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  1. The 10th King of Norland

    "10th King of Norland did we not wipe them out?."
  2. A Warrior at Rest

    -=A Warrior at Rest=- Joren Aleksandr Baruch, Circa. 1638 Beyond Kovagrad and upon the mountains lies a castle named Liefgaard which was later renamed Jorenstadt within the walls an old man would lay in his bed ill as he’d look at his son Aleksandr, and the Maester. A sickly Joren would look towards his son with a faint smile. “My son…..” he’d breath heavily “I-I’m afraid my end is near, and I need you to b-.” he’d cough “I need you to be strong not as a Lord but as a man….” the child would look at his dying father with fear in his eyes “B-But father I need you the County needs you.” Joren would let out a light chuckle “Aldrik can handle himself…” the room would go silent for a moment. Aurelia Stafford-Baruch, circa 1629 Joren would begin to look at the painting of his wife Aurelia Stafford then back at his son looking at his eyes “You have your mothers' eyes you know” his son would let out a soft chuckle “You keep saying that." Aleksandr would sigh "I wish I could of seen her.” the boy would sigh as Joren would let out a faint smile “My son, w-when I’m gone I want you to remember that your mother and I will always be in your heart…” Joren would place his hand over his sons' heart as smiling as the room would begin to grow silent. Joren had been suffering Cancer for the past 2 years which led to his death in 18th of the Grand Harvest, 1641. Joren ‘The Marksman’ Baruch, Castellan of Jorenstadt, Knight of the Golden Gryphon, and Former Kingsguard Age: 42 11th of Snow's Maiden, 1599-18th of the Grand Harvest, 1641
  3. The Second Tourney of Chambery

    Sylvestre Halcourt would smile reading this "Time to prepare myself for the tournament then.."
  4. Blood and Ashes

    Sylvestre would look at the dead Norlanders smiling. "Deus Vult."
  5. Cuckfederacy's GM Application

    +1 He is a strong guy
  6. Legoboy7984's Wiki Team App

    MC name: legoboy7984 Forum name: Legoboy7984 Discord Name and Tag: Legoboy#0060 (Note: Rarely use Discord but will use it if needed) What is your timezone?: Central Standard How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Writing, updating lore, etc): Writing and Updating lore, finish battle pages, and work with others to achieve a certain goal. Which lore are you most familiar with?: Human, Dwarf, and a little bit of Orc Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved: Not very descriptive Didn’t really tell me much in my opinion Seems like someone typed it less than 4 minutes without any thought put into it Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning:,_Holy_Orenian_Emperor Cause it shows the following: Reign Marriage Life before he usurped Oren to become its ruler Talks about his life during the 18 Year war Very descriptive death A lot of pictures showing his life Please showcase your abilities with either: Note: This is something I didn’t write I only edited the links into it
  7. He is a Craven

    "Who cares..." a Crusader would say
  8. Let the Craven eat Crow

    "Kingdom of Ash trying to bring nothing but Ash perhaps?." an old Marna man would say. "Oh well the Crusaders are coming for them anyways."
  9. [Kaz'Ulrah 6.0 Dev blog] Part 3: Almost done!

  10. Renatus x Norland

  11. The Battle o' Rochdale

    Sylvestre Halcourt would look around the dead Norlandic men across the battle as it was his first looking at Jarrack as he'd places his hand on Sylv's shoulder chuckling as Sylvestre would say. "We have won not for humanity but for GOD." _______________ Joren Baruch would cough in his bed as one of his guards would enter his room telling him about the victory.
  12. Sylvestre Halcourt would smile. "Ave!." "Whatever you say.."
  13. Ascension of a Count

    Joren, Castellan of Jorenstadt would nod. "Let us see what you can do cousin."
  14. A mind at peace

    Joren Baruch would recieve word in Jorenstadt a letter from Aldrik telling him about Otto's death he'd sigh nodding. "I knew this day would come uncle..." "Your father is already dead we killed him at Court and burnt his body." Joren would state
  15. The Media Initiative