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  1. Legoboy7984

    Clan Lur

    Barguk’Lur lets out a sigh as he isn’t mentioned.
  2. Legoboy7984

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    House Tully of Riverun Lord: Ser Edmure Tully Heir: Ser Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully Seat: Riverrun Words: Family, Duty, Honor Characters: Ser Edmure Tully – Riverrun Lady Wynafryd Tully – Riverrun Ser Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully – Riverrun Queen Margaery Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home Prince Eddard Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home Catelyn Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home Sansa Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home Arya Stark – Riverrun – Heading Home Ser Sandor Clegane – Riverrun – Heading Home Riverrun | At Riverrun | The Draw bridge of Riverrun along with the gates would open as Ser Edmure Tully along with his host rode into Riverrun he’d be met with Ser Desmund Grell, Lady Catelyn Stark, Lady Sansa Stark, Lady Arya Stark, Queen Margaery Stark, and along with Lady Wynafryd Manderly in the courtyard of his arrival. As he greeted his family along with Ser Desmund he’d stop at Lady Wynafryd as he’d take her hand as he’d then kiss it as after introducing himself. Since Edmure’s arrival, he had continued to do his Lordly deeds as well as getting to know Lady Wynafryd to which both would seem to have fallen a bit in love with each other. As the two fell preparations had begun for a wedding ceremony at Riverrun. | Riverrun Docks - The Wedding | As the wedding started to begin Ser Edmure made his way to the docks as he’d wait for his soon to be wife to make her way to the front. After the wedding, a small feast would occur. Once the ceremony was over and a month would pass Ser Edmure would receive word of the Lannister’s defeat as well as them swearing fealty to King Stannis. “It appears the Lion has no claws after all. Now all we must do is prepare for winter and a potential attack from Stannis as it appears he wishes to be King of all Seven Kingdoms” ___________ Lady Wynafryd walked in the room informing her husband of Winterfell and it is safe to return. Upon hearing the news he’d send an escort for the Stark family to travel back home. Actions: - Preparations for Winter continues throughout the Riverlands. - The wedding between Ser Edmure of Riverrun and Lady Wynafryd of White Harbor. - Ser Edmure would take a few tumbles around with Lady Wynafryd attempting to get her pregnant. [Mod] - Defenses of Riverrun are worked on to be improved. [Mod] - Ravens are sent to all the Lords of the Riverlands warning them of Stannis’s victory and to prepare for a potential rally call if Stannis ever decides to attack the Riverlands. [Mod] - Ravens sent to Seagard to begin to construct a fleet after finishing preparations for Winter. [Mod] - An escort is sent to escort the Stark’s back home.
  3. Legoboy7984

    The Reclamation of Ancient Tradition; Reclamation of Malinor

    Ser Henrik Ludovar wonders if he can be a Prince. Kahn’el would simply nod hearing upon the return of Malinor after many years of it being gone.
  4. Legoboy7984

    The Marian Fair of 1713

    MCName: legoboy7984 Name: Ser Henrik Otto Ludovar Age: 48 Rank: Duke of Kvasz, Knight of Haense
  5. Legoboy7984


    Ser Henrik Ludovar hears upon the news of the absolute monstrosity that took place on that day. “May GOD help us all in this time.. especially the Adrian citizens who had done nothing wrong besides living their lives in order to raise their children in a good environment... Madness has had its day.”
  6. Legoboy7984

    A father calls.

    Agnar Ireheart sat outside of his cave in the mountains with a bow and arrow in hand as well with many weapons at his side as he’d keep a look out for any Frostbeard kinslayers that came pass his area.
  7. Legoboy7984

    Butch for Maer of Reza, 1710

    “Butch for Maer!” Ser Henrik Ludovar would shout. OOC: You should not do the cursive font. :O
  8. Legoboy7984

    The Kovachev Arbitration Act, 1709

    Ser Markus Brawm-Lothston shook his head seeing the state of what was once a powerful Duchy in the Kingdom of Haense.
  9. Legoboy7984

    Resignation of Palatine

    Ser Henrik Ludovar lets out a sigh. “He was a good palatine, wished he stayed as our Lord Palatine.”
  10. Legoboy7984

    A Warning

    “Ye' fat'r still supported Ulra’ just like ye’ are doin’ now. As I said befor’ ye’ are a supporter o’ kinslayin’. If ye’ disagree t’en w’y try an’ ‘arbor dwedkillahs?” Agnar shook his head as he realizes how stupid Balrog truely is.
  11. Legoboy7984

    A Warning

    Agnar Ireheart in his hidden cave would hear upon this ‘warning’ before he’d send a letter to the self-proclaimed King of nothing. “You ar’ a bloody idiot. Ye’ are callin’ Urguan kinslayers w’en t’ey are killin’ kinslayers. Do ye’ not know w’at t’ose clans supported? T’ey supported kinslayin’ read a book ye’ blind fool. Ye’ call yerself King and ye’ ain’t shite to me. Now go buy ah book an’ educate ye’self ye’ bloody imbecile. It’s not kinslayin’ if ye’ are killin’ kinslayer’s ye’ degenerate it’s called justice for the fallen dweds t’at ‘ad fell to Ulra’. Ye’ are now known to meh as, Balrog ‘The Kinslayer Supporter’ ”
  12. Legoboy7984

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    House Tully of Riverun Lord: Ser Edmure Tully Heir: Ser Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully Seat: Riverrun Words: Family, Duty, Honor King’s Landing | King’s Landing | After the Tyrell host left being led by Randyll Tarly, Ser Edmure continued to stay outside King’s Landing in his fortified camp. As Edmure and fellow Lord’s of the Riverlands were gathered in the war tent looking at the map of the city a messenger would barge into the tent. “M’lords, I bring news from Tumbleton. The Tarly host fought with King Stannis Baratheon against the small Lannister host there so it seems that the Tyrell’s has bent the knee to Stannis.” “I was beginning to like that Tarly.. What a shame I guess, but we shall remain in King’s Landing to finish what we were doi-.” “Forgive me m’lord, but I also came to inform on another matter which is the Tarly Host along with King Stannis is marching here to take us on. Plus, King Robb advised you to start heading back to the Riverlands immediately due to this threat.” “Leave us.” Ser Edmure would then speak to the messenger as he’d look at the fellow lords of the Riverlands. “Now, my fellow lords, it seems we are forced to make a decision on what to do which is either stay here to stand against the large force or march back home hoping that they don’t follow us back to the Riverlands. Now, what do you chose to do?.” “I say we should march home then, this is a losing battle if we stayed here, and plus winter is almost here. We’ve shown nothing but the strength of the Riverlands at King’s Landing but now we must live to fight another day.” Lord Karly Vance would state. The Riverlords would all agree before they made their march home/ Actions: - Preparations for winter continues. - The Tully host continues to march home. - Ravens are sent from Riverrun. [Mod]
  13. Legoboy7984

    The Wedding of Stafyr - Baruch

    “Even though he chose a Baruch to marry something I wouldn’t, but I’m glad to see my wife’s kin happy.” Sir Henrik would simply state.
  14. Legoboy7984


    Sir Henrik Ludovar signs the document. “Ave Haense, and the Empire.” Ludovar c.o.a
  15. Legoboy7984

    Betrayed by my own kin

    Agnar Ireheart simply shrugs. “Gold’and ‘as been tarnished by this dwed ever since ‘e was corrupted by the dwed-killers of Ulra’.”