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  1. Name:Lobuu Reyorwyn ((MC Name)):dssblindfox Age:36 What magic are you trained in, if any?none How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? i am a sillumir How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln?6 years Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? yes What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any?arcanism
  2. four four two would answer pretty sure its permanent he had his arms and legs crippled and thrown off the mountain
  3. dssblindfox


    working as a child to become a smith he started young mining and assisting the local blacksmith working to help out around the townto make money to stay alive because his parents have passed of old age they were very old when they had him and left him a small house that was later taken by a corrupt uncle he was exiled from his seed by his uncle, he claimed he assaulted him and dishonored him. he claimed his innocence but the corrupt uncle had paid the right people and he was ultimately beaten and disgraced his tattoo was removed in the form of them cutting off the skin and he was sent on his way to wander and possibly rejoin the elves who banished him who wanted the small amount of money and his home he now uses the money to eat and live in a hotel or on the street it did not work out he started to scavage for food and herbs in the woods and knows how to cook outdoors make fires as he was traveling away from his former home a drifter learned to tame animals and shoot a bow from a hermit he found in a cave but the hermit vanished after he was done and the boy was on his way again wandering
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