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  1. Jayce Lancefeld lofts a brow at the weird unwarranted forum flex
  2. making a spell list into enforced lore ruins the entire aspect of creativity in magic just make a rp book and teach ppl epic spells u made up
  3. >consider putting a brake on things

    >consider building an army and walls

    1. MadOne


      Please do. 

  4. whats the point of having these looc cooldowns

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    2. Kaelan


      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc again

    3. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      They were added because people were spamming, apparently. Rather than ban people who do bad things we need to make it literally impossible for rules to be broken by massively restricting the playerbase as a whole.

    4. SquakHawk


      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc
      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc
      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc
      You must wait 0 seconds to speak in #looc

      [20:45] [L-OOC] [ST Writer] SquakHawk: yeah

      honestly i think it was for some stupid days-gone thing about people whining during raids and it scared the mod so they inhibited it? thats what i vaguely remember but days-gone. its really absurdly annoying.

  5. how much % did the server activity drop since nexus removed

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    2. Fireheart


      It’s done the opposite of dropping. However, I do not believe that is directly due to Nexus being gone, but partly a better and new map / summer time.

    3. shoahinsnowyfields


      Server peaks are much higher now than Nexus. We’ve been getting peaks of well over 200 for months now. For years peak was just the high 100s, and during Athera(which had Nexus) the peak was 90 at times, which is less than the current AVERAGE playercount. 

    4. Gizzol


      ask again when august comes around and the new map feeling dies away and people have to go back to school


  6. Sergeant Jayce grows eager to send the underking 6 feet underground!
  7. "You drown in your own swamp of stagnation and inactivity, and with the winds of change you whine and draw blades. You were shown the mercy of the Duke, yet decided to resign and abandon your city, whose people you were still to represent, were you really a believer of the failed Republican system. "Your claims are invalid and baseless, and you cry for more conflict and power. Lay down your sword and quill and perhaps the Duke will reward you, as he did before." says a disgruntled Sergeant, returning to his paperwork.
  8. 24 community staff members but noobs still dont know how the game works. sad!

  9. hmmm no monk is blessed not dead y powergame ?
  10. Black power🏴👊

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      we need ads for cocaine too

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Mexican Power🌯👊

    4. Johnny_Fat


      good goy

  11. like how arcas doesn't have any interesting terrain

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    2. Kanadensare


      the terrain next to druids/orcs is p cool, especially the area between orcs and what used to be alderyn w/ all the jagged rocks n trenches n ****


      that’s like 1 of the few examples tho tbf

    3. Trenchist


      the 1 and only interesting terrain not even being used 

    4. Unwillingly


      i’d take arcas over atlas though

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