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  1. Aerthiel would look over the document nodding as he read
  2. "Aye!" Venice would exclaim, excited for what the future holds.
  3. Venice would grab the poster, before looking for the closest recruiting station
  4. Oh hey! It's my roleplay wife. Pricings will cost you double, sorry for the inconvenience. Agreed.
  5. Of course! Just pay me 4 mina.
  6. Are you a lonely and desperate individual seeking human attention? Well you are in luck with the all new LOTC service, “Rent A Friend.” Now what exactly is “Rent A Friend?” Well it is just as it sounds, it is for lonely fucks lovely people such as yourself who need a friend to talk to. Want to vent about your Mineman spouse cheating on you? Rent a friend! Just got robbed and lost all of your hard earned loot? Rent a friend! Don’t want to take our word for it? Then here are some reviews from past customers. “I paid for “Rent A Friend” and let me tell you I have never had a more phenomenal conversation with another human being.” -Anonymous “One of their “friends” said that we should ERP or something. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I agreed and it was the best decision I have ever made!” -A Recent Customer “I’ve been using this service for a while and all the “friends” who work here are such good listeners. I told them about how my husband (a human) cheated on me (a dwelf), and they never interrupted me. They didn’t even say anything to me. Not even once. If only my husband was as good a listener as them. -A Happy Customer “At first I reluctantly paid for this service, but after my first appointment with one of their “friends” I was delightfully pleased. At first I was nervous and afraid no one would show up, but then a really handsome man approached me. He took me by the hand and we went to a nice bakery where we talked about life until he had to leave. He was a real cutie. I was sad when he left, but he said he would pay me back for the meal whenever we saw each other again. It’s been a month and I can’t wait to meet my knight in shining armor, again!” -A Lovely Lady So stop being a ***** and buy yourself a “friend” NOW! (P.S. No actual ERP involved)
  7. Now let me tell you. This Callum guy, well he’s really something. I think he dislikes women, though I’m not really sure. Maybe he had an elf girlfriend who cheated on him. Whatever it is, man, he is a fiend. I’m not trying to slander my friend now, but listen to this... Callum said dwarves are stinky. This is an absolute atrocity! I’m not saying we should, but a witch hunt might save a couple of dwarves’ feelings. He even asked me to join Amorice which he said is his family or something, but I think it’s really just a coverup for a cult.

    -Your best mate

  8. Astrenox


    His parents abandoning him from the young age of 4 he would know little about them. Fortunately, the father and mother of the dad's side of the family would adopt the child as their own. At first it was out of sympathy due to the parent's guilt of their son leaving a child to die, but this sympathy soon turned to love. They felt revitalized with this young elf. As he grew up he came to call them "momma" and "papa." His memory was still to vague to realize that they were not his paternal and maternal parents- not that it would affect his love for his new parents. He lived well, growing up in a caring home with all the daily necessities for one to live a comfortable life. His papa began teaching him life skills at the age of eight. These skills would be taught to many other young boys in their adolescent years, as they were seen as a necessity to becoming a man. By age 15, Earendil was proficient enough at writing to where he could write letters to others -though there would still be a few noticeable errors. He was able to tie his own fishing line and bait, gather and chop firewood, sharpen a blade, and shoot a bow and arrow. He was no genius by any means, but he was indeed smart and had a great desire to learn and explore. Hungry for adventure and knowledge, at age 18, he would temporarily leave Talon’s Port, the place he and his family called home, in search of wisdom. His dagger sheathed and stitched onto a leather belt, a sturdy oaken bow, and various other supplies he might need 9’ this exciting adventure. For two years, the elf would explore nations as far north as the Kingdom of Norland and as far east as The Silver State of Haelun’or; attempting to speak to people of various races as he traveled. Occasionally getting into altercations with a variety of other races that he hadn't caused himself, but due to the fact that he was an elf. No one was ever hurt physically in these exchange of words. However, that doesn't mean some people's feelings got hurt. Earendil's return home was long. He missed his parents and most importantly he missed having someone to talk to. Family was everything to him after all. Before he turned 18 his parents had told him that they had not given birth to him. Rather, their son and his wife had housed and cared for him for four years before abandoning him and disappearing without a trace, and that is when they (the mother and the father of the son) had taken him in. He made an oath to himself that he would never abandon his family as they did. No matter the cost. After he had returned from his adventure, he continued his pursuit of knowledge along with the daily tasks of life. Life continued on this mostly uninteresting course until he met an elfess by the name of Kàsthinia. She was as beautiful as could be: auburn hair resembling the red hues of the sunrise, green eyes as bright as the gems that created them, and skin as a porcelain doll. Shortly after meeting her he said his goodbyes to his parents before parting with Kàsthinia and her family. Embarking on journey on her family's ship and raising a family with her. The family then separated from each other. Earendil frantically began to search for his family. Worried that his children or even his wife might forget or abandon him, as his parents had done to him. Many years would pass of searching before the elf would find traces of his family. Proving that they were still alive and well.
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