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  1. Jentos

    The Memoirs of a Shorewalker

    "Rejoice. For the dead have all eternity to escape the shackles of death... Oh, crows, have mercy on my frame. Let it remain, let is strive, so that one day the dead and I shall dance." were the words scribbled down by a wretchedly aged figure unto the parchments, loose tendrils of a once great beard revealed from under a rotting hood, his fingers twitched, quivered, he coughed, he moaned, and he cursed. Poor, poor old man. Life had never been kind to him, neither had death.
  2. Jentos

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    Form of interest: Your full name: Wieslaw MARow Race: MaN Magical knowledge: Limited Other knowledge or experience: Have seen many things, is good man of GOD. God has granted me all. (Martial, medical, alchemical, and etcetera, list anything noteworthy.) Discord (for coordination): Ostrog Ivanovyy, BelvITz, cApital of Man
  3. Jentos


    "Let them burn, let them scream and let them die. These are no men of GOD, but of defiled, self-serving warlocks and madmen. Let Sutica rot." murmured a one eyed elder. "Nor... Would I mind helping it in it's decay... Long live MAN. Long live the EMPIRE." he muttered to himself, an anxious chuckle following his rant.
  4. Jentos

    Files of The Castellan - Owyn I

    From the depths of some eldritch being's horrific dimension, the soul and mind of poor Feremyr scream and howl for eternity, shifting and burning, yet for a few moments, pause to give a thumbs up to the grand work of good Klaus.
  5. Jentos

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    Don't worry my dude, you're part of that 5%. Rituals and the likes of it are fine, what i dislike however is that now there may very well be a way for mani to empower Druids, especially since they can be summoned now. While I understand this rewrite brings forth all manner of roleplay, i really, and do not trust the current playerbase to do any good with it, rather, to tear it apart and destroy the lore. Look what they did to Thulean. Disgusting.
  6. Jentos

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    Problem is 95% of the druid playerbase are actual anime characters that just point and cast, with little depth, i truly doubt to see any real good from this, as it seems to only give more ways to empower druids, as well as being a carbon copy of orcish spirits. Druids have enough stuff thank you very much.
  7. Jentos

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    I am happy that this has come to be made, as the necromancer community has been threatened to be extinguished, and that this would prove a solution, I'm also happy that some of my initial ideas such as the "Omen" and the "Whispering" remain from over Morgan's initial text.
  8. Jentos

    [Community Review] Server Rules Rewrite

    Its just another way of enforcing pvp, say during an rp fight, someone decides to run, and ask for it to be by mechanical means, how is it fair that they'd be allowed to simply change it to fight back, as if it were pvp?
  9. Jentos

    I'm Building a Team

    Im an excellent writer, and I'll be happy to do voice acting
  10. Jentos

    Holm Invasion!

    A plated creature groaned and cursed, cloak in tatters, armor near shattered. "Morgan, you damn animal... A year, more... I will come." He moaned. "I need a new ******* sword..." Poor Daweï had seen better days.
  11. Jentos

    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    yeah you want this guy
  12. Jentos

    [✗] Fourth Generation Necromancy

    How will the darkstalker transition happen? Are they reverted to liches? Deathknights? What of the pillar then? Id just enjoy the small precision for myself and others, other than that I support this rewrite!
  13. Woah there mister shaman person. If you want to destroy the concept of necromancy, sure. Apart from a single rogue necromancer I can remember, none praise Iblees. And for good reasons. Necromancy is not a vile and pure evil magic, if that's what's you want, return to Disney World, I'm kidding. But just so you know; Necromancy is a perverse, godless magic, stemming from Iblees, from unknown sources, somehow bent. A lot more mysterious than shiny angels dropping down. This magic is filled with gray zones. Necromancy used to be primarily used by Xionists. Meaning, folk that literally want to kill gods. Necromancy does come from a higher power, it was stolen, like I stole your mama last night. None of that ug-blug "i kill ugh-ugh praise ibLeyz" orcs do a good enough job with that kind of stuff
  14. It defeats the purpose of making darkstalkers only able to wear chainmail. Ghouls would be even more resistant than these guys if this lore is passed. Change it.
  15. Jentos

    [✗] The Fall Of Laklul

    To clarify things, as an old dark shamans guy, if any do try and defeat a spirit, death means PK. And defeat of the spirit does not mean it's death, but perhaps it's capture? Also, orcs why don't you juSt warclaIM them lMao??? As I said. You told disgusting dominion to deal with banditry problems in roleplay? I tell you to deal with this matter, with roleplay. Quick note that mourning is also roleplay