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  1. Varan slowly gets to his feet as he stumbles away from the battle field with his various injuries “I’m still Ten for One...” he calls out in a chuckle as he waits for his wounds to heal up before heading back out onto the roads ((gf
  2. MCName: Gored RPName: Varan Race: Mali’Fenn Nation: None, ready for hire! (Currently employed by the AIS)
  3. This is so ******* retarded my brain actually smoothed just reading this. Why is this a thing?
  4. Varan the Mali’Fenn of now no nation pulls his large bloodsteel hammer off one of the crushed heads of an Haense solider. Then moving to bind the man and drag him all the way back to Rubern ”Good hunting today llir” he comments towards his ‘Ker battle brother, soon after departing the city before the likely execution took place
  5. Callum

    Tech Update

    @Telanir Step down. @Tythus Kick him.
  6. Callum

    Server Downtime Sunday

    Finally I can raid Sutica
  7. “Attacked a council member” responds to no one in specific
  8. Callum

    Ask Brax

    Why the hell is the max horse jump 2.5 blocks. Its always been 3 put it back.
  9. *swoons in minecraft however he is too tall and cries himself to sleep
  10. Varan the snow elf whistles in snow elven. This would probably induce seizures among orcs
  11. Varan gives a nod to the black elf “Ah yes big man”
  12. Varan thinks for a few moments. “They tend to have a habit of attacking Nation council members... Me, Leila and that other man. So much for the ‘Pacifistic State’ they call themselves”
  13. Callum


    Dimitri readied his bow as he looked down at the Haensers that littered his trap, a small grin crossing his face as he knocked an arrow. With that, he shot a flurry of arrows alongside his fellow soldiers - and it did not take long for the fight to be finished. Jumping in to the trap himself, after the fight, he checked any for signs of life - seeing one Renoran clinging to life desperately like the rat he is, grabbing him by the head he would drag him off to the gallows. It would be here that Renoran would meet his fate, a timely death at the hands of the A.I.S - certainly not the first, nor the last that would be claimed by Dimitri or the A.I.S.
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