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    Lorec Bani | Ying'Yue Xing | Fedinri Krirdrul
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  1. "Gah! all epiphytes eat people! This'll never pass!" Lorec Bani said, throwing the missive away
  2. Why did you ping me?
  3. When is Garedyn's wife going to die so I can finally have him to myself.
  4. "Mouse man had it coming, bloody, make your dying wish being to call me a loser.. baking wasn't even good." The 'ame said to himself after hearing the TERRIFIC NEWS! Though, the musin deserved a much worser death in all honesty.
  5. Lorec Bani Stormheart can vouch, he saw it happen!
  6. Lorec Bani Stormheart, Alejandro's friend for decades read the missive, re-reading it for a moment to see if he read it right, The 'ame then broke out in laughter. "AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA" Said laughter was halted as he hacked his lungs up, pounding his fist against his chest and pausing to catch his breath before continuing to cackle. "Idiot."
  7. Lorec read the missive proud of the fact he talked his way down from getting killed to just banishment
  8. "Curse Alejandro and his power of powergaming two crossbow bolts to the back!" Lorec cried out!
  9. Lorec Bani Stormheart read the missive squinting looking at the naming of this 'loriuc stormheart' fellow. "Who the ****'s that? they've got a terrible name.
  10. Lorec Bani Stormheart Read the letter as he'd found it in a fishing guild branch, crumbling it up and chucking it into a bin for "reading is for nerds" before continuing on his day.
  11. I ain' reading, allat.
  12. I don't know. I just want a chance to take stuff from other people.
  13. Lorec Bani Stormheart squinted reading the letter looking up from it confused. "What the **** did I do?"
  14. What is your name? Lorec Bani Stormheart Where are you from? Helious How old are you? 118 What is your favorite thing? Cigars and WIVES. If anyone says buckets kill them
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