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  1. Sky

    The odds against the minority

    I have raided quite a lot on my time here and quite honestly it is without a doubt the most boring, and anti-roleplay thing we have on the server. Sure you get the odd one or two that adds to roleplay and pushes some sort of narrative but it is undeniable that the vast majority simply happen, people wait for it to be done or join in to defend and then after return to whatever they were doing as if absolutely nothing happened. So until that changes I see absolutely no problem with the rule disallowing raiders inappropriate ways into settlements just to disrupt it for an hour and most before returning to their regular roleplay.
  2. Sky

    Union of the Falcon and Hammerhead

    “That’s one thing you two seem to have in common,” quips Demetrius as he casually writes in his day planner to be in attendance.
  3. Sky

    Royal Wedding

    “Ah, my nephew and the little Carrion are to wed – Time to make arrangements to show up.” beams Demetrius.
  4. Sky

    Promote Good Combat RP, Please.

    So you chose to do PvP under the notion that you believed that they were going to argue over everything but how do you expect people to promote good combat role-play when you yourself cannot even be bothered to assist in helping someone become better at emote based fighting? Them asking how you want to do combat did not indicate that they were only there for pixels as you had the power to not put it into PvP, from the context given it sounds like he only cared about creating an antagonistic (in role-play) environment where his character was trying to assault and kill yours. How exactly should the Moderators have handled this situation better? From everything you have put in, you couldn’t be bothered to wait 5 minutes and instead chose to continue forth with PvP (completely in your right to do) and when a Moderator contacted you mid-PvP you chose to respond instead of waiting till after the conflict (which you are allowed to do), then after being downed the person asked if you would either like to PK or go to CT to which you answered CT due to them not being able to force a PK and instead of asking if you could SS (since you said you assumed it) and getting the individuals permission you went ahead to do so before him hitting to down you again which ultimately led to you being popped, all the while Moderator watching. They killed you and have the right to pop you, not sure where you believe the Moderator should have stepped in and I am not sure why you are stating that ‘stuff like that shouldn’t happen on LotC’ because quite honestly you got killed and popped after deciding to go PvP – So we shouldn’t allow people to have the choice that may or may not end in them being popped? Everything given adds up to a perfectly acceptable thing.
  5. Sky

    Promote Good Combat RP, Please.

    So you were attacked and decided to call PvP, stopped mid-PvP to respond to a PM (that you could have ignored till PvP was over) and got downed, there was some miscommunication about what going to CT meant and the attacker decided to pop you. Sorry, I am a little lost – Did you try talking with the person you felt hard done by with being supposedly one-emoted? You were the one who called PvP, so if you want is to promote good CRP then why did you not stick to emote based combat?
  6. Sky


    Full Name:- Demetrius Tuvya var Ruthern. Prefecture:- Markev. Political Party:- Independent.
  7. you know it is possible to be struggling some months and do perfectly well other months? when you set up your donations that are not subscription based then you are really up the creek without a paddle in regards to being undoubtedly set for the month
  8. No staff member deserves to be paid a single cent. Developers should be paid from my own personal belief. However, if they are volunteers then by definition they do not get paid.
  9. Sky

    Community Guidelines Violations

    I like to believe that you felt so bad about insulting Medvekoma that you decided to one-up yourself by self-deprecating yourself publicly.
  10. Fun fact, you can actually make a craftbook gate out of glass-panes.
  11. Sky

    Saint Julia's Day Festival

    “I feel COMPELLED to show up to this festival for one reason or another,” Demetrius stated in confusion.
  12. Sky

    Community Guidelines Violations

    Tell him to appeal?
  13. Sky

    Community Guidelines Violations

    His ban isn’t a community guidelines ban. Neither of them have bans regarding a community guidelines ban. Fellas, if you are going to ask for someone to be unbanned could you at least make sure they have a community guidelines ban, c’mon now.
  14. Sky

    [Poll] Thesis On Race & Culture

    I mean, community polling together can do some changes with the right mindset. I am told (emphasis on told) that this was something discussed at the start of 2018 (January-March) but never had an outcome until today? Though from the looks it was a miscommunication of a developer pushing out fixes to something and in the same sweep decided to do this, which never had a conclusive ending. I could be wrong, but either way, I want to see it reverted back!