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  1. CONSTITUTION OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR Revised for elheial’thilln: 1774 Article I. Rights of Citizens and The Council of All (heial’tuva) Section I. Definition of Citizen A citizen of Haelun’or shall be defined as a High Elf who is pure of mind and body, and who has been guaranteed a place in the city either by writ of citizenship issued by the Okarir’hiylun or Tilruir’lin, or by naturalization by birth to two High Elven citizens on Haelun’or soil. Citizenship shall be permanent under three conditions. That the holder maintains a home in Haelun’or, that the holder is not declared impure or placed under exile, or that their citizenship is not revoked by decree of the sitting Maheral. If citizenship is revoked for any reason, the High Elf in question must seek either reinstatement via writ of citizenship or decree of the sitting Maheral. Section II. Constitutional Rights of Citizens All High Elven citizens of Haelun’or shall be guaranteed the unalienable rights to freedom of expression, to enter the city freely, to association, to attend trials and public councils, to due process under the law, to education and the pursuit of progress, and to housing and food within the City of Haelun’or. Section III. The Council of All (heial’tuva) All High Elven citizens of the age of majority (50) shall be inducted into the Council of Many (heial’tuva), and granted the rights to public debate, to vote in public election, and to run in and challenge any elected office. Members of the heial’tuva shall also be granted the right to bear arms within the walls of the Silver City, carrying with that right the responsibility to come to Haelun’or’s aid in conflicts both foreign and domestic if called upon by their Sohaer or Maheral. Section III.I. Dismissal Mali’thill shall maintain their position on the heial’tuva barring resignation, death, exile, the conviction of any crime by a Haelun’or trial, or dismissal by the sitting Maheral. Section III.II. Reinstatement Any and all Mali’thill who lose their position on the heial’tuva shall be stripped of these rights indefinitely, barring reinstatement by the sitting Maheral of Haelun’or. Article II. Legislative Power and The Silver Council (heial’thilln) Section I. Composition The Silver Council (Elheial’thilln) shall be composed of the following elected, voting members, who together have executive control over the operations of the nation: The Sohaer The Okarir’hiylun The Okarir’maehr The Okarir’nor The Okarir’tir In addition, it will have a number of Tilruiran, the Maheral, and Maelunir as ex-officio members, who may attend and participate in meetings, but not vote. Each Okariran shall each appoint one Tilruir to assist them in their duties, and who may act in their absence with consent: Tilruir’lin appointed by the Okarir’hiylun Tilruir’indor appointed by the Okarir’maehr Tilruir’leyun appointed by the Okarir’nor Tilruir’sil appointed by the Okarir’tir Section II. Council Election The seats of the Silver Council shall be subject to election upon their vacancy or challenge, with the right to democratic challenge and election granted to every member of the heial’tuva When an election is called, nominations and speeches shall directed to the heial’tuva in the city forum for one elven day. When speeches have concluded votes will be cast for two elven days, with all members of the heial’tuva bearing two votes per position per election. The Maheral will preside over all elections and guarantee the legality of ballots, with winners decided by simple majority. If a Sohaer perishes or is convicted of a crime during their tenure, their duties will be upheld by the Okarir’hiylun in the interim between election. If an Okarir perishes or is convicted of a crime during their tenure, their duties will be upheld by their Tilruir in the interim. The Maheral reserves the right to dismiss any council on the condition that they nominate at least one willing member of the heial’tuva for replacement. Councilors dismissed from their positions may not challenge or nominate themselves for any council position for at least one elven week. Section III. The Appointment of Servants (Tilruir) The positions of Tilruiran shall be appointed the Okarir which presides over them. Likewise, they may be dismissed at any time by their respective councillor. Section IV. Duties and Privileges of The Devout (The Sohaer) Executive power shall be vested in a Sohaer of the Silver Council, who shall serve as chair of the Silver Council and steward of the nation’s government. This Sohaer shall set the docket and agenda of small council meetings, shall decide on the council meetings’ locations, and shall possess all rights and privileges necessary to the peaceful management of the city and governing apparatus. In addition, the Sohaer shall reserve the right to declare a state of war and peace between Haelun’or and