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  1. i shuppose harrenhal is off the table then

  2. thanks for the fan art son

    1. Johnny_Fat


      I made u fan art?

      srsly even if its a meme i’ve no clue lmao

      Edited by Littlefleeper
  3. I started taking BP pills and now I see life differently! I support Sanoism and the Elves, its not good to hate anymore

    1. drfate786


      Wrong, hatred is everything..

    2. seannie


      youve been a doomer for too long zhulik, become a bloomer already

  4. Siege worse case scenario and still victory pretty nice

  5. @Llir I don’t have you on discord but now that horses are becoming meta again in raids and since you added horse armor, is it possible to re-introduce lances and pikes? Will help balance speedy Gonzales horses and also enable joust rp again

    1. Temp


      The Velian Ministry of Horse Insemination seconds this.

  6. Didn’t record but I was one of the first people in with tornado, hits took awhile to register; tornado just got final blows. Was legit

  7. They weren’t big dogs at all lmao

  8. Why’d they take down Hero’s post? 

    1. Nathan_Barnett36
    2. Pun


      Its been restored 

  9. John McCain is dead

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. drfate786


      Will you be emperor then?

    3. Zhulik


      no it’ll be lithiumsedai

    4. aceofspades


      ever continue living just to flex on john mccain

  10. Cracker had the best shitpost in awhile only to be ruined by Agiantpie’s bad one

    1. ScreamingDingo


      @AGiantPie thoughts on private character development?

  11. “Oh boy, Here I go ruining the rules again” – Fireheart 2018

    1. funnyGoTavatar


      I want my checkpoint roleplay!!!!

  12. Can we enable optifine capes please

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