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  1. soo when is that dynamap gettin an update? been like 2 or 3 months since the last one innit

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  2. Kha’ haven’t lived so long. It was a desired change from the Kha’ community that they have their lifespan extended from 205 to 300, and when discussed with some LTs it was advised that 300 was a fair change to move to. And no, rabies would cause a Kharajyr to be effected all the same as a human contracting rabies. Paralysis, weakness, coma, then death – as would happen with any humanoid on LoTC, even Hou-zi. Unless there’s some kind of rabies lore I’m not privy to.
  3. The Kharajyr anatomy described does not exactly make sense that way, though. They stand upright naturally. Anything that stands upright without a hunched back, curvature to the spine, or legs jointed at the hip at a higher angle naturally will not walk, sprint, or move in any advantageous method on all-fours even if learned and practiced. The redline there is meant to disallow them to move in an advantageous way like that, and disallows part of the feral animal problem that plagues the Kharajyr – and is already disallowed before this rewrite. If a verbiage change is preferred to clarify it, I can add that! Moving on, snow leopards are already disallowed as we both know. You can not be a snow leopard – for as long as Kharajyr have existed, it has not been a playable subrace and it should not be incorporated for the fact that they are white. Why? White Kharajyr are holy, divine selections of Metztli. Metztli is dead, and can not produce more white Kharajyr. Your alternative is to use transfiguration to mimic a white Kharajyr, or have your character go through the process of repeatedly dyeing their fur. Moreso, you could even make a transfiguration magic item that makes your fur white upon wearing it. Of course, there are negative cultural repercussions for that … but those are the loopholes available to you. It’s not always a good thing to embrace something in RP when it rides against the lore. By adding snow leopards, siberian tigers, etc you step upon the lore and original writer’s intent when it was designed years ago. Explicitly, Xerdun / Geodude / Benboboy did not want naturally white Kha’ in 2011-13 / 2013-15 / 2015-17 unless they were the divine emperor selected by an LT manager playing as Metztli. I will respect the original writer(s) and not add it, as it doesn’t make sense anyhow since she’s been killed off. Any lore-approved Tla’tlanni before she died wouldn’t exist anymore anyhow, if they were aged correctly given her last lore-approved appearance was a few years ago. If one is still somehow alive through magical assistance, only the last would have survived (to which they died IRP and PK’d). Old Tla’tlanni get stripped of their color and reverted. Original lore Source 1 & Source 2. So, I don’t agree with removing both red lines wholly. Both dyeing fur and running on all-fours can be done, but neither will be outright natural as explained for their various reasons and have their own draw-backs be they mechanics IRP or cultural repercussions. I understand your issues with it though, so show me a modification to the redline and I’ll try and work it with you and create a changelog, for both! @BrandNewKitten
  4. This is not arbitrary. Kharajyr may not and have never been allowed to be feral animals. This is a continued redline carried over from lore established in 2011. Please avoid insinuating that I am being biased in my writing. If you think the verbiage should be altered for clarification then suggest an edit. Thank you.
  5. It just doesn’t make sense with the anatomy. They were made humanoid; it looks unnatural and is physically impossible to do it in any advantageous method. It can be done, but it’ll be restrictive. For it to work correctly, they’d have to be quadrupeds. If it were allowed then it’d only make sense that other races could do it too. So – you can do it for flavor all the same as dyeing fur white, but it’s not going to benefit you and will in fact restrict you. Primarily, it is discouraged and redlined to prevent some feral cat RPers that have been an issue here-and-there as no clear redline was mentioned. Plus, it clarifies that Kha’ should stand upright and should not walk around on all fours.
  6. Well, keep in mind that the Kharajyr anatomy in no way supports sprinting on all fours – meaning, you’d be at a disadvantage doing so, as any humanoid race would. Dyeing fur white is acceptable, as well as transfigurated white fur. Natural white fur, however, is not.
  7. Idk **** about Ologs other than that they are terrifying, but Salty makes some good points. Great lore and I think these are some chad changes that make some good sense.
