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  1. Phil’s system of voidal connection is far more decisive in serving it’s purpose in that becoming a mage is a dedication one must invest in with its own, tangible consequences. Now this is not to say Tox’s system doesn’t do the same, but only to a conservative extent which doesn’t really do justice to acknowledging the side-effects of the Void, i.e. Voidal Weakness. I feel that the idea of voidal weakness as described in Phil’s voidal connection lore is also more congruous with the picture we already have in existing IRP narratives and perceptions regarding the Void, and the general consensus that to practise magic, you must sacrifice something in return – a clear picture of equivalent exchange we don’t necessarily see in the current lore. I completely agree with @CaesarTheFirst on the matter of Void magic declining into under-valued, “tool magic” as I like to call it, and restoring the idea that the void is inherently an entropic force that inflicts an irrevocable cost upon the user will be a step in the right direction to even hope to resolving this issue. Distinguish mages, and give Void magic the flavour it needs. Give me Phil or give me death.
  2. I share Z3m0s’ sentiments, and I feel a quantified mana system would simplify magic CRP to something more akin to the standardized mechanics we see in games or DnD – as much as it may alleviate powergaming issues, it’s not worth deviating from the authenticity of freefrom rp. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Hi I don’t know if you are still teaching magic but I would like to get one of my characters into a magic school. If you want to take me in and teach my character Azari Asmeir please DM me on discord at

    please think about it I will be waiting for ur DM.
    1. Pheon


      My username Is:





    2. Johann



    3. Pheon


      well if you do decide to train my character you could possibly find me at Talon’s Grotto


  4. Johann

    Aid from Afar

    “Pervading, this nebulous band of Knights..”, uttered a masked ‘aheral at the wake of their departure, his narrowed eyes scrutinising the familiar uniforms they adorned from beneath his cowl. “They are more than they seem.”
  5. Muriel squints profusely at the Diarchist sigil stamped upon the paper, a tangible frown manifesting upon his expression as he peruses its contents, ”This is not Haelunorian... nor is it a newspaper – inflated, Diarchist propaganda, is what it is!”, he dismissively remarks with incredulity somewhere far beyond the city walls, returning to his work shortly after in his solitary space. A snap of his fingers prompts the paper to go up in flames.
  6. Somewhere in Arcas, Muriel grimaces for Nelgauth.
  7. Rescinding The Mantle [!] A tarnished note is left stamped upon the bulletin board of Lareh’thilln, heralding a message for all to behold. Despite its forlorn, wretched tone, its penmanship still regarded itself with a grace characteristic to perhaps who the author once was, an echo of the past resounded in the present: Mali’thill, Time’s withering, dedications waning, duties lacking - it is nigh time for my resignation. Service was once something I held to myself with great esteem in my youthful enthusiasm, yet with it’s passing, it would be a disservice to the traditions of Elmali’thill if I were to occupy this position any longer. Stagnancy is the antithesis of the Republic, of the ideals we so cherish as Mali’thill – and stagnancy is what I intend to uproot with this passing. Pursuant, I shall remain, of Elmaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya beyond the walls of Elcihi, for there is much I must do and see, but this letter marks the conclusion of my tenure as Elmaelunir of Elmaheral Sullas, of my work in Haelun’or. My legacy is a matter I defer to my successors, and history for proper judgment, though let it be known my loyalties forever lie with those of our sanctified ilk. Forget not the zeal of Kalenz Uradir in preserving the purity of our peoples, or the wisdom of Lucion Sullas in the pursuit of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. The strength of Elmali’thill lies in the fervencies of our convictions and our continuance. It is what brought us the Republic, this remarkable, unwavering will of our people, and it is what will guide us to the future – but do not ever forget your roots mali’thill, do not lose sight of the people we are, the people we must forever be. With all stated, I bid Elcihi’thilln the best, and wish my successor success in their upheaval of my office. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Kaean’leh Evareh, Elmaelunir’paronn, Muriel Uradir.
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