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  1. The Burning Assembly Rok Nardin & @samuelkimmusic - THE APOCALYPSE “In the darkest of places, in the lowest of places - I was made. Where the eyes of the gods could not see, and where the forbidden flame lay - I breathed Illuminated, by nothing but the fire of my father, before me a great black sun - I saw Purpose lived, and its edge was immaculate.” -The Prince The Titan and his first dream “For whence we came, many flew before us. We remember Setherien the devourer, Gudour the champion, so many felled by the fate that doomed them.” The Azdrazi of the Titan are the offspring of what came to be, the mere shattered image forged anew as they were bestowed the eternal long-lasting gift which was their boons, alienated from society yet ever glued with the known world, as much as it was his birthright (Azdromoths) it was theirs. Scholars, warriors who could author the blade as their quill, unrivaled and a puissant people who fashioned themselves in scales that riddled their dragonic stature, who yearned to walk air like their forebearers before them. I Azli have studied mine people, tasted their logic and ideals, conversed with ones older than I, our kin are aliens, a wolf among sheep, perfection flirting with an undeveloped, banal, woeful, and immature man. - Dragons are graced with ambition and passion. The bleakness of their form is immaculate in design, the wings that beat louder than thunder, and their jaws mighty. O’ Nephilim; how we are great. Ours was the design of dragons, the make of great sorcery, of purpose, and of fiery song. Will you sing it with me? The Titan's dream was their nightmare. His dream bore fruit as it fell from its spine. His sons, daughters, the princes of his empire. crafted, and molded as the Dragon-King took care, trial, and error until they were birthed, something he could call his own, something that he cherished. Yet with love comes hate, with proudness there comes cruel disappointment. When I was yet a simple herald, young and naive, my Grandfather, who was dubbed Brightiron Prince, gifted me a book named the book of epochs after his passing. Let this be an adage to our culture, our history, and our future. Yet something that is not commonly known, something our elder An-Gho spoke of, was the terrifying truth that we are not merely the ‘children’ of the Titan; we are the Titan. We are his shadow, his make - his spirit and his blood. The Titan lives within us as we live in him. We mirror his form, his rage, and pain; we love and hate, and our emotions are true and authentic, I understand love better than the mere mortal, I understand hate more than them too. And always we fight for bitter independence from a cruel world. And though we might fail - we fight. For that is our first gift, our flame, our heart, our blood. The very thing that moves us and beats within us. - Power. Man - man was who he chose, under the banner of Horen shall we know the empire, and we will walk with the banners raised in the goodly Titan's name. “It is then shown that under the might of his wings, cities, and nations were left in rubble as the ruinous fire scorched and dressed the various races, all races but man. His dream is a mightier one, a challenging one, a beautiful one, and a long one.” The Crimes Against The Draconic Race. I: “Iblees, the terrible bringer of ruin, the Arch-Daemon drunk on power. . .” The first crime was the black brush, doused with black paint used by a black hand. The great corruption was the beginning and the end, a fire made not to love, nor create, yet to ruin and devastate. A perfect white canvas smothered in black ink so easily ruined a fine piece of immaculate art. II: “Which one was it that had freed the wife?” The sunlit lord, that cretin struck with fear and his fear shall be known to all, we will be there atop the winds to see him sunder, crash, and fall. The collapse of the cretin is soon to be, for it was he that used petty hate, a god's emotion used to destroy and attempt to eradicate our people. III: “The green lady, the first mistake of Dragur is famed for this. .” Kins slay without any reasoning, to murder your own kin is a crime. to go against another is to go against the self, and to demeanor your own position for a selfish act is to weaken your own standing. - The act of Kins slaying without reason is revolting and disgusting and there is no honor in such acts. IV: “The Dragon-God remains enchained by that ***** stricken with cowardice and fear, they scavenge like vultures pilfering of what remains of him” The imprisonment of he who flew before the first-born, he who witnessed