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  1. "I share these sentiments," Karl offered in response to Leon as he heard him out on the matter. "I highly doubt my brother-in-law was ever consulted on this, though who can blame them, these petty 'Electorates' have barely a man to muster so they will need all the support they can get for their petty Prince. A true shame."
  2. death to the auction house
  3. "It is regrettable to see that Oren's victories in battle have been so lacking that they need try and compensate with propaganda about something as insignificant as this. Whatever keeps the spirits up, I suppose." Karl Barclay mused as he read over the missive. "God willing they'll have something serious to be proud about eventually."
  4. "I do believe I did warn him of the inclinations of these pagan rats before" Karl Amadeus mused. "Shame he failed to listen. I wonder when they'll change the name, they have as good as no Daelish left."
  5. whats my capybara..
  6. ALERE FLAMMAM VERITATIS The day started as any other would ever since he had been officially diagnosed with an illness that had been festering within him largely unnoticed for years, Tylos finishing his morning prayers and saying grace for his brothers in faith at the Abbey of Saint Robert of Metz before making for Karosgrad. His usual daily trips there had become more challenging as time went on, as much owed to his increasing reliance on making use of a cane, shortness of breath, and ever increasing fatigue. He had known the end was near for some time, though rarely if ever spoke about such as instead he spent his time interacting with those of his flock and providing them with what counsel he could for as long as he had left. This particular day he had come across Klaus Patriarch Jorenus, a man called Ariovistan, an orc that would surely have murdered him had the Brotherhood of Saint Karl not interfered, various people he knew from his past, and many, many more. After having been about Karosgrad for a good few hours, he returned to the roads, where just outside the gate he was met by a couple of Holy Knights of the Order of Saint Nicolas intent on escorting him back to the Abbey. Though, his illness caught up with him by the time they were halfway there, as the result of which he collapsed and had to be carried the rest of the way. He drifted in and out of consciousness by the time they arrived, surrounded by the same Holy Knights that had brought him there, members of his Curia, and finally those of the College of Cardinals. He was prayed over, and after having received last rites, passed away in relative peace. REQUIESCAT IN PACE Fiodor Jazloviecki-Svarogovich 1819 - 1876 Pontifex Maximus Tylus Secundus MDCCCLVI - MDCCCLXXVI High Pontiff Tylos the Second 1856 - 1876
  7. DUODECIMUS AUREA BULLA JORENUS THE TWELFTH GOLDEN BULL OF JORENUS The 11th of Harren’s Folly, 1875 | 9th of Msitza and Dargund, 428 ES HIS HOLINESS TYLOS II, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD does decree… TABLE OF CONTENTS ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ SECTION I - Opening Prayer SECTION II - Diet of Bishops SECTION III - Hyspian Settlement SECTION IV - Beatification SECTION V - Venerations ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ SECTION I Almighty God, we beg Thy clemency: be pleased to check these heavy rains and show unto us a cheerful sky. We beseech Thee, O Lord, that all the spiritual wickedness may be driven away from Thy house, and that the fury of the storms may pass away. Amen. SECTION II Our most Holy Office is pleased to announce that after countless discussions the Diet of Bishops is to be formally reinstated in full effect as per the release of this Golden Bull, its purpose to serve as a means by which interdiocesan discussion and cooperation can improve through better communication. Mediated by Our Vice-Chancellor, the Diet of Bishops will convene at a regular basis on agreed locations, able to recommend and bring issues to the table throughout these assemblies. With such taken into account, We encourage the faithful to make known their spiritual needs to their assigned Bishop from here on forth. SECTION III After continuous diplomatic discussions, and a steady effort by Our Holy Office, Our Curia, and the Fidei Defensor to promote continued peace and cooperation throughout the realms of Canondom, the peace summit held in Balian came to a successful and productive resolution regarding the status of the Hyspians in the southern continent. The summit entered a