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    1. Kanadensare


      imagine killing a bunch of unstatused noobs with 2 13+ speed horses and some cannon fodder, shield spamming all throughout, and then trying to flex about it on the forums lol........


      did u only post this cuz its the first even numbered fight you’ve ever taken or???

    2. Harrison


      omg minecraft beef

      im better than u at pvp u roleplayer hah!!

    3. ferdaboys69



  1. Interesting how after the new CB rules were implemented not a single war has occurred – almost like Staff is preventing them!

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      except for the war between the Dwarves and the Empire of Man that lasted for like 2 days.

    3. Haseroth


      3 hours ago, NotEvilAtAll said:

      except for the war between the Dwarves and the Empire of Man that lasted for like 2 days.

      yes, and nothing happened. no battles. no skirms, nothing. it was about as much of a war as the current llyria vs fenn stuff is. which is to say forum posts and nothing more. Also its called oren now, Empire of man has stopped being a thing at the start of the two emperors wars.

    4. Bisscy


      2 hours ago, Haseroth said:

      yes, and nothing happened. no battles. no skirms, nothing. it was about as much of a war as the current llyria vs fenn stuff is. which is to say forum posts and nothing more. Also its called oren now, Empire of man has stopped being a thing at the start of the two emperors wars.


      There was a few skirms and the dwarves kept attacking and killin those on the road...

  2. The irony of the CDs is that if 6 Llyrians piled on 3 bandits they’d have CRP default since it wouldn’t be 10 people. I would find it difficult for 3 bandits to withstand 6 mages spamming, but let the staff do staff.

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    2. Toodles78


      One guy was like “I swing my sword at three Llyrians at once” and another emoted throwing rocks at people which is apparently involving them in combat and the GM decides that was good enough for pvp default 

    3. Burnsider


      The whole thing was a mess with each side acting just incredibly shitty. 

    4. drfate786


      ..If you knew how to CRP you’d absolutely destroy those six mages if they were all mages as you claim and you took advantage of the physical weakness they all have to close the distance and injure them all. Clearly, some of them would of been able to hold you off and allow the mages to cast and since you would of lost the fight from a numbers and power advantage you resort to PVP and when you can’t resort to the only method you know you whine that it’s “not fair” that you don’t get to win each and every single fight. Seems like LoTC, whine about rules when you don’t win every fight while not reporting metagaming. As for emote spamming, if they’re spamming emotes and not letting you react to said emotes then that constitutes power gaming and should be a blacklistable/bannable offense.

  3. The one time the Snelves actively participate in global politics offensively on their own accord the staff shoots them in the torso with cb rules lmao

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Snelves are cringe idk why the Helves like them all of a sudden.

    3. Haseroth


      2 hours ago, NotEvilAtAll said:

      Snelves are cringe idk why the Helves like them all of a sudden.

      idk if ur in any position to call any one playerbase “cringe”

