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  1. Jean shook his head. “The only crime of the remaining men was that they did not act in defense of the Kha."
  2. good fight haense :DDDD

  3. Curses. Bitter and raw. The Rubernite howled in bitter rage at the Heavens, luminous eyes drawn at the red fingers of dawn, stretching out over the horizon, his knife’s edge dragging crudely against the thick skin of his left hand, drawing blood. A poor compensation, for an escaped Empress...
  4. To the Plaintif of the Elves. It has come to the attention of the Office of Security and Investigation of Rubern, that the accusation of severe maiming has been cast upon a number of citizens, unknown to the present date. This does trouble our hearts, and we assure with trembling hands that the Province Of Rubern and it’s Prince do grieve and condemn such violent acts of barbarity, lest it is that they are condemned by Higher Forces, for the Time is of War. We urge the victim and associates to ride hard for the Province, so that JUSTICE might be rendered, and by the Heavens may they be fair. May Logic Reign, Ave Stellae. Jean de Saint-Loup, Chief Officer of Security and Investigation.
  5. A pale man shook his head, noting both the futility and utter stagnation of the man’s beliefs. ”What next?” his mind asked “Equality for women? To refrain from eating meat? Democracy? These are the cravings of fools.”
  6. Wieslaw narrowed his eyes at the eerie hypocrisy before him. But what had the pilgrim to say, when he himself danced within the throes of damnation... A holy man for all his life, and yet damned till the world crumbled.
  7. Jentos

    Beasts of Antiquity

    Screaming, running. Streaming flames, cascading inferno in his wake. The man howled in utter pain, his frame twisted beyond human. “Sighard.” The thing asked. “Sighard where are you? Sighard.” Feremyr wept ash, dancing from Hell to Hell.
  8. One of the things I see, and despise in mages is selfishness and sloth. What I mean by this is that those who practice magic, be it Voidal, Deific or Dark, usually lack any sense of character. Their characters are lame, bland with the only thing that separates them from the rest their supernatural abilities. They essentially play a character that is a reflexion of themselves, void of any differing beliefs, and following a logic much like their own. Not to mention, players often take little responsibility to their character’s powers, often carrying their sorceries, be they blasphemous in their eyes or not, with little care, using it as a tool that does not create role-play, but destroys it, thwarts it, simply by-passing obstacles with ease and take it all for granted. Thus do many magics, be they well written or not, come to be perverted. Simply exchanged not for the spiritual power they hold, or the glee that may come when the secrets and wonders that slumber within them are shared but for the satisfaction of the wielder. Examples such as blood magic; especially the one linked to druidism, which was once owned to a serious player base, who held their role-play to great standards, only to be betrayed and have their work, culture and lore plundered asunder, taken for granted by those characters not differing from anime characters. Go back to your basements, dwellers : ) I remember now quite clearly, the disgust I felt as I watched a number of holy mages discuss their newfound powers, and quite clearly talking of exchanging them. What damnation is this? Your character pulls forth a so called ‘deity’ into its heart, only to be cast away for the promise of a more powerful one? Vile is the world. If you’re going to roleplay a mage, think, construct something new. You don’t need to be that active, but you need to make sure that what you give the audience is worthwhile. I have spent the greater portion of my time playing magic-oriented characters on LOTC, and I still do. My beginnings were nothing close to disgusting, and I cringe at the thoughts. But what I now offer is grand, an experience as dark as it is beautiful, challenging the very way people think. Ps. I genuinely think magic rp would be more enjoyable if people would actually let go of their shiny little high fantasy beliefs. Drinking your mocha in the sutican tavern does not represent satisfying role-play for anybody : )
  9. The fact that so many are hell bent on having “good vs evil” kind of shows how utterly brain damaged they are. Both “good” and “evil” characters will go to such lengths as to breaking the rules to exterminate each other, only to prove a point. So much so that any attempt at creating a middle ground between such things becomes impossible due to the crude mindset which was created: “u look evil u die ug-glug” etc. Think outside the box people :**
  10. Obviously the immortal CA creatures flam wrote a few years back don't need a rewrite : )
  11. Screaming. Running. Fleeing. The Marked barrelled through pale plains as a living torch; a blazing wight. Screams echoing from it’s hallowed maw, screaming of blasphemies and Pale Cities, and amongst other things, a deceased, wicked child dead of the pox.
  12. Remember my guy, if life is ******* you in the ass, just moan Cheers
  13. Jentos

    Making clan

    count me in bro
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