her adversaries, with consent from the Maheral, as is necessary to preserve and protect the interests of her people. As part of these rights, the Sohaer shall be given authority over all military assets in Haelun’or and be granted the right to manage all political alliances of the state, as well as the right to denounce enemy states and to appoint ambassadors and scribes to act on their behalf. No diplomatic meeting involving Haelun’or may proceed without the consent of the sitting Sohaer or Maheral. Section V. Duties and Privileges of the Guardian of the Health (Okarir’hiylun) Legislative power shall be vested in an Okarir’hiylun of the Silver Council, who shall serve as administrator of the state’s citizenry and residences, the executive of the city clinic, the executive of the city inn. The Okarir’hiylun shall be tasked with the insurance of citizen purity, and the protection and housing of the city’s residents and children. As part of these responsibilities, the Okarir’hiylun shall be granted the authority to both house and evict citizens of Haelun’or, the selection of city doctors, the selection of an innkeeper, and the appointment of a Tilruir’lin of their choosing. In addition, should harm come to the Sohaer, the Okarir’hiylun shall temporarily assume their full duties until a new election can be completed. Section V.I. Duties and Privileges of the Servant of the Home (Tilruir’lin) The appointed Tilruir’lin shall serve as the administrator of housing and citizenship, and be responsible for a full catalogue of the citizenry and members of the heial’tuva, the welcoming of citizens and induction to citizenship, and management of the inn through the appointment of innkeepers. Section VI. Duties and Privileges of the Guardian of the Knowledge (Okarir’maehr) Legislative power shall be vested in an Okarir’maehr of the Silver Council, who shall serve as headmaster of the Eternal College of Haelun’or, Chief Librarian of the Eternal Library, and Master of Laboratories. This Okarir’maehr shall be tasked with administering and designing the curriculum of the eternal college, guaranteeing the safety of the eternal institutions and their contents, and guiding the research of the eternal laboratories. As part of these responsibilities, the Okarir’maehr shall be granted total administrative authority over these institutions and their members, as well as the ability to appoint a Tilruir’indor of their choosing. Section VI.I. Duties and Privileges of the Servant of the Book (Tilruir’indor) The appointed Tilruir’indor shall serve as executive librarian of the Eternal Library of Haelun’or, and take up responsibility for the collection, organization, and preservation of the tomes therein. The Tilruir’indor, due to the promethean nature of their work, is also granted the unique authority to appoint special mediir’indor, or book helpers, to assist with the functioning of the library and organization of its contents. Section VII. Duties and Privileges of the Guardian of the Land (Okarir’nor) Legislative power shall be vested in an Okarir’nor of the Silver Council, who shall serve as treasurer of the state, chief architect of the city, chair of agriculture, and chair of both interior and international trade. The Okarir’nor shall be tasked with the decoration and catering of public events, the management and allocation of resources to city guilds, the management of the shopping district, the management of the city treasury and supplies, the supervision and negotiation of international trade, and the stockpiling and distribution of food to the heial’tuva. As part of these responsibilities, the Okarir’nor shall be granted authority to negotiate trade deals and organize trade routes, as well as the authority to appoint a Tilruir’leyun of their choosing. Section VII.I. Duties and Privileges of the Servant of the Beauty (Tilruir’leyun) The appointed Tilruir’leyun shall serve as executive architect of the city of Haelun’or and be responsible for the integrity and condition of its buildings and infrastructure, as well as city renovations and repairs as necessary. They furthermore have a duty to maintain the respective venues and ensure they are utilised appropriately. Section VIII. Duties and Privileges of The Guardian of the Law (Okarir’tir) Legislative, judiciary, and military power shall be vested in an Okarir’tir of the Silver Council, who shall serve as executor of criminal and civil justice and leader of the Sillumir. This Okarir’tir shall be tasked with the drafting and revision of criminal law, the enforcement of all law, the administration of punishment after trial, and the domestic safety of all Mali’thill. As part of these responsibilities, the Okarir’tir shall be granted leadership of the Sillumir, the authority to lead the military assets of Haelun’or in the Sohaer’s or Maheral’s absence, the ability to appoint a Tilruir’sil of their choosing, and the authority to select Pariran’tir at