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  1. The Government of Haelun’or Comprehensive Edition, for Prospective Civil Servants and Scholars as published the 23rd of the Deep Cold, 1762 In this ever-changing realm, Haelun’or must adapt to emerging challenges. Today, the esteemed Heial’thilln supports the administration of the Ah’niutiran, ushering in a new political era for this bastion of silver. These amendments will provide guidance and structure to the Okariran and the State, ensuring tradition is protected while nurturing a modern understanding of Larihei’s dictum: maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Though this programme may be ambitious, it is promulgated in the hope that these constitutional changes will serve as a foundation for future progress and lead the nation toward fi’tayna: ay’Heial’thillnae maehr’sae. liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe. NEW POLICIES Fundamentals of the Domains. This document will outline the purposes and functions of the Domains, as well as the duties of the Okariran with respect to these new committees. Provisions for the Absence of Councillors. This constitution renders clear who substitutes for whom in the event that an Okarir is incapacitated or otherwise absent from the city. Generally, the Annilerir will assume the duties of those Okariran charged with the logistical and political maintenance of the state, while the Maelunir will assume the duties of those Okariran working to preserve and bolster the culture and knowledge of the Silver State. The Annilerir and Maelunir. The offices of the Annilerir and the Maelunir are established to provide support for the Diarchy, to bridge the gap between the Diarchy and the Heial’thilln, and to provide for the prolonged absence of one or more of the Okariran. Elimination of the Medi’iran. The Medi’iran, civil servants to the Okariran granted some administrative authority under the previous government, are rendered obsolete. In their stead, Okariran may appoint a single Tilruir as their deputy if they require substantial assistance to execute their duties to the state. The position of Tilruir may also be used to prepare an underling to replace an Okarir who is keen on resigning their office. Okariran may still employ lower bureaucrats as necessary to maintain the institutions of the state, but these individuals will be considered employed by the government rather than agents of the government itself. Signed, Sohaer, Sulraell Visaj Naeluir, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Puerir’medi, Acaele Lazul DIARCHY: AH’NIUTIRAN The Diarchy or Ah’niutiran constitutes the highest authority of the Silver State of Haelun’or. The Maheral legitimizes and guides the state as the interpreter of the teachings of Larihei. The Sohaer diligently manages the affairs of state as the administrator of the government. The Maelunir and Annilerir directly serve the Maheral and Sohaer respectively as trusted advisors and surrogates, also helping to manage the relationship between the Ah’niutiran and Heialan. MAHERAL LITERAL TRANSLATION: MOST BLESSED Our traditions are the precious bond between ourselves and our origins, and in the person of the Maheral the teachings of Larihei are preserved. Only the wisest and most blessed among the Mali’thill are ever to hold the office, appointed by the outgoing Maheral or by a council of Malauriran. Though the Maheral is not generally considered a political figure, the Mali’thill trust in their guidance and listen to hear their wisdom, for the Maheral’s domain is in the context of tradition itself. The Maheral is a mediator of internal conflicts and retains the most highly sought after opinion among the Mali’thill as chief chronicler of our history and the physical embodiment of Larihei’s vision. Should the culture and traditions of the Mali’thill come under threat, internal or external, the consultation of the Maheral is always solicited for clarity. Only the Maheral and their predecessors are honoured with the title of Malaurir, and citizens are expected to address them accordingly. [I] Guidance – The Maheral is the metaphysical and cultural guide of the Mali’thill, custodian to the culture, traditions and guiding principles established by Larihei ehya elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. It is the duty of the Maheral to study, to interpret, and to teach the philosophy of Larihei whenever necessary with the support of the Maelunir. [II] Counsel – When elheial’thilln is divided or the traditions of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya are compromised, the Maheral is summoned. It is their duty to help the state reach a resolution that honours the needs of its people and Larihei’s [III] Philosophy – This counsel is required when sought by the Sohaer, by other councilors of state, or when it pertains to the general wellbeing of the Mali hill, but the Maheral may also offer their judgment on civil matters brought forward by a citizen. Should matters of lesser import be brought before the Maheral, it is their right to refer cases to the judgment of the Maelunir. Appeals to the Maheral from the public should pertain to matters of personal advice and civil disagreements, criminal charges should instead be brought before the Okarir’tir or Sohaer. The Maelunir may support the Maheral in mediating conflicts of state and navigating legal quandaries, but they lack the authority to issue resolutions to the Sohaer and Heial’thilln on their own. [IV] Interpretation – The Maheral’s foremost duty is to interpret the cultural imperatives of the Mali’thill in accordance with the teachings of Larihei. The Maelunir may theorise and initiate debate over philosophical nuance, only the Maheral may endorse legislation, works of art, or other media as faithful to Larihei’s teachings. [V] Veto – Any decree or resolution of the Sohaer, Heial’thilln, or Heial’lauriran deemed offensive to the cultural mandates and teachings of Larihei can be vetoed by the Maheral as an absolute and non-negotiable right. The Maheral is expected to offer justification for their exercise of the veto and to provide recommendations for alternative action. Should any matter requiring exercise of the veto imply the moral or mental failing of a sitting councilor, the Maheral may order their dismissal from the Heialan. [VI] Removal of the Sohaer – Should the Sohaer fail to or become incapable of executing the duties of