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  1. MCname: Trenchist Rp name: Atlas Character Age: 36 Character Race: Dark Elf Reason for applying?: To study and train mosnter hunting for future career and improvement of skill. Prior Training: Arcanism Have you killed anything/anyone before? If so list who/what, and the reason for doing so: I've only hunted a single cockatrice in my life in a bounty.
  2. Asher or Rodrik

    1. Gob


      Asher, he spent so much time getting back, it'd be a damn shame to see his story end there.

  3. agreed
  4. when minecraft.net has more interesting lore than lotc's https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/ultimate-fantasy-fight

  5. anyone's char teaches about axios history?

  6. Is there a LM that knows Axios world lore well?

    1. 吳憾戰士14


      I wrote most of it. If you have questions pm me on Skype, it's leowarrior14 

  7. cant find an adventure ):

  8. mazal tov and why do u play minecraft in ur birthday.....
  9. can we have daedric realms please

    1. Freischarler


      dungeon realms?

  10. buddhism when

  11. when you expect its 'ALL of my ET are doing events' but its et lol
  12. you're*............
  13. why are u a kang lover
  14. officialy 1 year old char :))

  15. Does any ET want to help me with a story line I have in mind?

    1. Malgonious


      Shoot me a pm!