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  1. Name: Filanir Ilmoriel ((MC Name)): Paleo Age:  Nearing the 400ds Published Works(If applying to become a Scribe): N/A Allegiance: Haelun'or What amount of time can you dedicate to the Remembrance Guild? ((How active are you, on a scale from 1-10? Please state timezone as well)): 7/8 (GMT+1)
  2. MC Username: Paleo What you would be interested in? (Select one option): Profile picture Favoured Contact Method: Discord Contact Username: Paleo#3834 Number of Personas to be Requested: Two Race of Character(s): Wood Elf/High Elf Background Preferences (Select one option): Complex Your Donation (Optional): We can discuss this privately
  3. To keep the answer short and concise, no. In the redlines it is stated that greater souls are too complicated to work with. Why not for an animal or so. Examples coming up.
  4. It’s reasonable yes. But that would imply the magic would not be able to start teaching and thus spreading until after a few months. Crucial months to pass for example an activity trial that the LT put in place. But that’s something that can be considered for a change and doesn’t impact things a whole lot.
  5. Seeing into the future is essentially useless since there's millions of possible futures that are unlikely to even take place. A mage wouldn't have any form of foresight, as it has been detailed within the redlines. Seeing into the past requires being there with a person that witnessed something in the past. There's many more requirements than even mental magic has. So I would not judge this as overpowered. The system that was put in place ensures that time can only be manipulated in a linear amount of ways.
  6. That's not what Aelesh is getting at. What he's saying is that you're applying some of the abilities in the magic in real life right now as to predict what will happen to the magic. It was not supposed to be taken literally. Bottom line is, we do not want this as a combat magic, it should not be. And I am sure the LM will do everything to keep it that way.
  7. I would ask you to read all of the red lines, and take a step aside from your previous experiences. This magic has purposefully been crafted so it could not apply to combat or force anyone into not very enjoyable situations. Give it a serious read before giving it your approval or disapproval. And if you consider it such after giving it a serious look, please consider submitting any form of constructed criticism and suggestions so we can improve this magic.
  8. “You will never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” -- Charles Buxton While the denizens of Atlas went about their normal ways two particular characters were brought together within the library of Dragur, analysing their way through all of the dusty tomes that were stacked up on the shelves. They stood there in the search of something that laid in their common interest, time. They were hunting the unhuntable, the untouchable and the unchangeable to attempt and defy those given rules. They spent restless days digging through infinite amo
  9. Ixli

    Apparently your an oppressor now! Grr oppressor! Paleopression! Grr!


    just memin 

  10. can i please be unbanned from the discord its been literal months now

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      Yeah hit me up on discord you Weeaboo

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      ok so you'll reply to me about discord but not my blacklist..................... admin oppression : //~?//

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      me too pls

  11. And suddenly the first comment is back

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  12. So a GM willing to do their job, be fair and balanced and that doesn't immidiatly resort to threats of bans doesn't fit with your vision of the GM team? And making a thread critizing your decision, which a large part of the community has shown they disagree with isn't usefull?. And you then try to shift conversations towards private channels, where you and I both know the poewr dynamic is overwhelmingly shifted in your favor? Why the **** are you even on any staff team?

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      Overlord, no one cares, go away.

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      Stop talking you literally know nothing about everything.

  13. hey could anyone on the admin team poke telanir or respond to a message for him it's been like 4 weeks now and he said it would take a few days

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      Good luck dude, give up.

  14. I think now would be a great time to send in GM applications.

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      Unblacklist me first and I will! I did nothing wrong! I sent in an appeal in the past but Harrison lied to the staff and plotted against me!

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      :thinking: To apply for a worse sleep schedule or not to... @Paleo

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      Oh well I suppose.

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