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  1. 5th of Snow’s Maiden, 82 S.A ((22/06/22)) VI SESSION OF THE GRAND SENATE With a roster drawn up on a bi-annual basis, the 6th session of the Grand Senate shall commence upon the 7th of Sun’s Smile in the year 82 S.A. The list of members of the Grand Senate for this two-year period shall be. Grand Chancellor: Aghal Frostbeard Grandaxe: Agnar Grandaxe Lothgar Grandaxe Ireheart: Balor Ireheart Irongut: Falk Irongut Starbreaker: Jorvin Starbreaker
  2. The Grand Senate of Urguan approves this message
  3. 7th of Sun’s Smile, 79 S.A 05/06/22 79 S.A Sitting V Session of the Grand Senate With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate. Roll Call In Attendance Grand King. Bakir Ireheart, Grand Kingdom of Urguan (arrived later) Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Rep. Haakon Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard (subbed in for Ulfric) Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Svardin Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Celeste’Tol Blackroot, Clans of Hefruum Rep. Danika Ireheart, Clan Ireheart (subbed out for Balor) Rep. Balor Ireheart, Clan Ireheart (subbed in for Danika) Sen. Falk Irongut, Clan Irongut Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker Not in Attendance Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart TRANSCRIPT STARTS Note: Roll Call Held, 7 Present. Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite welcome folks tuu der firs' sitting o' der fifth session o' der Grand Senate! Todeh we'll beh discussen a treateh wid some o' our allies, some Legion reforms an' Bakir 'as somefin ter say oi believe. Wid a quorum o' der majoriteh o' clans, we may begin! Firs' o' all, der treateh. Et's pretteh simple, alt'ough oi'll let yer discuss eht if yer wish, otherwoise we can move on tuu a vote.” Falk Irongut: “T'ese're teh pirates weh behn fightin 'gainst fer teh past few years, aye?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye dat's correct.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Nae point. Tho' ah' wish tae make you 'ware ah've somethin' tae say aftah'r tha' quill-pushing business.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye alroite, well yer can say et aftah der Legion proposal bill an' after Bakir speaks Jorvin. But otherwoise if all are agreed we can move on tuu a vote?” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Aye, don't see no discussion teh beh 'ad.” Falk Irongut: “I onleh 'ave one t'ing ta ask, will signin t'is pact put us at odds wit' aneh ot'er nat'ns? Ah dinnae wannta spark ah war wit' ah single pact” Aghal Frostbeard: “Bakir if yer want ter answer dat?” Falk Irongut: “Aneh'ne else fightin teh pirates ot'er t'en us ahn our vassals?” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Has this alread been made public? If suuh, weh ah're alreadeh beholden to it, vote or otherwise.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Der Senate mus' approve all diplomaceh per der articles, but aye 'as been published publiceh.” Bakir Ireheart: “Fok nae. Weh were dah main heaveh lifters in dah foight against dah island. Nae un contends our claim.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aneh-'ow, oi move tuu a vote!” Brimstone Treaty Proposed by Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard AYE Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Svardin Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Celeste’Tol Blackroot, Clans of Hefruum Rep. Danika Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Falk Irongut, Clan Irongut Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker NAY ABSTAIN ABSENT Proposal passed unanimously Aghal Frostbeard: “Agnar, yer may speak on der Legion reform proposal.” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'is bill is quite simple and I won't be long in d'e introduction o' it. D'e Legion officers and I 'ad a meetin' w'ere we decided d'at due to d'e lack o' applications to d'e Legion d'at we s'ould seek ways to get people to join. So we've decided to bring ye' a bill about a mandatory conscription. Eac' dwed are to serve in d'e military to get experience and to only serve only about fifteen to twenty years.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi decree twenteh stone minutes o' debate on dis proposal.” Falk Irongut: “Frankleh, ah foind t'is bill tantamount ta ahn attempt ta enslave dwedmar. Evereh dwed es born wit' ah natural right ta choose 'is pursuit ehn loife, teh oat's 'e swears, ahn most importantleh o' all, w'o 'e fights fer! Ta evehn attempt ta force folk ta fight es ah disgrace ta w'at centuries o' dwedmar 'ave fought ta build.” Svardin Grandaxe: “Says the Irongut, eh? Speak when ye put some armor on instead ae them bathrobes.” Danika Ireheart: “Ets nay slavereh ets bein' a good dwed an' FOIGHTEN FER YER KINGDOM.” Svardin Grandaxe: “If yer a dwed that cannae fight then ye dunnae belong in Urguan, simpleh put.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Oh gud 'eavens.” Svardin Grandaxe: “Better tae live wi' the Elgi.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Addin' to d'is, if d'is bill passes we will be needin' an increase gained to d'e Legion to pay out to eac' soldier. Not only d'is, we d'e officers o' d'e Legion ask for land to be given to build a new encampment for trainin's and suc'. D'e current one we 'ave is too far and not in use. If we are granted d'is it will allow us to train our soldiers better.” Falk Irongut: “Then let them choose ta fight! Forcing them ta fight es not'in more t'en enslaving them, somet'in which weh made 'gainst our own laws centurehs agu” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite folks let's keep dis ordeleh. Jorvin yer may speak and oi expect yer all ter listen.” Falk Irongut: “Alsu **** ye Svardin, where were ye ehn teh last war?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Quiet Falk.” Svardin Grandaxe: “In yer maw's bed.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Enuff o' dat.” Celeste'Tol Blackroot: “Ah 'ave tae beh 'ones, ah've nae ide'yeh ow yeh even join teh legion.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Falk, I 'ave a question for ye'.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Agnar dat can wait.” Celeste'Tol Blackroot: “T'at moigh beh part ef teh problem.” Falk Irongut: “Ill answer et afteh Jorvin speaks” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Let Jorvin speak” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye focken 'eck enuff chatter.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “You ah'll know me. You know tha' from tha' time ov my youth, tae my reign as King. I fought in tha' Legion wit'out complaint. Ah'm ah' soldier firs', always 'ave been, ah'n I've been on er'ry battlefield against ah're foes since ah' was young…” Agnar Grandaxe: “'Ave ye' seen d'e state o' our military?” He'd pause for a minute. “We need more soldiers and people to serve to protect our Kingdom. D'is bill will only 'elp us to do d'at, not only d'is it will allow us to ensure all citizens are trained properly. Look at our front gates, a Dragon attacked and our citizens need to be trained to defend.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Havin' said that. This was written by ah'n ejit.” Danika Ireheart: “State why.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Agnar, yer may respond.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “When 'ef ever, 'as conscription ever worked as intended? Much less in peacetime!” Svardin Grandaxe: “In the grand days ae SKIPPY IRONGUT! We won the rebellion wi' a conscription.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “What ah're tha' critera? What ages cah'n ah' Dwarf beh consripted ah't? What ah'bout tha' infirm, tha' sick, tha' cripple?” Aghal Frostbeard: “ENUFF GRANDAXE.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Wha' ah'bout those Dwarves such as mah' clansmen, wit' holy obligations? Ah'n why tha' hell do you need ah' new encampment? We've ah' perfectly good one alreadeh.” Danika Ireheart: “It literalleh says whoi.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I mus' retoire, but o'I wish teh say somethin', moighty small, befer o'I do.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Danika enuff. 'old on, Agnar can Ulfric speak firs'.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'm not lookin' for tha' opinion ov beardlings. Yeh've tha' floor Ulfric.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I will keep t'is vereh quick, so t'at othehs who are waitin' can speak. But teh world 'as changed, t'at much es obvious. Wars are in biggeh numbehs nowadays t'en t'ey 'ave been befer. Wit' t'at said, our military mus' beh readeh fer w'ateveh may come. Last toime et was ah dragon, but w'at ov next? Conscription, whoilst o'I may not t'ink et es necessarily teh exact answer, es as gud ah answer as o'I've seen so far. Wit' t'at said, attackin' one anotheh fer who did t'is an' who showed up t'ere is downroight atrocious, an' shoul' beh teh las' option, ef an option at all. Werk togeteh, spend ah whole senate meetin' discussin' et ef yeh mus'. But do somethin' teh solve teh problem, not prolong/ et some mer. Farewell fer now kin.” Agnar Grandaxe: “First I do not d'ink insultin' will prove ye' case against d'is bill by callin' me an idiot. D'e age limit is quite common sense knowledge for it. We've seen in ot'er nations like Haense 'As done conscription before s'owin' success in it. So 'as some ot'er nations. For d'e asking o' w'y d'e Legion needs a new encampment is quite in ye'r own words, idiotc d'ing to say. D'e current location o' d'e one we 'ave is not useful for d'e Legion. It is too far and d'e Legion deserves a encampment closer and d'at will allow us to use it d'e way it is needed to be used.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite, Celeste yer may say yer piece.” Celeste'Tol Blackroot: “As much as ahm sure t'at conscription wul' solve teh problem, ah duh worreh, realleh, fer teh impact et'll 'ave.. 'Swell as wit wot Ulfric said, ah du'nae t'ink et's teh exact anseh tuh teh problem. Frum moi toime 'ere, ah've noticed ah distinct lack ef advertoisen fer teh legion, er ah real reason teh join ot'eh t'en.. Honor, ah s'pose? Weh's dwed, weh loike ah reason fer thins ot'eh t'en jus 'doin et'. Ah t'ink weh nae 'ave enough access teh join teh legion, nor duh weh 'ave much fer goins-on ot'eh t'en teh occasional.. Joint trainin'? Weh need teh 'ave teh legion doin thins, nae jus' sittin 'round and trainin an existen. Ah t'ink t'ere's ah betteh way. Personalleh, ah can see teh legion doin communiteh thins, ah knowh et's nae teh perfec solution, bot jus luuk at 'owh our front gate 'as been burned. Ah sense of kin en teh legion wul' beh ah 'uge draw, 'swell as adventurin an such, eh? Teh legion, en moi opinion, needs more toime teh grow close an fer dwed teh see t'at kinship. Makin et more accessible an showin openleh wot teh legion can give yeh in terms of experience, t'at es ah solution.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Agnar yer may speak in response.” Falk Irongut: “Aye, celeste es ohn teh roight track. Greater incentives fer folk joinin teh legion, rather t'en tryin ta force ehm.” Celeste'Tol Blackroot: “Personalleh, ah've nae been sure ow teh even join teh legion fer years.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi decree an extra twenteh stone minutes o' debate toime.” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'e issue 'as been goin' on longer d'an I 'ave returned to d'e Kingdom and Legion. D'e Legion 'as been quite inactive wit' it's number o' soldiers. D'ough we 'ave advertised well in d'e Legion by joint trainin's wit' d'e Vale and 'ave put up posters about joinin' d'e Legion. D'ough as Ulfric 'as pointed out, due to d'e recent dragon attack on d'e city it s'owed me d'at d'e dweds of Urguan need trainin'. D'ey need to be prepared and we are willin' to give it to d'em by d'is conscription.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'n payin' them in ah're worthless currenceh 'et seems.” Balor Ireheart: “Nae.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Oh? Ah've we returned to thae minae then? Thank Armakak.” Bakir Ireheart: “Conscription wos onleh used in extreme circumstances. Et should onleh take effect durin war. Out of wartoime, dwed shoult beh wantin tuh join durin peacetoime.” Celeste'Tol Blackroot: “Aye, ah agree wit' Bakir.” Falk Irongut: “Bakir 'olds ah decent middle ground, but evehn t'at es slippereh. Teh last war showed t'at dwedmar'll fight for Urguan whether they're officialleh ehn teh legion 'r nae. Ef t'ats teh case, why 'ave conscript'n durin wartime?” Balor Ireheart: “Not te' subject.