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  1. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Icarnus, Warclank Ban Reason Alting in Roleplay Players Involved JuliusAakerlund DreamInSpace Torky Sydney By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned because I was playing on my child character on my Icarnus account witnessing an rp interaction, and got on my alt: Warclank, to intervene in the interaction on an adult character. Why should you be pardoned? Because I didn't know this was a rule, and have never heard of it until now. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I know the rule now, pretty self explanatory. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I don't understand why this is a requirement tbh. If I come off as brash and a bit upset on this post its due to the fact that I have to go through this process of being banned even though there was 0 malicious intent. I was simply unaware of the rule and carried out alting in roleplay, which I obviously won't do now as I know its bannable. I didn't intentionally go and alt to even provide an advantage to my side of the equation, as my child character wasn't even engaged in the fight. Props to MickMeist, although I do think he was quick to ban without messaging me ingame, he handled it well on discord answering all of my messages and providing a swift verdict, well done.
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  3. icarnus

    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

    Maybe if you Norland guys / (Lionbileti) wouldn't spaz out over a conversation of activity and completely derail the matter at hand which truly brings up a good point, people would take you seriously. Treshure is hitting a good mark here and your shitfest is unwanted, begone.
  4. icarnus

    A Dance of Desolation

    A Dance of Desolation The effusive lack of tranquility reverberated within mind - deafening tones continuously flooding his congnizance as multitudes of harsh, discordant sounds were uttered in the direction of the snow clad Krepost. _____________________________________________ An olden Knight wiped his brigandine in a hastened flurry, an outstretched gauntlet pawned upon the collar of the young garnered boy as he continued his advance in an unremitting fury. A nameless towheaded child guided the two forth, rising the stone fringed stairway of the palace whilst unclipping the cloth linen of his scabbard; upon ascenion he'd lower his shoulder, striking upon the doublet of wooden doors. His brisk pace taking to an abrupt halt, peerage scanning a room of sinister destruction beyond comprehension. It all seemed a dream, as if a bountiful blur of blinding visceral perplexity. Scorched and burnt, drapes were cast upon the blood spattered cherry toned floorboards - the leftward side of the room probating a scene of melodramatic occurrences: being the progeny of the Queen Sophia set aflame, clutched within her now-alight palms. On the right ushered a duo entrenched within the corner, weapons drawn. Out of something of unexplained rage or instinct, Ser Laurens immediately slew outwardly his broadsword - ordering his squire the same. _____________________________________________ As the grizzled Knight brought forth his approach he was stricken upon the chest by a small rapier of the leftward elf, piercing his brigandine as he now held it intently within his blood soaked leathered gauntlet. Unyielding, Laurens continued onward and with one accompanying thrust he brought the entirety of his sword through the elf's torso until the crossguard of his blade met their clothed figure - the elven belligerent peered upon Laurens, face to face, eye to eye. The elf held steadfast in stature, writhing in pain as it spat blood upon the face of the Knight - not long before it would be cut down like a tree from its roots, the young squire Bryce hacking at its figure with vehement swings which could rival the greatest of warriors. Yet the arduous task had not yet taken an end, for there was another which retreated into the back rooms. Bryce charged forth, unaware that his Knightly protectorate followed suit swiftly to his hind - upon recognition that this elf would not suffer such an easy fate at the tip of their blades, for it began to charge something of a magic beam. Laurens, continuously clasping at his bloodied frame, brought himself upon the squire just as the blast ensued. It was an untimely end, deposed of his life in but a matter of seconds - yet naught in vain, for the squire breathed on. __________________________________ tl;dr Ser Laurens dies
  5. icarnus

    Raid Rules Update

    the minimum is 3, not cap
  6. icarnus

    Raid Rules Update

    You should be able to *blows horn* in one emote. What settlement do you realistically think is gonna have all their pvpers online at one time. I get it, raids were in essence turned against the raiders but its give and take, and continuously shunning 'Metagame'/the settlements ONLY way of defense is asenine. Nobody raids at peak times and that's a fact. and you speak as if GM's answer modreq's quick enough to intervene in CRP, lol.
  7. those who let lotc dictate their livlihood are the same ones infatuated with the drama and toxicity that lies here


    Edating isn't real

    Internet Beef isn't real


    open your eyes

  8. icarnus

    I'm Building a Team

    hmmmm 🧐
  9. icarnus

    [Denied][I] 6xdestroyer's Game Moderator Application

    6x has had the tendency to come off in a demeaning sense in the past; yet since the arrival from his latest absence he's surely more tame and friendly, and competence with him simply isn't a question +1
  10. icarnus

    Is this a roleplay server?

    I get where you're coming from Dewper; in the end as a member who's involved in quite a bit of happenings on lotc such as yourself its either shaft oocly or be shafted oocly, but if that's the theory where does this change? Its a deep rooted issue and the only way to fix it is to begin with changes in the staffing decisions, particularly in war rules efforts made to value rp > ooc
  11. icarnus

    Is this a roleplay server?

    I'm not missing the point Treshure but this is blatant hypocrisy. I think changes can be made on all ends and I'm not claiming I'm a saint, but this is unacceptable just as the staff behavior is as of late. P.S. I was blocked by Fireheart a few days ago just for debating the validity of a war rule
  12. icarnus

    Is this a roleplay server?

    "if u let us attack haense using ur cb u can be a vassal of renatus" "WE'LL let u be a duke" - Mind you Dewper, didn't you make a roleplay post not too long ago cutting ties with Renatus? Alright Dewper, I'm gonna be straight with you man; you've long since rescinded any effort into roleplay whatsoever. Instead of bashing me personally when reading this maybe you could take it to heart and consideration, instead of choosing the road of the hypocrite to rep farm here on the forums. Going on the forums and claiming that the server doesn't value rp, from YOUR position recently is absurd and you know it. But I know, your response will genuinely be a load of **** accusing me of various things I've done in the past, try and take a look at the broader spectrum because when anyone acuses you of wrongdoing in any regard or occurence your response is, "Stop crying," yet you'll be the first here on the forums "crying" about someone else. Stop it, get some help
  13. icarnus

    Mandate of Chivalric Reform, 1672

    Ser Laurens shined his breastplate with a newly invested vigor.
  14. icarnus

    Making clear of Enemies

    Pierre scoffed in dismay as he mantled his stew, tossing the missive upon the kindling. "A fight? This one's for the late Pontiff."