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  1. Vylandris Vuln'ibar, a proud elf residing in Whitespire, milks a nearby cow upon the reading of this missive and then proceeds to drink the unpasteurised milk. However, due to the bacteria within this milk he would have stomach cramps for the rest of the day. He still proceeds to enjoy milk despite this.
  2. Crafting? In Lord of the Craft? A Minecraft roleplaying server? I don't think I want it.
  3. I am personally uncomfortable with interacting with child characters in general, so I don't do it most of the time. It's also why I usually start playing my characters properly around the 16-year mark. A lot of the time, I see children characters and it makes me feel disgusted that there's probably a 20+ year old or even a 30+ year old behind the computer screen trying to pretend to be a child. LOTC is used for escapism, and that's what they choose to be? There are players out there who choose to play almost strictly children. It also doesn't help that some people play their children characters obnoxiously. I've seen so many child characters around the age of 5-7 get into arguments with adult characters and use complex words that those children shouldn't reasonably know. Same with child characters that are played only to be gremlins, as if that hasn't been done a thousand times before. Since this is a thread about roleplay gender observations, my own observation is that those particular obnoxious child characters tend to be girls. Child characters that are boys, from my own experience, tend to be more focused on roleplay development that gives them easier accessibility to paths like knighthood, church acolytes, and other generally militaristic roles that have systems in place that give child characters the opportunity to ingratiate themselves with a niche at a young age. I'm sure that there are definitely girl characters that exist for similar purposes, but from my observations it seems like most of the time they weren't created with that goal in mind.
  4. By divine providence, Vylandris Vuln'ibar and his property would be unscathed by the tsunami. However, the same could not be said for the marine population that was surely washed ashore the dry banks of Whitespire once the water receded.
  5. I'd also like to request it being against the rules for these discords to have selfie channels. I think most of us have been on LotC long enough to understand how these channels are used maliciously and yet for some reason they always seem to pop up.
  6. Death to the Haenser slur as we know it. This is a good idea though. Lots of minors seeing things they shouldn't be seeing in nation discords.
  7. I don't think that "We make jewelry" and "We welcome everyone" is a compelling argument for why your group is unique enough to become an independent kingdom with an entire tile to itself rather than remaining a vassal to a realm that took you in or becoming a vassal somewhere else willing to take you in, but if that's what you are going for then good luck to you.
  8. At what point will Story Team implement an eventline of evil industrialists that salt the occupied wheat / double drop resource tiles, making them unusable, so that they can begin building factories?

    1. ScreamingDingo


      smogger mega factories that double mining output but poison all tiles adjacent and remove farming bonuses from them

    2. Adelemphii


      salt the roads of aevos and make the undercarriage of my carriage rusty....

