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  1. Labourer’s Guild of the Silver State To thrive, a society must consist of the very minimum two essential castes. The intellectual, and the labourer. With our innate potential given to us by the blessing granted by Larihei, many of the mali’thill and mali’aheral are predisposed to the intellectual caste. Though, it’s from this blessing and our natural hardiness that we, as individuals, are unique, being able to partake in the two castes that guarantee the survival of society when for others it could be mutually exclusive. It’s from this distinctive quality of ours that has shaped our philosophy, purity, and knowledge for the better. However, when too much focus is placed on one caste and the other caste is ignored, a social declination may occur and it is our duty as faithful citizens to ensure that the Silver State would never decline. Thus, it is important that we see more focus placed on the labourer to put the Silver State into balance. To complement this focus, the Labourer’s Guild was formed as an extension of the Economic Reform Committee to oversee a union of labourers for the betterment of the State. The Labourer’s Guild will ideally contain the most dedicated labourers of the Silver State. Times will be coordinated where labourers can work together as a collective and establish camaraderie as they work to support the economy of our blessed Silver State. If the guild gains a large number of members, efforts may be put into place to establish a team dedicated to building structures at home and abroad. The guild, regardless of the work taken, will reward those who actively contribute; likely with payment gained from contracts but other forms of payment may arise depending on preference. The Labourer's Guild may also grant support to mali’thill wishing to establish a successful business, or governmental sectors of the State, in which public contracts may be drafted to ensure a mutual understanding between all parties involved. If you are interested in becoming a dedicated member of the Labourer’s Guild, send a letter to the An’asul Residence, Iaria Blvd 1, with your personal information such as your name and you will be processed as a member. Leithedir An’asul Tilruir’ferbilokn, Chief of Labour https://discord.gg/rc4WRDNAgn
  2. Leithedir An'asul would examine the Silver Constitution as he heard of the new appointment of the Sohaer, looking for a specific article in which he would find it under Chapter IV, Article 15: "ARTICLE 15. Upon challenge by a Blessed Citizen, or the resignation, incapacity or death of a Sohaer, an election shall be called by the Maheral, where only those citizens capable of voting and running for office, as prescribed in CHAPTER II, shall decide following a debate chaired by the Maheral." He'd hum, as he didn't recall an election being prompted by the Sohaer's resignation. If there was, he would not have voted Idendril Elassidil to become Sohaer due to security concerns and may have considered running for office to offer an alternative option. Leithedir would hope that the Maheral makes an attempt to correct this error and allow an election.
  3. Leithedir An'asul, a combatant from the nation's defence who seemingly bumped his head in the fighting, would think to himself. "Those Suticans really had us on the back step, they fought quite well despite the losses of the mali'thill that they've caused."
  4. Leithedir An'asul, an attendee to the Conclave while in his Sillumiran plate, would reflect on what had previously gone by. "It was as if the Mali had forsaken their own, taking in the customs of the valah that have seen our ears mutilated from our heads in times past purely because we were different. Though, I suppose that is a given since the Empire, of which Ebonwood is a vassal, has been the main perpetrator of those brutal acts. The Mali against us have professed the sword over the quill, and supporting that is a barbaric motion. Why resort to violence and death when our Iblees-given curse has already reduced the number of Mali for centuries? The worst part is that we had to leave of our own accord since Ebonwood would not shut down their barbaric statements. That is no surprise either, surely they would support Ivarielle for the Empire has determined that are they rightful leader of a people that do not accept them." He would stoke the fireplace in the Silver Bastille as he spoke on, this time in a calmer voice, "The Conclave has no legitimacy in its ways if they are more willing to trust the words of a mali'ata that threatened murder as a supposed joke when they have already killed mali'thill on the road of their political ambition, rather than a mali'thill who wishes to seek unity amongst Mali who has done no wrong." Leithedir would click his tongue, "How many more reputations will be ruined, how many more will they support the killing of until they see Ivarielle for who they are?"
