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  1. This reminds me of HM02 from Pokemon which grants you the Fly move that can be used to fast travel.
  2. A human whose parents are murdered by orcs after they attack his rural village. He escapes with his life to the nearest town where he reports it to the guards of a nearby keep. The lord of the keep tells the guards to stand down and to not attack these orcs out of fear of retaliation, but they strike out anyway and pursue these orcs with the child on horseback. The guards manage to kill the orcs, though suffering heavy losses, and they return to the keep. The lord forbids them from coming back ever again for their insubordination. They take the child with them to the nearest city where they look for work and hope to train the child to adapt to the world around him. He becomes a darkspawn slayer and a mercenary that wanders the realms where he learns of and engages in the various societies while having run-ins with groups and families that are iconic to LOTC. The series ultimately follows a story of grappling with the forces around you in a dog-eat-dog world. You can improve your skills and better the world in some way perhaps but your story is its own. Perhaps at the end, it can be revealed somehow that this is a retelling of a human folk story in a book that rests among thousands in an Elven library. I feel that LOTC would largely be similar to generic high fantasy fiction because it's an amalgamation of various high fantasy stories blended together. However, I think the appearance of groups like the Lectors, Azdrazi, or general references to Aengudaemons even if they're not shown would make such a story unique.
  3. Jesus is the reason that I am getting double pay on my shifts for four days. I love Jesus for helping me provide for my family.
  4. Big ERP is losing the war, we must keep barraging them with rules.
  5. Ser Vylandris Vuln'ibar picks up his sword and wield the blade that once forced evil mobs to yield, "If this battle should leave me slain, I know Herobrine will call my name."
  6. The nine-year-old Robert Tiberius Alstion does not know more than half of the words written here by his ten-year-old brother, James. Though, he still supports whatever was written with an eager smile.
  7. I think it is interesting that we would not need to have these discussions if players did not feel the need to use Minecraft as an outlet to pursue romance and sexual-themed roleplay. Nobody is forcing people to play womanisers. Nobody is forcing people to play adulterers. Nobody is forcing people to play gay characters where the inherent implication is the focus on romance and/or sex as an identity as opposed to the biological reproductive function that heterosexuals must exist for to justify babies being born. Ideally, romance and sexual roleplay-themed roleplay should not be something that is pursued, but something largely implied. Regardless, these people are making the conscious OOC choice to put these characters into a roleplay setting. Then some of them have the gall to complain OOC, oftentimes because these sorts of characters are self-inserts to some degree, that the roleplay setting does not suit the character they want to play. My Brother in Christ, you are making the choice to play this character in this setting. If you do not like the roleplay environment, try to change it through roleplay or play a different character. I am not going to go to Haelunor with a character that is antithetical to their values as a nation and then complain when they decide to kill me for gravely insulting them and their culture. To address some recent comments made in this thread: 1. Whether something is inherently bad is subjective, both OOCly and RPly. The thoughts of someone being gruesomely crucified for instance is something that is perceived as something barbaric in modern standards due to it being a torturous punishment. However, in roleplay it is a lesser used but still relatively accepted form of execution. The same can be said for lynching, being burnt alive, and other similar methods. It is upsetting to hear of someone being burnt to death in real life, but there is a disconnect in perception of death between real life and a fictional medium like LOTC. While that obviously pertains to death, the same can be said for general discrimination. Calling someone a "midget" in real life is heavily frowned upon due to our modern standards, however it is a common slur to use against halflings and dwarves. It can be an upsetting word when used for genuine discrimination, but when used in a fictional context, the intent is not the same and is used for narrative value. Homosexual relationships are not inherently good on LOTC. Elves are intended to be largely infertile which is in part alleviated by their longer lifespans, however there is still no guarantee in roleplay that an elf may be lucky enough to have a child when they want or need one. To remedy this, homosexuality is frowned upon or even discriminated against by some because they are individually contributing to the dooming their race and family by not reproducing from a roleplay perspective. Similarly, known promiscuity in the hopes to conceive would in roleplay likely be frowned upon as well by other races as well due to it being a foreign concept and against their own beliefs. For humans, their shorter lifespans may also encourage some individuals to believe that it is their prerogative to discourage homosexuality to ensure