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  1. they are a pk mechanic whereas you give birth to a twisted, monstrous child that stalks and eventually consumes both parents before casting itself from a cliff to break its own neck once its purpose is done
  2. krekavae allows for same sex pregnancy (vargs are inclusive)
  3. I AM cool, I AM esoteric, I AM based im not cringe im not cringe!!!
  4. Personally I find that feats such as void-stalking are considerably anathema to what this magics purpose and reason for being is. Choices have consequences.
  5. Yawe-Melek-Tawus, my man actually did it imaginer writing voidal magic but not shit
  6. The An-Gho's soul, undergoing temporary تَنْويريّ (see: [tanwīriyy]), becomes enlightened for a second time upon absorbing the contents of the divine declaration.
  7. A fasting green monk knew inaction was the solution; if the woman had truly broken her vows, then she would be cast to writhing damnation in death. And the angels would laugh at her too, probably.
  8. life is short. make sure you spend as much time arguing with strangers online.

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  9. voices.... voices - don't LISTEN TO THEM it's all just noise but you should not LISTEN TO IT LISTEN TO THE VOICES

  10. “You’re not the Ad-Sharlat that’s X*n.” Spoke a psychic mindfuck from the stone An-Gho.
  11. Some of the radiuses are v strong when you compare them with normal nephilim. Idk if you’d consider making them a bit less strong - however this would make being corrupted a bit more appealing because as of now it’s largely useless. i also like how the PK mechanic was replaced by the OOC day revival.
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