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  1. 6k AMA

    What I feel for you, and you shall not be hurt again.
  2. 6k AMA

    I love you Lack, just not my most loved, that's reserved apologies. The one fruit that I've never eaten after my childhood, weird huh. In concept? Yes. In reality? No. I would choose Knox, because he knows how to PvP.
  3. 6k AMA

    We need to purge the blue menace from all the non-gm chats. *rubs hands together*
  4. 6k AMA

    Love can be both, and it can be felt at many various degrees of intensity. (IE. The love I have for my friends, compared to family, compared to the one you wish to be with romantically). Yes I have, Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Keep your blue-stained fingers away from my chat, don't need your moderating eyes staring!
  5. 6k AMA

    You were removed from ET chat too? [Censored], but to answer your question, maybe.
  6. [Developers] NoCheat

    Do you know what it does exactly, and if it's open-source or personally owned by badlion?
  7. The 30 Strictures, a Guide

    "What are you a priestess of?" questions the Golden Boy, Kyren.
  8. A Major Issue

    M I N A
  9. ET Modreqs

    This is a very old meme, let it stay dead.
  10. The Dominion Insider

    "Drama for the sake of drama. I bet you it is written by someone who claims to be sick of drama, but happily spreads more." sighs out a hooded wood elf, his marked eyes staring towards the center of Caras Eldar. "This devisive tactic is simply a weakman's may of trying to ruin the grand unity of the Dominion."
  11. He was allowed to """learn""" but not practice it, if my memory serves me correctly.
  12. Promotions

  13. Unofficial statement that the Tailor's Guild is being revamped. Prices being discussed with Administration, and once that is done, the official thread will be thrown down. However until then, if you are interested in making skins for new players or our event team and to get paid doing it, message me in discord (RideTheSky#0001).

    1. Vaynth


      Huh when I was admin the other admins could care less about the Tailor's Guild. Lemme know if you want me to help update the skin archive occasionally or you'd like to create your own.