  8. good riddance get spit on you stupid void mages cant wait to pvp default you lal
  9. Kharajyr Rewrite & Expansion Written by @Ryloth, @chaosgamer_ & @EnderMaiashiro Google Doc (much easier to read) Art © Ryloth/Sham, 0laffson Bear with me on the lore submission formatting – hopefully I got it right. This rewrite is designed to expand upon in concise detail the inner workings and abilities of the Kharajyr creature race. Kharajyr Culture Post Introduction & Creation The Kharajyr are an enigmatic race of bipedal anthropomorphic Felidae created through divine magical experimentation by the Aengudaemon of Time, Metztli. In their creation story, Metztli combined wild, feral ocelots with the bodies and souls of Descendants. This spawned a creature capable of advanced intelligence but combined the physical attributes of humanoids and the feline animals of the world around them. Anatomy Kharajyr have a highly unique, exotic anatomy alien to Descendants. Both male and female Kharajyr alike are covered in a thick coat of fur which envelopes them in varying shades and naturally protects them from the harsh elements. Males are often graced with a fluffy mane that wraps the nape and flanks of their neck, while females typically grow a length of hair akin to their Descendant female progenitors. Both males and females alike are equipped with jointed ears, tails, digitigrade legs, retractable claws at their digits, and feline eyes. Additionally, Kharajyr retain the whiskers of their feral progenitors. [See the refs for body anatomy.] Anatomy Usage The anatomy of a Kharajyr can come in handy for utilitarian purposes and most importantly protection. Let’s go over the various parts of the Kharajyr anatomy unique to their species. Fur Coat The fur coat present on a Kharajyr is double-layered, much like that of their feral progenitors. The lower layer regulates body heat, allowing the body to adjust to both cold and hot climates (excluding extremes). The outer layer protects the Kharajyr from the immediate elements around them -- wind, rain, mildly cold air, mildly hot air, and insects. It can not protect from extreme cold sub-zero temperatures and likewise can not protect from extreme heat sur-hundred temperatures. Kharajyr would avoid icy tundras and extreme deserts or magma plains, so as to avoid hypothermia or hyperthermia. Protection from rain is minute and only lasts for a brief length of time. A drenched Kharajyr, like any other race, will become hypothermic with their fur coat penetrated. Likewise, drenching oneself in water would quickly penetrate both layers with relative ease. Note: Armor worn over a fur coat does not inhibit body heat regulation any more than it would on a human unless in extreme heat. Jointed Ears Similar to Elves, Kharajyr ears are jointed and can rotate freely atop their head. This allows the Kharajyr to hear in multiple directions. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to focus on a direction you aren’t looking in. Example: His ears rotate to fixate on an approaching figure in his peripherals, their resounding footsteps heard.] Requires an emote if focusing anything not directly in front of the creature. A Kharajyr’s hearing, thanks to their feral progenitors, is enhanced and can focus on nearby sounds only when the ears are directed towards them. [Non-Combative: 1 emote required to focus on #whisper dialogue. Example: Intent to eavesdrop, he focuses on the whispering conversation directly before him.] Always requires an emote. Can ONLY be used on #whisper, max 1 block outside of chat range. A drawback of the Kharajyr’s acute hearing is the susceptibility to loud sounds. When a loud sound occurs in proximity to a Kharajyr, a negative reaction is always required if it is not suppressed by headwear. Disorientation - In example, caused by a small explosion within 12 blocks of a Kharajyr. [3 emotes of disorientation with temporary deafness required. Example: (1 of 3) As the explosion erupts in the nearby smithy, the Kha’ reaches up to his ears to pin them shut on his head. He begins to stagger! | (2 of 3) Staggering to the side, the Kha’ begins to fall. | (3 of 3) As the Kha’ hits the ground, he writhes about in pain, senses dizzy and his ears ringing in pain. He groans loudly -- he might be deaf!] Must always emote following a sound that would be uncomfortably loud. Tails The Kharajyr tail is, for the most part, a useless addition incorporated by their feral progenitors. While it can be used to provide minor additional agility and counterbalance to their bodies, the tail is mostly a social appendage allowing the Kharajyr to express emotion with its movement. Digitigrade Legs A Kharajyr has digitigrade legs, as seen in the references above. This causes the creature to walk on its digits. The composure of this anatomy type creates a spring effect, allowing the Kharajyr to jump high and far. A Kharajyr may jump 0.5 blocks higher than other races when unarmored. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to jump half of an additional block. Example: Preparing to leap high into the air, he bends his knees and his digitigrade legs before springing high above with outstretched arms!] This is impossible when armored, and will be restricted to a normal jump. Bounding to increase speed only while sprinting is possible, and allows the Kharajyr to move faster over flat ground. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to move 1-2 additional blocks. Example: The Kha’ dashes forth into the fray, springing off of his legs to bound past his human allies!] This is impossible when armored, and will be restricted to normal movement speed. Retractable Claws A Kharajyr is equipped with retractable claws, one at each digit on the hands and feet. They can be no longer than 1.5 inches and are as durable and sharp as a rose thorn. They may be used to aid in climbing, but are primarily used for utilitarian or combat purposes. [Combative/Non-Combative: 1 emote required to extend or retract any/all claws. Example: The Kha’ extends the claws of each digit on his right hand, preparing to strike the rabid dog attacking him!] These claws may only penetrate thin clothing and scratch the surface of bare flesh in combat, and are not as strong or stronger than any metal! Feline Eyes Thanks to their feral progenitors, a Kharajyr is equipped with feline eyes capable of enhanced night vision due to their