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  1. Villainy Blacklists should just put a non-pvp timer on them ;)
  2. 'Ey, in need of a skin! Willing to pay whatever price you're asking!

  3. Lovely, I do hope to see this become a thing! I wish more magics had this ritual-chant kind of approach rather than lame pew pew fireball!
  4. Hell ja +1
  5. Name: (Of course.) Maester Aldred Race: (You’re not required to fill this out, though it would be appreciated.) Human, highlander Age: (Once again, not required, but appreciated.) Around one hundred Reason for Joining: (We’d love to know.) Enjoy my remaining time searching and helping people by working in such a guild. Applicable Skills: (Anything, really. Everything is fair game, so don’t be shy.) Alchemy, magical arts. Are you a resident of Haria?: (Simple.) Niet OOC MC Name: Jentos
  6. good luck boy, if you want to kill @HurferDurfer1 you'll have to go through my skeleboi first! 1. Become a walrus shaman 2. make cheesemancy lore and get it accepted 3. get my post/rep ratio somehow acceptable
  7. Would you call Sam norwicky back from the void as a haunt if you could? :c
  8. Good family values, good memes, good name. +1
  9. Faramyr Blackwood smiles, signing the over so lovely parchment
  10. I wanted to make a bar for undead/bad people under Metz but muh city rebuild :c
  11. ((Wow, I had heard the church exploded, and people were going all crazy, Im happy for you man!
  12. The same lich ponders why his name is on the board while having done no crimes reguarding the Westerlands or the Church, he also wonders how they got his name.
  13. "It was a damn ghoul!" Exclaims an angered skeleton in the future as he reads the entertaining literature after it had been published, after the author passed away.
  14. this changes nothing

  15. Faramyr wonders if this smol family has anyone he could marry