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  1. It existed prior.
  2. Couldn't say thihs is more wrong, and I can explain. When it comes to blood magic, it returned rather than being created and the character that made it return (through role-play might I add) was the only one with it cause it made sense and it actually has a sizeable amount of people with the magic, a few in the druids. As for mysticism, the reason why Zarsies character had it first wasn't because he wrote the lore from no role-play backing, but because his character pretty much invented it and the likes, thus it made sense in-character. There are a fair few amount of people with mysticism and blood magic, some members aren't hosted on the list because they asked to be hidden for metagaming purposes. Just cause you see three of 'x' doesn't mean there is only three of 'x'.
  3. Please do not accept this one, my reasoning has already been explained by multiple people above me and it only goes to show how true all the statements are with the responses given. We need lore team members that we can work alongside with, not one's that will make every step along the way feel as if you are walking atop shards of glass.
  4. hey good idea
  5. "Norland? More like Snoreland. Ha." zings Azgoth.
  6. um actually pyro nuked the city all on his own thank you very much mister attempt-to-steal-credit harumph
  7. You know, if a couple words were changed it would sound really familiar, strange. Though, I don't see an appeal for him on the forums.
  8. No I cannot go into details, else it would be ruined. As for the whole 'You are the actor manager not the ET manager' let me quickly explain, in the mangement of the event team there are three main heads. The director as de factor representative, actor manager and builder manager, I am indeed one of the two ET managers. As for this falling under the LT and Administrators, that isn't true. Antagonists full under the juristriction of the event team, all lore that we need written is then done by the lore team. I have no authority on this? I do. This is my last response to this, enjoy your day.
  9. Not the best community to come out to.
  10. I will be honest with you here, just know I cannot go into details onto the reasonings but know that everything I say is genuine. This is not going to happen. Antagonists are something I am looking heavily into, and as the actor manager will promptly consider it in my juristriction to focus upon it rather than the team as a whole. It is an interesting idea, but as I said, not today or the forseeable future.
  11. "The authority of GOD outweighs all, and to disregard that is akin to spitting in HIS face." Morgan mutters as he sharpens 'Heathensbane' upon a wetstone, and returns to humming 'ave maria'.