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  1. _______________________________________________ ᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚᛒᛟᛞᛁᛖᛞ ᚹᚨᚱᛗᛟᚾᚷᛖᚱᛋ A Boar Passes ᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚᛒᛟᛞᛁᛖᛞ ᚹᚨᚱᛗᛟᚾᚷᛖᚱᛋ ________________________________ It had seemed like a typical day for Balor "Boar Head’’ Ireheart. He had taken a patrol around Urguan, but things would quickly spiral out of control. He would receive news that a dwarf had challenged an olog to an honor duel in Krugmar where the dwarf was bound to die, he and his kin Ragrin Ireheart rode to krug to attempt to stop the dwarf from getting killed. However Ragrin would be attacked and captured by an olog. Balor would attempt a rescue by baiting the ologs away from Ragrin leaving him a chance to escape sacrificing his own life in the process. Upon doing so, he would then be captured by the uruks of Krugmar. After being captured the orcs dragged Balor towards a tall tower that had led to a bottomless pit called, ‘The Great Maw’. Once arriving there, Balor would be tossed into the pit to which he had no idea where it would lead to. As he rose to his feet he’d look up only to see a large worm ready to eat him alive. Balor ‘Boar Head’ then drew his greataxe looking towards the beast. The Ireheart would burst into his warlike attitude like any Ireheart would do, he then charged the beast aiming to kill it as he did not fear death nor a challenge. Upon doing so it wasn’t long before Balor would then lose his life to the worm monster hidden in the depths of the pit. As Balor fell he only died with honor and great valor as he successfully saved his fellow-clansman and fought to the bitter end. ______ Balor ‘Board Head’ Ireheart Aged, 90 _ Commander of the Legion Elder of Clan Elder Guildmaster of the Workers Guild
  2. Balor Ireheart would sit a slow tear falling down his face whilst reading the peace of paper remembering how the brave kronk stood and saved him after he had his arm severed " goodbye fallen 'ero may Dungrim welcome ye and may ye bask in eternal glory
  3. there are but they cant be used in combat
  4. MC Name:Dcsword Character Name: Balor "the BrightFlame" IreHeart Character Age:55 Appearance:Brown Beard Brown Brown Eyes bloodline - Feel free to contact Utak (Mickaelhz) or Axel (Lefty_Bojengles) for help: Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of ___, grandson of ___ etc): Dreek Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?:Yes What is your Discord?: Dcsword1.#0967
  5. Dcsword


    Balor Brightflame Was raised by his mother and father Thovira and Khutreack Brightflame in the town of his mother was a tailor who owned a small shop in the center of town while he is a town guard, he was an officer in the military he was forced to retire because he lost his hand during the battle of Kal'Nerroth. His mother was always sick due to her fragile body he had to look after his mothers shop most of the time and take over it someday however, Balor detested the idea of being a tailor he wanted to follow in his father footsteps and join the military however his mother after hearing this was furious at first but decided to sell the shop. Sadly at the age of 36 his mother passed away leaving him and his father alone which led him to develop a fear of abandonment. his father decided to retire from the Towns Guard and become a traveler he sold his house and began a new life. Balor followed his father on his travels and learned about many cultures and food however he always looked for new things each time he traveled, he always looked at the weapons of each nation and how they learned how they were made and try to copy its design, he had found a passion for blacksmithing. At the age of 43, his father died from old wounds he suffered during the battle of Kal'Nerroth. Balor at the age of 44 sets of on his journey to a new life. he keeps on with his father's dream traveling around the Grand Kingdom of Urguan visiting a lot of different dwarfs settlements, he admired their beauty and their differences. during his travels, he met a strange old man who took him under his wing and taught him the basics of blacksmithing refusing to tell him his name, 2 years have passed since the man took Balor under his wing, on Balors 50 birthday that man disappeared leaving a note behind the note that told him he taught Balor everything he could and to go achieve his dreams Balor packed up belongings that the old man gave him and went on his way. During his travels, he was stopped by bandits who told him to pay Balor was stubborn and refused to pay a fight soon broke out which led Balor to experience killing for the first time however on bandit slashed his face leaving a crescent-like scar covering his face.
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    balor was born during peaceful times he came from a minor clan which migrated to asulon during the escape from the verge the clan was neither rich nor poor however his clan was very strict. his father was the head of the clan and they followed strict rules they were not allowed to marry people of other races, he must always be loyal and keep his oath, and after the age of 5 they begging hellish training until the age of 18 where they leave the village and join the military.
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