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  1. A CALL TO FLAME A draconic tutelage Brothers, sisters. I write this with difficulty, not because my mind is struck by misery, or trists take my heart, but because I pen these words before candle-light, and my eyes fail to stare upon this parchment and stop me as I mean to write this. Look upon that fire - how it twists and it turns. It heaves, it shudders in it’s primordial dance. What is fire, but the hope in our hearts? What is fire, but the spark of the soul. What is fire, but the dragon in our heart. - Wer kornari; seat di wer navnik. Ixe
  2. It really depends on what you're looking for. Historically, the server has a bad history of having multiple magics contained within "cliques", meaning that those sole groups have access to the magic. Why? The server also has a history of certain individuals obtaining magics while being relatively weak or bad roleplayers, and not respecting the culture or expectation of the magic in question, and threaten the magic community by spreading said magic to other like-minded individuals all the while making a bad job of teaching them. This said, recently, many magical communities of the
  3. mfw xan gets denied twice from the vienna art school bc he can't draw dragons well enough
  4. "They do not hunt for virtue. They do so for the right of self-styled glory, and the greed of wearing the hide of dragons." This murmured some grunting Gamling. His single, golden eye peering at the parchment. He kneeled upon a hill, contemplating that poem, stitched to the notice. "The Mountain that flies." he murmured.
  5. A youthful peasant with a nice looking hat begins wheeling in an aged, worn cannon of the previous war. Truly, no mercy would be allowed for those pesky women he would send back to the dark ages. edit: I cannot write
  6. imagine not getting banned lmao

  7. One downtrodden scholar read through the missive longingly. His bout of blood-desiring zealotry had perhaps been too much - his screams and his shouts. Though his hatred was stilled at the sullen realization he now faced, that his words might've been more false than he realized. Perhaps he ought to pray, and shut the **** up.
  8. 9) Complex symbolism The Book of Revelation employs a complex symbolic language to convey spiritual truths. The recourse to symbols is intended to suggest the ineffable mystery that is spoken of.91 The symbols also evoke the transcendence of the truths proposed. The symbolic language in the book is very much Hebrew92 and related to the Old Testament. One needs to “decode” the images and symbols in order to understand the meaning of the text.93 Barker states that Revelation was intended for a small group of initiatives who were able to understand the symbolism.94 In the book, even the n
  9. "A most pleasant place, devoid of tempting evils." nodded one green-coated scholar reading the notice.
  10. Ok but can I mutate breasts with this most based of lore?
  11. hahah ahyes arcanism but with a different name truly, this is real philposting hours astral magic is the dark souls of swiss-knife magics
  12. You see the title "relic world" is actually a quite clever reference to ryloth's stash of event items
  13. can't wait for the secret Cameron lore where we figure out that these were created via horrific ritual mixing an owl and a cat
  14. real philposting hours if you don't agree with my freedom of teaching magic to every last person on the server you are the Phil you evil man pund
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