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  1. Johann

    Come the Beast

    A hooded mali’aheral looks upon the weathering missive in passing, perusing its contents before a frown settles upon his impassive visage in light of its contents. Regardless of what provoked his displeasure, he pockets the parchment, with intent to perhaps investigate further...
  2. Archons, The Voidscarred Transcendents ”Power... wrought with curses, much like living – how quaint.” – Avenel Synalli, Former Primarch. Origins Power. Power is pursued by the competent and learned in the elusive practise of magic, a temptation that indiscriminately afflicts the hearts of the righteous, the vainglorious and the malevolent. It was this pursuit of power that throttled magi of old, self-proclaimed masters of the art, and rediscovered that which was forsaken, scorned and feared - the esoteric; decrepit tomes that detailed unnatural means for a descendant to transcend their arcane capabilities for a price. Yet they took it, whatever the cost was, for such is the vanity of mortality. Their humanity, these magi centuries ago delved in where no Man dared delve. Tenacious in their pursuit of this unnatural knowledge, just like their forebears, many failed to achieve the transformation, the attainment of what sanity would think impossible, the embracing of the antithesis of existence, the Veil - the void. Yet they persisted, whatever the cost was, for such is the strength of mortal convictions. But in due course, one succeeded. He who dubbed himself The Primarch, first of his Kind, the pinnacle of arcane prowess, the first Archon. The transformation, however, came with a price that he slighted in the heat of passion; it would take away the blissful ignorance that pervaded the minds of even the most learned magi, rendering him privy of what the ancient basin of power he so admired truly was - something beyond the comprehension of the mortal, perhaps even the divine psyche. It was all and it was nothing, a paradoxical oxymoron that he came to embody. Henceforth did this newfound awareness, a glimpse into infinity, begin gnawing at the sinews of his sanity and the fragile fabrics of his humanity, emboldened by the immortality he had now been cursed with as a vessel of the eternal, the void. Woe. Over his ceaseless years, cursed with immortality, he found a means of procreating of which he had seen. It was a vain yet enduring effort to share his woes in the midst of his dwindling humanity, the compassion that he once held for descendants of his ilk dripping from his soul, progressively consumed by the entropic energies that he had offered it to. “Man has sought immortality in many ways… sought to transcend mortality; yet none dared touch the void.” - The Primarch, first of the Archons. Thus came the day when the Primarch prevailed, creating what is now known as the lost art of forging the “arcane trinket” by imbibing it with the energies of the void that had consumed him, for the purpose of allowing it to consume another. It is ironic, the unfathomable capabilities of such a feeble device--yet, it served those capabilities. The cursed gift of embracing the void was offered by the Primarch only to those of competence; those that accepted the price they had to pay for the power they wished to attain. And thus arose an order of archons who projected their arcane aptitude and wisdom across the realms - marvelled and dreaded by the naive. The rise of the archons came as swiftly as their fall, for even the immortal cannot transcend the neverending march of time. They vanished, the Primarch and his many pursuivants, to a place no mortal soul can ever conceive. To the anguish of many, the departure of the archons was as traceless as the disappearance of the manuals of the craft. Perhaps it was for the better that their cursed legacy was put to rest. Thus followed many generations without question - until there arose a question. Even though there remained no evidence of the lost art of malforming one’s soul with the energies of the void to become a fabled Archon, it did not stop the neverending pursuits of the righteous, vainglorious and malevolent. They persisted, whatever the cost was, for such is the strength of mortal convictions. And the cycle continued; against overwhelming odds, the becoming of an Archon was revitalised and rediscovered by contemporary magi. It was proof of the remarkable ingenuity of mortality, the pride of the Creator. This restored generation of Archons endowed descendants the same unnatural transformation that had afflicted and empowered their forebears, but with the original art lost to time, the strength was diluted. Regardless, the allure of transcendence was enough for many a powerful magi, who took to embracing it once more like their forebears, blissfully naive of the price they had to pay - they paid, and the Archons returned. Description “Great truths hide behind your eyes, carve them out and see.” - Doviculus The Archons are a product of something unnatural that flagrantly defies the bounds of the mortal coil, for it is where the soul of a descendent is scarred by the void, malformed by the fragments of the veil and void. Where this inseparable link brands one’s being with curses did it also provide numerous boons also bestowed upon those willing to make the