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  1. Legoboy7984


    Oszkar Tuvic would nod though sad that he was asleep in the fort the whole time while the fight raged on.
  2. Legoboy7984

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    "Hrm, your children, and your citizens are lying then... interesting. Plus we were told this before your people left."
  3. Legoboy7984

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    "At least we never tried to kill the Pontiff."
  4. Legoboy7984

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    ((Don't forget about Vasile 😉 ))
  5. Legoboy7984

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    Charles Halcourt would nod to his men in approval of what they showed in the field of battle. "Well done men."
  6. Legoboy7984

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    "They aren't undead, and aren't you losing the war? Plus, why are you explaining your downfall?." Charles would then shrug.
  7. Legoboy7984


    SIEGE OF RIVIÄ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Blackreach and its allies demolishing the Rivian army, Battle of the Red Snow, 1681 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ After the Battle William, Charles, Wilhelm, Edward would be in the war room at old Curon palace looking at a map of the Rivian capital. As the room was silent William would then speak up. “The time has finally come.... All he ever wanted was blood and glory, but now he will be receiving nothing but blood.” ___________________________ CBs: -Revenge Side A: -County of Blackreach & Allies Side B: -Duchy of Rivia & Allies Proposed Date & Time: Sunday the 23rd at 3:00pm EST Proposed Rules: N/A Location: Discord: Already have the people
  8. Legoboy7984

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    Charles Halcourt would happily rip up the scroll for William. "Only we offer and declare things... not him, and WE are winning and will continue to."
  9. Legoboy7984

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    Charles Halcourt, Baron of Vasile would smirk "All hail the Baroness and Long live the Empire."
  10. Legoboy7984

    Legion of Urguan -Reformation-

    Agnar Ireheart, Marshal of Ord, Clan Father of the Irehearts in Ord would hear of this smirking before looking at King Darek. "A trueh Ire'eart never backs down frum dwed killers... weh are honorable and will maintain t'at way."
  11. Legoboy7984

    The de Hartcold-Enthelor Pact

    Charles would let out a chuckle
  12. Legoboy7984

    A Declaration of Naval Blockade

    Agnar would yawn
  13. as I was waking up this morning it suddenly hit me that Fili Grandaxe, and Fimlin Grandaxe are the best Grandaxes

    1. ryno2
    2. Quirkyls


      which one is better? you can't have both @Legoboy7984

  14. Legoboy7984

    Wiki Team? Horrendous writing.

    I really am not biased as I was part of Renatus fighting with them in that war. Not only this if Mog had any issues he should have reported to a wiki team manager, Chorale, about the issue instead of making a big deal out of something so small. The thing I based it from was from the Atlas Coalition War thread on the wiki written by a Renatus and a Norlander. Anyways, If anyone has any issues with a wiki page or whatnot that was done by a member confront the member in discord or contact a manager. They will help you out with the issue. Plus Wolfkite, you're just a year or two older than me, but anyways thanks for the support. Other people joined the team when I did and for whatever reason, you were removed isn't my business.