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Falk, do ye' d'ink d'at d'e Vale s'ould be outrallin' our military in joint trainin's?” Falk Irongut: “Sureleh nae, but ah count t'at as ah failureh o' teh legion leadehship, one t'at'll nae be fixed by enslavin yeh kin ahn forcin ehm ta fight. Giving more incentives ta join teh legion es ah better opt'n t'en shacklin yeh kin ahn puttin ehm in teh shield wall” Balor Ireheart: “We nar enslave te'm.” Bakir Ireheart: “Den recruit. Past Ireheart Gran Marshals were famous fer takin dwed out and visitin otha cities tuh bring lads intuh dah legion.” Falk Irongut: “Oh? Would yeh give teh lads teh choice ta fight 'r nae? 'r would yeh force ehm ta fight?” Bakir Ireheart: “And wit mah vassal system, vassals will have levies tuh call upon.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Conscription, in tha' years since Fimlin, Utak, ah'n I reforged this Kingdom in forgefire ah'n steel, has nevah' worked. Tha' Dwarves born in tha' peace weh forged do nae serve out ov obligation or tha' threat ov conscription, as weh did durin' tha War-Years, or ah're Elders did in tha' ages passed… Tha' much 'es certain. Besides ah' generation ov fatherless Dwarves, 'as tha' Legion ev'n concluded why people ah're nay joinin'?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite lad's let's naet 'ave a shouten match. Jorvin der floor es yers." Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'. I will keep 'et brief for tha' sanity ov those here.” Balor Ireheart: “Te' problem all te' dweeds 'ave been 'ave either been in te' legion or t'ey don't want to join.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Fank yer Balor, but let Jorvin talk aye?” Agnar Grandaxe: “Ye' say failure in leaders'ip o' d'e Legion, and ye' seem to be quite d'e talker. Per'aps ye' would like to take d'e open position o' Grand Mars'al, and maybe ye' could s'ow us old veterans in d'e Legion 'ow it's truly ran.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Agnar, let Jorvin finish.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Did ah' say that? I asked if tha' Legion 'as concluded as tae why 'ets numbers ah're ah't tha' lowest they've been since Atandt Oir'ngrindah' was king…. Ah'n if suuh, why ah're they tryin' tae use ah' system which 'as never worked tae remedy 'et?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Agnar a response?” Haakon Frostbeard: “Yew talk about Wut deh legion es duu'en wrong but s'ow no action, Ef yew fink sumtin we're duu'en es wrong den w'y don't you Step up tuu be grand marshal“ Agnar Grandaxe: “We've talked to some dwed. Some don't fig't, some wants to focus on d'e workforce, and some just don't 'ave an answer as to w'y. D'ough if ye' are concerned o' d'e amount o' years, we could lower d'e number o' service we ask.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah've neen Gran' Marshal before, pissant. Know yer history before you run your mouth.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Jorvin keep et civil.” Falk Irongut: “Sorreh Jorvin, don't yeh know t'at yeh past service means not'in. Yeh gotta kill anot'er god ta prove yehself” Agnar Grandaxe: “Ah've know more o' our dwarven 'istory d'an ye' do boy.” Balor Ireheart: “So it was nae ye w'o made te' legion big it was bakir and duron.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah' am still ah' Legionnaire, ah' may not wear tha' armor, ah'n I may not meander around tha' gate but ah' think fellin' ah' God in league wit' Iblees 'as earned me tha' right.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite lad's we'll beh wrappen up soon.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Ye' are in d'e Legion?. Per'aps ye' s'ould s'ow an example towards ye'r clan by s'owin up to training.” Bakir Ireheart: “Everyone shut the FOK up, Oi want tuh hear wot Ulfar has tuh say.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye? Okeh Ulfar, yer did want ter say somefin.” Ulfar Starbreaker: “Aye. In moi time in duh legion, oi noticed our comradureh. Deh actions our legate, Gildroc, rest hes soul, tuuk fur us teh undurstand command and our bonds with one another. But upon further service, soldiers stopped commin teh rallies, deh refused teh du deh common wurk o' patrols an' outposts, nothin happens en Urguani lands, not whoile we march to spots that are essentualleh wastelands, empteh, void o' folks.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite, wrap et up Ulfar, we'll beh moven ontuu a vote aftah.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Let tha' boy speak.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye oi am Jorvin.” Ulfar Starbreaker: “En war against deh Umreh, or deh Urks, we all come tugethur as deh Legion an' we dominate, we win, but wot es tu say our opponent isn't jus' weak? Deh legion has shown lack o' skill in supernatural battle, such as deh void and deh pirates. Oi watched moi own comrades die undeh deh command o' those foolish enuff teh think we be fighten Umrehs or Uruks. With all respect fur deh ancestors, deh Legion is grand, et es powerful, but it's current state es bland, ah husk. How can we join ah 'legion' that does nae have each others back? Senden our beardlins that seek glory, nae brothurhood? These are my issues during my serivce. The lack of professionalism of deh army has become this.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite. Let's move onto a vote folks,” Legion Reform Proposal Proposed by Senator Agnar Grandaxe AYE Rep. Haakon Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Svardin Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe NAY Rep. Balor Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Falk Irongut, Clan Irongut Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker ABSTAIN Sen. Celeste’Tol Blackroot, Clans of Hefruum ABSENT Proposal failed to pass Aghal Frostbeard: “Bakir yer wished ter speak.” Bakir Ireheart: “Tha deserter en traitor, Torsun whu sold his honor tuh dah Orenians 'as made ah settlement en freeport. Ets dwed achitechure and led bah, yeh can guess. Ah Dwed. Torusn. Weh all remember dah foken toime of Mynebor where dey attempted to break off dwed from our home and tuh dat place. And et looks loike dah same es happenin again. Oi spoke tuh him about ah Protectorate status and dey agreed. But when weh were tuh finalleh put et on paper, dey now are callin us foken liars and dat dey never agreed tuh dah. Dah Chancellor es mah witness. Now oi wish tuh seek dah council of dah senate on dis matter. How should weh respond tuh dis slight, fer dem goin back on deir word and callin us foken liars.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye, Torsun did seem agreeable on becomen a protecterate, yet backtracked latah et appears.” Falk Irongut: “Sounds loike nae slight ta meh, ta beh true.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “GRUDGE! Put it in tha' book!” Falk Irongut: “Ef ah may. Torsun Gold'and was tried ahn punished fer 'is crimes ehn ah court o' law, ahn bears irreprable scars from 'is punishment. Aftahwards, ef 'e chose ta leave teh kingd'm, ta found 'is own home ahn build somet'in fer 'imself, doin su was 'is roight. Howeveah, et seems ta meh t'at we were nae concehned wit' 'is departureh when et didnae benefit teh kingd'm, but now t'at 'e 'as somet'in ta show from 'is efforts, yeh suddenleh offended by 'is departureh? T'at 'ardleh seems just ahn roight ta meh.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah believe Danika Ire'eart 'as somefin ter say.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Nae 'es depature Falk, his slander. Ain' tha' right, Bakir?” Danika Ireheart: “If I may. Torsun es me uncle by blood. Per'aps I coul' speak to 'em on this matter an' see if there's been some sort of miscommunication, an' per'aps convince him tay rethink their decision.” She pauses for a moment before continuing, “I'm sure there's a reason be'ind their words….” Falk Irongut: “Furt'ermore, et doesnae sound ta meh loike 'e signed aneh pact agreein ta become ah protectorate, onleh t'at 'e considehed teh opt'n, ahn lateh decided against et. I cannae say fer certain, but 'ppears ta meh t'at 'e was roight ta say t'at teh agreement o' protection was ne'er fulleh established” Bakir Ireheart: “Oi dunnae give ah flyin fok where Torsun lives, but he agreed tuh bein ah protectorate but then backed out and called us liars, and ow about weh recognize dis dwed sold his kin tuh Oren.” Falk Irongut: “Bold words comin from ye Bakir” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye Falk, we agreed ter 'ammer out terms latah.” Falk Irongut: “Aye! Ahn does ah dwed nae 'ave teh roight ta reconsider 'fore ahn agreement 'as behn fully made? Bakir Ireheart: “Teh fok did yeh just say?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite let's not get confrontational, would nae duu fer der Lord Justiciar an Grand Keng ter start foiten in der Senate.” Falk Irongut: “Yeh 'eard meh lad. Ire'earts abandoned Urguan ehn t'eir 'our o' need, signin ah pact o' peace wit' Oren. Yeh 'ardleh 'ave teh roight ta beh condemnin aneh'ne else. Ahn t'ats nae slander, t'ats ah fact.” Bakir Ireheart: “Oh. And can yeh remember tha dwed whu brought Urguan out of dah foken swamp tuh defeat Philip III about tuh force us tuh sign our land away?” Falk Irongut: “Aye, t'ough ah would call 'im teh dwed t'at used teh ferrymen ta blackmail teh kingd'm inta submiss'n” Aghal Frostbeard: “Enuff o' dat, let's keep on topic 'ere folks.” Bakir Ireheart: “Falk ow maneh dwed rallied fer us durin dah last battle durin Ulfrics reign. Oi'll answer et for yer. About twenteh dwed.” Svardin Grandaxe: “Ah need tae return tae duty, seein' as the legion lacks proper soldiers. Are we votin' on anythin' else or can ah go?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Focken 'eck. Is dis realleh der toime an' place? We're naet voten on anehfin else Svardin.” Falk Irongut: “Ef nae 'ere, t'en when Aghal? Ef ahm nae allowed ta speak freeleh ehn teh Senate ohn facts o' 'istoreh t'en where should I” Agnar Grandaxe: “We voted but it seems d'e Grand King and Justicar is arguing." Jorvin Starbreaker: “S'much as ah' respect tha' Brat'mordakin-given right tae grudge. Ah'd rather yeh tuuh nae come tae blows. B'sides, ah've ah' thing 'er two ah'd like t'say before weh conclude.” Svardin Grandaxe: “Grand.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah ask weh keep on topic 'ere Falk, an' Bakir yer wanted peoples opinions on Torsun aye? Aye per'aps we s'ould move on tuu wot Jorvin 'as ter say.” Bakir Ireheart: “Falk, dah onleh facts yer sayin es out of yer ass. Out of all dah people en dis room. Oi have drawn more Orenian blood. Now oi challenge yeh tuh an Honor duel ef yeh want tuh keep talkin out of yer ass.” Falk Irongut: “Oh aye yeh'll honor duel meh because yeh cannae shut meh up wit' sound words or disprove w'at ahm sayin” Aghal Frostbeard: “Enuff. We're moven on frum dis.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “We 'ave ah' whole book for this.” Danika Ireheart: “Gods 'ow long are they gon'ee do thes ball weighin' contest.” Falk Irongut: “Ahm redeh ta continue, just 's soon as teh Grand King will allow et” Bakir Ireheart: “Suh duh yeh accept meh honor duel Falk?” Falk Irongut: “Oh t'at was yeh challengin meh? I'll lose, but sure. Ah've ne'er feared ah fight. Evehn 'ne against ah Ire'eart brute” Aghal Frostbeard: “Roite, duu yer 'onour duel aftah Bakir fock's sake.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Ye' bot' better not start arguin' as well.” Bakir Ireheart: “Vereh well. Lets conclude dah meetin and weh can duh et in tha throne room.” Ulfar Starbreaker: “Falk, oi cahn foight in yur place if yeh wish.” He offers. Aghal Frostbeard: “Jorvin, yer may speak. Der floor is yers.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'll keep 'et brief, as we've otha' mattah's tae address clearleh….” Aghal Frostbeard: “Jorvin yer may speak but aftah oi'll adjourn proceedins. We've been 'ere tuu long oi wager.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “'Et 'as been brought tae my attention, tha' traitor Brankyn 'as been loiterin' among tha' citeh, despite calls for 'es capture. Weh'n confronted, 'e retreats intae 'es clan 'all, like tha' traitor 'e 'es…Tell me, kin. How many clans you know whose Laird was in league wit' devils, ah'n his people unaware? How many clans turn ah' blind eye tae tha' crimes ov their kin for tha' sake ov convienience. Ah've seen tha' much, for certain. When mah' uncle, Torkan fell tae tha' worship ov Khorvad, I tore down his home, I took his head, ah'n I put ah'll ov his Void-Damned spawn to tha' sword save tha' youngest, who I raised as mah' own…. tumor, allowed tae spread, will be tha' death ov ah're honor. Ah' call for tha' immediate censure ov Clan Doomforged, tha' seizure ov ah'll Doomforged properteh, tha' condemnation ov their clan 'all, ah'n emplore tha' king tae remove tha' Doomforged from 'es hand, until such ah' time where they bring Brankyn to us in chains, thus allowin' tha' halfbred/ clan tae restore some semblence ov honor tae their bloodline.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Dis mattah will beh settled at der next meetin', given dat we've been 'ere tuu long. Meetin' adjourned!” TRANSCRIPT ENDS
