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  1. Name: Adelaide Myre Age: 24 Race: White Prior Relevant Experience: None
  2. Anna Henrietta recalls back to the time she saw the Lady Speaker with the Chancellor in the palace gardens. A small smile came on her face as she then spoke under her breath. "I knew it. I hope she lives happily. I always liked that Irene."
  3. As the Governess Secretary was writing within in her office in the Augustine Palace, her friend Vespira burst within the doors. The flaxened hair Majordomo slamming the newsletter on the desk of the Pruvia. With a lifted brow, Anna read the contents before snorting, beckoning for the Duchess of Helena into her office as well. "Are they saying I am fat?" she'd inquire with a frown to her friend and pseudo-mother before shrugging. "I am only with my fiance, Charles, and I am the same size I have always been. The Duchess weighs me weekly so I maintain my petite womanly
  4. Thoughtful Occurrences of the Mind | I | By Anna Henrietta Introduction: Within my time of studying the mind of others I have determined the following contents true. Though each is different than the last, within the head of each human is a similar pattern that can be traced back to the roots of each road I discuss within this journal Let us delve into the brain of kin and find the route to some of the simplest and some of the most impenetrable ideas interwoven into our daily lives. Each idea more intriguing than the last. When lookin
  5. The Expected Union [!] A letter comes to you upon the silver platter carried by a courier. The beautiful matrimony between HE, Charles Augustus d’Arkent of the Barony Carrington and TMH, Anna Henrietta Pruvia of Provins. A wedding that has been long awaited by friends and family is now in progress with much excitement The wedding will take place in the city's Cathedral and will be followed by a reception in the ballroom of the Augustine Palace. There they shall cut the cake and dine among guests. Signed by His Excellency, Charles Augus
  6. Your full name: Anna Henrietta Pruvia-Provins Your age: 19 Place of Address: Trissingham Palace ((Discord username and ID, ex: Discord#0000: libbybelle#3059 )) ((Your MC Username: libbybelle ))
  7. Anna Henrietta looks over to her pseudo mother with a small smile. "Glad I was blessed by GOD by being in the true line of Pruvia." With that, she retired back into Trissingham to set up some dried fruit for the Duchess when she retired home late in that eve.
  8. TO JOIN: IC Name: Katernina Devereux As a sister or volunteer: Sister Race: Human Birthplace: Curon Place of residence: Haense OOC Mc Name: jinglebellee Discord name: jinglebelle#3059
  9. Skin: Yellow Field - 3$, Pretty in Pink 150 M, Royal Blue 100 M, Plain Jane - 3$, Lil Bow - 3$ Bid: 9$ and 250 minas Discord: You know it bb gal.
  10. Skin: Yellow Field, Pretty in Pink, Royal Blue, Plain Jane, Lil Bow Bid: 15 $ Discord: You know it bb gal.
  11. Anna Henrietta smiles as she reads over her friend’s wedding invitation. “I hope this makes Vlad happy- he deserves it.” After such, she looks fondly at her fireplace as she recalls their childhood memories.
  12. A young lady of mere seventeen peers at the missive with a small tilt of her head. After a inhale she reached into her purse to grab ahold of her fancy quill, jotting down a letter. "My name is Anna Henrietta and I am only seventeen and inexcusably- human. I have brief and little knowledge of the void though I have been able to connect through a bit of Translocation. A teacher in order to help harness my abilities and help grant me water evocation - would be of upmost help! I understand a plethora of people think humans unworthy of such unique abilities but my grand-uncle was Simon
  13. Anna Henrietta heard of the news as she relaxed into her seat within the adjacent Trissingham palace. A small frown came on her lips before she exhaled a small sigh. "Not many ladies could have done what she had done- I hope she can finally rest at ease." she murmured in passing by to the courtier whom provided the news letter. After such, she poured a red wine in honor of the late Empress. She remembered fondly of the time she had delivered the Pope and Anne their lunch in the old Novellen palace.
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