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  1. Hello again, Just wanted to give a little goodbye, it was a fun time playing LOTC. I got to meet some really cool people. I got to create the Order of DeadMen and pursue good faith conflict with nations. I’m glad I got to have some fun before dipping out and focusing more on life (new job + studies). I’ll be finishing up some small eventline that I have still running, once that’s wrapped up I’ll be squared away to dip out! Have a good one!
  2. Beowulf von Theonus sighed in relief, the war was truly over. He began to walk towards his family's keep. It was time to pay a visit to his Father's & Brother's grave.
  3. Will you be my Valentine @Deets
  4. Beowulf von Theonus read the orders. He looked up to the sky, having lost a father and a brother to this war, he hoped this would truly be the end. He returned to his forge with a heavy mind.
  5. Percy Adam Temesch would sigh in relief reading that he was not disowned, and welcomes the changes.
  6. Percy Temesch would be sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace within his home. He'd smile as he sipped his coffee before diving into the culture post. "This should be a great read. Well done Sir Konstantin."
  7. Beowulf von Theonus signed the Lorraine.
  8. Percy Adam Temesch would sweat at the many corrections he had to do. He took a deep breath, as the ex-homeless man now would feel determined to do better.
  9. — 1961 TRANSCRIPT OF THE GARMONT ASSEMBLY — Issued and averred by His Excellency Adrian Godfrey Temesch et Resmore Regne Petrère 106 Following the adjournment on perhaps one of the more controversial Garmont Assemblies to date, The Office of the Grand Speaker has prepared a revised transcript approved by the Crown for publication. A reminder to the citizens of this Commonwealth. The Garmont is the heart of this government, if you wish to seek change, if you wish to have your voice heard, join the Garmont today! To be eligible to join the Garmont please refer to: THE CATHERINIAN CODE ROLL CALL Adrian Godfrey Temesch Peer Representative: County of Martiel August of Abrana Peer Representative: Barony of Wittenbach Sir Wilford Reinhold Peer Representative: Viscounty of Stormont Sir Marius Lovetts Peer Representative: Barony of Hrenthorne Sir Aimo of Astor Mayor of Vallagne Sir Artel von Theonus Elected Representative Percy Temesch Elected Representative Subject: On House Adiler Proposed by: [REDACTED] Passed: N/A Transcript: VOTING RESULTS N/A Subject: On Noble House Succession & Title Documentation Proposed by: Percy Temesch Passed: Yes Transcript: VOTING RESULTS All the heads of noble houses will be tasked with meeting with the Privy Seal, to provide confirmation and documentation of their heirs & titles. Adrian Godfrey Temesch Peer Representative: County of Martiel Aye August of Abrana Peer Representative: Barony of Wittenbach Aye Sir Wilford Reinhold Peer Representative: Viscounty of Stormont Aye Sir Marius Lovetts Peer Representative: Barony of Hrenthorne Aye Sir Aimo of Astor Mayor of Vallagne Aye Sir Artel von Theonus Elected Representative Aye Percy Temesch Elected Representative Aye Subject: Trout Proposed by: Sir Aimo of Astor Passed: N/A Transcript: VOTING RESULTS The members of the Garmont all suddenly had to leave when Sir Aimo began his speech about the Trout population. Again. S I G N E D, His Excellency, Adrian Godfrey Temesch, Count of Martiel, Viscount of Mies, Baron of Resmore, and Grand Speaker of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra The Honorable, Sir Atticus Abraham Reinhold, Viscount of Stormont, Baron of Raonòir, Seat of Nortrebanc, Court Mage of the River Court of the Commonwealth, Deputy Speaker of Vallagne, Representative for the Sorcerous State of Hohkmat The Honorable, Percy Adams Temesch, Scribe of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra
  10. [!] In an office within the capital of Petra would a singular young man be seen organizing paperwork. A missive would fly in through the window landing upon his old oak desk. Percy Temesch would pick up the missive curiously before raising his brows as he read. After a few moments he stepped outside the window seeing workers reconstructing destroyed buildings due to raiders. He looked up to the sky "I hope this is the beginning of the end of this god forsaken war." he signed the Lorraine afterwards before placing the missive onto his desk and getting back to work.
