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  1. "We didn't assault the Ashguard you joined them on your own free will." Joren would state
  2. Joren gives a nod
  3. "He isn't even a Horen if he is then he is a bastard." Joren Baruch would comment
  4. Barguk sighs as he sits in his room looking at the bounty coming across the name Drokon'Ugluk as he begins to say to himself. "Wut a hozh Wargoth, und Rex...."
  5. Joren Baruch begins to take some arrows from the dead bodies. "Good hunting today."
  6. Rodrik Nightingale nods (( xD ))
  7. Bye
  8. I completely agree like i've been seeing this after the Fringe. People might be oh a lot of rp in the Orcs, Wood Elves, and Sutica well we shouldn't have to go to those locations to find rp we should be able to walk everywhere, and seeing groups of people rping over 100 on the server should have like 12-15 people rping in a city or somewhere you know. The antagonists for this map which are the undead is really bad they barely do anything they aren't how the antag was which the antag attacked cities whenever.
  9. Barguk'Ugluk would look at Krugmar from a far giving a nod
  10. Agnar Ireheart would crumble up the paper throwing it in the fire. "Kerwyr 'The Kinslayer' has som' good points but 'e should not rule us as 'e 'as no support onleh 'is clan does...'e is a joke 'e shouldn't place 'imself alongside my grandfathah Kjellos. so 'e can s'ut up."
  11. "Hm.." Joren would say hearing about it ((That video was mass pugsy though))
  12. The Diamond armor thing is too over powered tbh
  13. "Oh my god another de Felsen boy.." Rodrik would say as he sharpens his blade
  14. Hopefully they do get it fixed cause it is annoying
  15. Still -3000 cause you get mad at everyone and if you do I think you would ban everyone