sacrifice - the augmentation of their arcane abilities and immortality. Though the soul is claimed by the void, and the descendant’s being coursing with the essences of the void, the mortal vessel remains ever-present and needy. Akin to the life they once had, the Archon is still subject to the burdens of the mortal coil, bearing blood, bone and muscle that must still be sustained through nutrition and sustenance. However, as their being is powered by the void, neglect of these mortal needs will no longer lead to death. One may hunger, but never perish to starvation. One may thirst, but never perish to dehydration. One may suffer, but never perish to suffering. The archon may feign ignorance for these bodily needs, as the survival of their souls are no longer dependent on their adherence to addressing mortal suffering, but the mortal vessel will most certainly weather the consequences. If one does not sustain the integrity of their muscles, then one will certainly pay the price of a compounding weakness. A curse that accompanies the virtues of this immortality are the ramifications of crossing a point of no return for the body, rendering its integrity sundered with the burdens of vesselhood and the base ignorance of the Archon towards their mortal needs. This state of being endows the Archon with boons beyond simply immortality, for the void, after all, is the age-old source of all voidal magics. It must be borne in mind however, that time weathers, and the once-formidable strength of Archons has been no exception to this, weakened by its throes. Relative to ordinary descendant magi, Archons are still capable of casting voidal spells with relative ease, naturally possessing a superior mana pool, rendering them less prone to exhaustion. Unlike their predecessors, who dabbled in manipulating the essence of spells, contemporary Archons have abandoned this reckless practise, for transcending that which is beyond the capabilities of one’s soul is foolish and detrimental. The intimate and now wary association of the soul of Archons to the void, however, has awakened what was once inert capacities. Being souls scarred by the void, claimed by its entropic energies, Archons are now able to practise lesser variants of certain magics with similarly close associations to the void, namely a weakened form of blinking and voidal feeling. A transcendent Archon possessing red aura. Perhaps the most defining trait of Archons would be their uncanny ability to surrender their mortal vessels at will to the otherwise suppressed energies that course through their being/ The transformation culminates in the removal of their mortal vessel as it disintegrates into the void, thereafter replaced by a fluid, humanoid body encased in a strange arcane hide, allowing them to flow freely without the hindrances of the vessel, awakening all their otherwise dormant capabilities, with the exception of being able to rend advanced spells with ease. As is a recurring motif, the acquisition of unprecedented power in the beings of mere descendants comes with a price that is to be paid - curses that are to torment the Archon, perpetual afflictions. As the soul has already been scarred, consumed and inebriated by the vices of the void, the Archon will be unable to wield any deific magics, with nearly every dark magic with the exception of Pale Blood Magic being impossible to practise and master. The mortal vessel, as established prior, also remains susceptible to the consequences of harm, rendering it pervious to abilities such as necromantic draining, and other forms of physical trauma. Naturally, if the mortal vessel is subject to fatal trauma - the excessive loss of blood - mana will begin to drain out of the body, slowly but certainly spelling the demise of the Archon, unless the wound is healed in some way. In their transcendent form, being entirely composed of turbulent currents of mana, the Archon acquires newfound and magnified weaknesses which are the bane of their empowered being. Incurring a direct strike of a thanhium weapon, the antithesis of magic, will render the Archon’s arcane capabilities debilitated, akin to that of a lesser magi, and disrupt its concentration for three emotes as the Archon agonises in the excruciating pain of thaumburn, unable to recover their limbs from the disruptive mana. Aurum and its alloys incur a similar, albeit less magnified effect upon Archons, disrupting its concentration for one emote, leaving a burning sensation at the site of its wounds - evidently more effective than mundane weaponry. Other forms of anti-magic that may prove perilous towards the capabilities of the transcendent Archon, perhaps even lethal to its being, are unsound and abjuration magic, both of which may be utilized against them to stagger and cripple. Creation When a descendant voidal mage has mastered three voidal magics, nearing the limits of their definite capabilities, they may seek to continue desiring the succour of acquiring power and transform themselves into perhaps the pinnacle of voidal mastery - an Archon. To do so, they must first seek out an Elder Archon, which in itself may perhaps be a trial and tribulation. Every Archon may hold a variegated opinion towards the prospect of bestowing their boons upon a mortal, as is dictated by their psyche. An example would be that