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  1. This is my favourite profile on LotC.

  2. Though the minimum tier requirement was raised for abjurations and wards to be casted, it was more so done as a compromise for the fact that you would now be able to ward/abjure any magic you have previously had a T5 MA in before, as opposed to being restricted to MAs you currently have. It makes sense that a mage would still have an instrinsic understanding of a magic they previously mastered, therefore allowing them to ward/abjure it even after they've dropped it. However, I could make it so that for MAs a mage currently has, T3 is the requirement, whereas to abjure MAs they onc
  3. Enchantment Clarification and Additions This clarification seeks to elucidate the chiefly vague and incoherent mechanics behind the functionality of enchantments, aspiring to give it a much more believable explanation as well as perform a few flavourful tweaks so that the archetype is more consistent with existing lore. The following is what shall be added to the enchantment section: Implements for Enchantments: As the strength and resplendence of an enchantment greatens, so too does the cost of mana for the functionality of said feats, though lesser enchantm
  4. Cameron you madman.

  5. Archon speedrun. Also I did help >:((
  6. Arelyn Iyathir groans at the thought of an impure's claims on the purity of Haelun'or. "Hypocrites! All of them!"
  7. Still on vacation upon the sunny beaches of a distant land, the former Sohaer Iyathir chuckled to herself whilst she perused the applaudable, and perhaps historical, account of recent history. Her fleeting smile quickly faded as she counted the number of times her name was written, replaced with a frown as she complained to no one in particular. "Only FIVE times?! That's SIX less than the Rhenaer... I could've sworn I did more than him to deserve better!"
  8. A veiled figure flourished his sword, enwreathed in an Abyssal dark that coalesced from the sanguine ichor upon its undulating blade. No words were spoken as he gazed spitefully upon the aftermath, only a hollow silence that hung in the wake of pale death.
  9. The Sohaer of Haelun'or blinks upon reading the missive. "The audacity."
  10. There is only one true home for the High Elves... and that is Haelun'or. 

    1. altiar1011


      Idk man Haense do be kind of poppin wit da Mali doe.

    2. Luminaire


      Heard someone said Malinor

    3. frill


      high elves currently living under haense's dockyard in a grey quarter style ghetto arrangement

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