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  1. THE REPENTANCE OF THE SON Scriptum Anno Domini 1978 THE PATH OF RIGHTEOUS REDEMPTION ☩ ☩ ☩ For neither my Lady-Mother nor my Lord-Father are still alive to repent, it falls upon my shoulders as their successor to make right where they have wronged. In light of such, I publish this missive, affixed by my own hand, in the hope that the people of the Rhosmark might yet again be rejoined with the Holy Mother Church. A PRAYER FOR REPENTANCE: Our Father, King of all, please lead us away from temptation, and lead us towards Your eternal salvation. We beg that You allow us into Your embracing arms Lord, regardless of the struggles we must go through to be there. In nomine Patris, amen. ☨ I — ON IMPERIAL AND ROYAL OREN For the Imperial and Royal titles of Oren have long been a point of contention and strife, as the senior most heir to the penultimate Orenian monarch, I do hereby denounce both in perpetuity. It is with deep reflection and a sincere desire for peace amongst my people that I announce my utmost desire to see these titles confined to the annals of history, where their legacy may be preserved without further turmoil or conflict. II — ON THE LOWLANDER TITLES I do hereby recognize the Treaty of Fredericksburg, and in doing so, relinquish all titles still in use that are claimed by the Kingdoms of Aaun, Petra, and Balian. For such titles are not mine to claim, nor do I have any desire to further provoke strife or conflict, I leave that which has been claimed and is in use to the Kingdoms of Aaun, Petra, and Balian. III — ON THE WAR As the past war amongst humanity has been wrought from the ambitions of my father and grandfather, I do hereby recognize the profound impact which their actions have had upon the realms of Aevos and accept the guilt of their actions. Let this missive stand as the repentance of the my House for its crimes against the realms of Man. With this, we begin anew, on a path towards renewal and redemption. SIGNED, RICHARD OCTAVIAN, Margrave of the Rhosmark NOÉMIE OF SUMMERHALL, Margravine-consort of the Rhosmark CEDRIC JOHNSON, Quartermaster & Scribe of the Rhosmark
  2. THE SINS OF THE FATHER Scriptum Anno Domini 1978 A SINNER’S LAMENT ☩ ☩ ☩ LO UNTO THE GOOD PEOPLE OF AEVOS, I write to you all with a burdened heart. Many may not recognize or know who I am— I am the son of who many know to be Richard and Ottavia of Stassion. My father and mother have passed within this Saint Week, and have left me with no guidance or help but with their sins to carry. As such, I come forth humbly before the realms of humanity, so that my apologies might be heard. Apologies in which my parents and ancestors were too ignorant to state, the apologies and admittance for their crimes against other Kingdoms, its people, and to the Church and GOD. I understand my family history is known for its violence and its sins. I wish to express my wish for forgiveness and give my apologies for the sins of my father and my mother. I have been left with a choice that should have been made during my parents time but it seems their arrogance and sinful behavior was too much to expect for them to repent and ask for forgiveness. With this being said, I wish to begin the righteous path that needs to be taken by myself, by my family that are alive or yet to be born, and by my people. UNTO THE CHURCH, To His Holiness and his holy subjects— I apologize on my father, my mother, my family and my people's behalf. I ask for your forgiveness in that my parents and my ancestors have committed atrocious and sinful actions. I further request for your guidance in bettering my people and my community in asking for forgiveness to GOD. And with your guidance and your knowledgeable Priests who are learned in the faith of Canonism, I ask you to guide my people in the path to ask towards forgiveness, to allow us to apologize for our ancestors actions. UNTO THE APOSTOLIC KINGDOM OF AAUN (The Heartlander Confederation), To the royal family and people of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun, now known as The Heartlander Confederation— I apologize on my father, my mother, my family and my people's behalf. The actions that were committed by my lineage are inexcusable. I am also facing those repercussions and more now being left with no guidance or help to understand. Through my Grandfather's actions, the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun has lost a King— a holy and just royal who I read stories about as a boy, for wishing for peace. The hesitance he brought upon waging war was something that should have been admired, and never taken away from the Royal Family, from the Kingdom, and from Humanity. I apologize as Head of Rhosmark, that my ancestors' actions were outright disgusting, and an affront to the mercy which you have shown us thus far. Furthermore, I admit and accept guilt for the fact that not only did my ancestors commit murder on your King, but also attempt to plot treason against your state. I write as of now to apologize for such sins. I wish to be guided by GOD and the Pontiff itself in the righteous path to understand and continue to ask for forgiveness for my ancestors' crimes onto GOD and to the royal family and people of Aaun. UNTO THE KINGDOM OF PETRA (The Heartlander Confederation), To the royal family and people of the Kingdom of the Petra, now known as The Heartlander Confederation— I apologize on my father, my mother, my family and my people's behalf. The actions of my parents and ancestors have been countless also to the Kingdom of Petra. Even though they had parted ways from the Kingdom before committing the heathen actions, the actions