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  1. I’m running for school captain, and got the highest mark in my English class. On the other hand, I failed a maths unit but we’re focusing on the wholesome positives here.
  2. Crevel


    Markus Arden stares at the solace of his feet as he sits hunched on his bed. A tear rolls down his cheek and lays a wet drop onto his left foot, Markus switches his gaze towards the ceiling. “I will slay that wyvern for you, Uncle Edvard... I will show you so you can see how strong I am.” a final tear rolls down Markus’ cheek as he splays his palm over his heart. In honor of his fallen family friend.
  3. congrats my guy!

    1. Kaelan


      dude thanks!

    2. Crevel


      No problem dude!!! 

  4. mmm yes...




    1. JokerLow


      rply wise, it totally maeks sense!

    2. Crevel


      Off coarse, maeks t0tall sense!!! 

  5. Crevel


    Thank you for listening..
  6. Screenshot_6.png.5c05d619bb1d96268efc63f3fc039692.png
    What is the actual point of there being an age requirement of 13 when it isn’t actually enforced in any way. There are people who clearly underage that are able to continue playing the server. But why? What’s stopping them from just claiming to be 13 (or some other close number) despite in reality being a preteen. LotC has had issue with pedophiles in the past that take advantage of this problem that plagues LotC. In fact, the pedophilia problem is one of the biggest reasons why people who used to play aren’t anymore. The age requirement, from my understanding, is to prevent younger people from graphic roleplay and on the darker side being under the influence of nefarious neckbeard predators that are attracted to roleplay servers like LotC while also filtering and keeping the more mature players in and kicking the immature players out if they don’t seem LotC-roleplay ready (which honestly doesn’t mean a lot these days). So with this in mind, why isn’t much been done to prevent incidents that result because of obvious preteens still playing. This could be prevented to some extent by raising the age requirement a few years higher (to 16 or 17 even) and temporarily banning younger players to ensure that the average maturity among players is higher and to prevent (or at least discourage those) who try to take advantage of young players. Of course, I think removing child predators is a much preferable alternative but unfortunately we can’t get them all until they do something wrong to show that they are one..


    tl;dr Increase age requirement to discourage child predators and increase average maturity levels.


    Yes, I acknowledge it isn’t 100% effective but I know it would be better than what we have now.

    Edited by Crevel
    Adding a disclaimer so people don't think I'm pro-pedophile.
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    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      when you join a server and demand half of it be banned because the rp isn’t up to your standards 



    3. Crevel



      Uh.. no.. I think you’re missing the whole point entirely. I don’t want people banned because of how they roleplay, you’re reading with an eye shut and hoping you nail exactly what I’m saying when you’re far from it.

    4. shoahinsnowyfields


      “demonstrate quality of roleplay that is allowed on LotC”

      Yes you were lol keep shifting those goalposts bud 

  7. I can't wait for LabyMod to be updated for 1.13.2 so I can make the most obscene models and roleplay with them without my victims having a clue of what they’re getting into.

    Edited by Crevel
  8. >types /charter info {charter_name} Feelsgoodman
  9. F in chat for my man Marb 😞
  10. Crevel


  11. “Casualties in war are not as sweet, when they’re lost on the side of righteousness“ Daffodil would remark alongside a strumming of his lute.
  12. Daffodil takes notice of the news. “Perhaps this shall bring some sort of peace to the region so I can improve my bard talents with something other than farms being burnt down in the background!“
  13. Imagine getting yeeted down a roof by a Halfling cuz you said mean things

    1. Crevel


      Big ouch, especially if the halfling had a large chest

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