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  1. Genuine shaman questions: Do the elemental spirits care if you are orc or not, or do they only care about their area of expertise? Similarly, do any of the immortal spirits care that you are an orc or not? This is a genuine question, because I was always under the assumption that as long as you worship them, they don’t give two shits. Final question, if someone made a non-orc and had them raised with the orcs as a slave, could they potentially earn their way to become a shaman? After becoming an honourary of course.

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    2. Ougi


      I'm not a shaman but I do have something that does involve it (bloodsmithing) which is a feat basically learned through the use of a Farseer


      Bloodsmithing is locked to the orcs of the redskins of Raguk clan because they are blessed with red skin, a trait that shows the blessing of one of three main spirits that Clan Raguk worships, Gazigazh. The lore post of Dar Ob Griish and Bloodsteel Smithing go into deeper detail, but it is only limited to the Redskinned orcs. So yes, some immortal spirits do care whether or not you are an orc, and specifically what kind of orc you are (clan, subrace, etc.)


      And for your snaga question, of course. Now, i say this not as a shaman but as someone from the Krugmarian orc playerbase: that is how we want someone to learn shamanism. For them to know and appreciate our culture rather than cherry pick the part they want to use for their roleplay.

    3. Humanistic


      The Elementals get their main spiritual praise from the Orcs since they were passed the teachings of Shamanism by Krug and then onto his daughter who was also an Orc. The teachings weren’t passed on by Malin or Horen or Urguan and only conflict with the teachings those brothers passed onto their societies. Even if you are some sort of heretic and wish to worship both the spirits and let’s say the void, you might still contribute to the being of the Spirit but in no way would a Spirit reach out to you since you would rather go about learning other teachings instead of staying devoted to only the worship of the Spirits. It’s only when others try to divide Shamanism and spread it to every other descendant society who’s main belief isn’t Shamanism is the conflicting part, because it’s not very common for other races to have the same type of behavior or culture as the Orcs do (such as worshiping the Fire Spirits by setting cities on fire). Slavery has always been the key to achieving dynamic interaction with other Orcs/Shamans and can earn Honorary and exist in Orcish Society as an equal to the Orcish people hence the term, Honorary Orc.

      From there, it is possible to perhaps then create a Clan, Society, City under the Orcish Country and earn your way to Stargush’Stroh under the Greater Ancestor of the Clan instead using foreign Immortals to invade and settle in the Ancestral Realm. Though many people are often very disturbed by any interaction when they are taken as prisoner and I've seen multiple people throw fits about it. I feel others consider the concept of slavery as too brutal for their liking (even considering every other nation does it whether they are peasants or bondsmen, same ****) but the word snaga translated into Old Blah literally just means, Labor Worker. A Snaga is taken in by a Clan to serve and fight for the clansmen to earn their way and prove themselves alongside their brothers.

    4. _Jandy_


      In the current iteration of the lore the spirits will pretty much take what they can get so long as it isn’t going to put them in harm’s way. Immortal spirits can be a bit more finicky since they’re far more unique than the elementals, for example Leyd may not be fond of Elves because he sees them as week though of course an Elf could likely prove their worth through grand feats and all that sort of stuff that boils down to the individuals involved, though really all spirits are typically just trying to find the people who will honor their end of a pact. 
      Slave question has already been answered but for my 2 cents I’d say that Honoraries who prove their might to earn their rank are far more respected than snagas (but that requires a certain capacity to pvp), the most prominent example for that would be Phaedrus.

  2. Sky

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    If this gets accepted be very proactive and careful to not slip up and go down the same path of fuckups the druids did.
  3. Sky


    “I wonder what happened.” muses the Lord of House Ruthern.
  4. Sky

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    But then we’d be filled with furries and wannabe Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai...
  5. Sky

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    Someone pinch me I am agreeing with fate on something. Even after someone finding a way to put a being into a deities world with the intent to attack them, it was played out like some sort of Word of Warcraft cinematic rip-off where they get so close but ultimately was met with a ‘ha ha puny mortal you thought you could harm me?!’ type of ****. RIP Jackal, you shall be missed.
  6. Sky

    LotC Talkshow: Thoughts on 7.0 live! Sunday Oct. 14th

    Could we plan this with a week minimum notice next time?
  7. Sky

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Why do the dwarves not live with the elves? What about the orcs living with the humans? One word, culture. Haense (which I will focus on) is completely different culturally speaking to those of Caroulstadt, the capital of the Empire of Man. The big I put in both bold and underline is what I am touching on, because you said that vassals should not get large plots of lend even if they hit activity. So, where do you think the misplaced Haensefolk will go? I can assure you the majority of them would not simply kick the dirt and submit to live in the new capital of the Empire. In fact, I know for a fact that a good portion of the playerbase will simply up and quit. Have you ever considered why Haense is very active? Because it offers a unique experience of Human role-play that you will not find elsewhere, we aren’t imperials but we aren’t full-blown Highlandic. Have you ever considered why Haense vassalized? It has nothing to do with people submitting to the will of another, it’s about uniting the human people, but of course you would know more about this than someone actively working in the system. Also, Haense does well living a distance away from the capital, because there have been massive conflicts between the playerbases, and this will literally cause more strife out of character. Man, I sure do look forward to the ****-talking, aha! Clearly you are not going to move from your stance, and I refuse to budge a single inch from mine, on a matter of principle. I’m sorry but you seem to be quite misinformed about how the current climate of the server is, or how the players have been recently, especially when you assume that the halflings would be getting a plot? They’ve not had one in map start for three years. My final note is very simple. Either this changes, or people are forced to rebel from the Empire on an out of character decision due to staff enforcement of a ridiculous decision, thus causing unnecessary heated in-character politics and ultimately causing more out of character strife, purely because having the TITLE of vassal is in your name. Absolutely shameful.
  8. Sky

