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  1. THE OFFICE OF THE BAILIFF The Hamlet of Enswerp TO THE VIPERS OF VALFLEUR, THE RESIDENTS OF THE FRANKLANDS, AND BEYOND, It was a leering suspicion that I held that the true identity of Bel Aurum was indeed a royal of the Petran lineage. The sophistication and manner in which the Gilded Quill’s author wrote suggested as such. However, recent information from the oafish and loutish Adrian Tobias has only confirmed my suspicions. I had not even put the authorship down to your sister, Helene-Olympe, until you implied it as such. Nary a decent man would want to step foot on the doormat of trickster-royals, not to mention organising thirty dirty rats meticulously on a doormat. You beguilers have reaped what you have sown, but I would only wish that I were the one to have truly done it so that I may inconvenience those who have inconvenienced my apostolic bloodline. However, it seems that the Vipers of Valfleur have attracted scoundrels worse than themselves who wish to disadvantage not only myself and those of Enswerp, but those who reside in your cobwebbed home. I will not accept your barbaric sense of false justice. It is clear by your included portrait that you wish to, as they say in the sultry southern states, mog me. What you do not understand is that my physique is one that I have spent many decades maintaining. There is no other who compares to my imposing stature. My height is gargantuan, and the tallow that is displayed to the world obscures the mountainous muscles embedded within my figure. Further, my folds are washed daily of any sweat and laced with sandalwood oils to ensure that I smell fantastic as I perform the strenuous activities that make me so great. As we speak, your royal grandmother is laying salves on my ivy-ridden biceps and she is complimenting my vigour after a lengthy hunt in which I lifted a fleeing deer with my bare hands. I shall include a smaller portrait of the encounter at the end of my missive. You wish that you were me, however you are beholden to your uncouth and smelly nature. While my waist is inflated by that in which I hunt, your waist is inflated by the idle consumption of the lies espoused by your family. I will not forfeit my dignity to the slanderous accusations issued by those of your bloodline countless times before. You will see no apology. You will see no property. You will see no coin. The only thing you will see is Helene’s carrion being feasted upon by scavenger birds alongside the banners draped at Saint Daniel’s Crossing. Feast upon the rats that laden your doormat and stay quiet little man, or you too shall face the Heartland’s justice. The Heartlands has no room for treasonous lords wishing to make their mark on the world. ISSUED AND PROCLAIMED; In Enswerp, Province of Aaun On the 18th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1985 His Royal Highness, Robert Tiberius Alstion Prince of the Heartlander Confederation, Bailiff of Enswerp, Judge of the Heartlands @Nectorist
  2. Robert Tiberius views the public letter seeking to defame him and begins drafting his own response, straight from the bailiff's office.
  3. Robert Tiberius proudly begins formulating a legal approach to enforce Heartlandic justice.
  4. Robert Tiberius sees the portrait of an orc and refuses to look at the gibberish letter any further. Like his namesake, he hates orcs with a passion. Mindless savages. Beasts. He proceeds to rip down every copy of the missive within the confines of Enswerp.
  5. THE OFFICE OF THE BAILIFF The Hamlet of Enswerp TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE FRANKLANDS AND BEYOND, For too long has Bel Aurum been a slanderous presence in the Heartlands. They have levied dangerous accusations at royalty, nobility, and the commonfolk in a manner that undermines the sensical proclivities of the common Heartlander. Their intent to stir up within our governing process through weaponising baseless gossip is something that can not go ignored. The lands of Enswerp will not welcome conspiracies and plots that threaten to destabilise the Heartlands. Henceforth with this edict and within my power as bailiff invested to me by the Enswerp liege lord, Lord Chamberlain and Prince John Valentinus Alstion-Enswerp, to enforce justice within the lands of Enswerp, I issue a request for capture for the individual masquerading with the name Bel Aurum for the crimes of Defamation, Harassment, Lack of Honour, and Treason. Capture is to result in immediate execution of which they shall be mauled by a hunting hound for each accusation levied in malice. Their remains shall be hung from St. Daniel’s Crossing as a demonstration for all those who enter the province. Any property and possessions found to be related to the Gilded Quill, the outlet for their duplicity, shall be burnt posthaste. Any affiliates found complicit in the affairs of the Gilded Quill shall be judged based on the severity of their involvement. Let it be known that those who attempt to intercede in defence of the wrongdoer shall be treated as a conspirator and judged accordingly. Long Live Enswerp and Long Live our Apostolic Majesty, King Charles! ISSUED AND PROCLAIMED; In Enswerp, Province of Aaun On the 18th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1985 His Royal Highness, Robert Tiberius Alstion Prince of the Heartlander Confederation, Bailiff of Enswerp
