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  1. Anders Kortrevich, Proud Follower of Godan, would shove the copy of the published work into the face of his morbidly obese cousin, Jan Otto Kortrevich (@Luminaire), "Dzien‽ This is vasr the czev that I was talking to vy about the other Saint's day." He would further press it into his cousin's face, "Ea would not be serving Godan if ea signed up as a soldier in the Koeng's army. Ea would be serving Godan by preaching His virtue to those ignorant and those in need of guidance alike. The Kongzem of Godan is the only legitimate kongzem to serve and dedicate vyr life to." He would finish his statem
  2. no oren, we're not getting guns, we're not getting based novellen phones, and we're not getting submarines
  3. Arthas blinks blankly as he speaks to the High Keeper, "Are they talking about us? They do know that we don't intend on taking any land, right? We just want recompense... besides we don't call it Fatherism.. we call it the Red Faith. It seems that both of these cardinals are misinformed." @AstriaS
  4. [!] A letter would be delivered by a courier to all notice boards in response to Father Basil Moroul. A Response to Falsities TO BASIL MOROUL, AND CONCERNED CITIZENS, The King and I, along with other members of our Council, have taken to reading the results of your investigation. While we were supportive of your most recent work where you mentioned that you found us to be a civil and welcoming folk, we feel that this new report has been concluded on unsubstantiated rumours that were fed to the Church by the Kingdom of Orenia’s government. You neglect to
  5. "Spoken exactly how a true leader should in times like these." Arthas would state affirmingly before welcoming home the valiant soldiers that made the trek from Varhelm and Elysium to Oren's Bastille and back. "Iron from Ice, you all fought bravely!"
  6. Arthas II would smile the sun's smile at the priest's telling of Norlandic hospitality, "We're not as bad as we're made out to be. It's good to see that progress is being made to ensure that innocents aren't being harmed. However, it doesn't do true justice for the people who actually massacred Elysium.." he would state matter-of-factly.
  7. Anders Kortrevich would huff upon being shown the slanderous column by his cousin, "It seems that someone is disappointed that nobody approached them and needs to slander everyone to make up for it. They are likely not even Edlervik anyway.. given that they have not used the Sigmundic Calendar." He would continue a prayer to Godan as he signs the Lorraine in his unfurnished bedroom.
  8. Arthas ponders the warning in the warmly-lit Varhelm Palace, he chuckles a little at the contradictions, "You're telling me that these Oren-hired mercenaries are going to murder women and children that don't displace themselves from their homes and become refugees and yet.. the Imperials call us barbaric? At this point, it seems that they don't even care to hide their wrongdoings from the world. If they knew any better, they'd null whatever contract they made before these mercenaries ruin the good image they've tried so hard to forge for themselves.." He wanders back to his office,
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