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  1. The Battles of High Plains

    Joren Baruch would shake his head in the seven skies. "Rickard 'The Bastard' Ayres, not Richard Baruch... this fool still thinking he's a legit Baruch, how pathetic."
  2. The Grand Ball of Cyrilsburg, 1659

    Ser Sylvester III would approve. "This is why I chose him as Deputy Mayor, as we have the same views."
  3. Cornivore's Last and Final Goodbye!

    Good Bye. Sad to see you go when we were starting to get along.
  4. Virgin Renatus - Chad Confederates

    Man I sure love being mentioned
  5. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    But failed badly
  6. <-> The Raid of the Untaken City <->

    Agnar Ireheart smiles. "About tiom' someone attacks t'at pat'etic nation."
  7. [Denied]put me in coach

  8. [Denied]Th3_11th For Staff

    Eh, why not give people a chance to shine +1
  9. Emergency notice

    Ser Sylvestre III would look at the men. "As your Mayor I command a small party to ride out to every inch of Atlas, and don't stop until you find our MARSHAL!."
  10. "The Adylith Solution" [Human Summit]

    Ser Sylvester Adelheid III would smirk loudly. "About time this happened."
  11. Sylvestre III’s Third Mayoral Speech Painting of Main Street in Cyrilsburg, 1653 A month has passed, as the citizens of Cyrilsburg begins to gather around in Main Street Sylvester III would place a box as he'd go to stand on it looking at the people People of Cyrilsburg, after this month of the election I've heard that the race is closer than you all think. As with that, I have something to tell to those who still haven’t decided. Those of you who haven’t decided, I want to ask you do you really want one person to have gain more power than he already has?, do you as a citizen of Cyrilsburg want to be possibly looked over?. I come to ask for many of you to vote for what’s right for our people, and I know many of our citizens are conscripted into the military but it’s best that all of our citizens know how to defend...themselves from harm. I come to you citizens that I look to bring a re-establishment within our taxes as well as a few tax cuts, bring our military into homes of their own, evict those who have left, build stalls for merchants, and finally re-establish what we once had as a growing population. What I mean by that is, I want to re-establish the events we once had within Curon like masses, festivals, tournaments, and so on so forth. I come to you people of Cyrilsburg that in the next following months of this election you choose what’s best not for yourself but for this great community we have here in Curon, Thank you. Sylvestre III would wave at the cheering crowd before he’d step off the box VOTE SYLVESTRE III FOR MAYOR TODAY! “With Wealth Comes Prosperity!” https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170951-sylvestre-iiis-third-mayoral-speech/
  12. First Cyrilsburg Election

    "I get that my slogan doesn't make sense reading it." Sylvestre would pause. "I want to bring wealth to Curon in order to have great events, and be able to grow." he'd fold his arms. "Plus why mention saying that you have a lot of wealth? Are you calling me poor? I want to bring wealth to the poor not call people poor."
  13. First Cyrilsburg Election

    "This is a good thing to bring up, but I think we should bring more wealth to Curon so we could pay our troops."
  14. First Cyrilsburg Election

    "Are you saying cause I'm a noble that I'm not with the people? Are you saying that Prince Alfred is not a man of the people? We need to re-establish to make our nation prosper!." Sylvestre III would state.