  4. 2nd of the Grand Harvest, 79 S.A 04/06/22 V Session of the Grand Senate With a roster drawn up on a bi-annual basis, the 5th session of the Grand Senate shall commence this year, upon the 7th of Sun’s Smile in the 79 S.A. The list of members of the Grand Senate for this two-year period shall be. Grand Chancellor: Aghal Frostbeard Frostbeard: Ulfric Frostbeard Grandaxe: Agnar Grandaxe Lothgar Grandaxe Hefruum: Celeste’Tol Blackroot Ireheart: Sigrun Ireheart Irongut: Falk Irongut Starbreaker: Jorvin Starbreaker
  5. 7th of Grand Harvest, 78 S.A (28/05/22) 78 S.A Sitting IV Session of the Grand Senate With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate. Roll Call In Attendance Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Duren Ireheart, Clan Ireheart (Substitute for Sigrun) Not in Attendance Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker TRANSCRIPT STARTS Note: Roll Call Held, 4 Present. Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroiteh lads, let's get goin! We've a quorum o' dree clans. Let's get dis meetin undawey, todeh oi was finken we could start a debate on der current - per'aps unsatisfactoreh, state o' our courts.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot es tereh toh talk aboot. Weh got an idiot wearin' ah togah fer proportional clan representatiuhn.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Sigrun let's not go off topic.” Sigrun Ireheart: “How es tat off topic. Oi literalleh descroibed exactleh wot tes es.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Da courts aer manned by seclusive dwed who weh rareleh see en recent times - dat es ah concern o moine.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi fail ter see 'ow meh togah beh relevant. Aye, Lothgar oi fink yer roite. Falk 'as naet been seen in years, yet 'e is Lord Justiciar.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I coul' tell yeh why.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye Ulfric?” Ulfric Frostbeard: “W'at exactleh es t'ere teh do as ah representative ov teh courts? As ah past Lord Justiciar, o'I can tell yeh t'at t'ere es nothin'.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Taeh high court es mostleh filled wit activeh dwed thoogh, nonetheless.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Sigrun duu yer even know w'o our magistrates are?” Sigrun Ireheart: “When 'aveh weh evah needed toseh.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Neveh, because ov folks loike in yer clan.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi say taeh Gran' Marshal gets toh deal oot punishments. Gives moi Legiohn somethin' toh doh.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Der legion can arrest folk aye, pending trial.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at's jus' teh problem. Weh 'ave laws, but t'ey are neveh followed because ov our culture, our tradition. We'd ratheh beat teh livin' shoite out ov each otheh t'en await punishment from teh Courts.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Gud.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at bordehs becomin' uncivilized.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Ah bring up ah question, frem wat oi understand. Sumthin called dah 'Edict' 'elps run dah courts, aer deh dwed? - Oim Lothgar Grand'axe, Son of Hurin Grandaxe” Aghal Frostbeard: “Nae der edict beh a monster foiten organisation so oi 'eard.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Nae.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi must beh mistaken den?” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Teh Edict acts as an 'inquisition' force. 'Elps teh Justiciar an' 'is Magistrates in trackin' down suspects, workin' investigations, an' teh loike.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah see.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi'm off.” Aghal Frostbeard: “See yer Sigrun...” Sigrun Ireheart: “Ef anehthin' important comes up Duren, doh yer ting.” Duren Ireheart: “Aye laddeh.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroiteh, oi did 'ave a suggestion concernen Ulfric's thoughts on der justiciar role.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Wot es dah suggestion?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Per'aps we could give der role more tah duu, per'aps somefin ter duu wid smaller criminal claims - a small claims court. Loike somewun stealen frum another Dwed, petty crimes oi guess. Could settle smaller grudges tuu. Justiciar could 'ost dis evereh stone week, er two stone weeks. Bout a stone 'our, 'andlen justice.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “'Ow maneh dwed, er citizens ratheh, do yeh thenk woul' go teh t'is small claims court oveh ah honor duel, er perhaps jus' beatin' teh shoite out ov t'em? Nae tryin' teh bash yer suggestion, as et es nae bad, jus' thenkin'.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye dat is a valid point. But et is an alternative ter honour duels.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Oim not sure dah dah courts should control grudges, nae matter how small. Dem could help mediate et but dem should nae settle them dem selves.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Well Lothgar, der 'igh Justiciar approves grudges fer demn tuu beh entered intuu der book o' grudges.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Oi disagree wit dat, but oi will nae mak' ah fuss over et.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ahm jus' sayen dat's alreadeh 'appenen.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I thenk et shoul' stay t'at way, barring creating a whole otheh office fer et. As grudges shoul' beh approved by teh mos' unbiased dwed in teh Kingdom.” Duren Ireheart: “Does deh Justiciar nae prosecute anythin' between petty an' high croime alreadeh?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Justiciar does nae prosecute, der essentialleh der chief judge, as far as oi know.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Aye think t'eh king should prosecute ane'h criminals.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Well in dis mattah et's delegated authoriteh oi believe? Der Grand Keng appoints der Lord Justiciar.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Allowin' teh King teh become judge, jury, an' executioneh? Hmph.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Well aye, dere in lies der issue. Also, at der moment it is der council o' der 'igh courts dat 'as ter approve der Grand Kengs nomination. But consideren der all doin **** all twiddlen deir thumbs et seems, s'ould der Senate approve dis. Der nomination fer Lord Justiciar oi mean.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Ah, take away Bakir's ability teh pick teh Lord Justiciar an' instead put his 'opes in teh Senate? O'I'm sure 'e'd love t'at.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah did nae say dat.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at es practically w'at et will become.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Bakir would still nominate a Lord Justiciar, but now der Senate 'as ter approve et nae der council o' der igh courts.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Dat makes sense.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Yer nae seein' w'at o'I'm sayin'.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Sorreh wot are yer tryen ter say Ulfric?” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Roight now, teh get a Justiciar nominated, yeh 'ave teh speak teh dree dwed. Teh magistrates. Aye? Get t'eir approval an' w'at not.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye der articles state dey discuss et in council.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Te'h whole Justiciar job es useless everytime sumthin appen's between two dwed it gets settled by ah onou' duel?” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Aye, aye. But instead you're suggestin' takin' t'at away from dree unbiased dwed, an' puttin' et in teh 'ands ov ah Senate controlled by the many clans who fit teh bill teh add a senator.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye Ragrin because currentleh we 'ave no operatin' justice system - an' Ulfric would yer prefer unbiased Dwed er active Dwed?” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Unbiased. Often toimes t'ey're teh ones wit'out an agenda. Even so, t'at's not w'at o'I was gettin' at. O'I'll jus' drop et.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “How es Falk an unbiased dwed. Heh es ah Clan Fathah, roight? - Heh es teh beh biased tewards hes clan.” Duren Ireheart: “Ah fail tuh see teh issue bein' put forth 'ere, if yer woul' mind elaborating a bit mo'. Delegation wit' teh Justiciar seems irrelevant at dis' moment considerin' dere seems tuh beh nae crime rate in Urguan anehway.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye dat's anotha fing, s'ould der Lord Justiciar 'ave any position o' power within 'is own clan? Bakir stepped down as Clan Father w'en he became Grand King.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Yeh'd thenk, but some dwed run by ah code ov honor. Falk stands by teh law, an' will prosecute 'is own ef t'ey violate said law. O'I've seen et wit' mah own eyes.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah'd like ter 'ear yer thoughts on der Lord Justiciar 'aven positions o' power in deir clan Ulfric.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Ef yeh wish teh bring t'at up, Aghal, t'en weh shoul' discuss t'at fer any council seat. Justiciar, Gran' Steward, an' so forth.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah spose dat beh true, t'ough der law o' der realm is per'aps a special case.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Per'aps. But 'ow often es teh law brought teh attention in perspective teh say, taxes, deals?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Well, if royal officers are corrupt dey can beh tried. But dere in lies der paradox, w'o tries der Lord Justiciar?” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Teh Magistrates woul', which coul' beh an issue.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “But then ag'in, t'at issues coincides wit' maneh othehs. Ah issue ov 'what if', yeh know?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye oi spose so.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “W'at ef teh Justiciar, who picks his own magistrates, was corrupt? Teh entirety ov teh Courts woul' beh, an' so on. Et's ah matteh ov perspective, fer each lad who holds ah council position. Anehwho, o'I'm ramblin', apologies.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Nae yer expertise is needed on dis Ulfric, consideren yer were wunce Lord Justiciar. 'owevah, oi fink we've been 'ere long enuff lads. If nae wun else 'as anehfin ter add, oi move ter adjourn proceedins.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Ef dah meetin efs over oim leavin, been 'ere fer too long” Aghal Frostbeard: “Meetin' adjourned.” TRANSCRIPT ENDS
