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  1. Make Minas Great Again (???)

    And what stops someone from hiding the mina in a chest under their floorboards, where you literally are not able to touch without region permission, or behind seven locked iron doors where the luck of you unlocking them with a lockpick is quite unlikely. Both physical and cloud based mina can be hidden, ignored and quite frankly as easily spent as their counter-part, simply put it away and forget until you need it, then go and pick it up. Sure you can say that if they have it in their inventory you can bandit them, well same exact thing happens when you take the cloud mina out of the bank because you are able to see it via '/search [mcname]' and demand the money.
  2. Make Minas Great Again (???)

    I mean, glitch abusing duping as well as utilizing the rename and description funtion ultimately makes it seem quite easy to multiply your mina if represented mechanically with a physical item. Apart from banks and heists, you can rob off of people in raids and simple banditry, unless they removed the ability to see the others on-hand mina via '/search' ? Regardless, how exactly does making it physical change the economy at all? People will just hide their mina in a hidden chest until they need to use them, and the same issue (if not worse) will arise where the mina is behind a wall (probably literal in this case) where it will just amass over time. Don't see how going from cloud to physical will help the economy.
  3. The 10th King of Norland

    "Thankfully it's number ten, else those we met with would run out of fingers to count up." says a mid-laughing 'Red' from beside Elle's side.
  4. @SquirtGun How long are we on the boats for IRP? And if someone isn't able to RP from before till after, it's chill to just say 'I was on a boat' ye?
  5. Thirteen Nations

    I want to try to guess the nations; Sutica Orcs Norland Renatus Marna/Haense Dominion Snelves Helves Frostbeards Warhawks Haria/Santegia Druids GM Island Where do I pick up the prize I get for guessing all thirteen? @iMattyz
  6. IGN(s): RideTheSky, XansBabyBoy, lordxonk, SydneyFunnelWeb, jaeden111. Age: Twenty-three. Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard Time. Discord: Sky#2115. What map did you join during?: Asulon. Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes. Average daily playing time?: Eight hours. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Nearly every single staff position (regular member) with manager for the AT & ET, and director for the MT & ET. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: To assist the team with my experience, which in turn can assist the server overall within the ‘most important’ moderation team and it’s the best way to have a say in the future of the staff. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I failed my previous trial for ‘inactivity’, however that was due to the fact that halfway through the month my father passed away and I decided to put my real life above passing my trial, and despite informing my management I was informed that it wasn’t something that could be exempted from the trial system. Anything else you want to tell us?: The reason why it took me so long to re-apply is due to the fact that ontop of being quite upset for my trial failing (understandably so I hope), I was also not wishing to go through the humiliation of having to explain why I was not accepted previously.
  7. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Sure you can say that the attackers should only attack places that enjoy this sort of thing, but I mean what about when the defenders clearly instigated the situation but fall back on 'I am a guard' or 'I didn't start the COMBAT' because being constantly poked and insulted is something I see all the time with people who literally force RP upon people who like PvP.
  8. I would hesitently say yes, however with the power the primary region owners have to be able to remove you without any sort of reasoning makes me want to say no. The reason why I pushed so hard for the druids to become a nation is because of the constant shafting we were given, because despite the whole joke of constantly moving from one grove to another because we are undesisive, the real reason behind it is due to whoever the primary region owner of the land was of the time of us moving, wanted us out because they simply didn't want the druids there. Luckily now there is Sutica, however it then makes things awkward when individuals of the order clash with the nation, but that is mostly a character grievance I guess. If the absolute power of the primary region owner was taken away, then I would be much more inclined to say yes.
  9. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    I don't know what you are calling a lie, because I was Kalamoot's son, and I know for a fact that there not a time where the conclave was raided eight times a day, but if you wish to continue toting fake information that's your choice.
  10. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    I was part of the conclave as the leadership's son and it was never raided fifty six times in one week.
  11. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Fun little exercise you can do, imagine the frustration you get from 'having a bad computer' or 'sucking at PvP' or 'lagging all the time', and morph it into a sort of blob that is as large or as small as the frustration you feel during PvP. Now, multiply that by six and you will understand how some feel when RP fighting. How did I get that? Well, PvP lasts ten minutes at most, so that frustration is ten minutes worth of it. RP fighting I've been apart of never went under an hour, which is six times longer than PvP and becomes much more frustrating, the more the people both refuse to lose and slowly have more people 'happen by'.
  12. He is a Craven

    'Red' looks towards the cowardly crusader, before looking away and then back, a confused look upon his face. "Did you just go out of your way, to walk all the way here, and say something so useless, as if it were to be taken seriously? To answer you, it's you... You care."
  13. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    If my character is attacked by a group or nation, then he will react by raiding them with his own group. Simple. I don't care if they like PvP or not, I will retaliate appropriately for how my character acts.
  14. I am genuinely curious which is the prefered by the vocal playerbase. What Defender's Default am I speaking about? The very current set of rules, where the person defending (or guards upholding laws) can dictate the combat (be it RP or PvP) and ten people default it to pvP. What PvP Default am I speaking about? Where in the past, the combat's default was PvP, which allowed people who want to RP fight to RP fight but didn't force people into hours of emoting for a simple fight. This thread isn't to think of alternates, or to think of ways to 'make Defender Default better', I genuinely just want to see at current which default is prefered. Also, I would put 'RP Default' but for two reasons I cannot stomach doing it, firstly Poe's Law is disgustingly true where I cannot tell if people genuinely want it or are joking, and secondly, during the time I tried it in Asulon... Well, people who don't want to lose never lose and the shortest fight I've ever been in personally was an hour for a simple one on one.