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  1. Last time I was a bandit and gave a small group antagonistic role-play, they stalled until another group happened upon us and initiated upon us. Not to say that it was definitely a metasquad, but the instance would not of taken as long as it did if all partieswere cooperative. Therebis no real way of solving this problem from a rule perspective either, cause it is on the individual to just not be a c*nt about it and call in the metasquad.
  2. Gotta say the font looks rather similar to ‘Fantasy’ on cooltext.com (https://cooltext.com/Logo-Design-Fantasy). Edit: Realized this sounds like I am trying to ‘call you out’, not at all – They are clearly different in their details, just a similarity that I noticed.
  3. Prince Avius discussing the future of Irrinor with the locals – Circa 1727
  4. Jiub wonders how his kin is doing whilst within his hut in the Ancestral-plane.
  5. If you are looking for a reason to kill him (IE. this poll), then you already are wanting them off.
  6. Sky

    Why Do You Play?

    I do not think I would be exaggerating if I said 90% of the active players do not play primarily because they like the server but rather due to the friends they make and the sub-communities they have joined.
  7. Sky

    The Response

    I too enjoy splicing together people’s message – I call this one; A Mess.
  8. Vestara, and in turn her brother Falco, consider for a moment of pretending to have something else on … You know like an urgent matter with the family that cannot be avoided, however, Falco relents and decides on their behalf to attend the festival – Proclaiming that ‘It should be fun, who knows you may actually act like a woman.’ and then proceeding to nudge his twin sister in the shoulder, both playfully and in gentle banter.
  9. Vestara reads up to this point before throwing the issue into the air with a flurry of curses about missing the night.
  10. Honestly, just turn off all ability to touch the world and have all edits (fort additions included) made by the fabulous world developers.
  11. - Need suggestions for a new character – Genuinely considering Wood Elf Druid once more. Though I would like more suggestions. Please and thank you. - Remember to smile, people.
  12. Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head?
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