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  1. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/549670443603329025/623337755463909386/Watch_out_.mov Varan Atmorice in his hidden hut prepared to kill High elven scum!
  2. Varan will just snooze in his hidden hut in the wilderness
  3. What up epic gamers. Here hoping my comments get accepted. Cry more 😄
  4. -1 cause she kept shouting to upvote
  5. “Princedom of Fenn” Varan would correct...
  6. Chadwick Chaddington would go to fetch his mighty pink armour!!
  7. Chadwick Chaddington yawns.
  8. “So this is human politics” Varan would utter starting to laugh loudly as he begins his journey back to Tahu’lareh
  9. “False” Varan would say with a little chuckle
  10. Varan would laugh in his sleep at this demand... he would then just continue to snore
  11. Varan would begin to snore even louder after reading “High elves crying again” he would mutter in his sleep
  12. Varan would snore upon reading the missive
  13. Callum


    I agree with this... not any of the racial buffs but the items
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