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  1. Legoboy7984

    Writ of Abdication, 1693

    Ser Henrik Otto Ludovar would raise a brow “What in the world happened while I was in the tavern.?
  2. Ser Henrik Otto Ludovar would smirk. “And so it begins.”
  3. Legoboy7984

    A Ludovar's Statement

    Ser Henrik Ludovar would raise a brow.
  4. Legoboy7984

    A Ludovar's Statement

    Ser Henrik Ludovar would listen to Count Marius’s question closely before answering. “To my knowledge, I only spoke of that towards you as you mentioned of my grandfather who was a bastard of King Stephen. The way how I know of the struggle is because I can see the struggle people face, and I have talked to many of those who are less fortunate. Plus, I’m only a Knight, a man with no such titles who only wish to help improve his liege’s Kingdom. I’m only a man just like you who has an ambition of achieving prosperity towards our families. This isn’t about my lineage it’s about the people as the people makes someone something, it is the people who make Markev a city, it is the people who make a nation a nation, and the people should come first.”
  5. Legoboy7984

    A Ludovar's Statement

    A Ludovar’s Statement _______________________________________________________________________ [!] The Outer Village outside of Markev, circa 1692 _______________________________________________________________________ After a long few months of Campaigning, Ser Henrik Ludovar would begin to of host another gathering of his supporters. As many gathered he would later come out hearing his supporters chanting towards him. Once arriving at his spot he’d look amongst the people giving them a wave before speaking. ________ People of Haense! Citizens of Markev! Families of Markev! I come to you on this very night to speak to you about the reasons why you should go out and vote in the Primary. As many of you have read my platform and some may be a bit confusing so I wish to summarize it so that everyone can know who they are voting for. Firstly, I wish to talk with the people in Parliament about bringing free trade between vassals within the Empire so that people can be able to gather materials and to contribute with one another. Secondly, I wish to hopefully put another seat in Parliament for Cyrilsburg so that they may be able to vote someone to become Prefect of Cyrilsburg. Lastly, I wish to work with people part of the CCP and within the community to put things that have to be worked on out to the table. Now many of you may be voting for Fabius my opponent but I find it odd that we should vote someone that basically lives in Carloustadt to be Prefect of Markev. Why should someone a man who is only around for the best of Markev and doesn’t know the struggles of the common man of Markev?. Not only this but I’m informed that he hasn’t done much as Maer of Markev, why should we put someone who can’t uphold a job as a Maer of this great city to basically represent us in Parliament. It is time for a change, it is time for us to put someone who has witnessed the struggles, and has experienced such. Now go out there tell your friends and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! _____________________ “For the People, with the People!” __________________ Common Civic Party If you would like to vote for Henrik Ludovar in the primary election, please contact the CCP’s party leadership (Ave_imperium#4314) to register as a party member. We will fight for every vote that is put in as every vote counts. Vote for Henrik Otto Ludovar as he is ‘For the People, with the People!’ It is time for a new face to go to Parliament! It is time for prosperity within the realm! OOC: Primary election: December 5th General election: December 8th
  6. Legoboy7984

    Community Meeting

    Questions: Do you think carts will return to LoTC like how they had it back in Vailor that only lasted until the last map? Plus what was the reason for it being removed? Side Notes: I saw a question about will Limited Creative return, and personally, I think it should return as it will make things easier for nations and free builds to get started with their roleplay quicker than trying to gather all the materials which would result in a few people not helping create roleplay within your area.
  7. Legoboy7984


    See ya.
  8. Legoboy7984

    Returning to Stone

    Agnar Ireheart would smirk a little “Hopefully now the true dwarves of Urguan can gather the innocents of Ulrah to join Agnarum so the dwarven might can be reunited again like it once was before Ulrah destroyed it killing many dwed.”
  9. Legoboy7984

