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  1. "Let's hope my friend thumdrindal blueprints are nae stolen once more by t' dirty grimgolds" Balor would say as he read the missive from the top of his mountain drinking dire wolf whisky
  2. and the first easter on the georgian calendar was 4th of April 326 and has fallen on the 31 of march a long time before the tdov was created and will be for long after us, your point?
  3. the passive aggressiveness of people of the lgbtq+ + atheist on this post is crazy but if we do the same on the trans post its a ban Happy Easter my catholic bros ill join you in a few weeks time
  4. balor reads the note, utter astonishment "ser emilio is the best varoche and the most brave aaunian in t'e land" * he tosses the not aside(common aaun L take)
  5. Jake would look upon the missive and a light smile formed on his face "it has begun"
  6. Name: Balor Ireheart Age: 90 Race: Dwarf Nation: Urguan
  7. Oi hope this time urguan can prosper, unlike under the previous king Balor II Ireheart, The Grand Chancellor would state.
  8. CHARACTER NAME: Balor II Ireheart IGN: Dcsword AGE: 71 WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Urguan DISCORD: Dcsword#0967
  9. "T'e bastards deserved w'at t'ey got fur ignoring me' kin w'en t'ey were in danger, i do nae know w'y me' kin are being put on trial instead of t'e goldhand bastards" Balor II Ireheart stated, whilst crumbling and tossing the missive he had received into the forge of axholm
  10. he will come back one day

  11. sorry i only play dwarves @creamynoteblock u could be their half musin half olog child
  12. smiles the moons smile
  13. Killin sat at the top of the mountain sharpening his war axe " fat'er te' time has come for ye revenge"
  14. _______________________________________________ ᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚᛒᛟᛞᛁᛖᛞ ᚹᚨᚱᛗᛟᚾᚷᛖᚱᛋ A Boar Passes ᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚᛒᛟᛞᛁᛖᛞ ᚹᚨᚱᛗᛟᚾᚷᛖᚱᛋ ________________________________ It had seemed like a typical day for Balor "Boar Head’’ Ireheart. He had taken a patrol around Urguan, but things would quickly spiral out of control. He would receive news that a dwarf had challenged an olog to an honor duel in Krugmar where the dwarf was bound to die, he and his kin Ragrin Ireheart rode to krug to attempt to stop the dwarf from getting killed. However Ragrin would be attacked and captured by an olog. Balor would attempt a rescue by baiting the ologs away from Ragrin leaving him a chance to escape sacrificing his own life in the process. Upon doing so, he would then be captured by the uruks of Krugmar. After being captured the orcs dragged Balor towards a tall tower that had led to a bottomless pit called, ‘The Great Maw’. Once arriving there, Balor would be tossed into the pit to which he had no idea where it would lead to. As he rose to his feet he’d look up only to see a large worm ready to eat him alive. Balor ‘Boar Head’ then drew his greataxe looking towards the beast. The Ireheart would burst into his warlike attitude like any Ireheart would do, he then charged the beast aiming to kill it as he did not fear death nor a challenge. Upon doing so it wasn’t long before Balor would then lose his life to the worm monster hidden in the depths of the pit. As Balor fell he only died with honor and great valor as he successfully saved his fellow-clansman and fought to the bitter end. ______ Balor ‘Board Head’ Ireheart Aged, 90 _ Commander of the Legion Elder of Clan Elder Guildmaster of the Workers Guild
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