  6. 9th of Sun’s Smile, 77 S.A 22/05/22 77 S.A Sitting IV Session of the Grand Senate With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate. Roll Call In Attendance Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Gormli Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Norli Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker Grand King. Bakir Ireheart, Grand Kingdom of Urguan (Arrived Late) Not in Attendance Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe TRANSCRIPT STARTS Aghal Frostbeard: “Welcome tuu der firs' sittin o' der fourth session o' der Grand Senate. As we've a quorum o' four clans present, we s'all begin.” Note: Roll Call Held, 6 Present. Aghal Frostbeard: “We've two topics on der table todeh, an Iron Baron proposal an' a Frostbeard proposal. Agnar yer may propose dat on be'alf o' Dhaen.” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'is is a bill made by Dhaen Grandaxe d'is is to reinstate d'e Iron Baron title or w'atever… I dunno.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Twenteh stone minutes o' debate may begin. Oi moite add dat aftah der meetin we s'all beh travellen ter 'aense fer der late King's funeral.” Norli Starbreaker: “Regardin' Dhaen's legislation...” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye Norli Starbreaker? Gormli Grandaxe: “oi propose tis es toh beh considered ah piece o' great urguani arht.” Norli Starbreaker: “Elder Clan Starbreaker once held da title o' Iron Baron when we co-owned da Ruined Runesmith o' Kal'Evraal with a few otha clans, and back den Dhaen was da manager, and a fine one. We certainly agree with da Iron Baron bein' made a position en da government, and hope ta see da tavern stay en da king's hands rather den a tradin' card fer wealthy, disinterested dwarves- loike us back den!” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi donnaeh tink tereh es aneh debateh on et. Dhaen es ah loveleh lass, an' can doh taeh job.” Aghal Frostbeard: “So et seems, unless Clan Grandaxes an' Frostbeard 'ave somefin ter say?” Norli Starbreaker: “Dere es nae reasonable cause ta deny dis, I reckon we all agree. Sweet Queen Dhaen has forever been a herald o' Anbella' Grace and Belka's Joy.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “o'I agree wit' teh Ireheart. Nae issues 'ere.” Norli Starbreaker: “And da Grandaxes proposed et!” Sigrun Ireheart: “Ragrin es ah big fan o' sweet queen dhaen.” Gormli Grandaxe: “Oi loike 'er booze, nae problems 'ere.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Te'h fock, Dhaen te'h lass who said ay was inlove wit her?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Let oos move on tuu a vote.” Khron’Rikkin Ascension Proposal Proposed by Sen. Agnar Grandaxe AYE Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Gormli Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Norli Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker NAY ABSTAIN ABSENT Bill passes unanimously Aghal Frostbeard: “Der motion is passed! Now, Ulfric yer may speak on der Frostbeard proposal.” Ulfric Frostbeard: would unroll a scroll, going to pass out copies to all around. “O'I propose t'is 'ere proposal on behalf ov Garrond, one of teh Elders ov teh Azwyrtrumm. Look et oveh, an' point out aneh concerns er questions yeh may 'ave.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Twenteh stone minutes o' debate toime may begin.” Norli Starbreaker: “Dere are numerous thin's wrong with dis proposal, and Clan Starbreaker es opposed. Firstly, was da Admiral and or Grand Marshal Consulted?” Gormli Grandaxe: “Waht are tehy givin' teh kingdom en return fer tis? - Oi agree wit' teh prophet.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Donnaeh tink soh.” Norli Starbreaker: “Well, why would we just hand off control o' one o' da kingdom's core facilities ta a clan? And by Senate vote?! Do we nae have a King and Steward ta discuss dese thin's.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Sadleh, o'I am mereleh teh messenger. On account ov ef t'is was ran by teh Admiral er Marshal, o'I can'nae say.” Norli Starbreaker: “Nae just dat, but et legitimizes da baseless claim o' da Grimgolds ownin' any o' da port, dat clan only owns deir private ranch and da lighthouse, nae a thin' more.” Gormli Grandaxe: “OI AGREE!” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'e Grand King still owns d'e entire port even wit' d'e Frostbeard 'aving some control of it. Not only d'is, d'e bill states d'at 'Legionnaires will be given opportunities to learn naval warfare, through training and naval hunting expedition'.” Norli Starbreaker: “Da Legion already has dat oppurtunity, Agnar.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi donnaeh knohw aboot anyoneh 'ereh.” Norli Starbreaker: “Many clans have boats besides da Frostbeards- en fact I nae even think da Frostbeards have a boat- why would we give dem da power ta send out da other clans' ships.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Aye, but w'at I believe Frostbeard seeks to do is to ensure d'at 'appens as much o' d'at does not 'appen. Believe d'ey seek to do d'ings d'ere d'at will benefit all clans and d'e w'ole Kingdom.” Sigrun Ireheart: “But whoh es gonnaeh opposeh meh usin' taeh dwedsmark or aneh boat toh train moi lads.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite folks, let's nae flood Ulfric wid questions aye?" Norli Starbreaker: “P'raps so Agnar, but et es a poorly written law dat makes deir intent unclear, and da only thin' dat's clear es dem puttin' deir name on thin's with nae work nor tax ta deserve et. Da Kornazkarumm rullaz NAE.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Give 'im time ter respond tu ueach o' yer.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Aye, one at ah toime. O'I've nae been in ah debate since teh crown was on meh 'ead.” Norli Starbreaker: “I'd say da Frostbeards should just go speak ta da steward ta buy land ta make deir own extension o' da port, da main facilities should remain owned by da Grand Kingdom.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Yer majesteh!” Sigrun Ireheart: “Anehways.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Well, ef o'I may ask. W'at exactleh 'as been done down by teh port since et pirate attack? Fill me in, o'I've nae exactleh been around.” Norli Starbreaker: “Da Workforce led by da Admiral led da reconstruction o' a ship, and cleared out much o' da debris. Da legion aided greatly en dis, as well da Mages Guild. Da Frostbeards have done nothin' naval related, I dunnae know why dey should get free land.” Gormli Grandaxe: “Just get toh teh vote, oi think everehone 'as made tahre moinds.” Norli Starbreaker: “Morul Irongrinder made da steam engine, and taught a lad how ta use et I think.” Aghal Frostbeard: “We've still ten stone minutes o' debate toime Gormli, et's up ter Ulfric w'en we vote.” Gormli Grandaxe: “Foine….” Norli Starbreaker: “Sorry 'bout dat lads, I do hope ye seek da steward and get yerself yer own smaller pier o' sometin'.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I wish teh 'ear from teh Irehearts.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Believe d'e Frostbeard not 'aving ownership could suffice. D'ough I believe instead o' wording it d'at way ye' word it as d'e Frostbeards to overlook as d'e overseers o' d'at section of d'e port.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “W'at qualms do yeh 'ave ov teh proposal?” Agnar Grandaxe: “So d'ey are able to do w'at d'ey wis' w'ich to me seems to rebuild our port or w'at not.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot taeh Irehearts tink es tat et needs toh beh edited. First off. Wot 'appens ef weh donnaeh moveh et en ah stoneh week?” Ragrin Ireheart: “I agree wit Sigrun.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Alsoh, owning half of our ports es way tooh excessiveh.” Norli Starbreaker: “Deny da legislation, and communicate with otha's before proposin' a revised draft es wot I suggest!” Aghal Frostbeard: “Yer welcome ter deny et ehn a vote.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot taeh fook doh tey need half o' taeh ports for.” Norli Starbreaker: “Dat's wot I'm sayin' ain' I Aghal? So when ye callin' da vote?” Agnar Grandaxe: “Norli Starbreaker.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Et's loikeh twenteh percent o' urguan's activiteh wit fifteh percent o' taeh ports.” Norli Starbreaker: “Agnar.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at es 'alf teh port?” Ragrin Ireheart: “T'ey don't need to own te'h ports d'ey just need ah boat.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Does nay makeh senseh.” Agnar Grandaxe: “As I stated before, would ye' accept if d'e bill is changed from ownership to overseers o' d'e section o' d'e port.” Norli Starbreaker: “I would nae Agnar, wot have dey done ta earn such a rank? Dere are folk who are actively workin' towards Naval duties, wot have da Frostbeards done? Hunts, aye, but nothin' naval.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Regardless, aye, weh woul' gladleh accept teh change teh wordin' ov teh bill. Weh coul' bump et down from ownehs teh ovehseers, er somethin' ov teh loike.” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'ey s'ow d'e willingness to do w'at is needed to be done.” Bakir Ireheart: “Dah Frostbeards are askin fer control of dah port?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Wid respect Norli, we've re-orientated our clans purpose towards der sea.” Norli Starbreaker: “Dat's a fancy way o' sayin' nothin', Agnar.” Bakir Ireheart: “Where dah fok es dis from?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Bakir, der Frostbeards are now asken fer overseership o' a section o' der port.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Taeh legiohn had ah cannon trainin' aswell. Does nay mean weh need taeh left o' taeh ports.” Bakir Ireheart: “Without askin meh? Suh yeh fokers went tuh dah senate tuh circumvent meh?” Norli Starbreaker: “Let's put et ta a vote already.” Bakir Ireheart: “Fok off.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye debate toime almost beh oop.” Norli Starbreaker: “Et es up.” Ulfric Frostbeard: “Bakir, yeh speak teh Garrond on t'at. O'I onleh did w'at was asked ov meh, but aye. Let's put et teh ah vote.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Since Garrond is present, per'aps someone w'o is 'ighly against d'e bill s'ould bring forth questions towards 'I'm.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Bakir can oi speak toh yeh aftah.” Norli Starbreaker: “We've had our questions, da thin' would need ta be rewritten and re-proposed next week ef et wants ta get passed.I've said my piece, and am prepared ta vote. I've got thin's ta attend ta after this!” Aghal Frostbeard: “Okeh, let's 'ave a vote folks.” Frostbeard Port Proposal Proposed by Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard AYE Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe NAY Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Gormli Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Norli Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker ABSTAIN ABSENT Bill failed to pass Aghal Frostbeard: “Motion fails ter pass. MEETIN ADJOURNED!” TRANSCRIPT ENDS
  7. 9th of Suns Smile, 77 S.A 22/05/22 The Khron’Rikkin Act Proposed by Clan Father Agnar Grandaxe and approved by the Grand Senate at the 77 S.A Sitting of the IV Session of the Grand Senate, this act stipulates an enhanced and expanded role of the Iron Baron, in relation to the Urguani Government. =================== Since its conception during the great earthquake of Kal’Varoth, the Iron Baron role has been a purely ceremonial role that essentially represented the leader of the greater taverns of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. However, after the recent success of the Grand Brewing Competition, I, Dhaen Grandaxe, current Iron Baron, propose the elevation of the Iron Baron role to this august body of the Grand Urguani Government. Through this ascension, the Iron Baron will now have the formal duties that they previously had the ability to carry out, but now the legal credit as should be ascribed to them. In this manner, I believe the smaller gatherings of the kingdom will have the needed assistance to flourish once more. The Iron Baron role will now have the following duties: Assistance to External Events The Iron Baron shall coordinate an event schedule in the kingdom at the start of every stone week. The schedule will be posted publicly for citizen consumption [OOC: discord community announcements]. Each event in the schedule shall have the following noted in its description: name, leader of event, location, and time. The Iron Baron shall provide any drinks, decor, or necessary help to any formal event within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan as is needed. Access to the resources required to aid such events will be handled personally by the Iron Baron, as granted by the Grand King of Urguan. Personal Preparation of Festivals The Iron Baron shall oversee the personal preparation of a feast, festival, or otherwise formal event at minimum every three stone weeks. Unless specified beforehand, this event shall be open to the public and hosted within either the throneroom or tavern. In Relation To The Government The Iron Baron shall be allowed to sit in upon meetings of the Grand Senate of Clans as a lesser member of the governing body. They will not have a vote, but be allowed to interject when deemed appropriate as a representative for the shared duties of running the tavern and preparing festivals. The Iron Baron shall no longer be recognized as an independent entity or guild leader. Tavern Upkeep and Regulation As a new legal entity, the primary care of the tavern within the kingdom capital shall now be considered as an extension to the duties of the Iron Baron. All matters regarding the tavern shall firstly be passed through the Iron Baron. It is also the duty of the Iron Baron to prioritize trade between the taverns of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan so as to promote local brewers. Upon the vacating of the Iron Baron role, the new Iron Baron shall be found in the process as dictated firstly through the predecessor. If the acceding Iron Baron has not been found in such a manner, than the duty of picking a new Iron Baron will fall to the discretion of either the Senate or the Grand King of Urguan. Should the current Iron Baron be neglecting their role, the matter shall be handled privately with intervention from the governing body of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.
