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  1. Music THE DUTY OF MALI’THILL Drafted by the Haelun’orian War Council Issued 6th of The Grand Harvest, Year 80 of the Second Age Art by @puffables Through the schisms of Lomal and all who have attempted to do so since. Through the assailment attempted by Aengudaemon and Draconic beings, and various grand tragedies of the natural elements. Through each and every migration of the descendants, battles great, challenges multifarious, The Silver State of Haelun’or has endured. When the Motherland is faced with any prospect of danger, it is our sworn duty to end the threat as soon as possible. The leaders of Malin’or issued ludicrous demands based on fallacious notions to The Horde, the league of national assemblies that includes our great State. By the act of the Iron’Uzg acting honourably, defending its Mali allies and citizens, they break stated terms. Make no mistake, Malin’or wanted this war — Their terms were unabashedly non-viable. Numerous are directly an offence to The Silver State of Haelun’or. It is obvious why. After failing once to get the Motherland under her control, Ivarielle Ibarellan’s jealousy has compelled her to raise a Mali’ata haven, Celia’nor, to go forth with further kinslayings. Ivarielle continues to lay claim to a throne of Haelun’or that does not exist, demanding that the Iron’Uzg place it under the Kingdom of Oren for her to lead, which they do not have the ability to do. Malin’or casts insult on Mali’thill who are members of the Blessed Citizenry, and of Elheial’thilln, naming them as ‘problematic’, ‘deluded’ and ‘diseased’. Malin’or also adds an odd note to denounce Azdromoth worship, a certain irony and hilarity to be found in the statement of “Your time is over, followers of Azdromoth.” It is known across Elvendom that after the corrupt Valwynn council fled Elcihi’thilln, a shrine to the Arch-Drakaar was discovered in their Manor House — some who resided in the house amongst the council of Celia’nor, and others harboured in the city. It too is manifest that Ivarielle herself is a follower. In The Silver State of Haelun’or, Okariran serve the citizenry. In Malin’or, Mali are made to bend to the will of Princes and Princesses. Free is the pure Mali. Blessed Citizenry, we call upon you now to contribute to the war effort. It is only by standing together, a free people, that we might protect our Motherland. To enlist in Elsillumiran, to farm for extra food, to smith armour and weapons, to use your scholarly prowess for planning. All Sillumiran may stop by The Night Owl Parlour for free food to fuel their training. andria il'Haelun'or y tennallar lar'iyulvanae karin’ento! Mali'thill iyatan'leh ay'Haelun'or! ALL RISE TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND AY’SOHAER ALAION MIRAVARIS, AY’LARIHEI MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  2. [!] Silver envelopes are delivered directly to Haelun'orian mailboxes! The Return of Summer Festival Issued 10th of The Amber Cold, Year 80 of The Second Age The snow has melted! With good weather finally returned to The Silver City after a time of harrowing blizzard, the High Elves of Haelun’or may once again feel the warmth of our blessed isle! You are cordially invited to join an evening of enjoyment amongst lliran, celebrating the glorious sunshine on the silver shores, with the esteemed host of Okarir’nor Luthien Maey’ronn. Cocktails, canapés and beachside sports are on the agenda of the day. We will rendezvous at The Night Owl Parlour before heading to the seaside. No RSVP is required, simply show up, dressed up! Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya to you. OOC: Sunday 19th, 2pm EST/7pm BST Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas & Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn
  3. SILLUMIRAN SPARRING Elsillumiran, The Weeping Blades, stand as the historic defenders of The Motherland, her vast woodlands, towering mountain chains, crystal seas and marble spires. They act as the army in times of conflict, and custodians of peace, upholding The Silver Law and safekeeping the values imperative for the continuance of State and People; those found in the ancient philosophy of Larihei’s Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Many Sillumir of times passed hold high honour for their great sacrifices. The Blessed Citizenry and allies of The Silver State of Haelun’or are invited to join Elsillumiran in a training session, overseen by Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul and Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos. Bloodshed is forbidden at this event, and any spill will result in repercussions. Appropriate attire must be worn to participate in sparring to prevent such. This will take place in the Silver Bastille, during The First Seed. [[ CRP & PVP ]] [[ Friday 17th, 3pm EST/8pm BST ]] Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  4. THAWING THE FROST Issued 10th of The Deep Cold, Year 79 of The Second Age For long, our city has been dressed in the purest white. Maidens of frost loomed and disturbed the serenity of our blessed bastion. Over months, whilst scientists and scholars of The Silver State of Haelun’or worked tirelessly to amass useful information, putting this into practice with a gate policy that proved highly successful in stifling malefactors, parties of Sillumiran and Scouts alike scoured the isle in search of the Frost Witches lair. It was ultimately the keen eye of Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul that glimpsed it, a curious contraption concealed in the vast mountainside. A group ventured valiantly inside, the hand of Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas able to proficiently pick three locked doors in the icy cavern, where the Mali’thill were met with a surprising sight. The bravery of the Blessed Citizenry and efforts of soldiers had led the Frost Witches to flee in cowardice. The site was thawed for good measure. Over the coming months, expect flooding as we return to a natural climate. Gratitude is given to the diligent druii of The Mother and Father Circles, dwed of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and orcs of the Iron’Uzg for their continued support in vanquishing these cold to the core beings from the Silver Isle. Let us not forget how far the Mali’thill may fall, and how high we may rise again. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.