  6. I think the thing that I dislike more than anything about the Ferrymen is the profound yet marring legacy that it's left on the server's conscience in regards to militaries on LOTC. Joel touched on this in his own way on the thread he made, but I feel that this is a general sentiment that has been seen over the course of the server's recent history. In my eyes, it used to be very common to see militaries playing a central role and institution in a nation. I remember that the first thing I did on the server was joining Renatus and being funneled into the Legion where I did training, patrol, and gate roleplay. Other nations have done similar things and weren't specific to Renatus. However, I feel that despite a few nations’ attempts to uphold militaries as they were, it's a dying niche that is partially due to the attitudes held by community builders and/or older players who have seen the role the Ferrymen have played in server politics. Nations could put together a military of experienced roleplayers and new players, even with overwhelming numbers, but they’d lose to the Ferrymen whose members primarily contained those who had dedicated a lot of their playtime on Minecraft to PVP already, including those recruited on PVP servers, and/or members who were actively spending time practicing PVP on PVP server. This meant that the players who actively spent their time on the server roleplaying were at a disadvantage because they weren’t spending what spare time they had grinding skills off-server. A few attempts have been made in war discords over the years to encourage people to hone their PVP skills, but it ultimately does not work because people are interested in the server for the roleplay. They didn’t come to a roleplay server just to be forced to log onto an unaffiliated PVP server to improve their PVP skill just to have a chance at being able to effectively defend their roleplay nation. The Ferrymen’s long-lived presence and victories in numerous conflicts that they intervened in for one reason or another rendered nation militaries almost obsolete. This also ties in with the technical and rule inconsistencies of the war system which made war incredibly undesirable to pursue. Nation militaries have had no real motivation to exist outside being an event or general activity outlet because the skill gap between a group that has spent more time PVPing than roleplaying will almost always overcome a group that has spent more time roleplaying than PVPing. It’s proven to be more efficient to just get a handful of PVPers on your side and use whoever else in your nation can rally as filler. I do not believe that the Ferrymen intended to weaken the military dynamic because it eliminates any challenge and fun that they may have had going toe-to-toe with an established military. However, it is something that they have unequivocally played a heavy role in. Then there is the point that the Ferrymen has contained or currently contains players who have a history of rule-breaking, acting in bad faith, and/or general and targeted toxicity. This has included: powergaming, metagaming, insulting people on the basis of their claimed disabilities, doxxing, vigilantism, and harassment. From my understanding, the confirmed cases of these have for the most part been punished. However, it is nevertheless a culture that some members of the Ferrymen are involved in. I do not understand how many people are considered part of the Ferrymen or how the innerworkings work so I cannot comment on how integrated these behaviours are into the group’s general culture. All I can really say is that these are behaviours that have been displayed by some members, and that there must have been some manner of attempts to obscure behaviour because I had been banned from the Ferrymen discord after joining it years ago simply and I had been told it was because I was a moderator. This was near the group's founding so I am sure that they are not like this anymore. Ordinarily, I would subject my criticism to “It’s a group, everyone is going to be different. You can’t expect a lot of them to be wrongdoers because of the few”, but my scrutiny is being placed because of the repeated claims about the Ferrymen being tight-knit. I am sure that most are fine, but there are still bad eggs that ruin the reputation. I think that there seems to be some manner of divide between the Ferrymen who are actively interested in roleplay and those who only stick around for the PVP part. In 2022, Mickaelhz launched an aggressive culture group called the Skavik that was open to everyone with the stated intention to welcome people to conflict roleplay. I was a part of it because I enjoyed the culture idea and it seemed like a genuine attempt to create something interesting. Presumably to limit it being an outlet for players solely interested in PVP, it was expected that any who died in an offensive raid which was fought by PVP would be expected to PK. The group did not last more than two months and Mickaelhz stated something along the lines of “My friends did not like the time that I was putting towards this group so I will be disbanding it” before deleting the discord. After this, Mickael went back to focusing on the Ferrymen. I think that there was so much potential for conflict roleplay that could be seen as a redemption for some players’ reputations but was lost because of pressure by others who were likely more interested in PVP. It would definitely be interesting to see if something similar came back because it brought players you would not ordinarily see together for an interesting culture.
  7. Can we make accessways to buildings where they are only accessible by going through an underground ladder locked by a trapdoor illegal? It is anti-roleplay to see a barn or some other building with no doors but has a trapdoored ladder hatch going underground to get in and out. I feel like it should be a common sense rule in the same vein of farms needing to have a logical supply of oxygen and tunnels needing to have visible supports that would prevent cave-ins. I've only seen this a handful of times myself recently, but I expect it's more common than I'm seeing.
  8. Robert Tiberius Alstion's fat fingers strum the corners of the letter laid out before him. An opportunity to prove his capabilties was ripe for the taking, in a rural area too no less. Prime for hunting.
  9. Vylandris Vuln'ibar amusingly reads of the Vikelan steadfast, though failing, defence. He muses over what this war will mean for the coming stability of the southern and even eastern realms. War was coming. Would he be ready if a war reaches his doorstep? Only time will tell.
