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  1. REFORMATION OF THE TITLE OF LORD BURSAR 315 ES _=_ [!] The c.o.a’s of New Reza On the year of 315 E.S, the title of Lord Bursar shall be reformed. The duty of the Lord Bursar is to advise the Maer along with assisting the Maer in projects, initiatives, hosting events, assist in hosting city council meetings, select members in the city council, and to represent the Maer in Duma if he or she is unable to attend that day. The Lord Bursar’s tenureship is the same as the Maer thusly meaning every future duly elected Maer’s are able to select their own Lord Bursar. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov, Lord Maer of the City of New Reza
  2. I’m confused if this is a joke or not because it’s April Fools.
  3. REFORMATION OF THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF NEW REZA 314 ES _=_ [!] The c.o.a’s of New Reza The Municipal Council created in 308 E.S by the previous Maer, Lady Aleksandra Stafyr, shall be reformed in the city of New Reza, though instead of having the Maer, Head Steward, Tavern Manager, and the Chamberlain it shall just be the Maer along with three other council seats that shall only be filled by the citizens of New Reza. The members of this council will be advisers to the Maer during his or her’s tenure. The members of this council are to advise and assist the Maer with projects, initiatives, and hosting events. This Council shall meet once or twice a week to come up with ideas or events for the city. As mentioned in the previous Municipal Council document, further positions may be added or removed as seen fit. If one wishes to be apart of this council they are to apply to the Maer himself until all three positions are filled. The tenures of council members are as long as the Maer meaning each Maer gets to select who is part of their council. If a member of this council dies or is removed then citizens shall be notified of the open slot and applications shall be put forth towards the Maer. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov, Lord Maer of the City of New Reza
  4. Stefan Vyronov wonders why the special election in Haense wasn’t mentioned in the paper along with the other events from last saints day.
  5. Stefan Vyronov shakes his head feeling in need to respond to this. Aye, I do have a lack of experience though I am being guided by those who do. You say that you have great experience around the Senate area by taking notes yet you copied the same formatted work I done for my Maer Campaign post. Find it odd how recently you’ve began talking about the Barovifest along with Religion just now. I for one have been talking about this since the start of my campaign.
  6. Stefan Vyronov’s Campaign for Maer Stefan’s Beliefs: Despite his young age and lack of experience in politics, Stefan has done fairly well in his education as a ward to the late King Andrik IV before his death and later being tutored by his grandmother, Dame Primrose Kortrevich. He was given guidance from leaders to put forth a seamless and well thought out campaign that you can be proud of if you vote for him. What will he do? A helping hand in hearing out the people of the city, to ensure their ideas and beliefs are heard, rebuilding our cities’ visual image, and more! Stefan’s stance on significant topics: Military: The military is always important to any nation as they defend our Kingdom and keep us safe. Due to the dangerous nature of their job, they are entitled to get the barracks renovated or rebuilt so they may continue to grow the Brotherhood. Our healthcare services should also be provided to members of the military for free. Religion: Canonism is a priority this is why I wish to ensure that our great faith is told in New Reza by having yearly masses where everyone is informed on our great GOD. Taxation: Taxation is essential to maintain balance within the Kingdom. We must be able to pay the guard and our doctors, as well as other government officials who must pay to organize activities, architects, etc. That is why Stefan shall not attempt to mess or disrupt the current taxes we have now like many people who ran in the last election did. Education: Both adults and children who are uneducated are entitled to free education in order to provide them with a gateway to a successful future. A city of well-educated adults is a great one. Adults, who have not already, may also pursue education, but must aid in the payment of our educators, and must pay a fee, half of which goes to the crown. Types of Events and More: Barovifest: After this election, we will soon have our King coronated. Once he is coronated a Barovifest is to be held which Stefan shall assist with hosting and gathering supplies for it. Joust and Melee: Jousts are something that is often in Haense which Stefan would like to mix things up a few times where we just have the nobles and knights joust. The winner shall get a prize that will be determined when the event is made. In this particular type of event, the melee shall be for those that can’t attend the joust so all are participating and aiming to win something. Game Nights in the Tavern: Whether its rolling dice or the game of ‘Weo Ovare’ that was created by Lady Aleksandra and the Queens-mother, Maya. This is where we all as Hansetians can sit down and socialize with each other while having fun. City Council: A city council would be implemented to assist the Maer in hosting events. To become apart of the city council is the same as one who becomes a Steward, you apply to become one. Once you are apart of this council then you are capable to work with the Maer on hosting events or even coming up with ideas of your own. This will not only help the Maer but it will give the citizens a say in what type of events they wish to have as well. Reimplementing the title of Lord Bursar: The title of Bursar is chosen by the Maer themselves to help them on selecting who is in the city council, host events, and represent the Maer in Duma if they aren’t able to attend that day themselves. VOTE STEFAN ALEKSANDR VYRONOV ‘For New Beginnings’
  7. Stefan Vyronov smirks upon reading this. “Good read.”
  8. Letter of Recognition 314 E.S, 10th of Jula and Piov The House of Vyronov recognizes the individual known as Wilhelm as the bastard son of Herzen Jan Rudolph Vyronov. We acknowledge that even though he may not share our name, we share the same blood. The blood of the warrior Lerald of Norwick runs through all our veins and binds us as a family. We welcome him into our family with open arms and recognize him as a member of our House. He shall henceforth be known as Wilhelm Wald. Signed, Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov Ser Lukas “The Tenacious” Vyronov Finn Vyronov Wilhelm Wald
  9. Stefan Vyronov smirks upon reading this endorsement “After two failed campaigns for Maer she gets an endorsement to hopefully win this time. How odd this is though it isn’t an endorsement that makes people vote for you it’s what you wish to do for Haense that makes them vote for you.”
  10. Legoboy7984

    Gun Plugin

    Thank god we’re not having guns. Plus, you should have waited till April 1st to do this post.
  11. Stefan Vyronov for Maer “For New Beginnings” Statue of King Marius I in the city square circa 1756 First I like to start off by sending my condolences to the families of Lady Maer Aleksandra Stafyr and Father Harald Vuiller. We lost two great people one being a beloved noblewoman and the other being a holy man. Despite our recent losses and the special election we’re soon to have, I am here to declare my bid for Maer. As Maer, I shall continue and finish what Lady Aleksandra started. I shall also run to represent and uphold our canonist values by making sure we continue to have masses in New Reza. I shall work with the Marshal and Alderman, Osvald, on anything military-related that is in need to be done in the city. Platform - Schedule events regularly like jousts, melees, hunts, etc - Host the Barovifest - Yearly masses (weekly) - Work with the Headmaster of the Royal Academy on education in Haense - Work with the High Steward on housing and city issues - Work with the military Vote Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov for Maer “For New Beginnings”
  12. IGN: LegoHaenser10 Character Name: Stefan Vyronov Age: 21 Position: Maer Place of Residence: Kingsway III
  13. Stefan Vyronov sighs upon the news. “In life there comes death. Today Haense has lost a wonderful noble lady. She was a great Maer and had a brighter future ahead of her. May she rest in peace and be welcomed to the seven skies.”
  14. Stefan Vyronov smiles “Peace at last, peace at last, finally we are peace at last.”
  15. Stefan Vyronov takes a sip from his morning Carrion Black after he lost in his election before shrugging it off. “As someone probably once said, a minor setback paves the way for a major come back. This isn’t the last time people will see me that’s for sure. Fair play to every candidate in every race at least this election has showed that we have a lot of people that wants to do something for this Kingdom that’s for sure”
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