  5. Leithedir An'asul would spot the missive while doing his sillumir duties. He'd think to himself for a moment before lodging a formal letter to Usamea later in the day, "I would like to nominate myself for tilruir’ferbilokn. I think it is very important to have a chief who is associated with the Sillumiran to help push adequate produce that will improve the economy of the Silver State. -Leithedir An'asul" He would slip it on her table in their home, given that they are siblings and live in the same residence.
  6. "The plot thickens..." James Hartford and Brother Omari would remark in unison.
  7. "It is good to see that the mali'thill of the Silver State have been loyal to the Sohaer from the beginning. Hopefully, those who have been deceived by the pretender's antics will now come to their senses. Hopefully." Leithedir An'asul would remark after guarding the Citadel during the events, his voice muffled from his mask as he spoke from within the Silver Bastille to his comrades.
  8. The Pretender’s Folly The Silver State, home of tranquility and purity, has found itself at odds with the lesser realms abroad due to their unwarranted support of the deceiver and pretender, Ivarielle - who claims a royal throne that does not exist. Eating the lies of Ivarielle, they know little of our own tradition and culture though they will put themselves against us regardless. They care little for the truth, and they care little for logic. Suffice to say, attempts from Haelun’or have been made to reconcile but it is the prejudice of the lesser realms that blinds them from following the path of reasonable judgment and fairness. They opt to support Ivarielle, for they believe that Ivarielle is the better of us but that is far from the truth as I shall tell you now, dear reader. Sohaer Braxus Ni’leya offered the pretender Ivarielle the chance to debate him and publicly explain her grievances to convince the mali’thill to support her, deriving this from our well-established traditions where a mali’aheral may challenge the Sohaer to a public debate overseen by the most venerated of the mali’thill, the Malauriran, to decide who is victorious and who shall be given legal control over the Silver State. Ivarielle took the offer, but she had arrived with naught but a disgraceful presence. Arriving thirty elven minutes late, she swiftly made her way into the city and up to the Silver Citadel unimpeded. As she entered the Silver Citadel, the citizens of the city were told to move to a bench allocated to whom they supported. The Sohaer, honorable and pure, had his bench filled with mali’thill and mali’aheral. It had become so filled, that some of the supporters had to stand beside the bench. However, if one were to look at Ivarielle’s bench, they would see that it would be mostly empty… with only a crazed lunatic elf who claimed to not know who Ivarielle was after the events, and a blind elf who most likely sat at the wrong bench. Ivarielle asked, talking over the Malauriran, repeatedly and arrogantly if the Sohaer wants to surrender, going against tradition that both parties should be silent until they have been asked questions by the neutral arbiter. Despite being told to be silent, they continued. Sohaer Braxus, unwavering in his support of the traditions, remained silent except to explain to the foolish Ivarielle that tradition states that only questions posed by the arbiter be answered. Ivarielle, failing to coerce the Sohaer into conceding defeat before the debate had even begun, claimed that she had already won and did not need to debate. Still unimpeded by the Sillumir, she fled the Silver Citadel and away from the debate. The spectators stood in shock and awe as the pretender so brashly threw out centuries of tradition in their arrogance, possibly even fear of losing. Despite the coward’s absence, a vote had been put to the Malauriran so that concluding the event would be done as is appropriate to tradition despite the obstruction. It was no surprise that the Malauriran had unanimously proclaimed that Braxus Ni’leya would retain legal leadership over the Silver State. Whether you be a foreigner from beyond the Silver State, or a citizen that was unable to attend. This event has shown that the pretender, the coward, the deceiver Ivarielle, has no support from the High Elven hegemony. They are an ambitious seeker of power and act only contrary to the Silver State’s established traditions of centuries-old. To those who are diplomats from those realms who support Ivarielle, take this to your leader. See that they know the truth so that they may reconsider their position in this debacle, so that they may not be judged negatively among your people for supporting someone who does not stay true to their word. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya! Ay’Larihei! - Anonymous Mali’thill
  9. "Indescribably based, on facts and logic." Brother Omari would remark.
