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  1. Some antique man of old smacked his lips as the mention of “prancing devils”
  2. Lmao you've officially gotten my respect for that shout out to Joel, the other staff fear that man. Take care man.
  3. A green garbed man dances, remembering that llyria can't powergame in pitched battles. “Take that you eastern comic book protagonists.”
  4. A degenerate smiles, gesturing to a flock of ascended coupling with blood mages and demons within the tavern of llyria.
  5. Jentos


    A certain man garbed in red let out a wretched howl at the very thoughts of a certain king in yellow robes... For the world was indeed comic, yet the joke was on mankind.
  6. hey uhhhmm, why wasn't i advised of the gay parade in sutica???? can't believe i missed it!!!

  7. A pair of men danced wildly. Dim lights were cast from the pale steppes of Khorvassa. Hooves beat wildly, as a blind, mad horse was reined atop a silent hill. The beast screamed, the beast howled, a vile chorus of pleas undying. Hell sang within the wild mare, it’s eyes, void of light were set upon the stars, and crimson was let upon the sands. Satiation. “I’ve but a single eye. But I see more than you ever will.” stated one, disfigured figure, that of flame glistering through one eye, his shadow danced, owning a wretched puppeteer of flame, as if mocking that which owned it. “A spawn of Iblees! Burning and great! Reduced to a dying dog by the words of men; laws! Concepts of humanity, in short; nothing!” Were the words of the second. The men howled. The beast let out a final sigh.
  8. A sullen gaze looked over the notice, his very eyes, dim and green longed over the writings of the doctor. A frigid air of peace lived within the young man; so much it was frightening. Sand dotted his unwashed hair and lice danced within it.
  9. Jentos


    kinda wish i could be as cool
  10. wELl boYswE did it, vilLAiny is nO mORe.

  11. Jean let out a lowly curse at Selwyn’s words, straw hair waving as his head shook from side to side. “Retarded, or desperate... The worst of men.” he muttered out weakly, a few digits clasping the side of his chest.
  12. Happy Canada day fellow degenerates!

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    2. Ixli


      why the hell would you celebrate canada

    3. Boruto


      they dawned upon us the age of legal weed, it is the least of a tribute with which we could show our gratitude.. .

    4. Kaelan


      happy canada day 

  13. Everyone wants to be the main character. Everyone wants to be the most powerful. Collecting magic, collecting all the wards and enchantments to make yourself invincible. A good antagonist should need none of those, the best of them can undo his oppressors with only his mind. Roleplay is about self sacrifice, you have to give a portion of yourself, or your character to others, so that a story can properly flow, and not just do *laughs as he walks away* like some anime character. The lack of serious role-play stains dark mages, which are unable to properly release a sense of mystery, or depth to their work, rather simply casting something with no spirituality or intricate beliefs behind them. A weak character is a beautiful character. A diseased character is a strong character. It’s up to you to find the strength to come out of your comfort zone.
  14. fun and degeneracy are blurred bro
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