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  1. just hopping in after seeing this to say that this is insanely cool both aesthetically and in practicality. havent given it thorough enough of a lookthrough as to note any serious flaws/edits, but i am sure others will suggest if any need making !! definitely looking forwards to seeing this get accepted :]
  2. DOCTRINE OF THE PURE Published 8 S.A -.< A mali’thill scholar, practicing their craft. >.- [ youtube.com/watch?v=TwvMmRE3S8M ] It is a tragedy to note that, as of recent times, liberalism and instability continues to plague our Silver State. The latter issue is something that one hopes is to be resolved by eradicating the former. The Silver State and its people begin to fall prey to petty distractions, to abandon the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya in all but the occasional utterance of the phrase. For this reason, one finds it on
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