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  1. Legoboy7984

    The Battle Of Damashq

    Rhasad would raise his sabre in the air cheering with his fellow Kadarsi
  2. Legoboy7984

    Off to the Army

    Cya man. Narvok oz Urguan, and Ireheart for life man.
  3. Legoboy7984

    Add back money top

    +1 Money top wasn't a Nexus thing or what not, as while Nexus plugin was being hyped up in Anthos money top was a thing for many years until they removed it for a reason we don't know,
  4. Legoboy7984


    "A strange world we live in."
  5. Legoboy7984

    The Kadarsi Volunteer Brigade

    OOC: Rp Name: Rashad Rp Race: Farfolk Reason to Join: Faiz Kharadeen was a legend Farfolk man, and his legacy must continue. Discord(You can pm me it): Legoboy#0060 Are you Aware that This Militia Will be Disbanded Once The Sultan Calls for it to End(if you did want to stay there's a separate military for that): All hail Kharadeen
  6. Seems like the war is not yet over. *sigh*

  7. Legoboy7984

    Vegetarianism's Game Moderator Application

    This man is legendary +1
  8. Legoboy7984

    Where Eagles Gather

    "Ave Courland."
  9. Legoboy7984

    Your View: Siege Plugin Trebuchets

    Just wondered why the defender's side blew up quicker than the attackers oh wait... sabotage.
  10. Legoboy7984

    The Siege of White Peak

    Charles Halcourt would order his men to keep the gates closed at all times. "Who knows what is to come from this loss.. but fear not as if we pray to GOD he will protect those who are loyal to him."
  11. Legoboy7984

    The Ugly Truth on Toby Junior, 1668

    Charles would arche a brow. __ OOC: Bad meme
  12. Legoboy7984

    Aldenburg is Hiring!

    Charles arches a brow. "What's Aldenburg?."
  13. Legoboy7984

    Darkness in Dominion leadership?

    "If the High Prince knew of this then he should be removed from High Prince immediately." Amdir would say
  14. Legoboy7984

    Declaration of Allegiance, 1667

    "Ave Couralnd" Charles Halcourt would state