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  1. guys please don't look up the far cry 3 definition of insanity
  2. Should probably get up to date with magic lore before talking about stuff that was removed or does not exist before making an argument about it.
  3. Gamling draws out a puff from his orcish slave-picked tobacco cigarette, adjusting his wig. Hearing the phone ring he walks up, and slides it up to his hear. "And, Haskir, you old cat ! Yes - yes, a drink, and a game of bridge ? Or would you I dial up the boys for a game of basketball?" He asked with a smile. "By - the - by, have you heard of 'em new invention, they call them guns." He paused "Yes, you see, they claim it hits like a crossbow, whereas it tears your back off. How amusing, innit ? Anyhow, let me finish this piece of legislation and I'll be right off. You know how much I love legi
  4. "Truly - one cannot hope to explain Asioth - nor can one claim to achieve it. One must become Asioth, and move with it as it moves with him. Asioth is the path of life, one that forever moulds and changes as one breaths and grows. Ideas new and old are taken and discarded, we become like a strand of fire, forever changing." Mustered some Azdrazi upon reading the missive with a nod.
  5. hello gamers, you may be interested in this !
  6. FOR THE KNIGHTS THAT MIGHT LIVE FOREVER To all the brave and bold of this physical land of the Second Age. A great prince comes about your midst, one decorated with gold, old gems at his fingers and in the most wondrous of silks that any man might die for - promising eternal strength for those pious few that might serve him. This is the Prince of Rh’thor - possessing an eternity of wisdom, and a heart of sanctity. He is one who comes from the edge of the world where the seas are black and all know no nothing but joy and wonder, and the stars do speak from above.
  7. The fire dimmed in the eyes of a certain creature of fire - lured and enamoured by the prophecy at hand. His head rose, eyes coming to a close at distant memories of near forgotten prophecies of old. "Father, give us Fire. Father, bless us with Ire. Father, grant us a new heart, grant us Pyre." This he cried unto the ashes of the circle he had made. He kneeled, and bowed his head. "You are our Life, our Fire. With every breath you take our hearts thrum. With - . . ." He fell silent, and bewitched, peered over the prophecy yet again, hands cr
  8. Quite based if I might say so myself ! Let us take the steps forward to some more extraversion with necromancy and its related storytelling.
  9. Eyes of war gleamed inside a chasm of ice, and a hand was raised - and a string of prayers, given to the wind.
  10. I have been awaiting this for some time - a spin, and an addition unto alchemy, offering for a more numerous set of potions and rituals.
  11. "Midieval - huh ?" a scholar seemed concerned, and confused by the term. He wondered what other fantasies would be dreamed by such freaks. He prayed to God - singular and solitary deity.
  12. THE GIFT OF NOTHING The Void as the foe to the Heart of Humanity, the killer to the Key of Creation Published 24th of the Second Age by Jaghari yr Kastafir’ei | Jean, Écolier de la Maison de Fir Preface 1 Introduction to the Void Drawing From Nothing The Price of Nothing Understanding the Magi The death of Nothing Conclusion Preface The Gift of Nothing is meant to be an expansive volume on the inherent threat posed by the Void. It is an informed and thorough thesis on the mechanics from whic
  13. Gamling dials up his peer @Ryloth, the Orenian phone-operator (fantasy roleplayer, I should mention!!!) looks over a few pages of legislation to verify the caller's ID before quickly plugging him into the requested line. As Ryloth presses the phone to his ear, Gamling simply states "Hello, based department ?"
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