Archons who reject their humanity may be more predisposed to scorning mortals that seek them out to join their ranks - the direction of responses is entirely dependent on the player’s character. “Embrace the change, let your soul nevermore be slain, let the truth be gained.” Time weathers all, and the means of becoming an Archon are no exception to this rule. With the many centuries of neglect, the lack of evidence and the shifts in mentality, the method in which the fabled mana trinket can be created has been lost to the ages. The process of becoming an Archon remains hinged on the mediation of Elder Archons, for it is they who must perform the transcendence ritual on the aspirant magi without risk; one may perform this ritual with a skilled transfigurationist if all the criteria to become an archon are met, though naturally this is not without its own perilous dangers. Voidal heaths possess the most profound connection to the void - thusly, with the absence of the mana trinket, Elder Archons must substitute this need by performing the transcendence ritual in these enigmatic planes. Upon this desirable site, two Elder Archons must situate themselves on opposite sides of the imminent Archon, embracing their transcendent form for the process. Furthermore, the presence of two skilled T5 voidal mages, is a necessity for the channelling of mana through the being of the Elder Archons, who will thereafter imbibe this mana, along with their own, with the latent energies of the environment, ultimately directing this conglomerate of mana into the Archon. In the process of this ritual, the Elder Archons will chant cryptic, esoteric phrases in an obscure tongue of the void that will only be discernible as unintelligible, distorted reverberations originating from within the Archon’s being. These sayings mark the advent of the descendant’s soul becoming malformed by the void as an unprecedented quantity of voidal energy is channeled into the mortal vessel - the strain of this process upon the target’s soul causes one to instantly fall unconscious at its onset. The departure of the soul from the mortal plane as it is claimed by the void. It is following this unconsciousness when the unnatural effects of this ritual begin to seep into the forthcoming Archon’s being, an effect of the voidal energies that overcome their mortal vessel. As the soul begins to be scarred, malformed by the void, physical changes begin to appear upon the Archon’s body in indication of this terrible transformation. One’s body mass would dwindle, tissues and muscles degrade and skin pale, the consequences the mortal vessel suffers for transcendence. The coursing of mana through an Archon’s veins shifts their eye colour to a mixture of their aura and that which they once possessed, yet that is not all for the transformation, for the mortal vessel is not the only component of one’s being. Much to one’s surprise, the duration of the ritual is when the Archon experiences perhaps the final tranquility of their lives, before it is superseded by a traumatizing, perhaps even scarring barrage of visions as consciousness is recovered - sights of the void, the truths of existence, the futility of mortality, among other irrevocable axioms of the void and the veil that one may witness in this ensuing delirium. The sights will be accompanied by maddening, hallucinatory and psychedelic whispers, the void’s terrible symphony of cacophonous, eldritch shrieks. Every soul has a differing reception to the void, thus the experience of Archons will naturally differ, however it is needless to say that the experience follows a common thread of comprehending that which is beyond the comprehension of mortality. Forms The Mortal Vessel Humanity is perhaps the Archon’s greatest boon, the preservation of one’s original form a testament to the persistence of the soul. One’s former being and soul are inextricably linked, for the body has been the vessel of the soul ever since inception, a fundamental tie defining of the mortal’s very existence on its plane. Upon the becoming of an Archon, the body remains, now acting as the mortal vessel of the immortal soul, permanently altered in form, reflective of the voidscarred it houses. The complexion of the mortal vessel is pale, the hue of its eyes shifted to a mixture of the Archon’s aura and its original, with areas of visible veins giving off a glow of the Archon’s aura as mana becomes infused with one’s sanguine lifeforce, the crimson ichor of blood. The mortal vessel will experience much physical weakness in consequence of the voidal energies that degrade one’s vessel, only further exacerbated by one’s disposition to neglect bodily needs; an Archon’s strength will be comparable to that of a feeble mage, unable to swing anything heavier than a sword and their body incapable of enduring the strain of heavy armor. The Transcendent Transcended, the Archon embraces the latent, suppressed energies of the void as they permit it free reign over their very being, unlocking that which is usually restrained for the purpose of preserving their mortal visage. The transformation is an agonizing process for most, an expected result of allowing arcane to overcome the mortal vessel, burning and searing away bones, sinews, skin, and other aspects of the mundane body, shifting to a surreal, turbulent