  5. *ੈ✩‧₊˚ THE NIGHT OWL PARLOUR & INN ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Issued 10th of The First Seed, Year 79 of the Second Age [!] Tilruir’mali Anara Elervathar and Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas Located in the square of Karinah’siol, The Night Owl Parlour is the focal point of leisure time socialisation within The Silver City. Day to night, one can expect to find ‘aheral sipping fine wine and fresh teas, book clubs, playing various games such as darts, cards, checkers and chess. Regularly held are classes on Haelun’or history, culture, elven language, noteworthy figures and so forth. Moreover the space serves as a venue for masquerades, balls, other formal events and special occasions. A grand piano and harp stand on the stage, free for citizens to practice using. Weary travellers may rest their head in The Night Owl Inn above. The Inn also may serve as short-term residency whilst one waits for proper accommodation, if there happens to be an overflow of citizenry. Guests are served breakfast should it fill their fancy. A room may be acquired for 5 mina per elven day, and held for a total of 2 elven weeks. Presently, the following positions are hiring: Host, Bar Staff, Waitstaff, Cleaner. Any queries regarding the institution should be directed to Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas. Application Form (OOC) Username: Discord: (RP) Name: Age: Race: Position applying for: Do you have any prior experience?: Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  6. TO INFORM / VIGILANT 'THILL From the Office of Elokarir'mali, Issued 10th of The First Seed, Year 77 of the Second Age Every member of the Blessed Citizenry should be aware of late assaults, committed by a coven of Frost Witches. These creatures are devious in appearance, possessing fluctuating forms, they feed on the blood of men and attempt to lure women. It is advised that citizens manoeuvre in the company of another or optimally multiple others. Report any suspicious happenings or beings to Elokarir’tir or another councillor. Be on your guard — vigilant ‘thill. Through the schisms of Lomal and all who have attempted to do so since. Through the assailment attempted by Aengudaemon and Draconic beings, and various grand tragedies of the natural elements. Through each and every migration of the descendants, battles great, challenges multifarious, The Silver State of Haelun’or has endured. When the Motherland is faced with any prospect of danger, it is our sworn duty to end the threat as soon as possible. ALL RISE TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND AY'SOHAER ALAION MIRAVARIS, AY'LARIHEI MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  7. THE TALONNII WINE LEAGUE Issued 11th of The First Seed, Year 75 of the Second Age The Office of the Okarir'mali is delighted to announce the opening of The Talonnii Wine League. Wherein, each talonnii can enter one drink, in hopes of being awarded STELLAR prizes! It shall commence over this next elven week. Karinah'siols vineyards are in prosperous condition, and readily available to the citizenry for utilization. To learn the labour behind the luxury, moreover to gain new prowess, all Mali'thill above the age of 50 should try their hand at the art of wine-making. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya! Rules Each talonnii may enter one wine beverage Entries submitted by the succeeding month of The First Seed - one elven week from now Points Wines will be reviewed by the Okarir’mali, their Tilruir and Sohaer. Each will give their rating out of 5 stars and judge on a 5 point basis. Visual presentation Aroma Taste General quality Stand-out points Sullas Star Rating System 5 Sullas Stars: Superlative ✰✰✰✰✰ 4.5 Sullas Stars: Outstanding 4 Sullas Stars: Excellent ✰✰✰✰ 3.5 Sullas Stars: Very Good 3 Sullas Stars: Full of Character, Attractive ✰✰✰ 2.5 Sullas Stars: Good Wine for Everyday 2 Sullas Stars: Casual Quaffing ✰✰ 1.5 Sullas Stars: Quite Nice 1 Sullas Star: Very Ordinary ✰ 0.5 Sullas Stars: Ordinary Prizes The winner is to be announced, publicly, shortly following the finishing time for entries. Top prize 100 mina Mystery prize of great intrigue Runner up 50 mina Sohaer Alaion Miravaris Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  8. [!] Floral envelopes are posted about Karinah'siol! The Roman Ruins in Schönbrunn, Friedrich Frank A Party in the Gardens Issued 12th of Malin's Welcome, Year 75 of The Second Age Gather Mali’thill, for you will find a glorious garden party by the splendour of the blessed bathhouse, next elven day! At the event, Elokarir’mali will be making an announcement that may be of interest to a collection of the citizenry. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to taste wine and cheese pairings, reviewed and chosen by fastidious Mali’thill at The Night Owl Parlour’s recent evening gathering. Visaj Red & Miravaris Cheddar Sillumiran Sparkle & Farmer’s White Cheese Hyptos Honeywine & Mammoth Cheese We have much to discuss and, progress to pursue. Haelun'or rises to meet each day, ever to follow the path of Larihei, the Lady of Silver! OOC: Friday 6th, 2pm EST/7pm BST May your paths be safe, your floors unbroken and may Elcihi'thilln fill your eyes with beauty. Okarir'mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  9. As a group of Mali'aheral continued to work away at a heap of debris, the unstable sapphire mine they stood in would rumble, pieces of the cavern walls and ceiling crumbling down as they chipped off pieces of the bottom. “Is it falling there, too?” “It is!” “Ve can’t leave him!” Hræthån growled, “If we continue to mine, we’re all going to die, including him!” “Just — go!” Elarhil Sullas gave the muffled cry out, agonizing to be witness to, “The death of one Mali’aheral is better than three.” “The death of none is best!” Soris shuffled towards the stairway, peering toward the water. “We could go higher, is there another place we can get him out?” Questioned Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul. The stairs shook as the structure of the cave was compromised. From above, rocks began to cascade. "Please!" Elarhil pleaded, curling up besides the pirate skeleton that rest in his otherwise solitary hollow, as sand and water flooded in. Hræthån grumbled in anger, "SHIT!" He roared as he begun to hammer as quick as he could at the sandstone. Soris snapped her attention to the ceiling, dropping the shovel as she brought both hands to her helmet, holding the sides, "Shit, shit." She cursed, before turning towards the others. Hræthån grasped then that he would have to take a different approach. He turned to Edgars and Soris, "We have to get out NOW!" He shouted, "We can come back later, when it's safer!" Wide-eyed with alarm, Elarhil nestled further, "Ti, Hræthån! Please GO! You'll kill all of us!" He choked. "Alright, time to go!" Ordered Edgars. “ito kae Dio mya’leh!” Three of them made it to the surface. First spoiler — emotes Second spoiler — screenshots
  10. [!] A yellowed, once wettened and now dried note, flutters — hung up infront of The Night Owl Parlour by an elfess dressed in blue. The ink cursive writing is splodgy and rough in places. It's contents contain indications as to why. It is so very cold, and so very dark, now that my oil lamp has burnt out. The dampness of this tomb I wait in worries me. I notice, in this space where I have lost one sense, that of sight; my other senses feel heightened. A pounding in my head, at times, seems all I can hear. Dreariness too overcomes me. No doubt both caused by my dismal conditions. I try to scheme a way out, but my mind is equally as empty as this cavern, now that no other descendants nor monsters roam it. A man who’s been here far longer, a skeleton pirate makes for OK company, though I long to be able to listen to his life tales. Please, rescue me, expeditiously. Larihei kae annilereh. ito kae Dio mya’leh.
  11. [!] Leaflets are posted in the marketplace as well as outside the bastille of Karinah’siol. Scout Pamphlet, Vol niut – The Sapphire Mine Issued 9th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 74 of the Second Age Theme Last elven day, a band of brave Mali’thill descended into an abandoned sapphire mine that was discovered North East of the Haelun’orian isle; What awaited, was altogether an unknown. Here are the findings of Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul, Anara Elervathar, Hileia, Stelios Kekemos Hyptos, Valazaer Calith, and myself, Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas. We could infer that the last descendant visitors to the cave were a crew of pirates. Their forsaken ship docked close by, a code found upon the vessel allowed us to enter the mine after decryption. Maneuvering through the cave formation was in itself a task. The walls ooze a luminous lime green slime, adherent to touch, it has the possibility to entrap an entire Mali. That which blocked our path we singed by handheld torches, allowing us to proceed. While it had been evident descendants had not entered for quite some time prior to us, other creatures inhabit the area still. A colossal coconut crab, disturbed by our presence, put up an arduous defence till the creature could no longer — retreating to a crack in the wall. Curiously, frequent throughout the cave were locked chests, each with further unique codes needed to be opened. One chest, relatively near to the surface, we found had a ship carved onto the top and buttons on every side marked front, back, left and right accordingly. A quick-witted Hileia solved the puzzle, noting the order of the directions mentioned in a journal scrap found on the nearby pirate ship, pressing the buttons on the sides of the chest, bow, stern, port and starboard to open it. Deeper in the mine, as close to the bellows as we could get, we were faced with an enormous web that crawled with spiders. Ideas were thrown around as to how to surpass this. However, we concluded it would be wise to conserve energy, establish a plan and return later. As such, we are returning to the site on The Grand Harvest. Above ground, a rescue party will be stationed on the beach as a precaution — with refreshments, naturally. Take your best adventuring gear; advised is a light source, a weapon, a shield and light food and water rations. OOC: Saturday 30th April, 4pm EST/9pm BST Uhieran Scout Leader Elarhil Sullas MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  12. Painting in