their office according to the traditions and laws of Haelun’or, the Maheral reserves the undisputed right to remove the Sohaer from office if unanimously agreed upon by the council. This right may be exercised in response to corruption, absence, stagnation, incompetence, or criminal behavior. [VII] Succession – It is the duty of the Maheral to select their successor, who is expected to be a Mali’thill citizen of good standing and impeccable record. In the event of the Maheral’s death, disgrace, or extended disappearance, the Maelunir will temporarily assume the duties of the Maheral and a council of Malauriran will be called to elect a permanent successor. SOHAER LITERAL TRANSLATION: LEADER BY TEACHING Chair to the Heial’thilln and executive of the Silver State, the Sohaer is the head of the nation’s government. Trusted by the people and bound to the practical service of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, it is the Sohaer who oversees the day to day management of the affairs of Haelun’or. The Okariran of the Heial’thilln serve at the whim of the Sohaer as ministers for the various functions of the state. While the Maheral legitimizes and preserves the state, the Sohaer has a broad range of powers to ensure the smooth operation of the governing apparatus. Chairing of the Heial’thilln – The Sohaer presides over the Heial’thilln and has the authority to appoint and dismiss (with cause) the Okariran who serve as ministers of the state. The Sohaer is expected to set the government’s agenda and to keep the Okariran informed on matters of policy and security. Effective communication between the Sohaer and Heial’thilln, facilitated by the Annilerir, is crucial to the effective management of state affairs. [II] Declarations of War – The Sohaer reserves the right to declare a state of war between the Silver State of Haelun’or and its adversaries as necessary to protect the interests of the Mali’thill. The Sohaer is expected to consult with and inform the Okarir’tir and Okarir’san before taking such action. It is the Sohaer who must ratify any terms of peace for the state to consider a conflict resolved. The Maheral, Annilerir, or Heial’thilln (by majority) may object to any such declarations they consider against the interests of the state. [III] Moderation of Diplomacy – The Sohaer, with the advice of the Okarir’san and Okarir’tir has the right to manage the political alliances of the Silver State of Haelun’or, as well as the right to denounce enemy states in an official capacity. The Sohaer has the right to request meetings with foreign emissaries. While the Sohaer may choose to call upon the full Heial’thilln to attend diplomatic meetings, the Okarir’san is expected to attend whenever possible. Diplomatic meetings cannot proceed absent the Sohaer’s authorization, or the Annilerir’s in cases of prolonged absence. Ambassadors of the Elemyumiran are appointed by the Sohaer in coordination with the Okarir’san. [IV] Passage of Laws and Directives – Major pieces of legislation and resolutions of the government are to be ratified by the Sohaer before passage into law. The Okariran of the Heial’thilln may debate on and sponsor legislation, but the final decision is the Sohaer’s. The Sohaer may also reverse the decisions and directives of the Okariran with respect to their ministerial duties. [V] Amnesty and Rehabilitation – The Sohaer has the authority, with the blessing of the Maheral, to allow individuals convicted of crimes against purity and the state to return to the city and begin their re-education. The Path to Purity that all offenders must follow to regain their citizenship is to be designed by the Sohaer and Okarir’mali and approved of by the Maheral. [VI] Succession – Upon retirement from office, the Sohaer may nominate a successor subject to the Maheral’s approval. If the office of Sohaer is vacated by cause of death or disappearance, the Annilerir will temporarily assume the duties of the Sohaer until the Heial’thilln can nominate a successor to the Maheral’s satisfaction. MAELUNIR LITERAL TRANSLATION: DUTY TO KNOW ‘Maelu’ is to know, and the privilege of knowing belongs to the Maelunir. The Maelunir is a trusted agent of and aide to the Maheral. The Maelunir is expected to hear the words of, to understand the will of, and to act on behalf of the Maheral. The Maelunir is expected to engage with the citizenry and to convey the Maheral’s wisdom actively to the Mali’thill. Guidance and Communication – The Maelunir serves as an intermediary between the citizenry and the Maheral, providing advice and answering queries on the Maheral’s behalf. The Maelunir is to be equipped with a strong understanding of the intricacies of Mali’thill culture, particularly as interpreted by the incumbent Maheral. The Maelunir is expected to advise the Maheral and to heed the advice and requests of the Maheral in turn. [II] Teaching and Meditation – The Maelunir is expected to be intellectually engaged with the citizens of the Silver State on matters of culture, history, and philosophy. The Maelunir may host formal and informal discussions, give public lectures or call for and moderate debate amongst the citizenry. [III] Drafting of Cultural Publications – When called, the Maelunir is expected to draft and publish the decrees of the Maheral, informing the people of the Maheral’s will and ensuring cultural missives and directives are implemented effectively. [IV] Political Supervision – The Maelunir is to act as a channel between the Okariran of the MAEHR’SAE ANNILN’EHYA (Okarir’mali, Okarir’maehr, Okarir’indor) and the Maheral, ensuring that these Okariran fully supported in their cultural duties to the state. The Maelunir will also assume the duties of these Okariran on a temporary basis in cases of death and planned or unplanned absence. [V] Interregnum – The Maelunir will temporarily assume the duties of the Maheral in the event the Maheral departs or is otherwise incapacitated without naming a successor. It is then the Maelunir’s duty to organize a meeting of the Malauriran to select a new Maheral. The Maelunir may be selected to succeed the Maheral, but the officeholder is not a successor apparent by virtue of their position. ANNILERIR LITERAL TRANSLATION: DUTY TO GUIDE Comparable to the Medi’iran of the bygone Triumvirates, the Annilerir acts as deputy and advisor to the Sohaer. Recognised as a cooperative partner to the Sohaer, the Annilerir is expected to