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  1. Agnar Ireheart nods in approval. "A vote fer Durorn is ah vote towards deh pat' of great prosperity fer our Kingdom."
  2. IGN: LegoHaenser10 RP NAME: Agnar Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  3. Agnar Ireheart nods in approval as he hears the news up in his mountain cave. "I support meh Ire'eart members en w'at dehy wish to achieve. As an old dwarf I s'all put my upmost support fer Durorn Ireheart to beh King."
  4. The old man rolled his eyes. "Now we will have our great Lady Speaker carrying a name of an Orenian... great." he'd the let out a soft sigh. "I guess may Godani fill your marriage with happiness and joy. My best of wishes go to you yet I shall not be attending as I have other things to attend to and I wish not to see men play dress up with those disgusting wigs."
  5. "Farewell, Lady Barclay. My condolences to the family of House Barclay and the people of Reinmar." The old Baron of Astfield would say upon hearing the death of Marcella Barclay.
  6. Last nights forum was weird with it being thin. Come back after work and it looking niooooce.

  7. Stefan Vyronov, the old Baron of Astfield, sat in his office within Karosgrad hearing upon the news of the now late Karl. "May GODANI bring you to his home within the seven skies. You've done your purpose and have accomplished things that you sought to accomplish. Fare well, Karl Amador, may you finally rest in peace."
  8. "Does not matter to me despite what the Pontiff says. For I only believe and give my grattitude towards true Saints that has done things of great significance to which they are forever remembered by its people and those that worship Canonism. Harald Vuiller is a man forgotten and will more than likely remain, forgotten. Harald Vuiller is no Saint towards Haense either." the old Stefan Vyronov would state before he returned to teaching his grandson.
  9. Stefan Vyronov lofts a brow. "He is not a Saint, no Pontiff has declared a Saint in centuries."
  10. An In-Depth History of The Greyspine Rebellion Written by: Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov -TABLE OF CONTENTS - I - The Rise of the Rebellion II - The Greyspine Rebellion III - Reformation of Hanseti-Ruska Chapter I: The Rise of the Rebellion Eight years had passed since the Great Northern War, where the Kingdom of Haense was defeated by its rival, the Kingdom of Courland. The lands that were once led by the royal family of Barbanov were left to ruin with its people gone besides those that betrayed them. The old Haese
  11. Stefan reads the invitation until he gets to a woman named Anabella Draghicescu. "What in the GODANI's name is that last name?..Never heard of that in my long lifetime."
  12. Big scratch head, nice formatting Hiebe. 10/10 Edit: Does anyone like how we start on a new map have to learn a whole new crafting system and not only that, you vote to only get 2 minas a day? I don't. Now to learn Vortex that'll take something in getting used to but bruh... I want my mineman minas asap. Personally, I liked the voting system from last map as it was easier/quicker to get minas. Now we gotta grind on a solid 2 minas per vote on a daily basis.
  13. What happened to my typical generic same built CT? D:
  14. Vortex giving me bad Nexus flash backs.

    1. antiopa


      its literally just nexus with some **** changed 

  15. This map change is gonna be huuuuuuuuuuge
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