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  1. Trenchist


    "Sounds like they're doing the opposite of crime " says a human zealot.
  2. Trenchist

    [Community Review] Server Rules Rewrite

    nice photo L0L
  3. Trenchist

    Arcane Incantations

    הומו לול
  4. A buffalo hunter called Bob Buffalo admires the male elf's enormous muscles and athletic posture
  5. Trenchist

    Project Danehammer.

    No point in actual defences anymore because u will fight on the road gg!!
  6. Trenchist

    [Denied][W] MyLittleUnicorn's Game Moderator Application

    -1, pretty incompetent and unprofessional from what I've seen, I expect lack of knowing how to handle modreqs and generally lack of experience and chilly attitude.
  7. Trenchist

    [✗] Arcane Displacement Rewrite

    Yeah, I'll honestly suggest a randomizer with a bunch of pre-created realms with room for more additions, so it actually is random. For example, if you really wanted to travel to plane X, suggest it to the LT-managed plane list and they'll just use an internet randomizer with all the planes included, and you have a legit chance to reach it. I'm just worried about people getting too powerful with LT friends.
  8. Trenchist

    [✗] Arcane Displacement Rewrite

    I feel like Shunts are a new way to be just farming MARTs, considering its up for the player. Maybe have some system set in place that could regulate the planes traveled to.
  9. Trenchist

    [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    I thought you actually meant weaknesses that affect RP. Why make SHITTY RP'ERS gravens in the first place if you can destroy them later? This makes no sense.
  10. Trenchist

    [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    How would more weaknesses control SHITTY RP'ERS? And forgetting a golden line is one thing. You should be extra careful when entering a city and should be a thing every spook considers when going out RPing in a city. They're not there so you can forget them, they're there to prevent you from entering.
  11. Trenchist

    [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    This system could easily be outdone. This rewrite does not promote any better experience for anyone other than the creator or the graven, and comes at the expense of other players. If you want to play an undead mage, do whats necessary to accomplish it, because its hard to be one for a reason; so inadequate people won't abuse it, which is exactly what you're trying to bypass.
  12. Trenchist

    [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    "Go kill 10 elves every day." >fail >fail >fail >succeed this is a tool for power and nothing more
  13. Trenchist

    [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    thats the point...
  14. Trenchist

    [✗] [WIP] Graven Re-Write.

    Strive to be a lich instead of making lore that empowers you -1
  15. Trenchist

    [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    Death should have consequence, +1