the Park Issued 10th of The Deep Cold, Year 72 of The Second Age Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien, Ulla Thynell Creatives of Elcihi'thilln, On The First Seed of this elven week, a session of painting in the square will commence! For the innovative minds of Mali'thill are not limited to any kind of study; there is much value to be found in artistic fields. All are encouraged to come explore, practice and enjoy. There will be three categories of painting, which will we run through, in the following order: Still life Model Free form For each category, the object of your painting will be up to choice! Nevertheless, should you find trouble within the vast beauty of our State, finding just one matter in your surroundings to focus upon, there will be a selection laid out as an aid. You may find a model in any other willing participant. No need to bring your own brushes - all equipment will be provided by the State! OOC: Friday 22nd, 3pm EST/9pm BST May your paths be safe, your floors unbroken and may Elcihi'thilln fill your eyes with beauty. Okarir'mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  13. [!] Silver envelopes are delivered directly to Haelun'orian mailboxes! 72 SA Sullas Soirée Dearest Mali’thill, It is with bounties of pleasure and pride the Sullas talonnii will be opening our manor to the citizens of Haelun’or for an evening of exquisite grazing, music, dancing and games! We offer a time well spent amongst beloved lliran. Specifically on the agenda of the eve are the following: A toast to the new Republic! A historically Sullasian ideology is in full swing and beckons swift progress for the Silver State, thanks to the tireless work of Elheial’thilln. Various appeals from each host, among these, tarot reading and having a uniquely written poem! Snack buffet and beverages. On the menu is Haelun’orian honey, olives and sparkling beetroot water! Our address is Berr’lin Boulevard IV. Please RSVP. [!] RSVP slips are included. ↓ Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas & Residents of the Sullas’Calith’ehya manor.
  14. [!] Pinned to the Haelun'orian notice board and around the tavern is the following notice. To Change A Name Issued 5th of The Deep Cold, Year 71 of the Second Age Music It is with consideration that a centre of congregation in Karinah’siol, previously named The Magelight Inn, is to be renamed. Members of Elcihi found a rebrand in order, as changes are underway, and additionally to remove association with the former Okarir’mali. It is henceforth to be called The Night Owl Parlour. By Amanda Clark The Golden Owl is the symbol of the Elibar’acal. Azorella Elibar’acal being a figure of note regarding the last Republic of Haelun’or. As the building is under Sullas management, owing to the talonnii’s ancient beliefs of the power of astral bodies, comes the inclusion of ‘Night’. Changes to The Night Owl Parlour are to include removal of the impure smoking lounge and betterments to other rooms within the establishment. Sohaer Alaion Miravaris Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  15. [!] Leaflets are posted in the marketplace as well as outside the bastille of Karinah’siol. Scout Pamphlet, Vol oem – The Bay Issued 9th of The Amber Cold, Year 71 of the Second Age Theme Citizens of Haelun’or Eluhieran, the scouts of Haelun’or, shall be going on an excursion this Malin’s Welcome with a goal established by Maheral Braxus Ni’leya; To capture a white octopus. One has been confirmed to exist off the coast of our Silver Isle. The octopus is then to be transferred to the fishtank within the restricted Eternal Library. The scouts humbly ask you to join us on this day, as it is too precarious to go alone. This task will contribute towards the Sil Badge for Uhieran! In this capture, the creature is not to be harmed, we must be tactful in our approach. [!] A fold on the leaflet can be flipped up! Maheral Braxus Ni’leya Uhieran Scout Leader Elarhil Sullas Uhieran Scout Leader Alpine Wonda MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  16. [!] A navy blue paper envelope with metallic silver and gold stars, every one hand-painted, is delivered exclusively to each citizen of Haelun'or! Banquet of Stars 10th of The First Seed, Year 71 of The Second Age You are cordially invited to the Banquet of Stars, this Sun's Smile in Elcihi'thilln! Beneath the white, radiant starlight we shall parley and enjoy the finest Haelun’orian delicacies! Our esteemed Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, along with his also highly valued talonnii member Arasdir Miravaris, will be performing a rendition of ‘Haelun’or ito lye’leh’. Furthermore, the cherished Medi'ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos will be showcasing the beauty of one Akritian instrument, the kithara! All are appreciated who bring along extra platters or drinks, especially those of their talonniis speciality. All are expected to behave civilly, instigators shall be removed. A single additional copy of this invitation has been included for you to extend to a lliran! Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  17. A PLEDGE 9th of The Deep Cold, Year 70 of the Second Age I affirm that as Okarir'mali I will carry through the following: -An active tavern environment -Allow for new tavern staff to apply -Work with Elsillumirans new sector for event safety -Make enhancements to the theatre and game room areas of the tavern -Appoint and coordinate Tilruirs to aid in the running of Haelun'ors event life -Aid in the creation and promotion of non-economic guilds and associations, as well as leisure activities within Elcihi'thilln -Work with talonniis of Elcihi'thilln to help them host events -Manage and update the Haelun'orian Notice Board Tilruir'nealu Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  18. THE PEOPLE WILL IT penned and issued 69 S.A. High Elves of Haelun’or, blessed Citizenry; we gather as one to put forth our collective will. A Petition has been raised, as is Haelun’orian tradition - as is constitutionally recognised as the correct call to action, one I am sure that elMalauriran shall encourage and approve. With no shedding of Silver Blood, unlike those ‘atafenn who proceed through our streets, the Mali’thill people seek to peacefully make their discontent known: such is the way of logic - the way of Silver. It is hoped that those who claim ‘power’ and ‘leadership’ would answer this call, would answer to the pleas of the citizenry they claim to rule [ACA - Limca , by Johann Blais] THE PETITION The people of the Silver State call for the following; I - To remove the Mali’fenn force from the city. No longer shall our oem’iian live in fear each day, no longer shall unarmed citizenry be brutalised upon Silver Streets. The occupation of foreign military forces ends here. II - To hold an election for the Sohaership, the votes being verified and counted by Elmalauriran. As per Haelun’orian tradition, and as per the will of the people, they shall decide their leader. It is the Mali’thill citizenry who provide their consent to be governed, who choose to follow the Sohaer - their leader by teaching. Signed, ~ Celian Fi’inde (A. Miravaris) ~ Epaphri Kekenomos ~ Kolvar Uradir ~ Avihnsil - Eredael Rhenaer ~ Korvec Alemnir ~ Asher Vult ~ Varus Ni’leya ~ Pamphilos Callidora ~ Usamea An’asul ~ Maenor Aildhuin - Edgars An’asul - Eledar Haler’thilln ~ Stelios Kekenomos - Elarhil Sullas ~ Seth Calith ~ Rune of Ahad (Viradiraar) == IKUR SULLAS == ~ Caelius Sullas ~ Braxus Ni’leya ~ Evo’lur Tartarus ~ Arasdir Miravaris / Valazaer Calith / - Alpine Wonda - ~ Ellenore Rorik Eiriksson Ruric, of Nordengrad; born of Sil’adri, Keeper of the Red Faith, & Grand Architect - Luavyn Elibar’acal of the Silver state, forever Azorella’s husband. It is encouraged for any more who have not yet the chance to sign to mail-in and attach their signatures below. The blessed citizenry awaits action.
  19. [!] Missives flit with the wind in Haelun’or, about the bastion, they scatter. Expression of Truth 10th of The First Seed, Year 69 of the Second Age To Ivarielle, we recall your dubbing yourself as the ‘Silver Princess’, an ungracious title. We recall the shameful display, the debate where Sohaer Braxus Ni’leya offered you in a traditional Haelun’orian manner, the chance to challenge him for his position. We recall how you showed up late, supportless, and asked Elsohaer if he was ready to give up his position. He brushed off your inquiry, looking to the dais for the debate to begin, and in a flustered state from the Citadel you fled. We recall the demolition of our walls. The swarm that took to the city to pillage. The lives of our officials being taken. We recall that now outside their homes, your enthusiasts are attacking citizens. They do not wish to participate in discourse, they are irritated by it, since they are not Haelun’orians like you claim. We recall the path of destruction taken to reach today; this you chose over a simple debate. In your latest missive you make many accusations of falsities. It was befittingly titled, for your writings were in fact, a mockery of truth. First and foremost, the Republicans have not fled. They are the citizens that remain in their city that you continue to lay claim to, this much is obvious, or there would not be conflict within it. You are merely trying to paint a picture that you have succeeded in your plot. Moving on to the library. Nobody has lied and persuaded their way inside, you may ask Elokarir’maehr or Tilruir’nealu who are upholding the library, this is a baseless claim. You criticise Varus for sabotaging the locks when that is in fact what you did, barring the citizenry from reaching their homes, along with public buildings such as the Citadel. May you be reminded that the Silver City does allow visitors. Issue stems not from them but the Mali’fenn you invite to murder our relatives. Furthermore, no wounding was warranted. As you admit, citizens were ordered to surrender; surrender to ones without authority within Elcihi’thilln. Yet, rather than retaliating to their mockery with the barbarity they would get back, the highly capable group attempted to walk away calmly. The harassment of citizens to submit, some of whom you did not even know the stance of, is further provoking a schism you say it was to prevent. Malauriran bare witness to all of this. To the council who condone these actions and events; you have lost all jurisdiction. Not because of Haelun’orian’s