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  1. A cheerful Celine Bishop would happily make herself ready for the weding alongside her mother!
  2. Upon hearing of his former employers passing, Gustaf Sigismund would frown, his expression not changing excessivelly oterwise. "The departure of a great man, and great musician this is, certainly." He would mutter to himself, sighing softly thereafter as he lowered his head slightly "There's niet many left, either.." The elder musician would then add.
  3. "Nie... Nie! Ea'm niet letting vy come here this easily!" The deceased Josef Ludovar, a good friend and companion of the white armoured traveller, would exclaim upon the latter's arrival at that place, going into a fighting position thereafter "Come on, ea'm sending vy back down! Ea know we have niet sparred in a while, but vy'll nie tbeat me this time. After all, how could vy win against the most handsome man in the Seven Skies?" after his little monologue his rather serious expression broke into a little chuckle as his position turned into a more relaxed one as well before stepping closer in order to hug his old friend
  4. Va ve Kongzem va Hoonse For many years, we have served the kingdom of Hoonse happily. In that time, we have had so much fun, and made many friends. With the coming of new times, however, changes must come as well. The new generation of our kingdom’s youth is upon us, and with it must arrive a new administration of the children’s independent kingdom. Therefore, with the release of this missive, your koenas and koeng hereby pass down the mantle of rulership to your chosen palatine and grand lady, now elevated to koeng and koenas of Hoonse, Aurik and Beatrice. May they serve the kingdom well, and reside over its prosperity. I am excited to see what they can accomplish. Jan Nikolai Kort, Former Koeng of Hoonse Celine Bishop, Former Koenas of Hoonse
  5. "Uhh, what?" From the Seven Skies, a certain Josef Ludovar, the last husband of the late lady Analiesa, would raise his eyebrows slightly and blink as he saw his wife arrive at that place "Why are vy here already?" he would ask slowly as he tilted his head "Ea thought vy'd..." without finishing the sentence, the Lord would close his eyes as he shook his head, offering a smile as he returned his gaze towards her "eh, it does niet matter, it's dobry to see vy again" he mentioned with a little chuckle "well, ea guess it's our time to be the mot beautiful looking people around... this place, for a while, at least..." he would add jokingly. Or was he joking?
  6. From the Seven Skies, a certain Lord Ludovar would wipe off the single tear that had left his right eye upon seeing his children grow and grow, faster than he would have ever imagined "Ea know, ea should be there..." he would comment quietly to himself before shaking his head, sighing softly "But ea was taken away early, way too early... And ea'm szam about that..." After his little monologue he looked for the nearest mirror to see if looking at himself would make him feel better
  7. "They were bing born soon, nie?" would ask the elder Morovar musician Gustaf Sigismund contemplativelly to himself, unfortunatelly having missed the birth of his new grandchildren due to his travels "well, ea shall make sure to love them all equally" he would remark with a little chuckle
  8. Dlum Koeng, Dlum Karos For King, For Honour It had already been a few months since the passing of the late King Sigismund III onto the Seven Skies. Bitter, mournful, sorrowful months which the old musician used in order to compose a piece, one to honour him, to praise him, to thank him fot the certainly good reign he had fulfilled as the ruler of Hanseti-Ruska "Krusae Zwy Kongzem" could be heard quietly from the mouths of each of the performers upon finishing
  9. Upon reading the missive, Gustaf Sigismund, who happened to be the ambassador to the Jade State from Haense up to that point, would let out a deep sigh, folding it and leaving it atop of the wooden table of his office "The end to a beautiful place, although the memories shall remain" he would then mutter softly thereafter
  10. Hamish Kortrevich, one of the poet's children, would be a newborn and therefore unable to read the poem. Therefore he would politely request to his parents to be fed by crying loudly, as expressed in the beautiful poem @lalosia@tcs_tonsils_
  11. As the deceased Josef Ludovar admired his own reflection on a mirror from the seven skies, he would frown slightly as he noticed a familiar figure behind him appear on it. He turned around slowly, carefully, not wanting the figure to be there for when he completed the motion. But there he was, Johann, his brother who he had enjoyed being with so dearly, who he trusted, who he loved. He would then lower his head slightly with a few small nods "Ea missed vy, borsa" he stepped closer in order to give him a hug "but that does niet mean ea wanted vy to come here this early, vy should have have had a longer and happier life." he would quietly add
  12. "He does niet deserve vy..." would mutter Josef Ludovar as he read the missive from the seven skies with closed eyes before clicking his tongue, though then letting out a little chuckle "well, niet as if ea could do anything about it anyway"
  13. Josef Ludovar would frown as he sensed his favourite twin enter the gates to the Seven Skies, although he'd approach her, offering a small smile "Vy went far, Marie, more than ea would have ever" he'd state before placing a hand on her shoulder "well, now that vy're here, what is knighthood like? Do vy think ea would have made for a handsome knight had ea niet ended up, well, here?" he'd ask as he chuckled a little
  14. With a smile as wide as rarely seen on him, Gustaf Sigismund, the paternal grandfather of the newborn, would amusedly take a look at the missive "Ea shall attend, of course" he would then assure with a firm nod.
  15. From his darkened room in Ghaestenwald, Gustaf Sigismund would read over the will with a plain expression. Whether he had expected this from what he had been told or not was up to debate, although what was clear is that, despite the strange way it was written, the elder recognised his own name in it "There is something to be done" he would mutter to him self after letting out a deep sigh
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