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  1. "Blind." the nephilim spoke "The gods are blind. Just like fire."
  2. when can we powergame ish'urkal together again : (
  3. dragur academy is sped 

  4. you cant silence me

    1. Sorcerio



  5. hahah nooo dont trash on my best friend itdontmatta hes so gay and quirky
  6. heads up to avoid future confusion; add a quick redline about the possibility of beard manipulation in combat ! anyways this seems like a cool addition for some flavor fitting p well with dwarf culture
  7. replaced brine with cum and call these the cummed
  8. I HATE FUN 

    1. ThatTromboneGuy


      You arent even story team yet smh

  9. I've been sent screens, its 100% true as strange as it might seem
  10. care to give the name of this unbanned harasser
  11. not worth it for the simple fact that itll cause too much divide among players. if freebuild is implemented, it should be in an easily accessible area (unlike the other maps), and a small area at that. just please make the map small.
  12. ruh roh im gonna have to make my builds look shittier now edit: its called high skies because we gonna be building up to height limit against ladders lmao
  13. mfw people realize that blessings/curses can be considered parasitic and more complex than "good and evil". paladins having sex with vampires is proof enough of that (you know who you are). Just make this into a weaker/more complicated version of purging being able to be done by paladins, but maybe "cleanse" the body of both blessings and curses. Also, vargs have the ability to impart a blessing/curse known as the "sigil" (lengthening the lifespan, but granting cryptic and painful visions and making one sickly) - this is a tricky thing to cure, and already has a non-magical method of curing (given the knowledge). However, I'd be partial to having the effects of this potion "soothe" the afflicted individual momentarily, though not unlike opium, and proving addictive over long-term use.
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