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  1. stop ******* following me 

  2. i love this guy
  3. icarnus

    A Primitive Enaction

    A Fools Missive; 7th of the Sun’s Smile, 1660 _________________________ Addressed to King and Council of the Renatian realm and its constituents “Down with the men who wish to distrain my home and wish to wring their gauntlets in the blood of my own.” _________________________________ Preamble I, Geoffrey Rozier Brandt herein lay claim to the town of Belvitz and its adjacent territories, excluding that by which is claimed to be Ruskan and Reiter. By name of my brother, Adelard; the one who was so dastardly stricken by impertinence on behalf of the Renatian crown. We will bow no longer, for the feats of man are ahead and no longer under your reign. If you wish for the land of the former realm of Blackmarsh, then you ensue war: and to that we accept. ______________________________ Signed, Geoffrey Rozier Brandt, Warden of Braband. Adelard Brandt, Duke of Blackmarsh
  4. ouch https://imgur.com/gallery/7zcG8OW Innocent until proven guilty in the court of law; Insert portrayals below:
  5. icarnus

    Lobby Server!

    lets split up our already dwindling playerbase, great.
  6. why doesn't anyone ever rp americans / the best culture

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    2. Chaw


      i wish all americans would die

    3. mitto


      cowboy culture 

    4. Hyena


      its not in lore?

  7. i think its time to move away from the minecraft platform and migrate lotc to Roblox. thoughts?

    1. Moonman
    2. Malgonious


      You may be on to something.

  8. icarnus

    God Would Be Ashamed

    John Rembrandt licked the blood off his blade intently. "Scrumptious."
  9. welcome back to hell

  10. missing you bro...

  11. icarnus

    [Denied]yoppl's GM Application

    1st. we share the same BEAUTIFUL name. Anyway a real genuine guy and friend, knows his **** through and throughout and a very good rper and active counterpart of the community. Good moderator in situations with experience NL'ing Nothing but respect Yoppl, +1
  12. icarnus

    LoTC Tiny Towns Project

  13. Leufroy peers down from the seven, a tear striking his cheek "GOD. is. back."

  14. icarnus

    [Denied] LukyLucaz' World Dev Application

    Extremely talented, +1