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  1. IGN: vurmy RP Name: Sulraell Visaj Vote: Theveus Sythaerin Vote: Theveus Sythaerin
  2. Valentin reads the missive and falls asleep.
  3. Duke Valentin, hopping from horse to horse pushes through the Coalition's forces with the Blackvale Cavalry. "They're cornered." He let out as the Covenants levymen somehow run straight into a wall.
  4. Duke Valentin ran through the craven soldiers, wildly swinging his sword around. "Oink, Oink, Oink." He let out in between his slashes. "Run piggies, run!"
  5. Duke Valentin prepares a mean peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.
  6. Duke Valentin donned the Burgundy, griefing the loss of his son.
  7. The Duke of Blackvale happily signs the paper, hoping to see a united Heartlands
  8. The Duke of Blackvale readies himself and his levymen to enlist in the Legion.
  9. Duke Valentin and the other Dukes of the League scheduled a gathering, in which they would discuss the future of the League. Worried, the man would parade the inner courtyard of Blackvale Keep, lost in thought.
  10. DECREE OF FIEFDOM BORDERMARCH OF VERBANT In the year 0 A.R. ✠ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BY THIS DECREE OF FIEFDOM, THE LEAGUE OF VELETZ HONOURS YOUR LOYALTY, VALOUR AND WISDOM. YOU ARE GRANTED A FIEF, A DOMAIN TO GOVERN AND PROTECT. SWEAR YOUR OATH OF HOMAGE, AND WE SHALL SAFEGUARD YOUR RIGHTS. FULFIL YOUR DUTIES AS FIEF, FOREVER INSCRIBED IN OUR REALM'S ANNALS. THIS DECREE SYMBOLISES OUR BOND AND YOUR ESTEEMED POSITION. The Terms are as followed, In accordance with the revered customs and time-honoured virtues of our forefathers, and under the watchful guidance of the esteemed Prophet Godfrey and the revered Saint Emma, the League of Veletz bestows a distinguished and noble title upon the esteemed and faithful bannerman, Fedor Vilac. Henceforth, Prince Fedor shall be known as Marcherlord of Verbant, and shall hold the esteemed fiefdom of Verbant. This honour is bestowed in recognition of their unwavering dedication and exceptional service to the Duke of Blackvale and the City of Klarov. As Prince Fedor embraces this illustrious title and assumes control of the cherished fiefdom, House Vilac is entrusted with the noble duties that lie before them. Foremost among these responsibilities is the sacred task of championing justice, ensuring that righteousness prevails and fairness guides every decision. They shall serve as guardians, upholding law and order within the esteemed League of Veletz, and safeguarding the republican institution of the revered Great Duma. Moreover, House Vilac shall exhibit unwavering loyalty to the illustrious House Van Aert and its esteemed vassals, standing united in the face of adversity and forging unbreakable bonds of allegiance. They shall be the stalwart protectors of the League of Veletz, shielding it from the clutches of malicious and oppressive tyrants, and preserving the sacred values upon which our noble nation stands. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HIS GRACE, Johannes of the House van Aert, Captain-General of the League of Veletz, Duke of Middelan, Count of Sonlach and Rivigrenz, First Citizen, Defender of Dumacracy HIS GRACE, Valentin of the House van Aert, Duke of Blackvale, Count of Pestilles, Patriarch-Dynast of the Pertinaxi, Heidman of the League of Veletz
  11. The Duke of Blackvale looks over the proclamation with a smile.
  12. The Duke of Blackvale cleans his finest burgundy attire in preparation for his son's wedding.
  13. The Duke of Blackvale enjoys an ale within the tavern, a content smile on his face.
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