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  1. oren hazan pride world wide

  2. nationalist israel best israel?

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    2. MysticalStranger


      What did they mean by this...


    3. Ended


      Bush and Blair did a terrible job

    4. Ruthern


      remove israel

  3. anyone a char creation pro?

  4. its 42
  5. Edit, full skin or head? - Edit Race - Dark Elf Age - 21 Gender - Male Other details you want me to add - A left silver-grey golem hand with purple-glowing random runes, on this skin: http://imgur.com/a/MY667 Steve or Alex skin base? - Steve
  6. who's the most interesting character on axios?

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    2. Leric (Td)

      Leric (Td)

      sorry but its me @Leric (Td)

    3. UnBaed


      Kinda interested in why everyone wants to kill this Nemir girl.... @UnBaed 👀

    4. GrimReaper98
  7. 9 may be happy urah

  8. makes me special? ooooo
  9. what stone layer has the most ores in it?

  10. GDR music best music

  11. The Zionist shivers.
  12. athera :((((
  13. canada is near narnia right?