      Edited by Haseroth
    4. MadOne


      Ion know about snelves fam they ain't the ones having open cow farms lmao

  4. Fix /r you troglodytes

  5. THE BATON INITIATIVE Issued and confirmed by his Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin. 10th of Sigismund’s End, 1726. A STATEMENT FROM THE PROTECTOR GENERAL OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF KAEDRIN: For centuries many militaries have provided their soldiers with the most basic of equipment due to a low budget or incompetent conservators. Often times, levies are simply provided a uniform, a set of armor and some form of deadly weapon so that they might be combat ready at a moment’s notice. However, it has come to the attention of the Army of Kaedrin that, ultimately, should a fighting force be delegated to the role of peacekeepers in addition to combat ready fighters, that the basic equipment provided to the levies of humanity will not suffice. It is for this reason that the Army of Kaedrin shall be the first to publicize its newly acquired, standard-issue equipment to both reassure the common people and inspire other militaries to adapt to a modern setting. The Kaedreni Service Polearm: Varying dependent on the troop’s personal preference, it is expected that each soldier in the Army of Kaedrin be equipped with some sort of medium-ranged polearm. These weapons include Halberds, Pole-hammers, Pole-axes, Spears, Hastae, etc. Assigned to Primus and lower. Weight: Varies The Kaedreni Service Arming Sword: A short ranged steel blade with the intent as acting as a secondary weapon should opponents get within the range of the service polearm. Weight: 2.5 lbs. The Kaedreni Service Baton: A 28 inch ash Baton coated with a burgundy hue, the Service Baton serves to provide a non-lethal alternative when neutralizing belligerents. Weight 1.8 Lbs. The Kaedreni Service Mask: A cloth face masks designed to aid troops in when passing through smoke, toxically odorous areas and/or poisonous attacks. Weight: N/A. The Kaedreni Service Mattock: A standard issue steel tool with a stout head and either a spike for mining or an axe-head for chopping, utilized to construct trenches and clear terrain swiftly and efficiently. Weight 4.4lbs. The Kaedreni Service Scutum: A square shield with mild curve used to be used for testudo or phalanx infantry formations when engaged in march towards the enemy. Assigned to Ensign and higher. Weight: 22 lbs. The Kaedreni Service Rucksack: A study leather sack designed to efficiently aid in the transportation of standard issued equipment whilst on patrol or active duty. Weight: N/A. The Kaedreni Service Crossbow: A light lever operated crossbow reloaded by the pulling of the crossbow’s string back into its firing mechanism. Weight: 10 lbs. Total Weight: 40.7 lbs. (No Polearm) IN NOMINE DEI, His Excellence, The Honorable Richard de Reden “The Red”, Governor General and Protector General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Count of Kreden, Baron of Caer Bann, Moranguard of the Caernguard, Arch-Lector of Owyn’s Creed, Imperial Knight of the Imperial Order of St. Edmond, Dragonslayer.
  6. should I start sh*tposting on this acc again

