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  1. Past their prime, I’m afraid... ?
  2. Jentos

    The Void Project

    lmfao look at all the suticans shrieking u get what u ******* deserve clowntown
  3. lmfao new furries thanks flam

  4. smh i cant even Vibe anymore
  5. The Schoolman stood dim eyed, face a wanton, lifeless mask with whispers in his fir coloured coat.
  6. Dw no suticans allowed 🙂 needless to say the behaviour and history of players will be looked into, were going to take in players who deserve this
  7. give me attention i have low self esteem 

    1. Ayoou


      You are loved. You are important. You are an awesome person. We all love you. Only if you are a suffonian jk 😀

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      no! don’t do it! noooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. Please, as co-writer for this piece of lore, if any here have any concerns, questions, or problems with our work, I implore you to contact us either through discord or through forums.
  9. Seems like this can be simply used to create broken characters. They have literally, literally no weakness, as their transformation grants them the baseline strength of their race. Not to mention that this is nothing less than a Witcher, not to mention the already existing Marked-Men which possess an already rich and diverse history and culture. I’d rather a cursed processus clouded in mystery, with an actual horrendous, almost crippling drawback than “muh alchemy”. I do not see any flavour to this piece of lore. The history is bland. The mutagens make me cringe. I’d rather something more thought out, not to mention that many players already consider the bulk of monsters near extinct. I’d like to see something like this, but this is not it. Not to mention that I fervently believe that true strength does not lie in the creation of stronger beings with magic or other means, but self, core strength and skill. If you want to pursue discussion in a more private entourage so not to clog this post, feel free to message me on my discord at Jentos#6646
  10. ((mcname:Jentos)) ((discord:Jentos#6646)) Name: Jean Age: 23 Relevant experience: Fir Schoolman of Saint-Loup, Province of Reyn, Aeldin.
  11. ”No Lord, but a child never knowing where to defecate...” murmured a man with odd, gleaming eyes.
  12. free my mans morgan or i kil

  13. While I enjoy the concept, this fruit is destined to rot. And rather quickly, at that. Only fools would ever want some kind of devirad 2.0. With the ghouls making out with descendants, and the slice of life. This isn't what its about. This isn't something that can be freely given out, for players to meddle with unchecked. While yes, this is a hub of creativity and creation, allowing everybody to be play sans undertale is going to create a cesspit in roleplay, as well as poor creativity. I trust that some people can assure a great level of role-play... Others however, just be b o n e p e o p l e chilling in Sutica. no.
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