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  1. An aged Knight and former Margrave frowned at seeing the Missive, Leopold von Reuss looked to his granddaughter, “she was quite the kind soul when I met her. May GOTT keep her safe in the heavens above.” @ncarr
  2. Jan Ivanovich nodded in approval upon receiving the invitation!
  3. Issued and confirmed by, The Count of Vaška 17th of Harren’s Folly, 1915 TO OUR COMRADES AND KIN In the last few months, our ranks have been bolstered and there have been few who stood out from the rest. It is with great honor and privilege I write this missive to praise two of my soldiers who have risen to the occasion and challenge set before them. They have shown and set great examples in eagerness to lead, martial prowess, and humility as is in accordance with our tenets and creed. Thus, the two stood before me, spoke the words of loyalty and dedication to my House and to our people. From there they gave up who they once were to become something greater. I announce the first two members of the Arpadovic. Kazimir Cisek-Arpadovic (@notFideos) & Golldir Karpov-Arpadovic (@zinqi) GODANI JEST WIECZNY His Lordship, Jan Ivanovich, Count of Vaška, Hetman of the Host of St. Arpad
  4. Upon reading the letter Jan Ivanovich would leave humble his manor to head into Prince's Anchor Pub to raise a toast to his kinsmen and new comrades.
  5. The Count of Vaška smiles to see the published menu of the Pricne’s Anchor Pub, “Raevir support local businesses! Well done to my Kinsmen.”
  6. A young Raevir lord looked to the setting sun upon hearing the news "Era has ended, da. Leon was only Waldenian who truly earned my respect, rare amongst our folk. May he find peace with GODAN." @GoodGuyMatt
  7. Leopold von Reuss, former Elector of Velen on the Waldenic Diet reads over the armorial coming across the statements about the Margraviate of Vanderfell, "What an odd thing to say, seems as though one does not know the histories. But who am I to speak on such matters, I am retired." he said before going back to sleep.
  8. Leopold who had been kicked back and laid back in his lounging chair, "Welcome to the good life, quite a peaceful and relaxing one it is."
  9. "Finally, we begin to rebuild what was nearly lost." The Count let out a sigh of relief, looking to his son and wife, he muttered a silent prayer to Saint Arpad and to an exalted of man before going to be by the side of his wife once more.
  10. After the funeral, The Count of Vaška, Jan Ivanovich who now stood besides his wife right after they welcomed their first son into this world. He read it aloud to his wife and son, he the fell silent, he muttered a few words, “Rest easy, dear Aunt Austina.”
  11. within the Prince & Anchor Pub the Count of Vaska sat amongst his kinsmen discussing much, he read through the writing by his comrade, Irena, he nodded "well done comrade, well done."
  12. "Da, jest time this buffoon tied knot! GODAN bless these two in their union." Jan Ivanovich offered a smile upon receiving his invitation.
  13. Jan smiles the sun's smile, "Praise be to GODAN the Duchess' and Suzana's recovery. Seems there are many returning faces this year."
  14. While staying at a small island, one stop of many on his journey home from his pilgrimage, Jan Ivanovich would receive this letter from his distant kinsmen, he looks to his comrade who brought it to him before saying, “It seems we have a meeting to schedule upon my return, hm? I look forward to meeting Leonid.” The Ivanovich went back to his drink and wrote a letter before sending it in hopes of reaching Leonid Vilac.
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