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  1. Sky

    Ban Report on Blago, et. al.

    I’ll claim this.
  2. It’s not satire, considering I’ve led the halflings before and every single map the same group of people create a nuclear bunker to then genuinely role-play having nuclear devices, and the like.
  3. No you dont have nuclear weapons or a robot, and if I ever see anyone roleplaying it consider this the one and only warning not to.
  4. “What was it my father said about poisons... Something about it being a eunuch's weapon.” Demetrius mused with Viktor and Astrid.
  5. Sky

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    A terribly made application is sent in to request an interview Name: Red the King of Hearts Race: Adunian Age: Too old for the young girls, too young for the old women Discord#: RideTheSky#0001
  6. Sky

    "A Better Haense For All"

    "Thus another falls into the alluring trap of lying to gain favor of the people." Demetrius would lament. "Unfortunately for this young man all of what he claims of the current Maer are visually disputed. Not living in Markev? He has a room within the palace. Hasn't put forth his plans? We have been in constant communication about possible ways to implement his plans. Not seen around the city? I see him more frequently than running into you." After a moment of silence the Lord Palatine gives out a heavy sigh. "We are all working for the betterment of Haense, none of us should build a platform on the perceived failures of others but purely on the ways on can improve the future of our people."
  7. Sky

    Unwritten Rules

    Because that’s not a rule on it’s own, it’s part of powergaming, but if it gets added I don’t much mind. I’ve no horses in this race.
  8. Sky

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    We’ve had Krugsmas events in the last 5 years dude.
  9. Sky

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    Good idea and all, but Jaeden when were you going to tell us you were related to this singing legend;
  10. Sky

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    The more you know I guess! Please just remove it then, I understand it’s aesthetic but it doesn’t really fit druid aesthetic, it’s more of a dwarven thing if anything. Regardless of who brought it up, it’s literally a problem with metagaming, because ‘just knowing’ something (even as basic as being a husk) can cause more problems than the ability is worth. I mean, I knew that it wouldn’t get changed, I was merely lamenting at this point to be fair. - Overall, I guess I should say that I did enjoy what you changed otherwise, good work.
  11. Sky

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    Glyphs and lunar cycles play absolutely zero roles in druidism, so don’t add them to one niche thing just to add more requirements to soul trees, it’s a clear desperation move just to make it look like it’s more difficult. Simply remove these two and keep the rest. A very thinly veiled excuse to metagame that another druid has a soul tree or not, find out the old fashioned way or don’t find out at all, simple. I am now, as always, and continue to be, against the idea of soul trees and shapeshifting being able to be shared with a single being. Yes, I personally did have both, but that was because the lore allowed it, and even then I fought against it where I was happy to choose one. This should be a path a druid should choose, they either get to become a tree lord where they are cut off from shapeshifting, or they choose to become a shapeshifter where they are cut off from getting a soul tree.
  12. After speaking with the banning GM and looking over quite a bit of logs, screenshots, and a couple of videos, your ban message has been updated. Have a good day.
  13. You never commented on my suggestion of someone spawning at their soulstone '0' option. When spawning in for the first time on the map it can ask what you want your location to be set to and then give you a list of available nation soulstone pillars. This would be able to be done, would simply require the devs to work it out.
  14. The current climate of LotC doesn’t sustain ‘racial spawns’, perhaps a system where when you die you respawn to whatever soulstone pillar is bound to your ‘0’ slot would be a better alternative. An example was given but that makes assumptions on what is on the next map with plots, would also cause issues because whilst someone may be human, they may not live in the capital, and not all elves want to live in the elven community.