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  1. Legoboy7984

    Tavern of Markev Hiring

    Tavern of Markev Hiring [!] An image of the tavern within Markev, circa 1703 A Notice would be placed upon the notice board in Markev and across Atlas: To all that currently seek for work. The tavern within the city of Markev is currently looking for anyone who is willing to work within the tavern. If you are willing and wanting to do this please contact me, Sir Henrik Otto Ludovar, or apply for it which then I will work with you or get someone to get you settled in within the tavern to begin to work. His Lordship, Henrik Otto Ludovar, Baron of Lizat, Lord Bursar of Markev, and Knight of the Marian Retinue Application -OOC- MC Name: Discord: Are you active?: -RP- Name: Age (Must be at least 17+): Any Experience: Why do you wish to work within the tavern?: What position do you want? (Tavernkeeper or Waiter/Waitress):
  2. Legoboy7984

    Union of the Falcon and Hammerhead

    ”Luckily I have to say is that he’s twenty or so years older than I. Plus I am only three years older than you.” he’d let out a sigh.
  3. Legoboy7984

    Union of the Falcon and Hammerhead

    Sir Henrik Ludovar would raise a brow before he’d joke “I guess she likes older men.”
  4. Legoboy7984

    House Stafyr

    “The marriage happened six or seven years ago in the Haense cathedral. Her name is Kattarina Stafyr though is known now as Kattarina Ludovar.”
  5. Legoboy7984

    House Stafyr

    Sir Henrik Ludovar wonders why his wife who is a Stafyr isn’t mentioned.
  6. Legoboy7984


    Sir Henrik Otto Ludovar would nod. “As the oldest Knight at least to my knowledge in Haense.. I shall take this up. Ave Haense”
  7. Legoboy7984

    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    KINGDOM OF SCOTS/SCOTLAND King William I sits upon his throne holding court hearing upon the news of the wars within Europe as he would only let out a sigh excusing the person of the news so that he may discuss the world events within Europe. After a long day of court, he would call for a meeting with the nobles of Scotland as he began to make ready for preparation for potential growth for his Kingdom. Actions: - King William calls for a tax period within his realm - Envoy sent to Denmark - A secret letter sent to France
  8. Legoboy7984

    Medieval Age 1203 AD OOC

    OOC APP Nation name: Kingdom of Scots or Scotland Population: 500,000 Summary of History: Before this, a further rising in 1181 involved Donald Meic Uilleim, a descendant of King Duncan II. Donald briefly took over Ross; not until his death was William able to reclaim Donald's stronghold of Inverness. Further royal expeditions were required in 1197 and 1202 to fully neutralize the Orcadian threat. The Treaty of Falaise remained in force for the next fifteen years. Then the English king Richard the Lionheart, needing money to take part in the Third Crusade, agreed to terminate it in return for 10,000 silver marks, on 5 December 1189. William attempted to purchase Northumbria from Richard in 1194, as he had a strong claim over it. However, his offer of 15,000 marks was rejected due to wanting the castles within the lands, which Richard was not willing to give. Despite the Scots regaining their independence, Anglo-Scottish relations remained tense during the first decade of the 13th century. Discord: Legoboy#0060 Current Monarch of Scotland in Time Period William I ‘The Lion’ of Scotland King of Scots Seal of William I
  9. Legoboy7984

    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    What about CK2?
  10. Legoboy7984

    Royal Wedding

    Ser Henrik Otto Ludovar would smile after hearing of the wedding is soon. “Oh my, how the years have passed by so quickly.”
  11. Legoboy7984

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    “With failure comes success.”
  12. Legoboy7984

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    Oszkar Tuvic would smirk shaking his head. “Niet, little does Curon know t’at t’ey haven’t met the full mig’t of the Adrian rally. We only sent in very little not thinking of what was to be expected.”
  13. Legoboy7984

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    Oszkar Tuvic nods in agreement “Indeed they did. Personally, I think we should do another battle and this time bring the full might of Adria as we underestimated these Curonites. Justice must be served for them coming to our land right after the battle to capture dear Timeo."
  14. Legoboy7984

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    Oszkar Tuvic remembers right after the battle Curon coming to Belvitz capturing a citizen.