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  1. feedback?

    To be honest, if you intend on having anything more powerful than a drake, you'll probably need permission from the entire lore team. Drakaars are able to switch between wyrm and descendant form. But they remain rare and ever so deadly. I suggest having some ancient-ancient drake, it's scales Ebon ash black. It's so old it has difficulty fighting. Yet it's scales are so old, they've hardened, and from its centuries of sleeping and resting, the dark flames it can release are even deadlier as they've fermented. Yet perhaps because of its old age, it can be tricked? Perhaps. I always enjoy events that aren't just "pew pew, I kill monster! Yargh! Pew pew!" Also, remember: this is a player made event suggestion! Not a lore submission! You could ask people from the lore team for help, and perhaps even from the event team! :3
  2. feedback?

    Oh oh! I know! It comes from pure north, north west. It does not go south like a retard to get gang banged by westerlands, it could go east to attack the Haensetic lands. Burning village by village, one village per 1-3 days, forcing the ET's to discuss the event with the region owners to plan the event, and thus leaving every settlement a chance to kill the beast! I suggest looking the Dynmap if you aren't sure.
  3. feedback?

    Lore wise. I believe this creature could either be a drakaar or just a very large drake. Drakes are corrupted dragons, and drakaars are just op corrupted dragons. We've had a lot of dragon events in the past, some will say too many. Also, if it comes from the west, it'll probably attack Westerlands: perhaps a different place could get attacked by dark forces this time? Ill remain honest, I do like this idea +1
  4. Free my man Funny. Enough of these GM's that seem to be unaware of the "staff conduct" rules. Though I must admit I don't have a problem with Rebecca...
  5. A skeletal minion screams and shrieks in fear in his bed, covering his eye sockets with skeletal hand, shaking violently from an obvious nightmare "No-no! Ah! The Crimson Cult!" He roars, rolling down the bed, reckoning how he had killed the whole cult with the help of the Orenian army and seen their leader burn under his very eyes. "Were all gonna die! Save me!"
  6. He knows his stuff. A +1 from me and an unfortunate addition of +1 post to my horrid rep/post ratio.
  7. That's a nice dog.
  8. Yes. A good guy with no bad intentions. I dont believe he can do anything bad except a few mistakes, and dont we all do mistakes?
  9. http://imgur.com/b1jsGqN "My." Mutters a hooded figure. "I already miss him..." the lich sighs, walking off, probably never knowing who his master really was.
  10. A certain skeleton nods "He was a good friend, and the best of the royal carpets."
  11. jingle jingle
  12. Username: JentosCharacter Name: Jentos BlackwoodSkin Details: The face of a lich (skull), savoy smirk, jewish empty gaze in empty eye sockets. Race: Slavic skeletonGender: Skeletons dont have genders.Reference Picture: http://imgur.com/a/dlqOSCredit card info: NonIP Address: 221-4332-4444Phone Number: 899 766 966
  13. Thank you! Yeppee! Finally, I'll be able to have better decoration!