complicated and tedious debate, though maintained civility at all times regardless of personal opinions. Under the terms agreed upon, the Hyspians were allowed to settle in the town of Niseep, left uninhabited after the dissolution of the Principality of Savoy. We give Our blessings to the Hyspian settlers, and pray for their continued safety and reverence in faith. SECTION IV It is a joyous day when We may see a brother honored for their martyrdom and sacrifice. It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We affirm the following beatification… BLESSED FRANCISCO ALTAMIRANO Beatified for his unwavering loyalty to the Holy Mother Church, selfless dedication to the protection of his flock from heresy, and eventual martyrdom at the hands of the Red Hyspians. SECTION V It is through Our Apostolic Authority that We affirm the following venerations… Venerable High Pontiff Everard VI Made Venerable for his selfless dedication to faith and justice in his station as High Pontiff and Vicar of God. Venerable Remus Lucien Ashford de Bar Made Venerable in recognition of his pious life, having been privy to various divine visions throughout. Venerable Dame Marie Vyronov Made Venerable in recognition of her pious life and for having sacrificed herself for her companions during the Nachezer War. THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH OF THE CANON Under GOD, maintained by His Holiness Tylos II THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS MELQUÍADES CARDINAL PROVIDENTIA Metropolitanate of Providentia ADRIAN CARDINAL ALBAROSA Archdiocese of Albarosa KLAUS CARDINAL JORENUS Patriarchate of Jorenus JORDAN CARDINAL NESCIA Archdiocese of Nescia ARMAND CARDINAL ALLOBROGUM Archdiocese of Allobrogum THE CURIA JORDAN CARDINAL NESCIA Vice-Chancellor of the Church of the Canon ADRIAN CARDINAL ALBAROSA Prelate of the Clergy of the Church of the Canon MELQUÍADES CARDINAL PROVIDENTIA Pontifical Secretary of the Church of the Canon ARMAND CARDINAL ALLOBROGUM Ecclesiastical Auditor of the Church of the Canon KLAUS CARDINAL JORENUS Pontifical Chamberlain of the Church of the Canon THE HOLY SER DAVID INVITUS Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Nicolas IN SEDE VACANTE Holy Mother of the Canonist Church CANONIST DIOCESES METROPOLITANATE OF PROVIDENTIA Encompassing the Capital City of Vienne, to be shepherded by Metropolitan Melquíades Cardinal Providentia. PATRIARCHATE OF JORENUS Encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska & the Kingdom of Norland, to be shepherded by Patriarch Klaus Cardinal Jorenus. DIOCESE OF HENRIKEV, encompassing the entirety of the Capital City of Karosgrad, to be shepherded by Patriarch Klaus Cardinal Jorenus. DIOCESE OF VALWYCK, encompassing the lands to the north and east of the Capital City of Karosgrad, to be shepherded by Katherina Bishop Valwyck. DIOCESE OF REINMAR, encompassing the lands to the south and west of the Capital City of Karosgrad, to be shepherded by Erhard Bishop Reinmar. TITULAR DIOCESE OF LEUMONT, encompassing the city of Leumont and the region of the Kingdom of Norland, granted to Patriarch Klaus Cardinal Jorenus. ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA Encompassing everything beyond the Capital City of Vienne that is within the Kingdom of Oren, to be shepherded by Archbishop Adrian Cardinal Albarosa. DIOCESE OF ROCHEFORT, encompassing the South-Western half of the Kingdom of Oren, including Lower Petra, Rivia and Oltremont, to be shepherded by Viktor Bishop Rochefort. DIOCESE OF BURON, encompassing the North-Eastern half of the Kingdom of Oren, including Blackvale, Mardon and Whitewater, to be shepherded by Dosiya Bishop Buron. ARCHDIOCESE OF NESCIA Encompassing the southern region of the northern continent, including the lands of Sedan and Du Loc, to be shepherded by Archbishop Jordan Cardinal Nescia. DIOCESE OF AQUILA, encompassing the lands of Sedan and Du Loc, to be shepherded by Jordan Cardinal Nescia. ARCHDIOCESE OF ALLOBROGUM Encompassing the Grand Duchy of Balian and the lands of the Southern Continent, to be shepherded by Archbishop Armand Cardinal Allobrogum. DIOCESE OF TYRIA, encompassing the lands of Balian, to be shepherded by Drasus Bishop Tyria. ☩ALERE FLAMMAM VERITATIS☩ ENCOURAGING THE FLAME OF TRUTH
  8. Einar is sad his sister is dead.
  9. Tylos II prayed for the Duke of Reinmar upon hearing of his passing.
  10. Tylos II sat back at home in the monastery nearest to Karosgrad, content all was solved peacefully.
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