mist of arcane energy in the color of their aura which is mildly encased by an invisible, but tangible hide. Naturally, the innate nature of one’s soul will cause the transcendent Archon to adopt a humanoid form, identical to that of their original being, however the prominence and definition of features is under the discretion of the Archon. A discernible outline of a maw, eyes, and other bodily features can be replicated by the Archon through the utility of various textures and shades of their aura, though the alteration of one’s being does not change the nature of one’s voice, which shifts to a distorted, deep tune. "In my fatigue, I gazed upon it -- An angel, yet it spoke no words of virtues nor flames of righteous fire. I looked and peered upon great whirlwinds, a hailing frost; One made of apathy and of no remorse, great hurricanes of flame clashing as a brilliant ethereal light veiled it. In the center of this primordial chaos was the angel, azure eyes gazing at my own. Their whole body, their rims, and their spokes; Their wings, the same cyan embers bathing their divine form. I questioned my sight, my voice and mind -- For whenever GOD had to slaughter or punish, he had sent an angel. I couldn't perceive what laid before me; Even now, the features seem so dream-like, yet I am sure -- An angel fell from the heavens and came to punish the wicked. I repented -- Clutching the cross that guided me; The blind faith that gave me reason. My knees cradled by the freezing snow, yet it mattered not. My whole life praising GOD to see an angel, wings dipped in blood. It went ahead, caring not for me; The great power followed, without turning it passed me." - The Ravings of A Witness. The Anchor Though the void itself is immaterial, at least in that naive perception of the Descendants, a metaphysical addition to the Archon’s physical person grows as the ritual reaches its close. The Anchor is a translucent formation as wide as a fist, protruding no more than half an inch from the Archon’s frame, its character akin to that of a mineral, only manifesting in transcendence. The specific location of the Anchor is naturally at the heart of the Archon, for it is also the site of the metaphysical soul. The void, a paradoxical plane, is not monolithic in its character, and no two Magi will share an identical experience in connecting with it. This extends to the Anchor’s specific form; some may appear as finely cut gemstones, others as a multitude of loosely connected miniscule crystalline protrusions, and some may yet appear as a more consistent and connected smooth geometric shape, texture akin to stone. The color of the Anchor will generally be reflective of the Mage’s aura, though dull, adopting a bright glow when the Archon makes their connection to the void. While the Archon’s body exists in the physical world, their soul now resides perpetually in the voidal expanse. The Anchor acts as a mirror, reflecting the soul unto a form physical, rooting it in the realm material. Naturally, the Anchor is paramount to the Trancendant’s immortality, and is entirely how it is maintained. If the Archon were to be killed in a manner mundane, dying from harm to the body or mind, the Anchor will boldly flare with the soul’s aura, dissipating into the air in a small arcane explosion, wayfaring through the void and ultimately rematerializing in the physical world at the Cloud Temple or a designated obelisk. Though the Anchor itself is obstinate it is not indestructible, having the durability comparable to a tough stone. Should it be shattered, the Archon’s immortality is rescinded, causing an enforced PK upon their next death until their anchor is restored by an Archon and a skilled transfigurationist. However, as the Anchor is a part of the Transcendant’s body, it will naturally heal over time assuming it is only damaged and not entirely destroyed. Slashing a sword may scratch it a worst, but blunt weapons like maces, flails, warhammers, and clubs pose a grave threat. Four strikes to the Anchor with a blunt weapon of well crafted character will see it shattered, casting the Archon’s being back into the void. If it sustains the abuse given it will heal in a time proportional to the damage; severe cracking in its form may take nearly a year to recover, during which the Archon is vulnerable. Minor cracking (1/4 hits): 1 OOC days to heal. Major cracking (2/4 hits): 3 OOC days to heal. Integral cracking (3/4 hits): 5 OOC days to heal. The transcendent form flickers as the connection to the void grows volatile. Shattered (4/4 hits): Physical form destroyed, its link to the void severed, immortality rescinded, halted. PK upon next death, unless the shattered anchor is restored by an Archon and a voidal mage, with the voidal mage channelling their mana to the Archon to perform a sophisticated transmutation on the anchor. The amount of mana held within the Anchor is numbingly immense, and thus a Transcendent’s presence can be easily detected by any Magi within a four meter radius, the magical power unable to be concealed. While those Magi may not understand the Archon, feeling a similar sensation to that of a powerful spell being cast, should a Transfigurationist come near enough to cast Voidal Feeling upon the Anchor they will gain a level of understanding as to what the Transcendent is