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  1. Ryloth


  2. Haskir peers over the flyer, cringing briefly as he imagines the already fully-filled manor housing even more Kha’. He sighs, and decides he could make room before dispatching a bird for Rha’kir – after all, he was Therkul. It would only be right! “We need Sa’Kaktimani.”
  3. "The Sohaer we needed, but not the one we deserved."
  4. Ryloth


  5. Haskir proudly smiles the sun's smile with the new Kharajyr-themed business, but he wonders who or where the artifacts might come from! "I hope not from me!.. Unless it's bartering!"
  6. Haskir slips a vote in yet again so he can feel validated. ((MC name: Rylothh)) Name: Haskir Vote for Okarir’nor: (xo xo) Effile Ker’Vulnir ( ) Aeron Valaker
  7. wasnt another snake CA just posted like a week before this one also this area just seems like the writer is struggling to explain what Azdrazi are, and it’s more importantly not entirely correct
  8. Raid rules release soon chief. It'll all start again shortly.
  9. dw homes, gotchu covered Funniest redline I've seen in a while and I now approve +1 say no to catgirls
  10. i only skimmed this but from what i read actual labrat catgirls can be made and i hate it. cool lore anyways tho at least i can hunt kharaboos
  11. gotta solve the banditry problem first. conflict rp will lead to a settlement finding walls more and more a necessity. brandybrook is about the only example of a non-walled settlement that functions, because the only purpose of raiding brandybrook is to raze and terrorize. it’s hardly even worth it, and it’s just a bit toxic. any other settlement though, they have militaries and – typically – a reason to raid. unfortunately when the server has a multi-life rule in effect where you die and respawn, there is no risk of death, and therefore walls will always exist because bandits will incessantly return. but that’s a whole other argument which effectively nullifies this one without the other being solved first.
  12. that’s because walls irl take serious man hours to construct. in lotc it takes like 10 minutes to make a wall design, 10 minutes to paste it around a city on a build server, and 2 hours with an energy drink to litematica the build in. if it took that little time and manpower irl, everything would have walls.
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