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  1. Cresence grins, running straight to Linnea to sign herself up.
  2. A child within Castle Moore taps her legs while they dangle against the wall. Able to read for the most part, she bobs her head approvingly!
  3. That child, the Montalt, she listened on to the words her father spoke, although the young thing could not quite comprehend them fully. Her legs bounced back and forth against the stone tower she sat atop of; thinking not of what she'd seen yet, but what she's yet to see.
  4. Bruh can petra shut tf up they've been screaming since midnight 

    1. Werew0lf


      calm down plz this is inappropriate behaviour stop bringing rp into ooc!

    2. GrowingIvy


      I hope all their wives cheat on them with elven women.

    3. Greehn


      find out irp

  5. A young Amlugol gives a nod to her friends family-members missive.
  6. A rogue squire trudges amongst snowy trees. Alone; she was solitary. A loaded crossbow resting in her gloved hands. It was a normal trip, out hunting as a form of stress relief. In the air, the sound of a branch snapping rang out. Meredith turns, pointing the bow towards that noise - Nothing. Nothing there except empty space. Continuing on, the only sound was the crunching of frozen snow, and icy winds that seemed to blow only into her ears. Now, a flurry of flakes began to fall around her. An arrow whizzed past her head. She ducked, stumbling over her own two feet. Flattening herself down, eye widened as she crawled through the snow. Her crown of hair undone, and her pace decreasing. Upon reaching a tree, the Barclay stood up behind it. Looking past the bark, her brows furrowed seeing not a soul amongst the area. Another arrow fired. She stood there. The crossbow in her arms dropped as a hand reached to her chest; feeling the wet tip the arrow piercing her chest. The woman slumped forwards with not a second to comprehend, knees buckling as she fell. Meredith Barclay was dead. The corpse was dragged to the gates of Haense, a note pinned to her garbs. “I’ve stayed my hand in the West and the East. Now I come for your North. You will know the Broken.”
  7. recruiting people for an elven family, of anyone's interested dm me on discord and I can tell about it more!