  11. Petsch von Minitz sheds a tear from the seven skies as his dream of a united Barclay house has truly come true.
  12. THE ONE WHO STAYED ☩ ☩ ☩ Sigismund ‘The Mad’ in his final moments as he faced the Veletzian Horde 19th of Sigismund’s End In the year of our Lord, 1957 It was another day like any other in the CommonWealth. Sunny, and slightly cloudy, it was calm. Sigismund was performing his daily rounds as he marched through each street. Everything seemed normal until he heard the distinct sound of marching, then followed the yells of orders outside the walls. His heart began to beat faster as adrenaline seeped into his body. Sigismund instantly understood what possibly was outside and what was to happen afterwards, he fought many battles before and could smell a slaughter from a mile away. He turned towards the square to see the petran citizens unaware of what was to come. The sound of ladders confirmed his suspicion, keeping cool he began to run towards the square to alert the citizens of Petra. “GET TO THE TUNNELS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL, INTRUDERS ARE SCALING THE WALL!”. As he repeated the yell, the citizens began to frantically disperse, some overcome with fear had to be guided quickly to escape tunnels. Few moments passed as Sigismund looked around, seeing the once populated square empty. He sighed in relief for a moment before dawning a serious face. He knew what came next. He was grateful that no one else but him was to be killed. As he prepared himself by the square he could see the first of the Veletzian army. “Halt! Surrender and face justice!” yelled Sergeant Jamukha ( @Sixbyte). Sigismund grinned. It was time to fulfill his duty as a soldier. Sigismund bent his knees as he began to bang his mace onto his shield. “I ain’t surrendering! I shall die fighting!”. Moments later the flood of Veletzian soldiers followed, surrounding him. “We respect thy courage" Jurkha ( @LordofCabbage) stated as he prepared to fight the lone warrior. "Flank him.” Jamukha stated to his soldiers. Sigismund frothed at the mouth as he began to yell in his waldenian tongue before beginning his last fight “سأهتدي بنوره وأهزم أعداءنا. باسمه المجيد. آمين” The final fight of Sigismund only lasted a minute as he fell backwards onto the wall sliding down leaving it stained with blood. Sergeant Jamukha would shake his head, disgruntled as the loyal guardsman resolved himself to death. He would make a sudden movement with his right arm, driving his blade into the mans now unarmored throat, wishing to end his life quickly. Sergeant Jamukha gives mercy to the only Petran who stayed to defend his homeland - attempting a fight with eight men with no a glimpse of cowardice in his being. “I pray that GOD accepts you well. The one who stayed.” Sigismund eyed Sergeant Jamukhha as he laid their limp upon the wall, blood splattered his entire body. He only stared at the Sergeant as the life in his eyes began to fade, his grip upon its sword would loosen, his eyes rolled backwards as he began to close its eyes. Sigismund von Theonus has fallen. May he rest in the seven skies. 1908-1957 ☩ ☩ ☩ [OOC] A thank you to the Veletzian Rally, great folks about the whole thing, and provided awesome roleplay for me to properly end my character. GG!
  13. Petsch2k


    Goodbye friend, I wish you the best in life. Stay safe and prosper.
  14. @MapleSunflowerAmazing job, great voice! @tcs_tonsils_ Great job writing.
  15. A BRIDGE DESTROYED | A PATH SEVERED 17TH OF OWYN’S FLAME IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, 1954 The mages of Hohkmat gathered together to perform a great feat of magik on top of a tower overlooking a bridge. Caliana Ashwood, Sulieronn Ashwood, Rhae'lin Ashwood, Nava, Cecilia Riddle, Scrisa, Isabella Sanz, Lucis Avila, Atticus Reinhold, these mages shall be written down in the history books of Hohkmat. They began to channel their magiks together it manifested into a great force… Winds mixed with black and white streaks of aura grew upwards around the center of the old Petra-Veletz bridge. Those terrible winds swirled and spun about, growing upwards into the air as it slowly became a violent tornado that reached high into the skies above, creating a deep gray cloud that stretched far beyond the radius of the tornado itself. Lose objects within the radius were pulled up and towards the center of the violent mass, adding to the danger it brought. Even where the circling mages stood, they could feel the blowing winds. Though, something else was added to the mix by the will of the great Caliana's circle. A giant ball of purple flames, such an orb being sixteen feet in diameter, was launched towards the bridge, the Combustive Flame Blast smashing into the stones mere moments after being launched towards it. It passed through the wall of the Great Tornado before striking the center of the bridge, slowly sinking into the stones. For a few moments, nothing seemed to happen. It was like the world stood still, but suddenly... BOOM! Those purple flames burst outwards, shattering the stones of the bridge with an immense amount of force as a shockwave pulsed out in every direction from the core of the blast. Stones flew into the air, pieces of gravel and dirt mixing in with the explosion. When it seemed like some of the rubble was about to strike the city, it started to be pulled back into the torrent of spinning winds. Said rubble spun around within the tornado, smashing into itself and other parts of the bridge which just added even more rubble to the violent mass of destruction. The flames were soon to die, though the tornado remained rampant, breaking the bridge to pieces until none was left. They blew up a bridge. Slowly, the tornado's strength lessened as Sulieronn willed its winds to slowly fade away, rubble being dropped into the river below. The sky cleared of the voidal clouds, the voidal smoke soon to fade away as well. In due time, the tornado had completely vanished, leaving the city untouched but the bridge destroyed. Credit to @MeteorDragon for a majority of the writing. MAGES OF HOHKMAT Suluieronn Ashwood - @MeteorDragon Caliana Ashwood - @Creete Rhae'lin Ashwood - @Luxury Atticus Reinhold - @Hom Lucis Avila - @Ztrog Nava - @ClassyDryad Isabella Sanz - @Dj_McMuffin Scrisa - @Apotolofo
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