beliefs, but outside the Fennic plague have been actively ignoring you as they think they now decide what is what in Haelun’or. They pose as if they are Elsillumiran, they do not respond to those councillors working with them, simply they are not in good faith. I ask you each this to ponder - are you with Haelun’or? You may not have known of Ayliana’s plot to ascend Ivarielle, still your words and actions show support for it - perhaps out of love for your lliran? Clear as the water of our silver isle we see that Ivarielle’s actions are not preserving Haelun’orian culture or peoples. Haelun’or, of course, is where these elements are. Ne active role has been taken by her to stop the bloodshed and impurity on the streets, instead, she has justified it. Do you accept a Sohaer who would watch idly as ‘her’ people, the Haelun’orian people, are slaughtered? Lastly, more mention of Ayliana. We all are aware she is a performer, she adores the spotlight, unfortunately she should only be kept out of it. The genuine adherents to Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya see through her words of deceit. Think she is not a deceiver? Take it not from us - but from her. In the missive, ‘The Schemes Of A Dove’, she explicitly details how she manipulated the late Sohaer Idendril Elassidil. Her actions were not in the interests of Haelun’orians. Rather, a self-serving display. Ayliana only cares for recognition, be it negative or positive. As for her claim to the name of ‘The Dove’, there is only one Dove in Haelun’or history, and if she wishes to be the dove so badly may she be caged like one. We, the citizens of Karinah’siol. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the Spirits keep hidden from elves the means of life. Else you would easily do work enough in a day to supply you for a full year even without working; soon would you put away your rudder over the smoke, and the fields worked by bull and sturdy Giraffe would run to waste. But the creator in the anger of his heart hid it, because Malin the crafty deceived him; therefore he planned sorrow and mischief against Mali. He hid fire; that flaming wolf, but that the noble son of creation stole again for Mali from the creator the counselor in a hollow fennel-stalk, so that Neizdark who delights in thunder did not see it. But afterwards The Creator who gathers the clouds said to him in anger: “Son of Creation, first elf. Surpassing all in cunning, you are glad that you have outwitted me and stolen fire, my pet Scathach—a great plague to you yourself and to mortals that shall be. But I will give mali as the price for fire an evil thing in which they may all be glad of heart while they embrace their own destruction. But when he had finished the sheer, hopeless snare, the Father sent glorious Tarnished-Slayer, the swift messenger of the pantheon, to take it to Malin as a gift. And Malin did not think on what Larihei had said to him, bidding him never take a gift of The Pantheon's Father, but to send it back for fear it might prove to be something harmful to mali. But he took the gift, and afterwards, when the evil thing was already his, he understood. For ere this the tribes of mali lived on earth remote and free from ills and hard toil and heavy sicknesses which bring the Fates upon men and mali; for in misery men grow old quickly. But the tarnished woman took off the great lid of the jar with her hands and scattered that 'gift', all these and her thought caused sorrow and mischief to mali and men. Only Hope remained there in an unbreakable home within under the rim of the great pithoi jar, and did not fly out at the door; for ere that, the lid of the jar stopped her, by the will of Aegis-holding Drazkur who gathers the clouds, hie Aegis helding them at bay. But the rest, countless plagues, and impures wander amongst men and elves; for world is full of evils, and the sea is full. Of themselves diseases come upon men continually by day and by night, bringing mischief to mortals silently; for wise Ixli took away speech from them. So is there no way to escape the will of The Father of The Pantheon. Or if you will, I will sum you up another tale well and skillfully—and do you lay it up in your heart,—how the spirits, the gods and mortal elves sprang from one source. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Eternal Library Recommendations 4th of The Deep Cold, Year 68 of the Second Age Open Library For all ‘The M&H: Part 1-3’ by Lucion Sullas A threefold series by Malaurir Lucion Sullas. The accomplished Mali’thill writes in this short series the history of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, its ideals and common misconceptions. I put this at the top as it is most helpful to truly understanding Haelun’orian culture. For the creative ‘Diligent ‘thill’ by Gusten Faeliel A poem of a dutiful Mali’thill. It is a patriotic piece. Such words written inspire great warmth! Restricted Library For oem’ii and messy Mali’aheral ‘Scrubbing Away’ by Sulraell Visaj Whilst not a task many of us take delight in, including the author of this book, cleaning and organisation are of utmost importance to a Mali’thill. An orderly home and surroundings contribute massively to an orderly mind. In this work an Arcasian