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    Veihreys was born in Haelun'or from an unhappy high elf wife and a mysterious wood elf. Her parent's were on the younger side and they had a nasty bout of fighting before she was born. Her mother, being quick to anger, desired to seek vengeance for the stress and embarrassment of her relationship so she went off and "sullied" herself with a wood elf. The relationship with her unknowing husband repaired over time... She became pregnant, suddenly forced to face the consequences of her actions. Veirhey's was born, healthy and a suspiciously deep shade of tan much to her mother's dismay. Tension returned to the relationship. Her husband dared not air his suspicions as it was a crime to commit such an exile worthy act, but it would also bring shame to his name as well. Her spirit broken, Veihrey's mother fled her own body and perished. Distraught and unable to cope with the loss, Veihrey's father sent her off to her maternal uncle, Taitoriel, at the age of 2. Her uncle Taitoriel was a frequent visitor and occasional teacher at Haelun'or College. He was not particularly pleased to suddenly be thrust with the responsibility of caring for a child but Veihrey was very much like her mother, even at such a young age, that he quickly warmed up to the child. She was rather unruly, the blood of her wood elf father ran strong in her spirit. Taitoriel did his best to temper it, setting rules and strict daily chores but she was prone to following the beat of her own drum so very rarely did things run smoothly. She was clearly different from other high elf children and as a result her brief attempt to attend public school was a failure. She was ostracized and the teachers had little patience for her free spirit so it didn't take long for the mutual agreement to come that she no longer attends. Taitoriel took over the teacher roll for her, on top of his parental role. He taught her everything he knew, little Veihrey was particularly infatuated by the tales of the old wood elf customs as well as many other foreign cultures and locations. Veihrey grew up with few friends due to her circumstances. She learned to socialize somewhat by being nosy with travelers and other passers by but as she grew older, her uncle began restricting her from speaking with them as it may appear that she was becoming too friendly with outsiders. As she continued to get older, Veihrey worked hard to have some sort of skill worth contributing to the Haelun'or College. Unfortunately she wasn't particularly bright, but she was quite skilled with her hands... although she was sure that wasn't enough. She dreamed that she would some day be accepted by her high elf brethren so she decided to dive deep into her pursuit of knowledge. Her peers seemed to coldly tolerate her purely on the fact that her uncle was a rich source of knowledge so she was sure if she knew things he didn't, they'd come to respect her. She had been called many variations of "impure" with very little understanding of what it fully meant until her 25th birthday. Taitoriel gifted her with traveling gear, some coin, a nice bedroll, the works. She was happy, he had refused to let her travel when she begged in years past. It was mostly for fear that she wouldn't be allowed to return but he had come to realize that the city was suffocating her, and she'd do much better out in the world. He felt he had adequately prepared her for this journey and thus decided he would give her a direction to find herself: He revealed the truth of her parentage, uncovering the mystery in secret over the years until he finally found a clue as to who her father is and where he might be located. Initially she seemed to take the news alright, shocked at the truth and with many questions but few answers. That night, tossing and turning in an attempt to sleep for the busy day to come tomorrow... It hit her all at once. Things started to click in place, she began to understand the full extent of her ostracization. She began to realize the futility of her dreams, she would never be fully embraced by her peers no matter what she did. And with that knowledge, she snapped. She left a hasty letter for her uncle and left under the pale moonlight where her story begins.
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