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  1. wheres the raid happening?
  2. He means in terms of a magic implimented into this server, but good job trying to shame someone, kudos.
  3. Well, I tried.
  4. Just do it.
  5. Yes.
  6. Okay? That just means you had enough time to cancel it and wait, I don't see why the server should cater to your needs because you cannot read an announcement thread that is on a banner informing you that there will be an update to the server.
  7. I mean... This was in the banner since Thursday, and it detailed the server maintenance...
  8. Isn't it worrying that a member of the administration felt they were unable to do more than the developers, or were being held back because of the development team? Whether there is truth or not behind the legitimacy of the team actively hindering an administrator, there is still the percieved shadow that the team creates, especially when two of them are also members of the administration which creates an assumed bias (whether intentional or not) towards their prior team which they have spent majority of their time with. I mean, the other administration state they don't feel the same, but they are also developers, and yet the non-developer administrator (the active one) felt this everlooming shadow from the developers. Just odd is all. Also, I find it disheartening to see (not just here, but in other threads, and even Skype/Discord) certain members of either side taking jabs at one another, it's just- Sad.
  9. It's on the Tahn map, so if the map is deleted, goodbye Bertha. So- We are the most active within the Tahn map. c:
  10. *cough* Druids *cough*
  11. Huh, @cablam you have some splaining to do! (All in all, I'm bantering, having a good chuckle)
  12. See, you think I'm joking but I'm not, it's confirmed by multiple 'charter team' moderators. We literally have the most activity on average, compared to all other nations.