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  1. I like this lore. It is mucho! Make of accept, Jentoslav implore you! And to those that feel like it shouldn't:
  2. Honestly, it sounds like you've just been rather unlucky in finding good fights, with other mature members of the community, I've had sick role-play battles, like this time I was forced to cleave through a pack of ghouls, or fight holy paladins while a black dragon scorched the crypt we were in to ash, or even simple role-play duels!
  3. "Ave Kovachev." Stated a joyful Blackwood
  4. :O freeeeee character art My main character: Jentos Blackwood. An old, grinning man with a white goatee, an eyepatch to his left eye. Screenshot of skin for further references:
  5. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of this... As I play a fi mage myself (soul split), I feel like most of the flavour of the magic is being taken away, it was being weak, and I enjoyed being some crazy guy who was sick all the time. I don't really like the disconnection thing, shouldn't be there and I don't think this is the type of rewrite we need... But thats only my opinion I guess. Also what the hell happens to soul split fi mages? they lose magic too? ;o
  6. "Mal latum flûst." Stated an old, one eyed man
  8. Jentos the dead guy wonders if he should...
  9. Faremyr Blackwoods can but agree, walking off to go purge some more bad things
  10. "I will make remove of kebab with you, brother." States Faremyr proudly to Siegmeyer @Balthasar
  11. I've tried rp'ing alchemy, but without a good, complete guide on how it works and it's limits, it is very hard. And by rp'ing alchemy, I don't only mean creating creatures and the effects of potions, but also making the potions, and creating non nexus potions.
  12. Imgur seems to be borked for me ;-; could you send it via something different?
  13. How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? None, feminists can'tchange anything.

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    2. *Space*


      what about access to contraception and abortion that was 'third wave feminism'


    3. Hero_


      what about the screeching and formation of the extremist sjw groups that was third wave feminism?

    4. *Space*


      damn dude you got me i didn't even think of that wow....

  14. Yay a new bone buddy