trial. Section V.III. Duties and Privileges of the Servant of the Sword (Tilruir’sil) The appointed Tilruir’sil shall serve as the executive officer of the Sillumir, managing their equipment and training as well as planning city defense. The military, but not legal, powers of the Okarir’tir shall be vested in the Tilruir’sil during periods of their absence. Section XI. Legislative Process Members of the Silver Council shall be responsible for the legislation, debate, and passage of city law. As part of these responsibilities each council member shall have the authority to draft laws and resolutions of any kind. Voting shall take the form of a verbal vote by the Okariran present, who will express their verdict in the form of a “yea” or “nea.” Each Okarir will receive one vote. The Sohaer shall also be able to express their opinion in the form of a “yea” or “nae,” with their word counting for two votes. The Tilruiran, Maheral, and Maelunir shall receive no votes. Legislation shall be considered passed if it wins simple majority and may go on to be deliberated by the Maheral. Otherwise, the legislation is considered dead. Legislation is considered secondary to this constitution, which is the supreme document of Haelun’or, and any law in interference with it is to be declared unconstitutional and immediately nullified by the Maheral. Section X. Constitutional Amendment Process Any amendments to this constitution must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Silver Council and approved by the Maheral. Article III. Executive Power and the Blessed (Maheral) Section I. Duties and Privileges of The Blessed (Maheral) Supreme executive power shall be vested in a Maheral of the Silver City, who shall serve as the highest symbol of purity and authority in the city. The Maheral shall wield executive power over all city affairs, shall attend all meetings of the Silver Council, and shall select a Maelunir upon their ascension who they can replace at any time. In addition, the Maheral shall have the authority to supervise and veto any legislation passed by the silver council, to pardon any citizen found in violation of Haelun’or law, and to interpret this constitution and declare any current or former legislation unconstitutional. Thus striking it from law permanently. Like the Sohaer, the Maheral shall reserve the right to declare a state of war and peace between Haelun’or and her adversaries, as is necessary to preserve and protect the interests of her people. As part of these rights, the Maheral shall be considered the supreme commander of all military assets in Haelun’or; and be granted the right to manage all political alliances of the state, as well as the right to denounce enemy states and to appoint ambassadors and scribes to act on their behalf. No diplomatic meeting involving Haelun’or may proceed without the consent of the sitting Sohaer or Maheral. Finally, the Maheral reserves the right to exercise complete control over the Silver Council. As part of their office, the Maheral may choose to remove a criminal or non-compliant councilor at any time on the condition that they nominate at least one willing replacement to the position. Section II. Duties and Privileges of The Knower (Maelunir) In the absence of a Maheral supreme executive power shall be vested in a Maelunir of the Silver City, who shall serve in every capacity of the Maheral proper. Outside of those circumstances, the Maelunir instead serves as a liaison between the Maheral and their populace. As part of these responsibilities, the Maelunir is granted the authority to host formal or informal discussions, hold public lectures and debates, and draft and publish all decrees of the Maheral. If the Maheral is still present or known, the Maelunir can only act with the Maheral’s authority if it is explicitly given for the task they seek to accomplish. Section III. Succession Should a Maheral disappear, be otherwise indisposed, or resign from their office; their office will instead go to their Maelunir, who will govern during the interregnum period until a new Maheral can be selected. The Maheral’s successor shall be selected by a council of all Malaurir (former Maheralan) who remain as citizens of Haelun’or. Each Malaurir, including the resigned Maheral if present, shall receive one vote. These votes can be changed at any time during the process until a majority consensus is reached and finalized. The Document is authored and signed, Kelthran Iyathir-Maehr’indor The Document was passed 1774, signed, The Maheral, Ikur Sullas The Sohaer, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  2. A CELEBRATION OF HIYLUN AND MARRIAGE Open to all betrothed, married, and single Mali’thill Situated in the Silver Citadel, 1773 [4:30PM, Friday 26th] Turbulence and disunity have regrettably defined Haelun’or for most of the Arcan records, from war and schisms, to routine defamation and unlawful banishments. And though the populace