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  1. The Renelian Festival of Unity A feast of peace and prosperity --- The missive is tacked all around the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewyyn. A Resolute Departure, a missive that changed not only the fate of the Kharajyr, but that of the Renelian people too. The Plateau of Lanthres will soon be home to the Kharajyr Pride, under the watchful gaze of the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. Two vastly different cultures and people united together is a call for celebration. In an Elven Day, the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn and the White Owls of the Altepetl Va’Toltec shall come together on the festival grounds of New Magara’lin. Here various cultural activities shall take place, serving to introduce the citizens of each nation to each other. Visitors will be able to take part in various cultural and religious activities and enjoy the many delicacies of the Renelian ‘ker and the Kharajyr. The festival will begin after a short religious ceremony, at the festival grounds of Renelia.
  2. “About time!” The High Aelkos scoffs, surprised. ((rip tiberius he a good fighter
  3. Haskir aches with the newfound knowledge of another great Mali'thill passing. Terrible news, especially with the loss of such a profound warrior, a paragon of swordsmanship. "May seelver starlight guide heez path in ventures beyond." The High Aelkos casts his eyes to the glowing crescent moon above, half-expecting a new star to appear in the black sky with the thousands of others.
  4. Ri’Haskir SIGNS.
  5. Ryloth

    Tech Update

    I respect this, but I do hope you take up the mantle again with a competent team to support you. God bless, love you boss.
  6. The High Aelkos grins, seeing the Orcish call to war against the most depraved of nations. ”Good.”
  7. Haskir smiles as he reads over the missive, ”As alwayz, dey will face law awnd order. Shadez are aw menace dawt must be purged.”
  8. Haskir duplicates a copy of Valens Ith’ael’s missive. ”Nice.”
  9. A tear or two manifests in the eyes of the High Aelkos at the reading of the missive, following the news of Silir Uradir’s suicide. ”Tragic. Dees eez nawt how eet should hawve gone..” He shakes his head, Haskir then submitting his own missive in Silir’s honor.
  10. The White Owls A PATH FORWARDS Drafted by the High Aelkos 15th of the Amber Cold 1751 In Memory of Silir Uradir, “Purity is like a butterfly.” Silir Uradir was a man of most pure intentions, at which fell to some of the most impure of crimes. Despite this, the intent was what mattered to us Kharajyr. While we saw his acts as archaic, they were his. The trial of his was a travesty, to be had and to have come to such a conclusion. Looking past what wrongs were done, we see his devotion to maintaining Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya of most pure intent, with his unexpected death surely an unwelcome surprise to us all. But we are Kharajyr, and therefore have no right to plead their innocence under the eyes of the Pararin’tir in the light of purity, guided by the hand and teachings of your blessed Larihei. We honor his death, a most noble statement to sustain our civilization in tandem with your’s. Alas, Silir Uradir has called for our immediate secession. While this falls on our ears without surprise, it is a loud, powerful voice telling us to break away and free ourselves from the shackles of conformity for our own path of Ascension, solitary and independent from those we should call our most magnificent ally in this world. Silir Uradir speaks to us in life, and now despite his death, he speaks through his memory we will hold dear to our lasting breath. Silir Uradir – a man who transcended the bindings of what is taught, for what would otherwise bring prosperity. In spite of his suggestion, I as High Aelkos of our people will honor and must see to it that I take up his work to bring us peace and proceed forwards, albeit with caution. His intent was unity, for us to uplift the Mali’thill, and in turn the Mali’thill to the Kharajyr. I will say it time and time again – in all our differences, we Kharajyr seek a similar path to the Mali’thill. It is necessary. It is destiny. We will not secede. We will not secede. Regardless of our biology, we are ephemeral. We will never be unfettered, for we should never yearn to be. The endless hunt for purity is necessary. ~ Silir Uradir ~ The Kharajyr honor him and his cause. We hope that the Mali’thill will as well. Do not forget his actions in life, do not forget his beliefs. Let them ring LOUD through the course of time onwards. His end may be sullied, but his beliefs and life were most otherwise. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Metztli Yectenehua. In Silver Starlight, ~ Ri’Haskir High Aelkos of the Kharajyr
  11. A note is sent in reply, a letter with two sentences. Actually, Kharajyr are felines. Educate yourself as well, dog. No address is given in response, but it’s obviously the Kharajyr’s response.
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