and the nature of their soul’s intertwining with the void. This grants the Transfigurationist with the ability to Abjure Transcendents, should they so choose to. Transformation Becoming: The figure begins to sporadically twitch and shudder, the veins about his eyes and arms beginning to radiate a brilliant violet aura. [!] The flesh and bones of the figure begins to sear away with an audible hissing, his extremities replaced by plumes of purple aura. The mist-turned flesh would remain in place, an intangible arcane hide beginning to manifest. [!] As the arcane hide concludes its manifestation, the figure’s being now purely composed of packed arcane energy, a plume of violet aura rising from his head, a spectral fog replacing his legs. Reverting: The violet archon shudders and convulses in place, a cacophonous crackling emanating from his being as bones, begin to manifest within, the transformation shroud by a veil of purple fog. Muscles and sinews form about the bones, the mists shrouding the figure gradually absorbed inwards, converted into flesh with time. [!] With time, the transformation completes, the Transcendent now fully reverting into his original form, body twitching from the strain of the transformation as he took heaving breaths, the soul accustoming itself to the burdens of the mortal vessel. Tier Progression Lesser (T1) The Archon has only recently performed their transcendence, thusly inexperienced in effectively harnessing the surplus mana of their transcendent being for practical purposes. Transformation from the mortal vessel to the transcendent will inflict a searing pain upon the Archon, akin to being baptised in a fire; given a singular week of practise, the pain will begin to subside to merely a stinging sensation upon transformation. Returning to the mortal vessel will drive the Archon to an ineffable exhaustion, breatheless as a result of the exertion one requires to remanifest their original being. This stage lasts for two weeks. Features: Ease of casting (Available for mortal vessel) 1 extra T2 spell Going out of transcendent form will incur debuffs for 9 emotes (major exhaustion, magic temporarily weakened to tier 3) Greater (T2) The Archon is moderately experienced, having exercised their capabilities for two full years. With this time comes a natural growth in proficiency as the Archon is better able to tap into the mana reserves of their being, in addition to experiencing little actual pain in the process of transcending, but instead merely an odd sensation that is more of an out of body experience. When reverting, the Archon will be out of breath at most, though their capabilities will still be limited for some time. After a month as a greater Archon, the effects of transformation will decrease in magnitude, though their capabilities remain relatively the same. This stage lasts for a 2 months. Features: Ease of casting (Available for mortal vessel) 1 extra T3 spell Can aid and perform rituals Going out of transcendent form will incur debuffs for 7 emotes (minor exhaustion) Rituals: Rite of Designation, Sacraments of Sealing, Voidal communion Elder (T3) The Archon has become seasoned with many years of experience, with practise in manipulating their mana and performing rituals. Upon this stage they become an Elder Archon, one who can lead the rituals of transcendence and severance. Transformation becomes a trivial affair, however reversion will still incur debuffs upon their being. Features: Ease of casting (Available for mortal vessel) 1 extra T5 spell Can lead rituals Going out of transcendent form will cause incurrence of debuffs for 6 emotes + minor exhaustion (breathlessness) Rituals: Transcendence Ritual, Rite of Designation, Sacraments of Sealing, Voidal Communion, Severance Rituals Rite of Designation - [N] - Greater An archon may empower an obelisk, turning it into a conduit of voidal energy which serves as a point of reformation. Voidal Communion - [N] - Greater An archon can perform a ritual in which they seek info and insight from within the void. Sacraments of Sealing - [N] - Greater A gathering of archons and voidal mages may seal and purge a voidal tear from the veil. Severance Ritual - [N] - Elder An Elder Archon may enact a ritual to rescind another archon of their transcendence. Mental Description The transcendence ritual, not aggrandizing in its name, exposes one to the true preternatural--an untamed and foreign wild contra to the understood and documented voidal connections of the typical magi. One becomes truly immersed in the void, drowned in a sea of infinite expanse and blank nothingness. Innumerable visions are received, their contents paradoxical, a realm where the natural laws of the Descendants seem quixotic. Incomprehensible and unfathomable, one finds themselves a malleable entity in a plane of entropy. Nonexistence becomes visible, its character beyond simple unending blackness and unable to be articulated in the mortal tongue. Likewise, one bears witness to a more encompassing existence, shapes and colors indescribable and impossible, objects formed yet formless. The passing of time itself becomes meaningless; the visions will feel as though they occur over fleeting seconds and concurrently over a thousand millenia. It is in this oxymoronic realm, terrifying and beautiful, that a Descendant becomes