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  1. Grigory Grubb strolls to the polling station, with each step his walking cane would jostle the soil below until he finally made his way. He'd peer at his fellow weefolk before performing his Knox-given right as a voter. After filling in his ballot, he'd take a moment to set pipeweed into his smoking pipe before hobbling back off. The Ballot: ((MC Name:)) Crevel Name: Grigory Grubb Vote for Proposals: Proposal I (Hal’s Proposal) () Proposal II (Cyris’ Proposal) (X) Neither ()
  2. Petyr, a proud Highlander of Hanseti-Ruska and a proud Canonist, applauds for His Royal Majesty Karl III - the protector of all Highlanders. He would personally see this pact as a means to slowly convert the pagans to the one true faith and a tremendous display of prowess and honour for his beloved kingdom.
  3. Grigory Grubb, former bucketball athlete of the Karosgrad Crows, thinks that the leader should be decided by who balls the best. Though, he feels that not many others would agree. Regardless, he would pay attention to his village's news.
  4. Were the Venerable Anders Cardinal Jorenus alive to see this, he would no doubt be proud to see his honourable family restored to its rightful place in Haeseni society. The Lord is Merciful. The question is now... will Kortrevich go on further to glory?
  5. Grigory Grubb weakly smiles, pushing some pipeweed into his pipe before lighting it. Going over to his aviary, he'd retrieve his letter from Mimosa, "I stand bah da Applefoots.. shame dese bones uddawise I'd be dere. Ter t'ink da Peregrin called dem sour apples.. I luv apples.." he shakes his head as he would stumble home with his cane to meet with his relatively unknown son.
  6. [!] These letters would all be privately delivered to the respective Norlandic residences, only for the recipients to read. These letters would initially be among a few others, though those are likely to be delivered elsewhere in Almaris. Dearest Edyth, @envy I know that I have never been a great father for you and it is a regret that I carry with me everyday. Regardless, I am glad to see that you were able to be raised well whether be by your own smarts or with your mother’s input.. Though I do know she spent a long time tending to your brother, Týr. When I took the roles of Chamberlain and Chancellor to help re-establish our family where it truly belonged, I underestimated the tasks that would be required of me. On top of eventually being promoted to a Warden in the Royal Norlandic Ashguard, there was so much that it took away from trying to directly take care of my family.. to take care of you. As you’ve surely noticed my absence, I want to let you know that I have been taking a break. The stresses of it all have taken its toll, but I am soon to come out of rest. When I come back, the family will be coming first as it always should have. I will no longer let work blind me and I will ensure that our family and our clan as a whole will benefit. We will come out stronger for it. The letter sent out by Alric was done with no consultation, and while I do not understand his intentions, I do not believe them to be for the good of our clan. It was because of his inability to control his own treasonous children as well as other self-admitted inadequacies that rendered him unable to be a good Chieftain. Thus why his youngest son, Edvard, was made a ward to myself, and why Alric abdicated from being our Chieftain in favour of me. Unfortunately, we will be unable to return in time to Alisgrad for the Chiefsmoot. The travel to bring the rest of us back will be too long so you will have to carry our votes for us and bring it to the Chiefsmoot. Týr understands the situation and will be voting for myself, and I will also be voting for myself. I hope that you feel the same and vote for me though I would not blame you if you didn’t, regardless I request of you to pass on our votes. Einar Alric, @Qaz_The_Great Your lack of confidence in me is intriguing. Not once have you attempted to contact me about my absence, and not once have you attempted to consult me regarding Edvardsson matters. Yet you call a chiefsmoot with concern for Edvardsson in mind and then you write to me as if I have committed treason. For you to claim that I am in exile is also concerning as to your lack of knowledge as I’ve done nothing wrong that would warrant an exile and I still remain within the Kingdom’s borders. Like many in our lines of work, we work hard and our effort is shown in our deeds. I have worked too hard in our King’s Council and that effort is apparent from my former and current positions as Chancellor, Chamberlain, and Warden of the Royal Norlandic Ashguard. For my hard work, I think a break is deserved with the serving of two kings - the most recent of which I voted for in our most recent Kingsmoot. On my return, however, I do plan on turning over a new leaf.. to focus solely on family as I should have done from the beginning. Many plans once considered or sampled will come to fruition. All you had to do was give me some time.. and now you must give me your vote with this Chiefsmoot you have caused. If you truly have the clan at heart, I am sure you will vote correctly. Einar Casimira, @AstriaS I know that we never had a chance to properly have a conversation together. For that I am regretful. However, I hope that you feel as obliged to assist me as I have been obliged to assist you in the past. I understand that you may feel spiteful that I had not voted for you in our last Kingsmoot, but you must remember that I directly told King Odin to replace me as Chancellor which you declined. Despite this, I would still value your input and I value your support. On my return to Alisgrad, I hope to focus more on the clan and I wish to have you involved in some projects if you would allow me to let you in on them. Unfortunately, Alric has been troublesome with his call to a Chiefsmoot.. which only further delays any progression of our clan by sparking a match that would attract his own treasonous sons like moths to a flame. It is important that we take care of our own, thus I deeply urge you to vote for me in the oncoming Chiefsmoot. I wish you well. Einar
  7. The OOCly banned Chieftain of Edvardsson, Einar, would read the document from somewhere, "Thanks for your confidence in me, Alric." he'd mutter to himself before going to send a letter to a few of his relatives and colleagues, including Alric.
  8. This is incredibly cringe. At least be a bot that spams something that most of us can understand.

  9. I hear a lot of complaining about how people can't find roleplay despite roleplay being near them that they just don't want to partake in or are too nervous to approach, and it's the same sort of people who are unwilling to create roleplay themselves because it's boring or whatever. My Brother or Sister in Christ, this is a roleplay server. If you don't want to roleplay, leave. People need to start taking the initiative more often, too many people on LotC expect good roleplay to be given to them while providing nothing in return.
  10. I first met you in 2019 while I was trying to experience Rosenyr where you happened to be active in at the time. When I first heard you in a VC, I knew immediately you were a toxic whiny *****. Over the years from my occasional sight of you, it only seemed to become more clear that I was right in my judgement. I do have a question for you though. Did you play elves with horns to symbolise how horny you are for children?

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  11. Grigory Grubb would weep for his fallen son. Stumbling into his burrow with a bag full of Grubby's much-loved carrots, he would place them beside his own collection of much-loved apples contained in a sack.
  12. The aging halfling, Grigory Grubb, would rub his hands together with a smile as he strolled by the pipeweed cart with his cane to have a look. Brandishing his own pipe, he would sample the strain of pipeweed on offer. It was some good stuff. He would make his trip back to his burrow, wherever that was.
  13. Einar Edvardsson, the Chieftain of Clan Edvardsson, has a seizure.
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