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  1. Sulraell scoffs, removing some empty glasses from a table in The Eternal Library ”This b-bisjh g-gon cray-cray.....”
  2. Horren ‘Rosebush’ Bogbelly would see Deek helping to escape the others ”W’at a fekkin lad..” he mumbled, passing through Haelun’or
  3. very nice formatting for your second post!
  4. Sulraell frowned ”Do I k-know t-this Lefkos..?”
  5. Horren ‘Rosebush’ Bogbelly smirked ”A single warlock can bring so much fekkin’ damage..? Horren paused, aggressively stuffing the end of his wooden pipe with an unknown green herb ”Imagine w’at ta spiceh s’rimp could do..” He stated, placing the wooden pipe in his mouth, igniting it
  6. Sulraell yet again placed his cleaning cloth on a table, having realised there was a second book ”T-the sohaer is o-on a mission..” he paused . ”A m-mission to b-brainwash M-mali’aheral..” he mumbled to himself, continuing to clean the bookshelves
  7. Sulraell stumbles upon the book whilst cleaning the shelves of The Eternal Library ”Ow..a n-new one..” he stuttered, placing his cleaning cloth on a nearby table and flipping through the book ”Hmmm..” he let out, clearly interested ”S-so even the S-sohaer is writing b-books now..”
  8. Sulraell smiled, reading ’Skin Lottery’ “Aw c-come o-on...” he stutters, having realised they meant clothes instead ”You c-can also w-wear skin a-as clothing...” he smirks
  9. Is the current map really that bad, that everyone wants to compare it to old maps?
  10. Sulraell’s gaze would fall upon the word ’Northeast’ , his frown turning to a smirk ”They c-can’t even make u-up d-directions...”
  11. gonna be honest, I liked the old Helena better. But I guess I’ll have to wait to wander around new Helena, to fully support my opinion
  12. I would try extending and improving the origins section, origins not only make up the history of the clan, but also the traditions
  13. Horren ‘Rorsebush’ Bogbelly childishly chuckles at the word ‘Pigi’Zhomo’
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