    1. ScubaSteveee


      yes shitpost until you have more posts than rep 

    2. Youngie5500
  7. THE SKIRMISH OF THE BURNING HILLS Issued and confirmed by his Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin. 18th of Horen’s Calling, 1727. Nightfall, and yet nothing was silent. The twilight of the darkness which was to plaster a silvery lilac hue over the world was disrupted by the brazen flame of combat. To the men in those hills, slumber could only be acquired through victory or, eternally, through defeat. To the men of Kaedrin, this night was a night like many others. For days they had been engaged in a war of attrition with the vile pests who decided to infest their home. ‘Ratmen’ as they would be known to outsiders, or ‘Henry’s Kin’ to the warriors clad in White and Crimson had infested Ves before and were routed, hopefully never to be seen again. Yet, it twas Commodus’ honey farm, pillaged and scorned by putrid teeth and nefarious plots that enabled the men of Kaedrin to know that the job was incomplete. To the North-East, the Ratmen had constructed a fortification which probed the icy waters. They had confiscated a boat, armed with a steam-weapon of sorts - powerful enough to blow a man’s head clean off with a proper blast. It was the duty of the Kaedrenis to evict these creatures from the dust, and so the battle raged. As quickly as Ballistae were erected, they were scorched by the hordes of rodents. Attacking from all sides, and using their vast tunnel systems, they managed to outflank Kaedrin’s heros and put them on the defensive. Moltovs were flung back and forth, both sides facing the wrath of flame. Yet, still, Kaedrin held firm, maintaining their trench positions despite the wounds taken in rear flanks. Volleys of bolts flung from either side, many Kaedreni auxiliary being hit, but even more rats. The wounded cried in pain, and were hauled to the medical tents which too faced fire. It was a miracle that the medicae were not harmed in the chaos. Perhaps it was a blessing from the exalted Owyn himself from the Seven Skies. By dawn, regiments worth of carcasses littered the hillsides. Some were gored, some were scorched, and some were munched upon during the battle. Yet, as if by divine providence, the sun rose. The lines of Kaedrin held firm and now that the battlefield had become illuminated from the dark, the rodents retreated back into their caves where they could plot their next scheme. Kaedrin had won this day, and this bout of King of the Hill, but there would still be more strife to come. WISH TO JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE RATS? WISH TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK? WISH TO FIND A PURPOSE? JOIN THE ARMY OF KAEDRIN IN CONQUEST OF RATSTANBUL TODAY, AND BECOME THE KAEDRENI MARINE OF TOMORROW. IN NOMINE DEI, His Excellence, The Honorable Richard de Reden “The Red”, Governor General and Protector General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Count of Kreden, Baron of Caer Bann, Arch-Lector of Owyn’s Creed, Moranguard of the Caernguard, Knight of the Imperium Nonus.
  8. THE RHOSWENII FESTIVAL AND BALL Issued and Confirmed by his Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin, 9th of Horen’s Calling, 1726. BELOVED KAEDRENI AND FELLOW IMPERIALS, His Majesty, King Adrian I of House Helvets, King of Kaedrin and the Rhoswenii, has deemed it fit to celebrate the reunification of the Rhoswenii houses and the re-establishment of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin. Thus, in order to celebrate, as planned by the Governor General, all beings of sentient and pious description are invited to attend the Rhoswenii ball. The Rhoswenii ball, albeit initially appearing to contradict the martial lifestyle of Kaedrin, is intended to celebrate and educate those who are uninformed about Kaedreni culture through activities, celebration and jubilance. After all, the Rhoswenii are no strangers to festivities for it was the late Saint Peter who honored such celebrations in the form of the historic Imperial House Party. From Noon until Dusk (3PM EST - 5 EST) there shall be a festival located within the heart of Ves where numerous activities and contests will be held. From Dusk until Dawn (5 EST - 7 EST) the official Rhoswenii ball shall take place within the Assembly Hall at the back of the city, where merriment, drinks and drama shall plentiful. It is encouraged for attendees to bring a date, though, it should be noted that immoral practices such as miscegenation and homosexuality will not be tolerated on the premises. THE ACTIVITIES The Dress of Roses The Kingdom of Kaedrin has deemed it fit to award maidens from about the Empire should they sew a dress honoring the Rhoswhenii tradition through the use of rose floral patterns or concepts. The winner shall be awarded 1,000 Minae for the best dress and, should the winner wish, an additional amount shall be offered to purchase said dress for the Queen of Kaedrin. Public Entertainment and Contests A plethora of entertainers shall be present at the festivities as a means to entertain the crowd and to provide interactivity with it. Jesters who’ve mastered the art of sword-swallowing, fire-breathing and juggling shall put on shows. Additionally, gladiatorial events in the city’s pit