  8. 20th of First Seed, 77 S.A 21/05/22 IV Session of the Grand Senate With a roster drawn up on a bi-annual basis, the IV session of the Grand Senate shall commence this year, upon the 9th of Suns Smile in the 77 S.A. The list of members of the Grand Senate for this two-year period shall be. Grand Chancellor: Aghal Frostbeard Frostbeard: Ulfric Frostbeard Grandaxe: Agnar Grandaxe Lothgar Grandaxe Ireheart: Sigrun Ireheart Ragrin Ireheart Starbreaker: Jorvin Starbreaker
  9. 2nd of The Amber Cold, 76 S.A 16/05/22 Legion Budget Act Proposed by Grand Marshal Sigrun Ireheart and approved by the Grand Senate at the 76 S.A Sitting of the III Session of the Grand Senate, this act stipulates financial grants to Dungrimms Legion, provided by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. =================== Article 1. The Legion shall be granted a sum of two-hundred fifty mina per stone-week by the Kingdom. Article 2. The Mina will be handled by the Grand Marshal and only the Grand Marshal. Article 3. The funding shall go only to paying the members of the Legion based off of the activity they show in a stone-week. Article 4. For additional funding the Grand Marshal may propose a renewed document. Article 5. For additional things such as paying for construction costs or extra supplies the Grand Marshal may request the Senate or Grand King to gain these funds. Article 6. Additional pay will be stockpiled by the Legion for future pay and additional projects should need be. The priority will always be the active legionnaires.
  10. 9th of Suns Smile, 76 S.A 15/05/22 76 S.A Sitting III Session of the Grand Senate With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate. Roll Call In Attendance Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Balor Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker High Prophet. Norli Starbreaker, Da Kirkja Dverga Grand King. Bakir Ireheart, Grand Kingdom of Urguan (Arrived Late) Not in Attendance Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart TRANSCRIPT STARTS Aghal Frostbeard: “We 'ave a quorum o' dree clans. Welcome again Senators, let us begin. Starten wid a roll-call, and ter soothe yer concerns Jorvin a simple 'aye' will suffice if yer present. So, all present say aye.” Note: Roll Call Held, 5 Present. Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite five Senators present tuu, plus our esteemed 'igh Prophet. Sigrun, der floor is yers.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Ayeh, ef yeh giveh meh ah few seconds toh finaloize wroitin' et.” Balor Ireheart: “Aye I also 'ave somet'ing to propose somet'ing.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye yer may do so aftah Sigrun.” Balor Ireheart: “Nae its a quick t'ing.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Let Balor propose, oi'm still wroitin'.” Balor Ireheart: “We vote to remove te' focken roll call.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Seconded” Aghal Frostbeard: “Er... okeh...? Alroite, debate regarden Balor's motion may begin.” Norli Starbreaker: “I dunnae think dere will be debate,” Balor Ireheart: “S'ot up nae need for a debate.” Norli Starbreaker: “Dat dere es a chance fer discussion ye should nae oppose, though I dunnae think anyone disagrees.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Oi don't loike dah roll-call, oi vote teh remove et. Yeh 'ave EYES.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite seems der Senate is unanimous - we s'all move onto a vote; goin alphabeticalleh.” Motion to Abolish Roll Call Proposed by Rep. Balor Ireheart AYE Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Balor Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker NAY ABSTAIN ABSENT Bill passed unanimouly Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite wid a 75% required majoriteh, der roll-call is abolished.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Am oi good toh goh?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye yer may go Sigrun… Alroite debate time can begin.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “…What does tha' Legion need control ov 'ets own funds for?” Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot yeh mean by tat.” Balor Ireheart: “Pay our focken soilders.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Two 'undred en fifteh minae ah week, do yeh 'ave active legionaries en payin dem minae ah week - er at ?” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Y'alreadeh 'ave tha' bank ov tha' kingdom be'ind yeh. What 'es tha' point ov this?” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'ink d'ere is no debate on d'is. Per'aps it will even force our Grand Steward to do 'is job and start taxin'.” Norli Starbreaker: “Sigrun, a bit o'er a half-century ago, Dimlin Irongut proposed a law with similar namin' dat was quite awful, but et seems..” he glances at the proposition again, “Yers es quite different. But, I will ask dis- would ye prefer ta be paid per soldier dat es active, or a set amount ye get ev'ry week?” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Las' time tha' Legion was given control ov 'ets own fundings 'et jus' lead tae embezzlement.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Last toimeh oi was naeh leadin' et Jorvin. An' toh answer yer question. Norleh. Onleh taeh active Legionnaires will beh paid, naeh taeh lads tat sit on teir arseh.” Norli Starbreaker: “One thing I will correct ye on, Jorvin, es dat da Kingdom does nae currently pay da legion as far as I'm aware.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi'd rather pay foiveh active lads twenteh minaeh ten twenteh lazyh arseh lads foiveh minaeh.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “They dunnae need pay! Weh weren't paid durin' mah time as ah' grunt! We did ah're fuckin' duteh!” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah Ello yer majesteh.” Norli Starbreaker: “Den wot es da point o' a seperate fund? I would personally say ye should just get da Grand Steward ta give ye some karzul, and ye only pay da folk who are active, but are nae allowed ta set et aside fer seperate purpose without Bakir's permission.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Whyh should taeh lads tat do taeh hard work fer taeh Workforceh get paid, but nay taeh lads tat foight en our Legiohn?” Bakir Ireheart: “Ello kin” Norli Starbreaker: “Aye, da legion ought be paid.” Balor Ireheart: “Lo bakir Aye it s'ould.” Norli Starbreaker: “Just should nae have a seperate fund.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “S'far as ah'm concerened 'ets expected ov them.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot doh yeh mean separate fund Norleh.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Dah paeh should nae beh stockpiled, oi think dats wat heh means.” Norli Starbreaker: “Ye said en yer proposition here dat da legion ought stockpile money.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Ayeh, taeh ideah o' et es tat we naeh overspend money weh donnaeh haveh on separate shoiteh tat es naeh payin' our lads. Et's naeh ah separateh fund, jus' taeh leftovahs from taeh pay.” Bakir Ireheart: “Why teh fok are yeh discussin dah pay tuh dah legion when oi have nae even been notified yet.” Norli Starbreaker: “Et should just be wot I did with Officer Grudgebeard, I gave him an ammount o' Kazrul ta use only fer active pay, den he'd record how much he paid out a year. When he ran out, I'd just give him more. Good question, da Grand Marshal shoulda just gone straight t'ya.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi'veh talked aboot et wit' yeh previousleh Bakir, and oi'veh been told tat apparentleh oi 'aveh toh goh toh taeh senate fer et.” Norli Starbreaker: “Da Grand King has authority o'er da Royal Guilds, and es allowed ta manage da treasury. Nonedaless, I strongly suggest ye do wot I did with Grudgebeard, et worked well.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Weh will record taeh pay o'courseh, tat's naeh even ah questiohn.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye, der Grand Kingdom - o' w'ich der Grand Senate is der supreme authoriteh, owns der royal treasury; w'ich der Grand King manages.” Bakir Ireheart: “Sigrun yer foken lying tuh evereh foker ere, oi onleh met yeh ah couple years aguh and never spoke tuh yeh about pay.” Norli Starbreaker: “Can we vote ta dismiss dis motion fer da Grand King ta sort out? I have sometin' I wish ta bring up, though et's more a discussion den a vote.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Voten ter dismiss a motion ain't realleh a fing Norli, et's up ter Sigrun if 'e wants debate ter continue or table der motion.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi tink yer demented Bakir, oi'veh talked about pay wit yeh ten. Tat wos ah year agoh.” Bakir Ireheart: “Dunnae leave meh out of tha loop again.” Norli Starbreaker: “I think ye should show some respect, beardlin'.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Yeh donnaeh even knohw how old oi am Norleh.” Norli Starbreaker: “Nae I dunnae, so I must guess off yer behavior ye're younger den my sons.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi tink yeh should sort oot yer sons ten Norleh. Ef taeh even ever met yeh.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Mind yer ******* tongue.” Norli Starbreaker: “Dunnae speak wot ye know not o', I've kept my sons en better order den ye did yer clan.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Dunnaeh speak wot yeh donnaeh knohw yerself ten Norleh. Oi donnaeh knohw aboot yeeh, but oi'm runnin' taeh biggest clan wit' two votes, donnaeh fook wit et. Anehways, voteh.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'n what do you know ov bein' marshal yersself? Since yeh're so inclined tae dismiss tha' elders ov this Kingdom.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye? Let's move onto a vote.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Or ah' Clan Father for tha' mattahr! Ah've nae seen you in tha' field for tha' last two centuries fightin' for tha' honor ah'n gloreh ov ah're Kingdom! Dunnae think yersself mighteh fer havin' authoriteh granted to you. Ah'n do nae insult my kinsman.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Donnaeh fook wit ah lad yeh donnaeh know taeh capabilities ov Jorvin, oi best bettah seeh yer mouth bein' shut as weh moveh on toh ah voteh.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite we're gettin off topic 'ere.” Norli Starbreaker: “I have plenty o' respect fer Irehearts, I propose dat we vote, and dat we deny dis legislation so dat da Grand King may sort et out, though da senate ought endorse payment o' da Legion.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Make me, you arrogant manchild.” Sigrun Ireheart: “Meet meh en taeh Arenah ten yeeh cocksuckah. Anehways.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Enuff! We s'all move to a vote.” Legion Budget Act Proposed by Sen. Sigrun Ireheart AYE Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Balor Ireheart, Clan Ireheart NAY Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker ABSTAIN ABSENT Bill passed Aghal Frostbeard: “Motion passes, four to wun. If nae wun else 'as anefin ter discuss, oi s'all adjourn proceedins!” Norli Starbreaker: “I have sometin' ta discuss. Et es related ta da question o' Legion Pay.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Der motion 'as been passed, oi wish ter move pass eht.” Bakir Ireheart: “Dah senate can pass wotever dey want, but until Sigrund brings meh into dah loop and discusses et with meh dah legion will nae get pay. Unless of course yeh want teh pay out of yer own pockets.” Norli Starbreaker: “I said related ta.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Norli if yer do naet 'ave anehfin else ter discuss, oi move ter adjourn proceedins.” Norli Starbreaker: “Da Grand Kingdom has failed ta collect taxes from da capital as well as our vassals. Dis has been pitted on a lack o' vassal reforms, but et es only da result o' ineptitude. Within a year o' operation da Workforce produced o'er a thousand minas.