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  1. Mister Muffins beckons a fine bird before laying down bread crumbs from Billy the Bread Vendor (A Vykk Co. Affiliate). His finger then strides the pages of a pamphlet that had just previously graced by the linings of his superb undercoat. “How odd. It seems that not all Norlanders are dogs. I, for one, am a Kharajyr.“
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    Yes, hello. I wish for a skin, kind gentlema’am.
  3. Traditional Pop! As always. Gotta love the period between the 20s and 50s! In terms of modern music, I am pretty fond of Bardcore.
  4. A fun contest! I’m excited to see all the submissions in October!
  5. Yes, but the Arthasian Puffin... it is lore-worthy
  6. The Arthasian Puffin Adrian Wirén Physical Description The Arthasian Puffin is a seabird with a thick neck, accompanied by short wings and a short tail. An adult puffin, regardless of sex, is typically 12 inches in height with a wingspan of 24 inches. The belly and ‘mask’ of a puffin is a creamy tuft, which is complemented by the coal-tinted coat that covers the majority of its body. The eyes are surrounded with a red shadow, while the eye itself contains a dark brown iris. Accompanying its simplistic appearance, the puffin’s stance is typically upright with its monochrome chest puffing outwards. Its feet are webbed and bright orange, the color being very similar to the tip of its beak which is also contrasted with the gray base. The colors of a younger puffin are significantly duller than that of an adult. The bill, despite its mature and alluring complexion, is capable of administering a strong bite. The average wild lifespan for an Arthasian Puffin is 27 years. Puffins are known to reach quite a high speed of 50 miles per hour. Habitat These puffins are extremely fond of freezing environments in the north of Arcas. It has been noted that the main reason for this preference is the thick coat that encompasses its body. However, sightings have shown that they also seem to frequent the hilly slopes in the east. Most if not all sightings have been found close to the coastlines. The location of the sightings heavily correlate with the puffin’s observed dietary preference: small fish. Puffins have been noted to carry at least 20 fish in their bills at once. Reproduction An Arthasian Puffin will reach sexual maturity between the ages of four to six. By age twelve, they will typically have a single mate that will last for the rest of their lives. Male puffins will often challenge their peers by snapping its bill and raising their wings to establish dominance in front of the female puffins. However, these challenges are frequently accepted and result in a lengthy fight that ends with either puffins being severely injured, sometimes both, or killed. Upon achieving a mate, the male puffin will dig out a burrow while the female puffin stands to guard the entrance to the burrow. The burrow will be three to seven feet in length with a variety of chambers. This provides a safe location for the delicate eggs to be incubated and hatched. Eggs will hatch after roughly a month of incubation. Upon hatching, the puffling will identify the first thing it sees as its mother. Human Interaction Puffins are capable of mimicking words, and phrases, although generally up to three words in length. They are benign towards the descendant races, but will snap at those who annoy them. Domestication The Arthasian Puffin can be domesticated. One method would be to raise the puffin the moment it hatches. This would increase its temperament to the race of whichever descendant raised. If raised midway through its life, it would only be friendly enough to be used as a messenger bird. General Redlines A puffin’s egg will take two Father’s Weeks to hatch. A puffin’s egg must be kept warm throughout the duration above if hatched via artificial incubation. Combat Redlines Arthasian Puffins provide no significant advantage to CRP. Messaging Redlines Mechanically, using a puffin is the same speed as a regular bird. Use three emotes as usual. Puffins are only capable of carrying small objects in its bill. Small objects include little parcels and thin objects. Messages must be written on a note tied to its foot as they are unable to carry it between their webbed feet. Puffins cannot mimic any sentence more than three words. If a message is via a mimic, make sure that there is proper RP to show that the puffin had been spoken to. Furthermore, if a user tries to speak a sentence at a puffin, you must roll out of 20 to see how much of the important part of the message is retained (which is still to be said in three words max).