remain informed on the government’s agenda and to pursue it earnestly at all times. Representation and Leadership – In the Sohaer’s absence, the Annilerir is recognised as the Sohaer’s surrogate and a figure of authority on matters of state. While the Annilerir is bound to act in accordance with the Sohaer’s wishes at all times, they are to be afforded the same degree of obedience and regard when acting in the Sohaer’s stead. [II] Veto and Challenge – Should the Annilerir disagree with the Sohaer on a decision or directive, they may dispute the matter and call on the Heial’thilln to overturn the Sohaer’s ruling by a majority vote. The Maheral may be called upon to mediate any debilitating disagreements within the government. [III] Political Supervision – The Annilerir is to facilitate communication between the Sohaer and the Okariran of LLIR’EVARI ELNOR’EHYA and TAYNA’EVAR AKALEH’EHYA (Okarir’tir, Okarir’san, Okarir’nor, Okarir’tayna) to ensure they are fully supported in their duties to the state. The Annilerir will assume the duties of these Okariran on a temporary basis in cases of death and planned or unplanned absence. [IV] Interregnum – The Annilerir will temporarily assume the duties of the Sohaer in the event the Sohaer departs or is otherwise incapacitated without naming a successor. It is then the Annilerir’s duty to call a meeting of the Heial’thilln to nominate a successor to the Sohaer subject to the Maheral’s approval. The Annilerir may be selected to succeed the Sohaer, but the officeholder is not a successor apparent by virtue of their position. HEIAL’THILLN DIPLOMACY AND DEFENCE: LLIR’EVARI ELNOR’EHYA (LE) The Okariran of the LLIR’EVARI ELNOR’EHYA domain are responsible for the maintenance of the nation’s diplomatic and defensive institutions, including but not limited to the Sillumiran, Elemyumiran and the Sulii’vira. The Okarir’tir and Okarir’san will work in concert to ensure the state and its citizens are protected from external threats and internal deviance while monitoring for and rooting out any indecency within the rank and file. FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES: In coordination, the Okarir’tir and Okarir’san are expected to manage the communications and relationships of Haelun’or with foreign powers. Together, the two Okariran may better service the alliances of the Silver State and prepare for any potential threats from beyond silver walls. The Okarir’tir and Okarir’san are expected to meet regularly in times of peace and war alike to ensure the agenda of the Silver State is implemented seamlessly across institutions. military and guard duties. The Divkinaelan serve under the Okarir’tir and Tilruir’tir to provide additional supervisory support. OKARIR’TIR LITERAL TRANSLATION: GUARDIAN OF LAW The Okarir’tir manages the judiciary and military functions of the Silver State. The Okarir’tir is expected to advise the Sohaer and Heial’thilln on matters of new and existing criminal law. The Okarir’tir presides over the Sillumiran and is responsible for the punishment of those convicted in criminal trials. Codification of the Law – The Okarir’tir will advise the Sohaer and lead their fellow Okariran in the drafting and revision of criminal laws, to ensure the Mali’thill are protected from internal and external threats. The Okarir’tir is limited in this regard to matters of criminal law, as cultural laws are the purview of the Maheral and Maelunir. [II] Leadership of the Military – The Okarir’tir is the commanding officer of the Sillumiran and of the Sulii’vira. The Okarir’tir is expected to appoint a Tilruir’tir to serve as a general of the armies and to help manage the Sillumiran in their military and guard duties. The Divkinaelan serve under the Okarir’tir and Tilruir’tir to provide additional supervisory support. [III] Law Enforcement – Throughout the legal process by which suspected criminal elements are prosecuted, the Okarir’tir shall be watching and listening. Through the instrument of the Sillumiran the Okarir’tir maintains order in the city and detains those who threaten the physical and moral safety of the citizenry. The Okarir’tir issues and administers punishment to those convicted at trial. [IV] Brandishing of the Sword – As every drop of Mali’thill blood is precious in the pursuit of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, it is a solemn thing when the Silver State is forced to arms. External threats to the city and its people however must not be tolerated, and it is the Okarir’tir at the direction of the Sohaer who is to plan and coordinate military action. The Okarir’tir is expected to lead the forces of the Silver State into battle. OKARIR’SAN LITERAL TRANSLATION: GUARDIAN OF DIPLOMACY The Okarir’san is responsible for all diplomatic functions of the Silver State and is the chief communications officer of the Heial’thilln. The Okarir’san organizes and oversees the Elemyumiran, the ambassador corps of the Silver State. The Okarir’san is also expected to manage the relationships of the Heial’thilln with the various parties and interest groups of the state and serves as a point of contact for the general public to raise concerns to council. Establishment of Dialogue – The Okarir’san manages correspondence between the Silver State and its allies, nourishing the relationships of Haelun’or with those that share our interests abroad. The Okarir’san will attend diplomatic meetings when possible and also read out the agenda at the beginning of meetings of the Heial’thilln. [II] Negotiation – It is the duty of the Okarir’san to negotiate treaties and settlements with foreign powers at the direction of the Sohaer. The Okarir’san manages discussion within the Heial’thilln on matters concerning diplomacy. [III] Organizing Conventions and Visits – The Okarir’san is expected to take a leading role in preparing for diplomatic meetings, events abroad, and conventions open to foreign guests. The Okarir’san will research the needs and customs of foreign dignitaries to make all necessary arrangements for their arrival and stay in the Silver City. During meetings and parties held with foreign agents, the Okarir’san is expected to take an active and leading role in conversation. [IV] Intelligence and Investigation – To effectively manage the relationships of the Silver State with its allies and enemies, the Okarir’san is expected to meet with the Okarir’tir on matters of foreign intelligence and relay information