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  1. Chadwick lay underneath the stairs in the royal palace in tears as he heard the news. He had failed his Queen just as his elder failed another Devereux. He glances up to see a lone rope hanging from the roof before just closing his eyes beginning to pray. The Guard would no longer be seen patrolling the roads or tending to the mines...
  2. A Small Black man nods upon hearing the news and makes his way for the new settlement RP Name: Shaquil PK Clause – Accepted
  3. “Not the books! Nooooooo” Calls out a random ‘ame miner
  4. Callum

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    Stop rep farmin
  5. Finally... staff displaying at least a couple braincells
  6. Trump 2020, FreeHongKong....... can’t wait to be content modded again 😄
  7. Sounds like a rep farm to me
  8. Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Finally I can ERP with Callum on the main server again

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      no thanks

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  11. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/549670443603329025/623337755463909386/Watch_out_.mov Varan Atmorice in his hidden hut prepared to kill High elven scum!
  12. Varan will just snooze in his hidden hut in the wilderness
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