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  1. A silvery elfess picked up her handy charcoal stick and a blank parchment, jotting something down and sending it in.
  2. Pestilence, that one who originally wrote; they grinned. "How quick." Mused this garbed figure, who handed the response to another. "What do vy think, mea friend?" @Itz_Cookie
  3. PENNED BY A HAND 5th of The Amber Cold, Y. 94 S.A. You speak of what you believe is truth. Some may be true, others, false. Yet these truths at least I shall embrace. No longer do I wish to hide under metal chain and lock; but that is the way this world works. The ‘lies’ that have been told are the only truth there is. The truth that you pray on is the only lie there is. Is that why you wish for war? Is the truth too much to bear? For the visions that have been shown are the truth; The truth that your God is dead? Your acts will bring your own end. You wish to die, that will be brought upon those who attempt to harm those of Serheim. You are too weak to bear these truths, and your weakness brings on this urge. This urge to die. The bodies that will remain on our lands will only aid our endeavors. You will threaten the burning of my, our bodies as what will bring our retribution. The only bodies that remain shall be your own, frozen and kept within our vault for our own uses. The deaths of your men and women shall be honored naught. For they shall not receive burial. They shall not receive graves. They shall not receive honor. Your dead God has no honor. Your dead God is the epitome of shame. When has your God protected you? Your people have died of plague, disease, pestilence, yet no intervention. The only reason he wouldn’t protect you is if he were gone. Signed, Pestilence
  4. GrowingIvy


    A missive seems to have been hung out around Almaris; many extra copies hung in the white-blanketed North. Haense, Norland, even within old abandoned Fenn. The paper read pressed and new, with ink black as night, and all penned by the same hand. “I am looking for a man named Eusebi. I will pay five-hundred minae to anyone who can bring him to me alive. It is an urgent affair, and I hope for it to be soon. The man is tall, having black greying hair, a dark beard, and very pale skin. Notably, his eyes are the color of a dark red wine. If he is given to me as a corpse, the minae count will be dropped to one-hundred. I will take birds if more information is required to aid his capture, or if he happens to be found. There are no exceptions to the minae price if he happens to be dead. If you see this, your still-living child expects a letter. Signed, Pestilence"
  5. Athri procured a copy, handing it off to her friend, Leopold. "What do you think about this?" @Optimus420
  6. Athri stood in front of Leopold, crossing her arms while he read. "At least we're on the same page, I can't understand you half the time."
  7. Dariya thought; she'd begin to wonder- she knew just one. Would it be right to say something?
  8. The Velen Company - Seeking Work Penned 14th of Harren’s Folley, 1888 | 14th of the Amber Cold, 92 S.A. The Velen Company is one created to work for others, and of course; seek their work out gladly. Amongst their ranks are scholars and men-at-arms, all who work on their own endeavors. The contracts the company takes on are listed below. Escorts Escort Contracts encompass VIP protection, Asset protection, Caravan Guards, Pilgrim protection, and so on. These contracts vary in price and time frames - all to be discussed between Campmaster and the Baron. Logistics Logistics Contracts encompass a few fields, mainly along the lines of production of weapons, armor, and supplies. However it is extended to the construction of offensive and defensive buildings and or fortifications. Auxiliaries Auxiliary Contracts is for those who are in need to hire extra swords, peacekeepers, or reservist forces. The company will act within its own bylaws as well as the employers to ensure the utmost effectiveness is in place. These contracts being the most time consuming, it is expected the employer supplies any extra equipment needed and to house the company to some extent. Search & Destroy Search & Destroy contracts are strictly to find and destroy any form of beast or any form of monster that plagues one’s land. The Company does not conduct assassinations or killings against fellow members of the faith unless they are a well-known proven heretic or traitor to mankind and faith. Exploration Exploration contracts are often organized by the Baron and Company itself, however the company does extend its services via the Order of Scholars to aid in any form of exploration, discovery, or sites that require aid for further researching purposes. If anyone wishes to employ the men and women of Velen for their own endeavors, either public or personal, please contact the Emissary of the Company, Athri Emilienne Onfroi for such. This may be either through letter or as a physical meet-up. Signed and penned by Athri Emilienne Onfroi, Emissary of the Velen Company Confirmed by Leopold Ulrich von Reuss, Baron of Velen, Proprietor of the Velen Company, Protector of the Eisenwald
  9. Name: Athri Age: Old Culture: Something Reason for Enlistment: Something to do Experience (if any): Political and historical knowledge, as well as knowledge of the voidal arts. ((MC Name)): You know it ((Discord Tag)): See above
  10. doing item descs for mina
    find my descs here
    discord is GrowingIvy#0007

  11. The token elf Athri bobbed her head as she read. "Very nice." Muttered she, rolling around a spare cork in her hands.
