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  1. Does anyone have a Fringe download that isn’t InfamousGerman’s or an Anthos one that isn’t Mirtoks?


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    2. Stargush
    3. InfamousGerman


      why u coming at my neck

    4. Zhulik


      Cus it doesn’t have a certain section of the map I desparately want lol

  2. Will pay 5k for info on lockpick location

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      Pm me on discord 🙂


    2. Demotheus


      Cloud temple shop. 

    3. Katelyn


      Honestly I can’t support this

  3. THE SECOND REGIMENT The Commonwealth Grenadiers “Evil be to him who evil thinks.” HISTORY The 2nd Regiment of Grenadiers of the Imperial State Army, known colloquially as the Commonwealth Grenadiers or simply as the Grenadiers, serve as the standing military of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin and a division of the Holy Orenian Empire’s armed forces. In the year 1743, by the initiative of Governor-General Richard de Reden, the remnants of the former Royal Army along with the ‘Poor ******* Infantry’ peasant militia were combined in an act of merger that established the 2nd Regiment. The men of Kaedrin, historically known for their steadfastness and sturdiness, were informally dubbed ‘the Grenadiers’ as a unit of specialized shock troops in the service of the Empire. In a natural evolution from the Kaedreni siege engineers of yore, these soldiers, recruited from both the rural highlands of the outer Commonwealth and the metropolitan township of Ves, serve and defend their country in a myriad of different assault operations. The military ensign of the 2nd Regiment of Grenadiers is the flag of the Commonwealth, in the top left-hand corner, flown atop a field of white. The 2nd Regiment maintains both mounted soldiers and infantry amid its ranks. In line with classical Kaedreni principles, the hardy men of the Commonwealth Grenadiers are inculcated with the principles of human unity and supremacy over perfidious nonhumans, gypsies and pagans. This is best summarized by the unofficial words of the Commonwealth as a whole, the maxim of St Peter, who declared ‘one God, one country and one law’ for humanity. All members of the officer corps of the 2nd Regiment above the rank of ensign are expected to wear their hair in the Kaedreni fashion, powdered, curled and tied in a queue, and wear the tricorne as the symbol of their rank. TENETS Soldiers of the Regiment must display complete and total loyalty to their superior officers. Soldiers of the Regiment must never take the life of a fellow soldier. Soldiers of the Regiment must never draw blades against a fellow soldier. Soldiers of the Regiment must never steal from another soldier. Soldiers of the Regiment must wholeheartedly believe in the one true GOD, his creation of Horen and the world. Soldiers of the Regiment must never use GOD’s name in vain nor speak of GOD with malicious intent. Soldiers of the Regiment must attend Church once every Saint’s Week and be baptised in the Canonist faith. Soldiers of the Regiment must never act in a corrupt capacity, nor harm civilians without probable cause or exigent circumstances. (The Assembly of the Kaedreni Grenadiers, unknown artist, c. 1743) RANKS Officer Corps Colonel The Colonel of the 2nd Regiment serves as its chief commander, of which there can be only one. As a regiment is the largest division of troops within the Imperial State Army, the colonel’s authority over his own troops is absolute, with his station the highest peace-time rank aside from that of the Imperial Fieldmarshal. He can elect, at his own discretion, a singular Lieutenant Colonel, who shares his rank as both an understudy and a right-hand man. Captain A captain is the chief of a brigade within the 2nd Regiment, which is the immediate division beneath it. These entities are more specialised and smaller than the entire regiment, with several brigades coming together under the authority of the Colonel. These brigades are also appelated with numerals, however similar to the ‘Commonwealth Grenadiers’, also tend to have relevant nicknames. The Colonel can elect not to divide the 2nd Regiment into brigades, in which case a captain is simply the rank immediately below him. Lieutenant Similar to the Lieutenant Colonel yet on a lesser scale, a lieutenant is the primary assistant of a captain in their management of a brigade within the 2nd Regiment. Unlike the Lieutenant Colonel, they are considered to technically be a separate rank from a captain. There may only be as many lieutenants as there are captains within the regiment as a whole. Ensign Ensigns are junior officers, frequently recruited from among the noble families of the Empire, who have been awarded their first commission. An ensign is not expressly in command of any particular force within the 2nd Regiment, yet is nonetheless expected to advance his career by showing his superiors his nascent prowess in military command. Accordingly, ensigns are often tasked with duties that require a low level of commanding authority, including the control of small groups of regulars for special assignments of miscellaneous administrative work. To be awarded a commission as an ensign is representative of an entry into officership, and the beginning of one’s rise through the ranks. Regulars Sergeant Sergeants tend to be the oldest and most experienced soldiers who have not pursued a commission. Well versed in unit tactics, drill and dress, sergeants are never seen without their drill cane with which unruly privates can be kept in line. Sergeants rely on orders from commissioned officers and distribute them throughout the troops, keeping form and order on the battlefield. Corporal Corporals are thoroughly experienced soldiers who have completed a term of no less than two years in service. Chosen from those most experienced privates and having a good deal of battle experience, corporals are expected to organize privates and recruits to follow the orders of their sergeants and officers. Private Privates of the regiment consists of men elevated from the rank of recruit, having passed their training process. The privates of the regiment are expected to carry out all duties assigned to them in an orderly fashion and make up the rank and file of the regiment. Authorized fully to carry out the Crown’s Justice these loyal grenadiers are commonly seen in groups no less than four with either an non-commissioned officer or commissioned officer close at hand. Recruit Fresh recruits undergo a two-year training process before being oathed and raised to the rank of private. During this time, they are exposed to the rigor and discipline of state military tradition, along with a nascent education in Imperial society and culture. They have not yet formally enlisted into the military, and as a result do not have the right to wear any military regalia. RECRUITMENT To express your interest in enlisting, please undertake this basic application and reply to this gazette: FULL NAME: AGE: RACE: RELIGION: ((MC name)): ((Time zone)):
  4. Telanir’s pretty based by getting the Alphonsian Regiment of shitposters to side with him

