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  1. Resting under the Tree of Thought in Nichijin, Gaelunduyn contemplated the recent ordeal in the vestiges of the Abyss - the harrowing battle of the Covenant against SOL INVICTA. She had died, embracing an eternity of servitude for ORDER. He should have died too, in the same way. Yet he had lived . . . "A cruel twist of fate, what more do you have need of me... world."
  3. "I aint reading allat but who would've thought putting egotistical magocrats in charge of government was a good idea?? Just stick to scheming in ivory towers or colluding with spooks in evil lairs y'all do that far better...", remarked an impartial Acaelanite wizard passing through Hokhmat.
  4. idk abt putting better Xannic fervor in a metal and giving it armor-ignoring THIRD DEGREE BURNS in exchange for lesser durability (that no one rly rps)... just devalues existing holy magics and outright outclasses it given its abilities and accessibility but that's just my opinion
  5. Only after nearly a century of silence did the long-lived Gaelunduyn realize. "...You did well, my student." His voice harboured a hint of lamentation. Though his condolence was shut away from the world by his confining helm.. it was palpable, pristine. Somewhere within the cherry blossoms, Gael pours a cup of rice wine from right to left upon a makeshift memorial in her honour, a libation under the gaze of Zanu, and the Kami.
  6. Upon a fine morning a monastic knight poured over the contents of the fine poetry over a cup of warm Matcha tea and, feeling inspired, he decides to write a poem of his own to reflect on recent events: "Scourges of the world, Duty-bound we are to slay, A mirthless quandary, With sin comes a price to pay."
  7. A righteous paladin reads the missive. "... unfettered of the ... Divines" A righteous paladin puts down the missive as he was, in fact, fettered by the Divines. "... nevermind."
  8. "UNITY...", recalled the knight Gael after perusing a copy of the missive, whilst trimming and nurturing a bonsai to make up for the DARK KANI he had accumulated throughout the war. "A dream not so distant now.. Sunforger was right", He admitted.
  9. News of the fugitive Yokai-at-large quickly reaches Nichijin. The presiding knight Gael passes the missive over to his trusty quartermaster during one of their morning strolls. "Yare yare Richard... looks like we've got free target practice for our boys. Double our patrols in the Norowareta Mori..." @SacredSource
  10. Within a Rael'uvuliran meadery an idling Tarem pours through the deputy clerk's accounts of the eclectic yet venerated clan and their exotic doctrines.
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