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  1. alright if you didnt deserve the warclaim before, you definitely do now
  2. "Excellent." Haskir observes with a wicked smile, "Finally, let's kill some ******* sea elves."
  3. one of the best decisions to be produced from WT alongside the recent addition of world edit
  4. Knowing eyes drifted the writings from start to end in scintillated candle light, all the same as the one which lit the page's surface when scribed. "No finer an observation from a Titan's child," drawled the grated voice from within the chambers. "Pray, pray that we misunderstood are seen in righteous firelight. It would do the whole world a goodness." Haskir takes a copy to save for the coffers, words for eternity he may reference for years to come.
  5. my name is ryloth and this is my new favorite post on lotc
  6. Haskir erupts with a guffaw, "I wish Sulraell were around for this -- I'd beat him within an inch of his life!"
  7. "Another that I shall acquire for my ever-expanding collection!" Haskir slams the table at which he sat with a firm fist, like the gavel of a judge. He WILL have his pillows, and he sets out post-haste to collect one.
  8. Haskir peers over the message with risen brows, surprised that the elf had passed so soon. He unleashes a gentle sigh. A brief memory came back to him, albeit in a collection -- all those times he'd caught Nuala sitting silent, watching the sunrise over the Silver Forests in Arcas on her bench. Quiet as ever, silent as she is now. "Well, at least she got what she wanted with 'the lizards'." The remark was quiet, and he then looks on ahead of himself. "I'll miss her."
  9. This Kharajyr stood idle in the lands he surveyed, overlooking an oceanside sunset draped in scarlet clouds at its crests. Frogs chirped and crickets crowed. A peaceful air surrounded him, and he inhaled deeply before releasing a wispy sigh. The passing of Elayne were unknown to him, and he would never see her again -- but in this moment he thought back to the incursion in which they'd met. He remembered her generous protection and honorable acts, and that was what she would be remembered by this day. Honor and kinship, not as nothing.
  10. attempt v4 pls update dynamap

  11. attempt v3, pls update dynamap

  12. ♫♫♫ A short letter embroidered with a peculiar symbol laden with the Eye of Azdromoth found its way to the notice boards of cities around Almaris, particularly to those harboring the Paladins of Xan. 14th of the Grand Harvest, Year 11 of the Second Age - - - Into the desert wastes they went, these Men of the North. A foreign land unknown, coarse with rough sands and thick with ashen smoke which plumed in great swathes from the fiery volcano afar. Brimstone littered the pyroclastic hellscape in their approach, but alas they pressed on. In
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