continues to heal and reconcile, the citizenry’s focus needs to be steered elsewhere; lest stagnation and lethargy grip us and negate the harmony of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Our series of lifestyle and hiylun events will commence with the celebration of unification and courting, inviting both single and taken Mali’thill to socialise and request counsel on the subject of union. The reception will consist of light banqueting arrangements in the Citadel, with a selection of wines and teas served by our mediation team. Once our attendees have arrived, there will be a short lecture on the importance of courtship along followed by some announcements from elheial’thilln. Mali’thill will be later invited to see the unveiling of ellin’hiylun and learn more about the future of the establishment, along with ways to be involved. Singles, newlyweds and courting couples will have time to talk following; before the event closes with a bingo session held by Effile. At her stall for the evening, tickets can be bought for twenty-five minas a slip (limited to one per person), with all proceeds going toward the nation’s finance pool. We hope to see you there. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, kaean’leh hiylun chul’okarae
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  4. [MC name: Parion] [Name: Nelgauth Maehr’tehral] Vote for Okarir’maehr: (X) Silvos Sythaerin (X) Elahern Aeth'sulier (--) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: (X) Elathion Dagre'sae (X) Aiera Sullas
  5. Nelgauth tenders his papers, posing atop the dais, now absent of the late Diarchy’s imagery. Body and outfit at its most polished, he hails faces of new and old, retreating to his documents to make haste with notes. “Frankly, it has been humbling to receive this nomination, along with all the appeals asking I campaign for Sohaer. Therefore, with the republic restored and the citizenry’s choice being of the utmost importance, I intend to satisfy demand by declaring my candidacy.” He forges a pause, seizing the moment to observe responses, both supportive and of rare contempt. “For the preceding decade we – as a people – have hurt. We have witnessed tragedy, apathy and stagnancy, familiar of our nation when stricken with disunion. Yet, the feats of the wider people, the majority, have allowed progress to dawn at our horizons. We are treading on favourable precipices, my lliran, restitution and tradition defining our advances hereon in. Regardless, being embraced by the capable persons is ne less an imperative and relies on the verdict of our most esteemed populace. We only risk our success if we fail to choose someone able to seize a recovery before basking in their indecision.” “I have had the privilege to act as Sohaer before and, while it’s a position I have long since departed, my memory of it affectionately lingers along with my experience. I know of its demands: the steadfast eye, being connected with your people, upholding your intuition for the synchronisation of politics and tradition. Our nation currently pales in the latter department, with the pursuits of our forebears deliberately snuffed by inaction and indolence.” “But that in and of itself is recoverable. You need only ask the right questions and vote for the persons your confidence lies in. Other than that, I bid all good luck and service. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”
  6. [Parion | Nelgauth Maehr’tehral] For Elokarir’tir: [XX] Kaelan Aldin [--] Elrion Visaj [--] Alluin Miravaris For Elokarir’hiylun: [--] Silvyr Uradir [XX] Dele Seregon [--] Farandil Aldin
  7. WITNESSING AND CELEBRATING THE WEDDING OF SILVYR URADIR AND AMBERLEIGH EÄRENDIL For the Sun’s Smile, 1773 [14th June 2020, 3PM EST/8PM BST] As the season of division has sought its end, we are lucky to be hosting for another union, the progress, and new beginnings of the Uradir. To be wed are the patiently betrothed, Silvyr Uradir and Amberleigh Eärendil, yet again ringing the Silver bells of tradition in the halls of the Eternal Library. Though short noticed, they have invited the knot to be tied this Sun’s Smile, satisfying their protracted wait, and promising a new brood of Uradir oem’iian in the coming years. The citizenry is encouraged to witness this exciting celebration, and moreover attend the ensuing party upon the Uradir grounds, where appetisers and wine will be available to guests. All attendance is looked forward to and may all be inspired by the melodies of productive marriage. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, kaean’leh hiylun chul’okarae
  8. “Very well said. May we find a permanent place for lomine in Haelun’or, as we progress under the careful guidance of the new Maheral and His Sohaer, away from the division. Bless you, Uradir. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya — kaean'leh hiylun chul'okarae.” An old high elf comments to his, all too often, bemused butler.