    [CCP] The Good Man for the Good People

    Ser Henrik Otto Ludvoar smirks “I sure hope he wins”
  10. Legoboy7984

    A Ludovar for Parliament

    “For the People! With the People!” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] A snowy road near the great city of Markev, Capital of the Kingdom of Haense, circa 1692 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “A clarification for my people, the people of Markev, I come to you to address the way, my competitor thinks that I do not seek change even though I have not come out with them until now. It also occurs to me that Rhys var Ruthern, the current Prefect of Markev, has announced his support for my competitor as his successor. Though with this being said it IS NOT up to him, the man many of you, myself included, have voted for. This is something that my competitor should take full pride in, for he is still in an election with someone who will FIGHT FOR YOU! It is time for someone to step up to the table and take their part for change bringing a new face to parliament, not one that has already shown his.” Platform ECONOMICS It has come to my knowledge the state of the Imperial economy has not been addressed to the extent it deserves in Parliament meetings. Free trade among vassals, and its potential to become commonplace, is a matter I wish to address upon my election. This is quite odd as though I agree that vassals shouldn’t make alliances though I do think perhaps free trade between vassals will be useful for not just the vassals but the Empire itself. Having free trade can help the Crownlands gain materials from each vassal across the land. Doing this we will establish trade deals within the Empire as many would provide resources for one another. Another issue I see with the economy of the Empire is that there are so many available jobs are within each main locations. It is also what I like to bring to the table is where people can start a bakery, clothing, and more stores within every city, We must work on the economy within our great nation to have economic power. PARLIAMENT Something I wish to bring to the table in Parliament is to bring more seats within Parliament. We have three out of four major cities within the Empire that has a seat in Parliament along with the Lord Temporals. There should be another seat and election to have Cyrislburg, the city of the Duchy of Curon, to be able to vote for a Prefect of Cyrilsburg, this will allow four of our major cities within the Empire to be able to have someone represent their people in Parliament. _________________________________________ Things to agree upon with Fabius: The Housing and Urban Development The Media Foreign Policy & Immigration Things to disagree upon with Fabius: National Security _________________________________________ Thoughts on Fabius Bracchus’s Nation Security: It is obvious that our Empire’s current military state is very prestigious within the realm. As a Haenseman and a Knight, I have to fully disagree for the people of Markev of centralizing ALL militaries into the Imperials. May I recall back from the Fifth Empire, a bill was passed for the entirety of the realm to unite under one military. This did not work as it brought many disputes and gave disadvantages to the Empire’s vassal states of being a true vassal-state. To this standard, it is obvious that the military should be left alone as it has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. Each vassal within the Empire deserves the right to be capable of having their own levy to defend their lands. Allowing the entirety of armies from each vassal to join into the Imperial military will bring nothing but chaos within the ranks. This could result in us being weak as throughout time in history the last few Empires we had everything had worked better when each vassal has their own levy. Not only this but forcing people that serves someone currently to only end up being forced to join another military due to a ‘National Security Act’ could lead into the numbers of the current state to drastically fall apart. _________________________________________ If you would like to vote for Henrik Ludovar in the primary election, please contact the CCP’s party leadership (Ave_imperium#4314) to register as a party member. We will fight for every vote that is put in as every vote counts. Vote for Henrik Otto Ludovar as he is ‘For the People, with the People!’ It is time for a new face to go to Parliament! It is time for prosperity within the realm! OOC: Primary election: December 5th General election: December 8th _________________________________________ Side Note: Thanks Liam for allowing me to use the images for this post. -Lego
  11. Legoboy7984

    Nick's Infamous Return

    Welcome back. We used to fight each other when the Storm Swords were a thing back then and really got to know each other a little bit in Lorraine. Anyways, welcome back Nick.
  12. Legoboy7984

    War traitors

    Agnar Ireheart would let out a laugh “Do ye’ forget t’at Ulrah is dwed killers? Did ye’ know Ulrah tried tuh gu tuh war against t’eir own kin many times?. Ye’ should take note t’at Ulrah was t’e destruction o’ the dwarven race. T’ey caused t’e once dwarven mig’t apart. It isn’t the non-dwed killers fault fur not rallin’ for dwed t’at ‘as committed t’e worse crime to ever commit en dwarven history. Dungrim wasn’t on t’eir side obviously neither was Yemekar.”
  13. Legoboy7984

    Grudges Settled

    Agnar Ireheart would smirk “About tiom’.”
  14. Legoboy7984

    Bracchus for Parliament [1693 Election]

    Ser Henrik Ludovar would begin to write his own
  15. Legoboy7984

    Common Civic Party

    Ser Henrik Ludovar would nod before he’d return to work in his campaign.