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  1. If musin never fully worked why would you think larger musins would? You have been offline for 83 days why are you still on the forms lurking?
  2. A small halfling girl went into that forest an innocent child who used to eat bugs, until she came out a woman covered in the blood of multiple uruks, haelunorians and norlanders - she wiped the blood and sweat from her brows as she dropped her weapons to celebrate.
  3. ROLEPLAY - Rp Name: Asul'ker Age: Unkown irp - around 400 Role Interested In: Student Classes Interested in(For Students): Arcane Theory as well as Magical Creatures and General studies, I would also like to study Evocation. Reason for wanting to join the Academy?: The world is full of mystery and bewilderment, focusing on the arcane, the void, which is all around us that has been here far longer than any mere mortal that walks among Almaris means that we are able to learn so much from it, furthering our understanding of the two planes, hence fourth I believe the Academy will offer so many with the understanding that will progress us in the right direction, and I would love to be apart of such a historic moment in our time and offer my help in the future. OOC - MC Name: Gnomeh Discord: Gnomeh#8321 Time Zone: BST (United Kingdom)
  4. Asul'ker rides in on her steed, stroking the mane of the horse gently before swiftly slipping off the side and tying it up to a post just before the bridge, The 'ker wobbled across the bridge as she avoided each cracked and rotten plank, stepping up to the large doors preparing to knock.
  5. I will adopt you, i love umbrella academy and i definetly agree her powers are sick
  6. This clan looks really great, love their culture!
  7. The tiny halfling girl ripped the missive down after a few jumps trying to reach it, she grinned before looking at the docks of Celia'nor "This is ne problem for me" she stated.
  8. Perhaps you could add an idea where you have to eat a food item a certain amount of time to actually finish the meal, hopefully creating a more immersive way of eating instead of eating something one emote.
  9. I dont know if we've interacted but assign me a random one
  10. A confident looking Mali'ker wandered her eyes across the parchment as she bobbed her head gently.
  11. "What the ****" The mali'ker stared blankly at the notice, shaking her head in utter disappointment
  12. "Uh oh" the small halfling girl audibly replied from a bush as she read the wanted poster, quickly retreating and disappearing.
  13. Oh yes oh yes Iv been waiting for this
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