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  1. Miray Fhuji gave an approving nod at the news. “Heil Heusstandarte!”
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    Her father, Ghascoine, was once a merchant in the desert lands of his people. He, however, had thought he’d found love with a woman named Dymphna. After their daughter had been brought into the world, she was overcome with regret and fled from Ghascoine, leaving him with a daughter in his arms. No longer finding meaning in the sands he knew since he was a child, he brought his daughter to the Kingdom of Haense. Due to her lack of exposure to her father’s culture (other than food and some sparse language), Miray reflects the culture of her Kingdom rather than that of the Farfolk in many aspects such as language, behavior, and beliefs. Such difference from her father leads to a slight language barrier and conflicting opinions She tends to her now-elderly father and manages their small horse stable. Her favorite horse is a Percheron she named Yoru.
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