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  1. Unfortunate to see Aquaquean can't be quota queen anymore but good job to the hardworking guys and gals.
  2. You do this as if you think one person won’t take every item you’ve put in the chests. You’re so innocent.
  3. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: Crevel DISCORD: Crevel#9266 TIMEZONE: Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10) ={ RP }= NAME: Voldrik Mournstone AGE: 18 RACE: Human – Ulvegr NOTABLE SKILLS: Adequate Swordsman and Archer, Bad Juggler
  4. Markus Arden takes a look behind his shoulder, the spire of the City of Morsgrad distancing itself with every step he takes. A crumbling exhale warms his shivering hands, “If Godric won’t respect Uncle Edvard’s traditions. I’ll find someone who will.” The freezing Arden child leaves Morsgrad, determined to find someone honorable to reclaim the throne in the name of Edvard II Edvardsson Ruric.
  5. Voldrik thinks to himself, “A war pope in the making? Things are starting to get fun.”
  6. Voldrik reads the notice as he trots through Haelun’or, “For a people that hold purity highly. It’s interesting to see that the upright felines are welcome to stay in their homes.” ((This isn’t going to do much other than be a factor for judgment with how the anti-furry demographic perceive High Elves))
  7. Voldrik thrusts his blade into the sky above, “BLOOD FOR MARS!”
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the graphic chart on the max height of the races? It would be much appreciated if it was sent to me.


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      @SquakHawk That’s the one, big thanks.

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      >humans peak at 6’4” bruh thats offensive

  9. Writ of Curonic Prohibition Issued Spring 1733 In light of the reprehensible actions of the Vintasian toe lickers, compounded by the ILLEGAL trickery performed by Curon. In stealing a crown vassal of our ally, whose sovereignty and lordship we recognized and guaranteed. You have committed an act against the peace and stability of not just the Empire, but the cohesion of humanity at large. Out of respect for the Lord Protector of the Holy Orenian Empire. Every citizen, every noble affiliated with the Kingdom of Curon is barred from the Northmarch. Any Curonite found north of the neck will be branded on the forehead with a C for craven. Any Vintasian found north of the neck will have their hair shaved if they are a woman. The men will be shaved bald and have their beards removed. Any Merentel found north of the neck, will be tarred and feathered. This mercy purely out of RESPECT for our IMPERIAL ALLIES. We as humans, proud of the unchallenged martial history of our race cannot and will not tolerate the presence of cowards and toe lickers within our demesne. Furthermore we will not tolerate breaches in feudal law by cravens and ambitious sycophants. Curon has no right to pilfer the crown of its leal vassals. Nor does the now self dispossessed Duke of Vintas in our opinion retain the legal power to dissolve a title sworn to the Imperial Crown. FURTHERMORE the ex Duke of Vintas surrendered a title to the CURONIC CROWN that was by right bound to the IMPERIAL CROWN. An act of sedition? In short the men of Vintas have not only disgraced humanity through the sucking of toes. Embarrassed themselves by being utterly and pathetically defeated by non humans. But have broken their oaths to the Empire and their obligation to secure the borders of humanity. Regards and Respects Godric,
  10. I’m running for school captain, and got the highest mark in my English class. On the other hand, I failed a maths unit but we’re focusing on the wholesome positives here.
  11. Crevel


    Markus Arden stares at the solace of his feet as he sits hunched on his bed. A tear rolls down his cheek and lays a wet drop onto his left foot, Markus switches his gaze towards the ceiling. “I will slay that wyvern for you, Uncle Edvard... I will show you so you can see how strong I am.” a final tear rolls down Markus’ cheek as he splays his palm over his heart. In honor of his fallen family friend.
  12. congrats my guy!

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  13. mmm yes...




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      rply wise, it totally maeks sense!

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      Off coarse, maeks t0tall sense!!! 

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