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  1. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Great Mayan Empire -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- State of the Empire: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A year had passed and Ikal, the Emperor saw his people thrive under his reign, satisfaction reaching an apparent peak. It was then that he decided that it was time to reach out to nations of yore, to open up lines of communication and potentially cooperation, several boats were prepared within the Mayan docks and sent in the direction of the tribes of the Federation, all carrying delegates on board, on top of a large supply of Mayan scriptures and a good stock of food. [CHUD + ALAMNIAN TRIBE + FOUR LAKES; SKYPE] The Mayans were the first to be in contact with White Men of other lands last year and escorted the Portuguese to their capital, to pursue negotiations between the Explorer band and the Emperor. Upon agreement, the Portuguese were allowed to settle below Mayan Lands and would offer the Mayans an insight into the Languages of Europe on top of knowledge on the nations far away. They would also allow the Mayans an insight into their more advanced technology, most notably the “boomsticks”. [PORTUGAL; SKYPE] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ikal, wanting to gain an edge on his potential opponents, ordered for some of his constructors to develop a new type of vessel, a boat that no one would have seen before. It would be known as the turtle ship, and be the pride of the Mayan fleet. It’s a small ship, more manoeuvrable than most of the others, that had tiny holes in the sides, allowing for the shooting of projectiles and the like. On the roof, there would be pikes of Obsidian, making sure no man would wish to board this death trap. Were it to be a successful prototype, the Mayans would another year attempt to build a bigger version of it, a flagship. [5,000 gold +10% = 5,500 gold. MOD] The Magical Elders of the Mayan Empire continue their state-financed research into the magic of illusion but also start looking into the aspects of lightning and thunder and ponder upon where its origins may lie within our realm and attempt to recreate it. They come together during long conventions and experiment by sparring and manipulating the magic together. [10,000 gold +10% = 11,000 gold. MOD] Messengers are sent out all over the Empire, after having seen the Portuguese ‘boomsticks’ the Mayan Emperor wanted the exact same for his own people. The messengers would call for all citizens to look for the materials required to make such a concoction and experiment for themselves, he would come with a successful recipe would be rewarded 1,000 gold [MOD] Men from all over the Empire would be invited to join war camps close to their homes and accomplish a training into valuable warriors to the Empire. The state puts aside 10,000 gold to invest in the good training of 10,000 men. [10,000. MOD] The last 2,000 gold that remained within the treasure would be invested in another crazy invention the Emperor had within his mind, gliders which made men look like birds, an extension of the bodies which would allow Mayan individuals to glide through the air. Training boots would be set up there where there were hills, to attempt and glide through the air. Sadly without any form of propulsion, they had to rely on the wind and higher grounds. [2,000. MOD]
  2. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Great Mayan Empire -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- State of the Empire: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- As Ikal looked over the Empire that stretched below him, the High Priest of the great Illuminated belief came striding up the stairs, carrying the word of the Aztec Empire reaching out to the Empire. A reserved smile came to his face as he ordered the High Priest to accompany the carrier of the letter with a small envoy to make a proposal to the Aztec Ruler. The group was composed of the High Priest, the carrier and 10 mages on top of which they carried 5 slaves, that were to be offered for sacrifice. [Aztec + MOD] Upon arrival, the High Priest would hand the authorities a written statement. "It is with great delight, that I, Ikal, Emperor of the Mayan Empire, wish to start the establishment of a trading agreement between our two mighty nations. I could though see such a cooperation having deeper effects on the both of us. It is for that reason that I do not only propose a trade of resources and materials but also of knowledge and culture. For that reason, I would like to see the construction of a Mayan embassy within the thresholds of your territory and the construction of an Aztec embassy within mine. On top of that, I would set aside the finances to fund the construction of a temple, where our people may unite and worship the lords from above. I patiently await your response." In the meanwhile, on a domestic level, Ikal financed the development of a special form of belief that vindicated the ways of the illuminated. 5,000 gold goes to the building of shrines all over the territory and promoting the newly rising doctrine. [-5,000 gold. MOD] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Young Mayans from all over the Empire are tested for magical abilities, and the Empire finances the recruitment of the potential few good mages into a college for intensive magical training. [-10,000 gold. MOD] 100 young mages are effectively taken into a camp in the capital for intensive training. As the theories of the Elders made it to the ears of the Emperor, he relived in joy in the wake of an era of potential. He orders for his elders to continue their research on the topic of illusion and has the Empire finance their very research. Several theories are put to the test, most notably the manipulation of light, which was rumoured to have been seen to the south of the empire. [-10,000 gold. MOD] Mayan astrologers, loyal to tradition, decide to start mapping out the stars that reigned in the skies above. [-5,000 gold. MOD] If successful they'd start carving tablets in which the skies are shown. The Empire expands its irrigation systems, allowing water from the mountains to descend to the capital and a few of the surrounding villages, bringing water to the needy agricultural fields. Roads between the capital and these villages are also improved on, allowing for a more fluent passage of harvested crops back to the capital. [-10,000 gold. MOD]
  3. The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Nation: The Mayan Empire Ruler: Ikal, Honorable Emperor of the Mayan Empire Army: 6 points 100 mages - 4 points 20,000 infantry - 2 points Navy: 5 points 50 caravels - 5 points Desired technology from investment: Telepathy and Minor mind manipulation - 3 points Discovery of the Rune of Illusion - 2 points (Allows for hologram like castings that would appear real, these illusions are not physical manifestations.) Short background on the nation (more details for North American tribes): For years, the Mayan Empire thrived as an isolationist nation that was unwilling to participate in intracontinental trade and diplomacy. Inhabitants of the Empire are often seen as quaint beings that are extremely reserved and keep to themselves. It is commonly thought that Mayan intelligence, as they say, themselves, is superior to any other Terrestrian nation. When asked to explain they refer to the Illumination of the mind and their obtained ability to reach outwards to other Mindscapes. The Emperor, rather than having inherited the throne, was randomly selected from a pool of 50 sages who were highly respected for their attunement with the mental realms. Skype: maxu1234321
  4. Paleo is a wizard

