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  1. wubh dah zkah? too many words. I'll read it to my grandkids in 2078
  2. "uhh.. mi ztill ken nub reed." Kong'sho'raguk The olog stated with a frown
  3. Lorec Bani Stormheart read the writing with a nod and a puff from his cigar before setting it down and going back to drinking alone since Fickle abandoned him.
  4. "Dat drawen nub az hozh az kong'z." The olog said before continuing with his day
  5. The Changing Tides In the recent news of Cassio's disappearance and the refusal of responsibility from the next in line, Fedinri Krirdrul, and the suggestion to find one of lacking allegiances has been set out for and found by one Sheo Amanthul Var'suuth leading to one Lorec Bani Stormheart to take charge for the foreseeable future, the one writing this note for you fishers out there. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- What This Means Being a rather out of the blue choice, and seemingly a man belonging to an urguan clan, I would like to make this clear, we are still the Fishermen of Almaris and not the Fishermen of Urguan, nothing changes that. I will do my best to expand branches out north and east which we are very lacking on however. To the end of making it clear that this guild is one of freedom and not confined by a singular nation, settlement, vassal or whatsoever, I have elected someone to take my place in my stead if I to mess up. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Fickle! Fickle has been chosen to take over If I am to be, couped, to leave, or to become to biased to any nation or settlement as he is the only other man in the guild I have seen without any major allegiances, this does however mean some ranks are to be shuffled. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Guild Rank Changes An addition of Whale Watchers will be something to note, as they along with our harbormaster will be the ones to negotiate new branches and events for the guild to do, along with recruiting people. The new ranking changes are listed below. Lorec Bani Stormheart - Harbormaster Fickle - Whale Watcher + Second in command Toorvuld - Dockmaster + Head of vistulian branch Slith - Whale Watcher Fedinri Krirdrul - Fisherwoman -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Final Words In light of the new ownership I will be holding a guild fishing event of sorts out in helious on our boat the S.S Here Fishy Fishy with drinks supported from Skogrum and I in whenever I can organize a time, when so I will send a letter out to the guild to arrive. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Lorec Bani Stormheart New leader of the fishermen guild of Almaris
  6. The image seemed to be a child-like drawing depicting an olog killing some kind of animal? Well the olog's an idiot so give him a break, it's a masterpiece none the less.
  7. "Uh-Huh.. hm.. yub yub, mi ken nub reed." The olog said before going on with his day.
  8. Lorec Bani Stormheart signed it with a shrug "Now I got something to do on sundays besides smoking"
  9. "Wub dah zkah dat ztooped glob blahin aboud? Dat bruddah nub az bub'hozh az Kong'sho." Said the Olog, shaking his head to his 'pinkee frend' that had read the missive for him. Kong'sho raised a hand gesturing to himself with a thumb point to the chest. "Mi ken nub loze uh klomp unlezz dat bruddah cheetz, agh mi beduh at da votar. Huntzgoth Kong'Sho zound muzh beduh anyway."
  10. "LET'S GET FISHING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, yeah my lungs ain' strong enough for any longer." Lorec exclaimed before continuing to chain smoke "If only there was a reason.."
  11. BURGER, burger? Burger. Burger, burger hamburger, cheeseburger, burger burger, bu burger.
  12. Nice day to go fishing ain' it? The winds are calm today, the fish calmer. Best get fishing before the rest get the fish before you.
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