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  1. "Yes-- I shall SMITE the wickedness in your name..." The redeemed magus Valindra vowed after awaking from a fitful slumber. She knew what she had to do.
  2. MC Name: Morigung Discord: Morigung_oog Image: Description of Image: A painting of Valindra Nullivari. Dimensions: 1x1
  3. Valindra wept, for she rarely got invited to weddings.
  4. Following another horrendous episode from her room, far away from the trifles of war, a pale elfess smirked. “And so it comes full circle… I’ve no time for heretical dragon filth.. And now, I’ll have the pleasure of watching my longtime foe fall, his lies unraveled.” Valindra seemed all too happy to remark, a flicker of vengeance amidst several days of naught but suffering for the bladesung mali.
  5. What could only be described as an agonised screech came from the quarters of a bedridden mali, tears rolling down her cheeks. She fought to rise from her confines, though impacted against the mattress as her strength failed her. So much she had missed, and so much she would miss.
  6. Valindra had confined herself to her quarters for many a moon as of recent, shouldering the burden of several lifetimes of servitude. She sat in fear of the safety of her own room but more so of that which lurked beyond. However as the papers found their way into her hands, the corners of her lips twitched, as though seeking to muster a smile. “Still need to finish my trials… will have to wait until I am better.”
  7. Valindra sat in the clinic of the land of the cherry blossoms, having kindly been treated by a medic after being attacked by one on her own side. The elf smiled the sun's smile at the demand of herald release names, readying her spear once strong enough to stand for a hunt of both herald and Azdrazi alike.
  8. Valindra nodded in approval, exhaling that of a sigh. "They accused me of working with the Azdrazi falsely. I've little energy to defend them as I had before. May GOD have mercy on their souls.."
  9. MC Name: Morigung RP Name: Valindra Persona ID: 14729
  10. Valindra smiled the sun's smile from the Hyspian tavern.
  11. "So is it decreed, and so is it done. May GOD have mercy on their souls." Came the public reply of Valindra Nullivari, devout canonist of over two centuries. Where once she would have felt wrath, she felt only pity. Hours were spent in churches across the dominion of man, praying for their redemption. Behind closed doors, Valindra's reaction differed greatly. "Shit." She huffed.
  12. Valindra shook her head, readying a note for both the church and her paladin acquaintences.
  13. Valindra Nullivari, the fallen Magister and devout of the canonist faith smiled the sun's smile, and worked on a letter to Fatebinder regarding her own Sage rank alongside that of Sulieronn Ashwood. "If he reclaims his seat, I am owed mine too."
  14. "I do love a good smear campaign." Valindra sighed, folding one leg over the other and leaning back in her seat. "but Haelun'or has allowed me to be harassed for years on end. The Sythaerins were the only ones brave enough to do anything about it." A copy of the missive was slid beneath Obok's door, as further testament to the years of bothering she'd suffered.
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