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  1. Vermy

    Regarding 8.0

    When your nation choses central china for their city
  2. Sulraell’s pale green eyes turned a sudden dark-red as the reflection of the pool of blood swept against his pupils like a wave. His left eyebrow rose until it met his hairline as he softly stuttered to himself “I d-did not wish f-for this unfortunate event to unfold l-like this.. By Larihei, I did n-not even ask f-for this terrible trial..” He paused for a brief moment, voices fading into distant mumbles whilst solely Silir’s body seemed to remain in focus “L-Let this a be lesson t-to the citizenry o-of our blessed state. Today a-another victim has been claimed b-by the unruly Kha f-festering our city l-like insects... Leeches s-sucking on the p-pure blood flowing t-through our veins. They make unfortunate ‘thill f-fall into madness as did Mister U-Uradir today..” Sulraell’s sight slowly regained focus as he left the citadel, his sandals leaving a squeak to echo through the hall...
  3. Vermy

    New Year New World

    Imagine being such a good team member, Grool decides to give you double the credit 😉
  4. Sulraell fiddles with the brace around his ankle “Hmmm.. i-interesting..” he stuttered as his skinny pale left hand disappeared in his pocket “S-some investments must be m-made, I s-see...” the high elf mumbled softly as his hands exited his pocket, grasping a handful of shiny mina
  5. 😞 Gratz to Pyrias tho!
  6. I guess you just haven’t found the right ET yet 😉
  7. Yes, this isn’t related to the server. Just make sure you save the book every page by pressing the ‘Done’ button. (Not Sign) The only server issue concerning books would be that you occasionally get kicked when writing a book, in that case it is even more important to keep the book saved every few minutes..
  8. There goes my character development...
  9. Vermy

    Removing Signature?

    Go to the top right of your browser, click on the arrow on the right-hand side of your profile picture. Go into Account Settings (Underneath the Settings heading) Click on Signature underneath settings Scroll towards the typebox, select all and simply delete When you are done deleting don’t forget to save it
  10. Merry Christmas and a jolly month of December! Best of luck to you all! This is my Build Submission: I hope you enjoy my take on a Yeti!
  11. How very wholesome... I’m very much looking forward to our teamwork for future projects! I hope as time passes you’ll discover our shared love for dark humour. You’re a guy that always makes me chuckle as I creepily stalk in the shadows of VC. Merry Christmas, best wishes and talk to you soon!
  12. Yeah the time was definitely off. I get it was the only possibility for managers but europeans aren’t going to be joining when it’s at 5am. I do think Community Meetings are a good way to connect the whole staff team with the player base, and once every half a year wouldn’t do the job in my opinion. Perhaps once every 3 months...
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