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  1. “Casualties in war are not as sweet, when they’re lost on the side of righteousness“ Daffodil would remark alongside a strumming of his lute.
  2. Daffodil takes notice of the news. “Perhaps this shall bring some sort of peace to the region so I can improve my bard talents with something other than farms being burnt down in the background!“
  3. Imagine getting yeeted down a roof by a Halfling cuz you said mean things

    1. Crevel


      Big ouch, especially if the halfling had a large chest

  4. If you reply to this, you’re pretty cool

  5. Is my meme good?

    illegal lotc.jpg

  6. My_time_has_come.jpg

    1. Beowulf


      what ur idiot dude lol like this makes no sense


    2. Crevel




      It references the recent attack from the Empire on Man on Rosenyr. Admittedly, it probably could’ve been “Common” instead of “Renatian” but it was the only way at the time I could see about making a direct reference to the Empire for those who didn’t understand.

  7. Yo guys, I found my next persona

    Image result for orc meme

  8. There are two types of people in LotC. People who can take down an Olog single-handedly while having torn off arms and legs, and people who sub to T-Series.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Crevel


      No, it’s another way of saying there are intellectuals and low IQ brainlets

    3. ForeverGinger


      You either die a Ugandan Knuckles, or live long enough to see yourself become a Big Chungus.

    4. Crevel


      A truly smart individual

  9. According to all known imperial laws of aviation, there is no way that an Olog should be able to fly. Its flabs are too big to get its fat large body off the ground. The Olog, of course, flies anyway. Because Ologs don't care what LotC thinks is possible.

    1. Flamelynx
    2. Crevel


      kinda disappointed they arent ologs but it gets a pass from me

  10. Dark Elves are inherently designed to be purged.

  11. Crevel


    The Story of Crevelius Corvinus A family of Artisans, the House of Corvinus: A father - a traveling tailor, and a mother - a merchant, welcome a new bundle of joy into their newly purchased Carolustadt home. They named their child “Crevelius” after a craftsman that had perfected all the arts generations ago in hopes to pass off the legacy through their only child. At a young age, Crevelius spent his childhood idolising his father (although his father wasn’t home for the majority of the time) under the care of his mother who would occasionally do odd jobs to keep the household out of debt while Crevelius’ father was out. From the age of 15 until 19, Crevelius would actively undergo combat training after being pressured by his father whose health would continue to rapidly decline as the years passed. At the age of 20 during Malin’s Welcome, his father peacefully passed away in his sleep but when Crevelius awoke to see her mother sobbing on the floor, all the frustration that had stored throughout the years having to deal with his father’s illness was unleashed as he stormed over to the Mos Le’Harmless Cantina where he got into a fight with a Farfolk drunkard and ultimately ended with Crevelius mercilessly kicking the drunkard to death until he was forcefully dragged away by a guard, knocked out and hauled into prison for 5 years. Whilst in prison, his cell was bordered next to what sounded like an elderly and considerably detested yet wise Heartlander who would constantly speak with Crevelius who would explain the degeneracy of all the races/subraces in Atlas except Heartlanders and instead promoting the natural superiority of the master race. Crevelius would often look forward to hearing of the victories of the Heartlander people yet would become sick to the stomach at the thought of the inferior races piggybacking their success, prolonging the life of inferiority. Upon his release, Crevelius exclaimed that he didn’t want to leave, craving the wise elder’s well thought phrases but was kicked out regardless. Carolustadt was different, Crevelius would forever see Atlas in a different way – not a land of equal races, but a land of a master race and its parasites. Albeit, he wouldn’t allow this thought to hold him back, he came home to find a new family; he was greeted by a man with a scarred face and a brogue – much different to his father’s. Crevelius questioned the intruder only to find that there was nobody in the house when they had purchased it three years ago, the man asked to be excused and to have Crevelius wait a moment which he obliged. When he returned, the man presented a set of robes which he claimed was located in a secret compartment of a wardrobe that had existed before he moved in; Crevel had recognised the work as his father’s and took the durable clothing into his arms, said his thanks and ran away to isolate himself so he could dress himself. For the next two years, he would spend his time busking, sparring, and socialising with women at the Bath House where the ones that are fortunate enough to speak to him describe him as a hunk. --The Present--
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