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  1. Viktor Ludovar dips his head toward Otto. "It shall be done, uncle," he declares as he exits the room and emerges around the corner. With a deep breath, he swallows hard, fully aware of the challenges awaiting his family and Kingdom. Proceeding to the courtyard, he issues commands to the Ludovars, preparing them for war and signaling the imminent march.
  2. Lord Viktor Ludovar sits back at his desk as he hears of the approval by the moot. "Another job done in the act of diplomacy. Let this alliance continue to reign supreme in our time."
  3. Has to be on the LOTC discord for us all to see.
  4. Viktor Ludovar nods in approval of the eddict. "Good, took long enough for him to get there." he'd state before returning to his work as an Ambassador.
  5. Agnar Grandaxe learns of the clan's resurgence and finds himself reminiscing about his days as a Stormhammer, a time when his grandfather, Kjellos Ireheart, had established the clan. "Seems Sigrun has decided to see himself into another clan. A clan close to the name of the former clan made by Kjellos, Stormhammer."
  6. Agnar Grandaxe sits within his retirement home before an old Grandaxe appears informing him all that has transpired since he left. "A great shame." the dwarf laments. "Once, the Grand Kingdom and Norland shared a strong bond as unofficial allies, but now they are engulfed in great strife. The Grand Kingdom seems to be plagued by kinslaying and distressing rumors of dwarves committing slavery. Madness seems to have gripped the Grand Kingdom, and it saddens me deeply to hear our people being drawn into a war. A war started by my own son not knowing when there is a time and place to do his one of many grudges. Regardless, I can only hope that Garedyn steps forward to restore order and stability within the Grand Kingdom. Though time will tell."
  7. "This sounds like slavery."
  8. Torrhen Eiriksson remembers killing quite a lot of the Urguanites that showed up. Along with them hytailing away after losing yet another dwarf. Either way he was quite satisfied with all the gear he gained filled with Urguan equipment.
  9. Torrhen Eiriksson stood triumphantly amidst his comrades, the aftermath of the battle spread out before them. The dwarven bodies lay strewn across the field, a testament to his fellow Norlanders valor and strength. With a sense of pride and fulfillment, Torrhen looked across the scene, a slight smile playing on his lips. "Again the path of vengeance for you, father, continues," Torrhen spoke quietly, his words carrying a mixture of sorrow and determination. "Iron from Ice... Iron. from. Ice."
  10. Torrhen Eiriksson cheers in victory, whilst covered in dwarven blood. "Iron From Ice! Those dwarves shall pay for the death of my father!"
  11. As Torrhen Eiriksson continued to practice on the training dummy, his mind was consumed with the shocking news he had just heard. The tight grip on his blade reflected the surge of emotions within him – grief, anger, and determination. He needed some time alone to process the information and channel his feelings into his training. The informant left him, giving him the solitude he sought. As the tears fell from his cheek, Torrhen wiped them away angrily, refusing to let sorrow weaken him. He was fueled by the desire for vengeance, vowing to avenge his father's death and make those responsible pay, even if it meant confronting the dwarves. With newfound determination, Torrhen went back to attacking the training dummy with ferocity. Each swing was a manifestation of his rage and commitment to his mission. He trained harder than ever before, honing his skills, and preparing himself mentally and physically for the battle ahead. "Don't worry father! You shall be avenged!"
  12. Oh lord... Beserker axes as a potential return? Remember they were super OP last time.
  13. Agnar Grandaxe lets out a sigh as he continued to take a swig from his ale, enjoying some peace and quiet within his clan hall as he read the missive. "Seems the whispers of what very well could happen upon my abdication is coming true. May Yemekar guide us all.."
  14. "Halfling Empire of Aevos, when?" A random man would say upon reading the missive.
  15. Torrhen Eiriksson cheers for the response, proudly "IRON FROM ICE! Keep it nice and simple, uncle!
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