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Der floor is yers oi spose...” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Aye aye! Imagine ef weh collected taxes en spread dwarven industreh even more!” Sigrun Ireheart: “Ah thoosand minaeh? Tat's vereh commendableh.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Is dat all Norli?” Norli Starbreaker: “How can we pay our legion ef we are nae collectin' taxes? Dere es too much focus on da goal, da dream and less so workin' on makin' sure da current kingdom es functionin'. Dreams and goals are honroable, but we must make sure ta keep thin's goin' so we can actually achieve those goals. I ask da senate ta vote ta petition da Grand King ta get taxes rollin' by next year, or else our kingdom's financials will fall ta disrepair.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye? S'all weh move tuu a vote on dis senators?” Norli Starbreaker: “Ef he needs help, den da Senators should be requested ta propose solutions and provide aid en da efforts. Jorvin here can certainly draft up a better vassal reform, dat our vassals actually loike.” Bakir Ireheart: “Oi've given Hekkaes enough slack. Ef he does nae collect taxes in dah next stone days action will beh taken.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Finally….” Norli Starbreaker: “Thank ye my lord.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Secondin' tha', consider myself personalleh volunteered tae tha' task.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite appears a petition will nae beh necessareh, Norli?” Norli Starbreaker: “So et would seem, Aghal.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite, meetin adjourned!” TRANSCRIPT ENDS
  11. 9th of the Suns Smile, 75 S.A 08/05/22 75 S.A Sitting III Session of the Grand Senate With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard nitiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate. Roll Call In Attendance Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Duren Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker Not in Attendance Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart TRANSCRIPT STARTS Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroiteh, let's get der meetin started folks. We 'ave a simple majoriteh o' clans present. Todeh's meetin beh concernen vassal reforms der Grand Keng 'as been worken on. We s'all start wid a roll-call, starten wid Clan Grandaxe. Say aye if yer present an representen yer clan.” Note: Roll Call Held, 5 Present. Aghal Frostbeard: “Roite, let's get goin. Duren, oi believe yer s'all beh presenten der proposa?” Duren Ireheart: “Aye lad! T'ank yer fer tuh introduction Aghal. Vereh goo' I think. Ratha direct set o' proposals.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi decree twenteh stone minutes o' debate toime.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “…Why did'jae spell Housecarl like ah' Nordling?” Ragrin Ireheart: “Ay Jorvin es roight. We not focken Umri, be'h usin dwedmar names! Loike add ah b'et off oomf!!!” Agnar Grandaxe: “W'en it says vassal areas, does d'at include ot'er clan 'oldings d'at d'ey own?. As in does d'is tax 'appen to d'e Frostbeard 'old and d'e Irongut 'old?” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Dese taxes aer too low fer such large plots.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Well said, Mastah'r Ire'eart. We're Dwarves, weh've ah're own tongue. Use 'et. Lest yeh shame yer ancestors!” Duren Ireheart: “Ti's beh such a trivial matta ova' teh practicalities o' teh proposal? Baki' beh tuh one tat wrote teh tin. Ah just beh bringin it tuh teh senate.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Jorvin moite oi point out Duren is simpleh presenten ter proposal on be'alf o' Bakir, 'e did nae wroite et.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Ay te'h names can be changed later'.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Y'said tae debate it!” Ragrin Ireheart: “Ay ti'nk di's es ah quick litl'e example.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Dat is correct.” Lothgar Grandaxe: “Aneh buisness minded creation o Yemekar caen make ah 'undred fithteh mina ah stone week easileh. Oi saeh teh raise dem.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Aye, if d'is bill does pass d'en per'aps ye' s'ould speak wit' d'e Grand King 'imself about d'e name o' d'eses titles. Now I may repeat me question, does d'e tax on landed vassals in Urguan go towards clans d'at 'ave 'oldings like d'e Frostbeards and Ironguts?” Ragrin Ireheart: “Niee we start low, den raise em en te'h future!” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah believe Bakir touched on dat last toime weh debated dis; vassals are folks w'o own land in Urguan. But per'aps meh recollection beh foggeh...” Agnar Grandaxe: “Folks w'o own land can be d'at o' clans in d'e Grand Kingdom.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Where would Bjor's Folk stand wit' this? Tha' Hefrummos?” Ragrin Ireheart: “Wot focken Heffrum lad's d'er es none.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Mind who yeh address as lad. Beardlin'. Tha' Kingdom 'as maintained ah'… Separate policeh towards tha' Forest Dwarves fer some time now, since 'ets foundation. Weh're do they fit intae.” Duren Ireheart: “It do nae specify fer tuh clan 'oldings, thoug' teh clans o' Urguan do nae hol' teh same status as a vassal woul'. Perhaps proposals can beh made seperate fer clans?” Ragrin Ireheart:“Ay, will axholm, be'h taxed as well or focken wot!!” Agnar Grandaxe: “Or… per'aps d'e Grand King s'ould inform all clan leaders d'at d'ey Grand Vassal tax on its vassals do not affect d'em. Any'ow, Aghal, do ye' know if d'e Grand King spoke wit' our vassals about d'is tax?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Not a foggeh clue Agnar.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Mastah'r Grandaxe raises ah' good point. Tha' Vassals aught tae be parlayed wit' before aneh such reforms like this ah're passed.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah believe dat wos mentioned last toime aye.”. Jorvin Starbreaker: “Anythin' else be negligence 'o high ordah'r.” Agnar Grandaxe: “If d'e vassals aren't known to d'e Grand King's intentions o' d'is bill, d'ey would be sidelined and per'aps effect d'e Grand King's relations wit' 'is vassals. Mentioned last time by me w'en I asked d'e Grand King, w'om did not respond to it.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Can we focu's on te'h matt'a, dis can be quick an easy y'er cucks!” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ragrin we are focusen on der mattah.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Effect 'es ah' gentle way 'o puttin' 'et. Passin' reforms wit'out firs' takin' their council 'es ah' quick way tae alienate them.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Ragrin, it is still on d'e matter. It's called debatin' and comin' wit' points around d'e bill. We are speakin' on if d'e vassals of Urguan were informed o' d'is bill or else we may make our vassals 'ate us. If d'ey 'ate us for d'is as d'ey were not informed o' it d'en if we get in anot'er war, we may lose d'em from our side. It's a national issue debate wit' d'e bill.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Focken debates, te'h King shoul'd decide on de's matters nie need te'h vote.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “After ah'll. Oren ah'n Tha' Horde. Ave nae shortage ov land tae disperse tae vassals who fe 'ave wronged.” Duren Ireheart: “Vassals are teh subject o teh King whetha he 'as spoke tuh dem er nae. Shoul' dey 'ave a problem dey 'ave teh ability tuh communicate dat. As fer Clan oldin's I nae believe dat woul' be a tax considerin it beh Urguan lands, and nae a specificed vassal.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Simple let's just' vote an agree, we understand te'h guidline's an all, et's basic an easy fock debatin.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah' agree, Ragrin. But 'ere we are. Yeh'll nae blame Clah'n Stahbreakah' fer wantin' ah' senate. Well, nae, because ah' don't agree wit' tha' mattah'r.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Clan Starbreakah voted in favour o' der Senate reforms.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'n yet we did nae draft them, did weh?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Correct, let's get back on topic.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Clan voted on it or not, d'at was durin' a different leaders'ip o' clan Starbreaker. If ah'm not mistaken, Jorvin now leads it w'ich means 'e carries different opinions d'en d'e previous clan leader. Now back to topic, for d'e bill I would vote for it if it is certain d'at our vassals were at least informed o' d'is bill bein' represented.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah' would onleh vote in favor if ah' knew ah're pre-existentin' vassals knew ov this or not. Aftah'r ah'll, les' not drive away tha' few we have left.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah cannae give yer an answer on dat Jorvin, as Bakir as naet told meh if 'es spoken tuu our vassals.” Duren Ireheart: “Weh nae know dat wit' Bakir nae here tuh inform us. Vassals always beh doin business wit' Urguan so dey can follow up wit' deh Grand King shoul' dey find an issue an' barter wit him.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Then, as ov this session ah'm opposed. T'would beh reckless tae pass wit'out tha' knowledge.” Duren Ireheart: “Shoul' dere beh any reason tuh reform teh proposals can be cited for teh future.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Issue or not if d'is is passed and d'e vassals of Urguan are not informed, it is bad diplomacy from d'e Grand King. We must s'ow trust and communication wit' our vassals on d'ings d'at involve d'em.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Well said, Agnar. Put more… Diplomaticalleh thah'n I.” Ragrin Ireheart: “Ay agree, wit te'h paper even' do ay can't read et! Aiy da't es all. That es all I'm saying.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Les' nae reward loyalteh wit' workin' behind ah're vassal's backs. Ah' would firs' like to hear what they say, before ah' vote in agreement.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Duren duu yer wish ter proceed tuu a vote?” Duren Ireheart: “Aye, tis beh teh process. Ah know mostleh where othas stand on it. It nae beh o convenience dat teh Grand King beh here, but I trust in Bakir's judgement an' loyalty tuh his vassals.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Okeh, let's start voten, goin alphabeticalleh boi clan. Say aye in favour, nay if not, and abstain if yer dunnae wish ter vote.” Grand Vassal Reform Bill Proposed by Representative Duren Ireheart AYE Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Duren Ireheart, Clan Ireheart NAY Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker ABSTAIN ABSENT Bill failed to pass Agnar Grandaxe: “Do 'ave to say Aghal, if d'is bill is broug't up again and we know more information. Ah'm sure it will pass. D'at I wish to make clear. And nae.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye dat's fair, meetin adjourned, we'll discuss dis proposal at a latah date.” TRANSCRIPT ENDS
  12. 3rd of Sun’s Smile, 75 S.A 08/05/22 III Session of the Grand Senate With a roster drawn up on a bi-annual basis, the III session of the Grand Senate shall commence this year, upon the 9th of Sun’s Smile in the 75 S.A. The list of members of the Grand Senate for this two-year period shall be. Grand Chancellor: Aghal Frostbeard Grandaxe: Agnar Grandaxe Lothgar Grandaxe Ireheart: Sigrun Ireheart Ragrin Ireheart Starbreaker: Jorvin Starbreaker