aware of their child-like naivety, that their understanding of the material realm is no more than that of an ant. And, it is here, that they climb the first rung on the ladder of truth. The depicted visions of an Archon during transcendence. Such experience is an enlightenment in its term, as the mage has bore witness to a higher realm far beyond the perception of the masses. As the ritual itself is transformative of ability and understanding, so too may it become transformative in personality. Archons may gradually develop a condescension towards descendants, viewing them as transient and ignorant while they have become eternal. Yet, as no two magi experience these voidal connections the same, and indeed the personalities of the thinking races being numerous in their own right, the extent of this effect will vary. Some may preserve their old character while others will reject it entirely. Immortality begets limitless time to philosophize, and thus those that receive its boon will view and understand it uniquely and evolvingly. In Transcendent form one becomes an indecipherable mass of magical being, the physical manifestation of one’s own mana. Though they may vaguely take on a humanoid form, their mentality may not. Indeed Archons in this state often adopt a disposition unlike that of a mortal vessel, perceiving themselves as near deity. Finding themselves less susceptible to the typical human emotions they may act more scornful and condescending, a consequence of the empowerment that surges through, and demonstrably alters, their being. Do you know of insanity? I have glimpsed it; I have grazed it. I have been in the throes of its reach. One minute I knew peace; the next, I was plunged into a horrid hellscape. There were voices in my head. Incessant, itching, aggravating, pulsing, and cacophonous voices ringing out in a sickening symphony; they launched a painstaking and torturous assault on my mind. I did not know even a moment of rest. I peered into the void and witnessed horrors I could not and still cannot put into words. Maddening, maddening, maddening sounds, sights, scents, and tastes filled up my senses with one feeling translated into many: insanity. I heard the conversation of fiends and bore witness to a psychedelic onslaught of visions - I questioned the existence of a GOD. Those feeble, shallow fools lust for longevity--for immortality. They fail to understand; they cannot comprehend what it means to be immortal. To be immortal is to be imprisoned. I am doomed to a ceaseless existence full of suffering, madness, and detestable knowledge. Immortality is a curse, not a boon. I wander the fields of existence alone - I am neither here nor there. If I was asked who I was or what I was, I would not be able to answer. I am a damned being of endless torment. I am everything and nothing. - The Lamentations of an Archon. Corruption Heavily inspired by Zarsies’ Original Lore ”Sometimes, insanity comes knocking. Other times, it tears down the walls.” For an Archon, frailty lies not only in the body, but irrevocably in the mind. Vulnerability lies in eternity; the eternal, susceptible. For time may wear one callous and grim. Endless and unfathomable like the Void they embody, an Archon is susceptible to the throes of madness, for their existence is a paradox and can be mildly remedied by the ways of the world. The soul of an Archon, orderly constructs that embrace the very antithesis of its being, is an enigmatic one, a living contradiction, a persistent paradox. It is the reason every Archon, as time weathers their consciences, walk on a tightrope over the endless entropy they have embraced within themselves. To fall, all it takes is a little push. In the abyss, humanity fades and insanity ensues. Effects of Corruption Those that choose to fervently reject their humanity, the foundation of their existence, are more susceptible to becoming the subject of the fading humanity all Archons experience. Over time, they may become throttled into madness and mania through the hubris they garner, or the condescension they cultivate, unnatural traits that only gnaw at their mortal integrity with the passage of time. Soon enough, as this persists… the tipping point comes, the fall begins and the spiral consumes. It is in this descent that a metaphysical seed of corruption is planted within the malformed soul, of those that incessantly submit or entertain their follies. Over the duration of a year, the seed will slowly bud, causing perversions in the mind of the transcendent Archon. As the seed continues to sprout, an inflaming madness supervenes until the transcendent Archon possesses a unique personality which antagonizes, dissociates and disdains the Mortal Vessel. This can, for example, include a violent, abusive transcendent form or a depressive, self-harming transcendent form. When the transcendent fully develops its own personality, the soul of an Archon is figuratively split, wherein the transcendent will seek control of the Mortal Vessel, wedging a rift between the struggling forces within one being. If left untreated, the objective superior, the Transcendent will continuously weaken the Mortal Vessel until their sanity is crushed, humanity lost - the transcendent persona becomes across both forms, a singular being. The only means in which this condition