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  1. Purity Purity is like a butterfly, A delicate beauty, Its unbound wings of innocence fluttering at liberty, Unfettered by vice, Untainted by sin’s terrible symphonies, A perfect perfection, unfrayed, its wholesome verity. It is Larihei’s delight, a paradigm for us all, Of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, a principle and a truth withal, One that must be pursued, questioned and sought, Or perhaps, caught - like a charming butterfly, always elusive, worthy of its hue. Yet, its unmatched genuinity is fleeting, fragile, fugacious, A butterfly's wings, it dissolves and dissipates when blighted, A tarnished frailty - its integrity alighted. Purity is like a butterfly, A delicate beauty, Its preservation, our personal vocation, a duty, Lest we forget, Lest you submit to your follies. Penned by Muireal Uradir, With dedication to Silir Uradir.
  2. A shaken Uradir sat alone in the enveloping darkness of his chambers, a place he once found comfort in, its inaction now reminding him of the very same that he was guilty of. He was weary from the adversities of the day, and had finally found the much needed time to contemplate its frantic happenings in the ever-welcoming embrace of solidarity. It all seemed unreal to him. Silir Uradir, a Mali he had for so long admired, had declared him an Uradir and died on the very same day. The thought alone recalled the trauma he had experienced in that very hall, a place of supposed exaltation now an reminder of unmistakable terror. He remembered the regret that gnawed on his ego as he beheld Silir’s testimonies against the court, unable to aid Silir in his defense, every moment a call to action that he was unable to answer to. He remembered the ephemeral pride, then indignation that overcame him after being named an Uradir, ashamed at his inability to stand up for the patriarch of his Talonii. Out of all, Muireal remembered the terrible sight of Silir’s bleeding corpse, of how his life ebbed away, a butterfly slowly fluttering away from a wilting flower, all flesh is grass. Muireal had not been able to act when he beheld Silir’s death, being rendered paralysed as his eyes fixated on the haunting sight, in a vague, incomprehensible amalgation of disbelief and despair. He sat idly, his pupils constricted, a prostration incapacitating his will to action, his ability to think. He watched the tragedy unfold, witnessing his sole relative rise to action and Mali frantically rushing to Silir’s aid in the nightmarish fever. Then, in the midst of the anguish that encompassed the room did he hear an undeniable remark of callousness from the epicenter of his resent. Outrage, was all he felt, disgusted by the condescension of the revered Alaion Miravaris, who watched the demise of Silir with reprehensible impassiveness. Muireal’s breaths grew frequent, yet heavier, nearing the brink of submitting to his impulse as he glared at the Okarir, his emotions marred in fury, fuelled by despair. Yet, his memories brought him, from the height of his anger, to the peak of his plight – he now looked upon the body of Silir Uradir in the clinic, alone, bereaved at the sight, and appalled by what had unwinded before him. “Wh- What must I do now, Silir?” he mutters vaguely, his voice wavering at the weight of the situation. ”Am I to honour you? Mourn for you? Succeed you?” Muireal then remembers of what Silir had said in his last words, a final appeal to the State, but now a dogma to him: “I implore the Okarir’san-ship go to Muireal Uradir.” The words brought about a certain peace to Muireal’s distraught mind, as though a flickering light of guidance had been lit to Muireal’s lost ship in his sea of emotions. It was also a spark to an inextinguishable flame that began to invigorate the ‘thill, an ember that ignited the convictions he harboured. This newfound determination compelled Muireal to break free from the stupor he was distraught in. The Mali opened his eyes which had restrained his perceptions to that of the past, now primed towards the future. Muireal smiled resolute, breaking the austere silence of the chamber. “Then I shall mourn for your death, succeed your title, and honour you, Silir Uradir, in the name of my ambitions, and for the glory of our name.” ”Mark my words, it will be done.”
  3. Mourn for Silir Uradir.

