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  1. teresa


    Teresa grew up in elvanesse and was formerly of Aegrothond in Arcas, she had loving parents but never had any sibling due to elves' low fertility. She enveyd human childern who got too play with others there age. So she filled the time with books, and soon she leared of magic. She loved to read of how mages could move things with only there mind. Her parents called her obsessed. Just year ago she visited providence, the human capital. She saw human childern playing with brothers and sisters she never had. Her parents took her there, it was a far cry from elve
  2. teresa


    teresa grew up in elvenesse and had a loving family. she always wanted to learn magic, especialy telekenisis. since elfes dont give birth often there were no other children to play with her during her child hood. she was always envyious of the human children with brothers and sisters. she would spend alot of time reading about magic. everyone said she was obsessed (the were right). she developed no social skills because she was to busy reading about magic. there was no-one around to talk to that was her age anyway. she is determend to find some one willi
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