can be remedied is through holy magics that can remove diseases and sickness, for the means in which the Archon's mana can be drained have been lost to time. Death “O’ how finality of death that hath been rescinded from our being, yet an anchor, the Achilles’ heel.” – Anordal Elverhilin Where death is so final for mortal souls, a curtain’s call, the final closing of a lifelong story, the ultimate embrace of dark that beckons upon all… it is but the beginning of another chapter for the malformed soul of an eternal being, an Archon. Woe, to not be endowed a finality in one’s existence is a cursed blessing, an inseparable dichotomy that empowers and torments. For an Archon, every death appears to be a final tune of life’s symphony, yet it is but a deceptive diminuendo, a faux calm that is only followed by the Archon returning to the world through the void’s energies, remanifesting upon a designated obelisk, or the Cloud Temple, reborn in the mortal plane. Every death an Archon experiences entails the subsiding of their soul, the process of replication siphoning one’s very essence purely for the purpose of ensuring one’s continuance. The shattering of one’s anchor entails graver consequences, for it subjects the Archon to both mental and physical anguish, an abject affront to the pride many hold of transcendence, furthermore subjecting it to the threat of eternal death. It is said that after five deaths, an Archon loses their sense of ego, of oneself as they truly descend into something beyond madness, ultimately rendering them incapable of returning to the mortal plane, casting their soul forever sundered in the abyss of the void. General Redlines This lore is not common knowledge and the existence of Archons is only known to those that have previously witnessed their kind. One cannot simply say they have “read” of Archons or “heard” of their properties. Archons may not practise deific or dark magic, with the exception of Pale Blood Magic and Kani. Weaknesses MUST be roleplayed accordingly. Physical and mental effects MUST be roleplayed accordingly. CHANGELOG August 4th – Added a ritual for self-transcendence August 5th – Added redlines and clarifications for “description” REFERENCES Original lore Changes to Archons Zarsies’ lore on corruption Isaac’s unfinished Spellforged rewrite. CREDITS Johann (Author and Editor) Setriel (Rewriting anchors + mental description) Nozoa (Rewriting rituals) Spoons and Amelica (Narrative pieces) Lhindir (Consultation) Wretched (Consultation) Kalehart (Consultation) Zarsies (Consultation and Corruption lore) Phil (Original lore)
  3. THE HAELUN’OR REFUGEE ACT Ratified on the 14th of The Deep Cold, 1778 Penned by Eredael Rhenaer Since the time of Malin, it has always been natural for the mali to care for less fortunate races, a tradition the restored republic hopes to maintain. Though the Inferi threaten this continent the Silver City remains protected as a beacon of hope and civility, safety and progress, its countenance remaining pristine despite worldly duress. Appropriate fortifications have been constructed in the premises of our blessed Silver Bastion, walls bolstered and machines of war assembled. While other cities face siege and war, our land will endure as it always has, enrobed by the flame of Azdromoth and His oversight, and emboldened by purity through the adherence to Elmaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. In spite of recent ill-reception and contempt, the Mali’thill still intend to see all Descendants defended against the Inferi scourge. Accordingly, Haelun’or will offer refugee residence to any who find themselves displaced by forthcoming destruction. I. Land adjacent to the plateau of Lareh’thilln will be designated for refugees. A. Refugees will further find welcome into the city proper both socially and economically, though their residence will be restricted to the allotted zone. 1. Refugees will be able to apply for mercantile stalls in both the city proper and the refugee district, subject to availability. To be handled by the Okarir’nor. II. All Descendants are able to claim refugee status provided they are of good character and in honest need of safety. A. Criminals, practitioners of any Light or Dark arts, and those of questionable morality will not be granted stay. III. Refugees are subject to all typical laws and regulations enforced upon the citizens of Haelun’or. A. Any crimes committed will result in a revocation of refugee status and prompt expulsion from the city. Refugees will have the right to fair trial. IV. After four years ((four Elven weeks)) of residence refugees earn the right to apply for second-class citizenship. A. Applicants will be examined by Elheial’thilln on a case by case basis. Signed as of 1778, Maheral, Ikur Sullas Sohaer, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Maelunir, Muriel Uradir Okarir’tir, Celiasil Uradir Okarir’maehr, Silvyr Uradir Okarir’hiylun, Dele Seregon *With the publication of the missive, birds are dispatched all across Arcas heralding application forms.*
  4. Johann

    The Summons

    The stentorian orations of the Great Titan educe a light smile from a wronged ‘aheral, recovering alone in the vestiges of a deserted chamber. “And so the Great Titan proclaims his deliverance – let penance reign over those that have betrayed.”
