altering things recognized and granted power within the brath? Offered a long yet short thought speech out, perhaps some would listen, perhaps some would not. It mattered not, whomever asked these questions to himself only offered words and a long sigh...
  9. "the worst thing you do when you know of a manipulator controlled by a higher power, in this case, it being a daemon - YOU DO NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC, now instead of avoiding him, people are going to TRY TO JOIN HIM" Something hissed at itself "We could of easily dealt with this matter, what a shame" It finished/
  10. "Something who feeds of worship is no better than Iblees itself, thus he is no better than him - You fall, you drown then you become blind. He is weak without worship, and you aimlessly assume that he is this all-powerful? Without you, without anyone, he is just the same as anyone else and he is not fit for it, he is not fit for men to worship he is not god." some creature noted seemingly unimpressed with this entire endeavor, in which slowly unwraps itself "The slave who doesn't realize they are a slave, and thinks it comes all for free that this game is as simple as life itself, the answer is. IT IS NOT. Finally, the creature finished, grunting and waving a single clawed hand as he dismissed himself from rambling anymore.
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