  12. Missing Pieces (hearing vacancy, feeling absence, seeing voids), Teagen White Off the one went on her way; alone. The figure wore dark clothes, leathers and cloth, brown fur draped around her shoulders. Around her belt were small pockets, with small jars inside each. They were filled with various medicines and herbs; those filled with no medicine were only filled with flowers. She was thin and lanky, face pallid and framed by dark hair- nearly black, not yet just a hint of brown. Her eyes were squinted, curious with a glint, and the color of a fine wine. Around her was only ice and snow, swirling round and round. She knew of course, this would not do. To the west she had to be, and so she began her trek. She ended in plains; ones that edged the jungle and swamplands, humid and with an air near thick as soup. She looked around for specific items… the carcass of a deer, and the fresh remains of birds- crows, to be specific. She had items in mind, clothing and a mask. A mask made of the skull of the deer, and a cloak made with the cool tones of the crows feather. Those items were scarce, yet she hunted for such anyways; scavenging, truly, for it was what she was most skilled with. She passed ponds, berries, flowers and other plants alike. How it would have been beautiful, if the rotting carcass of a deer hadn’t been set in front of her. Flies surrounded it, most flesh picked away from overtime from the critters and other creatures around. Perfect. She found it odd, the horns did not branch out like another; rather they curled. She could see why such a creature would die; how it could not protect itself, deformed and set to die from the start. She picked up the skull by the horn, inspecting it. Disgusting. Yet it was her prize. Continuing with the skull within her arms; luckily gloved, for she hated the touch of anything that was not clean. “Hush.” She murmured, as nobody was near her. As she went along, she searched more, more for her next findings. And now she found it; one crow, then two, which increased into the teens. A murder, in both senses. The girl wondered how all had passed; was there a poison in the air? Or perhaps, simply water tainted by the descendants. She went on to collect the crows, gathering them together. All gathered in front of a stone, just for her to sit down upon said stone and get to work. One-by-one each feather was plucked, plucked from each bird unto a pile that slowly grew. She knew not how long she had sat, minutes, hours had passed. She made no noise besides the snapping noise each pluck made, before ceasing. She saw her eyes glazing over, and she paid no mind. Eventually, she felt herself return- upon her lap were a cloak of these feathers, glossy akin to an oil spill. She knew not how she made such… another, it must have been. Perhaps, perhaps not all were terrible. The girl shifted, placing the cloak round her shoulders as she'd finished. Now next was the skull, where in some places a thin layer of rotting, jerky-like flesh clung to the ivory bone. She retrieved a dagger, scraping off the remains. And she began carving into the skull, making it so it may fit her head… It took many hours yet again, night passed and day broke. She missed the stars in the sky, head craned down whilst etching away. Of course she may need help in the future; perhaps her uncle, or aunt, who may aid her in finalizing this; rounding it, adding straps. But this girl was satisfied, and began her way home. She’d grab berries along her way, snacking on them; she could at least tell the differences between those healthy and those poisonous, even grabbing some poisonous ones and placing them into pouches. At a keep she arrived with her prizes, the cloak and near complete mask. At last, all were proud.
  13. One girl rolled her eyes; a daughter of Owyn. "I think I'll choose to stay mad." Esther grumbled, a hand resting on her cheek.
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