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  3. "Cowards bending to everyone." The returning Mali'Fenn said after hearing the news
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  6. "You are not a Tundrak" says Varan, casually walking by.
  7. Varan Atmorice would chuckle some as the missive reached the city in which he would currently staying, the 'Fenn shredding it before tossing it into a slowly dimming fire "She is no leader... the Princedom will not thrive under the rule of her." he speaks out towards anyone who wishes to bring it up in conversation, closing his grey hues he soon falls into one of his many month long naps...
  8. Heard you had a great launch guys 🙂

  9. Finally free from my content moderation - **** Mod Team all my homies hate mod team

  10. As probably one of the oldest snelves still playing I have to say its about time honestly. Put the nail in the coffin. I can see why a lot of people causing a massive fuss over this but the race was dying and should have been disbanded when buff left. Probably is bias considering it came from joel as everyone knows he is against the snelves but this was a long time coming. There was never anything defining them as something different which sucks because no one can deny that there was opportunity there for an actual thing to come of this Think of this change as a good thing – We are now
  11. How have you gotten away with Blatant abuse on the World team over multiple months and then got on the Tech team somehow with all that abuse?
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