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  1. dumb onion will fall tee hee

    1. Vaynth
    2. BritBritt


      silly Australian it's a bloomin' onionย 


      how could you forget the the food of your people?ย ย 

  2. Sky

    Bring back Temp Creative

    I was told the reason it wont come back is due to it being too abuse-able. Take that as you will.
  3. Sky

    make new player applications harder

    But I personally had to go through a system of overly critical AT members before getting accepted, therefore the current way things are done are bad... WOAH
  4. Sky

    Ban Report - Charles the Bald

    I would like to add on, it's not just the dwarves in which this young man has decided to dedicated time out of his life in the pursuit of simply deteriorating the role-play environment of. The dominion and belvitz, to name just two places I have personally witnessed said individual enter with the single intent of causing a ruckus with the most minute of role-play imaginable as he knows that the response will be a handful of geared up individuals readying themselves to PvP. To which people turn around and forget he came in the first place thereafter, simply awaiting for his return. HOWEVER! On the flip side, if the individual is successful in his attempt to cause chaos, then it is constantly flaunted all over the place and thus gives him the idea of causing more trouble. An example would be when the dwarf king pk'd and he has now moved onto the queen and is simply going to continuously go through this boring game of ball and stick.
  5. Sky

    Ban Report - Charles the Bald

    @Medvekoma Requesting permission to post, please!
  6. @Treshure no point in making a second week report cause dominion will soon fall

    1. Treshure


      omg how could i have not seen

  7. i remember when people convinced me 1bow was an aboriginal woman which made me avoid them for like six months, ๐Ÿค”
  8. Ultimately my thread was more of a rant, though I am glad to see you respond and give a very thorough response, glad to see that and perhaps I'll message you later about the Vaeyl or something, thanks.
  9. @Malgonious I don't role-play in the dominion, and I'm not stating that I feel the ET 'owe me role-play'. I'm stating that I've not been offered the opportunity to be involved in a single event in a long-ass time. Which I feel is due to time-zones, the other two bits have their own little tid-bits. I already stated that it was going to come off as selfish, because it is quite-so.
  10. Sky

    Why I might leave LoTC

    It's a short man holding up sushi with an eastern sounding name, no I truly cannot see how someone might be offended by it, please explain.
  11. Sky

    Goodbye halflings, Goodbye LOTC

    im offended that i was not mentioned at all, unsubscribed
  12. Sky

    Why I might leave LoTC

    Aren't you the guy who, whilst as a GM, desperately wanted to remove a sushi shop because you felt it offensive? The whole 'spook' thing is because it's shortened of 'spooky' and refers to undead, and the like.
  13. [Pre-Warning] I am only annoyed over these because I personally find no enjoyment over the events lately. Yes, I would love to be more involved into events, too bad that because of the topics I am unable to. Yes, I am a salty little boy who has stayed up passed his bedtime and should be put on time-out. No, I don't think I am being hypocritical, shut-up. - Nepotism; As of recently the event team has been filled with what I can only describe as nepotism. Most, if not all, events that span any sort of length longer than three events and have even an ounce of importance to the world we inhabit has been heavily tainted by nepotism. The friends of those running the events tend to be given preferential treatment in the form of either being involved in the events before others, being the protagonist of the event, or given special unique powers, however it tends to be the first one that happens so that the following two can be feigned off with a vague 'they were involved in the events since the beginning, that is why they were given x y and z' and ignores the fact that if it was any other person they would not of been given the same opportunity. I'm jealous and envious of those who seem to constantly roll around with every single event-line, it's always the same people who get to always be the strong protagonist and the rest of us have to watch on in awe, and pretend that this was some sort of lucky-hat draw when we know they are simply friends with whoever is leading the event. Of course I would love to be involved in an event, but I am not the only one this happens to, it's annoying. Repetition; Every single event that I am told of as of recent has either been some sort of PvE event that is just the same old scripted crap that you could get a better experience grinding out of World of Warcraft, and then at the end of it you are rewarded with the simple fact that you survived. Then there is the exact same events of repetition in which it's the same groups that are given events that affect the world, but no one else is able to. At this point, are we even being truthful by stating that anyone can shape the world? Timezones; The last time I've even seen an event that isn't PvE or a forced world event and I was given the opportunity to partake was all the way back in Vailor, and part of the reason (a big part) is due to the fact that it seems like the only timezones that are ever catered for are those that draw in the bigger numbers. Can someone please consider the players who participate in this server and just happen to not live in those areas, it's getting absolutely ridiculous. - How to fix this? Well, I would say spread out the fun to everyone, be less repetitive, and actually have event-lines for the off-peak timezones. However, I will come off as selfish, hypocritical, and jealous. Alright, I'll take that, as long as we can have some good thoughtful events that are giving more than the same friend-group the fun. Thanks for reading, Sky, the selfish and jealous hypocrite.
  14. Sky

    Why I might leave LoTC

    I did and nothing was cited apart from in character racism and in character homophobia which is completely acceptable and fine. You've yet to cite any proof thatthe community is rampant with racism or homophobia, ultimately as I said before, the only legitimate cases are that about the community being slightly toxic (i prefer jaded) and the occasional creeps.
  15. Sky

    Why I might leave LoTC

    You keep stating you mean OOC racism and homophobia but only put examples of in character racism and homophobia, please cite examples of either else I refuse to believe it is as rampant as you are trying to make everyone believe.