the first and the last, he who donned knowledge as his mantle. - Dragur - The slumbering god was our founder and our father's maker, long enchained as those who trapped him pilfer and scavenge at his wealthy horde. V: “As once the great Setherien tried to swallow the sun; so too shall we swallow the earth. An earth that belongs to us, an earth that has been conquered and stolen from us.” The stolen world is by our right, our mightiest father the Arch-Drakaar. The King Of Kings, he alone can carry the world, he knows this. A stolen world that has long been groomed and mistreated, abused, and sanctioned. The Kings molded by its cobble have been subjugated into harsh cruel bondage, one by one, day by day we will free them. The Draconic truth will be spread to all, taught to those, for I know ‘truth’ I know the draconic one too. Hierarchy. A Z D R O M O T H. The First-Born, King of Kings, The Titan. The Black Titan, our ever exalted King Of Kings who lacks nothing but a true mortal rival, our very maker, our father whomst challenges a mountain in height. For in his flight tornadoes swirl and the very earth quakes in his wake. - It was said whence he was imprisoned many Azdrazi had fallen to stone without the rich warmth of their beloved father. Let all bask in his glory - and let the World tremble. Once, in a different age, Azdromoth came to the elves matching their elegant form. He spoke to them with a voice of silver, and showed them his heart of gold. [Redacted] [This part of the page was blank.] The Three Eyes of the Alem-Drom. Keledan, the ever-wise The An-Gho, Third Eye The three eyes consist of three elder greater Nephilim who have been personally selected by the Titan himself, his favored and foremost dignified children, to rule over his Holy-Children. These triplets which suffuse the dominion as they teem the eyes of the Titan thrice, they are to be shown glory and their word over all others of the burning consult, These three heads consist of; Keledan, the first eye who is the ambassador and the very reflection of the titan, his mouth. Few things are known of the wise Keledan. His visits were rare – and yet rarer still. Some wonder if he still lives. The Eternal Inquisitor, the second eye. A Nephilim who were Azdromoths chosen Inquisitor and solidified the position of the azdromothian flock. A formidable warrior - his stone reminds all of past glory and might. The An-Gho, the Third-Eye. Exalted seer, prince and arbiter remade under holy Naldroth. When the voice of the Titan could not be heard - the golden words of the An-Gho stilled the hearts of Azdromoth’s children. The Burning Assembly. Elathion, Serpent of the Sea The Burning Assembly refers in technicality to all of Azdromoth’s servants, plotting their foul, gracious - virtuous and cruel deeds. Made up of the Chosen Nephilim of the Three Eyes, are the leaders of the burning assembly which are primarily elder Azdrazi - but certain and especially leal mortal followers have known to join their ranks, though with less authority over the servants of Azdromoth. Each carries a specific duty or role within the organization. The heads of the assembly are never set in stone; rather, they are meant to consist of a variety of azdrazi organizations and groups independent of one another, yet united all the same in order for all Nephilim to find a voice. Joining the assembly’s chosen leaders is a matter of either being chosen, petitioning them, or impressing them through great deeds. The heads of the assembly are fashioned “The Draken Consult”; Aulkorian, The Inquisitor; Warmaster of the Golden Tear. Balthazar, The Justicar; Executioner. Elathion, The Ship hoarder; Serpent of The Sea. Azli, The Regent. The Hand - N/A, “An eternal seat amongst the Draken Consult to serve as a mortal voice for the Burning Assembly.” Inquisitor. The foremost title of Inquisitor is a highly respected one. Nephilim who don the title Inquisitor, which is granted by the Titan himself; takes on the Eternal Inquisitors mission, he who takes on the mantle bears the proof of doing so with a sacred trinket, yet it is known only that of those whom have been chosen are able to take up this position and such comes with great arduous difficulty. Azdrazi. Ut'torvioth - Morur’ei made again The Azdrazi were once mortal-men, made with inner flame, transformed, burned away into an exalted and sublime form. To them was bestowed a holy fire, reborn anew into the very depiction of a son or daughter of the Titan as a new immortal and champion among the races. Let none stand to rival them - for every challenge be met with knowledge and fire, and in their wake be the voice and