  7. Artist: Ianometry Those of Water-Born It is those we hold dear, That brings us the most fear, It’s the fright, And it’s the light, But what makes us grimace, Are our partners amiss, Do not trust those of water-born, They take our loved ones into the deep, Deep, deep into their sleep, Do not meddle with the daemon-spawn, It would really be nice, Although it wouldn’t suffice, To end where the evil starts, So there’s no need for the dead on carts, The damage is done, To them it’s just fun, Now all we can do is wail, For our loved ones sleep with the whales... Link to Google Doc
  8. Mister Muffins’ jowl quivers as he reads on, having previously thought that crossdressing was already the Norlandic fashion standard.
  9. /ban ChristPunchsteel No. Appeal 2050. Mr. Punchsteel is a renowned terrorist who does not deserve the light of day. His gloves do intimidate me slightly...
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    Amazing! But only 100%? Damn..
  11. Coronation of the New King To the Dutiful Citizens of the Realm, Alongside the unfortunate departure of the former King Caedric following his abdication, the Throne announces the coronation of Halvar Edvardsson Ruric, Caedric’s eldest son. It is our deepest concern that the Highland Realm and by extension the Kingdom of Norland remains in a position of strength. Thus, we shall be holding the coronation swiftly to ensure the smooth transition of power. The young King will be speaking on matters concerning the Highland Realm and its direction. Great festivities shall also be held so we welcome all to attend! The following families and groups are formally invited to attend the coronation: The Highlander Clans throughout the Highland Realm The Gorundyr Orvar of Vi Stige and its citizens The Highlander Eiriksson-Lunner of Lunsbeck and its citizens The Knights and Dames of Darrowmere and its citizens The Highlander Barbanovs of Haenseti-Ruska and its citizens The Dark Elven Velulaei’onn of Renelia and its citizens The Sutican Triumvirate and its citizens The Crown of Elvenesse and its citizens The Wood Elven Village of Siramenor and its citizens The Rex of Krugmar and its citizens The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and their citizens [OOC] Saturday, 27th of June, 7:00pm EST 27/06/20 7pm EST Penned by Mister Muffins, Chancellor of the Kingdom of Norland, Writ en Namen De Halvar Edvardsson, Heir Apparent of Norland, Duke of Morsgrad, Bulwark of the Highland Realm, Orlanth Stormbringer, Ashbringer of the Ashen Legion of Norland, Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith,
  12. Mister Muffins, his gloved hand trembling above the letter that the ‘ghost’ had written. He takes out a roll of parchment from his side table and spreads it across the table. Hand, quivering towards the paper with an inked quill in hand. Godric’s loyal Kharajyr Chamberlain strokes the quill onto the parchment. “It is most unfortunate what is happening with the Faith. As a follower, it is my job to defend my faith however it is not my primary concern. My primary concern is with the Rurikid bloodline. Norland’s King’s Council remains awe-struck by how to reply. I was there to witness Godric’s supposed death. I can tell any Norlander with doubts that the only death that Godric was plagued with was that of a death of positive reputation. It was myself, and myself alone that knows the true events of that day. Following the Treaty of Novellen in 1760, the regent appointed by Godric had agreed to the terms that would finally end the Duchy of Morsgrad’s implications in the involvement. However, this treaty was blatant treason. Specifically, Article III which defamed Godric and his legacy at home and abroad. The regent appointed by Godric gave in easy to the international pressure and was surely going to succumb to the whims of the Imperials willing to have Godric executed to honour the aforementioned article. Both seeing this threat on the horizon, Godric had to flee before an executioner’s axe was held to his throat. I orchestrated the escape for Godric, taking him out of the Highland Realm so that he may be safe. As for his location now, I am not sure as it has been twelve years since I assisted in his escape. Onto the Faith. I do not know if the rumours are true regarding the High Keeper Alisa Camian, and her Shamanist colleague Fiil’Yar. I will not speculate on the claim, but will state that rumours tend to hold some truth so they should not be dispelled with the wave of a hand. If the High Keeper was engaging in homosexual activities and those interracial mingling, it is an utter disregard for the law that the Faith must uphold. I say this and cite laws under the Nordlaw’s Beastial Crimes heading. By name, I will reference Unbecoming Hedonistic Behavior, Homosexual Act, and Miscegenative Act. As someone brought to the Highland Realm, being given Guestright from Alisa, Fiil’Yar would be held to the same respect that Alisa is afforded. Fiil’Yar often visits Alisa here in the Kingdom of Norland, and seem to very close. Therefore, I do question both the traits and reliability of Alisa Camian as a lustful High Keeper, of which lust is a crime to the All Father. As a Kharajyr knowing his place, I also hope that she recognises her place as a Highlander woman that should not be engaging in both romantic and sexual relations with wood elves and honorary orcs. I have no prediction on what shall happen this day forward. All I hope is that the Highland Realm is able to remain on its feet.“ He spends hours, copying down what he had written on multiple parchments of paper before finally distributing them throughout Norland and placing them on the desks of those in the King’s Council.
