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  1. Svetlana sat in the church that Morteskvan held- in quiet silence. Finally it broke as she uttered a final goodbye.
  2. Given names: Svetlana vas Ruthern Age: 12 Citizenship: Hanseti-Ruska Relevant skills (if applicable): Falconry, Knowledge of the Outdoors, Archery Letter of Recommendation: Tatiyana vas Ruthern, Marian Weiss ((OOC: Discord)): Libertyybelle
  3. “Ruthern Raisins- BLECK!” scowled the young Svetlana “Atleast they named one after our house!” she attested to her eldest sister. @Mady
  4. I was happy to work on this project with you and Crusty! Thanks for welcoming me into Ruthern, and I’m excited for all that is to come !
  5. Svetlana sat within an empty Morteskvan, staring off at nothing. She thought about her last conversation with the Queen and the wisdom she had imparted upon the child. Though this death seemed to be a set back for the young Ruthern- she would not let it be. It instead would serve as a reminder that she must provide love where the Queen no longer could. Perhaps that would be easier than anger, and Svetlana would surely try.
  6. BEHIND THE SCENES SCRIPT: Scene 1: Dining Room Upon each guest entering they are introduced by their name and seated at a specific part of the table. They will each be announced and told the clues that are written below. They are welcomed by the host (Tatya) Duchess Morteskvan (DM), a friend to all. DIALOGUE: DM: “Welcome all to my wondrous feast, it is so pleasant to see such friendly familiar faces. I hope you all will enjoy the feast that has been cooked and provided by the wonderful Chef Cheaze. After the dinner, I will announce the final will I have settled upon. Please enjoy.” With that, the Duchess Morteskvan, sat down and began to her. A few moments passed as her eyes widened in somewhat of a fear. “You- no! How dare-” The lights within the room vanquish, nothing can be seen. There is an eerie quiet and a gut wrenching scream that echoed about the room. A slash and a clatter is heard, along with scurrying. The lights are out for quite some time, no one able to see a thing. After long pauses and a fearful confusion, the candles relight. The Duchess lay dead upon her feast table, a gruesome scene indeed! Her food is scattered to the floor and fake blood surrounds the table. No murder weapon in sight, but a large fake gash in dummy’s back. Svetlana is a maid. PRIVATE INTROS FOR THE PLAYERS ONLY. The Bard (Anna) : The bard knows the Duchess because the DM is the Bard’s biggest patron, but recently- DM has been stingy with paying the bard. The bard knows the Mage due to the fact she used to always be around the DM - but recently they have seen less and less. Once upon arriving to Morteskvan, the Bard overheard the DM arguing with the Chef about the menu for tonights feast. The Lumberjack (Para) : The lumberjack knows the DM because she works for her in the Black Company- but recently there has been talks of completely destroying the forest to expand Morteksvan. The Lumberjack knows both the Blacksmith and the Knight since they all work in the Black Company together The Lumberjack was requested by the Knight for an axe in order to make one of the recruits chop some wood. The Heiress (Comical) : The Heiress is vassalized under the Duchy and it is said that upon the DMs death, she will inherit the whole estate The Heiress ran into the Lumberjack and the Knight talking about the axe when she was to dine with the Mystic. She knows that the Mystic is the bastard of the DM’s mother- and if legitimized- would inherit the estate over her. Has a secret romance with the Libarian and was told by him that he would ‘do anything to make sure no one touched the inheritance’ Knows the DM is with the Libraian and if it were to come out that they have been seeing each other would be shocking news. Was going to send an ominous letter to the Mystic threatening her but ended up burning it partially because she felt guilty. Lost her precious handkerchief The Knight (Erik) : The Knight knows the DM because he works under her as the head of the Black Company Knights, it is said the DM and him got into it due to her firing him over negligence Requested and took an axe from the Lumberjack, actually using it for the recruit to chop wood. He left the axe locked up inside the Blacksmith’s shed with the only people who have keys are the DM, the Blacksmith and (secretly the Nun) Has seen the Nun before, and knows that she is a thief - the Nun though has bribed the Knight and it is up to the Knight how long he wishes to keep that secret. The Mystic (Dramatude) : The Mystic knows the DM because it is said that she is the bastard child of the DM’s deceased mother and the ex-duchess! Has a terrible passive aggressive rivalry with the Heiress due to the jealousy of the fact that if the Mystic was legitimized- she would be the rightful heir to the DM’s estate and not the Heiress. Is able to ‘psychically manifest’ one clue during any point of the investigation. The Chef (Zuz) : The chef of the feast- the chef knows the DM because he works within the kitchens of Morteskvan. It was heard that they recently were at odds due to differences of the menu for the feast! Saw the Knight put and lock up an axe within the Blacksmith’s shed Overheard the DM threatening the Nun over a terrible secret that was muffled! You saw an axe earlier that day in the library and not the Blacksmith’s shed. The