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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name: VermytheWurmy)) Name: Sulraell Visaj Vote for Sohaer: (XX) Anethra Uradir () Eredael Rhenaer
  2. Nice video, pumped to see more in the future!
  3. The Silver State of Haelun’or Fading of the Primrose 19th of The Amber Cold, 1768 Beauty lies within the delicacy and fragility from which the Evening Primrose lends her name. Her petals seemingly decayed and closed when met by the rays which plummet downwards from the sun. Roses, Dandelions and Orchids stand proudly within the time of day, towering grandly above the pitiful flower. It is but when the sun sets and darkness conquers the night sky and observant eyes closed their eyes that the Evening Primrose shows her true potential, her petals open
  4. A god amongst men, may he never be forgotten. ( I will never forget you singing MC Parodies in VC for hours, hence I found this farewell song appropriate)
  5. Sulraell lofted a lonely brow, a blonde patch of hair medially shifted as an impressive frown climbed atop his slender face. His elongated digits of fingers dance upon the missive as his homo-lateral brothers scratch at the back of his unmarked neck. “Aw... come on... again?” The ‘chaotic’ ‘thill mumbles to himself, just having signed a Non aggression-pact ”I s-suppose I have t-to work on my charms, the ‘deadly’ demon I am...”
  6. A Pact of Silver and Clementine Signed the 8th of The Grand Harvest, 1767 The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as followed: {I}: The Silver State of Haelun’or and The Principality of Vitenna shall agree to adhere to a strict non-aggression pact, under all circumstances. This treaty will stay in effect for a duration of ten years. {II} : Both parties agree to respect each other's territories. The Principality of Vitenna stretching from the ruined city of Thyra to the sea
  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Sulraell flicked a rather peculiar brow upwards as he read the missive, his mint green orbs of eyes metaphorically dancing with the letters which filled the phrases on the paper “S-So... she can do more t-than just attend the tavern and write some books huh? I knew her humble nature was just a mask for her t-true potential..”
  9. The Silver State of Haelun’or An Invite to the Northern Geographical Society as delivered the 7th of the Deep Cold, 1764 The Silver City's attention and interest are captured once more by Haense's eminent scholars, namely Celestine E. Herbert, the President of the Northern Geographical Society. With the tour cut short and with not enough time having been spent in our vast library, we wish not to leave this academic with his curiosity unquenched. Therefore, for having written such a flattering piece of literature, Mister Herbert
  10. Mint green-gradient orbs flickered within their sockets, a neutral demeanour reflected by his slanted upper-body upon the missive. Sulraell idly tapped his fingers on the side of his vest, a faint thud resounding sporadically from it as he mumbled to himself. “May Haense c-continue her path of perseverance towards g-greater knowledge and education...”
  11. Good work Johann, stronk rewrite...
  12. I like the idea, it is nice and simple, and alchemy could be so much more interesting than it is now. However, I don’t really like CA’s which require a dead body. If you want a creature where people have to give up their previous character, they will just make a new elf, play it for a day and then pk it for the new CA. I guess it would be the alchemist’s (GFA) responsibility to check if someone has really sacrificed something with value, rather than a day old character (which is farfetched). Apart from some more redlines in regards to how different races would be transformed and how that would
  13. Could be really interesting for an event creature, something other than your standard kraken. Could provide for some good and intriguing roleplay.
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