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  1. The Fall of the Giants-Doom

    Agnar Ireheart would fold his arms giving a nod to Gror's son. "Gud job, fellow dwed.."
  2. Record of the Moot

    Agnar 'The Brave' Ireheart says to Kaz'Ulrah. "W'o calls their Kingdom like ah castle.." he'd shake his head. "Bunch 'f dwedkillahs."
  3. The Court Dwarf Act, 1632

    We're destroying the Frostbeards
  4. [Denied] Pureimp10's FM App

    Eh... -1 (+1)
  5. A very important topic

    Depends tbh on the Human part, cause most of the Kingdoms are under Oren. So I think have the Kingdoms under Oren, but keep Norland as it's separate Kingdom. So basically remove the Santegia thing cuz that's dumb tbh, but for the most part I agree the Frostbeard making their own Kingdom is just foolish.
  6. Verthaik "The Dishonorable" Frostbeard

    Agnar 'The Brave' Ireheart would read it smiling "Aye, this is very true as Verthaik was banished from the Frostbeard clan for 'is idiotic claims. Rhewen lead the Frostbeards to greatness, und now they be ruled by someone vho isn't a Frostbeard... Verthaik is weak." he'd pause for a moment. "People who sah Charles is just a laughin' stock should notice that 'e would never speak out like this unless it's truh."
  7. The Pact of Steel, 1630

    Joren Baruch would smile as he'd heard the news. "About time we deal with those traitors who betrayed King Stephens word by helping the Romstuns and now they will get what they deserve." Joren would say before he'd walk back to his pregnant wife.
  8. Quests from the King!

    Joren Baruch would begin to rally some men in Ayr. "We've got some witches to take care of."
  9. A Long Journey

    Joren would raise a brow "What's Santegia?."
  10. The Dying Kingdom of Urguan

    Agnar Ireheart laughs from a far
  11. The End of The Line

    Joren Baruch would bow his head. "May his soul rest in peace."
  12. Aftter listening to Aurelia, Joren would then to speak. "We've spoken about it after I went and talked with Kristoff.." he'd take a deep breath. "It was either not marry you or marry you, and hand the child over to the family. The people who tried to kill his father before, and might of killed Godwein. Also your brother was County of Courland, and declared for House Ruthern during the Greyspine Rebellion." "I'm disappointed in you Kristoff..." Joren would then throw the letter into the fire watching it burn.
  13. The Death of A Legend

    Ser Markus Brawm would grunt as he sees Uther in the seven skies. "You're telling me it took you twenty three more years to die." Ser Markus would shake his head as he walks off "Hope you enjoyed your life."
  14. 1626 Lancefeldic Knight Reconstruction

    "Risk my life to earn what I got, and I get repayed by my title being sickening" Former Ser Joren would say sharpening his blade
  15. Tosali Writ of Disownement| Fealty

    Ser Joren raises a brow "They aren't dead yet?"