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  1. A foreigner named Jean kissed his balled fist, and offered the missive to an aged mentor before him. ”Olt Wylldr. Ikr’ak ei saul-Ishter. Fireah kar gae.” he spoke in his foreign tongue. He then raised his palm towards his head, a single middle finger was raised while all the others were nestled; kneeling before the central protrusion of his hand, and he kissed it. @Callistus
  2. This whole lore piece just really seperates roleplayers from anime protagonist players. Let them look after shiny powers and mineman recognition while others just go for storytelling.
  3. NOOOOOOOO MY QUIRKY CHARACTER NOOOOOOO AGHHHH YOU CAN’T FORCE ME TO ROLEPLAY A CURSERINO, THATS NOT MAGIC AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH joel said it pretty well I won’t lie. I will however state that this Shade iteration might need like an extra spell or small ability. Maybe something like a small, melancholic hymn that corrupts **** or has some kind of special effect. I am all for magics serving the purpose of adding to roleplay through rituals or through special events (which could be set up with lt and et supervision for the sake of creating roleplay) rather than simply being some kind of tool or weapon.
  4. Are we really going to retcon years of rped lore and cannon important events including the relation to dragons an empire holds in a small paragraph, lmao.
  5. ”Aesh, good words.” the young man named Jean stated to himself. He stared dully at his surrounding compatriots, and revelled.
  6. bro you’re starting to making me think you’re biased against druid roleplay...
  7. bro just write botchlings but for chimera : )
  8. ”How dère they zpeak – of purity.” Hence hissed a dark scaled, robed figure in broken common. Gamling’s eyes twinkled softly, palming the handle of his sheathed shashka. The Nephilim thought for a brief moment, and it hated.
  9. Jentos

    The Occultist II

    THE OCCULTIST II Does it hurt, when you hear them call you liar behind your back? What does it take, to keep an oath to the God? What does it take, to kill a man for God? Tell me now, you who dares think - Tell me now, how many must be cut down by the sword. Tell me how a man may satisfy the W O R L D Where are we? And the shore was fitted with gore. Tempting darkness, black riddled lore. The man of Fir gazed evermore. There was a black bird in the sky. Carried by a wanton sigh. Watched by a man who could not die. Where does it end? How dare he leave that thing. Polished but rotten. Tell me my Lord. How dare I leave the House of Names? Tell me now, how does the mind die? And the Cardinal was black. For now is the Hour when echo the bells. When the stars do wax. The crows do cry. And the dogs howl to a blanket of starlit ash. Two lovers danced in the woods. They echoed as they ran from their mentor’s home. Gliding through the joyous streets, yellow silk vanished from under tunnel and puddle. Young lovers rushing through the trees. Branches thick with fir. Swaying under the wind like words, lost upon the breath of the world. The boy sits, and touches her eyes. She smiles and she loves. For now the lover knows. For now the Heavens know. For the Heavens do hear that word, savoured and sucked dry. The Dawn does cast it’s arms in vehemence and glee. Torturous and demanding as fingers drive the word to pieces. Tearing and devouring the word that is truth. Is this. Is this how a man may satisfy the world? By the flame that burneth bright, O Bornless One! We call thy name into the Night, O Neverborn! Thee we invoke by the Moon-led sea, by the standing stone and the twisted tree. Thee we invoke, where gather Thine own. By the nameless shore, forgotten and lone.
  10. yeah dragons kinda do that **** already but this is really nice tho with an enjoyable twist
  11. The moon was etched in the sky; lit forth the church in it’s silver light. A man of fir; garbed in green, unspent youth, aqua eyes and hair of pale gold. The foreigner twisted under the window lit by silver and star. He screamed and shifted, as blood pooled from his eyelids. And from his heart, rancid devils slid. Devils in the sands. Devils in the stars. Devils in his heart. The God had heard them. The pious would answer. The pious would scream. Brandish their souls and cast themselves to hell, if that were what it took, to rid the World of Ciphrang. Aesh Dea, yr Kastafir’ei. Aesh barog; eireish olt’ hat Geish. Ilt, Aemesh. The GOD will have it’s way. There is no other way.
  12. in all seriousness i wouldnt mind some good canon brathmo lore, it’d be better than just relying on cringy aenguls/daemons which at this point are overdone and relied upon.
  13. im SORRY im ftb’ing with a dark mage as a holy mage ITS NOT MY FAULT 

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