shall be present between men and exotic beasts. There shall be a general melee in the center of the Ves in which the winner of the combat tournament will receive the title of ‘Champion of Kaedrin’ and 500 Minae. A contest shall be held publicly upon the stage of the Jolly Boar in which Bards will compete with their finest poems in the form of Southeron ‘Rapping’. The object is to insult one another for the crowd’s enjoyment, the winner being awarded a life-time supply of drinks at the Jolly Boar Inn. At the center of the city shall be a blade wedged in stone. Deemed the authentic blade of BLESSED Jack Rovin, whoever pulls the blade from its stone shall be awarded the blade in addition to an authentic Lucienist signet ring. It should be noted that each pull attempt will cost 25 minae. Throughout the day, the Barb and the Bee shall be competing for the most customers. A moderator verify the purchase ledgers of both taverns and the winner will be afforded the right to egg the other’s property and declare themselves Lord or Lady of Taverns. Lastly, there shall be a contest to determine who the Lord and Lady of Roses shall be for the ball. Attendees will be able to purchase ballots for 10 minae and vote for their respective candidate. Each winner shall receive 75% of their respective pots and be afforded a crown of Roses and be awarded a life-time access to drinks within Ves. RAFFLES Numerous finance involved games shall be offered throughout the day, including the traditional 50/50 game as well as a general raffle. The Raffle shall award 1,000 Minae with a 50 minae per ticket entrance fee into the raffle. Should a profit be made from ticket sales, the excess minae gained shall be awarded to the winner. Likewise, a second raffle of donations shall be held where the amount of Minae one wins is purely determined by the pot. Each ticket shall cost 20 Minae and the Winner shall receive half the total pot with the Kaedrin Government seizing the other proceeds to allocate towards other festivities. COMMERCE A plethora of temporary stalls shall be opened about the city’s center in which merchants from about Arcas may purchase to sell their exotic goods for the day’s festivities IN NOMINE DEI, His Majesty, Adrian I of House Helvets, King of Kaedrin, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Cathalon, Lord of the Rhoswenii, and Captain & Defender of Liberty [OOC INFO: AUGUST 2ND. FESTIVAL IS FROM 3 – 5 EST, BALL IS FROM 5-7 EST]
  9. THE ARMY OF KAEDRIN Issued and confirmed by His Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin, 9th of Horen’s Calling, 1726. “Aim towards the Enemy.” — Instruction printed on Kaedreni Ballistae. TENETS Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must display complete and total loyalty to their superior officers. Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must never take the life of a fellow soldier. Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must never draw blades against a fellow soldier. Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must never steal from another soldier. Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must wholeheartedly believe in the one true GOD, his creation of Horen and the world. Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must never use GOD’s name in vain nor speak of GOD will malicious intent. Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must attend Church once every Saint’s Week and be baptised in the Canonist Faith. Soldiers within the Army of Kaedrin must never act in a corrupt capacity nor harm the citizenry without probable cause and/or exigent circumstances. RANKING STRUCTURE SENIOR COMMAND General The General of the Kaedreni Army is the supreme head of the Kaedreni armed forces. The General’s authority is unquestionable and should be respected at all times. The General’s duty is to ensure that the best interests of Kaedrin are defended and maintained at all times, forfeiting their pride for the well-being of the Crown and its population. The General is appointed by the King of Kaedrin and is only second to King and the Governor-General. Commander The Commander acts as the right-hand to the Marshall, acting as their personal secretary, advisor, and fill in should the Marshal be absent. The Commander is not necessarily expected to be responsible for men, but to ensure that protocol, diplomacy and stability is maintained at all times. The Commander is the head of the Officer Corps and, in battle, the Commander may choose either to maintain martial command or to appoint a Confanonier as the impromptu shot-caller. Confanonier (Captain) The Confanonier is in charge of all enlisted in their respective division and is expected to ensure that rations, equipment and footlockers are provided to the troops. The Canfononier adopts a de facto commander position while engaged in combat and thus should be listened to unless the Commander or Marshal is present. The wellbeing of the division is the responsibility of the Caonfanonier and should a division fall behind into laxity or incompetency the Canfononier shall be held responsible. LOW COMMAND Decurion The Decurion is a seasoned officer who is responsible for their respective division, be it the Army or the Caerngard. Generally acting as the focal point for on-the-ground