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  1. Within Haelun'or's marble walls, pale, dreary hues scanned over the missive, the vestige of a smile gracing Lalaith's lips. She glanced downwards, to the blade resting 'pon her leg, tarnished by ichor. "Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya." That saying was spoken, a quiet sigh following.
  2. MC NAME: X3N01 RP NAME: Ikaron Persona ID: 79402
  3. who is ur favorite warhammer character
  4. Favorite memory of Grodno?
  5. Character Name: Aodhan Seregon Discord: Xenooo#0000 Minecraft Name: X3N01 Race: Elf Age: 17 Timezone: CST
  6. Steps were taken to some notice board within Nor'asath, a wayward maehr's head swiveling towards the hung missive. After moments passed, ones spent reading it, a low, nigh inaudible sigh escaped from his maw. Darkulzet coming to head towards the west.
  7. X3N0

    it dont matta

    don't jinx it
  8. mfw the bi-monthly forum riot breaks out

    1. TheBigBubbles
    2. AnonymousAlexa



    3. X3N0


      too right, unfortunately 

  9. crazy week

  10. What motivates you to come back?
  11. it is so over.

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