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  1. @Babehab question about base lore- Say you wanted to be a zephonim druid, you would have to be a zephonim prior to becoming a druid due to the whole 'deities protecting their user souls' ordeal, yeah? As for the additions, I like em.
  2. Philip sits upon his elequent chair, a rather unique cutlass upon his lap and an oil cloth in hand. The young man carefully cleans the blade as he thinks of it's material and how dangerous it is to simply obtain a small piece, let alone enough to forge a weapon out of such.
  3. he makes my loins twitch +1
  4. devs please for future reference only add perks for Iron to Diamond, consolodate everything above down and simply give the higher ranks '/kill' (be sure it only kills them) so they can kill themselves @Evocress agrees with me too

  5. holy ****, unless both of you have forgotten there were a **** tonne of vip perks that were removed from the higher tier vip donation perks, god forbid they add more things so that the people who put quite a bit of money into the server are pleased- its not even a huge deal so why complain? i mean **** me dude, should we just tell those who donated for ender and aether that because others cannot use their perks- that they dont deserve ****? come off it
  6. id rather return to strict pvp default than rollplay, if i want rollplay then ill join a d&d server
  7. looking through this thread and my lord @James2k people talking about 'this is rp server go away!!!' when it's true that while the server may say 'top rp server' - here is a fun fact that everyone needs to learn! this server has been a faction rp server which uses mechanics through fights, raids and wars, since it's creation and the idea of 'rp default' was only a thing during asulon-anthos era... wanna know what that created? literally created the elven stereotype of constant ooc bitching, fun right james mi'boy?
  8. dont you mean ... a project which gives certain moderators the illusion of working towards the goal of activity and on paper it looks like it makes sense but in practice in only really illuminates the settlements the moderators want to and throws shade on those that arent in their timezone ... liri you are a beautiful woman :)
  9. not anymore unnoticed than a thread but you do you
  10. this could/should of been posted on the thread itself not making your own thread to complain but overall i agree that the checks arent really validated proof of activity, rather they seem to only be written documentation of when settlements were 'active' during specific times and dates
  11. bouncing off of what leric said, the command he said is a large circle and they check the entire region and it's a pretty damn big radius it checks (they tend to put 150/200 blocks)- just means veris is suffering from slight inactivity meh
  12. are you applying cause you want to or cause you feel you should, cause if it is the latter then dont do it to yourself
  13. damn i hit bingo with 'drfate continues froffing at the idea of lotc shutting down' thanks bud ps. if you are so determined that lotc will fail then fun fact, you can leave :wink:
  14. Lyrell sits within the confides of his dining room sipping upon the lip of his most favoured porcelain cup, enjoying the sweet tea-leaf liquid within as his protege informs the Mali'Thill of the announcement of Haelun'ors return. It was clear that Lyrell was heavily contemplating his return, however plans needed to be set in motion and details needed to be thoroughly overlooked. "Oh- How I miss elcihi... One can only wonder if it calls upon the mali'thill like it once had, or if it is filled with neo pseudo-thill. Only one way to find out, and this one shall- In due time."
  15. Honestly, emote default is doomed from the get go. Not because of the system but the playerbase, because lets say that the administration make the default emote combat for a month- Well, I cannot help but feel there would be groups who purposefully powergame and make things a pain, purely becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of what they think would come out of it. I would love to see how it would work for the month, but as I said, I have many doubts the community would give it a good go and not attempt to poke holes in the ship from the inside.