  8. Nocturne, Teagen White They trudged amongst the snow, their leather boots crushing the fresh powder. A flurry, cascading down around them. Unbothered, the figure continued. A satchel hung across their torso, bouncing with every frigid step. Squeaking. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. The Lady stopped, a hand raising to her shoulder to pluck the creature up. A rat; red-eyed, white as snow, just as she. Tucked away was the pet, into a pocket within her garbs- warm, hopefully, for the small thing. Missives now hung in the cities of Man. The realms of man are ones often deserving of consequence. Their actions repeat, never cease; a cycle of those who cannot agree when they are one and the same. Creatures opposing what will come, what will always come. Short, meaningless lives cut shorter from their own affairs. Their minds easily broken from outside pressures. Twisted words harm more than most. Fragile. Short Lived. What accomplishments are there to show for. Dead leaders, fall cities. That is all one remembers. What is it for, descendants of Man? Your honor and glory only come after death. Signed, Pestilence
  9. The Government and Civil Services of Amaethea Established on the 5th of The Grand Harvest, Year 111 of the Second Age The Crown of Elvendom Her Royal Highness, the High Princess of Amaethea Idril Sylvaeri @JJosey The sovereign of the Princedom, wielding absolute authority in governing the state and populace. His Royal Highness, the Prince Consort of Amaethea Neare Ithrandos @GlassySkies The consort aids the sovereign in whatever they may require. Heir of Amaethea VACANT One chosen to be the next ruler of Amaethea. This is decided solely by the council. The Crown Council of Amaethea Her Ladyship, the Lady Commander of the Glaiveguard Stalashal Vuln’miruel @TaytoTot The leader of the Glaiveguard, commanding Amaethea’s military. Her Ladyship, the Lady Exarch of Amaethea Evgenija Larian @GrowingIvy The representative of the judiciary who also acts as a diplomat. His Lordship, the Lord Steward of Amaethea Jarad Munnel @JoshBright Responsible for handling the affairs of housing and taxes. The Domestic Council Commander of the Guardians Elros Silma @smartscout Second in command to the Commander of the Glaiveguard. The Steward Deputy VACANT Second in command to the Lord Steward, aiding them with their affairs. ((Speak to JoshBright for this role)) The High Priest(ess) PENDING The representative of the Wild Faith. ((Speak to JJosey for this role)) The Event Coordinator VACANT Event planner for Amaethea. ((Speak to JJosey for this role)) Uell ito Maruthiran, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Idril Sylvaeri, The V High Princess of Elvendom, High Princess of Amaethea, The Heart of The Sea HER LADYSHIP, Evgenija Larian, Lady Exarch of Amaethea Check out this post for more information!
  10. "O infernum imo!" Shouts one woman, pumping her fist while running off to harass her family.
  11. A drama loving young teen enjoys this, and gives a vague thumbs up to the thin air around her.
  12. Cresence is appaled! "Damn Valah and their weird things."
  13. Amaethean Coronation Announced on the 3rd of Malin’s Welcome, Year 111 of the Second Age [!] Several flyers have been distributed throughout Almaris, announcing the following: The day of Princess Idril Sylvaeri's coronation, long anticipated by the people of Amaethea, is finally here. This will occur in accordance with Amaethean customs inside the walls of the Princedom, specifically the citadel. His Royal Highness Prince Acanthus will deliver a final speech before Her Royal Highness is formally installed as High Princess of Amaethea. Join us on the 4th of The First Seed, Year 111 of the Second Age at the Amaethean citadel. Invites are sent to the following: The Citizens and Lords of Amaethea Princess Valyris, and the peoples of Celia’nor Primarch Netseth Loa’chil, and the peoples of Nor’asath Sir Mika Anarion, and the dwellers of Lurin Arch-Druid Aerendyl Hawksong and the inhabitants of the Mothers Grove Rex Willy and the Horde of Krugmar Keeper Alatariel and the knights of the Aengul Xan Furthermore, we extend invitations to: Aer'dir of Joma and the Citizens of the Cove Hareven Lorenthus and the Citizens of Oswin Jarad Munnel and the Citizens of Helious Evar'tir Oranor and his venerable pedigree Jeffrey de Wees and his venerable pedigree Lenora Jusmia and her venerable pedigree Melia and her venerable pedigree Uell ito Maruthiran, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Acanthus Onar Taliame’onn Daesmon Silma Vuln’muriel, The IV High Prince of Elvendom, High Prince of Amaethea Evgenija Larian, Exarch of Amaethea
  14. The Amaethean Apparatus Established the 12th of The Deep Cold, Y.110 Article I: The Apparatus 1.1. Head of State The sovereign of the Princedom of Amaethea, a scion of the Sylvaen Everflame. They wield absolute authority in governing the state and populace. a) To signify one as the Head of State, the title shall be High Prince or Princess. -Ex: High Prince Acanthus -Abv: HPA Acanthus b) When addressing in formal settings, the Head of State should be referred to as His Royal Highness. -Ex: His Royal Highness, High Prince Acanthus 1.2. Crown Council One of the bicameral governing councils, composed of the following members. The Lord Steward; responsible for handling the affairs of housing and taxes, appointed by the sovereign. The Lord Commander; responsible for military mobilization, appointed by the sovereign. The Lord Exarch; a representative of the judiciary, appointed by the sovereign. a) A member of the Crown Council should be referred to as a Lord or Lady. -Ex: Lady Idril Sylvaeri 1.3. Domestic Council One of the bicameral governing councils, comprised of the following members: The Citizen’s Warden; deputy steward of Amaethea, appointed by the Lord Steward. The High Priest(ess); a representative of the Wild Faith, elected by the priesthood. The Seasonal Raithean; a representative of the Father Circle, elected by the druidic order. 1.4. Omentahu A mechanism in which the attending populace may question the Government and vote on legislative decisions. Managed and overseen by its chair, appointed by the Head of State. 1.5. Prince-Heir One chosen to be the next ruler of Amaethea. In the untimely death of the Head of State, the Prince-Heir may legally ascend to the throne. a) The Prince-Heir may; i) Stylize themselves as a legally recognized Prince or Princess of Elvenesse, under the style of lordship. ii) With the blessing of the Head of State, conduct diplomatic proceedings. iii) With the blessing of the Head of State, host court and call Omenhatu. b) The Prince-Heir title may be transferred or revoked by the Head of State at any time if deemed necessary. i) If done in a last will or testament, it must be without coercion, and officiated with signature. Article II: Governance 2.1. Legislation & Amendments Proposed legislation or amendments to the law are to be discussed and scrutinized by the bicameral councils in joint session. A majority vote in favor is required for the proposal to be passed as an Act of Government. 2.2 Royal Assent Any Act of Government must first receive royal assent before it officially passes into law, else it shall not be considered legitimate. 2.3. Royal Decree The Head of State maintains the right to pass a piece of legislation or an amendment into law by decree. Article III: Checks & Balances 3.1 Separation of Powers Each councillor presides over a specific area of expertise and delegated responsibilities. To administer beyond this sphere of influence without royal authorization is to be considered an illegitimate exercise of authority. 3.2 Impeachment A process by which the bicameral councils, in joint session, press charges against a government official. Said process is to be exercised as follows. a) A councillor may move to impeach an official, presenting both the charges and sufficient evidence to the chamber. b) Following a statement from both the accusing and accused parties, the joint session will decide by majority vote on whether or not to proceed with the impeachment process. The accused party will be suspended from voting. c) Should a majority vote in favor pass, the proceedings shall be brought before the Head of State, who shall act as the judge. The accused party is entitled to due process. d) If determined guilty of the presented charges, said official shall henceforth be stripped of their position, authority and associated titles. They will not be permitted to sit within the government again without a royal pardon. 3.3 Council Reshuffles The sovereign maintains the right to reshuffle appointed positions on the bicameral councils. Elected officials are to be installed at the discretion of their respective organizations, although they may still be removed from office on sufficient grounds (illegal activities, etc.). Uell ito Maruthiran, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Acanthus Onar Taliame’onn Daesmon Silma Vuln’muriel, The IV High Prince of Elvendom, High Prince of Amaethea Evgenija Larian, Exarch of Amaethea
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