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  1. How is the role-play these days?

  2. Last time I was a bandit and gave a small group antagonistic role-play, they stalled until another group happened upon us and initiated upon us. Not to say that it was definitely a metasquad, but the instance would not of taken as long as it did if all partieswere cooperative. Therebis no real way of solving this problem from a rule perspective either, cause it is on the individual to just not be a c*nt about it and call in the metasquad.
  3. Looking for an artist to bring life to a logo design I have, will pay for time put into the project. Contact me via PMs for details.

  4. Gotta say the font looks rather similar to ‘Fantasy’ on cooltext.com (https://cooltext.com/Logo-Design-Fantasy). Edit: Realized this sounds like I am trying to ‘call you out’, not at all – They are clearly different in their details, just a similarity that I noticed.
  5. Prince Avius discussing the future of Irrinor with the locals – Circa 1727
  6. Jiub wonders how his kin is doing whilst within his hut in the Ancestral-plane.
  7. Apparently ancient Egyptians invented the origin of modern day rope – So is necking yourself cultural appropriation for non-Egyptians?

    1. Kaelan


      Really makes you think 

    2. Padre_Tales


      hey sky shady tales here, did you know australia was a penal colony? the doors you have on your bathrooms is cultural appropriation of the law abiding freemen world

  8. If you are looking for a reason to kill him (IE. this poll), then you already are wanting them off.
  9. Sky

    Why Do You Play?

    I do not think I would be exaggerating if I said 90% of the active players do not play primarily because they like the server but rather due to the friends they make and the sub-communities they have joined.
  10. It's an answer, but fine I will ask a question. Jaeden, when are you going to walk into oncoming traffic? 😬
  11. Kill yourself. 😎
  12. Community Staff Feedback; Advise your members that if they are taking an application to double check the timezone the applicant is from, cause having someone who is in a completely different timezone and being unable to even have meaningful interaction is disheartening.

    1. MamaBearJade


      Unfortunately we are not going to pick and choose applications due to timezones. We get the oldest apps done first so they may be able to get on sooner rather than wait long time for someone in their timezone or close to it.

    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      @MamaBearJade But it can often end up longer that way. If some European got checked by an Aussie or vice versa, the whole pending->accepted process could take the best part of two days, since besides the normal wait for it to be checked, the Euro also wouldn’t see the Aussie’s pending post for like 10 hours and the Aussie wouldn’t see the changes for the same length of time. I doubt it’s common enough an issue to change the system around, but food for thought I guess. 

    3. Lumii


      its just another example of protocol > anything else
      i understand the need for a protocol but there will always be situations in which not abiding by it is better, like above.

  13. Sky

    The Response

    I too enjoy splicing together people’s message – I call this one; A Mess.
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