farmer dropped off fresh food for the feast early in the morning and also came to check on the food quality right before the feast! The Nun (Cheese) : The DM knows the Nun is not actually a woman of the church- but a thief in disguise. The DM has been blackmailing the Nun to do her bidding. The Knight knows you are a thief and you have bribed him to keep the secret- it is important to make sure he keep that secret or else that might make you look guilty. Is friends with the Libraian and often makes generous donations from the Church to the library of the behalf of Orphan Children (But of course pockets some of it for herself) You have a secret key to the Blacksmith’s shed. You lost the key outside the gates of Morteskvan The Blacksmith (Ben) : The Blacksmith also works for the Black Company, it is said that recently he has been taking extra of precious metals and selling them on the side- the DM has found out and they got into a nasty altercation. You have one of the three keys to the Blacksmith shed You know that the Mage and the DM have recently grown apart due to the fact the Mage is obsessed with fake magic- you also know the Mage is secretly enraged with such a notion as she has recently been cut out from the will. The Librarian (Scourge) : The librarian is madly in love with the DM and she him - but they have been forbidden to marry - perhaps some sort of vengeance is being taken place. The Libraian receives large donations provided by the Nun from the church. Has a secret romance to the Heiress and would do anything for her and has said he would ‘do anything to make sure no one touched the inheritance’ Saw the Farmer pocket a random key upon coming to see the Heiress in secret, knowing that if anyone were to find out it would be a great scandal and ruin the Heiress’s reputation! The Mage (Unbaed) : The Mage is an old friend of the DM - met within boarding school. Recently the DM has distanced herself due to the Mage’s odd obsession with false magic. The Mage is angry with the DM for recently cutting her from the will. Briefly saw the Libraian and the Heiress sneak off in the middle of the night holding hands (Its PG because they are all kids) You refuse to tell anyone that you have been cut from the will- as you are embarrassed! The Farmer (Chaos) : The farmer works the fields outside Morteskvan, but there is a rumor that he is deeply in debt and the DM was originally supposed to help get him out - you are madly in love with the Heiress as well - finding out that she is with the Librarian sent you into a rage. The Farmer pocketed the key dropped the by the Nun outside the gates by your farm. You went in the middle of the night to the Blacksmith’s shed and retrieved the axed - stowing it in the library. Early in the morning you dropped off food, moving the Axe to the kitchen for easy access. During the feast, you not only poisoned what you thought was the Heiress’s meal but ended up poisioning the DM. Once you realized she was the one reacting the poision, you finished the job with the axe you tucked away just in case. At the end you must admit that you meant to poison the Heiress because you deeply love her and you are jealous! Gasp! Scene 2: The Kitchen Blood footprints lead within to the kitchen Make a note from the Duchess angry the chef - hide it in the pantry. Another note from the chef to the lumberjack about the missing axe that was sentimental because it was the lumberjack’s dad’s axe and that he left him a surprise in the room. DIALOGUE: Upon entering into the kitchen, it is clear the chef takes great care of keeping it neat and clean. Though the blood trail ends here, scrubbed down evidently in the sink- the last remnants on the counter. Scene 3: The Bedroom A letter from the blacksmith to the lumberjack telling him he left his axe in the blacksmith shed. A book is found checked out from the librarian - a book on grief - a letter in the page threatening him to stop checking out books without permission because she might find something she won’t like DIALOGUE: Entering into the Lumberjack’s room, the scent of pine is strong- almost a welcoming scent considering the haunted scene that has occurred. Nothing seems /too/ out of place, but it is eerie nonetheless. Scene 4: The Library Upon going through the maze they find the secret room - in the room is the heiress’s handkerchief and a semi burnt letter - on the letter it is addressed to someone you cannot tell who but the letter is from the Heiress and is telling the person to watch their back because they will not take the inheritance from her Scene 5: The Shed DIALOGUE: : There is a sign that says that in order to get in you must speak with the Knight, the Blacksmith or the Duchess. Upon opening the shed there will be footprints that match the bloody footprint in the dining hall! There is a muddy handprint right inside, perhaps you can compare them. There will also be a handprint on the wall - upon each of the guests matching the handprint it will match up with the Nun - the Nun will admit that she had a spare key but lost it outside by the farms. Svetlana will suggest a bathroom break Scene 5: The Bathroom Upon entering into the bathroom- the bloody axe will be there- finally the murder weapon has been found. Bloody gloves with it. The gloves have the Farmer’s initials. Meet back in the feast hall and the Butler reveals that he is a detective and the party must vote against someone. They get three tries.
