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  1. Ser Joren raises a brow "They aren't dead yet?"
  2. APPLICATION TO JOIN: I. Name: Ser Joren Baruch II. Age: 24 III. Place of Residence: Jorenstadt, and Saints Rest(Ayr) IV. Skilled Labor [Farmer, Lumberjack, etc.]: Miner OOC MC Name: legoboy7984 Skype ID: legoboy7984 Do you have TeamSpeak? If not, it is recommended that you download it: Yes
  3. "The Orcish people came into Adelberg armored and attempting to kidnap a Princess, and we retaliated.." Ser Joren Baruch said
  4. Ser Joren Baruch would clean his sword as he'd smile "A good day this was."
  5. Ser Joren would chuckle. "About time."
  6. I miss Anthos....

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      Be the dwarf we need

  7. Ser Joren would hear the news as he would almost fall to the floor "No, this can't be true..." Joren would look at the guard telling him the news. "Stephen was a friend, role model, savior, and a leader..." Joren would sigh "A great shame this is..."
  8. Hummus the Human smiles as he would join the ranks
  9. "I think it still needs work to be put into it." Joren would say as he looks around
  10. Joren would smile hearing the news.
  11. -1
  12. THE JOUST (NOBILITY ONLY) NAME: Joren Baruch AGE: 21 TITLE: Knight of the Order of the Golden Crow, Castellanry of Jorenstadt LAND OF ORIGIN/HOLDING: Jorenstadt MC NAME: legoboy7984
  13. "About time." Joren would say as he would put the letter down going back to work
  14. "Didn't John have a son?" Joren would say as he would return to his duties in Haense
  15. Good fight Norland. #NotMyAdmin #IMattyz4AdminGood fight Norland. #NotMyAdmin #IMattyz4Admin