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  1. This is posted on behalf of premiumroleplay (Harold) who is unable to do so... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRhlRNkEttw Not good at this, but i’m gone. I’ve done everything I can. I started talking to the Administration privately, discussion took place surrounding the issues I could foresee, but then they ignored me. I offered help, I did everything I could. I even tried to join the GM Team to train the new GMs up to an acceptable standard. I was told I wasn’t going to be allowed to join the team because the GM Team wasn’t comfortable with me being on the team, due to my attitude. I went public. This was the only way I could get the message across. A few days ago, I was content moderated, and then restricted from posting entirely on the forums, because I have been telling the truth. A content mod is where your posts have to be approved by a Moderator. A restriction from posting means you don’t even have the possibility of posting. I wasn’t even given a message as to why and what rules I broke for my content mod, and when speaking to Telanir himself later, he cited community guidelines violation and that I was creating a disheartening environment for staff. The community guidelines are an Administrations last bolt hole for a quick removal in an emergency. They are not there to protect the community, they are there to protect the Administration from issue. I’ve lost all hope in this administration, but most importantly Telanir. This is a targeted attack on those who disagree with staff. Instead of fixing their problems, or listening to the community before making sweeping changes to the very core of LoTC - they are censoring the players who disagree, those who have a voice in this community. I served as an Admin twice, most of that time spent managing the staff, in an operations director role, all Team Directors reported to me. Not once did I content moderate somebody on the forums, and not once did I ignore a player who had a genuine issue - or even an ex-staff member who wanted to discuss an issue. To be treated with such disdain, brings me to a conclusion that this server really isn’t worth the time or effort - even if I love it more than most. Goodbye until things change. #FreeNarthok #FreeMed #FreeAeldrin #FreeGGT #FreeHarold I will be posting my thoughts about this here. Harold has been part of the community for far longer then anyone I know. He is one you should trust if he says there is a problem with the moderation team and he isn’t the only one who thinks this. But he has been forced away from voicing his opinion and telling them how it is. He was pushed away when he tried to help. How is this a community where people want to be when players that have given SO much time to the server and helped it progress so far and even seen it through the best times of the server, but the Admin team just push him away and completely silence him because he spoke his opinion. Yes the opinion he gave was against the moderation team but that opinion is shared by hundreds of players that just won’t voice it. Harold is a great guy and his leaving actually sucks, and this is all because of the poor staff teams that have become so annoying. Things need to change before we lose even more big people of the community.... #FreeHarold
  2. [Ooc] Username: DoxxerHackerman Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Literally 0 a week Discord: DoxxerHackerman#4106 Timezone: GMT [RP] Name: Varan Atmorice Gender: Male Place of residence: Atmorice Manor in Tahu’lareh Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’Fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Sure
  3. Accepted, please report to the next training session”
  4. “Three down, one to go” The Mali’Fenn would mutter from behind the bars of the evil Red Tag prison. Varan would get to his feet only to be whipped down to the floor as an evil demon would begin reading off a series of names. Varan could only assume these to be more victims of La Punisher Regime.
  5. minecraft minecraft minecraft. unban me.
  6. The only event that Fenn has got is a group of stupid STs saying there are “Farting fairies” in the tavern where they literally drove away like 10 people out the tavern. Plz give a better event next time
  7. Varan Atmorice would go to sign but his hand was slapped away by an evil Red Tag
  8. Varan Atmorice offers a thumbs up from behind the bars of the evil Red Tag prison. The latest victim of La Punisher Regime “I will just dance here” he would utter shaking his head eating one of his small rations that the evil men feed him.
  9. I love how my status update was removed because staff saw how stupid they were. Grr Red tags Grr

    1. ScubaSteveee


      how about you stop complaining little bithc 


  10. “Accepted, please report to the next training session”
  11. “Accepted, please report to the Training tonight.” ((Tonight, 5pm EST))
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