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  1. Sky


    I tried to imply that, though musn't of come off that way- As I said, the only thing I have against it is that I personally don't like the idea of it, but I will state that if it goes on trial, then I'll not be a salty lad, and will give it a good go.
  2. Sky


    I honestly can't say anything negative about the lore, the only reason I am against it is that I personally enjoy the idea of firearms being put into the server- Nothing against the lore, nothing against the reasoning why we should have it, just my personal preference is all.
  3. Sky

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Time magic as a theme should not be touched here, and I've no feedback to give as to 'make the magic better' because I believe that fundamentally time magic can never work here- We've had time magic go through roughly five changes whilst I've been here, and not once has it actually been fixed. Plus, if we are truly going through a lore purge, adding this would be the last thing we should be doing. Overall, I do not believe it is needed at all.
  4. Sky

    The Embarassment of Haense, 1668

    "Are you dumb? We were forced to join the war and side with Courland because of this attack on us by Renatus- We were happy to stay out of the war." Says huntsman Josef.
  5. Sky

    Bluee's Event Team Actor application

    I mean, if you need items for the event to not be forgotten, wasn't really that much of an event then, aye?
  6. Sky


    I am going to keep saying this until it sticks into peoples heads. The catalyst which caused his ban was unjust, and if people truly believe that a dirty history is all it takes to be banned for a year, then please ban every single other person that has a history. I'd give you a list, but I'd be hit with a warning, censorship state of LotC.
  7. Sky

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    I have yet to see a GM who supports this.
  8. You have a staff blacklist. Denied. Moved to denied.
  9. Every single instant messaging service has a block function, utilize it.

  10. Sky

    GM's verdict contest.

    This opens up a very dangerous precedent that has been used in the past, wherein if you do not enjoy the role play scenario that you are involved in, all you have to do is complain and moan in L-OOC and when a GM is eventually called, you will get your way out of the role play by suggesting voiding it and then going on your mary sue way. If someone powergames, or does something dumb that needs to be voided, then void that specific thing and not the entire situation, or if it's a combat scenario where there is a lot of powergaming, then push it into PvP as that was the original reasoning for PvP default- To combat powergamers.
  11. Don't join staff and be opened to the dirty underbelly of the server, enjoy the server for the reason you joined.

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      nah nah, @Jaeden. shop channel remix

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      Don't buy that pack of beer because you might get have to drink it. 

  12. Sky

    Off to the Army

  13. Sky

    Add back money top

  14. Was actually an amazing member of the team, and was one of the few people who actually sought out help to improve when she messed up. It was just unfortunate that the management of the time thought it best to ignore her pleas of help- I sometimes wonder if she would still be on staff if they assisted her, oh well.