    I said I would step down from admin. Not leave the server.
  5. Paleo is a wizard

    What is your Minecraft Account Name?: Paleo How long have you played on LotC?: Since September 2013 How many hours per day/week are you available?: Many hours, my schedule is usually sporadic but I am available 24/7 on discord. Have you read and do you thoroughly understand Magic Lore?: Absolutely What Magic Lore do you hold the most experience with?: Fully fledged in all voidal magic, druidism, necromancy and blood magic. Write about a magic-related topic that you find interesting (e.g. How mental barriers work): Just going to use something I wrote up in the past: It was quite a hard choice but I finally decided to speak a bit of Druidism and how the most basic aspects of it, can provide many roleplay opportunities. To start off, one must first go through Dedicancy to even have a chance at getting attuned and ascending to the status of Druid. Any newly attuned Druid has a natural connection to the melodies of Nature and will most certainly be overwhelmed by such. This is usually where a teacher comes in handy to help this new Druidic sprout to bloom into a beautiful flower. Soon a Druid will learn to make more sense of these vague melodies, and even be able to understand messages coming from nature in the form of images. In parallel, this growing Druid will learn about the basics of Druidism through the magic that is usually referred to as Nature's control. They learn about how the Druids do not in fact directly 'cast' anything, but rather call upon 'favors'/'blessings' of their Deities, Cernunnos and Cerridwen (And yes, even Nemiisae.). Of course, these capacities evolve over time, and images would become being capable of communicating with any natural beings that one couldn't usually communicate with and making a vine swing weakly from side to side soon becomes being able to masterfully manipulate roots, even if this period is doubled in comparison to any of the other non-deictic magics. The beauty of this magic is that if you stay reasonable and within the logical redlines, almost anything is possible. It is a magic that can be used to create roleplay and even for the sheer enjoyment of magical RP. And this translates to my mentality towards any of the already existing magics upon this server. It is often the most simple things that provide the most roleplay opportunities and that can make the roleplay enjoyable for the people involved with you, provided that creativity and care are offered to the RP. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: I was Admin on a different server before LotC. On LotC though, I was Forum Director and the Admin in charge of Creative content. Do you have a Discord account? (You may post it here, or choose to keep it private until you are asked for it. Note; Discord is required to communicate with the team): Absolutely: Paleo#3834 Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it: Naye
  6. Time to step down

