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  1. I want freebuild, my most fun time on this server was spent in freebuild in JustAnotherLW's settlement, away from the regulation of staff, away from the OOC politics. Simple ooga booga roleplay in my lighthouse.
  2. "As Loyal a man as any" The 'Fenn would comment as news reaches him, he pours a glass of aged wine and gives the man a silent toast "Enjoy eternal slumber, llir"
  3. Read the Purpose at the bottom of the post
  4. Tell me Niccum... Is it still all my fault?
  5. "Huh...." was all this Seer could muster, continuing on his way
  6. A Masked 'Fenn would ride into the forests of Yong Ping, dismounting his horse as he lets out a deep exhale. He would withdraw some papers from his pack before tying up the horse by a nearby tree and setting up camp - He expected to be here for a few days. Upon discovering the messages the Seer would get to work, writing out each of the sentences hundreds of times, rearranging them in countless forms completely disfiguring the already jumbled riddles. He would draw his hands over his tired eyes, groaning as nothing seems to line up. Again and again each route tried to solve the riddles until the 'Fenn comes to the simple conclusion - There is no right answer. He visits the first statue and would leave his own note alongside the others "As much as the sun provides" he would write on the note. Then making his way towards the second statue, taking his time at this statue the 'Fenn would think some extra moments before finally putting pen to paper "It was his time". Varan decided to take a break after this note was written. After the small rest he came upon the third, his brows furrowing as each made less sense then the last. He would shake his head, less confident in this answer though eventually he would write "Whatever is carried upon the winds". He was quick with the fourth, scribbling down "Snake" before quickly moving on to the final statue, not wanting to think about the previous. "Their job was done" he would leave the final note before slamming his book shut - simply wanting to get away from the area and finally set his mind to something that wouldn't drive him insane. He would mount his horse and be on his way back to his homely cave in the Vale.
  7. Nations always have and always will rely on leadership. These PKs hit multiple leaders of a single nation at once. First you take an L in multiple warclaims then half your leadership dies. Hats off to any nation that can survive that many Ls in a row
  8. The problem is that it isn't and would not be used for such. The death of smaller nations NLs is basically death for the nation and that simply isn't fair
  9. "The Hexers are a group of glorified swordsmen in desperate need of reform." The 'Fenn would mutter as he reads over both missives
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