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    am i blacklisted from staff ?
  2. The Ashen Crusade ”There’s something about you Sutica!” At the head of a long table of bronze sat the Mortal King of Renelia-Gladewynn; upon cushioned velveteen and among silk banners of gray and gold. To his left, his heir and most trusted advisor, the good Ailmar Velulaei’onn, whom many called “Mayane’ker” for his stalwart protection against the attempted night-raids of Renelia’s enemies; and to his right stood Deldrach of that same clan, who acted as the Marshal of their realm. Neither seemed glad for their King’s summons, for upon the table sat a set of leaflets beholding the established crimes of the Sutican peoples. Ailmar, who had once advocated for a nonaggression pact with the Suticans, was the first to speak. ”Brother,” he began, his voice calm and posture stoic as expected from a member of the royal clan, though perhaps the quiver in his brow betrayed his disappointment, “There is still a chance for mediation.” The brother to which he spoke, that Areon whom had so recently claimed hegemony over the Ashen Folk, shook his head. “See beyond your wish for peace, Ailmar, and heed the warnings of your fellow advisors. These cravens refuse our offers of nonaggression, instead they spill blood on our soil, piercing with blade a poor citizen of Magar’lin, servant to our Lauir’keran. That alone would be enough for a call to conference, no? But they did not answer our calls, then ignoring our pleas for justice. The Mortal King paused, smiling wryly with evident disdain. “Perhaps Sutica does not recognize us as a nation to be respected, but instead the fractured peoples from which they have recruited megalomaniacs for the entirety of their existence. After all, instead of making amends with us, they took our enemies: The Ashwood Xavis that so threatened kind Leilatha, and that is well known as a practitioner of dark magicks, has been made a guard; the heretic Uireben, who so degraded the Goddess and defamed our way of life, given sanctuary; and that final monster, the Uialben, that attacked us as we made merry in our festival celebrations. He is a known dark mage of the vilest breed, brother, and has been kept on as a leader of their wretched state without any real inquiry into his actions.” ”Tell me, Ailmar – if that is not cause enough for war, what is?” Side A: Ashen Crusaders & Allies Side B: Evil, Pagan Suticans & Allies Proposed Time & Date TO BE DISCUSSED IN WAR CHAT Location: TO BE DISCUSSED IN WAR CHAT NATE.#4688, Aeus#9634,
  3. Deldrach works the hinges of his visor, swinging it upwards whilst he raps his digits atop the ledger belonging to Quartermaster Daynas. “These poor proselytes shall visit said clinic often, no?” He’d jest, reflecting on his own time in training @cowmoonist
  4. return to us

  5. Stefan fetches his finest garments to be pressed!
  6. reads like a movie script. kino, and prophetic.
  7. a certain fellow offender of the moral turpitude clinks glasses!
  8. Hey pal, this isn’t a shot but a genuine q. Shows that you were online just 2 hours ago. Is it really such an arduous task to pop on discord and enable the devs to do their jobs? 

    1. howard




      the ssh access...


      hand it over.



    2. Xarkly


      He doesn't care

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      why do actual stuff when you can pretend you’re doing it lol

  9. stop, unplug, get some rest guys.
  10. this is just cringe man can we please stop commenting and posting cringe lets all go to bed 😄
  11. can u guys don your binkies and just shut the f*** up do you all really have nothing better to do than to throw middle school cafeteria level insults at one another because holy s*** this is embarrassing i rly hope you guys overcome your minecraft roleplaying feud
  12. if i was a moderator u would be banned youngie mark my words!!!
  13. rly am ecstatic a loser who takes the game this seriously is banned! you broke the f****ng rules, grow up and stop whining, serve your time. (i look forward to some cringe rap battle response xd xd)
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