  13. 7th of the Sun’s Smile, 74 S.A 01/05/22 74 S.A Sitting II Session of the Grand Senate With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate. Roll Call In Attendance High Prophet. Norli Starbreaker, Da Kirkja Dverga Rep. Meylis Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Danika Goldhand, Gold Union Rep. Thumbrindal Gandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Axel Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Balek Irongut, Iron Union Rep. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker Not in Attendance Sen. Rhaezaill Doomforged, Clan Doomforged Sen. Thulmyr Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Sen. Gorlim Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Falk Irongut, Iron Union Sen. Lulubelle Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker Sen. Sigrun Stormheart, Clan Stormheart TRANSCRIPT STARTS Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite, wid a quorum o' foive clans present we s'all commence der meetin. Todeh's topic s'all beh on regulations, 'ow weh run der Senate as we currentleh dunnae 'ave anehfin ironed out aside frum der articles, moi aim is ter clarifeh jus' 'ow dese meetins s'ould proceed in terms o' behaviour and such. We'll start off wid a roll-call, goin alphabeticalleh.” Note: Roll Call Held, 5/8 Clans Present. Aghal Frostbeard: “Roite, roite, let's get goin oi guess. As previousleh stated todehs topic beh senate Regulations! So, wot beh everywuns thoughts on der topic?” Axel Ireheart: “Ah believe ye should 'ave tae legion at t'ese Senate meetin's, suh t'at t'ey can remove delinquents w'o are chaotic. Ah alsuh believe ye should 'ave a firm 'and wehn people interrupt otha's 'er speak out ov' turn, as et beh disrespectful.” Aghal Frostbeard: “In an ideal world aye. Der Legion seems in chaos at der moment, we still dunnae 'ave a new Grand Marshal since Kronk doied.” Axel Ireheart: “Expel Senators 'er remove tehre vote ef et continues.” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Nah let it be as it is, dunnae want to see t'is become some fance' ass 'uman meetin w'ere t'ey 'ave push buttons to be able to speak.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah' 'gree wit' Axel for tha' mos' part, this 'es ah' circus, nae ah' government bodeh.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Well yer'd like ter speak and beh 'eard aye Thumbrindal?” Axel Ireheart: “I fear bureacracy, but I also think order es a call. Too often did Alaric Grimgold shout out needless and cause arguments. However, wastin' toime on bureacracy such as forcin' folks ta say 'aye' instead o' just lookin' with yer eyes as ta who es present es ridiculous.” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Oi onle' suggest t'at all in 'ere should come unarmed, wit' nae clear intent to 'ave a will to slaug't'er t'e fockin council loike some folk did back in Axios….” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'll be cold in tha' ground before yeh disarm me.” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Saem, but for t'is instance oi will put me weapons away if it means oi am 'ere wit' kin alone.” Norli: “Frankly, I think disarmin' ev'ryone makes a slaughter more likely.” Danika Goldhand: “A dwarf could kill wit' his thumb alone if 'e so wished.” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Armed or nae slaugt'ers will 'appen. Speakin out of experience.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Wh…Bit silly tae be disarming people then, innit?” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Nae if t'e room 'as soldiers. Legionnaires a'e needed as Axel proposed.” Norli: “My apologies ta da Senate, but I must depart ta prepare fer an expedition enta da Voidal Hollow. Ef anyone plannin' on attendence es here, et es alright ta be a bit late I will nae be runnin' out.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Dammit ah'll ah' was gunnae tell yeh tae take oe'er while ah' stepped out.” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “W'at t'e previous council did nae 'ave was proper legionaires guardin t'e place, which resulted in its slaugt'er.” Norli: “May Ogradhad guide dis chamber with wisdom, and Yemekar bless ye dat ye forge a greater future.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Good luck Norleh. Jorvin per'aps wun o' yer kids could take ovah?” Jorvin Starbreaker: “They're beardlin's.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Per'aps dey moite 'ave some insoite regardless. Der Senate 'as nae rules against beardlens speaken.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'll nae be subjectin' mah' children tae tha' politickin' ov Urguan b'fore their sixteh'th birthday.” Aghal Frostbeard: “As yer say.” Axel Ireheart: “By Belka, Jorvin, loighten up a bit. Ye make tae Ironborn soun' loike a fun bunch.” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Sounds loike a starbreaker problem, ane'waes can we finish t'is topic, some fermented ale ain't gonna barrel t'emselves up.” Axel Ireheart: “Ah prefer wehn ye speak in dwarven, means ah cannae undahstand 'alf tae crap ye say” he would chuckle. Jorvin Starbreaker: “Methinks ah've lightened up s'much as ah'm gunnae.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Thumbrindal, yer mentioned stuff bout pushen buttons which again oi dunnae undastand but oi asked yer a question, wot 'appens if yer wish ter speak and beh 'eard?” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Free speech, wit' nae t'at shush or shoite, givin rules to t'is is loike bendin to some umre' toipe of system which oi hoighle' dissaprove.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Free Speech, aye, but respect from yer end tuu. If somewun's speaken, s'ould we all nae let dem duu so? And loikewoise on yer end?” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Ah'll nae denigrate ah're ancestral tongue wit' this foolishness.” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Nae, nae for me but all, cause oi could give two shoites about t'is council, oi 'ere to represent me clan no less no much, but it 'as to go smoot'e t'en it is now.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah agree wid yer w'oile 'eartedleh.” Danika Goldhand: “I wish we were nay sitten' like two soides agains' eachothah..” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Simple' said speak yer moind, listen to one anote' an' if ye 'ave a dispute, t'e foig'tin arena is down below.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah quite agree. No wun else 'as anehfin ter add?” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “If its silent, means no one 'as somefiin to add.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Evidentleh, well, et appears der mood o' der Senate seems ter beh endin dis debate?” Danika Goldhand: “I realleh hate the seaten'….” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “Suggest replacin t'e seat wit' woolen couch pillows an' ye got me vote.” Axel Ireheart: “Ah've said w'ot ah need tae sae. Speak en turn n' wehn called upon, dunnae make et suh formal wehn et comes tae roll call n' such. N' alsuh expel anarchists n' remove tehre vote ef t'ey continue. 'Eck even suspend tae senate ef tae nae leave wehn asked. Alsuh git' tae legion 'ere, give tehm extra 'onour fer guardin' tae meetin's. T'at beh mah opinion on regulations.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oim worken on new seaten.” Jorvin Starbreaker: “Tagum Dwarfs 'ave nae place in ah' chamber ov governin', ah' concur wit' tha' Ire'eart.” Aghal Frostbeard: “But seriousleh, Dwed 'ave problems wid stone seaten?” Danika Goldhand: “I like soft things….” Thumbrindal Grandaxe: “aye cuz we nae sum plebs in a cave.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Nae we're liven in a mountain.” Danika Goldhand: “Mountains 'ave soft snow atop 'em. An' grasseh planes surround.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Regardless, oi 'ereboi call dis meetin tuu an end!” TRANSCRIPT ENDS
  14. 7th of Sun’s Smile, 73 S.A 24/04/22 73 S.A Sitting II Session of the Grand Senate With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate. Roll Call In Attendance Grand King. Bakir Ireheart, Grand Kingdom of Urguan Rep. Ulf Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Levian’Tol Gandaxe, Clan Grandaxe Rep. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Rep. Balor Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. Falk Irongut, Iron Union Sen. Lulubelle Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker Not in Attendance Sen. Rhaezaill Doomforged, Clan Doomforged Sen. Thulmyr Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard Sen. Danika Goldhand, Gold Union Sen. Gorlim Ireheart, Clan Ireheart Sen. TBD, Clan Stormheart TRANSCRIPT STARTS Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite lad's, oi believe we s'ould start now, as we 'ave a quorum o' clans present. Okeh, so, firs' o' all todeh oi did plan ter discuss regulations an shoite. But Bakir 'as a proposal an' announcement fer yer ter 'ear, so we'll start off wid a roll-call.” Note: Roll Call Held, 5/8 Clan’s Present. Aghal Frostbeard: “Clan Storm'eart 'as naet nominated a senator. I'd jus' like ter say a few words in 'onour o' Kronk w'o we recentleh lost. A fiereh lad all can agree, Urguan 'as lost won of et's bes; Narvok oz Kronk.” Ulf Frostbeard: “Narvok oz Kronk.” Falk Irongut: “Narvak oz Kronk.” Lulubelle Starbreaker: “Narvak oz Kronk,” Ragrin Ireheart: “Narvok oz Kronk and t'eh lost irehearts tha't lost d'er lives that' day!” Bakir Ireheart: “Narvok oz Kronk. He es sureleh feastin wit dah afterlife.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Narvok oz Kronk.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Narvak oz Kronk.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi surrender der floor tuu Bakir, yer may speak.” He dipped his head to Bakir. Otherwoise, five clans present.” Bakir Ireheart: “Thes is a project oi have worked on fer sum stone-weeks now, discussin wit people and puttin down guidelines fer our lands. Fer maneh years people from all across dah land seek us out fer land suh dey may have ah place fer their own. And oi will argue tha past Kings a've nae done them well. So oi intend tuh do them roight. Livin en Urguan es nae free as weh have prime lands, better dan ANEH other en Almaris. Suh dere will beh three ranks, and multiple options fer people to obtain and grow either their town intuh ah citeh, or ah small keep intuh ah great fortress. Oi wish fer this tuh have tha blessin of dah senate, and perhaps even perfect it more bah hearin wot yeh have tuh say about et.” Falk Irongut: “Can I speak Aghal, 'r do ah need teh schoolteachah ta call meh name first?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Dat depends, are yer finished Bakir? Yer may speak. Oi decree thirteh stone minutes o' debate toime.” Falk Irongut: “Aye, well, t'is es ah good start, ah'd say, but et's p'raps nae perfect. Firstleh, yeh define duties ehn terms o' individuals bearin titles, such 's Jarl 'r Thane, ahn state what t'ey o'ersee. Ah'd suggest teh first change es t'at yeh reorganize ta define vassals ehn terms o' t'eir size, rat'er t'en teh title o' teh one leadin ehm. Ets ah slight change, but et'd beh more clear. Et alsu allows vassals, such as Sedan, w'o 'ave t'eir own titles ehn government ta keep t'em ehn use. Secondleh, ah see ah few terms t'at likeleh need more definin, such 's what et means ta rally for teh kingd'm” Bakir Ireheart: “Deir inner Kingdom titles es nae of mah concern. Es et realleh worth tuh change dah document over wantin tuh adhere tuh our vassals titles. Rallyin fer dah Kingdom es simple. When weh call upon them. They answer.” Agnar Grandaxe: “So.. D'ese titles are just an additional title to w'at our vassals already 'ave, aye?” Falk Irongut: “Aye well, t'at should beh defined ehn teh document etself. Aneh legal document es made by teh wordin o' ets statements ahn organizat'n” Lulubelle Starbreaker: “Aye, jus' call teh tiers of vassalage farmstead, fief an' jarldom.” Falk Irongut: “Ah'd alsu define w'at exactleh constitutes ah vassal 'swell, su weh can 'void w'at 'appened wit' teh blackvale ehn teh future” Aghal Frostbeard: “Sorreh oi appear ter 'ave 'ad a sky-god dose me off, wot did oi miss.” Falk Irongut: “Basicalleh, ah'd just loike ta seem some more extensive definit'n o' terms ahn clearer wordin o' articles 'fore weh vote ohn teh mattah, ta summarize” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Et's nae 10 pages Bakir. Gotta bump t'ose numbehs up.