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  1. Veil magic? Veil magic. I can get behind this.
  2. Lomian’onn Malin - The Unification of Malin’s Kin 14th of the Grand Harvest, 8 SA Without fail, we have seen the corruption of unity and the taint of deception plague Elvenkind for centuries. The long lives that we lead are often laced with the toppling of empires and the failures of man and elf alike. The Silver Elves of Haelun’or and the Elves of Malinor look at history with exasperation, and have ultimately decided to value progress over lethargic repetition. In response to the threats that exist from afar, the following is decreed: Herein is constructed the various
  3. The Sohaer grumbles to herself with the missive's lack of a certain Mali's signature.... She signs in bold.
  4. At long last. Void magic's still lame though))
  5. Arelyn Iyathir smiles contently at the sight of her Medi'iran promoting PROGRESS and PURITY within blessed Haelun'or.
  6. RESTORATION OF THE TRIUMVIRATE AND THE OKARIR’SAN Issued from the Office of The Sohaer 19th of the Amber Cold, 7 SA MALI’THILL, Elheial’thilln has once more deliberated upon this day that which is necessary for the preservation of Silver, Mali’thill. It is through this prerogative that the Blessed Triumvirate has been restored to law, enshrined with the sanctified duty of purveying Larihei’s will for the purity of our race. Alongside Theris Elibar’acal, it has been decreed that one Kolvar Uradir (@Iverach) shall be assigned as the second Mediir’sae, under m
  7. The Sohaer chuckled amusedly to herself, running a finger across the script as she perused its contents by the cozy fire of her residence. "Shame you simply reneged, things were just getting fun..."
  8. A RIGHTEOUS DESIGNATION Issued from the office of the Sohaer 16th of Malin's Welcome, 7 SA Elheial’thilln of blessed Haelun’or has decreed upon this day that it would be in the benefit of Elmaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya to see to the glorious renascence of the Triumvirate - The Sohaer and two Medi’iran - for guiding Elmali’thill back to Larihei’s ways. In the interim of these deliberations has a provisional Medi'ir been designated in the will of the Sohaer, whose duties shall be acting as a proper deputy to my own duties as leader by teaching, a fellow dedicant in my promi
  9. [!] A bird is sent away from the resplendent walls of Karinah'siol, carrying an intricately and lavishly embroided letter for its intended recipient, a distant Aldin who aimlessly roams the land of Athera. Serving Silver Oncemore Issued from the office of the Sohaer 2nd of Snow's Maiden, 7 SA To a distant Aldin, A Mali’thill estranged is a Mali’thill for shame, is an adage I firmly believe for warranting the prosperity of our blessed people in these trying, yet hopeful times. It is self-evident that the wisdom of those long p
  10. Arelyn spared a flicker of a smile as she examined the scroll with a meticulous, yet characteristically impassive gaze, pleasantly surprised of the industrious nominee's dedication to Elcihi'thilln.
  11. Arelyn Iyathir stepped forth before the congregation of Mali’thill that gathered within the reverberant confines of the Citadel. Adorning a characteristic air of elegance, complimented by her pervading poise, she spoke to the hopeful listeners. “Children of Larihei, Elves of Silver, Mali’thill of Haelun’or!" “Liberalism, impurity, passivity. They lie in hiding in our midst, coaxing our blessed people away from Larihei’s teachings and towards everything antithetical to Elmaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, to stagnancy. For too long have we ignored these vices that linger
  12. "Ah, good. They've listened.", proclaimed Arelyn with a triumphant delight. "Let the will of Larihei be delivered, let the liberal filth be punished. A step in the right direction made at last."
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