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  1. I can only agree with this... EUGHEFEJEOIJE LIKE. STICK TO YER MAGICS FFS PEOPLE And holy **** man, who even cares about void magic now? That stuff was so 2016
  2. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    Honestly, from what I've seen on this thread, a majority of the older Strigae bunch don't want to see magic for vampire peeps. And honestly, neither do I, I'd rather have them find out some old abilities or rituals like Azdrazi rather than using magic. Anyways, as a few have mentioned, this shouldn't even be possible. just my two cents no bully pls
  3. A Flower Withers

    "I smell revenge." An old, one eyed man said in his coarse, bleak voice...
  4. Alright, So a few ideas I have. Maybe some form of auto-flesh smithing for dark shamans in order to gain mostly aesthetic stuff? Perhaps make the dark shamans and the miser have their own way of respawning after death? Idk, they respawn a few days after being slain in an area with enough energy to recreate themselves? As a weakness to both the miser and dark shamans, farseers should perhaps be able to somewhat "banish" them for a maximum of one elven week. More if the player accepts, in which case he/she could even be banished eternally from the mortal realm, a pk.
  5. If i could marry a Lore piece, it'd be this one. And as a current dark shaman I approve. I want MADNESS.
  6. [MArt] Muyakelg of CELEBRATION

    Dark shamans tiers do not influence the making of Muyakelgs that much. No bully :c
  7. [Lore submission]Waffle evocation

  8. Put a lock on the elven race

    Why not just start white rose 2.0. IT'D MAKE ROLEPLAY
  9. Invocation

  10. Invocation

    No harm meant, the idea only sprang to mind while I was reading this.
  11. Invocation

    I respect that :I This overall seems like some dank **** which I'd like to see. While hoping it won't be some cliche magic given to the same people
  12. Invocation

    Someones been playing skyrim again...
  13. "Fud iZ fUr GrRuUUhB."

    A certain creepy old skeleton man grins. "The doors..." he muttered
  14. Lower the amount of spooks?

    ok ok you win @drfate786 actually I was wrong no witchers
  15. Lower the amount of spooks?

    **** ive been found out I'm actually a corrupted novigrad guardsman I was speaking of mARkedD mEN