cleaning expert, also a historical Sohaer, details proper methods and useful tips for cleaning with a satire tone. Tilruir'nealu Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  22. Court Proceedings in Haelun’or 5th of the Sun’s Smile, Year 68 of the Second Age In accordance with the Silver Law, a proper court proceeding must be taken in order to absolve or convict an accused of their crimes. Below will describe the court proceedings for Haleunorian court: Article One: Every citizen has the right to call for a fair trial when accused of committing a crime. Article Two: Every citizen has the right to an unbiased jury, known as the pariran’tir. Article Three: Every citizen has the right to form their own defense. In the Haelun’or court of law, lawyers are nonexistent and cannot be appointed, the accused must be their own defense. Article Four: Every court proceeding must have a judge. This judge must be an appointed member of the Sillumir, the Okarir’tir, or the Sohaer. Court cannot proceed without a proper judge. Article Five: Every citizen has a right to a public trial, for the public can claim bias of the jury. Article Six: The pariran’tir shall consist of three people, who cannot have a relation to the accused. Article Seven: Evidence can be brought forth to the judge and the pariran’tir in the form of testimonial, physical, and confessional. Article Eight: The judge has the ability to override the decision of the pariran’tir on the basis that enough evidence has been accumulated against the accused. Article Nine: If a pariran’tir has been called out for bias, they may not return to the jury and will be replaced. Article Ten: All those participating, (aside from the onlookers), must swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. To begin the proceedings, the judge will call for order, state the date, the crime, and the name of the accused. The accused will then be given a chance to plead guilty or not guilty to their crime. In the event that the accused pleads guilty at the beginning of court, the pariran’tir will be dismissed, and the accused will be asked a series of questions pertaining to the crime before the judge decides on a sentencing. In the event that the accused pleads not guilty, pariran’tir will lisen to the accused make their defense, then the judge will ask a series of questions pertaining to the crime. Witnesses may also be brought in, for the use of accumulating further evidence. Below will be a simplified version of how proceedings should work: The judge will announce themselves, the jury, and the accused. The judges, the accused, and the pariran’tir will swear to an oath of truthfulness for the duration of the trial. The judge will then ask if the accused pleads guilty or not guilty. The accused will plead. The accused will then state their defense. ((This emote is not allowed to be longer than 2 full paragraphs.)) The judge will ask a question, and the accused will answer. This will repeat several times. If there are any witnesses, they shall be brought in to testify, as well as any physical evidence. The judge will then ask if the pariran’tir requires more evidence before convening. The pariran’tir have ten elven minutes to convene, and in the meantime, recess will be held. The accused is not allowed to leave the building. The pariran’tir will return with the verdict once the recess is over, and the sentence will be carried out by a judge. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed, Okarir’tir Iphys Catullus
  23. ELUHIERAN RESTORATION 10th of The Deep Cold, Year 66 of The Second Age The iconic Uhieran Scout Club shall be returning to Haelun’or, by the head of Elarhil Sullas, we will provide apt guidance to Haelun’orian oem’iian. History Eluhieran is a historic institution, dating back to 1719, it seeks to educate and enlighten Mali’aheral youth through practical and theoretical methods. It was founded by Azorella Elibar’acal to give belonging and structure to Mali’aheral youth. After the youth of the time grew into fine Mali’thill, there was a period where little Haelun’orian children were born and with not the numbers to support it, the group dispersed. In 1749, Eluhieran was once again revived by Althaia Elibar’acal, with some differences but still the same core purpose. This will be it’s third iteration. Why join? The Mali’aheral age of maturity is much later than most, as such there are very few opportunities that the underage Mali of Elcihi’thilln may take advantage of. The Uhieran distorts this fact by encouraging the youth to step out of their comfort zones and leap into all the realm has to offer. With time and dedication, those enrolled in the Uhieran are able to grow from unmolded children to polished and shined individuals, ready to prosper in the vast climate that is Haelun’or. Opportunities aside, the Uhieran provides a place of unity, and some may say family, for those who otherwise lack such. The scouts proudly open their clubhouse doors to any willing Mali’aheral child. Uhieran Scout Haeluns/Malns Mali’aheral over the age of 50 are able to participate as a scout haelun/maln if: [ oem ] They are the parent and/or state assigned guardian of a Uhieran OR [ niut ] If they currently sit on Elheial’thilln. Uhieran