  5. Pokantu is my favorite person on LOTC

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    2. Johnny_Fat


      your hatred of turks blinds u

    3. Corporatocracy




    4. Katelyn


      well i’m back so you can delete this now

  6. Selling SGS 33m discount price meet in w330 rsn: G R O D Y

  7. Anyone want to help me duo Bandos?

    1. Padre_Tales


      i do zhulik always



    2. Johnny_Fat
    3. Ryloth


      ay zhulik its ya boy storm lemme dunk bandos w/ u

    1. Kanadensare


      imagine killing a bunch of unstatused noobs with 2 13+ speed horses and some cannon fodder, shield spamming all throughout, and then trying to flex about it on the forums lol........


      did u only post this cuz its the first even numbered fight you’ve ever taken or???

    2. Harrison


      omg minecraft beef

      im better than u at pvp u roleplayer hah!!

    3. ferdaboys69



  8. Interesting how after the new CB rules were implemented not a single war has occurred – almost like Staff is preventing them!

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      except for the war between the Dwarves and the Empire of Man that lasted for like 2 days.

    3. Haseroth


      3 hours ago, NotEvilAtAll said:

      except for the war between the Dwarves and the Empire of Man that lasted for like 2 days.

      yes, and nothing happened. no battles. no skirms, nothing. it was about as much of a war as the current llyria vs fenn stuff is. which is to say forum posts and nothing more. Also its called oren now, Empire of man has stopped being a thing at the start of the two emperors wars.

    4. Bisscy


      2 hours ago, Haseroth said:

      yes, and nothing happened. no battles. no skirms, nothing. it was about as much of a war as the current llyria vs fenn stuff is. which is to say forum posts and nothing more. Also its called oren now, Empire of man has stopped being a thing at the start of the two emperors wars.


      There was a few skirms and the dwarves kept attacking and killin those on the road...

  9. The irony of the CDs is that if 6 Llyrians piled on 3 bandits they’d have CRP default since it wouldn’t be 10 people. I would find it difficult for 3 bandits to withstand 6 mages spamming, but let the staff do staff.

