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  1. This is exactly what staff promoted with the nexus plugin. Players were expected to begin the craft timers and go role-play while waiting for their crafts to attain completion. Obviously, this was not the end result of nexus, and vortex will likely be no different. This said, I do believe that vortex can give something incredible.
  2. stop it bro you're whining !!!
  3. Can't believe they'd pull the plug on the thread without the classic "feedback noted" : (

  4. So like. If you're going to make, let's say, hypothetically, a large plugin that changes the server dramatically. Maybe involve the playerbase on a large scale. You did that for Surge pvp. It's fun. But is it fair? PvP groups will benefit, and rpers will get stamped to the ground after taking 100 easy and very intuitive steps including progressing from the stone age to the bronze age and finally to the iron age where they get their iron longsword so they can roleplay their elven wanderer having a non **** sword. Maybe you should have warned us of what was to come. Ask us about certain features. The playerbase can work with staff. I can help. It can even make things easier. This is just painful, and looking at this makes nexus seem so much more attractive.
  5. The scarred, deformed features of Gamling stared upon Avaeramos. A singular eye watched him mutely. In his mind, conflict brew. How long had he lived within this world? How many elves - foul and riddled with their inherent stagnation. Had there ever been a worthy elf that had not resided within the grasp of Humanity? Avenel had been worthy, despite the hate that the raevir held for the elf. But the others were as uncomplicated as ever. Simple, sinful, and filled with lies. Each could be traced to their own desires - for that is all they had, desires for the physical, rather than the spiritual. He had seen them scour places high and low for nothing more than power. He had seen them invite devils of all kinds amongst their midst, destroy culture and install some mad, alien institutions. All of the long-ears were lost. Could any be redeemed? How long had he fought for the purity of the world? But now ghosts of dead men haunted city streets to the glee of foolish bureaucrats. Had he failed yet again? Elves had lost the merit of life itself. Each and every one of them. They slept with demons, and sought only religion to coax power from deities as flawed as they were. Death would be a worthy gift to those whose brains had rotten, and only lackwit words could stem from their lips. How long had he lived, to see the World turn on its head? Not enough it seemed, not enough. Yes, truly, his brain had been sundered by blows. He had bled, fought - he had died, for what he saw as right. Yes, he had outlived every one of his friends. He had watched them die, one by one. What a bleak fate, for a man with a heart now hollowed, with a once smooth face now riddled with scars, burns, and an eye scooped out by revenant monstrosities. He was brave. He was a fool. But yet he still held his head high. And all the elves could do to challenge him and his authority, was question how much people he had bedded. How many times he had fucked. Was that it - the extent of elveness? Was that all they were good for? Most likely. A single, amber eye looked sadly upon Avaeramos, left hand poised now tensed on the handle of his cossack's riding saber, and his lips parted, in a response not only to the elf before him - but to the others of Irrinor, whose voices he imagined mocked his wretched figure. "Yes."
  6. Gamling read the missive, disgruntled at the knowledge that more old relics would be kept buried and locked behind steel doors, never to see the light of day when their new owners would pry open the coffers in which they were kept, to glance down upon those sacred treasures, now stowed away to be lost to time.
  7. this is just another attempt at targetting grool through a vile haenser plot
  8. "Unless in times of Saintly apparitions to guide the Faithful from the throes of death, the dead should remain amongst the dead, and ushered back to their slumber." murmured a green coated scholar, a hand scratching at his pale hair while aqua eyes looked over at the clouds.
  9. I do believe that Varg (vuukodlak/vagr/werwulf and associated Children of the Wretch and tied Krekavae) fill the niche of what you cover within your final redline statement.
  10. slushy and cold 

    1. TreeSmoothie


      slushy and cold. 

  11. "**** the elves. **** their rotten cores - riddled with sin. Riddled with lies. Let them rot, let their souls spoil in nothing." So called Gamling, golden eyes flickering furiously as he scanned through the parchment paper almost dismissively - careless for fact, but desiring for retribution, and the sound of flaring, firing cannons, the scream of the wounded, and the smell of men soiling themselves. For that was what it meant to be alive, to live through the glorious atrocities of a battlefield, and to carry a heart filled with ire.
  12. Spending three hours rping an occult ritual was probably one of the best stuff I've done. Also you forgot to mention getting strangled to death by sighard, and yeah, Mordskov was the peak of stuff. Though greatly enjoy the current roleplay that occurs with my scholar - and his mad philosophies. Cussing at Xan and people is also a classic. Throwing a five year old kha child in an oven and just peasant rp is also up there for me, though those days seem over with the current turn of human roleplay, shame.
  13. if its not mud hut rp its not good rp

    1. Sorcerio


      * squats in the mud hut * 

  14. Wait @Sorcerio just broke it to me, homosexuals are gay ??

    1. Sorcerio


      This is indeed a fact

    2. CorweenieTheJedi


      no that’s not true

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