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  1. Meylis carefully signs his name after considering the ramifications. A step away from politics, and a place for him to work and live without worry. He does so wish for a place to work and live in peace, where the skill of a craftsman takes him further than his name or connections. He knows these thoughts are too hopeful, so he hopes for just the one thing before signing his name on to the document: Peace and a place for good works.
  2. Meylis looks at the missive before pulling out a small peice of paper and a quill made with a raven's feather. He finds a place to begin writing and takes a moment to center himself and bring his excitement under control. But, oh was he excited. He knew which each meant. Human alchemy... Flesh Molding. The other, machine... he supposed it could be either macro or micro engineering, likely micro given the detailed of creating life, but that detail was not of much importance. Flesh molding... He quickly brings quill to paper and begins writing. Going through several drafts before he reads through his completed work. With ink and quill he copies the letter the final draft and attaches his orginal letter to the missive as requested. Hello Cain Thelin, I am unsure what title to place before your name, so I have merely placed the one you used. I will be, I hope, be brief. I seek to learn, as you put it, the human part of alchemy. I came to learn the basic idea of it from my first teacher of the alchemical. You see, he applied something to mold the flesh of my nose back into it's proper form. For a time I was unaware of the change until it was pointed out to me. After sometime he answered my questions about it. Since that point the skill has not left my mind's eye. Regardless, this detailing does not answer the question to posed to us, your would-be students. So, why do I wish such knowledge? The first reason of mine is to acquire the ability to pass such knowledge, after learning alchemy I sought to take on a student of my own, such a task has been difficult. My first two apprentinces flaming out and disapeering from my notice, now I seek them more carefully, but I do still seek them. In my wish to teach, and my experience; I can understand if you wish whatever skills passed to stay with me, I will follow your wishes on that matter. The second is far simpler I suppose. My teacher posed the alchemical as a way to alter the world around us, I only wish to delve further upon this path of alteration and understanding. If I am selected I currently hold residence in Dowry St.II of Haense under the name Meylis Frostbeard. If I am not selected I would still like to ask, why now? Fortunes Favor You, - Meylis Frostbeard.
  3. Meylis sits in his lab preparing Auric Oil, Blasting potions, and Tanglefoot. "I won't be caught off my guard again. Next time I'll be prepared..." He then thinks sadly about the brave life lost this day "... I'll be prepared ta avenge dat Donkey"
  4. Meylis 'The Raven' Frostbeard clears the blood from his bear skin cloak and grunts in approval upon learning more of the history of his clan. He says to himself. "Perhaps blades of Frost are just the image we need... my axe could use a cool touch."
  5. I find these really interesting, especially the idea of preserving someone in a vat, and well that does feel a little similar to Tawkin, Tawkin is about creating, not preserving so I think it's solid. The only one I have real issue with is death dispersion which feels a little over-the-top due to how widely it effects the spook community. Typically something that shuts down such a wide group of CAs has either a lot of downsides or is limited in nature. This isn't really either. Other than that, I don't see the reasoning for making all of these rare (barring perhaps Death Dispersion.) This is another pack that to me will become another check on the recipe book you don't see frequently even though people work to get it. Rare potions should have a reason to be rare, rather than just wanting to limit knowledge. The best reasons I've seen for rare potions are because they are culture specific (see warforging) or they have a powerful effect that shouldn't be open to the public (Best example is probably the Lector Packs for this) If you want these potions to be rare give them a reason why the knowledge would be uncommon tbh, even if it's as simple as connecting it to specific group or making it so it requires an obession with cadavers or something. This isn't just an issue with this pack BTW, it's more of an issue with alchemy in general ATM. Rare seems to be the default for a lot of potions with interesting reasoning. Edit: Beyond this, I am a big fan of the additional requirments for brewing such as Aurum Cauldron or requires brewing in direct sunlight. I love little additions like this cause it give a potion more flavor to work with overall. I'm stealing this idea me thinks :P
  6. +1 I'm def not biased cause a lector taught me and I like the lector packs Desalination is genuinely a real cool idea. I'm also stealing the lector format for alchemy additions I make
  7. Honestely a big fan, could be a great addition for Evocation training and lore, I'd love to see a variant of self-teaching return using these!
