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  1. Ri’Haskir’Kul within the crowd elevates his drawl, speaking firmly to address those candidates present; in particular, his words came in response to Celiasil. Chartreuse eyes focused unto the fiery-haired mali’, judgement collected in their feline pools. “The presence of soldiers within the city is minute and inadequate yet that is of little concern with gate duty used as example – Alluin Seregon and Storm Elibar’acal both have spent time in the confines of the gatehouse tending to the portcullis to process individuals, but of course it is only natural that given the policies of the Silver State to maintain full lockdown at all times, some few individuals will find the gates unattended. It should not be expected that they will be manned at all times, and neither is it expected in senior capital cities of much greater population. Helena for example closes their gates frequently to bar highwaymen and bandits access, yet frequently are the gates unmanned as attention is more important elsewhere. Aegrothond finds their gates closed and unattended at every hour, far more frequently than Haelun’or. Renelia’s gates – this one can’t recall when they were last manned in ten years worth of visits.” The Pantera exhales sharply, shaking his ebon-spotted head before speaking on. ”Alluin and Storm have done much – that can not be attested, though Storm far more in his eighty-years of time spent working first as #002, second to #001 – Kaelan Aldin. He is the longest-serving Sillumir present in Haelun’or and likely always will be, a capable individual of great talent who has traveled the world far and wide, survived sieges, battles, skirmishes, and trained countless Sillumir alongside the legendary now-deceased Nehtamo Seregon.” Eyes drift over to Storm Elibar’acal with a proud twinkle, and an eager grin dresses his maw. ”Under Storm Elibar’acal as Tilruir’tir did Haelun’or’s Sillumir find great stock in their material wealth – weaponry and armor, ammunition and food stock; amassed in great quantity for a fighting force most supreme in the mali’ echelon. No other mali’ nation has amassed more troops in Arcasian history than Haelun’or, and with Storm Elibar’acal did we wedge ourselves into wars of the great human kingdoms of Oren, Haense, Kaedrin, Morsgrad, and the late Suffonia. It was with Storm Elibar’acal did we sweep Krugmar and force Irrinor to bow to us – and with he assisting this one in protecting Haelun’or did we obliterate then-hostile Haenseti armies encroaching upon the Silver Forest and the walls of this great bastion. Dark magic was rampant in Haelun’or too, and it was Storm Elibar’acal and myself that rid this city of such filth, such darkness plaguing the beacon this nation is.” The Kharajyr High Aelkos’s eyes then move away from Storm Elibar’acal, across the candidates, and then to nowhere in particular. ”This one may be Kharajyr and not ‘thill, but none of what has been said can be disputed – Storm Elibar’acal is most qualified for Okarir’tir. His policies, his actions, his skill, his understanding – it is why he has such rapport with the Sillumir, and is evidence of why he bears such success. It is a blessing that he has returned to Haelun’or, and a blessing that he stands here offering his services. Mali’ live for hundreds of years; it would be unwise to skip a brief time in this Elibar’acal’s life he could spend serving, especially now. Each candidate here is capable and wise, skilled, and knowledged; but right now, it is the Elibar’acal that would do best. It displeases this one that Haskir can’t yet vote – but he can address the truths. That is all.”
  2. "Thank the heavens." A certain someone rasps as Storm speaks.
  3. "Hopefully, Storm Elibar'acal in all his steadfast loyalty and staunch willpower will make a claim to Okarir'tir as deserved for well over thirty years or more. His history is strong and Haelun'or grew to be a powerful force for a time under he and Alaion -- a trained army sizing against that of the larger Valah nations in his prime." A certain someone drawls, hopeful vibrant emerald eyes watching. A warning follows though, fearful of stagnant talons clutching such a pivotal position. "Let not the successor of the great Kaelan Aldin be weak, for wasted time in the seat of the Okarir'tir may be costly as the world is dark and terrible. A beacon this place is, and its protection is paramount."
  4. “It is good to be back.” A particular Kha’Pantera remarks, relishing the glamour of great white marble walls and towers beaming in the silver moonlight overhead as he reads. “Hope shines bright for this republic, itself a silver lining that now stands anew from the old diarchy – literally so – sat cradled on the mountain peak of the heavens high. Starlight blesses the ‘thill, and they will prosper and ascend righteously. It is so.”
  5. alphamoist spitting facts Real talk tho if you play any race for the benefit of its mechanics, you’re not in it for the RP – obviously. That’s not a good thing, especially as a CA; play the CA for its uniqueness IRP, give people reasons to not gut and skin you, and you’ll have a fun time RPing and it’ll be fun for them too if you’re doing it right.
  6. “Excellent! This one can’t wait for the Eldarhim Fête .. imported foods!” Haskir guffaws, “Delicious.”
  7. Ryloth

    8.0 Map Teaser

    HOT. HOT. HOT.
