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  1. Forth was upset at the sight of the death, whispering softly to himself "Yule, what did you do to deserve this... sorrowful.. unpleasant death.." He took one last look, grabbed a flower out his bag, and placed it on top of Yule, to only say "Forever sleep, Yule Onfroi."
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    From the wildlands, his Father was a wood chopper, and his Mother was a shopkeeper. He didn't have a good amount of Mina in his pocket, so He left out to venture for some riches. His education before this was well. He didn’t have many friends, as he was a bit shy when he was young. When he was 24, his mother had another child, but he never got to meet or learn the child's name. He promised to return back soon, but he didn’t come soon enough. When he returned to the wildlands, His Sister, Mother, and Father were all gone. He had asked around, but got no answers. He left the wildlands, wondering
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