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    2. Toodles78


      One guy was like “I swing my sword at three Llyrians at once” and another emoted throwing rocks at people which is apparently involving them in combat and the GM decides that was good enough for pvp default 

    3. Burnsider


      The whole thing was a mess with each side acting just incredibly shitty. 

    4. drfate786


      ..If you knew how to CRP you’d absolutely destroy those six mages if they were all mages as you claim and you took advantage of the physical weakness they all have to close the distance and injure them all. Clearly, some of them would of been able to hold you off and allow the mages to cast and since you would of lost the fight from a numbers and power advantage you resort to PVP and when you can’t resort to the only method you know you whine that it’s “not fair” that you don’t get to win each and every single fight. Seems like LoTC, whine about rules when you don’t win every fight while not reporting metagaming. As for emote spamming, if they’re spamming emotes and not letting you react to said emotes then that constitutes power gaming and should be a blacklistable/bannable offense.

  10. The one time the Snelves actively participate in global politics offensively on their own accord the staff shoots them in the torso with cb rules lmao

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Snelves are cringe idk why the Helves like them all of a sudden.

    3. Haseroth


      2 hours ago, NotEvilAtAll said:

      Snelves are cringe idk why the Helves like them all of a sudden.

      idk if ur in any position to call any one playerbase “cringe”

      Edited by Haseroth
    4. MadOne


      Ion know about snelves fam they ain't the ones having open cow farms lmao

  11. Fix /r you troglodytes

  12. THE BATON INITIATIVE Issued and confirmed by his Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin. 10th of Sigismund’s End, 1726. A STATEMENT FROM THE PROTECTOR GENERAL OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF KAEDRIN: For centuries many militaries have provided their soldiers with the most basic of equipment due to a low budget or incompetent conservators. Often times, levies are simply provided a uniform, a set of armor and some form of deadly weapon so that they might be combat ready at a moment’s notice. However, it has come to the attention of the Army of Kaedrin that, ultimately, should a fighting force be delegated to the role of peacekeepers in addition to combat ready fighters, that the basic equipment provided to the levies of humanity will not suffice. It is for this reason that the Army of Kaedrin shall be the first to publicize its newly acquired, standard-issue equipment to both reassure the common people and inspire other militaries to adapt to a modern setting. The Kaedreni Service Polearm: Varying dependent on the troop’s personal preference, it is expected that each soldier in the Army of Kaedrin be equipped with some sort of medium-ranged polearm. These weapons include Halberds, Pole-hammers, Pole-axes, Spears, Hastae, etc. Assigned to Primus and lower. Weight: Varies The Kaedreni Service Arming Sword: A short ranged steel blade with the intent as acting as a secondary weapon should opponents get within the range of the service polearm. Weight: 2.5 lbs. The Kaedreni Service Baton: A 28 inch ash Baton coated with a burgundy hue, the Service Baton serves to provide a non-lethal alternative when neutralizing belligerents. Weight 1.8 Lbs. The Kaedreni Service Mask: A cloth face masks designed to aid troops in when passing through smoke, toxically odorous areas and/or poisonous attacks. Weight: N/A. The Kaedreni Service Mattock: A standard issue steel tool with a stout head and either a spike for mining or an axe-head for chopping, utilized to construct trenches and clear terrain swiftly and efficiently. Weight 4.4lbs. The Kaedreni Service Scutum: A square shield with mild curve used to be used for testudo or phalanx infantry formations when engaged in march towards the enemy. Assigned to Ensign and higher. Weight: 22 lbs. The Kaedreni Service Rucksack: A study leather sack designed to efficiently aid in the transportation of standard issued equipment whilst on patrol or active duty. Weight: N/A. The Kaedreni Service Crossbow: A light lever operated crossbow reloaded by the pulling of the crossbow’s string back into its firing mechanism. Weight: 10 lbs. Total Weight: 40.7 lbs. (No Polearm) IN NOMINE DEI, His Excellence, The Honorable Richard de Reden “The Red”, Governor General and Protector General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Count of Kreden, Baron of Caer Bann, Moranguard of the Caernguard, Arch-Lector of Owyn’s Creed, Imperial Knight of the Imperial Order of St. Edmond, Dragonslayer.
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