to the Elemyumiran as necessary for them to carry out their duties effectively. [V] Representation – It is the duty of the Okarir’san to responsibly represent the State, the Heial’thilln, and the philosophy of the Mali’thill at all times while abroad. KNOWLEDGE AND GUIDANCE: MAEHR’SAE ANNILN'EHYA (MA) The MAEHR’SAE ANNILN’EHYA domain is composed of the nation’s cultural and educational institutions. Together, these Okariran dutifully maintain the cultural foundations of Haelun’or and provide the resources and facilities needed for all Mali’thill to pursue the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. It is their joint duty to ensure citizens are learning, advancing and progressing rather than stagnating as the lesser peoples do. The Okariran of this domain manage the city’s stewards, lecturers, and librarians, among others. FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES: The Okarir’indor and Okarir’maehr collectively catalogue, maintain, and distribute accumulated wisdom of the Silver State. Together, they provide the resources and inspiration for the people to carry out Larihei’s mission at the boundaries of understanding. The Okarir’mali as manager of the citizen registrars and the figure responsible for ensuring the Mali’thill are leading productive, happy, and harmonious lives, will work alongside the other Okariran of this domain to keep the populace educated and engaged in society. OKARIR’MALI LITERAL TRANSLATION: GUARDIAN OF THE CITIZENRY The Okarir’mali is the most trusted steward of the Mali’thill and functions in many respects as governor of the city. It is the duty of the Okarir’mali to maintain the citizenship registry, to welcome new arrivals to the city and help them reconnect with the values of their ancestors, and to ensure that full citizens of the Silver City are housed and connected to resources. Welcome and Mentorship – The Okarir’mali shall welcome Mali’aheral of pure blood who wish to re-establish themselves among the Mali’thill as their forebears would have desired. The Okarir’mali will connect such new arrivals to the resources and assistance they shall require to gain full citizenship. The Okarir’mali and those in their employ may offer tours of the city, cultural and language lessons, engagement with the citizenry in a casual setting, and the materials necessary to write submissions to the Eternal Library. [II] Municipal Administration – Management of the city itself is the purview of the Okarir’mali. The Okarir’mali shall keep track of housing and manage the allocation of the public and business properties of the city. Should the Okarir’mali determine that city infrastructure is failing to meet the needs of the population, they shall bring such matters to the Heial’thilln for resolution. In this role the Okarir’mali will work closely with the Okarir’nor. [III] Citizenship and Housing – The Okarir’mali is tasked with documenting and managing citizenship and housing allocation within the Silver City. The Okarir’mali shall judge the character of new arrivals and determine in concert with the Sohaer and Maheral what requirements may exist for citizenship. The Okarir’mali must also manage the housing resources of the city, determining where citizens shall reside and whether individual domiciles may be over- or under-inhabited. Second-class citizens are to be housed in the Lesser District, while new arrivals are to be given only temporary lodging until full citizenship is attained. OKARIR’INDOR LITERAL TRANSLATION: GUARDIAN OF BOOKS The Okarir’indor is the esteemed custodian of the Eternal Library of Haelun’or, a sacred institution of the state and one of the largest collections of knowledge in the material plane. The Okarir’indor shall assist the citizenry in their research endeavors by familiarizing them with the wealth of information available. Those wishing to improve their writing or acquire the necessary materials to begin writing should also seek the assistance of the Okarir’indor. Protection of Eternal Knowledge – In the halls of the Eternal Library, a vast wealth of information lives forever in the form of the written word. The collection, organization, and preservation of every available tome and document is the duty of the Okarir’indor. They shall ensure that the Eternal Library is physically secure and protect our accumulated knowledge from the jealous eyes beyond. [II] Organisation and Conservation – The Okarir’indor shall organize the items of the Eternal Library, determining how articles from the library’s collection are to be grouped and who may have access to which collections. The Okarir’indor shall ensure that the Mali hill have access to as much information as possible while guarding the secrets of the Silver State from deviants and outsiders. [III] Advice and Recommendation – The Okarir’indor, familiar as they are with the contents of the state collection, shall dutifully advise citizens seeking information on the best sources available to address their needs. The Okarir’indor may also direct those requiring particular knowledge to the Okarir’maehr to seek out in-depth instruction. [IV] Supervision of Librarians – The Okarir’indor shall manage the librarians of the Eternal Library, appointing honourable citizens of outstanding character to share in the burden of protecting the city’s knowledge. Librarians shall report to the Okarir’indor and provide the same services to the public as their supervisor. OKARIR’MAEHR LITERAL TRANSLATION: GUARDIAN OF KNOWLEDGE The Okarir’maehr, headmaster of the Eternal College of Haelun’or, is tasked with providing for the practical education of the Mali’thill. They shall design the curriculum of the Eternal College to ensure citizens are learned enough to participate in civic discourse, engage in meaningful labour, and find joy and entertainment in the pursuit of knowledge. Deanship of the College – It is the duty of the Okarir’maehr to ensure that education is a pillar of Mali’thill society as it was established by Larihei. The Okarir’maehr shall determine the curriculum of the Eternal College to meet the requirements of the government and its people. They are expected to dedicate some portion of their time to instruction, though administration is their primary task. [II] Management of the Campus – It is the duty of the Okarir’maehr to ensure the Eternal College itself is equipped with the supplies and facilities to provide for the education of the citizenry. The