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    Avarill was born in the year of 1715 to Edelgard Iseld and her husband, Conrad Pho’keh. She was raised in a quiet homestead in Haelun’or with her family. Her mother was a well known warrior who proved herself in constant battles. As a child, she was taught about the numerous religions within the realm, especially the Church of the Canon. Even though she grew up amongst these religions, Avarill didn’t care for their practices and wasn’t forced into following them. Alongside her religious teachings, she was taught about numerous battles of the countries around her. There was one battle in particular that stood out, the Battle of Curon. When Tobias I allowed Haense to resettle somewhere else, it confused her. She believed that if someone were to lose, they wouldn’t be allowed a second chance. Throughout her life, Avarill met several extended family members, especially Aprelle. Aprelle married into her family early on and became an older sister to her. Avarill soon developed subversive skills from Aprelle’s influence. Soon after, Edelgard, Conrad and Leon, Aprelle’s husband, died in the War of Two Emperors. Due to their deaths, Avarill and Aprelle began to live together since Avarill was still a young child. At 41, Avarill began to notice the other females around her differently. They caught her eye, causing her to fall into a chain of different lovers, some simultaneously. Her cocky behavior and choice of masculine clothing caused her to be noticed by everyone, especially the conservative and traditional side of the elves in Haelun’or. Whilst subduing romantic interests, Avarill ended up in bed with a local noble’s wife. As soon as the noble learned of the deed, she was rushed out of town with Aprelle beside her. Thus began their search for a new home.
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