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  1. TO THE WAYWARD NEPHILIM The time for hesitation is past. There shall be no more strife. No more disagreements. No more disunity. We are united, under the Creed of the King. Come, to Red-Mountain, to the great hold of Tor-Praeth and be welcomed as equal and kin. For this, is the will of the Father. And to those of you who hesitate to join our cause. Men, elves, dwarves, orcs, beast-races and all those who fail to find a home, come; Come and embrace enlightenment. For only tempered in fire shall you be made great.
  2. AZDROMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. For those interested in participating in the ongoing Azdromoth event-line, we are looking for more heralds, golem, automaton, and sorvian players! 

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      i’m administrator squakhawk and THIS is my favorite group on the server 

  4. The An-Gho kneeled before the shrine of his Father. "Lord of Fire and Shadow. King of Dragons. Heed these words; That upon the end of days your Children shall war. That until all is ash and done, our movements, shall be your movements."
  5. Butterflies of white flames darted past the An-Gho from the dissipating body of Ezren. The frame of the An-Gho bowed before the vanishing remains of the man amidst the burning church. This was the price his kin had named. It was a debt paid in fire and in blood, and in its wake - the screams of a lover. "Death." he mouthed the answer to his own question. Ezren had proved the weight of the An-Gho's. Few had died with such valiance. There had no been hesitation in the templar, and in his death, Ezren was made great.
  6. A bloodied and bruised An-Gho nodded approvingly at the missive amidst a burning and smoking church. Besides him, two combatants struggled to the death.
  7. hello I would like to petition to have more empty human settlements and noble manors thank you
  8. play a ghoul

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      no1 will let me :(

  9. [!] Missives are nailed to the doors of taverns and public houses across the realms of Man. "King Carrion." Fellow citizens of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska, I can but choke back as I write these lines, for it has been demonstrated, through flow of evidence, the terrible nature of the royal family presiding over our nation. King Aleksander the Second has conspired with the eternal Enemy; the damnable servants of Iblees. Not only has he made cause with them, but he has transgressed all natural, mortal, and divine law in pursuit of black magicks. I cannot believe for one instance that it was madness that overcame the king, but a weakness of faith and character that slumbered within him and surfaced the very moment an opportunity to clutch at power sprang before him, likely lured by an offer of Gashadokuro, the foul red arch-lich. The Holy Scrolls are clear; to search for the gift of sorcery is to do so in contempt of the divine. There is no more grace left within Aleksander, and neither any for him to seek. In his dealings, King Aleksander has delivered a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) to the forces of EVIL. The price for Aleksander’s greed has not merely been the satiation of his desire for power, but the empowerment of the DECEIVER. Through this act not only has he fallen to his base impulses, but he has also turned over to the IBLEESIAN forces. If only it had merely been the king! No! As I pen this, news has erupted from released documents that the queen herself has consorted with the IBLEESIAN foe, and consorted with the spawn of demons and corrupted kin. Do not fall for her pleas, for her gentle face, for her false tears - for they are a mascarade. Incapable of goodness, the queen will resort to playing the part of the confused, scared, and innocent lady that only sought to do good. I say; do not fall to deceit! The monarchs of this proud kingdom have abused their station and their soul. Let no excuse, no pretence, no attempt at victimization appeal to you, for I say, that when they shall stand at the Seven Skies, and they stand before our Creator, that no excuse shall save them before Him and His wrath. Not only shall the Heavens and its angels spurn him — no, his ancestors and his children shall spurn Aleksander and his wife too. One only has to wonder then, if the apple falls far from the tree, and wonder what twisted blood, and twisted ideas swim in the souls of King Aleksander’s children. I decry the throne, I decry the king, and I compel the Church; do your duty. If Veletz the aggressor should be punished for its sins, so must the rest. King Aleksander II may have won the war, but he has lost his soul. -Jon of Westmark
  10. Iudas could never have been more content, to know in whose hands his pages of the forbidden Grimoire hand landed, and what chaos had sprouted from it. In chasing stars, King Aleksander would only learn to run away from the consequences of his actions. Alas, even the stars are hardly ever safe.
  11. “The history of the Carrion line is steeped in both madness and sorcery.” Hummed a black-draped Necromancer with a broken cackle.
  12. May fortune be with you.
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