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  1. "The Alurian Dream died with the tragedy that befell it... quit beating a dead horse", lamented an elf.
  2. "Hey, I've seen this one before...", remarked a particular Iyathir from someplace secluded.
  3. When you RP and consider concepts thereof, what fictional universe do you often draw inspiration from? Favourite book? Do you think it has influenced your style of RP in any way? If you could rewrite/write any piece of lore, old or new, what would it be? What is the most meaningful RP you've had?
  4. The former Sohaer Iyathir blinks profusely at this revelation, baffled and perturbed utterly.
  5. -1 how am i going to pay my rent now???
  6. genghis khan clicker time
  7. Leneth, a passing elf, widened her eyes at the tragic spectacle. "...How terrible, why did this happen?"
  8. Leneth reads the article, absolutely and utterly stupefied. "W-what? Who even is this man..."
  9. Someplace distant and hushed, a magi mourns and revels ambivalently at the death of an old friend.
  10. Open your eyes, look up to the sky and see...
  11. Voidal Hollows Description Voidal hollows are the direct consequence of large-scale magical calamities upon the material plane, usually as the fallout of an explosion of massive proportions. Best described as the physical projection and manifestation of the Void upon the material plane, it is the incarnation of the Void’s quixotic, chaotic and unpredictable nature, leading to both the pervading presence of voidal taint and nonsensical transmutations, both detrimental to life in its on ways. The skies that hang above a hollow betray all preconceptions of normality: the firmament is replaced by repeating fractals, celestial cycles absent, and an inexplicable darkness pervading with the sky’s dysfunction, a wintry cold. For all things within a hollow, they are subject to two fates - either outright destroyed or killed, or tainted and transmuted into entities far worse. Flora and fauna that do persist only do so as a cruel imitation of what once was, mutated amalgamations and aberrations, oftentimes warped and melded unrecognisably with material. Material itself is twisted into nonsensical and elaborately geometric constructs with a tendency to feature crystalline qualities, though some are spared with only expected signs of devastation and taint. It is for this same reason that voidal taint lingers in the air in the form of minute particulates leading to coughs and prevalent itching on skin, and prolonged exposure to this taint entails all manners of medical complications such as respiratory diseases, muscle spasms, cognitive inhibition, and in more extreme cases crystalline growth. Death is certain given enough time, and all symptoms only continue to exacerbate with continued exposure. As a region exposed to the whims of the Void, Hollows also feature Voidal phenomena such as its spawns, with beastial and aggressive terrors commonplace while Horrors are generally rarer, given their elusive and duplicitous natures. Voidal phenomena furthermore manifest here in heightened prominence: mana crystals of titanic scale, voidal reagents, transmutations, manite and so forth, though sparse accounts speak of more obscure materials like void gems in deeper recesses. Few accounts speak of the epicenter of a voidal hollow, the proverbial ground-zero for all things living given the unparalleled influence of the Void upon this area. Inhospitable and antithetical to the material and thus life, epicenters often tend to be barren yet their environments dynamic, the very laws of reality bent in the whims of chaos whenever it so chooses. Here, flesh is truly grass as all life perishes and succumbs to the throes of death and mutation within seconds. As no two hollows are the same, there exists no universal remedy to these maladies, its nature left to managerial discretion. Naturally occurring, metaphysical holes into the Void are classified as nodes, and possess qualities similar to hollows albeit much smaller in scale, though this does not necessarily mean they are any less potent. On the contrary, the destruction of a node either happens by itself through sheer chance, or can be triggered by being disrupted through a massive enough force. Effects On Descendants A nonmundane and inexplicable event to the common man, the land bewitched by foul voidal taint which wrought such needless destruction- the average descendant would be subject to emotional distress by the calamity, aswell as voidal poisoning. On The Voidally Attuned Unequivocally tied to the very nature of a Hollow, the Voidally Attuned suffer little in comparison to other mortals- at least upon the mortal front. The Voidally Attuned would find their spellcasting extremely easy and powerful, yet, erratic and uncontrollably dangerous. On Undead A sight harrowing even for those unbearing of the flame of life, Undead would only be mildly afflicted by the land’s malady of a Hollow. On Paladins Akin to the greatest blasphemy, Paladins would find themselves cold and uncertain within a Voidal Hollow. Deeply anxiety inducing and fearful, a seasoned paladin would shiver at the mere thought of a Voidal Hollow- let alone being even near so. On Druids Anathema to a Druid’s mission, their very purpose and existence- Voidal Hollows serve an incurable, soulcrushing reminder of what may happen should they ever fail. On Shamans A land twisted and immaterial, Shamans would feel a deep and unsettling paranoia as no spirit would answer their call within such an accursed land. On Alchemists and Their Creatures An objection to the world’s binary, the void melded with the material to make a horrific construction of both, would bring a wroth to alchemists, along with pain to their constructs- their practice ineffective within a land unbound by the laws of the material. On Thanhium The very antithesis of Thanhium, a Voidal Hollow would quickly overwhelm and flood the material, even in great quantities, to violently heat it as mana is converted at a rate faster than it may keep itself together. Citations Original Hollow Lore Combustionary's Hollow Expansion Credits Johann (Co-Author) Squakhawk (Co-Author)
  12. Hours before calamity, an iron-clad magi shook the wintry gauntlet of that geist.. a compact of the ages sealed, for the good of all Men. Neither would return.
  13. An iron-clad magus fell to his knees 'afore the unravelling rift. A fleeting smile passed his visage before his own decimation. "Glorious Purpose." His plan had come to fruition, the deed done. What goes up must come down, and what is started must be finished, the Sword of Damocles fallen.
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