  4. The Valahan truly are relentless in their incompetence aren’t they? It is truly amusing to see the Orenians and their subjects still holding themselves to a high regard, and yet suffer humiliation upon humiliation in the war. Their audacity to provoke elCihi’thilln is remarkable, despite their stubborn efforts to achieving peace. With each passing day do they dig their grave deeper, the very grave they will be buried in with their defeat. These Orenians truly do not possess any trivial sense, or any discernment for “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya”. Watching their inevitable demise in the hands of the Tripartite, AIS and themselves will be a delight, a true amusement. The future holds little for Oren.
  5. A few days after Muireal’s issuance of his first political piece in Haelun’or, the ‘thill sees the missive suspended on the streets of Haelun’or. Subsequently, he begins reading the announcement, now adopting a smile of delight as he perused through the alluring rhetoric of the Aelkos, proud of the impact he had made for the betterment of the Silver State. Yet, an ambivalence in his mindset plagued the Mali’thill – a consequence of the zealous ideals he personally held, and the incongruous circumstances of society that demanded otherwise. For the moment, however, he remained resolute, repressing the uncertainty that lingered in the vestiges of his conscience. “Peace for our time, I suppose”, Muireal flatly comments after reading the missive, “Celebration certainly is a good sedative for the sentiments of supremacy that is embedded in ‘thill masses.”
  6. The Oath of the Okarir’san Issued on 13th Of Snow’s Maiden, 1751 Office of the Okarir’san Penned by Muireal Aedonin To further alleviate the most esteemed Kharajyr of their grievances towards the Silver State, and the integrity of our recent agreement, the Okarir’san has taken the liberty to pledge his dedication to the Accord’s terms. It is a gesture of fidelity from the Okarir’san. Respecting the sanctity of the treaty is paramount to restoring civil stability within the Silver State, which ultimately promotes progress and health. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” The duties the Okarir’san has pledged himself to in this oath are as follows: [1] Protecting the Kharajyr of the Silver State from unjust cruelty, slanderous hate and prejudice; The Okarir’san will act as a bulwark for Kharajyri justice by standing against any forms of injustice that the Kharajyr may receive from hereon in. [2] Warranting that the Kharajyr will receive aid from the Okarir’san in cases of emergency; The Okarir’san will be as available as possible to the Kharajyr in emergency situations, assisting in the acquisition of proper help accordingly. [3] Facilitating cordial relations with the Kharajyr Province to see to its prosperity; The Okarir’san will promote favourable relations between parties within Haelun’or proper and those of the Kharajyr Province in matters regarding its future development. The oath is to remain indefinitely in effect unless one or more of the following is true: - Permission is given to the incumbent Okarir’san by a reigning Diarch. - An act of intentional violence from a resident Kharajyr against a ‘thill is made known. Okarir’san, Silir Uradir
  7. There seems to never be a deficit of degeneracy outside the walls of Lareh’thilln, is there? The Mali responds, examining the article whilst contemplating the extent of turpitude being described. Detestable, deplorable diablerie of this manner should, and must most certainly be uprooted immediately, be it by Valah or Thill – it is a common menace to all.
  8. Name: Muireal Aedonin((MC Name)): JohnOfMagesAge: Forty Three.What magic are you trained in, if any? None at the moment, much to my disappointment, for I have always had a certain affinity to the Arcane, despite my unfortunate circumstances that have not yet allowed me to indulge in this long-sought pleasure.How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? Visible features, along with my eternal pledge of undying fealty to my race.How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? Quite the length of time.Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Yes, certainly.What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? All, for every iota of knowledge is a momentous contribution to my path to prominence, and this prominence is what I so desire, being an aficionado for the Arcane.
  9. Johann


    Oops, I accidentally copy pasted my bio for my roleplay scenario. Here’s the appropriate description for the roleplay. “Here’s a question for you – tell me, what brings about wealth and prominence for an individual?”, said Muireal, with visible confidence and determination, “That’s right, adventure! Adventure in one way or another, be it within the walls of this grand city or outside the expanses of this empire, always guarantees reward, and that reward is bountiful fame! As for my case, being a proud Elven scholar, I would most certainly say I have come here for the pursuit of knowledge, one encompassing the innerworkings of this world, with the ultimate goal of consolidate and developing our understanding of the natural world. Only then, after I complete this adventure, not necessarily one that is explorative in nature, will I be able to attain my ambitions.”
  10. Johann


    Born a bastard to the now fallen house of Aedonin, Muireal had always contemplated his purpose in the land of Arcas, being one entitled to no heritage, no family and no homeland. Even with these hindrances, it did not deter his unassailable determination to realise his own greatness, for he desires to usher in a new era of prominence to his family name. Though he was a bastard, Muireal was incorporated to the Aedonin household as a result of his remarkable talent in the Arcane, which was recognized by his father, who was an aficionado for all things mystical. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm for the mystical also included that which was taboo in nature, thus causing the house’s damnation and ultimate downfall, as its estate was razed and its residents slaughtered, all under the grounds of high treason. In merit to his personal wit, Muireal, aged 16, managed to escape on that fateful day, though he was essentially nameless in society, only possessing his expansive knowledge of his household and of the obsolete Arcane, taught to him only during his youth. Thus, he embarked for the land of Arcas, where he began his climb back up the ladder of social status, beginning as an apprentice of a lumberjack in a rather unknown village, gradually culminating a fancy reputation through his in-depth cognizance of magic, not necessarily how to use it, but only what it was. Over the years, he saved up money periodically to expand on his knowledge of magic by attempting to self-learn the art without any form of instruction, much to no avail. However, he became adept in the politics and history of the land of Arcas, channeling his talent for the Arcane for more... mundane activities. Nonetheless, he still had an innate, burning desire to master the arts, with a particular interest in Evocation, of which he suppressed in favour of impressing with his simple, cheap Arcane tricks. This continued for over 20 years, until one day, he was summoned to the Silver State of Haelun’or for studies in Arcane magic, in recognition of his dormant talent that he now plans to nurture into fruition. Now, finally being given the chance to realise his ambitions, Muireal is certainly set on walking his path to greatness, which, to him, is one a providence, bestowed upon him by the benevolence of fate and destiny.
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