might of their Father. Ordained Heralds, Ash-Knights, and Weepers. “There has always been a kha, in Tor-Azdroth.” (todds catman don’t get mad) Ordained Heralds, or “Drakeknights”, are known to have been recently divided into individual subsects; Ash - Knights and Weepers. These are the servants who have furthered a deeper connection to Azdromoth, as they are made into exalted warriors, a knight who has invested themselves unto the cause. - Willingly allowing themselves to honor the intrepid assembly and its members. The Ash-Knights are a subsect of Azdromoth's inquisition. These drakeknights are those who have been chosen specifically to act out deeds of valour; they are anointed and dusted with ash. There are no limitations as to how many may ascend to the rank. The Weepers are special agents, chosen amidst the most talented of Azdromoth’s followers. They carry the Tears of the An-Gho in his service, cruel anti-sorcerous nails that strike as deep as far as the Third-Eye can see. There may be any number of those who serve, for the An-Gho has an untold amount of tears to shed until The Promise is fulfilled. Heralds. “Worship him? No, not particularly. I do pay respect to him, though I’d be a fool not to” Heralds are the dragon’s share, rather the absolute foundations for almost any and all acolytes to become acquainted and familiar with draconic traditions and reverence. Heralds are those mortals scarred with the sigil of the Titan as His eternal gaze is tattooed on their skin. It is known amongst the Assembly of The Titan that this mark is a symbol for those mortal under His hand to reject the fallacy of social stratification and to embrace one's self under the direction of Asioth; The Auric Path. Seekers of Flame. Seekers of flame are those who are not a Herald, yet still seek to walk our burning path and know of our cause. They are yet to be granted boons, yet are still followers and must abide by tradition and law. The Assembly is an organization that was founded to model the Order of Nephilim from ancient times. The Aims are the core creeds that guide the behavior of those enlisted within the order, principles that are intended to work towards the protection of all remaining Dragonkin that are alive in the world today. It is mandated that every member of the Burning Assembly act with temperance and restraint. The Aims. Toor Protection Flame. A force that burns, a true and pure light that triumphs even over the light of wayward deities such as Tahariae and Xan. What hope is there in mimicking the translucent, powerful rays of the sun if you cannot impart any actual change? Fire was the gift to Man from Azdromoth, and it burns fervently in the hearts of his descendants and their followers. As once Dragonkin had been chased to every corner of the earth and hounded by the Athnas and their followers, now the Heralds are so numerous that they inhabit every corner of the modern world. Flame perseveres where shimmering, pretty magic tricks do not. The false icons of Xan and Tahariae are imposters, and the petty Magi cannot hope to mimic the eldritch secrets of the Dragonkin. All draconic creatures are to be protected, saved, and defended by the followers of the Draken Assembly. The genocide perpetuated by Xan in response to the flight of his mortal wife is a kind of jealousy to be scorned. The Paladins plead that they perpetuate Order and Guardianship, yet they have time and time again placed the world in darkness. Order is not freedom. Order is the subjugation and annihilation of all things that do not fall under the demesne of their Godless Adjudicator; their Cuckold Lion, a gilded prophet who heralds weakness and deceit. As was the mission of the first Nephilim, the goal of the Dragonkin and Heralds in the Draken Assembly is to safeguard those who cannot protect themselves, whether they be Man, Dragon, or otherwise. Resolve Sanctity of Life Without resolve, the Xanite shall whisper honeyed words into your ear and beg for peace. Their women may pressure you, come before you even with shards of their forsaken Lance once again while pleading for a ceasefire as you triumph over their order of squalor and deceit. Forget not the crimes of all enemies of the Dragonkin; Xionists, Xanites, and decrepit New Canon Gospel. For two creatures can create life in this world following the death of the One True Creator. Dragur imparted this boon to Azdromoth, who by means of the Inner Flame was able to do something no other Dragonkin has ever accomplished - create experimental life. From the husks of Man emerged a stronger and more resilient species, a species intended to act as philosophical shepherds