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  1. Most accomplished mage ever?

  2. Hermetic Licensing

    HERMETIC LICENSING MAGISTRATE OF HERMETICS 11th of Snow Maiden, 1654 In light of the establishment of the Magistrate of Hermetics at the Second Golden Bull of Rhodesia, the need for a proper decree to inform and instruct the Magi of the Canonist world on the newly set in place regulations has risen. Failure to comply with the following regulations will be met with capital punishment. “And to ye magicians I admonish: GOD is incomprehensible. He cannot be divided nor made again, and his mysteries are the holy mysteries, and no art is alike to his power.” -Owyn, 7:7 Table of Contents: Section I: Definitions and Issuance Section II: License Usage Section III: Magics Roster Section IV: Licensing Process Section V: License Regulations Section VI: Application Form SECTION I: DEFINITIONS AND ISSUANCE 1.1. Definitions The Hermetic License serves as an official approval of one’s legitimacy to practice elemental magics within the boundaries of the Canonist world. The Dean of the Hermetics has full authority over the approval of licenses, and may choose to accept or deny licenses as he sees fit. Should one fail to follow the regulations set in place regarding magic, or practice magic without an approved license within the boundaries of the Canonist world, they will be subject to capital punishment. Magic (synonyms: sorcery, wizardry, spell, charm) - The practice of wielding unnatural energies. Magus (plural, Magi) (synonyms: magician, sorcerer, conjurer, wizard) - A practitioner of magic, usually of the Arcane branch. Arcane - A magic branch wherein Voidal energies are being manipulated. Elemental Magic - A sub-branch of the arcane, consisting of the elements which GOD created. Deity Magic (types: shamanism, druidism, clericism, ascended) - A magic branch wherein magical abilities are granted by an exterior force, usually Aengudaemonic. Dark Magic (synonyms: witchcraft, demonology, necromancy) - A magic branch consisting of unholy and corrupted magics, usually wielded by a dark magus. Dark Magus (plural, Dark Magi) (synonyms: necromancer, black magus, witch, warlock) - A wielder of Dark Magics. 1.2. License Issuance The Magistrate of Hermetics determines which groups and individuals may be issued a Hermetic License. This will be officially authorised by the Dean of Hermetics’s Office, and any affected individuals will be permitted to practice the Elemental magics until further notice or revocation. 1.3. License Revocation A Hermetic permit will become invalid should a Magi break a listed Section V, 5.1., 5.2. And 5.3. regulation, with a right for renewal, see Section VI, 6.3. unless explicitly stated otherwise by the Magistrate of Hermetics. The Magistrate of Hermetics may terminate a license of any kind at any given time as it sees fit, with a right for an appeal unless said so otherwise. A licensed Magi’s permit will be revoked should they: Practice their magic in a public place with no valid reason. Fail to identify themselves to any governmental body (e.g. guardforce) should they be asked to. Fails to follow Section V, A 5.1., A 5.2. And A 5.3. Regulations. Fails to follow Section II, 2.2. Additional Regulations. Charged for any crime against the Church and the Church teachings. Charged for any crime against the Canonist realm they are in. Convert from Cannonism to any other religion. Become an ordained member of clergy. SECTION II: LICENSE USAGE 2.1. Standard Regulations All Hermetic permit holders are subject to Section V, A 5.1., A 5.2. And A 5.3. Regulations, Church Dogma and all local law of each recognized Canonist realm. 2.2. Additional Regulations All Hermetic permit holders are subject to the following additional regulations and privileges: A licensed Magi may practice their art at their own private property as long as their practice does not pose any danger to other individuals/surroundings. A licensed Magi may wield their art(s) for the purposes of studying, hunting, sport, combat and career. A licensed Magi may renew their license, see Section VI 6.3. should their current license be revoked, unless stated otherwise by the Magistrate of Hermetics. A licensed Magi’s permit may be taken away temporarily by any official body subject to a Canonist realm (e.g. A local guard force officer may take a Magi’s permit temporarily if they attend a public mass). Any successful development of current magic(s) must be informed of to the Magistrate of Hermetics. An organized group which teaches and or practices Magic must contact the Magistrate of Hermetics for approval as well as provide room for the Magistrate's office within said group establishment. Failure to comply with any both regulations addressed in Section II, 2.1. And 2.2. Will result in the revocation of a Magi’s license. SECTION III: MAGICS ROSTER 3.1. List of Legal Magics The following is a list of magics which may be applied for in a license permit: ELEMENTAL Hydromancy Pyromancy Aeromancy Geomancy Electromancy 3.2. List of Illegal Magics The following is a list of magics that must be forgo and may not be practiced within the Canonist world: VOIDAL Transfiguration Arcanism Telekinesis Voidal Translocation Voidal Shifting Conjuration Sensory Illusion Mental Magic Cognitism 2. DEITY Shamanism Muun'Trivazja Clericism Druidism Monk Magic 3. BLACK MAGIC Blood Magic Shade Necromancy Soul Puppetry Frost Witch Any newly discovered magic or any magic that hasn’t been listed in the roster should be informed of to the Magistrate of Hermetics for a reward. DO NOTE THAT INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE SERVED THE CHURCH AND ITS SUBJECTS FAITHFULLY BEFOREHAND MAY RESERVE A RIGHT TO KEEP THEIR ALREADY KNOWN MAGIC(S). SECTION IV: LICENSING PROCESS 4.1. APPLICATION PROCESS Prior to applying for a Hermetic permit, one must read all the appropriate documentation, this includes Section II, 2.1. And 2.2. As well as Section V, A 5.1., A 5.2. And A 5.3. Regulations The process of issuing a license consists of three stages: An applicant must fill and submit an application and ensure all lines are properly filled, according to the designated format, and send it to the Hermetic’s Office at the Adamantine Cathedral ((Reply on Forums)). Within a range of 1 to 7 Saint’s days, a response should be returned to the applicant. Should the application be accepted, please schedule a fitting time for an interview. After the interview, the Dean of the Hermetics will determine whether or not an applicant’s permit has been fully approved or not. An applicant may renew or re-appeal their license, see Section VI 6.3., unless stated otherwise by the Magistrate of Hermetics. SECTION V: LICENSING REGULATIONS A 5.1. HERMETIC LICENSE PROHIBITION CRITERIA A Hermetic License may NEVER be granted to a person who fits within the following criterias: A person convicted of any crime against the Church and the Church teachings. A person convicted of a felony offence. A person that lacks a place of residence. A person currently wanted by an official body within the Canonist world. A person addicted to any impairing substance. A person with a mental disorder. A person placed in a conservatorship. A person whose blood is mixed. A descendant of Krug. A Kharajyr. A 5.2. HERMETIC LICENSE USAGE REGULATIONS A licensed Magi: Is only permitted to wield their magic(s) within the boundaries of either the purposes stated in their application or in self defence. May not use other magic(s) unregistered in combination of their own, and must forgo them. Must immediately identify themselves as licensed Magi when encountered by a guard or any other government official. Must carry a copy of their Hermetic permit at all times. Must inform the Magistrate of Hermetics should their permit be stolen, lost or destroyed. May practice up to 2 types of Elemental magic(s) at a time. Should the licensed Magi wish to change their currently registered magic(s), they must update the Magistrate of Hermetics and forgo their previous magic(s). Must always wear appropriate clothing, so that they may not be mistaken for a rogue Magi during an emergency. Should a licensed Magi be put to immediate danger, they must first declare they possess a Hermetic permit to their allies or an official governmental body before taking any action against their foe. A 5.3. HERMETIC LICENSE USAGE PROHIBITIONS A licensed Magi must not: Use their Magic during an emergency that does not relate to them, unless told to by a guard force or any other government official. Wield their magic(s) in a public space where they may endanger the public. Use their magic(s) for purposes other than those stated in their application. Practice unregistered or illegal magic(s) listed in Section III, 3.2. Be under the influence of any substance while wielding their magic. SECTION VI: APPLICATION FORM 6.1. HERMETIC LICENSE GUIDELINES All applications are reviewed thoroughly, so add as much detail as needed in the correct questions. All questions must be answered. Applicants will be banned if the information provided is false. Altering, removing or adding questions will result in a ban. Answer to questions which are not applicable to you with a “N/A”. Check checkboxes “[ ]” with an “[X]”. 6.2. HERMETIC LICENSE FORMAT This application only applies to individuals. Individual Applications must refer to Section II, 2.1. And 2.2. Regulations as well as Section V, A 5.1., A 5.2. And A 5.3. Regulations. An individual Hermetic License may be granted to a person who: Is a Canonist. Is above the age of 21. Is a resident of a Canonist Realm. Has a stable source of income. Donates a minimal sum of 100 Minae to charity. 6.3. RE-APPLY PROCESS A right to re-apply is reserved to all applicants, unless specified otherwise by the Magistrate of Hermetics. All applicants who have been denied and wish to appeal their denial, must personally direct a letter to the Dean of the Hermetics and discuss the matter privately. An applicant has a maximum amount of 2 attempts of re-applying, before being banned from Hermetic Licensing in the Canonist World. APPLICATION https://goo.gl/forms/mstnyiJea3H2V8g73 ☩ MYSTERIUM FIDEI ☩
  3. The Second Convention of the Global Assembly [Report]

