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  1. A light-haired man grimaces in disgust, commenting to his brethren – a cross hanging from his belt. “Only on paper do they lay claim to these titles. I still wait to see the day they really try take it from our hand.”
  2. Samuel rises hastily after his colleague, Arthur, and comments to the dais with an almost accusing finger. “I am in full agreement with the good Senator Callahan – We cannot unanimously vote for funds to be sent in the hands of secretaries who offer us no information on how they will be allocated. Without question, the war will not wait for us to conclude and the funds to the ISA must be approved and distributed separate of this motion. I call upon the members of this house too, to raise their concerns to the President. It is our duty as a Senate to keep the government in check and that duty we shall do.”
  3. A shiver ran through Samuel de Langford as he reads through the proposed legislation of the Senator from Curon, his heavy chin recoiling to meet his neck in apparent disgust. Lifting his spectacles to rest atop the bridge of his nose, the man goes again through the paper, grunting and grumbling in a foreign tongue. As it came upon him to address the house, he cleared his throat, setting his spectacles aside. “It’s no secret to any, in this Senate of our beloved Empire especially, that against our united people stand – among pagans and renegades – an alliance of three elven nations. An alliance which only this Saint’s week published a missive denying the olive branch, and vowing to avenge the dead elves on which our Empire was formed and continued to flourish. Can you trust an elf to be loyal, especially at this time of war? I can not. Elfdom is a disease, a cancer. It always has been and until eradicated, it will remain a threat to Humanity, working its malice in the shadow, under guise. Our Prophets warned against them. Our Emperors warred them. I can not see our Orenian Empire – our Human Empire – knowingly invite an evil in her grace, and be home to her eternal culprits.” The Senator draws a deep breath, readjusting his powdered wig, before continuing; “It’s a Nay from me.” Soon after concluding his address, continued the Kaedreni to a more positive motion. He hasitly summed up; "In addition, I vote Aye for the nominee to the Office of the Interior. A capable fellow."
  4. Another bewigged Senator arrives at the Hall of Varoche, closely listening as his peers make their voice known. Sharing in Senator Callahan's tobacco, when it came upon Samuel de Langford to vote, he made it without speech; it was natural to grant the most committed Senator his well-earned office. "Senator May is my vote, we are fortunate to have him in this House."
  5. “No honor, you say. What honor is there in fighting for the Great Deceiver (cursed be his name)? All those who serve the Deceiver shall not be considered human, let alone a friend. I am saddened you took a turn for the worse, years ago I would have called you brothers.” says a Kaedreni veteran Samuel
  6. SURNAME: de Langford FIRST NAME: Samuel ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 5th Red Square DATE OF BIRTH: 2nd of Owyn’s Flame, 1703 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Kaedrin?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): gangyuhyuh
  7. Senator Langford douses his lit tobacco-pipe, letting it hang from the side of his mouth, a dim smoke trailing towards the ceiling. He rises from his seat, addressing the assembly; “This is hardly excellent nor is it great.” he comments to the Senators Napier and Rutledge, sparing the pair a brief look, “This is a terrible bill. I cant help but find it ironic of the Senator from Haense to reject suffering, while attempting to choke the provinces with this legislation. I speak as a veteran, having witnessed unspoken evils committed by outlaws. In his effort to see the judicial system fulfilling its purpose, Mr. May apparently fails to acknowledge the justice aspect of it. Is the priest to be imprisoned were he burn a heathen on the stake? Is the watchman wrong for removing the assassin’s hand? The definition of cruel punishment is as vague as to the point one could even argue a death by hanging falls under the term ‘cruel and unusual’, at which point how are we to even execute criminals? What is just and fair is GOD’s will, and GOD’s will shall be enacted with every verdict, be it of the lightest infraction or the harshest of felonies, regardless of any ‘humane’ ethics believed we are to uphold.” Continues Langford, a distasteful grimace which seems to follow him wherever he goes, plastered across his face. “Three persons to make up a jury…” he continues in reference to the second section of the bill, “As it stands, trials already take hours to complete. I can not, at all, see the reason behind dragging three citizens from another province to only further delay and draw on the trial. This would only further complicate courts, adding to the endless objections the judges are already faced with. It is the duty of the presiding judge to see the right of due process actualized, and answer for judicial misconduct should he neglect it.” Turning a paper in his hand, the bewigged man continued in his arguments; “I would like to turn the attention of the Senate to the third section, wherein Mr. May proposes charges of treason be forwarded to the Supreme Court. Far from the hands of the prosecutors, far from the province where a traitor worked his malice. All I see proposed in this is more centralised authority, more room for corruption and bias. Alas, it is often those who are most well-connected who forget their loyalties in face of temptation, and what better man to be connected to if not one of the Supreme Court.” Clearing his throat, Samuel lifts his eyes from his paper and onto the seated Senators. “I fervently oppose this motion, and call for the members of this chamber to remember who they are to represent, and vote in the interest of their province, rather than in some idealist’s version of a world without pain. T’is a Nay from me.”
  8. "Ah, Mr. Armas, is that Barbarian chief, a minion of the Deceiver, expected to adhere to even one tenant of the Canon? In preaching humility and self righteousness they project the absolute opposite, phony idealism. It's the nature of the Great Deceiver (cursed be his name), hypocrisy!" The bewigged soldier paused, a similar grimace plastered onto his face, albeit more to be attributed to the mud-crub he watches the PM bite down than to the matter at hand. “They do declare to know of virtue. But by their actions and their deeds they fervently deny it. I pray that no fool falls for their lies. Mr. Devereux; I assure you, is not counted among them.”
  9. Trenchist

    On Telemari

    "They have neither the intelligence, the industry, the moral habits or desire for improvement." Calls a one-eyed veteran to a line of recruits, a cigar sticking from his lips. "What explains all the monsters in that cursed Gypsywood? the Baba Yaga that abducts stray boys, the damned sorcereres that lay deep underground, if not for their dealings with that Great Deceiver (cursed be his name), that makes them Men no longer?" sums the Sergeant, preparing to set on a new offensive against the gypsies.
  10. thanks for setting me on the right track and showing me michael savage😎 bye and gl with everything
  11. "its not a slaughter if hes hanging" says a farmer with an ounce of logic
  12. Jayce Lancefeld lofts a brow at the weird unwarranted forum flex
  13. making a spell list into enforced lore ruins the entire aspect of creativity in magic just make a rp book and teach ppl epic spells u made up
  14. >consider putting a brake on things

    >consider building an army and walls

    1. MadOne


      Please do. 

  15. whats the point of having these looc cooldowns

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      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc again

    3. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      They were added because people were spamming, apparently. Rather than ban people who do bad things we need to make it literally impossible for rules to be broken by massively restricting the playerbase as a whole.

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      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc
      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc
      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc
      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc

      [20:45] [L-OOC] [ST Writer] SquakHawk: yeah

      honestly i think it was for some stupid days-gone thing about people whining during raids and it scared the mod so they inhibited it? thats what i vaguely remember but days-gone. its really absurdly annoying.

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