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  1. -Reserved 'cus broke-
  2. Anyone willing to make a skin for me? I'm impotent trash that needs help

  3. no plagues please they're meme tier

  4. i am not tom_whiteman, he is but an imposter damn it

    1. TeaLulu


      Can confirm this is the original


  6. do you feel regret when looking back at your status updates when you were once  a wee lad?

    1. Amordrin


      well, i usually regret mine immediately. that's when you know they're good.

    2. Violino


      ^ This haha.

    3. ryno2


      the first status update i remember looking at was hyperion101 being upset that i molested her character even though i was her slave 

  7. recall moments during RP when you were LITERALLY the joker

    1. Ford


      literally me

  8. **** my autism im going to make some edits to some replies i made being buzzed
  9. I concur. Personally, I don't know how such a magic would be dispensed among others and allow for extra lore-spells to be made, it really does come off as odd to me (especially since it's a magic granted from Iblees himself. I doubt he'd give his **** out like free candy). I personally believe that the magic should not cease alongside the antagonist, especially if it allows for development of one's character and development of many others' characters, spawning unique character interaction. Like how I had stated to Whymsical, the magic itself isn't the only thing that should be viewed, then exclusively judged. The magic (not the entirety of the lore, mind you) is mostly there to indicate that the presence of Iblees is displaying itself once again. I do appreciate that you have taken a liking to my writing, however. I will go into detail how 'originality' is overrated at this point in time, but that's another subject for another time. Oversimplifying things will of course, make them seem utterly akin to other magics which currently exist. While you are right about the magics of this lore being similar to other magics that currently exist within LoTC, you also happen to be incorrect about 'nothing unique' being present within this magic. If you were to read through the magics spells once again, you will be able to identify that the magics bear different properties from other magic spells that are currently implemented. The healing spell, for example, doesn't entirely heal every ailment inflicted upon a user of the dark arts, it also happens to leave repugnant scars upon their recently recovered wounds. Also, your 'conjuration, but it makes spooks' argument is also asinine since that argument can be applied to Second Generation Necromacy and other magics that exist in LoTC. Again, you are not incorrect about the magic being "'x' but spooky". However, the "spooky" adjective you had mentioned, makes everything different. The stated adjective grants every magic spell different properties, making them distinctive from other magic spells. Your "it's like 'x' but 'adjective'" argument can be applied to manifold magics that currently exist within LoTC anyway. Yes, every magic within this server is not original, however, different spells having different properties can bring forth different reactions from different characters, thus spawning the 'unique' things that you seek. Edit: Additionally, the spells are behind a deity too, while the spells aren't all too unique, there's a purpose behind their existence and because of this, the roleplay it will formulate will be distinctive. A magic doesn't have to be 100% unique to be accepted. Besides, this magic is focused on both Aegis Undead magic, and Athera Undead magic. It's already indicated in the lore that it's not 'unique' anyway. These were 100% ripped from the original Undead lores, they were made weaker and sadly, as a result, somewhat less unique (or 'original', so to say) for the purpose of balance and enjoyability. Does that make sense? I won't lie, I'm a bit tired as I type this, so I want to ensure that I got my point across to you as properly as possible. edit: made edits to certain replies so they make more sense and I look less dumb
  10. fam what do you mean by "every other magic in the server forced together with duct tape, thrown into a blender..." have you seen the vanilla Undead Magic spell list (I guarantee you haven't since it was exclusive to Undead members)? I'm not trying to appear passive-aggressive. But, just consider, for a moment. This form of magic is quite different compared to other magics and their spells, if you were to partially disregard the summoning spells. Each spell sustains different properties from other spells in this server. Also, if the 'spells' alone are allowing you to determine its 'pointlessness', then I suggest you look more into the lore submission once again. There are other things of value aside from the power it holds.
  11. Just to clarify, this magic is based on the first OG Necromancy, I was informed by manifold individuals that I must not name it "First Generation Necromancy" since it will bring about befuddlement. Thus, I decided to refer to it as "Vocomancy" so no one would be confused. However, you aren't wrong, it does share similarities with necromancy. Additionally, this lore submission isn't for characters (who aid iblees) to go "grr arrghh im with Iblees fear me" it's more for the character development and the eccentric RP scenarios it can bring. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see why you wouldn't enjoy it, I'm just giving reason behind this lore and its purpose. Imo, I can see the implementation of this lore adding many things to RP and to one's character development, but those explanations belong in PMs most likely. I'll gladly inform you with my ideas of what could take place within RP, if you like.
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