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  1. Stefan Vyronov sees the Emperors portrait as he’d murmured to himself “That is one ugly looking portrait”
  2. Little Stefan Vyronov shrugged at the conclusion “Everyone knew this was a sham to begin with. The King has the same traits as a Barbanov with his black hair, blue eyes, and his whole appearance. Glad that this is over though”
  3. “The age of adulthood, lad.”
  4. “Go grovel for some education”
  5. “What is a Haenser? Plus we don’t conscript children, just gotta love propaganda.”
  6. Stefan lofts a brow at the bastard Dukes remarks. “I wonder if Norlandic or Morsgradic people are very uneducated as they can’t tell the difference between Emperor of Oren and King of Helena. Though it does amaze me how these people or should I say barbarians since they kill children make up title names out of thin air.”
  7. “You must be behind the times as it was quickly confirmed that King Andrew IV is actually the true son of the late King Andrew III. Also, it’d be highly impossible for the King to even be Adrain de Sarkozy’s son due to the fact he looks nothing like him. King Andrew IV looks almost like his father, King Andrew III. As the King has black hair and blue eyes while Adrian had brown hair and grey eyes.”
  8. Young Stefan Vyronov sits in his castle as he is informed of the ball before shouting for his tailor to make him an outfit to wear.
  9. RP Name:: Stefan Vyronov MC Username: legoboy7984 Discord: Legoboy#0060 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska (Holy Orenian Empire) Why Do You Wish To Come?: To explore old places and for the educational experience perhaps not just for myself but for my character. What Skills Can You Bring?: By the time this event occurs he’ll be a teenage so little fighting capability, company, and assistance in RP situations.
  10. Might as well apply and rejoin the team. Though I really hope that we don’t have to put in new lore and leave that for the LT to do because last time was dreadful.
  11. **** off, go back to joker. Viking gif My ting rn lego

    1. Legoboy7984


      I needed a new gif for a profile image so I picked vikings since the next episode is tomorrow, lol.

    2. rukio


      Very hyped for new episode. 

  12. A Hansetic man would wonder why the other man is an absolute idiot as he never took part in any sort of Hansetic education.
  13. The young Stefan Vyronov yawns. ______ OOC: The war should very well be called off and everyone just live in peace at this point if i’m honest. This war is going no where nor will it in my honest opinion.
  14. “Don’t know what you speak of though what I do know is Baruchs are nothing but snakes in the grass who you can easily spot. Baruchs are nothing than enemies to Haense.” the young peasant boy replies.
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