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  1. A rag-tag monk watched as wig-wearers fight amongst each other for political gain while retreating from another bitter defeat at the hands of Voidal entities forever multiplying in the horizon of blasted, dread Ando-Lur. Good times indeed, led to the creation of the weak.
  2. looking for someone to draw my sonic oc 

  3. There was a horrible noise - tearing through the world. Screaming to the very stars that hang above, a thing drove it's frame from the sandy, blood-stained beaches of South-bridge. Broken, battered, smashed against the rocks by the wave and driven into the murky depths by a hating sea - the nameless thing had emerged upon the soil of the east with glittering eyes. Skin tight upon bone, and mascarading as a monstrosity, it's eyes grew bloodshot from the smell of wretched carnage, from the aftermath of battle. It's entire body convulsed as it limped strangely, with an alien-like walk towards the dead wretches, those without friends, without family, without comrades to bury them. The thing went where the crows and the dogs had not - and with frenetic, inner hunger it went and tore. The sweet smell. The rivulets of blood. The very horror that was the destruction of the mortal shell - the symbol behind that act excited the thing so much that its bowels loosened and heart wrenched. It's heart beat like dread drums of war - faster and faster. Extasy lit in it - in that fabrication. Envy for the false-flesh grew. And with every corpse on which it nawed, on every bone it broke to drink the marrow, and every rib-cage it smashed to feast on the heart, the stomach was yet widening - yet growing with every bite. So that sustenance, it could never know. It spoke un-knowable things - in a voice shattered and wild from the fel of a monster. It acted as it did under the auspices of the World. Gave itself to inherent hunger - to the adage of time itself. It gave itself, forever, and ever, to its holy mission. It tore at the sinews of man and swallowed. And tasted sin. Swallowed more and more - devoured, piling sin upon sin in its stomach until it grew twisted. What might have once been an angel stood as a horror upon the shore, standing on great hind-legs, and stared wordlessly at the stars above. It loved them. It stared on and on and it's own heart knew passion - it's very acts spoke them, spew forth ritual and allegory with its every movement in accordance with the whispers in the winds, the auspices of the graves, and the secrets from the stars and the trees. It was privy to the World. And it stared upon it, with cataracts of gold.
  4. Most appreciated. I'm looking forward to learn better meditating techniques - and new forms of self love.
  5. 1. fav: anything realistic that involves and immerses me. i like the weird mystical/philosophical aspect but i also love playing a role, its why i want realistic towns and cities where everyone plays a role and a realistic character, but those never rly work out sadly least fav: probably the only slice of life rp groups who fail to have a proper mentality, stuck on the 2000's liberal mentality than one characters would realistically have, tho its hard to seperate either 2. lookin thru servers when i was younger 3. i mentioned lathebiosas and cameron, if i rubbed a djinni lamp and got 3 wishes one of those would be to get high with both and discuss metaphysics and crackpot theories for hours on end 4. not related to u specifically but i think ur mom's p*ssy game hit different
  6. 1. based, im glad im being able to give these experiences and hope to widen my approach to the community 2. other players and groups i dreamed of joining, such as the early redshrouds, necromancers, and other such magical communities that had always eluded me. upon joining many of these groups i realized that what seemed to mystifying and grandiose about these groups were an illusion. I have since then set out to make groups that actually capture that sense of mystery, and live up to it. 3. The Prince of Nothing - three part series by R scott bakker, chronologically followed by the as of yet 4 part Aspect Emperor series. Heavily inspired. Otherwise, look up some writings by Carl Yung and Freud. You can also check out the Twilight Grotto database for some magical inspiration. Also cool tip; look up the origin and etymology of "demons" as well as the concept of magic. wouldnt u like to know, its the name of my first character - then a name i had invented in play-pretend as a child i would like to say asioth but for reasons i cannot reveal its impossible for me to choose i would say some of lathebiosas' and cameron's own early IRP ideologies, which, in truth, can be seen in todays' lectors. well done.
  7. "***** - gains - poetry" this is my 2022 mantra
  8. unironically, overcoming trauma after a series of recent unfortunate events ill get better edit: who in this world, does not suffer ?
  9. 1. i eat children, jk jk just practice empathy and always put others first (try and understand their point of view constantly) ((aka everything someone does has what they perceived as a 'logical' reason, therefore no one ever is ultimately wrong, it always depends on perception 2. best = canonically traversing to the backrooms (idk so many good times out there, i remember invoking azdromoth with a 1 hour ritual) / worse = ******* vege imprisonning me as a new player for 3 weeks 3. Reading up on actual weird historical spirituality and events, and a desire to actually creating a cool player narrative in a quest to create "good" fantasy as I see it. 4. prince of nothing series and actual irl mythology
  10. Been here since early vailor Good times shit times Based rp and cringe rp Want it or not this place has brought me to know a lot of cool people I love you all Ask me anything
  12. A prince-in-fire rose a hand - and knew then, that the fires of their hearts were kindled. An eye shimmered like a fiery kiln.
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