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  1. MaltaMenace I mean MaltaMoss is actually pretty nice, helped me greatly with a situation recently. @MaltaMoss
  2. Jan Ivanovich smiles ecstatically seeing his SPECIAL invitation!
  3. Jan Ivanovich took the missive and began to rally his men.. a man needed to be brought to justice, such is the way of things.
  4. Penned by Irina Korvacz, confirmed by Jan Ivanovich, c. 1898 For we are the lost sons and daughters of the Raevir, for too long have our people rolled onto our backs and accepted the citydwellers way of life. Far too long has the true way of the Raevir been lost to time. We are cossacks and farmers, not those who don wigs or love balls or masquerades. With this in mind, I call out to my kinsmen and those who seek a peaceful and meaningful way of life, to join me and return to our roots. We seek only the right of existence, to revitalize and reinvigorate the way of life of the Raevir. INDEX Introduction Ranks of St. Arpad’s Host Raevir way of Life Duties of the Raevir Enlistment INTRODUCTION The Host of St. Arpad of Vilacz or more simply known as St. Arpad’s Host is a group of men and women founded and led by Jan Arpad Ivanovich following a year after the sudden death of his father. For during the brief chaos that followed, Jan went into hiding and slowly began to regroup with his bannermen. After Jan was established as Hetman of the Host in St. Arpad’s Chapel, they left their former home of Pravets and sought a higher meaning for themselves. During the early days of their days of wandering they donned new uniforms to further the ideal of beginning anew. For it is the goal of these men and women to restore the way of life of the Raevir-folk. Depiction of the Men of St. Arpad in their uniforms reminiscent of the days of Vilacz. RANKS OF ST. ARPAD’S HOST Hetman - Гетман The leader of the Host and people is the Hetman, Jan Ivanovich, he is responsible for all their wellbeing in terms of shelter, pay, supplies, and so forth. In return those amongst the host owe oaths of loyalty to the Hetman. The Hetman can only be a member of the House Ivanovich, unless a different successor is chosen. Boyar - боярин The companions and advisors of Jan Arpad were given the rank of Boyar or in common, Captain. They are seen as the officers or otherwise personal guard to Jan Ivanovich and his direct family. They also oversee and organize and train the Host at Jan’s discretion. The Boyars are the finest warriors of St. Arpad’s Host. Cossack - Казак The Cossacks are the grizzled veterans of the Host as far as peasants go, and are the only form of organized or otherwise professional soldiers of the mob. In order for one to become a cossack, you must first be a Strannik. Only after years of service, piety, honor, and recognition by the Hetman can a Straznik become a cossack. They act as the vanguard of the Host. A Cossack can be identified due to being branded with the Mark of St. Arpad upon being promoted from Strannik. Straznik - Стразник Straznik are peasants that have sworn oaths in service to Jan Ivanovich. The Straznik make up the backbone of the militia due to the majority of citizens of our former lands enlisting so that they could purchase property and gain further opportunities in society through service in the Host. Nowadays the Straznik retain their position as the core of the Host being the entry rank for those who have enlisted along our journeys. THE RAEVIR WAY OF LIFE The people of St. Arpad’s Host and any wayward Raevir folk who are lost waiting to be found shall always hold the way of life their ancestors lived dear to their heart. For we came as crows and enjoyed as the Carrion Black flowed. Our way of life is that of pious folk who work the fields and come to the defense of our brethren in times of need, never shall a Raevir be left alone in this world. THE DUTIES OF A RAEVIR The Raevir of St. Arpad’s Host, and any person living within our lands duties must adhere to the responsibilities and uphold the duties written by the Hetman, failure to do so can result in expulsion from the Host. To protect and serve one another. To keep the Faith. To protect the weak. To serve the sickly. To despise the heretic and cowardly. To never abandon one’s post. To never break one’s oath. ENLISTMENT To join St. Arpad’s Host, those interested must find or send a bird to Jan Ivanovich or Irina Korvacz, only then can one make their case to join the host and begin on their journey to restoring what was once lost to time. The Host itself can be found dwelling within Camp Baltas. OOC: БОГ СИЯЕТ НА НАС. GODAN SHINES UPON US.
  5. Jan Arpad read the missive, while he did not properly reside in Petra, he would write a letter reading 'Wings for Maer!' on it before sending it off to him.