to break the god-bound chains of the Descendants. No longer would Fate and Truth be left in the hands of uninvolved, impartial and immoral deities. No longer would murder outside the Rite of Mul be condoned. Nature and its meddlings. The Dead to rewake It is known to most that the druii meddle with the natural flow of the stolen earth as an impulsive desire, as they warrant a groundless effort to disturb the natural life of the world. This is a crime all in itself, the excuse of protection for self-gain is a pitiful display; we know that from the ashes that are burned, there comes a new fruit, a fresh sap that is pure in depiction. These unjust crimes will be met with flame, the selfish act of ‘want.’ Yet the wildlife and its oak are most often placed in danger this prevents the circle of life, destruction and reconstruction, do not dabble in what you do not know or you will find yourself invested and involved. Those such as Necromancers who flirt with life and death, the undead are a useless conjuration of what is not needed, creatures stuck in their egotistical insignificant pride. Those who regret will not adapt to recent change thus the necromancers live in the past, claiming themselves higher and better than regular man, they are the breed of corruption; taint, and a wicked evil, they must be opposed for the light of our ever sumptuous flame will burn with avarice past the darkness. Our light, our flame shall prevail. Freedom and Absolution. “The only true order is Chaos. Social stratification, systems of law, arbitrarily decree the existence of the Other; the Other who is responsible for all crimes, all death, all sickness, and all pervasive social ills. The Other who is Elf, Man, or Dragon. The Other who does not exist in the social order.” The natural order is a world without bureaucratic creeds guided only by the morals and absolution of its inhabitants. As the Dragonkin have been pushed out of their habitats and ostracized from the social order, so too have they resisted and pushed back against the new civilizations that have attempted to terrorize and subjugate them. All who follow in the footsteps of the Dragonkin are free to join the Assembly, and free to engage in their own pursuit of Asioth. No matter what background, creed, or allegiance - as long as you owe your loyalty to the preservation of Dragonkin, you are welcomed into the order with open arms. “A world where chaos and order are lovers, so engrossed with one another, attached by the same bonds.” Drakeshrines & Holy sites. Drakeshrines are formally used by Nephilim as their personal anchor, something that is bound to them and is not ‘simply’ just for show, yet they represent the draconic people as holy sanctums. Some may appear as temples, pillars, or pools of lava. Yet all burn with the same blistering ire of the draconic weather, it is common that mortals when going through the transference are often rebirthed within these alters as they are given life once more, it is best to show respect to these shrines as they are essential to a Nephilims horde, respect it by offering it a gift or a prayer of draconic words. The Stance of the Burning Assembly. The Burning Assembly provides a certain position for each and all of the followers of the goodly and needed cause, a place where the Chosen Nephilim of the Azdromothian flock can converse with one another. As of recent times, the dragonkin has been found to be scarce, weak, and in truth a pitiful and feeble state, thus we must fortify our own position, our own grounds. The burning assembly shall aid in this endeavor as we use old ways and new ways to enhance the dream, to not only solidify his position but as well as our own. THE PRECEPTS OF THE BURNING CONSULT; Thus it is decreed, O’ Children; you shall not harm another, or act against another that is Mine Chosen. O’ Children; you shall not steal from one another. O’ Children; you shall work together, but discourse one another. For secrets are held when voices are not shared. O’ Children; if you have contempt with one that is Mine Chosen. The Assembly will decide the fate of both wrongdoer and the wronged. O’ Children; you must abide by the laws, for if a law is shattered so too shall we shatter them. O’ Children; you shall impart knowledge, wisdom and teach one another. The Assembly’s lexicon is a shared one, and to reject the idea is to reject the Assembly. The Assembly Prevails. O’ Children; you shall not commit acts of sacrilege, for such is blasphemy to Mine. O’ Children; you shall oppose the darkness. Yet so shall we oppose the light. For, the flames of Mine do not discern between the two and thus are