Scout Leaders A small number of Uhieran Scout Leaders can exist at a time, a couple years from the publishing of this missive (66 SA - 68 SA) you may seek out the institution's head if you have interest in becoming a leader, before Eluhieran fully begins running. The Clubhouse The Camp The Uniform Uhieran Scout Leader, Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  24. ELUHIERAN HANDBOOK 10th of The Deep Cold, Year 66 of The Second Age Eluhieran is a historic institution, founded 1719 FA by Azorella Elibar’acal, it was refounded in 1749 FA by Althaia Elibar’acal and again in 66 SA by Elarhil Sullas. It seeks to develop the minds and bodies of Mali’aheral oem’ii and create bonds, through games, campouts, educational activities and exploration. Eluhieran consists of the Scouts and the Scout Haeluns/Malns. Any child under the age of 50 may join as a scout, adults over the age of 50 may join as a scout haelun or maln if they meet a requirement. Uhieran Pledge I pledge myself to the Silver State and promise to be honest, fair and helpful, adhere to the Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, and respect Uhieran law. Uhieran Ranks A Uhieran works towards badges to accumulate and place on their sash and with every three they receive a new uniform in a different colour, they wear these with pride as it signifies their dedication towards Eluhieran, and the Silver State. [ oem ] Ficóon Recite the pledge to get the Haler badge and become a Ficóon. [ niut ] Barbu’lentos Earn three more badges to become a Barbu’lentos. [ hael ] Tahorran’vallel Reach six badges. [ vailu ] Athri’valumuel Reach nine badges. [ kulin ] Vuln’imiruel Reach twelve badges. [ banih ] Chirr’ceru The most dedicated of scouts, reach fifteen of sixteen possible badges. [ laier ] Turr’thilln The leaders of Eluhieran. Turr’thilln means ‘Silver Sheep’ as the leaders act as shepherding figures. Uhieran Badges Once a Uhieran has completed the requirements for a badge, they can receive it at any time by giving proof to a Uhieran Leader, however Eluhieran will also have badge-giving ceremonies around the campfire. Akaleh Badge Amana Badge Ame Badge Annil Badge Celia Badge Fer’peur Badge Haler Badge Hiylun Badge Ileronn Badge Indor Badge Kaliri Badge Maehr Badge Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Badge Mali Badge Parsear Badge Sil Badge Valmir Badge Uhieran Cookies Uhieran cookies can be purchased directly from scouts on excursions. Proceeds go to the Silver State! Thill Mints Purchasing a box of Thill Mints - our round, mint-flavored cookies with a delicious chocolatey coating - helps an oem’ii learn money management. They handle money, keep records, even track orders - activities that are essential to running a successful business. Sillumoas A tasty treat isn't all that's involved with a box of our caramel and toasted coconut-covered cookies. Through interaction with each customer and other Scouts, a Uhieran learns the importance of keeping their word, doing the right thing, and being fair. Tagalaurirs A layer of peanut butter with a rich chocolatey coating are divine treats - but you know that every box an oem’ii sells helps them learn decision making? They make a plan, solve problems on their own, and think creatively - skills they need to be successful, now and in the future. Larihei-Ups A brand new addition by Uhieran Leader Elarhil Sullas, these crispy lemon cookies with sugar glaze have various inspirational messages - messaging that oem’ii learn to practice as a Uhieran. Uhieran Law [ I ] A scout is honest. [ II ] A scout is friendly and considerate. [ III ] A scout has self-respect and respect for others. [ IV ] A scout is careful of possessions and property. [ V ] A scout acts safely especially in unsafe situations. [ VI ] A scout acts according to Uhieran Scout Leader’s word. [ VII ] A scout has courage in all difficulties.
  25. [!] A leaflet bearing familiar marks measured by the dozens begins to drift through Haelun'or, and is posted about elsewhere in their lands. THE CAPTURE OF A SOHAER The Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun'or has been captured. For the acts of razing our village of Aaz Hahdrim, pilfering the treasury of the State and delivering it unto Mankind, emplacing the State beneath foreign rule, and allowing the vassal of Ando Alur to grow greater than your capital, we denounce you, SOHAER KOLVAR URADIR and PATRIARCH of the Uradir Talonnii. This nation shall be delivered to the PEOPLE, and their most greatest shall reign supreme -- or your nation shall fail, once and for all. The time of the Diarchy is over. The time of Silver is gone. Your lands grow stagnant, plagued with the dying wastes of a corruption most blighted, a baleful cataclysm wrought of the Void and yet your people wither, unable to do anything but weep. If still you bend the knee to lesser peoples, if still you cast your ire unto ours, your nation will become nothing more than ash and dust to cake the landscape in rubble and ruin. As Amaethea, it will burn. Begin anew, Mali'thill. Your opportunity is now. But yet walk again the same path, and all will be taken forevermore. ~ Hashidiz Al-Drazoth Herald of Azdromoth
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