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  1. “Huh?.” Stefan Vyronov says before he just returns to taking care of his kids.
  2. “Personally, I think those who were on calvary who almost died in the Second Siege of Metterden should be given a medal. We had to charge against a larger opposition for the sake of Haense’s defense and the Ruthern families home.”
  3. Stefan Vyronov smirks with a slight chuckle. “Funny how she doesn’t mention her three failed campaigns for Maer and her other failed campaign for Alderman in Haense. Despite that she can be a difficult person to run against, depending on what position she runs for.”
  4. That’s a yikers. Eddy my guy, next month it’ll be my 8 year on LoTC... save me my guy.
  5. Stefan Vyronov sighs upon the outfits worn in the portraits though mostly the company itself. “Interesting I guess, we shall see how long this will last I assume.”
  6. Agnar Ireheart takes a smoke from his pipe letting out a slight chuckle hearing of the election from his cave up in the mountains. “Been a long time since I heard Grand King and Starbreaker in the same sentence.”
  7. Stefan Vyronov reads the young Alimar’s missive to Bralt before he returned to his children and wife.
  8. Nah, I prefer just rune cannons because then they are rare as you gotta have a rune smith (dwarf) to produce the item. Side Note: Now, I do know that I am an Orenian but I have my own opinions.
  9. Stefan Vyronov smiles seeing his late cousin put on the paper. “Wish I was around when he was alive.”
  10. Stefan Vyronov lofts a brow. ”What?”
  11. “Hm.. interesting.” Stefan Vyronov mentions upon hearing about the wedding.
  12. Stefan Vyronov yawns as he reads the poster. “A dead Kingdom that should just become a Barony or whatever under the Empire. Join us humans in unity instead of playing as if you are a Kingdom.”
  13. “Our late Koeng housed Joseph for only a month or two when he was made Emperor due to the war. After he was coronated he lived in Ves where he originally made his plots, schemes, and ruled his Empire.” Ser Henrik Ludovar say up in the seven skies.
  14. “From Marjoie Vyronov now Baruch and Robert’s report on the Malo situation it appears that he was beatened down to like the name Malo as he lost a piece of his ear by Karl, beaten till he bled, and from what Marjorie said, he was a monster. His sister and my cousin, Marjorie, told me what Karl was like and she also mentioned that he abused her. Now for whose a better man between this Karl and I it appears that I am indeed a far better of a man than him. Vyronov shall continue to grow and as long as the name Vyronov lives on it shall continue to do so whether Baruchs like it or not. Lastly, the only people that I hear that speaks good about this Karl is you and you only.” Stefan Vyronov smirked as he’d went to take care of his kids.
  15. Stefan Vyronov scratches his head. “Uhm.. okay then.” “If I am not mistaken from the notes from the trial on both of my cousins, Karl and Robert, that you were there to witness Karl torture Pierre a Footman to our Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Yet it seems from the notes that Robert spoke out of hiding in Karl’s shadow unlike you, the man who was afraid. Also, if I am not mistaken it was Karl that denied a duel with Vladrick Alimar, who was known for being a great swordsmen, yet Ser Robert stepped up for his older brother to duel the legendary swordsman.”
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