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  1. i wish i could triple upvote this because this is perfectly said and perfectly executed. exactly what i was thinking
  2. Nicoletta beams with illatian pride!
  3. Nicoletta pats herself on the back for a very cool missive, dressing her newborn babies in the most stylish clothing.
  4. Caterina beamed at the invitation “How kind of Cressida to invite me! I must be sure to go.” Then she paused, humming “But what to get her?”
  5. Nicoletta smiles as her invitation arrived. Gathering her things, she headed to Minitz post haste to assist the future Duchess in her preparations!
  6. A distant scream of frustration echoed from the Py’lrie manor. Though only one could assume over what, it seemed pretty clear.
  7. NEW COMING OF NUPTIALS SA 114 Penned by Lady Nicoletta of Varoche Within the upcoming saint’s week a wedding between the heir and eldest of the Viscounty Sapron, Lord Kasimir Sarkozic and the eldest of Count Sigismond of Varoche, the Lady Nicoletta Septimia will be joining in matrimony. The wedding will take place within the Basilica la Sorella and afterwards there will be a small reception within the ballroom of the Palatio Monterosa, sporting Illatian cuisine provided by Adria’s cooking guild. Signed by HIS LORDSHIP, Lord Kasimir of Sapron Heir to the Viscounty of Sapron HER LADYSHIP, Lady Nicoletta Septimia of Varoche The Lady Celebrant of the Monterosa
  8. i feel honored i was one of the first names on the compass. i also mostly agree with it so gg.
  9. CONTEST OF CONFECTION Published. 114 SA of the DEEP COLD The confections of Celia’nor are some of the most high quality desserts within the realm of Almaris. The ingredients are always fresh and the recipes perfected after decades of perfecting. The Lady of Interior alongside the guidance of the Laurir Kaliri has opened the walls of the Palace in order to host a competition of confection. All ingredients and tools shall be provided and the contestants will have twenty elven minutes to prepare the perfect dish to be judged. The panel of judges will then reward a grand prize for first and second place FIRST PLACE: 150 mina and tailored outfit of their choice SECOND PLACE: 50 mina and a spa day within the Elaneh’celia -x- Issued by Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, Virar of Celia’nor, Lady of Eld Roth, Laurir Kaliri, Lady of Festivities and Court Painter of Celia’nor. Lady Linnea of Py’lrie, Lady of the Interior, Ward to the Princess
  10. SAINT CATHERINE’S MEDICAL SOCIETY EST. 113 SA With the transgressions recently arising and the development of the Greycloaks, the Adrian denizens have formed a medicinal guild to aid those in need during trying times. The guild of Saint Catherine’s Medical Society is a newly banded group in which those with medical experience may be licensed and provide care for the sick and injured. In times as these, it is important that proper care may be provided for those who frequent or reside within our fine Duchy. Our goal is to issue proper services and make sure no negligent medical care is serviced within the Duchy of Adria, and to heal those in need. COUNCIL OF CATHERINE: Miss Caterina Renaulta of Ashford de Lewes Lady Cressida Marie of Aldersberg Dame Valda of Vend ISSUED BY Miss Caterina Renaulta of Ashford de Lewes Lady Cressida Marie of Aldersburg Dame Valda of Vend
  11. who is you biggest LOTC inspiration!!
  12. “This is super well written, Lord Ante!” Cheered the Linnea toward the man in passing, giving two big thumbs up.
  13. Caterina Renaulta gave a small smirk upon reading the missive. Showing it to her siblings at daily family luncheon. “Now that is a woman!”
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