repelled equally. O’ Children; you shall not allow rumors or lies to part from their tongue, as the draconic tongue is fit only for the truth. O’ Children; you will not discuss with the enemy, or spoil a foe in secrets of the assembly or its associates. O’ Children; draw not your blade upon the ill and frail, but upon those who would prey. Protect innocence as it was once your beginning as it will be your end. O’ Children; you shall pay respect to the fallen; no matter if hated or loved in life. O’ Children; no blood will be spilled on the grounds of Holy sites, unless it is willed or made desire; or made with the sanctity of War. O’ Children; you shall not walk the forbidden chambers; the one of bells and the black rooms. For they are secret places, and great spirits lay there. Some have forgotten their names, and will steal yours. They say those who tread the Black-Rooms never leave, and their very shadow ceases to be of their own. O’ Children; you forever shall bear the fruits of Peace as you will with War. Let yourself be made ready to die, in the protection of the sacred sites and in the name of Mine. Let yourself become a weapon - let your soul burn, and wash away all inequity. O’ Children; you shall not expose the identity of a draziman, or a herald if they are on a mission of operations or anything alike, or at all. O’ Children; as the race of dragons is sacred, let you not give harm to them if but in the quelling of bleak corruption or for the safety of our kin. Customs & Traditions. Draconic Names It is well known that Draconic names are granted to those who have emerged from ash before they tread the burning path of brimstone; their name is essential depending on what. - A draconic name can be anything, yet the meaning is what counts. The meaning is often an old memory of the self, or a destiny waiting to unravel itself. Though one's origins are irrelevant as they join the brood of Azdromoth and their mortal self is left in the ashes. The Draconic name signifies their rebirth and that they take on a ‘new’ identity as they are bestowed a name born of draconic tongue, as they are gifted their new state of being as the old is no more. Hoards The Dragonkin emulate their goodly father in a number of ways through their intrinsic inborn desire to gather wealth and horde it. Whether it is a physical object or knowledge; all things can link themselves to the Nephilim's desire. The Nephilims horde can start from the most boring and basic trinkets to absolute supreme artifacts from bygone days of yore. The dragonkin are known to style their hordes of treasure and relics to that of their former-self’s identity. An Azdrazi who was once a noble knight might fashion his horde with various weaponry, a soldier hoarding trophies of a long since past war. Yet on the other hand an artist reborn might accumulate tapestries, tools for craftsmanship and other works of art. Weaponry The Azdrazi’s weapon is not simply a ‘tool’ used to spill blood and settle feuds, it is the very extension of their self which is bound by their draconic ichor; their soul is anchored to the very steel they use. This is quite both literal and figurative as they undergo the sacred rite of rebirth. It is ought they forge a weapon thereafter, a weapon crafted with such arduous effort as they dress the steel in dragonsflame. Let the make of their weapon be like a poem that is written; and let its use be another art, the one of song. For there is a particular art in War - as there is one of battle. But there is a lesser known art; the one of knowing precisely when the sword should leave the sheath, and when it should return. But there is one adage, living even in the minds of men; that the sword should never leave the sheath, if it does not intend to return red. Murals, Texts & Honoring the Fallen Knowledge is sacred to all dragonkin, as is it to azdrazi as they gulp down the wonders of the world and its secrets, it is known that Azdrazi preserve records of the elder past kin, to revere those who trod the path before them, to remember yet not to follow. - Addicted to the idea of ‘what’ came before, it is near tradition for Azdrazi to clone this as they commemorate those ancient things by writing texts, safeguarding them, constructing great statues, or carving out sacred mural texts that will not wither away. A way to depict how the ancient lived, as stories are told from the murals. Ash It is usual for Azdrazi to honor the fallen, whether it be a foe or ally, all are given the opportunity to redeem themselves, even in death. Thus those who may have been struck down by our own are to be shown praise. It is often that Azdrazi