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  1. As with most things, it'll be handled in a fair way as long as it's not abused by certain players. In that case, I can only predict that the feature is removed or rather the far more likely option: player blacklists from using/making fast travel spots if possible.
  2. Personally, I see this as a post about a new feature open to the server. Whether you're a Norlander, Renatian, or Curonian, I don't think this is the place to talk about potential inequalities. Two nations had grandfathered in a ferry system to test the feature and to balance travel times to their capitals with other nations, cool! Nations will be given an intra-nation/vassal travel system when it's smoothed out, perfect! Let's just be grateful that new features are being rolled out and perfected by the joint efforts of Nick and World Team. The world would be a happier place without all the wh
  3. Arthas II wonders whether or not a follower of the Red Faith could partake in the College of Cardinals to become the High Pontiff. After all, it seems that setting people on fire seems to be a uniting tradition in both Canonism and the Red Faith. He believes he would ask very nicely if given the chance.
  4. Arthas II, Prince of Norland, would read what appears to be a suicide note suspiciously before muttering to himself, "Would I be wrong to believe that it is a sin in the eyes of the Church to take your own life? I do not see why he would such a thing. It doesn't feel quite right to me."
  5. It's the job of the Moderation Team to moderate the server and enforce its rules, as the name clearly suggests. The differing teams work independently from each other, but there is some collaboration if there are projects that align. Now, either you're crass or you're just plain ignorant, the point stands that you don't actually know how staff teams work despite claiming to be a former GM. It is not the job of Moderation to "pressure" other teams to do what they want. Story Team has their own stuff to handle that could be getting in the way of doing events 24/7. Keep in mind that events, espec
  6. Arthas II would read the collection of new laws passed by the City of Providence, but he would eye this one with a specific interest before bursting out into a hearty chuckle. "By the All Father, they must be getting really desperate for money if they'll give a fine over an inconvenience such as this.." He would push some logs around with his fire iron, "Oh well.. at least they're being inclusive about it. There is no doubt that this has come about due to the vast amount of gluttonous and obese Imperial aristocrats with troubles getting up stairs. They need to commi
  7. Crevel’s Forum Emporium Hello there, fellow forum user. Are you bored of writing posts that receive minimal upvotes? Do you have responsibilities in the real world that divert your attention from writing the perfect forum post? Are the mina in your pockets weighing you down, causing you to sink deep into the Earth and into the fiery depths of Hell until you find your home in the 4th Circle? Well, look no further! Crevel is here to assist you with your forum needs. Today marks the opening of Crevel’s Forum Emporium where we offer two services. For 10 mina, you can recei
  8. Arthas II, would pin the notice on his table to remind himself to practice for the tournament.
  9. Argoch Daemon of the Oceans, Seas, and Rivers Argoch in the Reservoir ♪♪♪ Origin Story Argoch’s eons have been spent mostly in his lonesome after absconding his Aengulic lifestyle, which he had grown contempt for as he saw the manipulative nature of the Aenguls on the descendants. In his realm, hills part ways and lakes erupt in wake of his great vision. In his lonesome, he dedicates his time to perfecting an ecosystem engulfed by water. However, he has become bitter for the lack of perfection in his creation. His bitterness has become an obst
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