  13. A skygod would comment, “It is so immersive that it seems as if I was there...“
  14. Arthas II wanders to his father, holding an arm around his leg, "You're doing it Father! You're doing it! "
  15. Highlaw of the Highland Realm Issued Summer 1769 PREAMBLE The Highland Realm as a political entity has existed since Godric Edvardsson Ruric proclaimed the lands as such. This which we now defend to be not only the Nordish Realm but a realm for all peoples under Nordish dominion. However, such a system, modeled quickly during a time of war, was not a system of perpetuity but one of subjugation and control. The King has seen this issue, and hopes to address it and correct it. With high hopes that a thousand years from now the Highland Realm will remain strong and healthy; a beacon of power and resolve against evil and despotic tyrants. Sections I. On Vassals and Protectorates of the Realm II. On Landholders of the Realm III. On Citizens of the Realm IV. On Highland Rulers V. High Law of the Realm Section I. On Vassals and Protectorates of the Realm Currently, two defined territories within the Highland Realm aren’t covered as being Norland proper. The Protectorates - which being the settlements that live in our realm, and the Vassals which fall directly under the Throne of Norland. The distinctions between the two are essential to the proper functions of the Realm as a whole. Protectorates are only offered to Highlander men and women to see their cultures flourish. Vassals are lands which adhere to the ideals and laws of the Kingdom of Norland. These lands are under direct rule of an assigned High Lord and expected to act in accordance with the Kingdom of Norland. Vassals are afforded the following rights: I. The authority to enforce both the Highlaw and Nordlaw in their land. II. The obligation by the lords and the rest of the Realm to protect the vassal from violent acts that have not been provoked by the vassal. In exchange for these rights they are required to perform the following duties: I. Respect and uphold the Highland Realm’s values, traditions, and laws. II. Provide a resource of high value, which is to be determined by the Throne, to the Kingdom of Norland. III. Refrain from committing hostile actions against the Kingdom of Norland’s allies and neighbouring subjects of the Highland Realm; this includes both Protectorates and other Vassals, as well as other landholders. IV. Must extradite criminals of the Realm at the request of the Throne of Norland. Protectorates are lands where people maintain distinct ethnic and governmental practices, as well as respecting and acknowledging the other neighbouring protectorates. Each protectorate is granted a position in the Convocation of the Realm, and their leader is named a High Lord of the Highland Realm. While it is important for the Realm to be aligned in ambition and action, it is also equally important that the protectorates maintain their cultural values. Protectorates are afforded the following rights: I. The authority to enforce Highlaw within their walls. II. The ability to draft their own laws that coincide with Highlaw as they deem fit to properly rule their lands. III. The obligation by the lords and the rest of the Realm to protect the protectorate from violent acts that have not been provoked by the protectorate. IV. The ability to recognize their own nobility. V. The authority to draft their own treaties as long as they do not jeopardize the active treaties, or interests of the Kingdom of Norland and the Highland Realm. In exchange for these rights they are required to perform the following duties: I. Raise a Militia for the defense of the Highland Realm. II. Respect the Red Faith within their domain, and refrained from unprovoked hostile actions against practitioners of the faith. III. Recognize the nobility of the Kingdom of Norland and its subjects. IV. Interact with the Kingdom of Norland and its subjects in the Convocations of the Realm. V. Refrain from committing hostile actions against the Kingdom of Norland’s allies and neighbouring subjects of the Highland Realm; this includes both Vassals and other Protectorates, as well as other landholders. VI. Must extradite criminals of the Realm at the request of the Throne of Norland. VII. Must respect this document, and all decrees made within Convocations of the Realm. Section II. On Landholders of the Realm Landholders are individuals that have been granted land, but are still directly under the domain of the Kingdom of Norland. While they are typically estates of the clans