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  1. The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    I dont want to get us off topic, but honestly I don't really know, some players just want to play certain creatures. As long as they go out and roleplay with others I'm fine with that, and I do hope that's what you're going to strive for with this lore.
  2. The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    I think you can say this about any other creature.
  3. The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    No thanks make something that will benefit the server
  4. Public Holy Bounty: Orsul

    "Ought to put bounties for the he-wolves, sodomite alfski. Darkness comes from the mind, not the form." An aged Aldred stated in a most disgusted voice, falling into a fit of coughs. "At least the dead don't plough witches."
  5. [MA][Diety] Lhindir talks to plants

    "Druids are gay" -Lhindir 2k16
  6. Afflicted - The Second Coming

    Good stuff. Alchemy>magic. Id like to see more of this kind of lore
  7. [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] PapaVesemir

    This is my n word Jolt, capable of doing some lit **** out there.
  8. The Silence of the Crow's Nest

    A most humble, disgusting raevir man raises a toast to the king with his comrade @Chthonian_
  9. [CA] Hektor Becomes a Morghuul!

    A Blackwood never dies. The curse lives on my friend.
  10. objection yer honnor this is a darker form of /shamanism/, a magic primarily owned by orcs, corrupted, and deeper. This magic has existed for many years, but has had to suffer a number of rewrites. This is the latest. Just so you know!
  11. [Dark Arts] [MA] Areln

    is a peaceful druid becomes a necromancer makes sense.
  12. The song is kindled once more. Good work you two, in a character, the more flaws, the better.
  13. No-Raiding Extension

    If you want freebuild destruction under the argument "if you can't protect it don't make it" it should be the same for any damn nation mate. The only difference between a nation and a random freebuild settlement is the size, location, and some sort of OOC protection the nation should have from your point of view. Yeah, i too was rather bamboozled when I heard about freebuild. It seemed about ten times worse than any charter system, but so far, I'm loving it. Rather than complaining, we should try and enjoy our new map, all of us, and change things we dislike irp. Want to centralize rp? Run around offering good quality housing, may not work well, but it's one of many solutions. Want to get rid of a shack near your precious place? Plan some rp with the owner of the house, and attack the place, burn it down, make him enjoy the rp rather than emoting alone with some GM.
  14. Hey Mr forum mods I appear to be unable to rep posts. It just gives 0 and makes the square thing green. It's been like this for about a month now.

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    2. Caranthir_


      Huh, same here actually. I've had the problem for a few weeks now.

    3. Birdnerdy
    4. Jeiku


      that's also correct, report it to the devs as a bug and it'll be fixed asap