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  1. In lands lost to time far far away a now-decrepit squire sat perched upon his hammock. “Amateurs I tell you, nothing like the glory days in Saltstone – sad it hadn’t lasted more than a few years.” He gathered his things, setting off into the woods for a bucolic death
  2. for fucks sake fix formatting on the forums please, even someone as intellectually prepotent as myself cannot post anything in less than 20 mins

  3. You guys can cite Dewper’s situation all you want. He isn’t a pedophile and it’s been proven. Internet dating is a tricky business and it’s best to just stay away from it, it generally doesn’t end well no matter your age; just stay away from it.
  4. rat.

    1. Esterlen


      away with you vile beggar

  5. pick up the phone man..

  6. Oh my **** misstoni the champion of oren

  7. A RENATIAN SWAN SONG The Battle of Red Run, c. 1717 Painting commissioned by Maverik MacDonough and Harold Spencerton _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Almost a year had crested since the Renatians had finally surmounted victory at Helena; the war, was seemingly in the hands of the Tyrant Empire. Alas, something had to be done and quickly, for morale was low within the Orenian ranks and blood was plenty. At the order of Marshal Henri de Guise, crews of peasantry and unskilled workers flooded the plains of Leuven – directed by Adrian Sarkozic and Aleksandr Vladov, they set upon the laborious task of entrenching the area with palisades and emplaced dikes. The bells were rung, couriers dispatched, it was time to prepare all necessary requisitions and soldiers for yet again another bloody summer. Various skirmishes began the slaughter - setting the tone for what would be known as the Battle of Red Run. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ – For the senseless butchering of the halfling denizens – The countless innocents put to the sword in the name of Godfrey the Third – The banditry upon the roads and dissipation of trade throughout the entirety of Arcas – The treason and insolent demands of the Curonian *****-King This is no longer simply a war of Emperors and Empires; they challenge our morals, butcher our wives and children, and desecrate all we’ve lived for. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lucius Daemyr led the infantry en masse to the field of battle, the screams of the charge and clash of sword and shield could be discerned as far away as the Helbruke Tavern. Liquids both red and unidentified in color lain upon the bestrewn, rotting carcasses. The field reeked of the pungent stench of feces, whether discharged before or after the Renatians met their end do we now question. Raev men of Muscovy allowed the dispersed remnants of the Dragon Knights – littering the field of battle, a moment to draw their final breaths before thrusting their swords into the survivors. No mercy, for where was ours when our forces were shattered? Vydrek ‘Kingslayer’ Volaren commanded the cavalry, leading them upon the rightward flank as lance met flesh and metal. Meeting a numerically superior foe, Vydrek crashed into three of the mounted enemy, casting oneself over his steed as his horse’s rib-cage was met with the steel end of a lance; he quickly brought himself to his feet, swinging his hammer about as to crush all three of the freshly dismounted, their screams could not be identified over his bellows. ”I daresay my backyard has run red!” Exclaimed Count Conrad de Falstaff as he peered upon the wheat fields from a balcony atop his keep, sipping Cecil’s Clash.
  8. “The Prince huh. Have I ever heard of this man? Nah.” Adrian rhetorically inquired himself, casting the missive atop the kindling.
  9. “GOD rest his soul.” murmured a young Adrian Sarkozic, crossing the Lorraine
  10. “I daresay I do not recall this incident.” A young Sarkozic quipped from within his bedchamber atop his bloody bedsheets.
  11. “Haha I’d regard a siege as a tad bit superior in relation to, ‘Sallying Forth’ haha!” Quipped a young gnome soldier of Marna

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  13. “GOD bless the righteous.” Called out a bloodied Beren
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