will go out of their way to collect the remains of a person, then bring them to a holy place to burn the corpse, until naught but ash is left, for the ash is real, it is pure. The ash is then placed into an urn where they can add it to their horde or construct a memorial for it to bestow upon them respect and the last speck of dignity. The treatment of ash is sacred and such will be honored. Rok Nardin - Chasing the Dream (Really Slow Motion) Draconic Belief & Standards. The draconic soul unlike man is not finite, it is open to a wide range of perspectives and a near-infinite grasp on the futility of man, as they sup upon the nutrition that is left before them. They know and understand honour of ‘duty’ as it seals their burning heart like bitter-cold-steel, the iron duty to revere and love their beloved father. Some view the Titan as the Herald of the apocalypse, bringer of death and fear. A mere pawn in Iblees’s game, yet we the Nephilim his sons will never see him for that warped thing, for it is fallacy. For whence we remember he blew across the lands as a mountain for that we know him as. - King Of Kings, Arch-Drakaar, Giver of names, Giver of Flame, Father of Giants, True Heir to Dragur, and First Born. In his flight we the Nephilim will sing songs of his reign, his days shall be long and his majesty is deserving of praise, as man honour Horen so do we honour Azdromoth. The Azdrazi’s duty is eternal, akin to the fire that lives within them, the duty to serve and DO is the lasting gift that all are sworn to. The duty to protect the sons of Horen and their ideals, the duty to embrace the Titans dream. Yet in their wake, death is an essential part of life, death for Azdrazi as rare as it is, is known to happen. Yet when it does as they return to the coils of the earth. We will not weep for them, and we will not view it as a tragedy worth mourning instead we shall exalt and glorify those who have reached the end. Yet this does not go only for our siblings yet all draconic creatures, so with their remains let us not wear their corpses as armor, instead, let us use it to enact its sweet duty once more as a blade. The Azdrazi strongly believe in their puissant father for it is he alone that can carry the world atop his wings, it is his right of birth, no faltering prophecy, no fate will be our fall, for that is our way. Since the birth of our people (dragonkin as a whole) we have shattered prophecy and escaped fate. Those who promise ‘power’ and bestow it upon normals such as the cretin Xan, Xan does not desire order; he desires to control hankering at the idea as he craves to wrap the blinding lights of bondage upon his dogs. For that he is the greatest deceiver, a wicked usurper, a great pretender. So oh hear me o’ brothers old and new, let us continue to defy the odds, the circumstances, let us tread where none would dare, fly where none have thought, and let the Azdromothian flock be heard as the shepherd leads the people. We will not be denied our rights, our duty, and our love for another, and our time is soon. None shall stand in our way, no cursed light-bearer or no trifling worshiper of undead and decay, if there is a wall that cannot be climbed the wall shall topple. It has as well been recorded in ancient textbooks and the like, and something we shall attempt to endorse as a customary standard is when petty feuds cannot be settled with the power of the draconic tongue. It shall be settled through steel and blood, only then with nothing but MIGHT, the champion will be correct in his endeavor and by such he will speak the truth over the defeated. Us Dragonkin unique in our design hold very few flaws, we cuddle with the idea of freedom, and we flirt with knowledge and invention and its perspective. I understand much, I understand the darkness and the light. - I understand the duty of mine people and I will preserve such duty, look unto my eyes, look and see my dream the glorious renowned -ASIOTH- So many are too distracted, too fickle to even notice the chains fastened to them. Yet I have scrutinized for long and hard, studied and judged the chains. I know who linked them together and then wrapped them upon you, yet in truth we are all in bondage each of us a slave. But at least I am aware, at least I am sentient, and I reject the known dogma at all costs. So will you. Freedom is embedded within us, it allows us to move, live and speak freely so let us rejoice and revel in our glory until our chains fall loose. HEED MY WORDS, FOR IT IS DECREE AND THE LAW IS THINE. TOGETHER WE WILL GRASP THE CHAINS OVER A LONG VICTORY. AND THEY WILL SHATTER, CRUMBLE THEN BLOW AWAY. THIS IS BUT