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  1. This shiiii crazy, am I right?

  2. Heavy is the head that wears the diamond helmet.

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  3. Heavy is the head that wears the diamond helmet.

  4. As a player who’s been involved in about 6 warchats since the hands-off Telanir approach was introduced; BRING BACK STAFF ENFORCED CB’S & CONSEQUENCES. You can’t in your right mind expect nations to hash **** out here left to their own devices, that’s sincerely asinine.
  5. Deldrach dispatches a band of Kheltiruai to ensure the safe travel of his valiant high elven brethren and accompanying kharajyr, welcoming them with open arms.
  6. i miss you already

  7. Appreciate everything you’ve done man, it was more than enough
  8. Adrian de Sarkozy proffered his endorsement in form of a thumbs-up from above.
  9. My character, Shadow Ravenspire, is actually a transgendered lesbian elf who wields T5 flame magic and can pretty easily incinerate basic human knights xD Huh? No it’s not a self-insert lmao, of course you’d think that goon xD YIKES!!! Looks like we found the PvP goon!!! Yeah sweetheart, maybe you should learn a thing or two about making characters and actually RPing before you even try to judge a superior writer?!?!? Let me guess, you’re mad that you failed English in 5th grade so you take it out by clicking on an RP server... yep, looks like you kinda suck at hiding your insecurities! Well, I guess you can go back to frothing at the mouth and taking your rage out on Minecraft people while I improve my writing skills and RPing in Sutica while you grunt with other humans or try and rob people on the roads. Yeah, don’t try and tell me that you do ‘human RP’ as if that actually counts. Only Sutican RP, elven RP, and magic RP are fit for intellectually enlightened people such as myself- I guess you challenged people can stick to trying to emulate something that resembles writing!!!

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Did you hear that Joe caught ligma?

  10. am i blacklisted from staff ?
  11. The Ashen Crusade ”There’s something about you Sutica!” At the head of a long table of bronze sat the Mortal King of Renelia-Gladewynn; upon cushioned velveteen and among silk banners of gray and gold. To his left, his heir and most trusted advisor, the good Ailmar Velulaei’onn, whom many called “Mayane’ker” for his stalwart protection against the attempted night-raids of Renelia’s enemies; and to his right stood Deldrach of that same clan, who acted as the Marshal of their realm. Neither seemed glad for their King’s
  12. Deldrach works the hinges of his visor, swinging it upwards whilst he raps his digits atop the ledger belonging to Quartermaster Daynas. “These poor proselytes shall visit said clinic often, no?” He’d jest, reflecting on his own time in training @cowmoonist
  13. Stefan fetches his finest garments to be pressed!
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