Okarir’maehr shall manage the resources of the College and request funding from the Sohaer and Heial’thilln as needed. [III] Advice and Enrollment – It is the duty of the Okarir’maehr to oversee enrollment within the Eternal College and to advise citizens on which lectures, classes, and discussions might best suit their needs. The Okarir’maehr may also work with the Okarir’indor to direct students to the Eternal Library for independent study. [IV] Supervision of Instructors – The Okarir’maehr shall employ naeluiran to serve as professors and instructors of the Eternal College. All naeluiran should be competent and published in their domain of instruction, and the Okarir’maehr should ensure that there is instruction available at the youth, novice, and expert levels in the various fields of inquiry on offer. LIFESTYLE AND RESOURCES: TAYNA’EVAR AKALEH’EHYA (TA) Constituting the TAYNA’EVAR AKALEH’EHYA domain, the Okarir’nor and Okarir’tayna manage the health, resources, and leisure of the Mali’thill. They together manage much of the labour force, manage the guilds and industries, and provide support for the diverse range of activities and occupations in which citizens might engage. FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES: Though the Okariran of this domain have a wide variety of unique duties, they act together to ensure that the economy and daily lives of the Mali’thill are satisfactory to the populace and its government. By bringing meaningful work and recreation to the people of Haelun’or, these Okariran help to maintain a society worthy of its inhabitants. resources to the guilds: including merchants, the clinic, the Uhieran and the Ilumiran. OKARIR’TAYNA LITERAL TRANSLATION: GUARDIAN OF LIFE Event Planning and Management – The Okarir’tayna is responsible for the planning of public dances, contests, and dinner parties among other festivities. In times of celebration the Okarir’tayna shall serve as a sort of master of ceremonies. The Okarir’tayna is expected to lend assistance to Okariran and government officials hosting events of their own and they may choose to do so for guilds and other non-government bodies as well. [II] Guild Chartering – All guilds and businesses of the city are required to obtain a charter authorized by the Okarir’tayna. The Okarir’tayna is expected to ensure that only reputable organizations that contribute to the pursuit of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya are recognized by and receive benefits from the government. [III] Providing for Public Leisure – Studious and dedicated in the pursuit of common betterment as they may be, it is important for the continued prosperity of the Mali’thill that time be set aside for relaxation and leisure activities. The Okarir’tayna shall see to it that the public are provided parks, baths, and athletic training grounds and that these facilities are utilized for public enjoyment. [IV] Providing for Personal Development – By representing the investment of the government in guilds, clubs, societies, and public activity, the Okarir’tayna shall ensure that the Mali’thill are well rounded and participate in a variety of artistic, intellectual, and physical activities. By incubating and showcasing the talents of the citizenry, the Okarir’tayna renders personal improvement a possibility for all citizens. OKARIR’NOR LITERAL TRANSLATION: GUARDIAN OF THE LAND The Okarir’nor is the overseer of the lands and city planning of the Silver State of Haelun’or. It is their duty to design and manage construction on new projects, and to manage the farmlands and holdings surrounding the city. The Okarir’san is also tasked with ensuring the institutions of the city are well supplied and able to function optimally. City Planning and Design – Channeling the rich architectural history of Haelun’or while stamping their own mark on the city itself, the Okarir’nor is the chief architect of the Silver State. Advised by the other councilors on what spaces and structures are required, the Okarir’nor must bring these ambitions of the state to life in glass and stone. [II] Ceremonial Officiation – The Okarir’nor is to officiate events involving the allocation of titles, honorary citizenship, and official medals, but may delegate this responsibility to others within the government as they consider appropriate. [III] Infrastructure Management – It is the responsibility of the Okarir’nor to monitor the integrity and condition of city buildings and infrastructure, and to propose and undertake renovations as necessary. Others within the Heial’thilln may bring matters of urban decay to the attention of the Okarir’nor. [IV] Supplies Management – The Okarir’nor is to ensure the industries, families, and institutions of the Silver State are adequately supplied for normal function at all times. During public events and festivals, it is the duty of the Okarir’nor to see to decorations and catering. These responsibilities extend to the allocation of
  2. Powerful... I really want to know who came up with that wonderful background music though...!? He must be a pretty chill lad.
  3. The Silver State of Haelun’or An Offer to The Crown of Haense as delivered the 3rd of the Grand Harvest – 1762 The recent commencement of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF SAINT CATHERINE in the Crown of Haense serves as an unequivocal indication of the esteem your nation bestows upon elmaehr’sae - the development of knowledge - a dogma of Haelun’orian culture and society. Recognising this, I personally impart to you the state’s most sincere applauding on this matter, for such education will only consolidate your nation’s vigilant path to prosperity. In praise of the Crown’s valiant strides to championing elmaehr’sae, the Silver State of Haelun’or graciously offers the Crown of Haense a lecture at the Royal Academy. It is one that shall be competently delivered by a seasoned High Elven scholar from the Eternal College, regarding anthropology. Anthropology comprehends the study of fellow-kind since the origins of the Four Brothers, utilising the importance of written articles, oral stories and conjecture. Offered by the Eternal College of Haelun’or is a collective address to discuss the essence of the elven identity, relative to tradition, philosophies and their racial characters. Signed, Sohaer, Sulraell Visaj Okarir’maehr, Illyara Valarieth Naeluir, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral
