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  1. "More paper, Barclay? Send steel." He scoffed.
  2. "I am surrounded." began the An-Gho "Surrounded by words and empty promises. Come on Po̶n̶t̶i̶f̶f̶ - give me your best."
  3. "Sybille, your promise has been less than kept." Wrote the An-Gho "My people grow weary. You leave us waiting."
  4. The An-Gho wonders if Balian declaring war on Azdrazi may be at the cause of this very mysterious increase in (a yet lacking) Azdrazi presence in Balian's territory. Truly, this was a question for the ages.
  5. dont worry orlanth none of us are trying to romance you
  6. guys I can't have gay sex with @squakhawkanymore??? also thanks exogens lmfao
  7. ok creamy . . . u were right

  8. A wonderful system! I've adopted it ever since I was introduced to it in my early days of Vailor. I've adapted the style to a lot of more fantastical and supernatural-themed builds, and I find that its general style can be used for just about any kind of build. Thanks Luky! I hope you're doing well!
  9. The An-Gho, the Prophet and Prince of the Nephilim :3
  10. they took him from me . . .

    1. TheDrHedgehog
    2. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      u mean they took him from ME

  11. The An-Gho picked up the Queen of Balian's crown from amidst a shrine to the Arch-Drakaar. He stared at the reflection of the eye on his forehead through the sheen of its metal. Soon thereafter, a pigmy dragon shrieked as it dropped a bound scroll, a message, amidst the courtyards of the Balianese palace. "Come, Sybille, We have taken your crown, We have taken your lover, Next time we shall take your head, Perhaps then, you and your people shall learn, Not to make empty threats. - I challenge you, Queen Sybille, Come at us with your best." - The An-Gho
  12. hello femulord I am jentos I am an azdrazi player could you help me make a cart that could make me have druidism and templarism ?
  13. From ashen beaches, the An-Gho unveiled Alistair's message. He penned a letter back to the Red. "Asioth is described by our Father as a gift. But verily, it is a key. A key to challenge mortality, finitude, and cycle. Alatariel, the lost leader of the paladins, understood this. And for that, she was a worthy opponent. But now they are gone. In failing to understand the wheels of this World, they are pre-destined to fail. They can never win, precisely because they do not understand. Even should we fall, even if we should all be struck down besides our father, X*n cannot win. Why? Because his soldiers are blind."
  14. "Plainly, you can speak. But when will you act?" The An-Gho's hand hovered over a forbidden note-sheet. "When you lose in the field, you can always try and win from behind walls.."
  15. An-Gho on the southern beaches of Aeldin while Azdromoth's chosen struggle for survival within the depths of the Abyss.
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