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  1. This is the kind of ideology which brings people to scream out in OOC. This is a server - states, and individuals will collide, and they must, because that's the thrill, it's the entire point of LoTC's geopolitics, except these are often marred by jaded individuals incomprehensibly angry that people have different ideas and desires in roleplay, and might even influence them, including aggressive and unethical behaviour. Roleplay is mean to be fluid, to be about interaction first and foremost, and to roleplay only with small groups leads to eventual stagnation, to a certain staleness. If roleplay indeed is better suited for a small group of friends, and you foremost care for the highest quality of roleplay, then by all means set up a private server. Otherwise, we have to know to let go of our ego when it comes to interacting with each other. We can share a sandbox, and have fun. It's entirely possible, but it all depends on the mindset of the different parties involved. But if we're all reaching for a non-existent crown while jabbing at each other through means other than roleplay, then we have a problem. We have to accept that we are here to roleplay, to play a role. And that includes losing, being lying to, to get fooled. People unwilling to accept those losses are the problem.
  2. I think this is the kind of behaviour that should be cut down. It's flagrant how much of an OOC game certain groups of people play, with an utmost disregard for a narrative that does not end with a personal victory. I should take the example of when Qizu burned down the Providence Cathedral, creating an OOC outcry against what had been a rare case of dynamic roleplay. Edit : I think its also fair to mention that Qizu and the associated Azdrazi were messaged by certain players, intended to threaten their actions, and manipulate how they behaved IRP through OOC mediums, something that seems increasingly pervasive in certain communities who care more about outcomes than storytelling. We can compare the OOC outcry of the Cathedral, to the downfall of Ando-Lur, which by comparison was very well received by a community that was willing to move on and take the whole affair as a bout of tasteful roleplay. In the end, it's not about winning. It's about creating a story. More steps should be taken to enforce this, crack down on problematic groups.
  3. Would honestly make these more brittle ngl, void would make them weak to most kinds of attacks, at least clarify this if it already is the case. Maybe add some kind of counter, idk are they weak to a specific material ?? Otherwise, I like this a lot.
  4. chowdah this aengul ***** got me questioning my faith to god
  5. ((la grande mascarade du réveil*
  6. "Spurned by the light of fear. A political gesture to the reflection of the light off the edge of a steel sword. Is this it - is this faith ?" The Schoolman wondered.
  7. your first mistake was trying to do something in oren

  8. You were a positive force in the leagues of alchemy. While other players turned to the simple, to what they could think, to what they could duplicate and muster by force of repetition and not creativity, you dared to dream. What was alchemy turned into magic, a true force of the occult, where you weighed questions of light and dark, void, salvation and damnation. In the end - Saevel was nothing but another soul for the grinders of the gods, but I pray now that the seeds of mystery and philosophy you planted grow on to encourage more players to do the things you have done (that being pugsying ofc). edit; while some have come to find distaste for the complicated nature of your roleplay processes and philosophies, one should reckon that it brought something very important to the community, fear. The very fact that you mention your alchemy as an esoteric fruit deepens that fear of the unknown, the palpitations for players to distrust every corner, ever shadow, in the ever expanding vistas of forbidden knowledge. The unknown is the object of so many things - one that makes man forever dream, forever wonder, it makes him insane simply by the weight of all the things he does not know. In a way, you have sought to create what I have always interpreted as true magic as should befit LOTC and its narrative.
  9. god, grant me the serenity to gaslight the things i cannot change; the courage to girlboss the things i can; and the wisdom to gatekeep the difference :heart:

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      god, grant me the serenity to gaslight the things i cannot change; the courage to girlboss the things i can; and the wisdom to gatekeep the difference :heart:

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      god, grant me the serenity to gaslight the things i cannot change; the courage to girlboss the things i can; and the wisdom to gatekeep the difference 💖

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      Truly the poet of our time, Jentletoes

  10. Two flames dangled from the eyes of Gamling. Trudging amongst swamp and wetlands, brandishing a sword of fire, he was not privy to the final message his brother-in-flames had left him, though he could feel a shudder in his heart - an unnerving flicker in his inner flame. He paused for a moment, but cast off the feeling with a shake of his head, and carried on in his hunt. Though he did not let it betray his features amongst murky waters and groves, he felt as a shadow had crossed his path, and left him with a cold feeling in his frame.
  11. A warrior of fire nods. "These peoples claim that they follow the canon - yet to retain wielders of the Void among them, and openly invite them. They are false. They shirk the Canon texts and its messages - the Void is the ultimate foe, it is told."
  12. The fire of ambition burned brightly in the eyes of GAMLING ; child of Azdromoth. Victory had been wrestled against Void by those of Creation, and the nephillim rejoiced, as insignificant as that victory was.
  13. I will lay your bones to rest, real one. Take care of yourself, this is a threat.
  14. "Where will you go now, Napier, when your body perishes, and your soul languishes in the dark ?" Asked a theologian as he wrapped a scarf around his neck.
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