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  1. OOC MC NAME: Parion DISCORD: parion#1217 RP NAME: Nelgauth Maehr’tehral AGE: N/A ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF HAELUN’OR? Citizen and Okarir’hiylun
  2. Nelgauth Maehr’tehral swallowed nervously, “Oh no.”
  3. just want everyone to know haelunor is the most homophobic nation....... please dont @ me over all those boyfriends of mine 

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  4. Nelgauth Maehr’tehral still sits contentedly in his abode, knowing he ridded the State of a TERRORIST who ‘ttempted to murder his greatest llir... a Mali’ame butler – the same butler he thereafter aimed to startle by abruptly speaking into the void of their living room, “I’m so pleased Noix’kaloni cannot maim you in any future of ours!”
  5. “Tsk-! Ne, hence the precautions in case of his expected return... still, my efforts deserved recognition. I worked too hard on my damn emotes.” The Mali’thill had to insist.
  6. CONCERNING THE EXTERMINATION OF A LIBERAL AND PEST 8TH SUN’S SMILE, 1739 DRAFTED BY ELOKARIR’HIYLUN, NELGAUTH MAEHR’TEHRAL To the dearest citizenry of Lareh’thilln, with our blessed DIARCHY and pure bastion taken into account: The reprobate guised as Noix Kaloni was – as far as State records are concerned – disinfected. Like ‘ata before, he has been slain to the barrelling cliffs of our summit, body forsaken and indisposed to the maws of beasts as insatiable as he was in life. Should a baffling revival be imminent, he will always be an unbidden visitor and scoundrel. His time in Larihei’s light has been exhausted; no value emerged in his being, for the man is only a mere wisp of what a Mali’aheral should aspire to be. Wasted on him were our resources and time, commodities better spent on true progress. Herein, Noix’s banishment resumes, and we as the pure will deny his admittance to continuance. If ever encountered again in Arcas, Haelunorians must avoid his person. Instead, report his location to Elheial’thilln, so we may deploy the appropriate services to exterminate him as needed. In a final note, I’d wish to thank our most revered Sillumiran who assisted in the effort, ensuring the Mali’ata could suffer a rigorous course of punishment to thwart future mobility. Even if he survived, his quality of life should at least be forever relegated. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe
  7. FIRST EDITION ADVISORY OF HEALTH: LEUR’IGNE EHYA’HILEIA 19th of the Sun’s Smile, 1738 [!] An enamel portrait of Lareh’thilln’s eminent Okarir’hiylun is featured on the advisory stand, bringing a personal albeit somewhat vain flair to the portable stall. Silver embossed newsletters are free for the taking, along with Immediate Response Kits and precious beets! [Art by the wonderful Rwko_] aylan nae osulier, lye’elcihi I wish to welcome all to the Advisory of Health, a bulletin that will aim to maintain communication between the state and Okarir’hiylun – i.e. yours truly, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral. After entering my tenure as Okarir’hiylun, the issues existent with our current state of health grew obvious – whether that be regarding the blessed clinic, the guardianship of oem’iian or our improvident accommodation of the Paladin order. Naturally, I consider it wise to confront these challenges publicly, to ensure their amendments are salient to Haelun’or and Her populace. For those committed to our state’s health, your assistance will be sought out in the coming days and weeks, to run projects, attain Medi’irship or advise within your capacity as a dignified first-class citizen. But that’d be it for an introduction. Please peruse the subsequent notices with heed, especially that concerning your travels. ON TRAVEL With the war active and the lands at an increased risk of banditry, Mali’thill are currently advised to avoid leaving the city walls. It is instead urged that the blessed populace reap the benefits of Lareh’thilln and Her self-sufficiency, to bask in our internal leisures and converse among the civilised. For your time and convenience, a level system is to be introduced per my orders, monitoring the risk to life and health beyond elcihi’thilln for the Mali‘thill it concerns. There are five national levels of threat; their details being listed below together with our current rating: LOW – an attack is highly unlikely MODERATE – an attack is possible but not likely SUBSTANTIAL – an attack is likely SEVERE – an attack is highly likely IMMINENT – an attack is guaranteed RISK TO LIFE AND HEALTH: SEVERE I. Dark mages dispersing and turning to itinerancy since the dilapidation of Llyria. II. Heightened presence of Mali’ata roaming beyond elcihi’thilln, namely cases such as Vexalia, Caestella Elibar’acal and Illiran Drennan. III. The banditry outpost that has been built on the entrance road to Haelun’or. IV. Continuing aggressions with Irrinor, Fenn and the Uruk. I hope a lesson comes from this trying era, for our citizenry to remember the incomparability of lesser lands to our own bastion of purity. Alas, I realise in a global age, where interrelations grow ever-common, the Okarir’hiylun should respect your needs to travel elsewhere – whether it be knowledge-seeking or on behalf of business. Accordingly, I’ve arranged the following implementations, starting with sage advice: I. PLAN