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  1. Echos of Greyspine: A Ballad of Haense's Triumph Lyrics: In the shadow of a war-torn land, Haense's fate lay in Courland's hand. From ashes rose a bold crusade, For justice, they marched, unafraid. Greyspine's call, through fields it rang, Brave hearts united, a chorus sang. For freedom's light, they made a stand, In Haense's name, across the land. Count Joren's fall, a spark ignites, Harren leads with fearless might. With Baruch's kin, they fight to reclaim, Saint's Rest, lost to Courland's aim. Greyspine's call, through fields it rang, Brave hearts united, a chorus sang. For freedom's light, they made a stand, In Haense's name, across the land. At Rothswood's field, they faced their foe, Courage and valor, in each blow. Haense's hope, against the fray, Led them to victory that day. Greyspine's call, through fields it rang, Brave hearts united, a chorus sang. For freedom's light, they made a stand, In Haense's name, across the land. From the turmoil, a king arose, Stefan crowned, amidst repose. With unity forged, in trials grand, Alban's beacon lights the land. Signed, Viktor Miroslav Ludovar
  2. Hope everyone had a good easter! HE HAS RISEN!
  3. Happy Easter! Christ has risen!

  4. Sigmund Ludovar looks towards his father, Margrave of Kvasz. "All hail King Ivan! We must go, papej!"
  5. Viktor Ludovar bows his head into his hands, tears trickling down his face as he receives the news of his uncle's passing. "Long may you rest uncle... Long may you rest." _____________ Sigmund Ludovar looks towards Klara Ludovar as she shed a tear. "What is wrong Hauchmamej-coz?"
  6. The Ludovar's gather within the feast hall of Isaakev, as they did they'd raise their mugs to the air for a toast. "To the Queen! A Queen of the People! A Queen for us all to look up to! Long may she rest!"
  7. "I am no Imperial. I am a Hansetian, I am Ruskan. The Empire should not come to light ever as it will only lead to the destruction of the human unity we currently have now." Viktor Ludovar states.
  8. Viktor Ludovar lofts a brow upon reading the parchment. "An Empire?.." he'd pause for a moment. "Why must we reform something that cannot last? Feel like this will only lead to the destruction and human division again."
  9. Viktor Ludovar does the canonist cross in respect to the Pontiff. "Let us pray that the next Pontiff is someone that stood strong for our scrolls like he did. But one that is stronger as well."
  10. The Vice-Emissar, Viktor Ludovar, smiles upon reading it. "Finally.. about time."
  11. Viktor Ludovar gives a simple nod as he read the missive "Interesting.. very interesting."
  12. "The Pontiff has pointed out a spread of mistruths about our scrolls that was mentioned within the missive. Those national leaders had falsely said it does not state it to be sinful. Yet within our scrolls it states that the only holy union is between a man and woman. Thusly the topic presented by them were indeed, sinful. Perhaps the Pontiff should ask for these monarchs to be rebapitized before the people of Canon?" the man named Robert wondered to himself.
  13. Viktor Ludovar smiles upon hearing the Pontiff standing by the Canonist Laws Our sacred Canonist laws stand firm. We extend our gratitude, Your Holiness, and pray for God's continued blessings upon you. Let us redirect our efforts towards proliferating our faith within the Canonist nations and nurturing our future generations as devout Canonist loyalists. Instead of engaging in debates on heretical topics that challenge our faith and doctrine.
  14. Viktor Ludovar's eyes widened as he read the missive, instinctively making the sign of the cross in accordance of Canonism upon him as he did so. Challenging against the Pontiff and straying from the transcripts risks being labeled as a heretic. And it appears that a precarious line is being walked upon in this missive. Though I must state that Horen was bestowed a wife, not a husband. As Artcile I, Chapter II, Book IV, 'the purpose of matrimony is the holy union of a man and a woman, modeling Ex. Horen and St. Julia.' Regardless, I offer prayers for these nations, hoping that divine guidance may illuminate their path once more. And I pray towards the Pontiff to stay strong and true to our ancient texts.
  15. When we all had our weekends back. One man decided to change that. Smh.. the disappointment is real.

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