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  1. Ser Henrik nodded. “Shame they cannot make the marriage official on their wedding day. Lots of years to wait for that one.”
  2. An old Ser Henrik Ludovar lets out a simple chuckle but a bit disgusted at the thought. Back in my day children weren’t married until they were of age which was eighteen... nowadays it seems people are just marrying children with children at the ages of six or eight to fourteen years old. Good thing Haense isn’t doing this cause this is kinda strange and odd to see. Hopefully, I’m wrong and it is just a betrothal until they are of age instead of them just marrying very young.
  3. Ser Henrik Ludovar would nod before he’d then shrug. “About time that old bear kicked the bucket. Rest in Peace, Marius. Time for you to join your children in the seven skies and I’m certain I’ll be joining you soon enough.”
  4. I believe you don’t own that land. :)
  5. Ser Henrik Ludovar hears upon the news as he’d bow his head. “Sleep well dear cousin.. sleep well..” The seven-year-old, Robert Vyronov screamed within the Vyronov halls upon the news as tears came down his face hearing the news of his uncles death.
  6. When is the next book of payers to the other saints?
  7. Ser Henrik Ludovar bows his head in respect for the King he had lost. “Long may he reign with the rest of the former Kings of Haense above and to assist his son, King Andrew the third.”
  8. “What.. this Empire is new though how are we tyrants when nothing has been done?.”
  9. Interesting. OOC: We have a Game of Thrones fan here..
  10. Ser Henrik Ludovar almost at the age of 60 reads the letter. “Wish I was younger cause we never had these type of things during my day. Hopefully, this continues so it allows the young nobility to find someone to court or whatever.”
  11. Ser Henrik Ludovar nods slowly. Uhm.. okay and who are you to decide who owns what titles mercenary?... You don’t have anyway nor any words to keep as you don’t have true loyalty but by the word of the coin. For your education purposes, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska has been rightfully owned by the House of Barbanov for centuries and they will continue so until the end of time.
  12. We can all agree that we are thankful that the war is over now.

    1. rukio


      I woke up early for the WC though : (

    2. TheElvenMage


      shittiest possible ending to the war

  13. Ser Henrik Ludovar begins to wonder. “Why are they using the same colors as Haense?... how odd..”
  14. Ser Henrik Ludovar chuckles wondering what the Baruchs think of their title that they’ve held for centuries being tossed to someone else.
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