orders, Decurions are expected to lead the men and repeat the commands of superior officers in battle for clarity and efficiency. Ensign The Ensign is a model soldier who was selected for Officer Corp grooming. Ensigns are expected to receive commands directly from their respective Decurion and undertake them without issue. As part of their training, Ensigns will be given specialized tasks to gauge whether they can adopt a more general command role. Ensigns are forbidden to adopt an elitist attitude to the enlisted. ENLISTED Primus The Primus is the elite of the Enlisted. Selected from Man-At-Arms, those who hold the rank of Primus have displayed natural leadership capabilities and devotion to Kaedrin in both Peace and War. Once promoted to Primus, the individual will have the ability to pursue the rank of Ensign for the Army or pursue a transfer into the more specialized Caerngard. Man-At-Arms The Man-at-Arms is the role-model of the Enlisted. Being the standard rank of Enlisted, the Man-At-Arms is expected to fulfill their duty faithfully in all circumstances, obeying commands and acting rational. The Man-At-Arms is expected to obey every command without hesitation, with critique being provided only in a private setting. Footman The Footman makes up the bulk of the Army of Kaedrin. Often times relatively new recruits in need of proper conditioning, Footmen are promoted from unoathed following the completion of their first annual tour of service and are selected for more specialized squadron roles. The Footman is expected to obey every command without hesitation, with critique being provided only in a private setting. Unoathed The Unoathed is an initiate in the Army of Kaedrin who has volunteered themselves/been drafted into service for the wellbeing of Kaedrin. Unoathed undertake a trial tour of service of One Saint’s Week, or one Annum, to determine whether they are reliable enough to continue with training. Unoathed, due to their trial period, do not represent the Army and, should they go awol during their period, the Army shall not be held accountable. The Unoathed is expected to obey every command without hesitation. BILLETS Disciplinarian Chef Courier Drillmaster Medicae Quartermaster MEDALS AND HONORIFICS MEDALS RED CROSS The Red Cross is awarded to any member of the Army who has been wounded or killed in any action in the service of Kaedrin. SERVICE MEDAL Awarded for prolonged service in the Army of Kaedrin (2 Annum). SILVER CROSS Awarded to a Soldier who performs to their highest ability consistently. COMBAT MERIT CROSS Awarded for meritorious actions in combat or times of war. THE WHITE ROSE CROSS The Highest Honors awarded to a soldier in the Army of Kaedrin. This medal is awarded for distinguished members who have shown the highest form of gallantry, bravery, and exceptional acts. HONORIFICS Caedwyn Master of the Horse Master of the Hunt Cupbearer Lictor Court Jester Champion LITANIES LIBATION TO THE CREATOR The Creator is our guiding light, A beacon of hope for humanity in a plane of darkness. As we serve Him, He is our greatest servant. As we pray to Him, His thoughts are only for us. And in the dark when shadows threaten, The Creator is with us, In spirit and in fact. PRAYER IN THE TIME OF THE TIMULTS Creator of man, overseer of all things right, Whose powers none can resist, Save and deliver us, we beseech, From the hands of our enemies, By granting us dominion over them, Show us the path to victory, That we might produce it in Your undying name. LITANY OF WAR Exalted Owyn, bestow on me Your righteous fury and Your furious strength. Let me become the storm that strikes the enemy from Your sight. LITANY OF STRENGTH I am a man, Prone to weakness, But I am a Soldier, Where weakness is death, I will crush my weakness, With the weight of my pride. LITANY TO DUTY Give me the strength to carry my duty through, and smite those who seek the thwart me. LITANY OF ARBALEST LOADING Exalted Owyn, accept my gift, Swallow the light, and spit out death. LITANY OF FIRING Exalted Owyn, guide this bolt into the hearts of Your foes. OATH TO VENGEANCE I will destroy all who seek to destroy me. FEAR INCANTATION Fear is naught, for my faith is strong. INCANTATION OF BATTLE Smite the foe! Smash the enemy! For the Commonwealth we bring death! IN NOMINE DEI, His Majesty, Adrian I of House Helvets, King of Kaedrin, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Cathalon, Lord of the Rhoswenii, and Captain & Defender of Liberty
  10. Is it possible to make it so when people do /date on Human Personas the Canonist Calendar shows up?

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    2. Zhulik


      It’s the Elven Occupied Staff Conspiracy, we need our Saint Calendars NOW

    3. Padre_Tales



    4. Hiebe


      Keep a commom calendar for simplicity sake.

  11. California’s gonna crumble

  12. Salt raises blood-pressure; should take some Amlodipine to reduce it, Bandit-Gamers

    1. Ford


      High sodium consumption can be counteracted with potassium and water consumption. Glass of filtered water, and 2 bananas can go a long way to lowering your blood pressure.

    2. KeatonUnbeaten
    3. Padre_Tales
  13. i shuppose harrenhal is off the table then

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