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  1. The Ocean’s Embrace [!] A portrait of the ocean would rest here, as a homage to the Py’lrie Talonnii. To whom it may concern, In the gloom of my heart, I pen these words, seeking solace in the act of release. My life, once rich with the warmth of companionship, stands desolate. My lliran, once the pillars of my existence, have faded into the unforgiving mists of time, leaving my tarnished soul fragmented and hollow. I wander through the rooms of my mind, each corner a repository of memories, yet none providing the comfort of a true home. Walls once jubilant with laughter and ushered secrets now echo with deafening silence. It is a silence that speaks louder than words, a silence that reminds me that I am alone. Yet, even in my swell of darkness, there is a strange beauty. The stars still shine, distant and untouchable, a reminder that there is something beyond this pain. Perhaps, in another time, another place, I will find the peace that eludes me now. For those who may read these words, know that this is not a farewell, but a recognition of my journey. It is a testament to the strength it has taken to endure, and the hope that, somewhere, there is a light waiting to guide me to everlasting restfulness. Do not search for me, for I am far from lost. The vast sea cradles me, with her horizons endless, and it is there that I will find my relief. It was the least I could do in remembrance of Rosina. With all my remaining love, Signed,
  2. In the stagnant estate of the Py'lrie, Nefeli lumbered by the roaring flames of the polished fireplace. As her eyes reached the end of the missive, the parchment hardly lingered in her digits. Casting it into the hearth, the fire swallowed it whole with a hiss, causing a smog of particles to rise. In haste, she flees for the manor's gates, accompanied by a stolen dagger that her father once held.
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  4. Nefeli Py'lrie arrived just moments too late, finding the aftermath of a tragedy. With anguish etched into every feature, she sank to her knees beside the fallen figure of her beloved friend, regret heavy in her heart. The weight of their unresolved disagreement hung in the air, intertwining with her sorrow, and leaving her paralyzed with guilt. Tears stung her vision as she tenderly held his gold-rimmed spectacles, a poignant reminder of what was lost. The ache of their unresolved differences left her with a lingering sense of emptiness, a haunting reminder of what could never be reclaimed. A weakened whisper came, faintly murmured words that Len'ii hadn't received when they truly mattered: "I'm so llun"
  5. In the bustling Py'lrie estate, Nefeli was hidden away; preoccupied with getting measurements for a new dress.
  6. Upon the pleasant news, Lady Nefeli Py'lrie poured a drink in celebration, contented over the return of the Royarch. "The stars have blessed us yet again." She triumphantly cheered.
  7. After reading the missive, Catherine gave a satisfied bob of her head. "Serves him right."
  8. A tense ‘aheral stood beneath the silky shadows of midnight, flowers held close to her chest. Outside the Py’lrie manor lay a makeshift grave; a memorial adorned with pale candles that bore little light. The only noise was the solemn chime of crickets, doing little to soothe the grief nestled in her chest. Leaving a single flower atop the stone slate, she moved away, traversing through the grim darkness of the night with a jaw clenched tight.
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