  8. This is really good! The idea sounded enjoyable from its inception but the finished product is somehow even better. CAs with more cons than pros definitely should exist alongside those with more pros than cons, and the difficulty in playing these definitely can be understood. It's hard to play any CAs, and another con that will show up will certainly be the "demon spawn" reaction if they're playable someday, the racism, and that's where the weakness will really shadow them. Totally gonna be a challenge to play as, and I think this might be the only other race than Kha' that I will make a character for. +1
  9. TRIAL: On My Banishment 4th of the Amber Cold, 1772 = = = [!] This letter is handed over at the gates of the Silver City upon arrival, for use in the trial. Sa’vi to the Silver State, The time has come that I make my return. With the Azorella Reform shown to me by the good Nakastli – Mali’ – Muriel of the most pure Uradir name, I have decided to face civil trial afforded to me in good faith by the Silver State for my actions many, many years ago in the exodus schism conducted by myself, my Kharajyr people and my Mali’thill vneahts – lliran, friends – to escape a hostile, stagnant and then-dilapidating, sycophantic regime. Given your current standing government would agree with such a notion, it is my hope that your blessed Maheral, Maelunir, Pariran’tir, and pure citizenry would find me excused of any and all grievances that thusly led to my untimely banishment. My goal is to restore my one-of-a-kind first-class citizenship granted by my very, very close lliran Azorella Elibar’acal and Nelgauth Maehr’tehral, and right to enter your city without my name being tarnished, bolted to the wall as an enemy of the state. As the noble Kharajyr High Aelkos who once sat the Silver Council with the most blessed former Okarir’mali and later Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal, defended your silver bastion alongside my lliran of note late most noble Nehtamo Seregon, late most pure Silir Uradir, Storm Elibar’acal, Elathion Dagre’sae, Kaelan Aldin, and Goan Aldin, from countless assaults, armies, and war criminals who sought to undermine the Silver State, and maintained high morale in the bastion during the Great Fog of the late 1740s alongside the venerated former Okarir’tayna, late Uppori Visaj – it is with request that I ask this trial to be respected and heard. I am guilty of one thing, as your current standing government is also guilty of – a deep desire to do what was right for my people. In Silver Starlight, Haskir Therkul // Ri’Haskir’Kul
  10. “These guys are fucked.” The Kharajyr remarks, laughing as he rolls up the missive.
  11. As for spoilers, I totally forgot how to use them – but with your mention I tried again and figured it out! So, the entire write should look much cleaner and less cluttered. Sowwie. Regarding debuffs – I dunno, I just tried as best I could to follow the original lore anatomy without deviating, trying to explain the buffs people have always RPed but can’t reference back to lore because it was always a grey area. I’d add more debuffs like weaker cheetrah in exchange for stronger tigrasi, but that’s at a risk of getting the lore re-denied again for another spin through the washer. Could be worth it, but I dunno’. I’d +1 but I can’t +1 anymore today. 😞 have my love tho, thanks for feedback. i’ll chat with some LTs and see if any buffs/debuffs can be worked in. with the above said here’s a changelog update woo spoilers CHANGELOG: April 1st, 2020 – Created the lore rewrite, posted with only anatomy and body explanations. May 6th, 2020 – Added CULTURE, LANGUAGE, HISTORY, and ADDITIONAL SOURCES. This addition incorporates ALL officiated Kharajyr lore, so that it is compiled in ONE place. Extended references to incorporate the original Kharajyr lore and acceptance post by Xerdun, its root lore creator. May 9th, 2020 – Added some additional words and their translations to the Kharahatla language. May 14th, 2020 – Added a large expansion upon Kharahatla suffixes, and included words defining Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Halflings, along with their translations. Additionally added words defining Aengudaemonica and Dragons/Drakaar given their cultural importance to the Kha’. I also spoilered the language to reduce the size of the thread. June 1st, 2020 – Lore was denied for these reasons. June 5th, 2020 – Lore is reposted | Modifications have been made. I can’t replicate the spoilers from the denied lore, so people will have to deal with no spoilers. Sorry! June 5th, 2020 – Changed some font colors because they hurt my eyes. ALSO, I FIGURED OUT THE SPOILERS. HUZZAH!
  12. Fully agree with your points. People shouldn’t erotic RP on the server, obviously; but there should be no restriction on romance. If it is ‘bestiality’, then .. Dunno what to tell ‘em. Kiss a Kha’ and you get banned, I guess. No hand-holding! I as writer, however, do not deem Kha’ as animals. They’re not. They’re sentient, case and point, end of story. It can’t be bestiality .. but opinions of others claim otherwise. Kha’ should jump higher .. it doesn’t need a mechanical reflection. I agree. Tigrasi and Cheetrah should be heavier/lighter and stronger/weaker. I agree. But this is what changes we were required to make to pass the lore.
  13. a shipment of 10 buckets with 50,000 pennies is on the way brother
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