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  1. “Not sure, perhaps another fan?” Mary Lucille blinked, not quite knowing what her cousin would desire for her birthday party. Though a slight snort came from the youth as she saw the absent name of Peter on the invitation. @Branchio @lalosia @Eryane
  2. “Birds are interesting but bees are better.” Stated a young Mary Lucille. “The birds and the bees...” Replied Green Carrington puffing a cigarette. Mary Lucille squinted at this phrase. “What does that mean?”
  3. Mary Lucille sends her bird to apply for the business sector. Hoping her family will judge fairly, regardless that she entered the race!
  4. Mary Lucille helps plan and set up her home for the BIGGEST event of the year, and perhaps of the decade.
  5. Mary Lucille’s sky god is confused on why everyone is being so bitter...
  6. Mary Lucille tucked the missive away before nodding to her sister. “Of course, little bee. We shall wear only the best gowns.”
  7. Mary Lucille is super pleased that he sister, Alpha Carrington, is working so hard in the office!
  8. Natal Day for Two - II - As we reflect on the last few years, two names come to mind within recent events. Those names being Mary Vespira Philippa d’Arkent and Mary Jane d’Arkent. Twins of the great Green Carrington and Mary Philippa! As they grow older we wish to invite everyone to celebrate the joint birthday of the sisters. We will host a dinner, cake, presents and then a sleepover for the children of the Empire. The event will begin in the gardens of the Novellen, and end within Selm. Personal Invites: The Imperial Family House of d’Arkent House of Carrington House of Basrid The Dubois Family Signature Her Ladyship, Mary Lucille d’Arkent of Carrington (OOC: 7:30 PM EST / 5/3/2020)
  9. Mary Lucille begins to set up the event with her sister and Elizabeth Anne!
  11. Barony of Carrington Within the blood of family there will be a climax. The current peak of Carrington was the Barony gifted to the kin under the benevolent Imperial Majesty, Peter III. With immense respect for the man named George “Green” Carrington, and for the hard work that the Carrington line has provided for the jewelled city of Helena, it was deemed only fit to bestow such honor upon him and his ilk. Land was also given under the Barony to create a home near the Imperial capital. Hence beginning the building of Carrington Court. LETTER ISSUED FROM HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY Brief history to the year 1764 -II- The descendants of these merchants found themselves upon the land of Arcas. An errant bastard, styled as Green, claimed the lost Carrington name and founded the modern incarnation of Carrington & Company, alongside his half brother Jasper “Joe” Carrington, with the wayward line of Bruce Rogers soon joining their ranks. Although finding a hostile and rocky welcome in the city of Helena, the Carrington brothers would soon find success in their burgeoning business. Establishing a presence in every major city, Carrington & Company now may be perhaps the most widespread independent mercantile venture upon Arcas. Still, the company expands it reaches into the many settlements of the world and seeks to establish a larger presence within the major cities of Arcas. In 1754, Joe Carrington would be named City Commissioner of Helena, with Red Rogers shortly thereafter assuming the position of City Clerk. Their partnership would usher in the greatly increased development of Helena, solving the housing crisis and creating the largest profits the Empire had ever seen as a result of their sales. In 1756, Green Carrington would marry Mary Philippa d’Arkent, cementing relations between the once contentious families. As the Carringtons assumed greater responsibility in Helena, it was determined to refocus efforts primarily on Helenan operations. Late 1756 would be heralded by the birth of Mary Lucille (Junior) to Green and Mary. In the later years of 1758, Alpha Carrington, adopted daughter of Green, would be elected Lord Mayor of Helena. In 1759, Green himself would be named Lord Treasurer of Oren. With the Carrington’s prominence in Helena, holding the titles of: Lord Treasurer, Lord Mayor, District Attorney, City Clerk, and City Commissioner, future prospects indeed looked bright for the lowborn family. In 1760, the twins Mary Jane and Mary Vespira Philippa would be born to Green and Mary. In 1761, the Silver Jubilee would be organized by Alpha Carrington, proving to be the largest event in Helenan history. 1762 was marked by the passing of a Carrington stone of myth being gifted to the newly crowned King of Haense, Sigismund II. In 1763, Alpha Carrington would win her second term as Lady Mayor of Helena. In 1764, Green would be named Baron Carrington. The following citizens are considered under the Barony by the patriarch of the Carrington name: MEMBERS: Baron of Carrington, George “Green” Carrington Baroness of Carrington, Mary Philippa d’Arkent Lady Mary Lucille-Charlotte d’Arkent Lady Alpha Carrington Lady Mary Jane d’Arkent Lady Mary Vespira-Philippa d’Arkent EXTENDED TO THE FOLLOWING CARRINGTONS: Lord Jasper “Joe” Carrington Anyone else whom claims to be under this Barony is false and is not accepted under the noble name. Though there may be other Carrington they are NOT included, within law, to use this title as a raise in status. Signature His Excellency, George “Green” Carrington Baron of Carrington, Secretary of the Imperial Treasury
  12. Mary Lucille confirms her attendance.
  13. heanser: 8.5k black and blue: 7.5k Plaid imperial: 4.5k
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