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  1. ORDER OF SAINT ALEXANDER AND THE HOLY GOAT ‘THE GOATS OF SEDAN’ “THROUGH GOD, WE WILL OVERCOME” (God. 6:3) REJECT THE SINS OF MODERNITY AND TRANSCEND Step into any fetid metropolis and take a single breath- the miasma fills your lungs, as if weights bear you down. The secular has come into vogue, the virtues of old dismantled in the name of progress. But winds are changing, even the lame can sense it. The second Age of Heroes fast approaches: but will you stand tall in the yuga which proceeds, or cower in the pleasured coddling of modernity? Many do not have what it takes to ascend in the latter days. But purification of the soul, the transmutation of sin into glory, can be achieved. To do so requires sacrifice, a libation given in honor for God’s Love. And what is the greatest gift to Him if not one’s very body, the hand-crafted vessel He Designed? Craft yourself into a temple worthy of His Love, mold your mind into a tabernacle capable of His Wrath. Through the pursuit of martial excellence, by the charism of initiation, you can transcend past the material plane and into the fields of Divine Ecstasy. Give yourself to the inner spark within your soul and all shall be laid bare in the Glory of the Creator. PURIFY THE SOUL AND WALK THE SEVEN SKIES AS YOUR FATHERS DID BEFORE YOU “I BOWED MY HEAD AND WORSHIPPED THE MAJESTY OF MY FATHER WHO SENT ME — FOR I HAD DONE HIS WILL, AND HE TOO HAD DONE WHAT HE PROMISED — AND THE GATES OF HIS KINGDOM OPENED, AND I MINGLED WITH HIS PRINCES, FOR HE REJOICED IN ME AND RECEIVED ME, AND I WAS WITH HIM IN HIS KINGDOM.” (Owyn 6:1-4) ----- THE LESSER AND GREATER ALEXANDRINE INITIATION “AND NO PLACE IS FORBIDDEN TO THOSE PERFECTED IN THE EYES OF GOD, FOR THE WICKED ARE VANQUISHED FOREVER.” (Aus. 3:10) [Redacted] The mysteries of the Alexandrine Initiation are a closely-guarded secret of the Goats of Ponce, revealed only to the most loyal and experienced brothers. ----- RANKS OF THE CHAPTER OF THE HOLY GOAT The Inner Council of Bailiffs CHANCELLOR-AND-PROPRIETOR - The de jure leader and figurehead of the Order, the Chancellor-and-Proprietor is the final say of command and authority. Typically, however, the Chancellor-and-Proprietor is mainly tasked with representing the order both to the Church and foreign nation-states in cases of diplomacy as well as the maintenance of properties and lands controlled by the order. The current Chancellor-and-Proprietor is Ser Joseph de Joannes. @Dogged KNIGHT-COMMANDER - Second-in-command, the Knight-Commander is in charge of keeping the Knight-Constable, Color-Bearer, and Master-Conservator stay in the right, as well as to lead in conflicts. The current Knight-Commander is Ser Owyn de Ravensburg. @Optimus420 KNIGHT-CONSTABLE - Marked with the golden whip of office, the Knight-Constable is third-in-command and tasked with the important task of drilling and training both recruits and brothers alike. The current Knight-Constable is Ser John Martin. @Robin01_boy COLOR-BEARER - The honor of carrying the chapter’s war banner into battle is reserved for the most capable warrior within the order at one time, named the Color-Bearer. The current Color-Bearer is Ser Donny Romstun. @outcook MASTER-CONSERVATOR - As chief quartermaster and lord of logistics, the Master-Conservator’s role is to keep in order the vast stockpiles and resources the chapter maintains. The current Master-Conservator is Ser Isaak de Joannes. @Blake0205 The Men-at-Arms EQUESTOR - The Knight of the Order is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armor of faith, just as his body is protected by the armor of steel. He is thus doubly-armed, and needs neither demons nor men. They are offered the title of 'Ser'. BROTHER-ARMIGER - Squire of the Order, known for how long they have been in the Order for. As most of them may be better fighters due to their age, most who hold this rank have earned it from their decades of loyalty to the Faith, Crown and the Order. BROTHER-CAPRANUS - Veterans of the Order, typically having years of experience under their belt. The Brother-Carpanus are tasked with acting as mentors to the Recruits and Brother's of the Order. BROTHER-SERGEANT - Those who have proven their loyalty to the Faith, Crown, and the Order, Brother-Sergeants are proven fighters of the Order who have risen above their Brothers in ranks. BROTHER - The core and bulk of the Order’s manpower, Brothers are those who have taken the first initiatory rites and have sworn themselves in faithful service to their fellow peers. RECRUIT - Inexperienced and untrained, Recruits are the neophytes of the Order who have yet finished their first year of service or made their oath to the Order and Crown. Extraordinary Ranks MEDICUS - Those who provide medical needs to the Order, the Medicus rank is given to those who have proven their medical proficiencies within the Order, their sole job to provide their Brothers’ in the practice of medicine. ALMONER - Any brother of the Order who has taken clerical vows are given the robes of the Almoner, tasked with the important duties of giving alms and aid to the poor and lame, as well as efforts in proselytization ----- ENLISTMENT AND APPLICATION To serve with the Goats of Sedan, one must be of at least fourteen years, a male, and a faithful member of the Church of the Canon. [[RP]] Given Name: Family Name: Age: Prior Occupation: Battlefield Experience: Reason for Interest: [[OOC]] Username: Discord:
  2. Ser Owyn de Ravensburg while in the Sedan Tavern read through the missive, a jovial expression upon his face before speaking aloud to his comrades and kin, his voice bellowed so all those nearby could hear, "The time of union is near! A toast is in order! For we drink to this budding friendship between our realms, but to to the long awaited union between our Crown-Prince and the Princess of Balian! AVE SEDAN AVE BALIAN!"
  3. Owyn de Ravensburg read the missive and nodded, “Things are finally coming together for us, to old friends and a prosperous future.”
  4. I agree, though red pandas are very adorable too
  5. Do you like Giant Pandas or Red Pandas more?
  6. Optimus420


    Cassius was born to a highlander father and heartlander mother in a small homestead outside the capital of Haense. His father was cold and stern and ensure Cassius was self-sufficient by the age of eight through teaching him how to hunt, cook, and fend for himself. He was raised to follow the scripture and teachings of the Church of Canon and even in times of great struggle and strife to never lose faith. For years the harsh living conditions and distant parents, he was old enough to go out on his own to explore the world beyond his little homestead. He had great resentment to his father and mother but never showed it even as he left home for the first and last time. Upon traveling the roads he looked for work to become an apprentice under some form of artisan or craftsman but to no avail. Cassius would go on to present day to wander the lands of Almaris in search of a better life.
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