  7. Svetlana sat within the Valdev square, peering down upon such a missive. Her eyebrows raised humming thoughtfully. "Ea do niet see it, Emilio helped save mea life during that fire in Hyspia!" Spouted the little Ruthern, grumbling before returning to her Haeseni chess match.
  8. A Murder Mystery in Morteskvan -x- Penned by THE DUCHY OF VIDAUS 12 I Grona ag Droba, 519 E.S. Within the echoes of the spectral chamber of Morteskvan, the castle is abuzz with hopes of an elite soiree. It is with great anticipation that a select few guests may attend a lavish costume dinner within our great halls. Do not dare be frighten, for nothing truly bad has happened within Vidaus yet. Upon sending a letter, you shall be sent one in turn with a character. It is asked by the hosts that you don the attire of such a role and do your best to portray it. We do hope you shall die- dine with us.
  9. THE BALL OF BLEEDING HEART -x- Penned by THE DUCHY OF VIDAUS [6] I Joma ag Umund, 518 E.S. It is with great pleasure and appreciation that we extend to you an invitation to a grand event in honor of the soldiers who protected the Duchy of Vidaus against the heretical raiders which threatened our lands. Along with the Haeseni people, this event shall also be in honor of Saint Juliya, the patron saint of love and marriage. This event will take place within the confines of the Duchy of Vidaus, nestled within the large walls of the Morteskvan Castle. As we gather to celebrate the timeless virtues of love and commitment, we invite you to join us in revelry and merriment. The ball promises to be an evening filled with treats, music and dancing beneath the shimmering glow of chandeliers. Engaging games and entertainment will be included within the celebration, appealing to all wallflowers and party goers who are in attendance. The play Lorena’s Lament will also be taking place once party goers are settle into seats, the troupe working tirelessly to perform for the denizens of Valdev. In honor of Saint Juliya, renowned for her devotion to fostering bonds of affection and unity, we have prepared a feast fit for royalty. Indulge your senses with an array of delectable treats, including an abundance of candy and sweets that are sure to delight everyone who arrives. Attending this ball offers a splendid opportunity to forge new connections, strengthen existing bonds, and revel in the joy of camaraderie. We eagerly anticipate the pleasure of your company as we pay homage to Saint Juliya and celebrate the enduring power of love. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to ensure your place among esteemed guests. May love and happiness fill your hearts as we come together in fellowship and celebration.
  10. -x- -x- The Duke of Vidaus was the center of attention in the quiet hall of Castle Morteskvan, his massive frame throwing a long shadow over the assembled multitude. The aged stone walls glimmered as torches danced along them, casting dark shadows over the features of people who stared back at him with an air of fear The moment arrived to retake Mummer's Gate, a stronghold held by Ruthern's noble family. And all the people inside the old walls of the fortress felt a sense of urgency. Castle Morteskvan was alive with activity as purposeful footfall echoed off the worn stone flooring as personnel hurried to their assigned posts. Both troops and citizens clambered to get to the cannons positioned strategically along the parapets atop the imposing fortifications. Men and women with determined definitions positioned heavy cannonballs, preparing the artillery for the approaching attack. Amidst the organized chaos, the Duke's commands cut through the walls "Man the cannons! Prepare to defend our home!" His voice, tinged with urgency, guided the efforts of those who stood poised to repel the threat. "Ea will watch the front gate," declared Rhys, his tone firm as he strode purposefully towards the furthest gatehouse from the walls. A curt nod from Lord Ruthern signaled acknowledgment, his attention focused on overseeing the cannon-loading operations. "Da, take your hounds with you," he instructed, his gaze fixed on Rhys. "And you, bowman!" The Daemonsteel Duke pointed a commanding finger towards Konrad Stafyr. "Join my son at the front gate. Rain arrows upon our foes from there." "Pepper that second mammoth, I suppose," muttered Elathion, his brow furrowed in concentration as he adjusted his aim and triggered the cannon's ignition, releasing a satisfying hiss as the charge ignited, the cannon's barrel shifting to target the approaching mammoth. Time went on and with the assistance of a Norlander of the name Io- the young Lady Svetlana assisted in besting two mammoths alongside Elathion. “BOOM!” Screeched the little Ruthern in giddy excitement at the cannon jutted back- firing off the grapeshot set in place. “Hauchpapej- did vy see that- did vy see that! Ea did that!” “Solid shot now, time to reload!” Elathion barks, getting ready! “Ai! Vy have little time to gloat about shots, child.” Io rose their hand, forming a circle with their index