were committed nonetheless. I apologize for those actions, on the defamation and slander, the murder, the betrayal of trust and countless more. I ask for your forgiveness. I am only learning through these actions and crimes through my tutors, advisors and the books I read but with every sentence I read, every word I hear, my regret comes even more. UNTO THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA, To the royal family and people of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska— I apologize on my father, my mother, my family and my people's behalf. Even though my parents' history of crimes are not as countless in comparison to the Kingdom of Petra and the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun, crimes were still committed in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. With that, apologies must be stated. The fact that my parents and my ancestors were siding with a heathen nation to justify the murder of your people in an attempt to claim your lands and remove you from your homes is utterly and inexcusably despicable. I apologize for those actions in which myself and my new generation of people could not even comprehend were committed. The fact that my ancestors pitted themselves against a Canonist nation is near too disgusting to put pen to paper about. With this, we therefore do apologize sincerely. UNTO THE VARIOUS REALMS OF MAN, To the sovereigns and citizenry of the various realms of humanity— I apologize on my father, my mother, my family and my people's behalf. Though my mother nor father may not been against your peoples directly, the war which they raged against the human realms have nevertheless had a lasting impact upon humanity. There are scantly enough words I can use to justify their sinful behavior nor their petty schemes against the realms of Man. All the same, I offer my sincerest apologies to those human canonist realms which felt the affects of the war. These words may only be written on paper. Nevertheless, I ask that you take these words with meaning. My parents and ancestors have left me with their sins and seemed quite eager for their deaths to avoid any repentance and answer to their crimes. I ask for you to consider my apologies, and even though those mentioned above may not wish to see this as a step taken in the direction. I and my people, guided by myself and my path to GOD and repentance will take countless steps to show the direction Rhosmark is wishing to make. We do not wish to do the same actions my parents and ancestors did. SIGNED, RICHARD OCTAVIAN, Margrave of the Rhosmark NOÉMIE OF SUMMERHALL, Margravine-consort of the Rhosmark CEDRIC JOHNSON, Quartermaster and Scribe of the Rhosmark
  3. MC Name: mojanghunter RP Name: Aleksey Persona ID: 71067
  4. MC Name: mojanghunter RP Name: Henri Frederic Ashford de Falstaff Persona ID: 72076
  5. From within his home in Fredericksburg, Henri Frederic said a solemn prayer for the murdered Louis Dresnay. Admittedly, he had only been a distant acquaintance of Louis, though he had heard many great things of him from the townsfolk and held high expectations for his future within Stassion. Thus it had come as quite a surprise to the Lieutenant, that when he'd next heard of the young Louis, it was of his demise at the hand of the Haeseni King. And so did the de Falstaff scion pray; he prayed to GOD for salvation of Louis' soul and for the condemnation of those who had so ruthlessly taken his life.
  6. As the news of Adela’s escape spread amongst the men of the Stassion Company, as it was bound to, word eventually reached the ears of Lieutenant Henri Frederic de Falstaff. “Interesting…” was all the man had to say.
  7. Henri Frederic read the missive with a smile, pleased to see that the Lord Sarkozic and his household were now under a lord truly worthy of their service.
  8. Henri Frederic smiles as he reads over the missive, pleased to see the House de Valognes being rewarded with the recognition it deserves.
  9. Henri Frederic was leading a training session with the footmen of the Stassion Company when the missive made its way to him. As he scanned over its contents, a wide smile formed on his face. Boisterously, the man held up the document for all the soldiers to see, announcing: “At l-last, the Aaunic crown has made our accession to the r-rank of Margraviate official! AVE STASSION!”
  10. Within his home in Fredericksburg, Henri Frederic read over the missive, a small smile gracing his lips as he neared its conclusion. Determined to look his best for the occasion, the man began to diligently polish his armor.
  11. mojanghunter


    Maverick was born into a moderately wealthy family, which had made its profit off of mining coal. Having been born the 5th son within his family, Maverick was seldom regarded by his parents and was not known to be particularly close with them. Additionally, Maverick spent little time with any of his siblings, who were all far older than he was. Much of his childhood was spent within his room, where he would read books for days on end. At a young age, Maverick developed an interest in literature. In particular, Maverick grew to have an appreciation for plays. His fondness of such left him with a bookish disposition that would define much of his childhood. Additionally, Maverick grew to be fond of music as well. Despite this, he never grew to be anything more than an amateur musician at best. As Maverick grew older, the rift between him and his family grew more expansive. This, combined with his growing passion for theatrics, ultimately prompted Maverick to leave his family and go to the city of Providence.
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