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    Another skin Auction!

    Skin: Curtains Bid: 170 ncarr#1882
  2. ncarr

    Another skin Auction!

    Skin: curtains Bid: 150 Discord: ncarr#1882
  3. A Noble Feast AT THE Augustine The Noble Feast at the Novellen [circa. 1729] To promote a feeling of unity and comradery among our ever expanding empire, the palace invites families of high standing and nobility to a night of games and food within the Augustine Palace to celebrate the new Emperor, John VIII and the upcoming social season. As we have done a multitude of times in the past, the idea first put into fruition by Empress-Mother Cesarina Louise, the peers of the empire will gather on the last night of the year to celebrate such a joyous yea
  4. The Soiree of Mary Casimira And Charlotte Amadea Of Carrington The d’Arkent-Carrington twins, c. 1817 A N N O D O M I N I 1817 Penned by the hand of TH, Mary Casimira of Carrington To the subjects of The Holy Orenian Empire, with substantial exhilaration does the retinue of the Household of the Baron and Baroness Carrington deem it befitting to host a birthday soiree to commemorate a virtue representing coming of age, imperial ladyship, and the accomplishments of the two eldest ladies of Carrington. TIM
  5. Cosette de Falstaff reads over the missive from an icy landscape, though safe within the confines of her own home. She narrows her eyes at such an announcement, for she is not fond of either of the people involved. "By GOD, can it get any worse?" she grumbles, the parchment compressing into a small ball within her gloved hand before she tosses it to the corner of her room with a huff.
  6. The Institution for Young Children and Guardians A meeting of the lords and ladies of Orenian Society c. 1813 The Institution, run by the Lady Governess and the Majordomo of the Augustine, is a system put in place so that young boys and girls can find guardians to learn from in childhood. Oftentimes young lords and ladies have trouble finding a nice fit for their apprenticeships, and the palace wishes to relieve you from such. Any elder ladies or lords wishing to take wards should sign up for the institution so that they may be assigned wards.
  7. Mary Casimira clasps the schedule close to her heart
  8. The young Mary Casimira fixes her dress, standing close to her mother's side through it all.
  9. winter- 150 pink- 120
  10. "I love you Mary IV" says Mary Casimira to her horse from the Trissingham stables.
  11. Mary Casimira and Mary III sit in the d'Arkent palatial suit, reading over the missive with narrowed eyes "Some competition, couldn't even mention the best cat in the whole empire." says Mary as she pets her mangy street-cat.
  12. "I could have saved Ba's Wife." grumbles Mary from her palatial suit at the Augustine.
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