ONE STEP. Ancient Dragon Reverence. “Lead us from the darkness, O’ my Lord. Fill our hearts with fire, so we may walk your shining path. Azdromoth, yours is the light in our eyes, the fire in our hearts, the heat in our loins. Yours is the sun that warms our days, yours the stars that guard us in the dark of night. Chiefest of Dragons, defend us. Lord of the Sky, protect us. Azdromoth, who gave us flame, we thank you. Azdromoth, who gave us life anew, we thank you. We thank you for the flame that warms us. We thank you for the skies that watch us. We thank you for our hearts and for our torches, that may pave the way for your eternal reign.” - Azdrazi Hymn of Anointment “All hail, First Born, Giver of Flame, Father of Giants, Protector of The Faithful, Long shall be his reign.” - Azdrazi Prayer of Beckoning “Feel the embrace of fire and rejoice. You are free at last prisoner of flesh. Let his purifying embrace take you in whole. Bring to this one your pure kiss. Free the sinners from their torment. Hail Azdromoth, Lord of Dragons and bringer of flame.” -Azdrazi Chant of Revelry “Glory to the first-born, when he glides across the sky knowing that it shall become night, glory to our promised emperor, his scales bleed a pungent smoke that will choke the air, he will bare the mantle as his wings flare.” - The Song of Azli The Final. So hear me brothers, sisters old and new. Let us adopt standards that we can call our own, let us not scavenge from the history of our siblings let us make our own, in ours, we shall hath no rival, no cuckold lion who begs and demands control and claims it as ‘order’ the Great deceiver will not blind us. Let us not allow the undead and their wicked grasp to corrupt our heart and turn it cold for we will resist. Together we will become stronger, we will unite under the one, the only one which is the First-Born and we will match our enemies, each and all as we decipher their truths from lies with time, thus it is made decree we know our father and what he stands for, the fair king, the merciful King. A Z D R O M O T H Blest be his name, our wings will sprout as we tread the air before us, we march upon the clouds and soak them red until they bleed into the earth and a grand new regime comes to reign. Whereas the First and only firstborn will save us from the plight that will doom us, his offering of bliss will be bestowed to each and all as none will dare oppose us. For even a lion stricken with his ego knows not to dare step into the dragon's lair. TOGETHER OUR WORTH SHALL BE TESTED AND PROVED. NONE SHALL STAND BEFORE US, FOR WE STAND BEFORE THEM. WE WILL SUP UPON A S I O T H, WE WILL KNOW FREEDOM. WE WILL DIGEST KNOWLEDGE LIKE FINE WINE, WE WILL KNOW OF ITS GRAPE. ALL HAIL THE FAIR TITAN, THE GOODLY TITAN; OUR MERCIFUL KING. A Z D R O M O T H Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire FIRE Fire Fire Fire [!] As you reach the last of the pages fashioned in draconic text, you notice the rest of the pages blank - though threatening to be filled by some sorcery. The answers to the questions you may have about the dragonkin are revealed within; https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/216715-settling-the-draconic-question/ FOR THOSE WHO WOULD SEEK FIRE; Those enamoured by the draconic race, and the sweet murmurs of Azdromoth and his kin are taken one night by a strange dream; [Spoiler] OUT OF CHARACTER : The Azdrazi community is reforming yet again. We’ve had a good roll recently, and are always looking for new players to get involved. Of course, we want new players to be able to join fluently, and with as little OOC maneuvering as possible. Nonetheless, and based on the “For those who would seek fire” portion found above, do reach out to us so we can establish an interaction ! You may reach us at: Discord kindEmperor#7075
  2. A certain Nephilim sat alone in its vast stygian chambers, stuck in the no-seeing darkness only that of its fervent flame which beat kept him warm, sufficient; allowed him to glimpse as it complicated alone a smile crept over its face
  3. An honorable Von Draco, clad in the steel bestowed upon him from the other exalted warriors of the human family, mused idly as he studied, judged, and tasted the flames that flicked from the burning building - Returning shortly to Adria triumphally
  4. A Von Draco fashioned in the steel of his forebearers donned with knightly armor watched across the lands of Adria, sword wavering within his grasp as the sun shined bright on his blade. He smiled beneath his helm ready to serve as a guard under GOD, his name styled in the belief to protect the goodly men and women of Adria.
