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  1. [!] A letter is returned to the applicants, instructing them to report to the palace of Ard'Arrav for orientation.
  2. Brother "BOB" Rovin folds his arms beneath his Lucienist cloak, overhearing some of the replies. "If only pebble-brained Malin-kin read ze full document. Aiye, It clearly states zat if zey vant peace zey must admonish zeir goal for an Empire and to spread ze aspects. Tsk. I zought ze elfen-kin vere learned. Instead, some seem to vant a brawl."
  3. Get me unbanned pls.

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      Bad Guy Shady

      I'll get you unbanned pius.

  4. @Malocchio
    Hey uh can I get a coke and pepsi and I know we're gonna get an apetizer

    I would like some munchie mania with some onion rings, cheeseburger sliders and buffalo chicken tenders and a side of ranch please

    ...I think I'm ready to order too. I would like a big beef half pound + sriracha burger (medium if you could) with fries and a side of ranch

    Also for desert can I also get a Jim Dandy

    Don't eat the food before it gets to my table please, also I would appreciate it if you didn't smoke near it

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      i mean if ur gonna tip fat that's cool


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      s-sorry ms. malocchio. ..

  5. [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] calabreeni

    joey is the only one who makes me feel alive
  6. The Temple Report, 1644

    THE FOLLOWING IS A REPORT ISSUED BY BROTHER ROBERT, 1644 To all humble men of GOD those who descend from Horen, I implore you to read upon this report with both curiosity and a critical mind. The Order of Saint Lucien, as entrusted with the sacred vow of defending the faith, ventured out immediately following the address issued by the Dominion Prince, Prince Khaine Csarathaire, in search of a potential ancient Horenic temple. As such, the Order of Saint Lucien took special care to document the findings of those dispatched and mark the location of the location of the temple for those who wish to venture there for themselves. Furthermore, careful sketches were drafted to document what was seen, albeit color is removed due to the charcoal utilized. Sketches One and Two: The Interior of the Ruined Temple From within the temple, pews can be seen, alongside arches scaling either side. Upon the floor and walls lie the colors of House Horen, albeit faint. The floor appears to be overgrown. The conclusion reached by the Order is that this ruined structure was once, indeed, a church of some sort, most likely devoted to the faith pre-Canonism. Sketch Three: The Ruined Ceiling From within the temple, if one were to look up, they could notice elaborate arches. Steep in nature, this appears to be architecture consistent with that seen in previous continents, such as Anthos or Asulon, an ancient construction technique indeed. The conclusion reached by the Order is that these series of arches once supported the roof of the temple, as per usual, but are in fact older as they utilize construction techniques of past continents. Sketches Four and Five: The Exterior of the Ruined Temple From outside the temple, it becomes clear that there were once multiple structures on the premises. There are many arches, which could either imply multiple roofs or decoration. Likewise, there is a separate building branching off from the main temple which leads the Order to believe that it either acted as the residency of the clergy, a local lord, or acted as a storage facility. A pond is present just before the entrance into what the Order believes to be the church, alongside a platform of sorts. If one were to take careful note of the bottom sketch, one may note that there is a stone lip surrounding the frame of the temple alongside a hole where glass fragments and a mighty window might have once rested. The conclusion reached by the Order is that this site was once a spiritual compound for those of the Horenic tribe as the colors Purple and Black remain quite prevalent. Sketch 6: The Oddity Perhaps the most puzzling find in the entire complex remained what appeared to be a pile of ash in the center of the platform within the pond. Leading up to the pile was a black substance, alongside skulls. Within the pile, the contents were purely gray and black, leading the Order to believe it was indeed Ash. Multiple theories were proposed, such as the site being taken over by cultist organization for the purpose of sacrificing. Another suggested that it was the ilk of the Harrenites or Norlanders for their belief in fire. The most plausible theory, in my mind, arose from the Grand-Master himself where he suggested that this pile was in fact the remnants of a funeral pyre. The Grand-Master, having been an officially adopted member of the Horen family, knows of a tradition in which the corpses of Horens are burned traditionally. Thus, the conclusion reached by the Order was that this pile of ash was once the the ritual site for a Horen pyre, serving as the entry way into the seven skies for those of old. Once more, I implore all to analyze the findings of the Order of Saint Lucien and issue alternative theories, corrections, or support for the theories issued by the Order of Saint Lucien. Deus Magnus, Prestor Robert "BOB" Rovin, Grand Prior of the Order of Saint Lucien and Humble Member of the Synod of the Church of Canon
  7. can gms please mark themselves as off duty if they're not going to answer reqs 

  8. The Health of Humanity

    "Kharadeens sure are products of elves!" comments a rather salty descendent of Shaheen Alame, the freedom fighter of the Qalasheen spring.
  9. Is anyone else unable to connect?

    1. Space


      are you on 1.12.2?

  10. The Synod of 1643

    Brother "BOB", titular Bishop and Grand Prior of the Order of Saint Lucien, sat as he listened to his peers. His belly bulged quite significantly, freshly refueled from an entire vat of boiled oats. As the others whittled down into silence, he spoke simply, and bluntly. "Brothers, my vote will not matter in the grand scheme of the natural order for I believe you all to have already made up your minds. Thus, I believe it is of the up most importance to issue a warning, rather than a speech seeking power or the blessing of our Beloved Everard. In this new world, tensions among the many will be high. The sons of Horen, including those not of Horen blood, will seek to reunify humanity in some capacity. They will do this through conquest, diplomacy, and varying forms of malice and deceit. Others, will attempt to defend their sovereignty with their blood boiling, leading to an inter human conflict. The sons of Urguan will seek vengeance and the thinly veiled philosophy of Yemekar's balance, and will likely try in any capacity to increase their own strength to offset the power structure of those of Canonist faith, which could include war or assassinations. The sons of Krug, naturally, will likely continue as they are. Honor bound yet thirstful for combat. I would not be surprised if those with green flesh are spotted upon the roads hunting and enslaving others, as has been seen historically. Lastly, the daughters of Malin have already become degenerated in every single capacity. Multi-colored eyes, fangs and webbed feet grow upon them. Their society to this day remains split, and the eternal elf continues to squirm about looking to circumvent the glory of GOD. I bring this to your attention not as a rant, but as a statement of fact. The Faith cannot stand idly by in the coming conflicts. We sit on the reaped benefits and glory of the Third Crusade, yet the crusade is not over. We mustn't become slothful while we develop; instead, it is more important than ever to keep pressure applied to the heathens. Whoever the new Pontiff may be, it would be greatly wise to follow the principles which I shall now state. Do not tolerate the use of Magic in any capacity. It displays the sin of pride in all regards. Do not tolerate the Ascended. They worship a false Diety. Do not sit idly by when heathens assault Canonists. We've a responsibility protect the faithful, and a faith militant to act as their shield. Focus upon humanity. We cannot hope to spread the word of GOD across the world if our core is not solid. Realize that it is better to lose control over a secular state's faith, akin to Santegia, than to sit idly by and allow the Canonist doctrine to be undermined. The faith in this fractured world requires strength and solidarity, not priests in Ivory Towers. I thank thee for listening." Brother "BOB" then returned onto his rear, his legs aching from having to stand more than four minutes at a time.
  11. [Your View] Freebuild

    its as if the fringe taught us nothing
  12. [Denied]Fawb GM App #2

    i like him
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      Too many cities already and we're not even in 6.0

  14. when's the boat event starting

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      I've been asking for the last 3 hours

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      I wish they gave us a specific time. idc if it's in GMT, just give us a time.