    7.0 Annoucement!

    No, what is ridiculous is the fact that nations that proclaim that they “”deserve”” a nation spot is being out-shined by city-states, that is the real ridiculous nature of it. Vassal by all terms is a label, it doesn’t have any mechanic form to it, the nation of Haense is both an in-character nation and an out of character nation, meaning they put in a crap tonne of work to get that status. From what you claim, simply because they took on the title of a vassal of the Empire of Man, due to wishing to unite the human race, they should not be given land which is absolutely ass-backwards. You still keep using a straw man of saying ‘lets say four vassal and one capital’, no this is not what I am asking for and you clearly are not reading what people are saying. If there are seven nation slots available, then allow vassals which rival nation-tier activity compete for it. No one is asking to be spoonfed, we are asking to be treated like other nations (Haense specifically, since we are a nation). Stop twisting words, damn. I didn’t mention non vassal states, you clearly have never role-played as a human and it shows through your utter ignorance here. Humans vassalizing under an empire isn’t at all a statement on their activity or their playerbase, the culture of humans is to be united against the world, it’s ingrained into their being. Just because there is a title of ‘Empire of Man’ doesn’t make Haense any less of a nation. You’re issue isn’t that the only argument is ‘give us land’, your issue is that you are refusing to actually read anything that is written just so you can moan about whatever you want, it’s pitiful. Yes, I am defensive, yes I am annoyed. I have good reason to be, working hard on a nation just for it to be thrown away simply because some players who have NEVER played humans before telling us that ‘being a vassal means you have no rights’ is absolute horse-**** and I wont stand for it. GOD ABOVE, I never thought I would see the day that you have to argue that NATIONS WHO ARE ACTIVE SHOULD BE GIVEN NATION PLOTS IN A MAP CHANGE. Haense is a vassal of the Empire of Man, but they are also a certified NATION, being a vassal does not remove them being a VERY ACTIVE NATION. Belvitz and Nordengrad being VERY ACTIVE GROUPS does not make them any less, if anything it makes them more than the SUBPAR INACTIVE NATIONS AND GROUPS.
  9. Sky

    Do you want freebuild in 7.0?

    Oh you mean the build that was forced upon them, and then destroyed through an event they had no control over? Yeah, that’s a thing. You are aware that the admins picked the spots, not the nation leaders? Sure the nation leaders pseudo picked, but the admins chose three areas for you to pick from, sometimes just two, so it’s just an illusion of choice, but no yeah lets blame that on the choice of regions and not people pushing them out. This is a problem with how the world is made, and not at all about ‘freebuild vs regions’, but please try to shoehorn it in like you do with everything else. I actually liked being restricted from being able to absolutely destroy whatever I wanted, it’s what made the map much better, and if you wanted land you would either join a group or pay, fun fact that is why I have aether. Sorry that you had such a bad time, but hey you live and learn, and you get over it. I could say the same to you for the first sentence, our arguments and evidence both stem from experience, so I’m not sure where you are able to stand on your high horse, but do remember you aren’t any better than anyone else or myself, ok friend? Such a dumb comparison, but I’m not surprised.
  10. Sky

    7.0 Annoucement!

    You just spouted utter garbage. First of all, no one is asking for all the vassals of Humanity to be given land, you are creating an easily defeated straw man by stating such. If you read the complaints from the settlements like Haense, Nordengrad, or Belvitz, is that all of them were super active prior to joining the Empire of Man and still are super active, more active than most other nations, even more active than a combination of the nations, and being told ‘sorry you will not get land’ in spite of one of the aforementioned vassals being a nation in itself (both IC nation and earned the OOC nation title), is an absolute spit in the face of the people who put their time and effort to create what they did. Here is a fun thought experiment, you break away from the dwarven nation and put a lot of time, and effort into making a second dwarven nation. After months pass, and you have a very active playerbase, something happens which makes you want to unify the dwarves under a singular empire banner again but you want to keep your own kingdom, which is fine. So both you, and the capital of the empire, are super active, then suddenly this post comes out. You’d be absolutely outraged that the time you put into this has been reduced to absolute nothing. I’ll reiterate, no one is asking for all the vassals of the Empire of Man to be given nation plots, and to twist our pleas into that is simply disingenuous. All we are asking is that the active ones that rival nations, such as Belvitz and Nordengrad, and the nations that happen to be vassals, such as Haense, are judged fairly and without bias, and not simply thrown out because ‘they are vassals’. There is a reason people flock to these places, because they like the culture, and removing this will not magically make them go to other nations, they will simply form up away from everyone which is detrimental, or even worse, you’ll have people quit.
  11. 🎈 Happy Birthday! 🎂