  10. Leithedir An'asul, from the blessed Silver State, would be working in the mines. With each swing of his pickaxe was a swing that he performed in defence of the Silver State, ensuring that whenever the time came to protect themselves they were ready. The foreman would come down, ringing a bell to bring all workers to him. With the bell came the announcement of Haense's decision before putting the Sillumiran swiftly to work once more. Each swing of Leithedir's pickaxe was only furthered by his fervant support of purity and his home. As he continued to work, he'd hum and think to himself, "Those who support the pretender know nothing of our customs and culture yet they believe that this iconoclast is worthy of support. If they've been to the blessed Silver State at all recently, they would know that there is zero support for this pretender among the mali'thill." He would take a few more swings before striking a vein of aurum, he would jest with his llir beside him, "Ti, you could make a fine necklace for the pretender from this gold. Though, it's not like they would even know what it means." he would chuckle before continuing the day of hard work.
  11. While I think this is a good idea, I do not think that it was phrased as well as it could have been. Even my explanation won't be worded the best it could be because I just woke up. For a server with minors (13+), the desire to partially act out a sexual endeavour only to fade to black the rest of it is something that should be shunned because it's something that should not happen at all on a server with so many minors. It's dangerous because players who do these sorts of behaviours RPly usually develop some form of closeness OOCly, and it is this closeness that can be used to commit predatory behaviours. These predatory behaviours are dangerous to those who are not in the right mental state to fend off predatory behaviour, but it can be especially dangerous to minors, who are both impressionable and developing hormonally, if they took advantage of this closeness. Their characters being close RPly could oftentimes be used as an excuse for the predator to justify why they should hang out with these vulnerable players. I've seen people actually make the comment 'How are you meant to have children then?', it's more than reasonable to say that you have a child without going through the motions of making it. We don't roleplay every breath we make, yet our characters still live. We don't roleplay every time our characters should eat, yet our characters are still fed. We don't have to partially roleplay making babies, because simply saying something along the lines of 'I have a son/daughter' is enough. By the time you're able to play LotC, you should be knowledgeable enough to know how babies are made, but even then there are players who join younger than they are meant to and I don't believe that a minecraft server is where they should be taught how babies are made. I don't think it's controversial at all to say that we should be limiting actions that can be used accommodate predatory behaviour. While I do think that the amount of predators on LotC is blown out of proportion at times, the fact is that LotC has still had issues with predators for years and I am willing to bet that there are likely still a few out there that haven't been discovered yet. We have a large community, and it's our job to protect our community against bad intentions and/or predatory behaviour. It's frustrating for me to see the apathy of so many people commenting on this thread who, by their inaction and memeing, are indirectly and unintentionally supporting the accommodation of predators. I wish that our community took these posts more seriously.
  12. Leithedir An'asul, donning his Sillumiran plated armour, looks amongst a copy of the letter from within the Silver Bastille. He ponders for a moment about who this anonymous individual could be and another moment considering the situation of the Silver State. "The mali'ata, being the impure of the High Elves, are just as dangerous, if not more, than any of the turrir, those that do not carry our blood, that seek the conquest and slaughter of our people. Mali'ata use their foul behaviours and lies to divide us, threatening our livelihoods by adopting foreign customs that are not compatible with mali. We are an infertile race, cursed since time began, where our own unity is paramount to ensure our survival. If we allow the mali'ata to endanger us, there will be no mali'thill to defend ourselves."
  13. Crevel

    Rowing The Boat

    "There is a reason that Fenn are considered remnants. Give it a bit longer, and the impure will get their due." Leithedir An’asul remarks, his head tilted upwards as he snobbed at the thought of such an emotional nobody leading their people.
  14. "The best way to thwart terrorism is to overthrow the illegitimate and excommunicated Emperor who murdered their father and attacked the Church with their plots of schism and assassination." James Hartford would proclaim after a nice bottle of Carrion Black. "Anyone who would ever work alongside the ministry in support of this Emperor is complicit in a crime against the legitimacy and sanctity of the Exalted Godfrey's Empire and God's holiest institution, the Church, who has declared Philip III to be an unlawful ruler. Good Canonists should see that." he would finish his rant.
  15. Due to the vagueness of the letter, Brother Omari of Jorenus thinks that it is worth coming along to see what comes of the meeting. He dips his head quietly out of reverence for Saint Wilfriche.
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