  9. Nations are fully capable of becoming an antagonist on their own. The problem is that RP antagonism is often misconstrued with OOC malicious intention, especially by playerbases led by a jaded paranoid leadership. These issues arise due to a lack of communication because it's easier to vilify someone on the internet than it is to get into a voice chat with them to smooth things over. This is an issue regardless of if ST decide to inject a nation with PX-41 Serum. If an effort is made by NLs to actually speak to each other, we would be able to have more enjoyable roleplay narratives for both sides in general instead of having to hear a leader from the opposing side say something along the lines of "We genuinely thought you were trying to kill the community that we've built up". Players, even without Story Team, are fully capable of organising their own player-run eventlines around a plague, blight, or even foreign invaders like the Skanarri in Norland to shape their local region. We usually only see these affecting one settlement or a nation. However, with enough organisation and a good concept, I don't see why these sorts of eventlines can't include numerous other groups. Chances are that they would probably be able to get a Story Team member at some point to give more flavour to their eventline using creatures and tools that a normal player would not ordinarily have access to. Addressing the question itself, I don't believe that nations should be offered to become antagonists by Story Team. You don't have to be a scientist to be able to see the pattern that a lot of Story Team members will favour their own in-group with events, ST items, and other ways of preferential treatment. Artificially transforming the majority of a nation to become undead or something else like that so that they immediately have a unique affliction that becomes incredibly important to the server's narrative and a part of the server's history as a whole just seems to hinder the idea of organic roleplay and beginning it through OOC means is a bad apple that spoils the bunch. It would be more effective and more organic for some sort of magic, affliction, CA, etc. to spread within a nation over time until it eventually builds up to encapsulate a whole nation and if relevant, can push the leadership to adopt RP measures that can be viewed as antagonistic to the rest of Aevos. This process can be done with or without Story Team intervention, but it's a more story-driven narrative that is ultimately shaped by the nation themselves rather than an immediate antagonistic transformation put onto them by Story Team.
  10. Full Name of Man - Thondorus Stafyr Date of Birth of Man - 102 S.A. / 1898 Full Name of Woman - Yankova Kortrevich Date of Birth of Woman - 101 S.A. / 1897 Location of Ceremony - Bastion Temple of Saint King Caius, Numendil Date of Ceremony (Year) - 140 S.A. / 1936 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Petyr
  11. Father Petyr hums as he reads over Adria's terms and compares it to those offered by the League. He notes that the Adrians did not address the heretical Canons Regular that had made Adria its base of operations, almost seemingly to avoid the question entirely even though that's one of the major reasons why tensions between Adria and the League are still there. He discusses the topic with some local priests as he continues writing his Housemagery books.
  12. Father Petyr grimaces at the poorly done citation from the Scroll of Auspice, but he thinks the treaty is alright and hopes that it is actually accepted by the Adrians and followed properly by all parties so tensions aren't raised further. He rereads an edit made to the document that is further spread, noticing that the citation still does not include the relevant Book which would be Book 2.
  13. The Haeseni-born former Patriarch of Jorenus, Venerable Anders Kortrevich, would undoubtedly turn in his unmarked makeshift grave back on Almaris in the former cemetery of St. Henrik's Basilica if he knew. Alas, death is peace from the temporal, and the Seven Skies are beautiful.
  14. You are not understanding my point in regard to this. The point I was making is that there are inconsistencies in the little information provided that are not relevant or accurate to what experiences and culture these nations provide. I have no issue with it being a snippet of information, I encourage it because most players don't want to read a lot. However, if you are going to include information in a pinned guide, it should contain accurate information because new players will look at this guide to gauge what they are interested in. To mention the example that I used in my last comment, why is Balian heralded as the nation that was shaped by political turmoil when Aaun has gone through more political turmoil and conflict than Balian has? Major conflict surrounding Aaun is much more recent than any major war where Balian was at the forefront. If they are going to include war shaping realms in their summary , it should go to Aaun or Adria if anything due to recent server history. Like you agreed with, the Imperialist - Royalist civil war in Oren was a long while ago and in the end it formed Balian but it was really long ago so why is it relevant now and why would it be relevant for however long this guide is around for? It's not, which is why I used it as an example. Some of these summaries are done really well. Petra's is good, Haelunor's is good, Halflings' are good too. It's just that when you see the ones that aren't accurate, it's going to give false impressions to players expecting something and not seeing it through the roleplay.
  15. The screenshot provided addresses only settlement guides and wikis, and it shows that three days was not enough time to allow these groups to make an updated settlement guide or wiki page. It shows because this post links to a subforum, settlement guides that are probably on average about 2 years old, and wiki pages which aren't ordinarily updated anyway unless a monarch dies, or someone is on a binge to write many paragraphs about something they remembered a few weeks to a few months ago. I've worked on a settlement guide in the past and I've worked on the wiki, you aren't going to get something fantastic in a short amount of time that covers all the useful information in each nation in 3 days. Each group has varying activity levels, varying real life commitments, and varying members of their leadership trusted to work on whatever they need to work on. If you're going to expect people to have updated information about their nation, they need to be given more time. As I said before, the screenshot pretty much only addresses guides and wikis. It isn't giving the leaderships of these nations the opportunity to speak about what experiences and culture they realistically provide to be summarised in a short sentence. Balian for instance, was founded because pro-Empire Orenians lost, and they decided to settle far away from the Orenian heartlands in Almaris. Despite that, they're labeled as the "realm shaped by historical turmoil. Provides narratives of recovery, growth, and humanity's indomitable spirit" while Aaun, which remained in the volatile heartlands and went through multiple civil conflicts is simply "A realm of diversity and inclusion. Excellent for exploring religious narratives, political dynamics." As I said before, if a guide is going to be made like this, the people working on the guide should be proactively reaching out to every leader's DMs and discuss what is being included in the post. It shows an initiative to work with the community instead of doing a poor job and then waiting for people to come to you to correct any mistakes. You have their discord accounts, you can reach out to them.
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