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  1. Gaspard van Aert sets his gaze upon the newly signed treaty, his fingers softly thudding against his coif.
  2. Beron Stafyr readies his sword, imagining what he would look like as a brown man.
  3. Nice video, pumped to see more in the future!
  4. A god amongst men, may he never be forgotten. ( I will never forget you singing MC Parodies in VC for hours, hence I found this farewell song appropriate)
  5. A Pact of Silver and Clementine Signed the 8th of The Grand Harvest, 1767 The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as followed: {I}: The Silver State of Haelun’or and The Principality of Vitenna shall agree to adhere to a strict non-aggression pact, under all circumstances. This treaty will stay in effect for a duration of ten years. {II} : Both parties agree to respect each other's territories. The Principality of Vitenna stretching from the ruined city of Thyra to the sea on the west side, and The Silver State of Haelun’or stretching from the Sohaer’s Glade to the Northern Mountains, encompassing the entirety of the Silver Forests. {III} : The parties commit to a mutual agreement of extradition for any individuals from their respective territories deemed to have committed a legal transgression in the other signatory state. Signed, Sohaer, Sulraell Visaj Her Serene Highness, Luciana Maria Napoliza, Princess of Vitenna, Duchess of Fonsi, Baroness of Vileux
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Good work Johann, stronk rewrite...
  8. I like the idea, it is nice and simple, and alchemy could be so much more interesting than it is now. However, I don’t really like CA’s which require a dead body. If you want a creature where people have to give up their previous character, they will just make a new elf, play it for a day and then pk it for the new CA. I guess it would be the alchemist’s (GFA) responsibility to check if someone has really sacrificed something with value, rather than a day old character (which is farfetched). Apart from some more redlines in regards to how different races would be transformed and how that would translate in their CA, I don’t see that many problems with it... Overall I believe it could be a really cool idea if implemented correctly. Nice job Noz
  9. Could be really interesting for an event creature, something other than your standard kraken. Could provide for some good and intriguing roleplay.
  10. UR a stinky poo poo HEHE

  11. Damn, you are really talented, mind sending me your commission info?
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