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  1. Full Name of Man - Emil Caius Alstion Date of Birth of Man - 82 S.A. / 1878 Full Name of Woman - Lucia Marié de Lewes Date of Birth of Woman - 99 S.A. / 1895 Location of Ceremony - Cathedral of St. Alexander of Furnestock, New Vienne, Aaun Date of Ceremony (Year) - 120 S.A. / 1916 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Petyr
  2. Father Petyr, the Prefect of the Free City of Florentine, shakes his head as he places the missive on the kitchen table of his estate. He knows it to be quite clear by Father Renzfeld's wording and outright stated unwillingness to comment on the duke's anathematisation that Renzfeld had weakened his defences and allowed temporal sin to cloud his judgement in support of the duke. While he can't possibly know the extent of this support, he predicts that the Church's law officials will not take kindly to the priest regardless. Putting together records and documents for the housing and amenities of Florentine in his newly acquired position, he prepares for the possibility that Florentine may be required as a safe haven for the refugees from this conflict. God willing, Father Petyr works his magic as he scribes numerous documents at once.
  3. Full Name of Man - Audo Weiss Date of Birth of Man - 96 S.A. / 1892 Full Name of Woman - Verónica Frisketa Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta de Pelear Date of Birth of Woman - 96 S.A. / 1892 Location of Ceremony - Basilica of St. Henrik, Karosgrad, Haense Date of Ceremony (Year) - 117 S.A. / 1913 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Petyr
  4. I was writing a response to this post, but I opted to make a new post entirely due to how much I wrote. Feel free to take a look:
  5. Father Petyr is curious how this supposed ancient society knew that God would have two more prophets when neither the Scroll of Virtue nor the Scroll of Spirit mentions that there would be four. Furthermore, God had started a millennium of silence shortly before the Exalted Owyn established the priesthood... thus nobody outside of Horen would have been told of two more prophets, especially a society that supposedly lived in the fifth to seventh century during the Lord's silence. He begins to believe that the Kingdom of Balian is either taking a forgery seriously, using a biased translation, using blasphemous revisionism as an attempt to improve their own legitimacy, or some mixture of the three. The Scroll of Gospel tells that after the death of Owyn that 'pagan seers watched the stars and virtuous priests read the Spirit', if there was any truth to this stone, its translation, and this alleged ancient society, it only indicates that these supposed ancient Balianites were pagans that were obsessed with the stars given that they believed that the most pious of their faith covered their body in the depiction of stars.
  6. Father Petyr notes that the powers afforded to the governor is in direct contradiction to the limits put in place by the Charter of the Crownlands. He would go to the table in his home in the Crownlands, preparing to write some private correspondence to King Charles.
  7. "Do they mean St. Amyas? St. Amyas of Yore is the patron saint of medicine and healing." Father Petyr would ask idly to the Adrians around him, "St. Catherine as a patron has nothing to do with medicine."
  8. A Canonist’s Guide to Scheduling a Wedding It is the right for all baptised Canonists to partake in one of God’s holiest sacraments. This document shall address one of the most commonplace sacraments of all: matrimony. If we have not engaged in the sacrament ourselves, there is a good chance that we know someone who has. By partaking in this sacrament, you are bringing yourself closer to God and furthering His virtues. Before you schedule a wedding with a priest, you must first ensure that your partnership is legal within the confines of Canon Law and thus God’s virtue. Is the partnership between a man and a woman? Are both of you baptised? Are both of you above eighteen? Are you unrelated by blood and by the marriage of others (with the exception of cousins)? Are both of you the same race? Do you both intend to have children and raise them as baptised Canonists? If you’ve said yes to all of these questions, then your partnership is allowed. There are exceptions, but for the common Canonist, adherence to those is enough. Now that you know your partnership is according to God’s virtue, now comes the time for you to schedule your wedding. A common mistake is that people are too eager and set a time they would like and send out invites to their close friends with that time, but they never organised a time with a priest beforehand. Priests often have a busy schedule, and by setting a time without one you will not have anyone to perform the sacrament and make your partnership holy before the eyes of God. Furthermore, it is inconsiderate to consult a priest very shortly before you want the wedding to start and expect them to perform the sacrament when they may have already planned to help others at that time. The sacrament of matrimony can be a very lengthy process, so it is important that the priest is prepared and willing. It is essential that a time is organised with your local priests to ensure that the priest performing the sacrament is prepared and ready. This is the time that you tell the priest of any relevant details such as where the location of the wedding shall take place, any additional vows, and any jewellery such as a ring, so that they can take it into consideration when planning the course of the sacrament. Now that you know how to schedule a wedding the right way, feel free to put this method to use when you are considering undergoing the sacrament of matrimony. Father Petyr, Archdiocese of Albarosa 1912
  9. "Regardless of the origin of this bastard, let us hope that he keeps close to the path of Virtue. We are all sinners but it is especially important that those born outside of holy matrimony do not stray as their parents did. We inherit the sins of our fathers, but that does not mean we cannot refine ourselves by staying true to the Lord's Virtue." Father Petyr comments to passersby in New Vienne as he hears of the news of the bastard prince.
  10. What was the reason behind the decision to put a / in between the Haeseni months? It makes it seem like you can use one word or the other, but they're meant to be combined, ex. "Jula ag/and Piov", "Vzmey ag/and Hyff". Also, does the date follow the user's computer time? If so, it would be inaccurate to the true LotC time because of timezones. Edit: I have double checked; it does indeed follow the user's computer time.
  11. Hey.. do you have the Norland The Krag (The castle) build map file so I can use it myself? Thansk!

    1. Luvvy


      oh, i miss the krag </3

    2. Crevel



      I'm not sure who you are but no. I wasn't there for the Krag so I'm unfamiliar if any schematics of it are floating around since it was so long ago. That being said, you might be able to look at it on the museum server in-game by typing /museum or by looking at one of the Axios files on the LotC Archives if you want to take inspiration from it. It should go without saying though that you shouldn't plagiarise a build.

  12. Full name: Petyr Summers’ old: 32 Clerical role: Priest Diocese of Service: Wandering, Primarily Albarosa Minister of Ordination: High Pontiff Pontian IV Racial identification: Human - Child of Horen Sex: Male [Username: Crevel] [Discord: Crevel#9266]
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