  5. A Von Draco fashioned in the steel of his forebearers donned with knightly armor watched across the lands of Adria, sword wavering within his grasp as the sun shined bright on his blade. He smiled beneath his helm ready to serve as a guard under GOD, his name styled in the belief to protect the goodly men and women of Adria.
  6. A certain Nephilim had tucked away the estoric book, savoring and guarding the written contents of his favored; now dreaming brother the An-Gho.
  7. A certain Nephilim locked in its vast chambers stuck in the lost rooms that so many long dreamt of witnessing, he supped upon the nutrition of asioth, his feeble finite mind gulping down on the wonders of the world. Lost within in his mind as he dug at the walls, drawing with such addiction. Its fixated eyes so yearned to create art in such a meticulous fashion, before it had erupted into volcanic laughter weeping embers parting from its maw as a circlet of flame enveloped his form, the thing then began to stand a canticle of embers sung, bells clanged and charmed with a lively melody. "From root to stem, no honor will be found in slavery." It whispered unto itself, none would hear as the words found themselves hollow, empty; shallow without cause.
  8. *runs through the dungeon, kills various BOSSES, and gets an astonishing FIVE mina, n loads of people be happy
  9. "So basically it's not treason to just LEAVE the Grand King without support during a terrorist attack? Gotcha." The same injured and unbiased dwarf commented
  10. A half-dead dwarf, who suffered a terrible accident during the court meeting, who as well was filled to the brim with copious amounts of alcohol had offered his nonbiased opinion "So the Irehearts abide by their ancient oafs, which is to at all costs secure the Grand King, - He who sits upon the obsidian throne and bears the mantle of the crown, and by doing so had to take it upon themselves to interrogate the Goldhands, whereas the Goldhands had miserably failed in offering/securing the Grand Kings protection, this system is completely flawed, mina is worthless in this matter in all terms of our law. In what world does dwarves pay 6500 mina? For what crimes? Other than protecting and standing by oaths. A pathetic show, a measly excuse for mina. - Nonetheless, I would like to see ANY and ALL Irehearts pay this fine, it will be laughable to see an attempt made to arrest them"
  11. A completely unbiased dwarf filled with copious amounts of acholic beverage would flip the missive revealing its text before going to speak, stuttering at first as he was so BEWILDERED before he offered his non-biased opinion. "This seems completely unjust, due to the same reason as the same dwarves tend to leave the GRAND KING left without support during a TERRORIST attack, the Irehearts hath only offered duty, protection, and their utmost leal service to the goodly Grand King and Grand Kingdom for it is their ancient oath to do so, this accusation on Bakir should be redone. Or done so where it is fair."
  12. First of all the writing in this is good, probably just missing a few key elements redlines etcetc, but I have to agree with lockages its overall very strong without much nor any counter for other MA/CA or just the regular mundane player to go against, love the idea and concept though just needs some readjusting and a revamp overall.
  13. @ItemVendor Would you ever guess....
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