  5. THE BALLOT ((MC name:Johann__)) Name: Muriel Maehr’indor Vote for Okarir’maehr: (XX) Silvyr Uradir ( ) Andria Aldin
  6. Election of Elokarir’maehr, 1777 Mali’aheral of Haelun’or, Proceeding the fruitful debates that have transpired over the recent days for this exalted position, you are called upon as citizens once more to choose who you believe is competent to lead. Two candidates have stepped forth for the blessed opportunity of leading the mali’aheral in the coming days as the Guardian of Knowledge, Elokarir’maehr CANDIDATES: Silvyr Uradir Andria Aldin As Elmalaurir Avern’dionne Fi’talareh once proclaimed, the time for talk is over, now is the time for action. Let us vote for the future of Haelun’or, go now to the Eternal Library for this blessed affair. *At the Eternal Library, a polling station can be found.* Copies of the debate are pinned next to the polling station: Debates THE BALLOT ((MC name: )) Name: Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( ) Silvyr Uradir ( ) Andria Aldin Rules of the Blessed Election: You may vote twice for each position. A single tick will count as ONE vote. A double tick is TWO votes. A single tick on ONE candidate and the ABSENCE of a second tick is ONLY ONE vote. You must be a registered first class citizen living in the city, upon the date of the election to vote. If you try to fish your vote from the ballot box, it will cause an immediate discount . ((No editing your post)) Only the Maheral and their assistants, who count the votes, may delve into the contents of the ballot box. Any other doing so is in violation of the Silver Law. ((Do not meta this post)) If you are under fifty, you may not vote. If you are an impure, you may not vote. If you are a lesser, you may not vote. If you live outside the Silver Walls, you may not vote. ((If you have two characters, you may not vote on both)) The Maheral adjudicates any invalid ballots. ((Only post votes as replies to this post)) Voting will close in one elven day. ((24 hours from this post)) MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  7. ((MC name: Uradir)) Name: Muriel Uradir Vote for Okarir’tir: ( ) Alluin Seregon ( ) Elrion Visaj ( XX ) Celiasil ( ) Storm Elibar’acal
  8. Election of Elokarir’tir, 1775 Mali’aheral of Haelun’or, Proceeding the fruitful debates that have transpired over the recent days for this exalted position, you are called upon as citizens once more to choose who you believe is competent to lead. Four candidates have stepped forth for the blessed opportunity of leading the mali’aheral in the coming days, as Elokarir’tir. CANDIDATES: Alluin Seregon Elrion Visaj Celiasil Storm Elibar’acal As Elmalaurir Avern’dionne Fi’talareh has once said, the time for talk is over, now is the time for action. Let us vote for the future of Haelun’or, go now to the Eternal Library for this blessed affair. *At the Eternal Library, a polling station can be found.* Copies of the debate are pinned next to the polling station: Debates THE BALLOT ((MC name: )) Name: Vote for Okarir’tir: ( ) Alluin Seregon ( ) Elrion Visaj ( ) Celiasil ( ) Storm Elibar’acal Rules of the Blessed Election: You may vote twice for each position. A single tick will count as ONE vote. A double tick is TWO votes. A single tick on ONE candidate and the ABSENCE of a second tick is ONLY ONE vote. You must be a registered first class citizen living in the city, upon the date of the election to vote. If you try to fish your vote from the ballot box, it will cause an immediate discount . ((No editing your post)) Only the Maheral and their assistants, who count the votes, may delve into the contents of the ballot box. Any other doing so is in violation of the Silver Law. ((Do not meta this post)) If you are under fifty, you may not vote. If you are an impure, you may not vote. If you are a lesser, you may not vote. If you live outside the Silver Walls, you may not vote. ((If you have two characters, you may not vote on both)) The Maheral adjudicates any invalid ballots. ((Only post votes as replies to this post)) Voting will close in one elven day. ((24 hours from this post)) MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
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