  4. Damn, you are really talented, mind sending me your commission info?
  5. Sulraell’s eyes flickered sporadically within their sockets, his long, elongated digits gently clasping around the missive which held the good news. Rays of bright sunlight reflected delicately upon the paper, the opulence of the Citadel towering grandly before his figure as he softly mumbled to himself. ” I a-am glad those spineless green r-rats got the swift ending they truly deserve. May their slippery corpses be burnt and r-removed from the sight of those witness to these cowardly actions. ” The Sohaer stated, stutters tumbling from behind the pale lips which tightly pressed his mouth shut. A shallow breath followed quickly thereafter, the dark violet-gradient garment which covered his posture faintly resounding from the pavement as he straddled towards The Eternal Library ” May t-those naive fools be an example o-of what stupidity brings those who roam Arcasian grounds, may this gift be a good exemplar of the m-magnanimous citizenry within The Silver Walls and may t-this be the beginning of a n-new era, one where ignorance will be punished “
  6. The Silver State of Haelun’or A Magnanimous Deliverance, For Justice as published the 24th of The Grand Harvest – 1761 Spineless Bloodshed, in the eyes of Larihei and the Mali’aheral, is a terrible, reprehensible crime to commit, for it embodies all that opposes civility, sophistication and reason. The attempt to assassination by the Tali’uruk but an Elven day ago is exemplary in demonstrating their barbarism, a self-fulfilling testament to their lack of proper sense. This act was not merely reprobate, but it was also one displaying cowardice - their audacious attempt to slaughter, their foolish attempt to flee. In a seemingly miraculous serendipity, who would have possibly imagined these very ignoramuses would haul themselves to the gates of our blessed silver bastion and bend their knee to justice? In light of this, the beatified sentinels of Haelun’or, the Sillumiran, pursued a swift capture of the fools, detaining them as is fittingly, their iron-clad frames impervious to the feeble assaults of the dark green-gradient rats. As a gesture of unequivocal magnanimity, the Silver State of Haelun’or, in its best interests to preserving peace and curbing conflict, dispatched emissaries to the city of Reza to enlighten our Valah associates of this matter - an apt display of similitude for the efforts of Haense, a fitting reciprocation. An appropriate extradition was performed thereafter, with the malefactors rightfully returned to Reza to meet a proper reckoning, a fitting end to their transgressions. Justice served. Signed, Sohaer, Sulraell Visaj Okarir’tir, Alaion Miravaris Divkinael, Muriel Uradir
  7. THE FUTURE OF THE MOTHERLAND RISE OF THE EVENING PRIMROSE Written by Sohaer, Sulraell Visaj As published on the 7th, of the Harvest of the Grand Harvest , 1760 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyFhsG8Ip4E&list=PLzOwriNHlKPUmMS4bJG2QQrTC-THbhsAj&index=11 Beauty lies within the delicacy and fragility from which the Evening Primrose lends her name. Her petals seemingly decayed and closed when met by the rays which plummet downwards from the sun. Roses, Dandelions and Orchids stand proudly within the time of day, towering grandly above the pitiful flower. It is but when the sun sets and darkness conquers the night sky and observant eyes closed their eyes that the Evening Primrose shows her true potential, her petals opening, flickering luminous bright colours as other flora rest. Time is an ever-lasting bombardement in which we are all lost, albeit it is only within the convolutions of the storm itself that we can find direction and purpose. We, Mali’thill of Haelun’or will be witness to an avant-garde feat of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya— a manifestation of connection and resilience for the Bastion of Knowledge. Long awaited the Motherland for resolution to turmoil and uncertain idleness. The Heart founded in Lareh’thilln is the same that beats within each persona that resides and flourishes in our grandiose Silver State. Henceforth shall we be no longer mere bystanders, but the ambassadors that prevail in education, progress and health. As Larihei sought, we are responsible for the betterment of our State and to ensure that all members of our pure citizenry aid us in the same progression that settles our superiority above all others. We shall no longer fear the Unknown— instead, we now venture forth, together. I, Sulraell Visaj, son of Elrion Visaj hereby pledge to guide Haelun’or through these naive and ignorant times, filled with lies and deceit, for Lareh’thilln is like the Evening Primrose, and her true prowess is still to be shown. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Sincerely, ElSohaer, Sulraell Visaj
  8. The Eternal College – Student Guidelines as published on the 4th of Snow’s maiden, 1758 A large document containing, and highlighting, important information for the Eternal College was placed on display for aspiring individuals to read. Pre-requisites I – Must be a resident of the Silver State of Haelun’or, with proof of residence. For oem’iian under the age of 50, they must present parent guardian approval in the form of a signature on your application. II – Must attend the Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Assembly, and present their Certificate of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya to the Guidance Counsellor. Mali’aheral of all ages MUST get this certificate. These are the core concepts of Haelun’or civilization and must be followed on school grounds. These assemblies will occur once or twice per month, and you may request private tutoring as well. III – Lesser Transfer Students will only be allowed in on a SPECIAL recommendation from any Okariran or Laurir available. The Okariran and Laurir will be asked to write a letter of recommendation for the student. They must also fulfill all other requirements, and also provide proof of residence in other nations they came from. Expectations I – Retaining respect and common sense within the walls of the Eternal College, understand that under any circumstance that you cause trouble you will be rightfully punished. II – All students must be vigilant and take it upon themselves to pursue an award in any profession or career they desire. Meaning, setting up appointments with the Guidance Counsellor is imperative to choose what classes you need. III – Attending all required Public Assemblies, not doing so will affect your attendance records and your admission ticket. IV – Ensuring that at the bare minimum you complete all the core requisites for the Eternal College. V – Completing 2 extra classes for your certification, including attending those lectures and completing the required assignments. VI – Attending the final exam for your certification, and graduating from the Eternal College. Privileges I – Immediate access to the Eternal Library and College facilities with no requirements other than having your student ticket. II – The ability to gain a fair education within the Blessed Silver City, and use your newly gained knowledge for your preferred profession and career path. III – The privilege to beginning the path to earn official certification in whichever subject you choose, an experience worth the time as a student. Okarir’maehr, Sulraell Guidance Councelor, Adeline
