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  1. I love seeing the new public report system at work. It's refreshing to see how repugnant people and their behaviours can be put on display for the greater community to see. Looking forward to seeing more public reports in the coming months.

    1. Tabby64


      What report? I heard about one on harassment but I only see one for stealing skins. The tabby must know

    2. MeteorDragon


      Mine was meant to be private, it was hidden to make it so

  2. Venerable Anders Kortrevich, former Cardinal and Patriarch of Jorenus, would remark from the Seven Skies as he spoke with Tylos II, "A new hand touches the beacon."
  3. The Kingsmoot of 80 S.A. 11th of Snow’s Maiden, 80 S.A. The past decade, upon the conclusion of the last Kingsmoot, we were led by King Ragnvald who fought valiantly diplomatically and on the battlefield. He has served as a great king, but with his unfortunate and untimely passing we have to undergo the process to establish a new elected king to serve the Kingdom of Norland for the future. With this missive, as Lord-Regent of Norland and as Chieftain of the Edvardssons, I call a Kingsmoot for the Chieftains of the three Rurikid Clans so that we may convene to nominate and vote for the new King. Furthermore, I will be nominating myself as a candidate for the ongoing Kingsmoot. For those unfamiliar with the process, any Ruric with identifiable Rurikid lineage are able to nominate themselves or be nominated as a candidate to become king. While others may attend the Kingsmoot to watch and ask questions, it is ultimately up to the vote of majority between the three Chieftains to decide who shall become King from the nominated candidates. In the case of a tie, the High Keeper shall make the tie-breaking vote. The current recognised Chieftains are as follows: Einar Edvardsson of Clan Edvardsson, Torstein Eiriksson of Clan Eiriksson, however Clan Freysson currently has no recognised Chieftain. Violence during this tradition is disrespectful and a duel of any sort cannot be invoked to bypass the voting process. An attempt to cause disruption during the Kingsmoot period will result in immediate removal. To limit the possibility of a disruption by foreign forces, the location of the Kingsmoot is being safe-kept. Chieftains and Vassal Lords shall receive a personal invitation byway of a letter. However, other Rurikid will either have to reach out to me or one of the personally invited individuals to learn the location. Signed, His Excellency, Einar Edvardsson Ruric, by the Blood of the Herald, Lord-Regent of Norland, Prince of Norland, Chancellor of Norland, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Warden of the Royal Norlandic Ashguard
  4. It seems that detailed combat roleplay is no more. I wouldn't want to be given an infraction for typing a two sentence emote. Or even a ban for a three sentence emote.
  5. Einar Edvardsson Ruric, the Chancellor of Norland, would see to it that his schedule is cleared so that he is able to attend.
  6. Einar Edvardsson would happily draft and sign the document with Uhtred by his side, "Now to focus on the bigger things." he'd hum.
  7. Einar Edvardsson, Chancellor of the Kingdom of Norland and Warden of the Royal Norlandic Ashguard, would glance over the letter with a smile. "I couldn' have put it better mahself. Sly an' deceitful, tryin' to make themselves look good while tryin' to pull the whole world into a fight against each other.." He would be proud, sharpening his blade by the Ashguard Barracks as he prepared to fight another day in defence of his Kingdom and in defence of the Horde.
  8. Einar Edvardsson Ruric would strike out a name with red ink while clicking his tongue.
  9. "Tha letter is a bi' lopsided, bu' I appreciate tha promotion. I'll be quick to assume mah duties in regards to this." Warden Einar would remark as he read of his new promotion.
  10. I'm very fond of the idea of exploring the concept of a gritty medieval era rooted in a high fantasy setting. I think that there are a lot of opportunities that could be explored but are often overlooked.
  11. Einar Edvardsson Ruric would delicately scribe his signature onto the edict with his young daughter Edyth by his side as well as the King. Quietly, he would speak to Ragnvald as he passed, "Ye focus on gettin' better, lad. Ye hear? I'll make sure tha' everythin' is taken care of." He'd nod to himself before looking down at his daughter reading a book on a stool, "Come now, Edyth. We gotta ge' readeh for tha trip to tha temple la'er on when Ragnvald is feelin' better."
  12. Einar would lament the passing of the Luminary. A tear in his eye as he pushes a hesitant glance to his newborn son in his arms, a show of weakness. "Ye will grow old, mah son. Ye will restore our faith as it was when ye are a man grown.. as it should be. Ye've a burden to rest on yer shoulders lad, an' I hope I'll be there to help ye through them. Sleep well... Týr." he would lay the now-yawning newborn next to his sleeping mother, unknowing of the burdens decades to come. Meanwhile, Einar would rest downstairs by the door before finally setting off into the city to finish his rounds.
  13. "Yub, we winz deez." Einar Edvardsson Ruric would attempt to imitate the average W-gaining orc, however he was still painfully human and had all the Ls that came with being human.
  14. Einar Edvardsson Ruric carefully drafts his signature onto the parchment before giving a thumbs up to Alric, "Aye, this looks abou' right. Our legacy will be cemented in success an' I will make sure tha' ye son Edvard is well taken care of when ye are no' around. He will grow strong, an' he may even have his name cemen'ed in historeh." He would smile, knowing that the future was beginning to look up for the Edvardssons.
  15. While I made that out of satire, I will give some credit to the Administration. There are times that they do good work, however we won't see a lot of it because people like to talk more of the bad parts. The Administration could certainly do more in regards to certain situations and improve, I've found some choices they've made quite distasteful or confusing at times. However, I do not think that malice has anything to do with it. Handling a big server can be difficult and they have procedures that they follow that can be limiting. I think that the most important thing that we can do as members of communities is do our best to protect and look out for those who may be vulnerable, show intolerance to predatory and/or harassing behaviours and speak up against them in whatever way seems appropriate at the time. At the end of the day, it's not "just a game", these are real life interactions between people and it's important that we look out for each other.
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