reflectivity along the retina. This does not allow them to see in zero-darkness -- a light source that otherwise would not aid another race in long-range vision must be available to see in low light (stars/moon/candle). In other words, a dark cave with no light source will restrict all vision. [Combative/Non-Combative: 3 emotes required to adjust eyesight to immediate changes in light. Example: (1 of 3) As the Kha’ exits the flickering torchlit tavern into the dark moonlit street, he blinks as his eyes begin to adjust. | (2 of 3) Squinting, the darkness begins to diminish in his vision. | (3 of 3) His eyes fully adjust to the darkness, and the Kha’ can now see a great distance almost as if the sun has risen above.] A faint light source must be present to see. A rapid change from darkness to lightness may cause disorientation. A Kharajyr’s eyes “glow” in the dark, due to the same reflectivity allowing them to see in the dark. This causes them to be visible to the naked eye, and will often be noticeable as two glowing yellow wisps regardless of eye color in the distance. Kharajyr may only have blue, green, brown, orange and yellow eyes. Whiskers Whiskers adorn the Kharajyr’s face along their muzzle and above their brows (see right). This is a useless feature attributed to their feline anatomy and serves no purpose to benefit them or drawback from their abilities. The Four Subraces Tigrasi The largest of Metztli’s divine creations, and often the most formidable. They are the most physically strong of the four subraces and are renowned and revered for their prowess in combat through their raw strength. Adorned with an exotic coat of bright orange-and-black stripes with beige or white along the belly and jaw, the Tigrasi is a vibrant Kharajyr striking to the eyes. Given their strength and likewise large size, a Tigrasi often stands at a towering 6’4” inches to 7ft exact. Tigrasi may not surpass the strength of an orc. Pantera The Pantera is a cunning, black-spotted Kharajyr renowned for their stealth and balanced strength, stamina, and agility amongst the four Kharajyr subraces. Pantera are mysterious and quiet and are oftentimes portrayed as thieves and bandits given their natural ability to blend in with the shadows and dark. A Pantera typically stands at 5’9” inches to 6’4” inches on average, and they are as strong as the average human. Notably, their coat is so dark that it is difficult to read their expressions in low light. Leparda The Leparda is the most generic of the four subraces. They are a jack of all trades, but typically do not excel in any one area. Leparda are a light-brown to gold hue and are adorned with black spots of clouded blotches across their form. A beige or white chin and underbelly run the front of their bodies, and they often stand at 5’7” inches to 5’11” inches. Cheetrah The fastest and most agile of the Kharajyr, the Cheetrah is known for its speed and high stamina. Decorated with an ashen yellow pelt with black spots dappling their body, the Cheetrah has an appearance similar to the Leparda. Notably, a “black tear” runs from their eye down to the lips of their maw. The Cheetrah often stands at 5’4” inches to 5’7” inches on average. Cheetrah do not run at speeds equivalent to their feral relative. However, they are the fastest of the Kharajyr subraces. Kharajyr Life Cycle 0-4 Years Old - Kitten/toddler/baby 1’2” - 1’8” In this age range, the Kharajyr child is unable to speak and may only crawl around. The player is unable to apply for a Kharajyr within this age-range, and an RP item/headshop item must be used to substitute a pair’s child. 5-12 Years Old - Cub 1’8” - 3’0” Minor physical maturity. The Kharajyr in this phase of life is a cub, and they may begin to communicate and walk in a similar method to 5-year-old humans. At the age of 6, they may begin to communicate with moderate skills. This is the first phase playable to players. 13-17 Years Old - Teen 3 ft+ A Kharajyr in this age range is beginning to fully mature. They may speak fluently and will begin to grow to their situated adult height. 18-250 Years Old - Adult At these ages, the Kharajyr will have reached adulthood and have completed their early stages of development. Kharajyr at the age of 200 may begin to experience minor joint pain, and their coats may begin to dull. 251-300 Years Old - Elder A Kharajyr elder has lived the length of their life to the fullest. As they near the age of 300, the Kharajyr will wither and their fur will grey or dull. Joint pain will plague the elderly Kharajyr, especially at the ankles and feet and they will be susceptible to the typical ailments of a human elder. Unless magically-assisted, the Kharajyr will have reached their maximum age at 300 years old, if they haven’t passed already. General Kharajyr Redlines Claws may only penetrate thin clothing and scratch the surface of bare flesh in combat, and are not as strong or stronger than any metal! A location with zero-darkness and no light source will restrict all vision to a Kharajyr. Tigrasi may not surpass the strength of an orc. Cheetrah do not run at speeds equivalent to their feral relative. The player is unable to apply for a Kharajyr under the age of 5 and an RP item/head must be used to substitute a pair’s child. Unless magically-assisted, the Kharajyr will have reached their maximum age at 300 years old. They will die at this age. Kharajyr may not be albino, white or a dusty color similar to white. Any bright white hues are absolutely disallowed, as white Kharajyr were by divine design the holy ruler of the Kharajyr assigned by Metztli. Metztli has died, and can not create these. Kharajyr may only be one of the four subraces or a mix of them. Snow leopards or other snow-themed Kharajyr are disallowed. Kharajyr do not walk on all-fours. Kharajyr may not be feral. Kharajyr may not produce offspring with non-Kharajyr. Kharajyr may not naturally become sphinxes (furless). edit: i hate formatting threads
  10. There’s a lot of people banned right now that shouldn’t be, not just Elite. GMs need to take this thread’s advice ASAP.

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  11. Haskir recalls the glory days of hacking down droves of attackers in battle alongside loyal Sillumir to defend a place he once thought home. ”I bet they wish they hadn’t ran their competent commanders away!”
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