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  1. Something roused from slumber, a sliver of faith once lost to it; ignited.
  2. Looking for someone to play a zar’ei. PM __xeno on discord if interested 


  3. Can you see any borders from here? What has borders given us?




    There's only one way, Buddy. You've gotta fight for what you believe in.

  4. How will this affect the trout population

  6. The rot consumes?!

  7. [!] An odd missive, likely found within the corners and alleyways of cities, laying besmirched on the ground. The Goat's maw draws near; He watches the plight of Man; Sin made manifest, in the turmoil of war. Those not blessed shall meet his ire; The light of Order sundered, its knight slain; Remember, with thine feeble minds; THE GOAT SHALL COME
  8. Ign: Malkaathe Discord: __xeno # of Characters: 1 will send refs over dms
  9. great lore, though would this circumvent or be nullified by Blood Magic's lifespan reduction?
  10. A claim to Northern Leyu’sil “The pingu are here…” ✵ Published; upon the NOOT NOOT A missive to the Celia’norian Emperor Penguin [!] The words seem hastily written, as if the writer was forced by something with a sharp beak. . . Towards the good lesser penguin of Celia’nor, Peacefully we have co-existed, yet one of your Celia’norian elf has harassed and tried to use deceit to bring my brethrens out of their dwelling. First trying to call him a bird, then luring him out with a fish. For that we have claimed an exclave to the north of your capital. Your lesser citizens have given up this street to our kins and they have offered a tribute of fishes. We will take this bucket of fishes as a truce and we will not expand further from the current neighborhood to the Cerusil’s manor. As for your hostage, they will be valuable for the communication between penguin-kind and Celia’norian Kind. -The Celia’norian Crown will recognize our right to live where we want in your capital -The People of Celia’nor will feed us fresh fishes for the end of every week -Recognize us as the true ruler of the claim of this street as Penguina’nor -Recognize our Cousin Pingusta as the Penguin Emperor of the North of Leyu’sil. Failure to respect the unspoken peace will be a full mobilization of our brothers that live in the other sector of your beloved capital. Plenty of our kins hide within your street and walls. Those Celia’norian who are sympathetic to our causes, raise your elven flippers and join us! ilNoot’sae Noot’ehya ✵ ____________________________________________________________________________ AY’PUERAN; His Royal Highness, the Pengu of the North of Leyu’sil. Pingusta I ruler of all Celia’norian penguin
  11. Within Haelun'or's marble walls, pale, dreary hues scanned over the missive, the vestige of a smile gracing Lalaith's lips. She glanced downwards, to the blade resting 'pon her leg, tarnished by ichor. "Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya." That saying was spoken, a quiet sigh following.
  12. MC NAME: X3N01 RP NAME: Ikaron Persona ID: 79402
  13. who is ur favorite warhammer character
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