  10. SKIN NAME: Noble Knight DISCORD: crevel BID: $15
  11. "Give a paladin an inch, and they will build a highway paved with their injustice. When will they realise that since the death of their patron that it is over for them. Better to keel over and perish, rather than attempt to revive an irrecoverable influence through methods that defy decency." Vylandris Vuln'ibar remarks to a fellow traveller mentioning the news on his journey throughout the eastern lands. While the efforts of powerless paladin were intriguing to the elf, he knew that any meaningful outcome would not be palpable.
  12. Vylandris Vuln'ibar examines the initiative of the new brigade, though he struggles to grasp how such a brigade could be so appreciative of the dragonkin but villainise them as heretics in the same breath. However, he sees the opportunity that this provides for the further enlightening of Humanity. Asioth. Perhaps there would still be a chance for the fallen knight to return to his former status. Redemption, albeit unlikely.
  13. An unknowing banished and excommunicated Vylandris Vuln'ibar peers at the knightly invitations, "Why am I not invited?" He ponders for a moment, believing that George was one of the very few who knew his truer nature. The elf then comes to the realisation that the former student may very well be trying to distance himself from the mentor, an unfortunate predicament but understandable for a knight. Though, the question remained. Why now? The disgraced former knight would now begin to proceed with his public interactions with a slinking caution, fearing that the extent of his affiliations may have been revealed to members of the select public by his former pupil in order to fulfil what he believed was his knightly duty...
  14. It may seem like that, but it's always better to make an effort because the recovery is always worth it. I work with a guy who started smoking at a young age due to peer pressure, and he was not proud of the habit, so he made an effort to come off it even though it gave him insomnia and other withdrawal symptoms. There will be hurdles to tackle, but you can still try to make healthier habits for your own sake. You shouldn't condemn yourself so early when there's much to be hopeful for. You just need to be willing to take the first steps.
  15. Hey, it's that time of the year. There are many months and weeks throughout the year dedicated to spreading awareness of certain topics and causes. Some take the spotlight more than others, but many men do not realize that June is recognized internationally as Men's Mental Health Month and this week of June in particular is also recognized as Men's Health Week. A lot of men will look at this and think that it's unnecessary and it's a load of rubbish. However, times like these serve as a reminder that it is okay to seek help. A lot of people come to our server for escapism, and it’s okay to use roleplay as an avenue to unwind. Life can be stressful and playing a mage, a royal, or some other character rooted in fantasy is badass. However, it’s also important to realise when it’s being used to hide from our real-world problems because by not addressing our problems we are allowing them to take hold over us. Men, especially within the past couple years, have generally found themselves more vulnerable than usual. A lot of us find ourselves trying to protect those we care about in spite of societal instability whether it be through war, housing, crime, job insecurity, or other related problems. However, we cannot continue to effectively take care of others if we allow our own personal problems to eat away at us from within. The statistics show that we are more likely to bottle it up which begins to bring on further issues. Substance abuse, including alcohol and other drugs. Isolating ourselves from others which damages our relationships, our life commitments and responsibilities, and our mental health even further. Risky behaviours such as engaging in physically demanding activities, reckless driving, overeating, and/or promiscuity. Worst cases, physical aggression towards ourselves and those around us. We need to be more willing to seek constructive long-term support for our problems. We need to take the first steps in identifying our problems and seeking help. Expressing ourselves physically can be a good way to solve our problems short-term, however they don’t address the root of the problem. When we begin to feel that life is not worth living or that there are no solutions for our problems, we find ourselves prone to engaging in irrecoverable behaviours. Men are more likely to kill themselves during suicide attempts due to choosing more fatal methods. Men are more likely to resort to physical aggression against others as an outlet for their stress. A lot of us are told that trying to deal with our problems outwardly but what we should really be doing is trying to understand and tackle our unhealthy mental states from within because that is what ends up being the most effective. Even if you think it is impossible, there is always hope. Hope is what leads us to better times and hope is what allows us to be receptive to methods of recovery. Then it becomes a question of how do we recover? The truth is that there is no best way to do it. What may work for one person may not work for another. Some men might want to look inward and outward as they explore their faith with God. Some men may wish to engage in other forms of religion and spirituality. Others may find that support groups or therapy are more effective. The list of things someone can do certainly isn't limited to that but the point is that a lot of the time some people may need to try more than one method or to try a method more than once. If you're looking for an external resource to help, make sure that they are coming from a place of genuine concern and the betterment of wellbeing. Do not trust grifters like Andrew Tate who inflate their own arrogance and prey on the insecurities of vulnerable men to make money and promote their own agenda. Their ‘lessons’ won't bring you satisfaction. You'll only find that through personal fulfillment and uplifting those around you. We can all aspire to improve our own health and in the process we can improve the health of others. Treat your mind, body, and soul with care. You should be able to find relevant resources catered to your region through some googling, but I will provide a few links below that I think will be useful. Remember to tell your parents that you are grateful for what they’ve done for you and tell your siblings (and children if you have any) that you are proud of them. We could all do with some positivity. Links: https://findahelpline.com/i/iasp https://www.youtube.com/@HealthyGamerGG
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