YOUR ROUTE Study your chosen itineraries to ensure both the main paths and enemy territories are avoided. Understand your terrain, consider weather conditions and communicate the former with a trusted llir, Sillumir or Okarir. II. PREPARE FOR DEFENCE It is an unfortunate truth that, today, it is too common an experience encountering banditry and rabble-rousers upon the roads of Arcas. The path to our own elcihi is tarnished by the presence of such evil-doers, and this has increased with the ongoing wars against our damnable adversaries. Always fix yourself with a means of protection and be prepared for the worst. III. TRAVEL IN COMPANY To aid in protecting oneself from such risks, it is wise to take another member of elcihi with you on your trip. Strength in numbers, as the saying goes! IV. NOTIFY As mentioned prior, consider notifying a trusted llir, Sillumir or Okarir before exiting the state. If you must go alone, this should be of absolute precedence, to ensure missing bodies are always accounted for. I am then charitably providing Immediate Response Kits at a reduced price to Mali’thill of Lareh’thilln, available at my advisory stand at the entrance of the forge. Passports will also be made current, attainable by approaching me personally to be vetted and signed. Their details follow: IMMEDIATE RESPONSE KITS In case of injury, these kits can provide the necessary equipment to reduce pain, control blood loss and prevent infection using early interventional techniques and medicinal supplies. Suitable for mild to moderate injuries, refills can be obtained from the Okarir’hiylun. Includes: Gauze Dressings Bandages A Tourniquet Cotton Swabs Scissors Single-use Gloves Single-use Blissfoil Salve with a Thyme Oil Base, Jarred Single-use Tippens Root Salve with a Beeswax Base, Jarred 200ml Concentrated Alcohol, Bottled 200ml Thyme Oil, Bottled PASSPORTS These identification cards are intended to distinguish Mali in affiliation with the Silver State, in the unlikely event a blessed citizen is detained by allies on accident. Errors can transpire during wartime; therefore, precautionary measures can prevent unnecessary tensions between nation superiors. These passports will be available from myself in person, being obtainable according to your citizenry status and purity. RECENT DISAPPEARANCE OF THE BEET BASKETS It came to the attention of Elheial’thilln that an insult had been made toward our state – a practical joke, hosted by a hooligan in the seizing of our citizenry’s baskets of beets. As is well known, these beets are endorsed by the DIARCHY, as is accordant with Azorella’s research in favour of their deterrent measures against the affliction of homosexuality. Rest assured, we are not so easily startled by this transgression, and have already witnessed this symbol of purity restored throughout the city. If any fool endeavours the same, expect a thorough investigation to be arranged along with a nasty trial at the end of it. For those still deprived of their beets, you are invited to receive them from the advisory stand as is necessary. UPDATES TO THE CLINICAL DESIGN AND SETUP For the benefit of state hiylun, Elokarir’nor has prompted a series of renovations to our clinic, promising a cleaner, safer and more functional environment for those serving elcihi’s blessed citizenry. Under the review of Elheial’thilln, substantial progress has been made, and we expect the changes to be promptly installed in the upcoming elven weeks. Furthermore, with this physical transformation will come an equally thorough revision to procedure, leading structure, and clinical education, moderated by our Okarir’hiylun, as seen fit by the DIARCHY. Some of the planned amendments are as follows: The expectations of an Okarir’hiylun New clinical titles Establishment of a syllabus for apprentices Revisions to prescription and report procedure State guides to illnesses and health Brochure submissions Should you wish to volunteer your efforts at any stage, approach a member of Elheial’thilln and make your interest known. This otherwise brings the missive to a close. lye’leh hiylun ehya’hileia chul’okarae: ay’Larihei, ay’Haelun’or, ay’elthillan. liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Okarir’hiylun Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Composed by Elokarir’hiylun Nelgauth Maehr’tehral and his Medi’ir Earnest Banks.
  8. Nelgauth is confused, remembering how the Sohaer banished Rosilya, Crumena, Elrion and Raewynn...
  9. “Bless Elsohaer and the diarchy. I anticipate celebrating the fine occasion of your name—maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, ay’Haelun’or.” A Haelun’orian councillor announces in his kitchenette, disturbing the butler steeping mint tea.
  10. “The Mali’thill celebrate the commitment of our blessed allies and anticipate decimating the beasts with pleasure. Ave Orenia, maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Together, we will prevail.” A Haelun’orian councillor states in front of his serving, otherwise bemused, butler.
  11. “Unless I’ve missed something: Irrinor declaring war on Haelun’or and our choice to defend-... is a transgression to our pact with Fenn? I suppose I won’t question their logic.” A Haelun’orian councillor decided to himself, already fairly bored with the state of the war.
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