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  1. The Grand Chancellor of Urguan raises a brow. "It may have not worked in the past, but failure is a greater teacher than success. So we shall see how this will play out."
  2. The Grand Chancellor, Agnar Grandaxe, sits within his home in Urguan letting out a soft sigh. Knew this day would come in recent stone weeks. Though I shall remain in Urguan and hope for the day we can all unite as one again.
  3. Agnar looks towards Thorsten Grandaxe and his other Grandaxes who assisted in the conflict, giving them a simple nod
  4. The Grand Chancellor, Agnar Grandaxe, sighs upon reading the missive. This upcoming Senate meeting shall be.... interesting
  5. The Commander of the Legion, Agnar Grandaxe, sighs before reading an arrest towards Stumpy after the dwed had publicaly admitted to bulgary. Know you mean well, but you just admitted to comitting a crime. Turn yourself in or we will find you ourselves.
  6. The Grand Chancellor, Agnar Grandaxe, rubs his beard upon reading the missive. "Well.. this should be interesting and I wonder what sort of response the Grand King will make."
  7. -=- THE ARTICLES OF URGUAN -=- Under oaths to Khaz’A’Dentrumm, the Clan Lords and Guild Masters of the GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN met to frame and approve an honorable system of law and governance so that the honored Sons and Daughters of Urguan shall prosper better so. Comprising several articles addressing each facet of law and governance and based on the traditions and faith of the khazadmar, the Articles of Urguan are the ultimate law of the land and all dwarfdom. Article I: The Grand Senate Article II: The Grand King Article III: The High Courts Article IV: The Citizenry of Urguan Article V: The Clans of Urguan Article VI: The Clergy of Urguan Article VII: The Codex of Civil Law Article VIII: The Codex of Regulatory Law ARTICLE I: THE GRAND SENATE ARTICLE II: THE GRAND KING ARTICLE III: THE HIGH COURTS ARTICLE IV: THE CITIZENRY OF URGUAN ARTICLE V: THE CLANS OF URGUAN ARTICLE VI: THE CLERGY OF URGUAN ARTICLE VII: THE CODEX OF CIVIL LAW ARTICLE VIII: THE CODEX OF REGULATORY LAW NARVOK OZ URGUAN NARVOK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN Authored by Norli Starbreaker
  8. Played D&D very, very little and REALLY wanna get into it just don't have anyone to do it with. Never hurts to try it out!
  9. Agnar Grandaxe narrows his eyes. Odd...but interestin'
  10. Me, dwarf irp love mountain. Me want large mountains for dwarves! All honesty, these images look amazing! For the map size, I feel like having a map size that is sort of like Anthos with a tad bit larger just by very little would be good. http://i.imgur.com/Bi9rMLD.jpg The Map of Anthos the size of it was very good. The roads to getting to nations was very easy and having nations not super close but nearby at least I think is a good shout.
  11. Agnar Grandaxe lofts a brow. "Didn't d'e Senate deny d'is treaty? Eit'er or, not protectin' a traitor like Torsun."
  12. Agnar Grandaxe smiles upon hearing of the news "D'at's my boy... d'is is really good news"
  13. How else am I supposed to randomly find wool in the auction house D:
  14. Agnar Grandaxe lofts a brow as he heard of the news. So... d'is is to stop Canonists from kililng Canonists, yet also allows Canonists to kill Canonists just dependin' on w'ere it is. D'is make no sense to me.
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