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  1. while you were playing chess, I was playing chess.

  2. Ser Dimitri of Pestilles would give an approving nod to that of his Lord. Drawing his sword and letting out a cheer before the veteran moves to down a barrel of ale
  3. Ser Dimitri had continued fighting despite being cut off and separated from the forces. Soon joining under the banner of Diome and helping in his push against the Orenians!
  4. Ser Dimitri of Pestilles would hear of the recruitment drive. The once rich knight of the mighty Pestilles now without his great wealth would seek out the man responsible!
  5. "To the death I say..." the 'Fenn comments to no one, rather this would be a thought to himself. Regardless he was amused
  6. Man I love CAs...

  7. "Our victory today will go unnoticed by those on the outside. They will not remember the names of the 'Fenn and the few allies that died to keep this beast from coming for them. And to that..." all the 'Fenn could do was spit onto the floor. The Archvigilant of War would drag his battered form up from the ground, a dissatisfied look creeping up onto his face as he sees the devastation. Though a victory, a painful one - Many dead around him and yet the beast responsible still lives. Scooping up his Thanhic Glaive he paces back to the Keep to plan the next battle... Yet the Prince was no where to be seen.
  8. "Chul o’tilru Wyrvun liewynh y'kaean" the Archvigilant of War would mutter. Watching the city closely, now tasked with the defence of the city.
  9. As this Equinox comes to an end the winners are declared: The new Ihnsil'Fenn: Sarya Ithrandos Wyvrun's New Champion: Akkar Tundrak
  10. When you say that your settlement would have a fun cooperative storyline with dark CA groups and because they are all so starved from shitty settlements blocking them they all jump you at the same time. Its good for us but honestly shows the shit state other players bring onto the server

  11. A Fennic Seer would awake from his quick slumber with a gasp - Blindly looking around the room he would reach for the comforting fabric, wrapping it around his gray orbs. For some time he would sit there, pondering the meaning of what he saw. Heavy of breath he would wipe the sweat which formed at his brows before pulling himself up "Why could he be back..." he thought aloud. Recalling the last time the Seer had seen the Aengul. Soon the paranoia would set in and all he could think about was the worse
  12. From their perches atop the withering foliage, the caws of crows sound off stone and dirt, echoing through Ikur’fiyem. Autumn had arrived, and even in Fin’hesin, that land of stout winter, did life wither. Green turned to orange, orange to brown, and brown to nothing. Brisk winds from the north chilled to the bone; a harbinger of what was to come - for following autumn would be winter, and the winter of Fin’hesin was a deep, lifeless freeze. And so, while they could, fauna and ‘fenn alike scavenged the lands, picking them bare in preparation for their hibernation. Those who failed to secure their resources before the deep freeze would wither away and perish in Wyrvun’s frigid breath. It was a time for competition; a time for war. And so, among the faithful of Isvinity, word was spread of the impending Equinox of War - to be held at the very height of autumn. “Hark! Mali’fenn - As faith demands, and tradition encourages, we will celebrate the Equinox of War - a time for you to help our Remnants gather food in preparation for winter’s hibernation, and prove your martial strength. We shall hold a hunt, whereby the individual to collect the most pelts will be awarded the title Ihnsil’fenn. Thereafter, come and feast in the tavern, and listen to stories of martial prowess. Further, a melee tournament shall be held, and the winner crowned Wyrvun’s Champion. They shall be granted a professionally forged weapon, and may ask one thing of their prince - to be delivered so long as it is within both power and reason.” _______________________________________________________________________________ [[OOC]] The hunt will be held this Saturday at 5pm EST, to be followed by a feast in the tavern. The winner of the hunt will be determined by a rolling system and anyone can attend, and will receive: -The title “Ihnsil’fenn” (Currently held by Orrian Krisrel) -A free bust sketched by the very talented @JJosey The ranged tournament will be held this Sunday at 6pm EST, and is open to anyone. The rules are as follows: -Any ranged weapon allowed -Three shots (d20 roll. Points given based on roll) The winner of the ranged tournament will receive: -A custom RP weapon -A Fennic steed bred in the Royal Stables The melee tournament will be held this Sunday at 7pm EST, and is open only to citizens of the Remnants (though spectators are welcome). The rules are as follows: -No leaving the arena -No ranged weapons -No mounts The winner of the melee tournament will receive: -The title “Wyrvun’s Champion” (Currently held by Rydia Atmorice) -A custom RP weapon -The ability to ask one thing of the prince, to be granted so long as it is within power and reason _______________________________________________________________________________ Tournament Sign-up (Tourney on 21/11/2021. 11/21/2021 for you Muricans) Please respond to this thread with the following information MC Username: RP Name: Tournament (Can sign up for all):
  13. "Again?" the 'Fenn stated, chuckling as it seems he had just escaped the city prior to the burning. Close one.
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