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  1. "This was the last thing I expected from him, nevertheless, a grave mistake will not be overlooked." Luthien muttered when hearing of such news, she wondered why her brother would do this when he was having a good life. She firstly goes to check on Malkyne, sighing as they were supposed to be sisters in law.
  2. Luthien having heard of the news from the top of the jungle mountains, she felt a deep sadness for this, unable to fully process it as the Queen she once served had fallen to the hands of the same that killed her own mentor. She goes on and visits her mother within her office in silence, asking nothing but her presence. @JTMedea
  3. Glorier was the one who brought the news that his elder sister wasn't in their homelands for that is where he and his wife had spent their time before returning to Aevos. He was at a loss when seeing the reaction of the people around him, for what he thought was the usually time for Lavaelyn to go out adventuring, must've been darker in reality.
  4. Luthien had taken a stall and will start selling unique baked goods!
  5. Glorier greatly vouches for the Norlandic Bard branch. He should visit once he is done with his time in the Wind City.
  6. Arwan seemed to take a sip of tea as a visit that carried the stench of iron, lifting his head to witness what seemed to be a stranger that carried a familiar arrogant aura. "you've visited once again; I must say that each time you create different ways to appear and enter. Seeing you like this, it seems I must make more haste of walking the path given to me."
  7. (was worried that the spirit would be invalidated if I don't put it here) Spirit Type: Lesser (Greater: Brimztra, Spirit of Music, Art, and Creativity) Spirit Name: VALYNMAAR Spirit Totem: A Mini Easel with colourful splashes of paint covering it Spirit Appearance: (Appears as a floating used artist palette board, having multiple colours mixed and mashed, One could only imagine how many pigments are present on the surface of the wood. Alignment: Neutral Good Discovery: Found by Glorier and Otellia Maiheiuh when wanting to visit the realm of arts
  8. Luthien heard whispers of the celebration, brushing her hir Infront of her vanity table. "He better be holding his part of the bargain; I will bring chaos if I don't see red on his head..."
  9. IGN: _Unni_ DISCORD: Unibearse CATEGORY: Visual Arts TITLE OF YOUR PIECE: Masters of Arts https://imgur.com/a/jklUJjM (reusing an art I've done for fun some months ago)
  10. Faraway from Aevos, A raven brought a letter to his table. He didn't think that anything new was happening in the mainland. Glorier took a moment and sat down to read through, it didn't take long for him to raise his hand and cover his eyes as he slouched on over. "uhv'thyleer, laht a'yom myxzu bylnaz myrz a'gobb me ky’axat zy yrax. my roual aeth uhv’laht ko hru ax...." He took a deep breath and stood up from the chair, he goes on to the kitchen and stand in the middle for a moment. In the middle of the night, a Maehr goes on to make a sweet strawberry cake for no one in particular. Vel'luah Translation:
  11. Footsteps was heard throughout the squeaky floorboard, Syvis had made sure he didn't have the scent of a smoke before stopping in front of the bedroom door. He was thinking about the incoming hassle of moving out from their home but nonetheless it was going to be a fun activity for him and Floria, he should just recommend the life of a wanderer performer with her as he used to be one. "Wake up sleeyhead, we can get a nice meal before we start transporting things out" He spoke as soon as he entered the room, watching his beloved that had a calm expression in her sleep, raising a hand to gently stroke her cheek as he admired her. What a cold touch to the skin. Syvis frowned at this as he gently moved to hold her cheek, her hand, and lastly her wrist. There was silence, a deafening silence that filled the bedroom as the sun shined through the glass windows. "I see....was it too hard to keep holding on? it's alright...I'll lay you in a bed of flowers and surrounded by your favorite Lily of the Valley. you worked hard..." He sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped his arms around her frail body, saying nothing, not wanting to break the silence that comforted him. Seeing the stacks of letters by the bedside drawer, he would start delivering them to those names mentioned.
  12. Glorier watched on from the bard caravan, a small faint smile would be on his face. "they were always the diligent bunch, their growth is truly nonstop."
  13. Luthien stood near the ship, supporting a fellow comrade to safety when she heard Elena's words. She always did told her that the best way to die is dying while protecting your comrades, even more if they are your brothers in arms. Unable to even get a second to grief, she boarded the ship and started to care for those injured. Coming home with nothing but sadness.
  14. Glorier would be coming home after another lesson to one of his many students around Aevos, feeling a sense of fatigue as he hoped to get a good rest with his family, though upon walking through the familiar path he had noticed an absence of a city, an absence of the plant life, and an absence to what he had called home and placed he created a family with. He stood there frozen with nothing else in mind other than to salvage what he could after the Meteor had finally brought down its judgement.
  15. Luthien felt a bit upset that she was not around when they conducted their investigation, but in time she will find out more of the Harrower and finally be able to exact her revenge.
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