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  1. "Glory to Her Majesty Catherine I, this is justice for Ghorm." said Sigismund von Theonus a he signed the Lorraine.
  2. Deadmund would raise his morning-star in the air in victory in the death of the undead slayer "GLORY TO IBLEES!"
  3. Sigismund von Theonus read the missive in an abandoned home in the woods. Hooks and large saws were scattered around the house before the sound of objects being thrown echoed within it. Sigismund looked at his longsword and stepped out as he began to walk into the dark forest.
  4. Sigismund von theonus would be cleaning his blood-stained long sword in a abandoned shack somewhere in the outskirts of Petra as he reads the parchment "Well done." he'd state simply.
  5. Sigismund von Theonus would nod as he smoked a cigar "I need to find the Queen friends, even if it's by steel." With that, the old warrior set out into the countryside looking for peasants . . .
  6. THE ORDER OF DEAD MEN Est. 1942 Throughout all of our history, tailing each dawn, dusk has always brought about darkness; that which stagnantes and seeps into all that is lightless. Whether it be those grasping at the crown of the Land with dirtied hands, or those of truly abysmal intent in their ceaseless pursuit of knowledge, all offer influence to the maws of the dark. We are the followers of the leaders of Mivtahza. Gashadokuro, the Champion of Ixris, Father to the Heir of Feldamfir and bringer of Bonebreaker. Alkhayin, the Omnipotent Sword King of Death, Lord of Mischief, Commander of Eighty-Nine Undead Legions, Master of Cloudbreaker, Ruler of the Eight Realms, Duke of Edinburgh, Baron of Bones, God of Humanity. Adramélekh, the Verminlord, Slayer of Agony, Consumer of Apparitions, Duke of Dust, Herald of Hermits, and the rightful heir to the Embermoor Aratakrast the First, Grand Royal Emissary of Iblees, Lord Glorious Magistrate, the Dreadpope, He Whomst Speaks To The Dead. Praise be The Prophets. For decades, the realm of Aevos bore witness to our strength at the behest of the Archlich, with one task. To act as agents of chaos and anguish in the realm of Man. To go forth and bring upon disease, death and destruction. In doing so, we shall be granted immortality. To serve the Archlich is to forsake one's shell, and fearlessly descend; as one that knows not the weakness of flesh, but certainty in a vessel void of suffering. Those who pledge their service know life without fear of death, for why would we? We are already Dead Men. (ba dum tss) The Order of Dead Men is open to murderers, evil-doers, no-gooders, corrupt magicians, pineapple pizza lovers, any and all who wish to sow chaos and destruction into the realm of Man. We do not concern ourselves with riches— whatever pillaged in our success, members of the Order are free to take at will. If you find yourself compelled to act, head to the Brightwald; we shall be waiting. DeadMen Walking [OOC] [PLAYER-EVENT GROUP] Hello again, It’s been awhile! Since the first post the Order of Dead Men has grown quite a bit, and we’ve received a lot of good eggs! Just wanted to continue recruitment and offer to anyone at a chance at playing a villain. There is no pressure to main the persona, even if you are just curious for a day there is no issue creating a one-shot character for when we do player-events! Any questions or concerns, my dms are always open. Like my last post, we will be continuing to do player-events for multiple settlements, usually these events consist of most of the Order dying or escaping. We are always looking to ensure good faith and a good mentality going into any settlement. We are not here to murder-hobo, we are here to provide fun conflict to the various communities of this server. In addition, due to our player-group growing we now have a few other evil orders under The Coven. For the most experienced players, there will be raid-parties where the goal is to complete certain tasks. Please keep in mind this is no longer Order of Dead Men but a sister group of our evil corproation.In these events the possibility of killing people is higher, but we will ensure to give sufficient roleplay before anything of that happens. We are of the belief that you can add to someone's story without killing them. Depending on the RP situation, killing may be acceptable. Thank you to all the settlements who’ve been working with us, and we hope to give more opportunities in the coming future. Credit to: @greisnfor helping out with the post! Please contact me on discord for more information: petsch2k
  7. it is time. the hordes of undead will plague the lands of man.

  8. "Un dia dedicado a los muertos. . ." Deadmund looked to his undead levy men "Tenemos que ir. . ."
  9. @femurlordmake the Arch-Lich romanceable It's for character growth
  10. TO STANISLAW B. WESTERWALD To the soon-to-be dead Pontifical Chamberlain, Stanislaw Bishop Westerwald. It seems your journey of enlightenment hasn't ended yet since you wish to court with the dead. What you speak is falsehood Chamberlain, I only seek to only enlighten the realm of man of the truth. Order is Tyranny, peace is complacence. In Chaos awaits the truest freedom. Pandæmonium is the home of liberty. You have no need to go in search for me. I know where you are Bishop. I know where you call home. You will find me at your doorstep soon enough. I am coming for you. I read you ask for a fair challenge and I shall give you one, no undead would ever let the opportunity pass to feed on the living. No remains shall be found once I am done with you. The Ivory Lord's name shall not be stained.
  11. [!] As the darkstalker makes the tenacious Shugo kneel after exchanging blows for a few moments "You are strong child, but I am beyond strength"
  13. [!] A decrepit skeletal hand would grab onto the Parchment "Oh? A worshiper of the Black God?. It seems there are still more out there wanting to spread HIS name. Ich shall send out another recruitment missive soon."
  14. [!] Skeletal hands would rub together finding an opportunity to spread his Lord's name throughout the lands of the Common Wealth. "NYEK NYEK NYEK, ICH AM A GENIUS!"
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