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  1. “Huh.” Nelgauth says to his... uh, butler? His butler.
  2. Nelgauth sat back by his fireplace, memory impaired but – having signed – still commented to his butler, “It’s only fair, after everything I’ve endured. I won’t accept the hypocrisy.”
  4. Which cheek, Parion wonders – nevertheless, it works, the ex-Shade sharing a dismayed face as his gay presence is forced to reacquaint with consciousness... alas, Maya had already departed to grapple with the fatal Dewper.
  5. Get out of my territory or be force PKed...
  6. [!] Even in the stable swathing of the forums, the collapsing world cannot be evaded, the instabilities spreading to curse the forum square. Many questions had been ashot in the air – qualms and flurried anxiety disturbing the peace. They’d relied on the reliability of at least one platform of Tythus Ltd., but here again they were tormented... but how and by who? As the error messages quickly cursed their browsers, it all grew clear... Iblees had sent his one faithful DDOSER, the exiled Dewper.
  7. [Notification: Forum RP on this thread event will result in a FORCED PK – in the spirit of papa Mystery.] Years of land collapse haunted the paltry lands of Arcas, the senses of descendants poisoned with the sights and sounds of bedevilled soil now consumed by weightless, glitching space. Others reported losing themselves to weird runic messages ‘pon a dirt-like background, where their words would be strayed into unknown vacuums. No solutions had surfaced yet, no voidal, Holy or dark mage with an answer. So, when would closure reach them? It was rumoured among few that the Skygods didn’t wish to confess to their failures, but what extent this was fact was yet to be realised – a truth to be revealed. Only then... a rumble came from the system’s undercarriage, a greater loss of stability... what could it possibly have been?
  8. [!] What the mere descendants didn’t realise was the complexities behind the server’s descent. The few Haelun’orians here would soon realise this was to be an eternal fate, determined by Daemons and Iblees to wipe them out via the hand of absent Skygods – architects of their world – abandoning them to chimp out into inactivity.
  9. Nelgauth literally just tries to emote sleeping in the clinic after having his soul singed by some mighty fuckin’ rock, but just as he gets to that point he’s thrown out into a void of fallback servers and proxy messages... Was this death? Maybe. He could only hope. It would be an easier fate.
  10. MATRIMONY TO COME Penned: 12th of Snow’s Maiden, 1749 Unabating progress has defined 1749: the condemnation of the wicked, the slaughter of the shaded, the exposure of the corrupt, the rebuttal of the adversaries. But we do not define ourselves in this one area, we do not neglect our intramural needs – thus arrives our time of hosting the unifications that keep us stable and domestically harmonious. Yes, blessed citizenry, you are received and addressed to celebrate the unions of the dutiful: the Mali’thill pursuing the preservation of Larihei’s institution, tradition and blood. Henceforth, with the blessings of the Diarchy and Heial’thilln, we invite the betrothed to be married under the State’s witness. liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe The forthcoming newlyweds are as follows: Mordithas Miravaris to Nessaela With their Speaker to Officiate Malin’s Welcome [Thursday, 2nd January, 5pm EST] Aerendyl Lor’demar to Isavel Maehr’tehral With their Speaker to Officiate The First Seed [Friday, 3rd January, 5pm EST] According to the State’s traditions, the nuptials will be hosted in Lareh’thilln’s Eternal Library. Guests are expected to assemble formally in advance, to ensure celebrations are punctual and uninterrupted. May all come in peace, bearing gifts and good tidings. kaean'leh hiylun chul'okarae Signed and authenticated: Elokarir’hiylun Nelgauth Maehr’tehral
  11. OOC MC NAME: Parion DISCORD: parion#1217 RP NAME: Nelgauth Maehr’tehral AGE: N/A ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF HAELUN’OR? Citizen and Okarir’hiylun
  12. Nelgauth Maehr’tehral swallowed nervously, “Oh no.”
  13. just want everyone to know haelunor is the most homophobic nation....... please dont @ me over all those boyfriends of mine 

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      you’re not gay if nobody finds out.......

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