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  1. Haskir mulls over the letter of tiny handwriting after Thalon pushed it his way, groaning with an irritable flick of his tail. "You're lying. A mouse didn't write this. I think you're insane." He replied in disbelief, refuting the idea of mousemen.
  2. SUTICA: A GHOST TOWN OPERATION: SUTICAN STORM Issued on 12th of The First Seed, Y24 of the Second Age Kha'rasi Oasis sunrays beamed in hot golden light upon the black and bronze of two combined armies, Haelun'orian and Elvenessi. Clouds of dust washed the once-untarnished blue horizon of Sutica's capital region in the wake of 'thill and 'ame on the march, and before one could blink would they find the conjoined armies sweeping the city. The gates were captured, the city square and marketplace made pure. The army of the Free-no-longer State of Sutica watc
  3. Haskir sighs as he peruses the missive, eyes watching ravenously that nearby kitchen table. Oh, how sultry that Haelun'orian Beef Eater Burger looked that sat upon the silvery saucer nestled atop the tablecloth. Alas, the Sohaer had eaten one too many Beef Eater Burgers ... and so with a shadowy close did he leave the delectable treat behind. If Othelu had been placed in a coma by the Beef, no longer could he too relish its taste. Grasping a golden carrot from his general store stock, he stows it in the pocket of his jacket, a glistening carrot tip protruding from his attire. Now w
  4. I'd drop $35k on the server, unironically. I've plenty enough cash laying around.
  5. We did a little too much trolling.

  6. Haskir calls his best buddy @JoanOfArc on his telephone, "Hey bro! Picked up my new Novellan Phone today! Came out today after the Skygods said nobody could PVP with it. When do we rally for the raid on Elysium?"
  7. mordu magic btw wasnt there a CA post the other day on another vampire thing
  8. Haskir flexes his rippling body of pristine and immaculate musculature, shirt shredding from his form. "We back." "The only bad workout was the one that didn't happen."
  9. "They send the very best. What do you get when you spell GOD backwards?" Haskir queries with a sneer, "DOG!" Auspice 2:22 “Thus arrayed are the forces of DOG!”
  10. was actually going to +1 and then when i clicked the notif it's a fake. -1 smfh
  11. Haskir pins the missive to his refrigerator using a "based" magnet upon reviewing Banjo's signature.
  12. It's about time @Treshure earned his rightful place as camera angle king. Been deserving since his first video showcasing Aldemar. Grats king
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