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  1. Name of Artifact: Arcane Frag MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: To Be Discussed RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: To Be Discussed MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): To Be Discussed RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): To Be Discussed Effect(s) of Artifact: - Severe damage takes place in the surroundings of the detonation spot of many little bursted fragments. Red Lines of Artifact: - Timer must be roleplayed in accordiance to the RP scenario (3 seconds) - Detonation must be roleplayed with atleast two in-depth emotes. Explanation of effect(s) : (Easier with https://tinyurl.com/arcanefags ) The purpose of these weapon devices is to cause severe damage to the surroundings of the detonation spot, targeting every object or individual within five to ten meters from it with many little fragments bursting from it. The Design The Arcane Grenade’s design was varying since the days of their production, be it the decorative carvings or glowing holes to different shapes and sizes. All of which follow a very simple formula; A spherical-ball shape divided into two equal pieces with an exposed line for the fragments bordering the two halves, A Mana Gem inserted to the heart of the casing, and a safety pin to prevent any cases of self-detonation or dysfunction of the device. The Detonation The process of detonating the Arcane Grenade is fairly simple and begins so; First the Safety Pin is to be removed, untying the frag. Then the two sphere halves are to be pressed against each other to activate a glowing light from the Fragment line, after this the grenade is ready to be detonated and if one bears the device with him while triggered, it may either randomly detonate or run out of energy, unable to be reignited for re-use. Next is to rotate the two divided parts against the other’s direction. This can be done until the clicking sound is halted with a louder ‘click’, making it unable to rotate any further. After that three seconds are given to throw the device at the targeted place and quickly running to cover, exposing everyone around the detonation spot to the fragments. The Process The Process of the Arcane Grenades is said to be first developed by the inventors of the device, yet as they were discovered to the Descendants a few changes were made with modern technology, providing a more compact and handy use. The object is firstly enchanted with an iner-explosive charge of either Fire Evocation or Arcanism, fueled by the Mana Gem which rests in the heart of the device. Then once the Safety Pin is removed and the frag is pressed, the Mana Gem produces the light which indicates the activation of the device; triggering it active and unsafe. The two half spheres are then to be rotated in the opposite direction, clicking on and on until ceased by the singular last ‘tick’, marking the time to throw the Grenade and wait for it’s detonation, releasing an iner-explosive charge sending all the fragments in the fragment line flying all over by the pressured explosion, causing severe damage and harm to those between ten to five meters. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: None currently (TBD) Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: Yes Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  2. a man shows him a paper "you idiot"
  3. naaaaaah
  4. :)
  5. 7th of Sun's Smile 1598 Report File, 1598 Reporter: Rethgis Earua Human, 36 Y/O, Metz, County of Metz, Kingdom of Lotharingia Reported: Unknown Description: Young, Lean build, Brown monk-like robes, Black Hair. Employed at the 'Wet Whiskers' tavern, Bartender, Sutica, Federation of Sutica. *A rough sketch is scribbled in addition to the description.* Crime Reported: Assualt of the B Degree Incident Details: I have seen this man grabbing a helpless girl to the tavern, when I requested him to halt his actions he ignored me and headed into the 'West Whiskers' tavern. He then faced me, calling two more men by his side. He attempted to strike me down with a fist but luckily he missed, I managed to escape. Later on, about half an hour afterwards, he attempted to throw a poison of sorts on my face as I was writing this very report. He chased me all throughout the City of Sutica. I demand a fair trial for the suspect. Sincerely, Rethgis Earua
  6. ((In character information)) Name: Rethgis Race and Age: Human 37 School of Arcane known(Magics Known): None Why do you wish to join the Enchantry?: I wish to pursue arcane knowledge and further the engineering and research of it. Do you understand and accept the Enchanters Codex?: I do. ((Out of Character Information)) MC Name: Trenchist MA/SA's for listed magics: N/A
  7. brush reveal is when, mister??
  8. Isnt this just a strong tiger i dont think u need lore for long teeth bru
  9. lol dude i already got a cyber waifo in birthright what are you talking about
  10. did you see me mention OOC in the new system suggestion? that could also be an addition to the thing Youre all missing the point of this thread it isnt about VIP shops or not
  11. Hello, What I have in mind is a very basic and realistic system that I think would be implemented in the server just fine, and will improve and fix some current issues. The current state of industry and market is very simple to set up and only several extremely easy steps are to be followed in order to get your own shop running: Hire a grinder, (e.g. miner) Use VIP to set a stall, (e.g. ore stall) Sell your stuff The things I find bad about this extremely easy system are: Not enough realism is being put in the system; hiring a personal independent grinder isn't common, as usually these grinders are working under a bigger cooperation. The prices of the basic goods can not be increased, only decreased- this can be changed if only several cooperations controlled the market. Not enough roleplay is carried out; even if the entire idea is grinding- roleplay must be carried out, even behind the scenes. Independent merchants can start their own markets, making it alot harder to navigate and find the most reliable price. I suggest a system in which only very praticular cooperations are in charge of the facilities, industries and marketing branches and say a person wants to start his own little stall he would have to contact the cooperation to supply him grinders, a stall and maybe the raw materials aswell. This could promote alot more roleplay; the tycoons could have farms, industries and markets of their own with absolute cooperation with the nation it works in, setting their own prices and salaries while encouraging private businesses across the realm by either funding, lending or employing them. Alot more spots for people to work in are going to take place, as well as decenting and steadyin the current economy of the realm. In addition to that; these cooperations could initiate development and researches to further the technology and science of the current realm to further progress the engineering and technology, this also promotes more RP. The only thing that these systems require is the staff support and most importantly player support.
  12. roses are red violets are blue lotc is never back lets go play birthright
  13. wow brushes and katana series????//?/
  14. "dont gay dont goy become jewish today" dude
  15. yeah lol this is legit dont leave me hangin roastme and signature ideas