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  1. Jentos

    The Summoning

    One old raevir is struck by Vydrik dungeon ptsd
  2. Jentos

    question for the lore people

    oh my god oh no i can't believe karen took the kids
  3. Jentos

    Dael'Ran Disguise Dissolution

    ”Oh, a snitch, a snitch.” murmured a hollow voice, before a chorus of screams and hellish cants bid him silence.
  4. Jentos

    [Lazio] Charter Application

    A certain one eye’d man signs
  5. Jentos

    [Magic Lore] - Virailum of Tahariae

    no thank you, i dont think I mind the niche being empty
  6. Jentos

    Character Recommendations

    A man, nothing fancy. Rather than appearance or strengths, consider the interior. A story not filled with sorceries or intrigues, but one beautiful because it is. A farmer? A fisherman? A horrid, underweight, or overweight watchman filled with sorrow, or guilt? Mentally unstable? Not in the murderous sense, but in all the other options that exist. Perhaps a coward? Perhaps a sick man, with some disease? I’ve much fun with my crazed, weak pilgrim. Enough of this anime bullshit everyone always pull off.
  7. Jentos

    It Thirsts: The Fate of Archbishop Zachery

    “They think death will stop our god?"
  8. Jentos

    On 'Blood Magic': Occultist Sorcery or Ancient Alchemy?

    “Truth will be found in blood. I have seen it."
  9. Jentos

    Vampires/Striga/Monsters in general

    just go kill ascended they’re low-key the actual real devils, having a golden glow doesn't mean ur good or anything just blow up their anime high schools
  10. Jentos

    Looking to make blood related character

    If you’re willing to play a bastard of one impoverished family of madmen, discussion must be had however, notify me on discord, Jentos#6646
  11. Jentos

    The Huntsmen

    A certain Marked Man screams in utter pain as his frame is yet again set ablaze, twisting and breaking, shifting through realms endlessly, only pausing for a moment to look down upon yet another guild of beast killers.
  12. Jentos


    ”Perhaps he wasn’t the right one. I should visit the good Amelia. She shall know.” commented a raevir
  13. Jentos


    A certain pilgrim strokes his beard. ”Why. They finally act. Perhaps Vexalia desires the names of the vile and witched. Why, perhaps the heavens shall let us know.”
  14. Jentos

    The Imperial Tea Party of 1707

    A certain odd gentleman broods over the letter upon seeing that he has not been invited. “Oh dear, if the good lady does not wish my person, it must be because it will be very boring."
  15. Jentos

    On the Effectiveness of Wyvernbone Armor: Buff Needed Because of Math

    Wyvernbone is as it is for balancing. We don't want ******* demi gods running around being like “b-but muh wyvernbone plate”, though a small (small) buff could be considered as to make it a valid option rather than wearing something heavier than steel with no bonuses.