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  1. I will take Screenshots For you guys 1st Class (requirements) Where do you want the photo taken what time do you want it taken (night, day, golden hour) a before photo 2nd Class: (requirements) Where do you want the photo taken. what time do you want it taken. (night, day, golden hour) what angel do you want it taken. (Airel view, side view) You may message me for a sample if you so desire. Discord LoxFanx#7384
  2. I'm a newbie here I know that, I just wish I knew more about what to do. I don't know how to do anything.

    1. neoroseo


      try /creq ingame, and ask for a monk! they can show you around, and give you a rundown on the basics!

    2. Kuila


      If you’re confused at all you can shoot me a message on discord. I’ll try to help you out as best as I can! Lumii#0001

    3. bunny_assassin


      thanks guys

  3. bunny_assassin


    Alex Heart was born in The Silver State of Haelun'or. After her parents left her at the age of 5, she lived on the streets of the Silver State for several years -- serving a brief stint in the Purity Scouts -- before living at a orphanage in the Lesser District of their city. When she was 8, she ran away from the orphanage and ended up meeting a man at a bakery by the name of Christopher Beans while attempting to steal some bread. Starving and poor, Christopher saw that she needed a home, and that she was a good child deep down; and so he let her stay at the bakery. She worked there as she gre
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