  9. Hello there.

  10. The Eternal College – Rule Book as published on the 6th of the grand harvest, 1757 A large document containing, and highlighting, important information for the Eternal College was placed on display for aspiring individuals to read. Attendance Policy I – Public Assemblies A - Public assemblies are mandatory gatherings that require student and professor attendance. They are used to announce important information for the Eternal College, and future updates with class schedules for the Elven Month. B – Students will be given the class schedules for the following Elven Month Semester, students who fail to attend will need to retrieve copies elsewhere. C – Attendance is accounted for and given a grade, however, you will be given a pass under extraordinary circumstances. [Family death, emergencies, etc.] D – Failure to attend a Public Assembly will result in a written letter to your home, to ask for an update of whatever emergency you needed to attend to. Not responding, will lead to suspension. II – Activity Check A – Every Elven Month the Eternal College sends out ‘Activity’ letters to students who have not attended a single class. Students must respond via a letter, or audience with the Guidance Counsellor. B – Failure to respond to an Activity Check will result in immediate Expulsion. Option to return to the College will be left open, as long as they re-submit their form. Old Letters of Recommendation will be invalid, and you will need a new one. III – Lecture Attendance A - Every Elven Month, you must take at least ONE lecture of your core major. By the end of the month, if you are seen not taking classes you will be sent an activity check. B – Certain subjects will require written attendance from the professor. Based on your finished assignment, you will be given a letter grade. Note, if you are not on the attendance you will not be counted for the class. You are not required to take every single available class in Elven Month, instead focus on taking the classes the Guidance Counsellor delegates. IV – Magic Practitioners A – Mages will be required to submit their current apprentice list to the Okarir’maehr for archival purposes, but they have the most freedom when it comes to teaching their students. Eternal Rules and Punishments for Students Punishments are dictated and resolved by the Board of Scholars and the Okarir’maehr. Manual Labor, Suspension, Expulsion, and Banishment are all possible punishments the school can execute. Some matters will call for a trial to determine the severity of their crimes or offenses. I – Common Sense - All individuals regardless of descendent origin are required to retain a professional and pure attitude within the college. Punishments will be executed for the following offenses: A – Demonstrating yourself with ill intent, in ways that are explicitly vile and scandalous. B – Acting in a poor manner, causing internal conflict, and/or starting fights will cause immediate expulsion. C – Vandalising school property regardless of enrolment status in the Eternal College. D – Acting against the Silver State Laws in any way will be seen as inept individuals, and not trusted on school grounds. II – Academics - All individuals are required to respect all material and knowledge offered by the Eternal College, especially their Nealuir. Punishments will be executed for the following offenses: A – All material offered by the professor or Eternal College is to be respected and cared for. Broken, misplaced, or lost items will be requiring a fine to replace the items. B – Signing up for a Final Exam and not attending is a clear show that you are not ready in maturity to continue. C – This includes tampering with in-class materials in any way or attempting to get in the way of another student’s work in an attempt to sabotage them. D – Voidal Magic apprentices abusing the knowledge given by the Mages of the Eternal College will be punished immediately. III – Plagiarism - All individuals are required to write texts and complete exams to demonstrate THEIR knowledge, not another person’s knowledge. Plagiarising material will only hurt the student more than any of the staff. Punishments will be executed for the following offenses: A – Turning in assignments and using source material, without any credit given to the source. B – Using another student’s answers during an exam, with exam papers being almost carbon copies of each other. C – Attempting to alter school property and archival information in order to benefit yourself, or others. D – Taking advantage of Nealuir resources and claiming their texts as your own. Eternal Rules and Punishments for Nealuir Punishments are dictated and resolved by the Board of Scholars and the Okarir’maehr. Nealuir can be expelled from their position at any time. IV – Common Sense - All individuals regardless of descendent origin are required to retain a professional and pure attitude within the college. Nealuir will follow the same common-sense policies as the students. V – Academics - Nealuir are encouraged to arrange their lectures by using plenty of resources from the Eternal Library. Nealuir will also follow the student rules, along with a couple of more. Punishments will also be executed for the following offenses: A – Forging documents and information especially about your class to benefit yourself, or your students. B – Professor lectures are subpar and incomplete to a point where students don’t learn a thing. C – General inactivity from a mage or professor to teach their students without prior notice. Asking assistant professors to help teach instead is fine, but this is exclusively for Professors. D – As a mage, claiming to be able to pass on magic to students even though they are not eligible to pass down the voidal magic. Voidal Magic practitioners are allowed to do short lecture classes on their craft but are not allowed to literally ‘teach’ the magic to apprentices. VI – Plagiarism - Naeluir follow the same circumstances as Students, and are not allowed to craft lectures + exams without properly crediting their sources. If the source is what they have learned throughout their own studies, it is best to mention such. Okarir’maehr Sulraell Guidance Councelor, Uppori Visaj
  11. Curse of Elarah -=-=(0)=-=- Moist soil met with red fluid as Thoras Elyrion’s throat oozed with blood, his throat lacerated from side to side as he used his blade for a quick, self-inflicted demise. Whispers paraded through the air whilst complete silence covered the canyon like a blanket. The high elf collapsed upon the haunted dirt, the thud of his armour hitting the ground resembling the end of his life like a bass-drum would a prelude... “A single soul is a-all I need, the life of one with p-pure blood flowing through t-their veins” made its way in the elven ears of the group of ‘thill, an eerie feeling resonating within the cursed ruins on which they had set foot. Brave Sillumir fighting alongside Magi and Citizens as friends and relatives subside upon the ground, paralysed. A lifeless child’s body grasped by acquaintances seconds after an apparition, resembling her grandpa, snaps her neck on the spot. Only the act of a single brave Sillumir was needed for the ghost to dissipate. Thoras Elyrion took matters into his own hands, protecting the lives of the citizenry of the Silver State by offering his own. Piercing whispers danced through the ruins a final time before settling. Those that were evaporated in thin air back in sight and those who were paralysed regaining control over their muscles. Everything seemed normal again, yet a penetrating odour wafted from within one of the ruined houses nearby. Uppori Visaj made her way into said house, the sight of a handful of skeletons flickering in her eyes as she fell down a hole in the floor. A jade-coloured vase stood upon a pedestal, a perfect circle of formerly descendants arranged like a ritual site around it. Uppori was startled as she looked down the vase. “Finally” was the phrase flung out of the vase as it shattered into pieces. The curious Mali grabbed a single shard, putting it in her pocket before being pulled back out of the hole. The group slowly make their way back to Lareh’thilln, some carrying bodies, others struggling to balance their own... [OOC] The continuation of the first event reserved for Haelun’or 1st of March - 15:00 EST
