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  1. The world could always use more heroes.
  2. 'Effort' is very vague, and has multiple ways to be looked at, just depends on your perspective in it all. Though I disagree with the slippery slope argument, considering we weren't over-run before but what ever.
  3. What happened to the days that if it was put in a spoiler and was just for a good chuckle, no one would give a ****? We aren't a professional writing role-play server by any means, so why treat the forums as such. We need to realize that the community is mostly filled with kids and teens, all of which enjoy a bit of banter back and forth, and slamming someone with a punishment for something as small as posting 'says man' is ridiculous. What's the difference between me putting 'says druid' and 'says Toren'? Because honestly, there isn't. To anyone who knows me, they'll be like 'Oh **** that's Toren', and to anyone who doesn't they'll just be like 'Oh that's a druid'. If I posted it as Toren, again, only the people who know me will care and those who don't will either not give any shits, or do '/realname Toren' to check. There is no point to some of these rules, we need to relax a little.
  4. I have never, ever, said this. Do not put words into my mouth.
  5. egorapter did this first
  6. "Roses are red, violets are blue. The tree was ungrown, what you gonna do?" Toren says as he slaps his rock-hard pecs.
  7. i advise against using my technique of work out till you drop
  8. can i atleast watch
  9. dont just tease the [redacted]
  10. why did you ban me from your private webcam show?
  11. when will i be free from the torment of life?
  12. Whoever decides to handle this, please be willing to talk with Cablam (if he isn't the one to take this) and obtain the summary of my conversation with him, thanks. What is the name of your guild: The Druidic Order. What is the purpose of your guild: Druid. What plot size are you interested in: 150x150, talked this out with Cablam as well. What tile are you interested in: None, talked this out with Cablam recently. If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: Not applicable. Signatures: The Bull Druid, Toren. The Panther Druid, Yelfir The Phoenix Druid, Aiden The Axolotl Druid, Anthron The Shark Druid, Za'Kabar The Wisteria Druid, Renn The Kitten Druid, Lilliana The Moss Draoi, Thalon The Frost Druid, Dain The Solace Druid, Oliver The Ex-Foxglove Druid, Cheza The Scroll Druid, Kyral The Magma Druid, O'ori The Rose Druid, Elswyen The Dedicant, Eandyil The Wolverine Druid, Leo The Raven Druid, Nynaeve The Ram Druid, Jeremiah The Dream Druid, Narmir The Shaman, Eath'lur The Aengul, Xan The Owl Druid, Arinislia The Cougar Druid, Zyvia The Calendula Druid, Mare The Beaver Druid, Larry The Trout Druid, Kasfer The Child, Genevieve The Dedicant, Ta'reille The Pine Druid, Gi'Garun The Thyme Druid, Rhova'dir The Puppeteer, August The Father, Cernunnos The Mother, Cerridwen The Shadow, Nemiisae The Lynx Druid, Tailesin
  13. When I was nineteen I dated a sixteen year old, Australia's laws state sixteen is the age of consent and on top of that, we had the blessing of her parents. I do not believe that she was negitevely effected by it, or atleast worse than anyone else who has dated me (lets be honest I am a terrible person). Though this whole situation is awkward.
  14. I don't know, things work differently here in Australia, usually we knock the girls out and drag them home.