  8. Meylis sighs "Honestely... that was a boring fight. I was hoping for some really competition. Guess it will have to wait."
  9. Meylis furiously checks his mailbox only to see complaints about font size. "How disapointing."
  10. [!] This poster is spread across the continent, but seems most prevalent around Haense and Akueli Solaris Manufacturing “A joint endeavor of Manufacturing and Alchemical” An Introduction to Solaris Manufacturing Solaris Manufacturing is a business venture intended to bring accessible technology to certain regions of Almaris. The most prominent of these areas being in the Northern and Southern most areas of the continent. All Automaton products are made by a specialist with over 50 years of experience, and all Alchemical products are made by certified alchemists with at least 10 years of experience in the alchemical industry who have worked tirelessly to learn and perfect their craft. The products we sell are all hand-made in our laboratory located in Akueli, which is built upon the old ruins of Freeport. Extremity Prosthetics Replacements of hands and feet will cost a minimum price of 80 Minas, this price may increase based on what customizations you request, we will do our best to fulfill any customizations you request. Sensory Prosthetics Due to the nature of sensory organs prostetic ears, eyes, tongues, and noses will be a minimum of 100 minas. This price allows for use of the prostetic in place of the actual organ with eyes providing sight, ears provinding hearing, etc. For eyes we offer color customization at base price. We also offer the addition of lenses to make the eyes able to see in the dark, see magic, or see in thermal vision. Limb Prosthetics Limbs, such as arms and legs, are a base of 200 minas. This will get you a functional limb with no major customization. As with all our products we offer the ability to request customizations and additions for an additional fee based on the user's request. We will work to fulfill any requests. Pets Most pets will be priced between 50 and 150 Minas, but due to the nature of such products price may increase depending on intelligence and requested features. We will work with you to create a custom pet that will complete actions you desire it to do. We do not offer creatures full intelligence due to the danger it poses. Automaton Toys We produce a wide variety of Automaton toys including toy soldiers, chess boards, and toy ships. If you have an idea we will work to build it. The typical cost of a toy is between 25 to 150 minas. Alchemical Brews Our alchemists will create a potion of your choice and request, these potions vary in cost based on complexity and ingredients required. If you provide your own reagents we will offer you a discount. The typical price of such items will be 20 to 100 minas. Hiring and Teaching Due to the current nature of our labs we can not offer teaching, nor are we currently hiring any person(s.) On that note, we are looking for people willing to sell alchemical recipes. If you choose to do so you will receive a negotiated payment and discounts on all future products. For Purchase and Contact We currently run storefronts out of Haense and Akueli. If you wish to purchase these services you may either leave a request at our shopkeeper at Azamar Way II in The Freeport of Akueli or at Crown Avenue XII in Haense. If you are unable to reach either city send a letter to Meylis ‘The Raven’ Frostbeard. OOC Contact IGN: rdowdy Persona: Meylis ‘The Raven’ Frostbeard Discord: RIROO#7693 ST Note: Meylis is the business owner and produces Alchemy products but is not the Animatii/Animii/Automaton crafter, the BlackBobRoss is.
  11. As someone who has allegiances to multiple groups and has made a point to find branch out and RP and join groups outside my own nation. I have no idea why you would limit the amount of groups to one. Is it so hard to believe that I might be a member of a settlement and a nation at the same time? On a further note this looks like you are planning to implement nation based activity IE: choose a nation your activity goes to. I sincerly hope I'm reading to far into this becuase if that's the plan this is a really poor solution for those of us who make efforts to get activity for settlements and not just our own nation. I think the activity calculation needs to be looked at but if this is the plan it should be left alone. Barring both of these issues, I think this is a good change to ensure people don't just jump between groups so they can show up to a random raid or war and begin participating, I just think it could use more community consideration before implementing something like this in future.
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