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Speakin' o' extensive additions to d'is bill I see d'at d'is bill 'as nothin' stating to w'at 'appens if d'e vassals o' Urguan do not meet d'ese requirements, as in, w'at 'appens if d'ey don't host an event every stone week or doesn't pay d’e tax.” Falk Irongut: “Anot'er gud point, ah say. P'raps ah necessareh addit'n” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Aye aye! An does one week ov inactiviteh en a vassal immediateleh start teh process or does et 'ave ta be several weeks or or or or if t'eir es no war can t'ey still ralleh en some way to recieve t'eir tax break or or or if t'ey are not a foighten people can t'ey support teh legion en ot'eh ways or or or es t'eir exceptions fer folk who can't foight loike Paladorks.” Ulf Frostbeard: “Wot tae fook are y'all talkin' 'bout? Ef someone wants tu start citeh under Urguan t'ey sould beh able, 'nd 'round tae same rank as one o' tae Clanfat'rs oi t'ink. T'ey will 'ave tu pay taxes fur tae land t'ey rent, t'ey will 'ave tu step en 'nd 'elp ef we 'ave aneh wars, 'nd t'ey will 'ave tu swear loyalteh tu tae Grand King, 'nd tae Obsidian T'rone. Put one o' tae loyal members o' tae Council en one o' t'eir 'ig'est positions, 'nd ef t'ey dunnae pay we make et so t'ey dunnae get 'elp until t'ey pay up” He claps in his hands, clearly not completely thinking straight “W'at could beh 'ard 'bout t'at?” Lulubelle Starbreaker: “Aye, jus' call teh tiers of vassalage farmstead, fief an' jarldom.” Falk Irongut: “Ah'd alsu define w'at exactleh constitutes ah vassal 'swell, su weh can 'void w'at 'appened wit' teh blackvale ehn teh future” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite folks, let's naet flood Bakir wid questions.” Bakir Ireheart: “Oi loike yer enthusiasm Ulf, but ets nae tha simple, and oi especially dunnae think weh want non dwed meddlin in our internal affairs. Such ah theng could beh easileh exploited.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Oh or ef t'ey can't pay fer a week do t'ey owe double or 'ow es t'at gonna work? Or ef t'ey contribute a certain amount of materials ta teh Grand Kingdom do t'ey get tax breaks, or w'at 'appens ef tehh vassals seem more populous t'an teh capital? An es t'eir aneh difference en Dwedmar vassals and yrromar vassals? Cause t'eir certainleh should be but 'ah don't see aneh ov t'at described 'ere en teh document.” Bakir Ireheart: “As teh tha rest of yer points. Oi will put down more specified ruling, such as repurcussions and punishments and otha ways fer pacifist groups tha weh may let in here and there.” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'en it seems d'at d'e bill is uncomplete if it doesn't 'ave it written down on d'e document yet.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “But w'at about Clan 'Alls outsoide ov teh citeh? Does clan land count as vassal land? Or w'at ov teh clan 'alls outsoide teh citeh loike Doomforges, Metalfist, an 'ammerforged.” Ulf Frostbeard; “sometimes anot'er insig't es gud, but onleh ef tae person es loyal tu yah countreh.” Bakir Ireheart: “Wot duh yeh mean Levian? Vassals dat have vassals undah them?” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “… W'at? 'Ah've said a lot. Ye question needs ta be more specific.” Balor Ireheart: “Vassals t'at 'ave ot'er vassales under t'e vassales.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Levian'Tol is probably referrin' to people like Sedan. D'ey 'ave vassals underneath d'em. Sedan is a Principality, d'ey 'ave Barons and some lower lords underneath d'em as vassals.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “…. W'en did 'ah say t'at?” Bakir Ireheart: “Then yeh must have memoreh loss. Dah point yeh said about Dwedmar and Yrromar vassals.” Agnar Grandaxe: “D'en I do not get w'at ye' are speakin' o' Levian'Tol.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Aye, ef some Dwed w'at t'eir own place. Does t'at count as a vassal loike Gorix. Gorix recieved special care undeh meh. But t'eir es not room fer wiggle room en tis document.” Bakir Ireheart: “Weh shouldn't make things harder teh manage by splitting things up more and moree.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “An ef ye wish ta get specific as Falky 'ere wants, t'en yer wiggly room eh even less. Vassals 'ave always fallen undeh teh Crown. Et should remain t'at way.” Bakir Ireheart: “Vassals are vassals, anyone whu es allowed land es ah vassal, suh Sedan, Dah Paladins, Dol'Gorix and all dah mannors. Especialleh dah people in dah fort.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Our kin, when put en a room. Are idiots.” Falk Irongut: “Ah raise teh quest'n w'y would private manors o' citizens beh considahed vassals 'n nae just beh treated as ah normal residence?” Balor Ireheart: “Does t'at inclued ye Levian.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “See. Course et does. Tis why 'ah was an autocrat.” Bakir Ireheart: “Manors classify as vassals becos dey have land outsoide dah citeh. Dere's tons of manors across dah land and ets easier to classify them as vassals fer management purposes.” Falk Irongut: “Fair enough. Anehw'o, ah t'ink teh quest'n weh should beh askin 'ere es does aneh'ne actualleh wishta vote ohn teh bill as es, 'r can weh say ets needs some work ahn move ohn?” Agnar Grandaxe: “So does d'e Irongut and Frostbeard 'olds classify as vassal lands to be taxed or no?” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “But w'at about t'ose t'at are owned by a singular person or clan fat'eh. Loike teh dirteh fuckin Goldie manors at teh docks. T'ose manors?” Aghal Frostbeard: “We've still got ten more stone minutes o' debate toime Falk.” Bakir Ireheart: “Dey will beh in dah same category.” Falk Irongut: “Suit yehself. Ahn alsu, teh Ironguts 'ave nae manor” Aghal Frostbeard: “Et's realleh up ter Bakir w'en voten starts.” Balor Ireheart: “T'at is nae a manor.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Manors Balek's.” Bakir Ireheart: “Dere's a clear problem when dah Grimgolds a've ah whole Grove an Clan hall withou bein taxed or managed bah dah Kingdom.” Falk Irongut: “Aye, fer 'is service ehn refurbishin teh kingd'm, ahn et was sworn ta beh tax free” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Aye, 'ah should've just tore t'em all down. Great flaw of ma reign.” Balor Ireheart: “Agreed.” Grîmdal Irøngut: “Per'aps dah mistake lays wiff grantin' such rewards, rat'er t'an tearen em down..” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Aye, Norleh was a fuckin baffoon at teh end ov es Reign.” Bakir Ireheart: “Ets clear. Paste Kings made maneh mistakes with our vassals and dey clearleh could nae say dah famous word. No.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Ye shitter. 'Ah said no plenteh ov toimes. Teh **** es a 'Paste' King. 'Ah am not made out of glue.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi fink et's bes' we avoid issues o' past reigns. Er rather, be a bit more cordial about demn, oi spose?” Falk Irongut: “Yemekar's beard, do weh 'ave ta suffer Levian's whingin aneh longah, 'r can weh move ohn?” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Aye, lest Bakir ferget who took teh Kingdom ta wore over es shaven beard.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Enuff. Let us beh productive.” Ragrin Ireheart: “T'eh past reigns do not a've control ov'er te'h present t'eh future es what matte'rs te'h past es te'h past.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Ye realleh are beggin ta get yer arse kicked aren't ye?” (To Falk Irongut) Bakir Ireheart: “Oi dunnae have ah problem wit bringin up dah failures of past kings suh weh can duh better and learn.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Yet it seems some policy continues. Can we get back to d'e topic.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye, Agnar es roite.” Falk Irongut: “Rat'er get et kicked t'en groped, but wit' yeh eithers ah danger. Oh wait, fergot yeh onleh gu fer young elgi” Aghal Frostbeard: “Et appears we're petered off 'ere, Bakir would yer like ter proceed tuu a vote?” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Alright” Falk Irongut: “Ahn 'ere weh 'ave et, teh famed rhetoric o' Levian, lacks wit' su 'e triesta beat yeh inta submiss'n. Ahn weh wondah why teh women related ta 'im by blood feared 'im” Aghal Frostbeard: “Keep yerself in loine eh. Settle yer dispute aftah der meetin.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Aye, Levian'Tol, can we just get towards gettin' d'is meetin' over wit'?. If a scene 'appens d'e longer it will be.” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “T'eir are no Irongut women. Ye toss t'em enta teh garbage w'en t'eir born since ye can't abuse yer own famileh.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Levian please.” Lulubelle Starbreaker: “Fook me runnin', can yous two stop comparin' man-purses. Absolute wombles.” Balor Ireheart: “Te' fock is a womble. Te' **** is t'at.” Falk Irongut: “T'ink yeh confused Levian, lest yeh ferget t'at bot' Dhaen ahn Brynaelda were made 'Irongut Women' several toimes” Bakir Ireheart: “Lads stop comparin yer dongs. Weh all know Lulu has dah biggest un ere. Now shut teh fok up and return tuh yer seats.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye listen tuu yer Grand Keng fer focks sake, sit down Falk and stop throwen insults Levian's way, Levian sit down aye?” Agnar Grandaxe: “Aye, ye' two are actin' like idiots at d'e moment. Let us proceed wit' d'is Senate meetin' and finish it up. Ye' two can bicker about d'is shit later.” Falk Irongut: “Aye aye, ah 'ppologize fer causin disrupt'n.” Aghal Frostbeard: “Fank yer,” Levian'Tol Grandaxe: “Falk esn't a man, es a boy pretendin ta be more important t'en e es. Tell me boy, w'at es et ye've succeeded en? Ye 'ave failed as Lord Justicar, ye 'ave failed as 'Igh Prophet, ye 'ave failed as Clan Fat'eh. Aye an Dwalin couldn't seal teh deal bot' toimes… almost loike ye Irongut men continue ta fall short aye?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Seein' as der debate 'as derailed and we're naet realleh gettin' anehwhere, s'all we postpone dis fer another meetin'?” Falk Irongut: “'sfar as ahm concehned meh greatest failure was allowin ah blitherin idiot loike yehself ta take teh t'rone.” Agnar Grandaxe: “Aye. Just postpone it and table d'e bill for now.” Bakir Ireheart: “Oi wos nae even intendin on votin fer et roight now. But nevertheless oi got wot oi came fer.” Falk Irongut: “Now yeh done, 'r yeh wannta continue tradin insult fer insult?” Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite, motion tabled fer another meetin, meetin adjourned focks sake.” Note: Motion tabled for another meeting. TRANSCRIPT ENDS
  15. 10th of the First Seed, 73 S.A 22/04/22 II Session of the Grand Senate With a roster drawn up on a bi-annual basis, the II session of the Grand Senate shall commence this year, upon the 7th of Sun’s Smile in the year 73 S.A. This session shall last from 73 S.A-74 S.A. The list of members of the Grand Senate for this two-year period shall be. Grand Chancellor: Aghal Frostbeard Doomforged: Rhaezaill Doomforged Frostbeard: Thulmyr Frostbeard Gold Union: Danika Goldhand Grandaxe: Agnar Grandaxe (2 Votes) Ireheart: Gorlim Ireheart (2 Votes) Iron Union: Falk Irongut Starbreaker: Lulubelle Starbreaker Stormheart: TBD
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