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  1. Somewhere, from the distant ethereal planes looked down the Titaness, Amelia Margaret. She smirked upon reading the newspaper, sipping a glass of wine alongside her mother and father. Her chest swelled with pride, a sort of blush falling over her cheek. "Raving reviews I see. Absolutely raving. Look mother, they call me a Titaness- and I am on the front cover. Glad to see my darling hires in Civil Affairs promote my legacy." With that, the Countess of Vanderfall continued her match of croquet alongside her mother, The Countess Renzfeld, and many other of her ancestors. @Ivoreyy
  2. WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT It started off as a simple idea. Her mother always wished for a girl, hadn’t she? The ideal Orenian princess who could eventually be the Princess Imperial. Even if her mother didn’t truly love her, she had given her that at the least. Then grew up a girl, naive and distant from reality. The only saving grace of her poor attitude was her title, she had been unusually cruel. Many wondered why, and only few knew the truth of her painful battle to gain some sort of concept of a world gifted to her on a silver platter. It wasn’t her fault was it? All she longed to be was more than the pretty princess ideal that was ingrained into her head by her grandfather, her mother. So she worked under her brother, day and night. She planned every possible event, she worked on every project she could. Starting on the council, moving eventually to Lady Privy Seal. She held her head high. Her thoughts drifted to her father, what he might have thought about where she is now. Never would she deny missing him. “I never wish to fight with you again. I promise I will be good. Just- Just please don't leave me too, okay?” “Never, my daughter. Never, you can fight, argue, no matter what you say to me, Amelia, you are my daughter, I shall always be here for you whenever you need me.” She stood on the balcony, peering over Providence. She loved the gleam of it in the sunlight and even could almost see the people going about their day. A small smile crested her lips, but the heaviness was something that always haunted her. Then, as she turned to get ready to go about her day- the heaviness lingering always so close behind. Her body toppled over the railing. A shove. As she fell, she thought of the people who had loved her. Her children, she prayed, would be taken care of. Her husband, surely he would find peace even if she departed. Her brother, perhaps he could find a new daily tea partner. And though perhaps there was some lingering sense of guilt for the relief that death may bring, she was at peace as she plummeted toward the gravel yard in the Palace of Vanderfall. A quiet sort of peace. She was free now, and perhaps in the seven skies her father awaited her arrival. The Princess, The Countess Vanderfall, the Prior Mistress of Civil Affairs, the Governess of the Palace, the Lady Privy Seal- in all her glory and accomplishments was now reduced to a lifeless figure of grand silks and jewels spread out on the soil she had earned. While the bustle of the Vanderfall Hall came to halt, so had those burdening memories and feelings that plagued her. Freedom in all its manner was a luxury she could now properly be afforded. --
  3. The Lady Privy Seal observed the missive before narrowing her eyes. After her eye twitched she murmured toward her brother during their afternoon tea session in the County of Vanderfall. “Seems they forgot I was suppose to be apart of such a project.” Her eyes shifted toward the view across lake Anastasia. “Not sure if I should feel insulted or not.”
  4. A bird arrived with a late and extra special invitation to her niece and nephew. Seemingly gotten lost in the mail due to the war…
  5. AN IMPERIAL MATRIMONY 1866 A Personal Union [!] The sigils for House de Vilain and the Imperial County of Vanderfall With great excitement and haste on the return of Princess Amelia from her business trip to Ba’as, and in light of the current state of the empire, a wedding is to occur. Hannes de Vilain and Her Imperial Highness are to wed after Imperial ascension. On the 2nd of Tobias's Bounty, only a few saint’s days away, the couple is to join houses in front of personal friends and family. They hope you may find time to attend. Signed, HIH, Princess Amelia Margaret of Oren Lord Privy Seal, Countess of Vanderfall Hannes de Vilain Grandmaster of the Aurelian Brotherhood, Baron of Acre [!] A courier arrived to the people below, bearing a personal invitation: HIM, The Holy Orenian Emperor, Philip III HIM, The Holy Orenian Empress, Anastasia I HIH, The Prince of Providence, The Prince Peter HIH, The Princess Anne, Duchess of Auvergne HIH, The Princess Imperial, Duchess of Westfall HIH, Prince Fredrick Charles of Oren HIH, Princess Victoria Emma of Oren HIH, Princess Anne Ulyssa of Oren The Entirety of House de Vilain HSH, The Princeps of Ebonwood, Minuvas Melphestaus HG, The Duke of Sunholdt, Peter d’Arkent and their Esteemed Pedigree HG, The Duchess of Cathalon, Andrea Helvets and their Esteemed Pedigree HG, The Duke of Reutov, Ivan Ruthern and their Esteemed Pedigree HG, The Duke of Azor, Joseph d’Azor and their Esteemed Pedigree TMH, The March of Blackvale, Willem van Aert and the entirety of Blackvale and Acre TMH, The March of Westergrenz, Manfred von Arichsdorf and the people of Arichsdorf HIH, The Prince George, Count of Huntshill and their Esteemed Pedigree HIH, The Prince Adrian, Count of Temesch and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Count of Aldersburg, Edward Clement and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Countess of Halstaig, Theodosia O’Rourke and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Count of Dobrov, Fyodor Carrion and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Count of Susa, Anastasios Basrid and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Viscount of Valles, Nikolai Othaman and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Viscount of Vuillermoz, Rev Vuiller and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Viscount of Darkwood, Quinn Darkwood and their Esteemed Pedigree TRH, The Viscount of Rivia, Philip Galbraith and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, The Baroness of Carrington, Coraline d’Arkent and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, The Baroness of Artois, Evangeline Halcourt and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, The Baron of Draskovic, Leopold Draskovic and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, The Baroness of Rosius, Hera de Rosius and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, The Baron of St. Lothar, Arthur Komnenos and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, The Baron of Pompourelia, Joseph de Sarkozy-Pompourelia and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, Baron of Kraija, Dima Ivanovich and their Esteemed Pedigree TH, The Baron of Ames, Elijah Keen and their Esteemed Pedigree Sir Jarad Munnel, Baronet of Munnel In addition, a letter of invitation was delivered to Imperial Prince Gaspard van Aert, slipping through the bars of his cells’ window. HIE, Henry Penton, Arch-Chancellor to the HOE The Lady Chamberlain, Odessa Brandt Halcourt and his guests The Imperial Mages of Aster Court The Hofmann family The Brotherhood Grace Romstun
  6. As the Princess Amelia sat in her office, she received word of this post. Suddenly she gathered inquistors to sue these people for using Providence Post !
  7. A certain Princess Amelia slid a cucumber from her eye, gazing toward the missive her handmaiden- Cathilda- held out. Rolling her eyes she placed it back on. ”Write to my fiancé that I wish for him to not get into spats whilst I’m away.”
  8. A certain princess grinned in her spa retreat in Ba’as. For she was never short of diamond supply. Writing then to her jewel keeper of the news.
  9. A princess Amelia frowned at how low she was listed on the invites but sent the bride and groom a wedding present regardless before she boarded her carriage to the dock. An aged Claire Marie slaved away somewhere, painting and painting and painting.
  10. From the seven skies watched the first Governess within Orenian history, Anna Henrietta. A smile beamed on her face as her palm placed to her heart. "She was one of the things I did right."
  11. The Minister of Civil Affairs, and a Princess of Oren, beamed with excitement that the old bat would finally be able to govern.
  12. A plush sheep maker sat in a small distant house far from the outside world. A small smile came onto her lips as a bird arrived with a letter from an old close friend of hers. "I hope she garners the support she needs, she surely has mine!"
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