  6. The young Hetman, Jan Ivanovich would be inducting new members to the Host of Saint Arpad, as one of his Strannik approached him with the missive. He smiled and looked to his men, "Seems quite interesting, we shall attend to sell any wares we can, da?" @[email protected]@ItsMrCannibal
  7. A SPORADIC YET JOVIAL TOURNEY 11th of Sigismund’s End, 1899 ☦ As the sun set upon the 11th of Sigismund’s End, what started off as a usual gathering of the Adrian peoples and their Raevir companions turned into quite the spectacle. The people of Adria concocted a series of events within a short period of time and invited a challenge to their Raevir friends, to which they eagerly accepted. It was a time of cheers, jeers, and overall joy to see competitors of all ages shock the crowd again and again. The first of the events was that of simplicity, a mere axe throwing tournament to see who could nail the target. Those participating lined up and one by one threw their axes as spectators cheered on their comrades to victory. In the end the men of Saint Arpad won the event, with the young Strannik Elisaveta Korvacz taking first place. The second event was what Games Master, Stefan Euler called “King of the Podium” or more commonly known as king of the hill, seeing as who could remain the longest or last man standing atop the podium in the heart of Camp Baltas. It was a hard won match, with Heinrik Sarkozic taking first place after knocking many opponents off the podium despite his hindrance of a broken leg! The last event, the toughest of them all, the Raevir Log Toss, a competition to show feats of strength. The event name was coined by the young Jan Ivanovich. A series of four logs for each competitor to throw as hard and far as one can, this would be proven a difficult competition, many struggling to toss such a large object a great distance, yet a few rose above the rest. The main winner of the competition would be a Priest named Father Leon, who was merely passing through that was intrigued by the tournament. Second place going to Jan Euler and third to Avgust Bortnyk. To all those who took part in this impromptu tournament, we praise the winners who have risen above the rest, and to all our fellow competitors, we thank you for coming and taking part in these events! SIGNED His Honorable Lordship, Heinrik Sarkozic, Count of Veletzia, Commander of the Black Boyars His Honorable Lordship, Jan Ivanovich, Count of Pravets, Hetman of St. Arpad’s Host
  8. Welcome back! If you’re interested in playing a human more specifically a raevir let me know! Been putting together a group for it :) Optimus#9855
  9. The young Jan Arpad would struggle reading the missive but smiled at after reading the names of the the two people who watched him and got him that ornate blade getting married!
  10. Leopold von Reuss would read through this missive, things about it seemed off, especially with the disappearance and passing of his daughter. The Margrave would grab his cane and push himself from his bed and meandered towards the door, preparing to give the Prince Emil a visit to congratulate him on the birth of his son.
  11. Ser Owyn de Ravensburg reads over this and lets out an audible 'huh' realizing Prince Charles is his direct cousin, "Maybe I'll give my cousin a visit one day."
  12. The young Jan Ivanovich sat within his room, trying to read over old scriptures of his ancestors. He waited for his father to return home from the peace summit. From outside his room a loud bang could be heard, Jan leaped to his feet to open the door to see a friend of his family, Stannik Kovachev barge into his room quickly packing all of Jan's things into sack. Bewildered and confused, the young raevir asked Stannik, "What doing with my things? We going hunting?" Stannik remained cold and uttered but a few words, "Your papej is dead, now you must leave and never return, for you safety." Jan was speechless, the young Ivanovich hadn't a clue how to comprehend this information, but he did as he was told, Stannik said one more thing before ushering the boy out the door, "Find friends, find your grandpapej, you will be safe then." Jan would then leave his home and run into the woods knowing all that he did of hunting and survival, his next chapter began, a search for any kin or friends...
  13. As the Margrave rose from his bed in the early hours after the sun had just begun to rise above the horizon, an attendant brought him the letter from the young Cantal. He looked it over with a hint of confusion but a small smile grew upon his visage, he went to his desk and began to write a letter to send back to his brother-in-law. To Philip Owyn de Cantal, It seems you have come at a most perfect time, some would say too perfect. But in your letter you are correct, my wife has yet to ever mention you, but she has confirmed that you are her brother and this is not some farse. From reading this, it seems you've had quite the series of adventures that I look forward to hearing about upon our official meeting in person. To you offer of service within my lands and to my house as we are kin, we most joyfully accept such a notion, it would be seen as blatant disrespect to turn kin away from our doorstep. You say you wish to ultimately serve our liege, Prince Charles, I am sure I can aid you in that goal as well. I look forward to our meeting. CINIS EX SURGITE The Mont Honorable, Leopold Ulrich von Reuss, Margrave of Velen, Count of Cantal, Baron of Mons Velena, Commander of the Household Guard, Patriarch of the House of Reuss, defender of Velenic Peoples
  14. EDICT OF EDUCATION, c. 1897 Issued and confirmed by The Most Honorable, Leopold I of the House of Reuss, Margrave of Velen. TO OUR ESTEEMED COUNTRYMEN, Under the Margrave and Grace of GOD, the realm of the Aschenwald, it has come to the attention of the council and peers of Velen, that those dwelling within our lands did not know all children starting from the age of six years are offered free and proper education to further the development of the minds of our youth. This has been the way of our Margraviate for a decade, but it is finally time to put words to paper and make such an official decree of the Margrave. We do agree with our people and peers that the practice of reserving higher education for the noble estates is backwards and unfair, all members of not just our realm, but those even beyond our borders deserve to earn their place in society with proper and higher forms of education. CINIS EX SURGITE The Mont Honorable, Leopold Ulrich von Reuss, Margrave of Velen, Count of Cantal, Baron of Mons Velena, Commander of the Household Guard, Patriarch of the House of Reuss, defender of Velenic Peoples
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