  12. The Eternal College – Education Curriculum as published on the 24th of Snow’s Maiden, 1756 Our cranium is but a simple husk, an emptiness to be filled with the knowledge provided by those more experienced than us. An obligatory task for those granted with grand intelligence, a task of unimaginable importance, a task taken up by the Nealuir of The Eternal College. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya A phrase most core to our being, elmaehr'sae hiylun'ehya is the eternal philosophy of the pure. Throughout the ages, there have been many different interpretations, yet all share rather similar ideals. In this class, we'd hope to provide education upon what such a philosophy entails, the common interpretations of elmaehr'sae hiylun'ehya, and discuss the further interpretations and thoughts of the class. For progress, and for health. -Alaion Miravaris, Alluin Miravaris Mali’thill Anthropology (Mali’thill turinder) The Mali'thill have forged a legacy, dawning with Larihei's following, discoveries and foundations. Now in an era, enlightened beyond Malin's, the citizenry are equipped with the opportunity to be educated on our originations and the journey of Her people. Provided by the Eternal College, History aims to aid students with our genesis, the role of Mali'thill through their generations and the changes of Her State's renderings. Our lectures provide a deeper understanding of the past with our political and cultural perspectives through time, while solidifying general knowledge concerning our societal development. -Nelgauth Maehr’tehral, Seth Calith Linguistics & Epistemology (Sanir & Yut) Mali'san. Elven speech. With the passing of time, fewer and fewer mali are capable of conversing in what should be their mother tongue, a wound which will not heal without the proper medicine. The Eternal College will serve as the guiding hand which leads Arcas away from the ignorance of war and into a new age marked by the wisdom of peace. -Aerendyl Lor’demar Voidal Studies (Inder’seth) Since the dawn of time, mages have sought to unravel and unveil the mysteries that lie within the timeless, undeniable emptiness of the Voidal plane— an abyss that provides our realm with so much, albeit returning to it just as much. Voidal Studies will focus solely on these topics, garnering extraordinary knowledge of the void and its every known detail. -Adeline Dagre’sae Natural Philosophy (Yut’ame) The physical and abysmal realms are made of giant organisms, some yet to be explored. Natural Philosophy is the systematic study of these aspects which compose natural, physical and astronomical pieces of scientific discoveries— Theoretical studies of the origin and development of our realm and its living organisms through observation and experiment. -Uppori Visaj, Sulraell Fine Arts (Val’thill) Art and architecture are considered synonymous amongst the mali’thill. Best represented through our buildings which are often designed to emphasise beauty above all else. Similarly, architects are more-often referred to as "artists" than anything else. To study Fine Art is to study the creations of our ancestors who inhabited the ancient and original Haelun’or of Asulon. Through this study we ensure that their legacy and vision for Haelun’or is never lost. -Nerithil Valarieth Folklore & Mythology (Antesan & Ullral’inder) The world out the blessed walls of elCihi'thilln is one of much diversity, hosting a multitudinous range of cultures that only a well-read individual, or a seasoned traveller can fathom. The purpose of this course is to provide these benefits in the comforts of the Blessed Silver City, enlightening students of the nature of many of the races and settlements in the land of Arcas. -Muriel Uradir Okarir’maehr, Sulraell Guidance Councelor, Uppori Visaj
  13. The Eternal College – The Ilumiran Order Arcane Fraternity as published on the 13th of the deep cold, 1754 War rages upon Arcas as never before, children murdered and nations collapsing as Larihei watches over our blessed bastion. Threats grow, and so do the armies of our foul enemies. The Silver Hill is to be protected and Larihei alone won’t do our defence justice. Our citizenry upon the silver hill are to be educated in the ways of magic, for they must protect what holds them so dearly. The Eternal College and The Ilumiran Order, under The Silver State of Haelun’or have on this day come together bearing a promising future and have formulated fair terms upon which the foundation of an enduring age of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. A collaboration which aspires to serve as an example for stability, prosperity and health in a realm so war-ridden. [ I ] The Eternal College and The Ilumiran Order celebrate this partnership with the utmost respect and are sworn to aid each other in the aspects required by this missive. [ II ] The Eternal College will grant all members of The Ilumiran Order full and undisclosed access to The Eternal Library, under the conditions required by this missive. [ III ] The Ilumiran Order will grant The Eternal College the most esteemed Amannan in the Order to serve as Nealuniran within the premises of the College and otherwise. [ IV ] Both parties hereby enter a state of non-aggression, lasting for a maximum of 5 years. The collaboration shall remain in effect unless dissolved by mutual agreement of both parties. [ V ] The parties commit to a mutual agreement of extradition for any individual from their respective entity deemed to have committed any crime, under Mali’aheral law. These signed beneath pledge their names and respective responsibilities to the terms in unanimity, bound by maehr’sae hiylun’ehya to the oath in which they commit. Sohaer, Dimaethor Elervarthar Okarir’maehr, Sulraell Marailer, Adeline Dagre’sae
  14. Custodians of Knowledge The Eternal Library As published on the 2nd of Sun’s Smile, 1754 Time passes and with it does the citizenry of our Blessed Bastion upon the Silver Hill. Larihei has blessed me with the fortunate opportunity to take it upon myself to be the new caretaker of The Eternal College. Miss Uppori has served The Silver State for an impressive amount of time, made countless improvements and raised our college from the ground up. Yet she has decided for herself that a well-deserved break is needed to look at things from a different perspective. Therefore Uppori Visaj has stepped down as Okarir’Maehr and made me her new successor. The sudden leave of a small group of impure-minded Mali and Kharajyr, has left our library at a lack of staff, and due to my sudden change of status I will not be able to pick up all the work needed to protect and uphold the copious amount of books stored in our Bastion of Knowledge. Therefore, The Eternal Library is looking for new staff members to fill the roles of safekeeping, sorting and protecting our most sacred treasures. Protecting our most dear belongings, passed on by generations is an occupation of respect and honour, hence the library will be having interviews and traineeships in order to filter out the incapable. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeEySyUJ0hRijtqgki4O7b_v-SU3HjOVYIMdRwHyvysW1603Q/viewform?usp=sf_link Okarir’maehr, Sulraell
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