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  1. A paladin frowns upon reading GeneralPumpkinCZ's missive. "Why bother aspiring for heathen nonsense when you can serve under the light of GOD?", he pondered.
  2. A magi revels in the creation.
  3. The profane ashes of the fallen Herald seethe in a paradoxical plane, incredulous and spiteful. It remains hellbent upon the gift of true flame, forevermore coveting its sublime truths.
  4. A lone Ephoth looked skywards from the idyllic plains of Elysium, towards the heavens that his draconic foes long lorded over. He pondered when the mettle of his brothers and sisters will be tested again, yet he knew of its inevitablity. After all, it was an impending fate he could only anticipate in the current calm.
  5. From the confines of her residence in Karinah'siol, the now mostly-retired Iyathir applauded approvingly of the new legislators appointed by the Sohaeriate government. "They continue to pursue centralised governance, good to know the memo was taken."
  6. Celestial Zeniths Many know of the gaping chasm of Man’s darkness which lays seething upon the antiquated ruins of Aegis, a great and foreverial reminder of the ire of Gods upon the Mortal Plane that is the Abyss. Yet, where there is the pinnacle of Mortality upon this plane, so too do zeniths exist of outer powers that loom the Creator’s fragile plane. - Excerpt of a chronicle by Wilfred "the Witness" Hushed tales and doddering accounts of hoary scholars recount unnatural fonts of celestial and supernal powers that exist upon the grandest of pea
  7. What shelved lore piece do you think should be brought back to the server at some point?
  8. "Servants of those wretched fiends? Despicable that you seek them out.. Kain.", spoke a lone 'aheral who came across the note in his travels, the parchment withering some in his grasp. "You play with fire, marked one. Another wheel spun... unless you have something more in mind."
  9. Give me back my catgirl lore it's the only thing keeping me going
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