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  1. My wish is for Aether VIP. Moderation Pex ain’t cutting it.
  2. IGN: Crevel Category: Artwork IGN: Crevel Category: Build IGN: Crevel Category: Creative Writing -Coming Soon-
  3. Arthas II, not staunchly religious albeit traditional, kicks his feet up onto his chair as he takes in the fine aroma of a finely cooked Arthasian Puffin. He spots out in the corner of his eye, through the narrow panes, a letter in bold ‘Public Letter to the Pontiff III‘. At once, he withdraws from the cozy confines of Norland’s Palace and rushes to the Sole Norlandic Noticeboard. He rips off the letter and all of a sudden five Imperial midgets zoom into the gates of Morsgrad and hammer in more letters to the board. Nevertheless, Arthas takes his time to soak in the text in the letter. “I’ve done my light reading. This includes the Common interpretation of the Holy Scrolls. If I’m not mistaken, the implication of their virtue is that marriage can only happen between a man and a woman. At least I believe it claims so in the Scroll of Virtue in verse 4 and 5 of the Book of Temperance... that being said it’s an interpretation.” Arthas would discard of the letter, tossing it into a fireplace. “Oh whatever.. it isn’t any of our business anyway.” he would think to himself as he recalls the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Norland.
  4. Buzz, look a thanhium! Where!
  5. How is typing your age putting you into a box?
  6. Most of the stuff in here is “fair enough”, that’s Community Team’s territory. My only concern is the first one. This does not only affect staff members. Some players refer to applications to gauge the maturity of a player so that they know not to subject them to impressionable material or make crude jokes. If you’re posting a fake age, it’s likely you’re not old enough to be playing on the server. I go by the age-old saying, if you feel bad it’s probably for a reason. The age requirement exists to keep people safe and to make sure that a standard level of maturity is reached.
  7. Bro, you're copying me. But it's okay. I'm excited to see where Mondblume goes next map.
  8. This is an interesting Creative Writing piece, I must say.
  9. You, a Story Team member that would surely be knowledgeable about the Build World, violated the trust placed in you not to abuse warps; which you had both done during the Lagpocalypse and outside, therefore negating the point of mentioning the Lagpocalypse since you had still warped with the intention of villainy. Then you, a Story Team member, decided that it would have been justifiable to burn lore-related items instead of returning them when for all you could have known, may have been required in the future. I have little empathy for those who decide that their best bet was to make a post, surely to rile up the community to gain supporters, about errors that they had made and trying to shift the blame onto higher-up staff in the hierarchy. I sit in my computer chair, drinking from my water bottle tasting the salt from your crocodile tears. Not only are your actions’ legality dismissed by Villainy Rules, but as your actions as a Story Team member – which you consider to be a staple for you – and would be considered highly negligible by Moderation standards and I have no doubts that Story Team’s standards are similar and would not tolerate you playing silly buggers with the way you conduct yourself. Whether the blacklist is indefinite or temporary, what I highly suggest is that once you come back you reevaluate yourself before considering taking up a staff position. If you decide to look for a new server, I hear that they’re hiring STs over at KorvicCraft. tl;dr
    1. TheFlowerBandit


      Have an ASMR of Norland chat.

    2. Crevel


      Thank you. I will treasure this greatly.

  10. My thoughts when reading through the post. However, it’s nice to see that the guide-writing community agrees when it comes to this sorta thing. Very good guide, only criticism is the size of the text.
  11. Crevel

    9.0 Map Showcase

    Without a doubt, the first meatball goes to the Halflings.
  12. Crevel

    9.0 Map Showcase

    You bet I do
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