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  1. Took me some time. I did two versions: one normal/one spectral. Hope you like it! https://imgur.com/a/YkiuEpz
  2. Broos Viathas reads the pamphlet carefully and strokes his moustache with a deliberative frown. "I shall put an an end to this despair!"
  3. CocoaBiscuit


    Though not much is known about the father, who presumebly died in the Sacking of Ves, his mother Lena came from the Adunian folk that roamed the Arcas after the Undead invasion in Al'Ildic. As a son of an Adunian mother he's been thought his ancestry and traditions as well as the scarcely known Thuadian language. Living in the Quill's row in the capital of Reza, their life was harsh and un-welcoming. In his time as a child he didn't have many friends nor acquaintances. Due to his odd characteristics, he was mostly bullied by others and shunned by their mothers. As caring and protective his mother it didn't help his rough and lonely childhood. Not long after his 20th birthday, his mother died in a raid on their house. The building collapsed trapping the invaders but also crushing Lena. Broos was fortunate enough to escape the nasty event and fled the Reza to the south He devoted himself to a life of a Bowie, roaming the Southern Woods of Reza, living off the fauna that the Czena river provided. In his latter years he banded with Adunian group that traded fish and fish-like creatures in the capital of Reza. As bowie nature allowed, a few petty fights broke out to take leadership of the group. One of which left a scar on Broos's face when a knife sliced across his cheek, nearly costing him his left eye. Broos being intelligent yet not the fighting type tricked his comrades, informing them of new species of fish that by size alone would make them filthy rich. When ecstatic of the news they left their encampment, Broos took with him what he could and escaped to further south to Sutica, in search of a new and better life.
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