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  1. when you desperately need ur hiebe trademarked economy minas but also despise voting for this cheap mmo iteration of lotc
  2. only just learned i cant even use a ******* fishing pole


    vortex you bastard



    1. DizPanda
    2. rukio


      Try pasting in a town in Vortex. Got me lookin at that bleach

  3. THE BALLOT (( MC name: Parion)) Name: Nelgauth Vote for Okarir'hiylun: (XX) Maeve Elibar'acal ( ) Aestenia Aevaris
  4. So, who’s enjoying Vortex guys?

    1. Stumpye


      **** has been whack before.

    2. kitty_irl


      v*rt*x isnt that fun PLEASE help

  5. [!] The following contract is publicly accessible in the Mali'aheral boarding of the Eye of Man fortress, for the period of 1795. Two further copies are existent for free public access, maintained separately by the Maheral's Office and the Office of the Okarir'hiylun, and two private copies are within the residences of Càitrine Maith and Nelgauth Maehr'tehral. A STATEMENT OF GUARDIANSHIP 19th of Grand Harvest, 1795 The oem’ii and Mali’aheral, Càitrine Maith, is now ward of the Maelunir and Laurir of the Maehr’tehral Talonn
  6. THE MAELUNIR AND THEIR DUTY TO THE MAHERAL'S OFFICE Expressed for 1795 ‘Maelu’ is to know, and the privilege of knowing belongs to the Maelunir: I. The Maelunir is a trusted agent of and an aide to the Maheral. II. The Maelunir is expected to hear the words of, to understand the will of, and to act on behalf of the Maheral. III. The Maelunir is expected to engage with the citizenry and to convey the Maheral’s wisdom actively to the Mali’thill. Picture Credit: JoshK92 As
  7. ((MC name: Parion)) Name: Nelgauth Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir'nor: (XX) Zelios Elibar'acal (--) Nuala Telperion
  8. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Parion)) Name: Nelgauth Maehr'tehral Vote for Aiera Sullas: (X) For (-) Against
  9. ELECTION OF THE OKARIR'MAEHR 20th of the Sun's Smile, 1792 To those blessed citizenry of Haelun’or who intend to cast a vote, which should be all capable of doing so, today marks the election of the Okarir’maehr. Differing from the usual guidelines, citizens will only be allowed one vote which will either lend itself to a vote in favour or against the candidate: Aiera Sullas. The Okarir’maehr will be the nation’s guardian of education and knowledge, responsible for protecting centuries worth of texts and the learnings of future generations
  10. ELECTION OF THE OKARIR’NOR: NOMINATIONS 12th of the Deep Cold, 1791 To Elmali’thill of elcihi’thilln, After reviewing the challenges with the former Okarir’nor, she voiced her preparedness to resign and has formalised the decision with a public post as of today. Elheial’thilln thanks Effile Ker’Vulnir for her service and wishes her all the best with her herpetology studies and future endeavours. In these trying times, however, the Silver State – more than ever – needs a representative of economy, resources and trade. Elheial’thilln will co
  11. 14th Amber Cold, 1791 Dear Citizenry and Lliran. After many delays, the scheduled Okarir’maehr elections will commence as a single-candidacy event. Though most uncommon, the normal system will be adhered to with appropriate alterations to the balloting process. With the offences unto Haelun’or and Her Eternal establishments not yet understood, it is a national imperative leadership is elected before year-end. As arranged by the nominee, Laurir Aiera Sullas, there will be an electoral assembly, which provides the public time to speak with the
  12. Dear Irulan Elibar’acal, I hope my response reaches you soon, with a message that conveys reassurance and clarity about the status of your Talonnii: We still prosper in Haelun’or with a large manor (telling of our prestige and presence) and you are welcome home with the Maheral’s clearance, of course. May be my will independent! But, as son to the late Malaurir Elibar’acal, I hope you are genuine with your perseverance. Yes! I am very eager to meet you, Irulan, if you are as honourable as my haelun described. I anticipate rekindling and hope you bring fort
  13. 10th Amber Cold, 1788 To Elmali’thill of elcihi’thilln, Though we bid farewell to Silvyr Uradir, former guardian of our educational and scholarly pursuits, maehr’sae is enduring and must go on represented. Thusly, we welcome forth the Republic’s traditional rites to vote and their self-nomination. To be the Okarir’maehr is to serve as both the headmaster of the Eternal College and Chief Librarian of the Eternal Library. The Okarir’maehr will be granted total administrative authority over these institutions and their members. Nominati
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