    G’day there all of you, Me writing this post today comes as an unexpected yet logical conclusion to my administrative tenure on LotC. Unlike most administrative departures, this was not caused by issues in real life, nor do I no longer have the time to work on this wonderful server. It was in fact caused by a simply issue of principle on my side. Upon signing up as administrator, you agree to abide by administrative protocol and uphold it as if it were a holy text. In my way of doing and my way of dealing with people, interacting with the player base and even looking over a situation, these limitations functioned as a burden, and went against my ethical principles. I can not be untrue to myself, and have to draw a line here today. Before you anti-administration haters get all riled up and excited, I have to say that working as an admin is a wonderful job, and it was a true pleasure working with Telanir, Warhead, Harold and Vaynth. These are people that truly care and are passionate about the server and its well being, so let’s give them some slack every now and then. I am fully aware that the relationship in between the administration and the player base is not what it should be quite yet, but steps are being made in the right direction, and it is why I use this resignation to call for empathy and understanding. Take a step back on whatever is causing trouble and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Discuss what you have to discuss in a civil manner, it works magic and allows you to get your point over. In the end this is a roleplay server, we should not take it as seriously as some of us do. Let’s all just have fun together and forget about our personal issues. No one enjoys the idea of having to tiptoe around others because of potential decisions they have to take, or tense relationships, so let us all calm down and enjoy a piña colada on a beach somewhere in Mexico, that sounds chill now doesn’t it? I wanted to thank my fellow administrators for giving me this amazing opportunity to contribute to the server in a whole and wish them the best for what is to come. I will personally still be working for the player base, and doing what I believe is right. For now, Paleo out.
  7. Admin Update: January

    G’day denizens of Atlas and the interwebs! Today I come to you all with the first Admin update since Wrynn left the server’s administration team. Our focus was more on getting 6.0 off for a good start and making sure everything was in order to offer the best possible experience to all players. Now everything is settled and we all have a bit more time on our hands, it was about time to get a word or two out to the community about what happened to the administration in the meanwhile and clear things up. Since last update, Wrynn and Harold left the Administration, Vaynth and I joined, Harold came back, and Vaynth left. Leaving our current administrative lineup to be Harold, 501warhead and myself with Telanir in the seat of chairman. To make all of you familiar with our precise roles: -501warhead is in charge of server strategy, development and doing research into potential ways to help and improve the server. -Harold supervises all Moderation that takes place on the LotC medium and makes sure staff teams that are involved around the topic function properly. -Paleo takes care of the staff teams that revolve around content and content creation, the creative part of the server, and makes sure that the teams involved in content creation function properly. -Telanir, as the Chairman, oversees administrative operations, monitors legal & financial matters, and ensures protocol compliance. Without further ado, here come the personal statements: 501warhead: Harold: Paleo: Telanir:
  8. Magic List Errors

    MC Name: Paleo List in Question: Dark Magic, Void Magic Error in Question: Dark Magic: Necromancy has to be added, mysticism removed. Blood magic needs to be added. Void magic: He is a teacher in Arcanism (It is not marked he is). Link to Magic Application (If Relevant): Contact me if TA or MA links are required, you got my discord.
  9. Apparently your an oppressor now! Grr oppressor! Paleopression! Grr!


    just memin 

  10. can i please be unbanned from the discord its been literal months now

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  12. So a GM willing to do their job, be fair and balanced and that doesn't immidiatly resort to threats of bans doesn't fit with your vision of the GM team? And making a thread critizing your decision, which a large part of the community has shown they disagree with isn't usefull?. And you then try to shift conversations towards private channels, where you and I both know the poewr dynamic is overwhelmingly shifted in your favor? Why the **** are you even on any staff team?

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  13. [✗] zLipperyznake [BA]

    I have decided to maintain your ban due to the fact that you have not completed your time yet. On top of this I must admit that you don't seem entirely genuine in your ban appeal and that you do not come over as entirely conscious of your actions.
  14. [Accepted] [Trial]Harolds 6.0 Helping Hand

    Accepted. This GM is now on Trial, their full acceptance into the GM Team will be determined over the coming weeks.
  15. [Denied]¯\_(ツ)_/¯