    A young raevir scratches his head, not knowing more than half the nations in Atlas
  4. Your View: Undead

    Sentient ghouls break the entire theme of undeath and have no consequence to death. Make them the brainless zombies they are supposed to be.
  5. The Massacre of the Fallen Sage

    "Why would you let them fight inside the city?" A dark elf shakes his head.
  6. Arcane Displacement Rewrite

    Yeah, I'll honestly suggest a randomizer with a bunch of pre-created realms with room for more additions, so it actually is random. For example, if you really wanted to travel to plane X, suggest it to the LT-managed plane list and they'll just use an internet randomizer with all the planes included, and you have a legit chance to reach it. I'm just worried about people getting too powerful with LT friends.
  7. Arcane Displacement Rewrite

    I feel like Shunts are a new way to be just farming MARTs, considering its up for the player. Maybe have some system set in place that could regulate the planes traveled to.
  8. [ST][Sensory Illusion] OtakuPan

    I agree to oversee it.
  9. Anyone has a map file of Axios?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      He asked for a map download of Axios, not a guide on how to create an Atlas map, I think 

    3. Space


      oh i barely looked nvm

    4. NotEvilAtAll
  10. Are there any spellsword chars?

  11. Any spellsword seeking apprentice?

  12. lotc's sunk cost fallacy

    holy **** man thats harsh
  13. [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    I thought you actually meant weaknesses that affect RP. Why make SHITTY RP'ERS gravens in the first place if you can destroy them later? This makes no sense.
  14. [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    How would more weaknesses control SHITTY RP'ERS? And forgetting a golden line is one thing. You should be extra careful when entering a city and should be a thing every spook considers when going out RPing in a city. They're not there so you can forget them, they're there to prevent you from entering.