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  1. "Frost witches bedding Ascended, nothing surprising but what is, is the fact that the old man left the grove for once... Swear he's always about, never seen him talk to anyone though... Just, is there." comments Toren.
  2. [OOC] Username: RideTheSky Skype name: Xiryks Timezone: GMT+10 [IC] Name: Trevane Vallark Race: Seventian Why do you desire to join?: To serve Lotharingia as a man of New Ascella Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: Depends
  3. Yes, I want to contribute to The Game.
  4. "Belestram literally beds a frost witch, and he's one of the boys considered a role-model of the ascended..." mutters Toren aloud.
  5. Minecraft name/s: My minecraft accounts are; ‘GayGenderbender’, ‘RideTheSky’, and ‘SkyTheFuqBoi’. Age: I turn twenty-three this coming July. Timezone: The timezone I live in is Australian Eastern Standard Time (aka. GMT+10). Skype/Discord: My Skype username is; ‘xiryks’, and my discord username is; ‘Sky#2115’. What is your availability: Availability is pretty much any time I am not asleep, at the gym, or hanging out with the boys, honestly I spend as much as six to ten hours a day on my computer when I’m not busy. How would you improve how the Game Team handles things? I would like to assist in the expansion on rules and being more detailed with some, as well as the assistance with everything that pertains to wars, raids, skirmishes, etc. Other areas I would like to assist in improving things would be communication, and the overall economy. If you could add one thing to the Game Team, what would it be? A policy that I believe should be implemented within the team would be that of removing the idea of nation leaders not being able to also sit in certain positions of power. During my time as staff directors, and managers, aren’t allowed and as of recent it appears neither can regular game moderators, but this is merely a feat of theatre security where it gives off the idea of protection but it ignores the major fact that if someone is going to abuse their power for a nation, they’ll do it no matter what position they are in the nation and isn’t limited to the leadership spots. Why do you wish to contribute to these discussions? Because I still have a drive to help the server and bring it into a better place, right now I understand how people feel about me taking up PEX from a group and I was genuinely considering re-applying for trial game moderator, however I came to the conclusion that I would be able to help through the contributor position as well as prove that I can do good and hopefully make the community proud. What would you ideally wish to work on if you were a member of the Contributor System? I would like to take part within the war section, as well as the charter section of the moderator team, as both of these places interest me the most, and assist in economy suggestions however that is just general moderatorship. What topics of discussion would you like to raise? One of which is discussing war rules and the like, raids, skirmishes, etc. as it is an important point, afterwards I believe a topic of discussion that would be quite interesting is that of staff intervention because there is a level of intervention that is needed and some that isn’t. I would also like to jump onto any other topics of discussions being held and put an educated opinion in such. List some of your worst traits: My anger would be one, if something irritates me heavily and it gets to me, I tend to get quite irate and fume, usually ending with me venting to a friend about the situation. Though recently I’ve been working towards being much calmer in situations, and I’ve never lashed out at people whilst anger, simply kept it within and talked it out. My straight forwardness is another, while I recognise social norms and try to avoid being my Australian self, I sometimes run into issues where I say things how it is and unintentionally offend someone, be it through what I said or how I said it. My state of mind could be a third (and final that I’m placing here), because I used to become overwhelmed with a lot of work and instead of seeking help, I would pile more stuff on me and it would drive me down, though I say ‘used to’ because as of late I’ve become much more open to asking for help and I believe this has become a non-issue, however it is best to state such. What specific parts of the server and or Staff are you most interested in? The community is the major thing that keeps me here, friends and acquaintances alike, for without them we would literally be one of those silly YouTube roleplay communities where it revolves around a singular person. I will not lie and say the community is perfect, however it does have it’s great times and I believe there has been more good than bad within the community since I’ve been here, and I have never seen one that (in spite of what may be seen) sticks together through a lot of ups and downs. Link a good song:
  6. He's my daddy. +1
  7. look what led me here
  8. #Progression @Amordrin
  9. Please point to me what chromosomes are required for you to be transgender, and how that is different from that of a male or a female, because it isn't. You are quite literally, male or female, transgender is short for transitioning gender and you are transitioning from male to female or female to male. What other genders exist? Because if it isn't binary, then do tell what third, fourth or even fifth gender you believe exists.
  10. There are two genders, transgender isn't a gender but a state of being which states someone is actively going out of their way to transition into the other gender, thus meaning if you are a transgender male to female, you are female and vice versa for the female to male. As for gender roles in society, well it's not like people truly give a **** if you are a male who does traditionally female roles and the same for female who does traditionally male roles, the only reason why friction exists is when those who do such things rub it in people's faces and it becomes actually irritating. Your last question makes no sense, transgender again isn't a gender at all thus it can co-exist with something that isn't in the same spectrum.
  11. Have you looked over this thread?
  12. Would that not then be where the duchy agrees to help and declares a warclaim upon the settlement, to which (lets assume they win) afterwards they give ownership back to the previous leadership?
  13. Honestly will this one even be recorded and then publicized? The past community meeting wasn't recorded and if it was, it didn't become publicized. There were questions I would like to see the answers to, however because I was unable to attend I am unable to see the answers to them, and it would be quite ridiculous of me to repeat said questions because I can only assume the answers will be along the lines of 'this question was answered last time.'. Can you please look into this and tell us if it was recorded, and if it was can you publicize it? As reference, https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158156-april-7th-community-meeting-tslotcco/ that is the one I am refering to, however if you do not have a recording the summary of questions I am most interested in are as follows.
  14. I understand this worry, for one there is a three day removal cushion that they must utelize, which allows the player three days to respond to such a removal. Now lets assume that these rules go forth, I would argue for a delay in the ability to remove people from the region until it has been confirmed as the owner of the lands. What do you think? The reason I have at least half being part of the settlement, associated with the government, etc. is because in history a lot of coups have had to call in support. Now it does become a real iffy situation when it blurrs the lines of a warclaim and a coup, however I believe when it comes to setting the standard to say ten members (not including the leader, which makes it eleven, whom needs to be part of the settlement) having five members from the settlement and five others who aren't, seems somewhat fare. Though, I do see the issues it could- Come from. Perhaps if we raise it to twelve members, and have it that eight must be from within and four out, would be a good compromise? Otherwise a full team of within the settlement is agreeable. I also agree with the holding phase- Only issue I see arrising (which can be met with a swift punishment) are players who are part of these positions either logging prior to the coup, or refusing to log on.