that their noble ambitions may be met by having children for political purposes for instance. The point being is that there are roleplay justifications unique to the fictional medium that cannot be found in real life modern circumstances that affect mindsets on how someone should act towards a certain behaviour or concept. Themes that may be upsetting for some in real life does not mean that it should be banned and otherwise removed in a fictional setting so that it cannot be explored. If we banned every book that had content some people found upsetting, we would be banning literary classics like Harry Potter with the varied allegations of racism and satanic themes, or Lord of the Rings for its orcs supposedly being designed in a racist manner, despite both being widely acclaimed. If you do not like the content, do not engage with it. 2. It is not homophobic. Homophobia is a purposeful or implicit dislike towards homosexual people. A marriage between a man and a woman in Canonism is based on the model of the first coupling (who birthed the Four Sons: Horen, Urguan, Malin, Krug) as well as Horen and Julia. Any sexual encounter outside of the holy union is seen as sinful due to the sinner being seen as a "creature of worldly indulgence". This mainly covers pre-marital sexual intimacy and adultery due to the taking of concubines that inhibited virtue as with Harren in the Scrolls. However, homosexual sex is also covered in this clause because it is, of course, done outside of the holy union. Homosexual romantic relationships themselves though are not sinful or illegal. Depending on the character and their zeal, they would either ignore it, frown upon it, or shun it due to it being seen as a prelude to sin. Nobody would be killed over it. This topic only really becomes an issue when the misconceptions that people draw of Canonism being a 1:1 replica of Christianity makes them assume constant discrimination against homosexuals is common. It is not. The Canonist Church, within the last couple years, has not cared and/or made any effort to pursue possible or known homosexuals in roleplay in order to get them to repent. You are more likely to find mistreatment from unknowledgeable players in nations trying to do religious roleplay who assume the Church would be antagonistic towards homosexuals. 3. As I said before, the Church itself as an institution does not care about this. Whoever told you this is likely misinformed. The only nation that I know of that has made any actual attempt to outlaw homosexuality was Haense and it was only designed to combat issues of nobles being adulterers without leaving heirs to inherit their estates from my understanding. Again, I'd like to bring up what I mentioned in my opening paragraphs. You have deliberately chosen to make this an overarching theme for your characters. This is not something that you are being forced to do. I believe that I have briefly been in a few VC with you before years ago (mayhaps I am confusing you with someone else), but it seems you have choose to pursue these experiences purely because it is a reflection of how you are in real life. They are self-inserts in this regard, and that is likely why you feel guilty about the hardships placed on your character. These characters deliberately go against the status quo in many cases, and that is something that other characters will justifiably act against in some cases when you are being blatantly different. That is how homogenous societies work. You may find more enjoyability with characters that have varied personalities and traits that fit within the frameworks of what is normally considered acceptable by most roleplay communities instead of repeatedly playing, as you say, characters that have "all been queer in some form or another". You will generally find more enjoyment in characters that aren't self-inserts.
  8. Ser Vylandris of the United Kingdom of Aaun muses over the report. A vassal of the king, a darkspawn. He wonders if there may be more darkspawn residing in Aaun if he dug deeper. Robert Tiberius Alstion, were he able to read this and understand it, would no doubt feel terror as he, the Fat Prince, was manipulated into doing jumping jacks for the darkspawn's amusement until he vomited.
  9. Erm guys.. I don't think this 60v100 planned CRP raid was a good idea...
  10. Robert Tiberius Alstion prepares to sneakily take some cookies from his father's study as he leaves for his pilgrimage.
  11. Father Petyr of Albarosa read over the pontifical notice laid flat on his table. Tremors in his hands, he'd eventually pick it up before stumbling over to put it in the fire that warmed him. He recalled the Battle of Two Churches. The wounds he sustained, both mental and physical as he barely escaped Adria's church with his life. The selfishness of an Adrian's cause is unable to help them look beyond the utilitarian good. Recompense. Closure. They would sooner let thousands more die than allow a sacrifice for the common good of Canondom. To this, Petyr was well aware. To this, Petyr was disappointed in the High Pontiff by providing clemency to a man who so idly stood by and supported the war effort of criminals only to usurp when his personal ambition could so easily be fulfilled. Or at least was the case in the eyes of the exhausted priest. Father Petyr, lamenting the failures of man, goes to rest his feeble body as night fell upon Aevos. Awaiting another day of misgivings.
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