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  1. reminder to all you pvp-goons out there to take your monthly shower before the holidays! 💖

    1. Laeonathan


      ****, I almost forget mine...

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      don't forget your dishes!!!

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      dont forget to touch grass

  2. The light ebbed away from the Maelnyr estate as the sun set across the rolling hills and forest that surrounded the domicile. Such short-lived in its life upon the lands it was erected on, and with nary its share of inhabitants who came and went. The guests who once arrived and departed in changing fashion just the same as the changing of seasons. As twilight overtook the vista, a pale, misty silver aura would vaguely illuminate an upstairs window. Barely visible for a few seconds before the dull glow of candlelight took over... The blond-haired elf known as Saoréan Maelnyr sat in his study upstairs this night, working over several documents and a journal as he collected together in working research. Penning down its consensus into his own work. Quill to inkwell, Quill to paper. “Ullran!” Uttered in quick acrimony as the inkwell was tipped from its perch and spilled across the pages. Silence soon returned to the estate. This time, however, it was far more apparent as the dark ink stained everything it touched. The shadows cast hauntingly from the flame of the candle danced upon the walls in the periphery of the elf’s vision. His eyes trained on the ink before him but his mind was quickly cast elsewhere. “Sao?” a feminine voice seemed to call. “Nessa?!” Saoréan responded with. The elf’s head snapped to a shadow that seemed to scurry away as the flame’s dance continued. “She won’t return.” another lower feminine voice called. “You left me at that grove!” Saoréan snapped in return, palms hitting against the desk’s surface as he rose to his feet. Once again, silence returned to the estate. Perhaps even more amplified by the dull creaking of it’s timbers as the wind picked up outside. The noises of the estate seemed to stretch onward and bring its own deathly chill to it’s last lone inhabitant. “And what about me?” an almost much-too-real masculine voice broke the silence of Saoréan’s mind. This last illusion seemed to break the elf’s will as his shoulders slumped forward and his head lowered. “It wasn’t meant to go that way.” Saoréan’s own voice answered. “Never to that end…” “Did it ever bring peace?” the voice asked conclusively. Did it, however? The question ringed within the elf’s mind as many voices and images flashed past his consciousness. Many years worth of memories culminated into his very existence at this moment. How the halls of his home felt barren to him. Kileath, gone to the world. Nessarose, gone to the world. Talia, gone to the world. The unnamed voices he heard, lost to the past of his conscious choice. Did it ever bring peace? The front door of the manor clicked closed as the elf known as Saoréan pulled it closed behind him. Footsteps on gravel and dirt as the figure moved away from the lone, solemn estate and off into the night for the final time. Soon the only noise that disturbed the night were horse’s hooves on cobbles that faded away into the distance.
  3. Kyrrn


    Born in the city of Okarn’thilln to Geris and Eileena Maelnyr, Saoréan was a bright and intrepid young high elf. His father, Geris, was a local clinician and his mother Eileena ran a small tailoring business from their shared home. Saoréan was determined and steadfast in his studies, he quickly excelled with average to above-average success in his youthful pursuit of knowledge and understanding as was instilled within him and his peers from a young age. His growth from his teenage years to adulthood in his fifties would see Saoréan’s interest and future settle into some major study and time spent into botany and the potential usefulness and effects flora would have in medical trades. Both Geris and Eileena were strong supporters in his studies and it would be into his adulthood that Saoréan would venture out of the endearing and comfortable walls of his home domain. He would travel, first for weekend and week-long trips to various parts of the realm. Often he would stay in the wilderness camping to further study and research. Saoréan would find these expeditions to be a marvelous retreat from some of the tensions and doldrums of the city and international politics. It was also during his time in the lands of Atlas, Saoréan would come to stay in the former Dominion of Malin for a number of years. It was here, and close within the city of Caras Eldar, that he would become enthralled by the mix of flora, fauna, and magics. The residency here would start as several repeated trips to forests and lands around the city. Within these forests was a wider variety of flora and fauna than one might typically find in an average ecosystem. This newfound captivation would prove to be a unique but harrowing experience for him as the deeply intertwined use of Aspectism, druidic magic, and this city would strike a hard crossroads of his own cultural upbringing and that of something completely foreign to him. At first, Saoréan would try to approach the subject from an outside and scientific perspective, but soon would devolve into secretive meddling and cultivation of the various plant-life found in the area. This ill-fated bond he’d bridge with Aspectism would parallel with an interpersonal debacle with some friends whom he had grown close with. Ultimately, Saoréan would face expulsion from the city after an altercation and would once again trek the road, defeated of any headway in his studies here. It would be a number of years before he would come back from the fringes of society, instead he would stay in a self-imposed reclusive life. Staying far from the ever-present conflicts of the realms as they passed from Atlas into Arcas. During his reclusion in Arcas he would stay remotely hidden somewhere along The Queen’s Isle, farther from major settlements until he seemingly changed course and would once again venture out towards the road, ready again to face the other inhabitants and Descendants.
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