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  1. i cant understand you go back to your country
  2. Lol best month, tahmas is stepping down and projects are actually useful gj gm team
  3. omg end of rebels season 3

  4. Can someone post a character development guide that is actually true?

    1. Reinhardter


      what is the point of character development if you follow a guide?

    2. Jaeden


      What Rein said^ (Also, love the name).

      Though I've been thinking of writing a guide on 'Keeping your character interesting' for a while now. I see people getting bored of their characters pretty easily. I'll probably do it over Easter break however, if no one else snipes it.

  5. Considering some people won't let rain stop their roleplay, I don't see a problem with winter. And does rain really ruin your immersion? To me it'd be the last to.
  6. Faction-based events hardly contribute to character development, just one time RP fun, on the other hand individualy/grouply based events give alot more attention to detail, consequences and RP, and that is in my opinion what it should be about.
  7. im picky af dude
  8. A dead Raguk shakes his head at the anti-shamanistic vandalism, his long-rotten head recalls that the orcish people have worshipped the spirits for ages, and why is that so a rebellious act arose only now...
  9. how do you enable notification sounds when the website is on?

  10. Wait how to rp?

    1. Pixelation4


      do /roll 20

  11. why do you get a defender default when you are the one engaging
  12. holy ******* **** game of thrones season 7

    1. Jentos


      Spoilers anyone? I have some good stuff from the GOT concert.

  13. I love the new projects and how the info to knowing what's up with all that is posted frequently
  14. I have no doubts the majority of players who will want to play as the creature will arrange roleplay with an Alpha and proceed to the CA. It is unlike other OP creatures whose players are very carefully picked. This is what largely concerns me, and I wouldn't support this being initiated with the current lore-owner, or at least firstly managed by the LT if it is accepted.