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  1. babyluxx

    Lacies music.

    “SHEET MUSIC” Lacie Lyons This isn't the ‘actual music’, this is what Lacie is envisioning. This is what she hears inside her brain, the textures of instruments. Synths aren't actually synths, they're written as strings. The drums are written as orchestral drum sections, but this is just what she hears when she's composing the music.100 Percent original songs. Written, recorded, and produced by my roommate and I. I play doublebass, he plays violin, we both play piano. this is inspired by a roleplay experience in lotc. Est-ce une erreur https://www.indiesound.com/index.php?a=track&id=84564 Journey to Helena, First movement. https://www.indiesound.com/index.php?a=track&id=84565
  2. babyluxx


    Lacie was born into an aristocratic young family. Her father was a city clerk and her mother was a violinist. They lived in the in the middle of Owynsburg. At a very young age music was all around her. Her mother played violin for the most prestigious symphony in the commonwealth and owned a fortepiano. (relatively new at the time, most people were more familiar with the Harpsichord) Her mother always had company at the house, mostly musicians, composers, and conductors. It was always a party, and she would often play the piano for guests even as young as eight years old, her favorite song to play was “It's Always Summer Under the Sea“ by Martin. When she was twelve years old her father was called to be a soldier to fight in the war, and was killed in action. Lacie and her Mother were devastated. They received a generous fund from the City to support the two of them, but over time it could barely make ends meet. Over the next couple years, her mother would never learn to cope with her father’s death, and would lash out at Lacie often. Lacie was rarely allowed to leave the house, even in her later teenage years, in fear that something would happen to her. This is when she began composing music, with help from her mother, but over time her mother began to harshly critique Lucie, making her unconfident in her compositions; ultimately giving her writers block. Lucie would constantly ask her mother if she could go out in the city, to gain inspiration and have new experiences, but her mother refused, keeping her hostage inside and this would push her farther and farther away from her mother. Occasionaly, she would go out with her mother, mostly just to the market and on occasion she would watch her mother perform in the symphony. The market was her favorite place to go, because she was usually able to purchase newspapers from the surrounding regions. Her favorite articles were about the Holy Oren Empire, and the Imperial city of Helena. She would dream of sitting on a bench somewhere in the sprawling streets, listening to the all the sounds around her and writing musical phrases to describe a moment. One night, she plotted a plan to leave the city and go somewhere completely new on her own. She quietly packed all of her sheet music and a few belongings and ran away while her mother was asleep, leaving behind everything she’s ever had, including her fortepiano which was she considered her best friend. She Owynsburg with no intentions of ever returning home, hoping to pursue her dreams of becoming a composer, without the oversight of her mother.
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