  9. “After everything that has transpired, it is a relief hearing some sense from an Okarir. May Nuala prove innocent in her upcoming trial, with these words evidence for representing her vision. I trust the acting Maheral to reinstate honourable order in the meantime, resembling what would’ve been endeavoured by our most blessed late Malaurir. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”
  10. THE ASSASSINATION OF THE MOST BLESSED 16th of Sun's Smile, 1768 THE MAHERAL IS DEAD Today, 16th of Sun's Smile 1768, the Malaurir Azorella Elibar’acal was victim to a barbaric assassination. Not by a rogue unknown foe but by the very people at the core of our Bastion. Since the heial’thilln first contested against her enlightenment and ignored her elegance, the blessed Azorella Elibar’acal has been slain to conclude the tyranny of their making. Despite all, with her last esteemed words, She revealed the name of her assaulter: Adeline, the Annilerir of our own city. To add to our mourning, further evidence has been revealed that attests to members of Elokariran conspiring or being aware of the ensuing plans. One named is the former Okarir’san Aerendyl Lor’demar, already sentenced to execution due to his actions through the recovery effort. MALI'THILL of Haelun'or, this imbalance of our traditions, our CENTURIES of law and culture, have been torn apart – MURDERED in cold-blood and left lifelessly beside our Malaurir. We remind all: THE MAHERAL SIMPLY IS Until the true successor is decided by the Council of Maheral, her former Maelunir acts as interim: Acaele Lazul. We will establish prosperity in her memory, our martyr, Malaurir Azorella Elibar’acal. The vigil for her untimely passing will be announced in the coming days. liewyn’Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe
  11. DEPARTING ADDRESS 3rd of the First Seed Dearest Citizenry, In accordance with Captain Elathion’s kindness, it is this Elven day our blessed Mali’thill are expected to board the Search for the Golden Owl – our escorting ship. We are to meet in the Eternal College’s assembly hall for an opening address from your expedition leaders: Adeline and yours truly, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral. It is recommended you bring all your survival essentials: armour, a favoured weapon, nourishment (though there should be enough food for the trip) and fresh attire – expressly some undergarments. Provided through the meeting will be all the details needed for a safe and efficient journey to the old continent. Once we have covered the essentials, we will walk to Sutica’s dock in a timely fashion and gather on deck. Hopefully, all should surpass no more than two hours. Upon landing, we commit to making our camps and settle for our first evening before travelling to the city gates early next day. Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. The Professor of Anthropology Nelgauth Maehr’tehral
  12. I didn’t read this but I am obliged to support it due to my name being there. Thanks. : )
  13. Since Herathus posted something... Parion entry with some flowery, spring art https://imgur.com/a/tJJdkW9
  14. ATHERA DEPARTMENT TRIP 8th Grand Harvest, 1761 Karin’ayla, good citizenry and prospective students. You are welcomed at present to submit your entry forms to attend the History department’s voyage to Athera. There are no restrictions to the current application process, with both Mali’thill and lesser residents welcomed to attend. We plan to visit the Atheran lands for up to an Elven week, which will hopefully involve a full admission and study of the former city. Please fill out the form below, stating your intent: [!] A handy pile of application forms are sat below the announcement board. Additionally, we’ve the former announcements in connection with the main expedition: LETTER STUDY According to late developments there is evidence of an existing occupier of the city, and we encourage you speak with Illyara Valarieth if interested in examining the correspondence. A copy will be temporarily outside the yellow classroom. GROUPS AND AWARDS Once we have a good tell of our attendees, there will be an announcement assigning our expeditioners to groups. Each will be assigned a naelunir and, hopefully, someone who has already visited or lived in Athera. There will be a form to be filed whenever a group member makes a discovery and points awarded accordingly. Upon returning to Lareh’thilln, there will be a distribution of certificates and prizes to congratulate recognised efforts. HEALTH EXAMS Before any departures to Athera, those intending to sail will be checked for pre-existing conditions and medical needs. This is to ensure no one in ill-health is separated from adequate State care. Please await an announcement for the intended date this’ll occur. ahern ito nae’leh, maehr’sae hiylune’ehya
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