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  1. Konstantin as he looks to his friend, Vasily as they sharing a vintage of Carrion Black in New Valdev, commenting, "I love feuds, call it family feud!" @Mamluk
  2. "You will be missed my friend, in the darkness you showed us a haven, and we shall never forget that." commented an aging warrior, a lone prayer would be said for his fallen friend
  3. Happy Easter to those who celebrate and those who don't!
  4. Konstantin looked to his cousin Vasily, “it truly is over.. watch them as they march to revote in this.. process.” @Honourary
  5. The Return of the King, Telanir🙏
  6. As he looks on from the Seven Skies above, the father of Velen, Leopold Ulrich von Reuss smiles down to see his descendants follow in his footsteps, he wishes the young squire of his blood the best in his quest! @zuziee @TwistedFries
  7. Istvan of Ostoja, the supposed legendary cattle farmer received the copy of the Pontiff's missive with the imagery of what the missive detailed, he gave it a solid thumbs up!
  8. Istvan the Cattle Farmer who could not read nor write simply nodded along as if trying to understand was written, all he knew was that the missive bore the Pontiff's Seal therefore must be an important document, he then quietly said a prayer to himself!
  9. Istvan of Ostoja a lowly ox-herder and farmer who could not read nor write simply nodded along with the people discussing this missive within the tavern in the capital of Haense.
  10. "Ah Ramona had child? Good for them, da! New beginnings for all." said Konstantin the Legendary Cossack Bartender of Hyspia!
  11. I am glad you're moving on to your next chapter bro, I hope all the best and to see you again!
  12. "I love Vlachian cuisine!" commented Konstantin as he took a bite of Tushonka
  13. "Ey Dorat, what think of this?" said Konstantin the Legendary Bartender of Hyspia said to his compatriot, the Legendary Tavernwench of Hyspia Dorat! @MisterBlitzkrieg
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