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  1. Now Tanith is a babe.... I was honored 2 do the skin 🙂
  2. libertyybelle

    My Story

    You are amazing. I love you so much and I am so proud of everything you do!
  3. Mary Lucille gives John a thumbs up and starts getting ready to boogie at the ball!
  4. Mary Lucille snorts as she hears of the wedding, and the invitation her and her betrothed lacked to receive.
  5. "Lord Mayor, I rise to introduce The Publican Tenant and Landlord Act of 1773"
  6. Mary Lucille receives her personal invitation with a beaming smile. “How kind. I will be sure to make time to attend!”
  7. libertyybelle


    Love it 🙂
  8. So as a person who literally has learned from Ivory and can now make pretty decent skins, I can CONFIRM, these tips work. amazing job bb. also don’t mean to brag but uhhh Mary Lucilles face is immortalized now. B)
  9. +1 “and we hear the orenian cannons go boom...”
  10. “GOD I hope severely that crooked old rat Corwin suffers for what he has done. Poor Peter.” Sighed out a distressed Mary Lucille, holding onto the last letter the young Pompourelia wrote before he left for Sutica. “I told you I would make sure your death and your mother’s death was avenged. I plan on doing just that.”
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