finger and thumb to form the Lakian 'OK' hand symbol towards Svetlana. The second cannonball flies into the darkness toward the encampment. Through the roar of cannonfire on the other side, it's hard to tell what effect it might have had. Shortly after the third round of cannonfire - three large blue birds fly past, moving toward the gate. Lightning crackles from around their bodies, and a familiar figure at the head bird waves at them. “One more round of fire into the mummer's gate, then we go and reinforce the gatehouse.” Commanded Elathion. With another moment of set up, the canons were ready. A 'BOOYAH' echoed ontop the walls as once again Svetlana set off the cannon. The last two cannon shots fired sail into the darkness. It was hard to tell whether they killed any of the enemy, but they can be confident they at the very least struck the structures. Only the other force would know how much help the shots were. Upon entering into the gatehouse- the other set of cannoneers were finishing their last shot. Io retrieved a spare lantern, and with a spark of octarine flames sets it alight, offering it to Svetlana. “The enemy likes the dark.” The sentiment gentle in the chaos. “Fire if vy have bows!” And so- she held up the lantern. “Do niet worry- yam niet afraid of the dark. Ea like the dark!” “The enemy likes it more, keep some light at hand.” And so, the forces that besieged the walls of Morteskvan retreated, leaving the Chosen Ones to seek refuge within the courtyard's confines. A gust of wind heralded the arrival of Tyr, feared and formidable, his feet landing with a resounding crunch upon the soil as he advanced towards the gate dividing the courtyard from the entrance of Vidaus. From their vantage point, the Ruthern siblings observed as the Thrall leader, consumed by rage and desperation, hammered and berated the iron bars, relentlessly striving to shatter their confines. “Eam worried for hauchpapej an' ze others.” Sigmar would mumble out, watching the fighting below. The heiress and eldest, Lady Tatiyana, would peer down from the stone window towards the raiders as they littered the courtyard below her, a stern and stoic expression resting upon the childs features. “We are Ruthern. . .We worry niet and take pride in our battles, aye?” As the Ruthern siblings sought refuge, the battle raged on beyond their sight, its intensity evident in the distant echoes of clashing weapons and desperate shouts. "DIE!" Elathion's cry shattered the momentary calm, interrupting the siblings' brief respite as the cacophony of crashing and scuffling reverberated through the air. The fight arrived now to the gate Tyr was smashing, and the Chosen Ones stepped in order to defend their leader. In the process, the Sergeant Stafyr slashed and brutalized as he jumped down to shield the spell being uttered by Ailred. Three of Tyr’s chosen piled their blades upon his flesh- inflicting not only with wounds but within poision. The Chosen, now slayed in their folly, attested to Tyr being the last to survive. Attempting to make his escape before being surrounded in the jousting yard. It was only a matter of time- blow from all angles came down. Elathion, Ailred, Rosalind together weakened him. The Dame Rosalind’s blade piercing fiercely through the heart of Tyr. Ending his reign without a single final word from his lips. “Ich prefer it this way.” Uttered the Dame, twisting her sword deep into the leader’s chest. His blood dripped down, covering the snow in crimson. The siege was over, Morteskvan free from the grips of terror that Tyr held. It seemed unreal as the quiet took over the yard. From the gates the people attacking Mummer’s arrived. The shield of Tyr held high above the Duke’s head. “BY BONE AND BARROWS” Upon heading into the keep, the Duke took his throne- surrounded by his legacy ilk. "Ea shall be brief, for the battle was drawn out. Ea thank vy all for whetting vyr blades in the defense of Morteskvan and Vidaus, and of Haense. The next we shall see those fool shadow-men, et shall be us climbing their ramparts, and putting their homes to flame. Such es right, and such es as God would wish to see. Vy fought well, and acquitted vyrselves well. So ea thank vy, as Duke of these lands. Vyr contributions and vyr bloodshed shall niet be forgotten. Vy may rest as vy require here in Vidaus, for vy have earnt rest." The Duke raised up his axe before dipping his head to those present in the hall, a symbol of his gratitude to those defenders who were arrayed before him. “BY BONE AND BARROWS” “KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM”
  11. Sveta sat whilst the war outside her home raged on, she heard word of the Queen's retirement from the court- she thought fondly of the time the Queen taught her to make hot chocolate on a rather cold day. Seemingly, a core memory for the young Ruthern to hold onto for time to come.
  12. Caelia wept as she heard of her mother's passing, visiting her one last time before she had passed. "A great woman- an even better mother. Farewell."
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