other cases will occur, which shall be judged on a case by case basis with respect to viability of issuance. As a landholder you are afforded the following rights: I. The construction and development of lands, to either serve a purpose for the landholder or for the Realm. Section III. On Citizens of the Realm Citizens of the Realm are individuals that reside within the Kingdom of Norland and any of its subjects. All citizens of the Realm are bound by the laws of each unique domain in addition to the Highlaw and any decrees made by the Convocation of the Realm. All men are free men within the Highland Realm and shall not be treated harshly. Those invited to the Highland Realm by a Nordish citizen will receive Guestright and as such shall be subject to whatever respect their host is granted. Any crimes committed by foreigners, under Guestright or not, shall be tried before the respective High Lord and punished accordingly. The rights of a guest entail the following: I. The ability to wander securely in the Highland Realm, given that both you and the host are upstanding members of society. II. The guest shall inherit the same respect that is given to the host for the time of their visit. Section IV. On Highland Rulers As the Highland Realm rebuilds from the decades of war and turmoil we have found ourselves with an assortment of semi-unified leaders, unbound to each other but bound to the soil and lands they tend. With this, the King of Norland has chosen to erect a system of convocation where the Lords of the Highland Realm convene and discuss matters which hold importance to the Highland Realm. To ensure the hierarchy and authority of each member of the Convocation of the Realm is understood by all, the hierarchy shall be listed as follows: The Bulwark of the Highland Realm is the King of Norland, Chieftain of the Realm, he is duty-bound to ensure the protection and aid of all members of the Realm. This title is hereditary. The duties of the Bulwark are as follows: I. Ensuring the proper function of the Realm II. Resolving disputes between Lords and Ladies of the Realm III. Providing defense and security to the Realm IV. Presenting potential candidates to join the Highland Realm A High Lord of the Highland Realm is a leader of a protectorate or vassal within the Realm. They are duty bound to ensure the prosperity and protection of their lands and the Highland Realm as a whole. Their duties are as follows: I. Leading their land within the Realm II. Counseling and issuance of decrees or edicts adopted by the Convocation of the High Lords III. The defense of the Highland Realm in times of defensive wars. A Defender of the Highland Realm is a warrior who is a citizen of the Realm and granted the title by the Convocation. They are models of marshal skill and ability at all levels. They can be presented to the Convocation to lead major defensive initiatives. Section V. High Law of the Realm Conventional Crimes Brawling - Fighting to the disruption of public affairs against the will of another. Legal brawling must be consensual by all parties and can be held anywhere within the Highland Realm so long as it does not disrupt the peace of the Realm. Tax Evasion - Failure to pay tax in a timely manner. False Identification - Failure to identify yourself properly to the authority of the Convocation of the Realm. Bribery - Attempts to solicit favours in exchange for goods or services. Unsanctioned Feuding - Engaging in blood feud without the sanction of the respective High Lord. Insubordination - Ignoring or subverting a command from a hierarchical superior. Treason - A betrayal of the Realm and people of the Realm. Unbecoming Hedonistic Behaviour - Pursuing an act for the fulfillment of beastial desires. Be they lustful, gluttonous, covetous etc. Cowardly Act - Surrendering to the craven beast within, breaking Guestright, and abandoning one’s dedication to struggle and life as a higher being for the preservation of mere existence. Contraceptive Act - The use of any object or system with the intent of stifling the production of children. Preventing the production of children for the pursuance of base pleasure. Penned by Mister Muffins, Chamberlain of the Kingdom of Norland, Writ en Namen De Caedric I Ruric, King of Norland, Duke of Morsgrad, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Bulwark of the Highland Realm, Orlanth Strombringer, Ashbringer of the Ashen Legion, Chieftain of Stormbringer, Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith,
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