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  1. Slippery Business Art done by DeivCalviz on Deviantart Missives are spread around Arcas, nailed to boards, pillars and scattered on the ground in alleys. The missives seemed to be handwritten, possibly quite hard to read for some. “Oie’v fekkin had it! Oie walk ta work evereh day and all uf a sudden oie fekkin slip on sum green goo nasteh slime. Oie fall on me back uf me ‘ead, leavin me wit’ a buggar uf an ‘eadache. Oie return ta walkin back ta ‘ome onleh ta slip again ta next day! Oie be done wit all t’is madness and Oie need someone ta c’eck w’ere t’is goo is cuming from. Ta trail seems ta lead to ta edge uf ta swamp, near Druids. Ta ferst one ta found out w’at it es and get rid of ta origin will be handsomely rewarded” (OOC) Interested in doing the event? Leave an in character reply on this post and contact me on discord: Vermy#2334 (Preferably a group of less than 10 people, but anything is possible)
  2. Sulraell’s face slowly filled with a grin, his eyes reflecting what seems to be fire. He just sat there staring into his fireplace, silent...
  3. Sulraell: “A-And yet another oem’ii f-falls under the g-grasp of the m-manipulative ways o-of the sillumir..” he paused “Wouldn’t b-be surprised if it ended u-up a Kha-hugger like t-the rest of t-that tin scum..”
  4. An unknown Goblin manages to find a poster before they all were removed ”Zom Pinkehs ere hozh nasteh..” he exclaims as he tries not to vomit
  5. Sulraell let out a rather annoyed grunt as he read about the neutrality of The Blessed Diarchy ”Hah, T-the Silver Council t-talks about ‘neutrality’ y-yet we fight in e-every war o-our beloved S-Sohaer can manage t-to get us involved i-in...” he drew a shallow breath and continued mumbling to himself ”T-the sole purpose o-of the ’tin men’ s-should be to d-defend the real citizens o-of our blessed bastion, not t-to fight for e-every lesser b-being our Silver Council f-feels like h-having a certain i-impure connection with..” Sully took a sip of his black tea as he once again had enough oxygen to continue ranting . ”T-the real threat to Mali’thill i-is not out t-there, but a-amidst our own, atop t-the silver hill...”
  6. Sulraell: ”I k-know a fun a-activity...” he paused as a grin grew atop his face ”L-Let us s-start with s-some cozy b-bonfires.. Or m-maybe a single big b-bonfire p-perhaps roughly t-the size of the n-new Kha village..
  7. Horren ‘Rosebush’ Bogbelly looks at the spectacle of the adding and removing of the flyers as he enjoys a deep hit from his wooden pipe
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