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  1. Quite promptly, a number of letters would be distributed among people Valindra once new, varying in length. Despite promises of riches to be awarded, none would follow, as though all of her possessions had been entirely lost. [Keep in mind that none of these would be public knowledge unless disclosed by the recipient. This is a speed-written post as I wanted to strike while the iron was hot. PM me if you didn't get a letter but felt you should. I have like 100 unfinished letters tucked away in a google doc] #1 - Illthrak Ibarellen @Moping #2 - Callahan #3 - Elenora #4 - Numeon, Malithor, Thalon and Ro'ya #5 - The loyal Atmorices #6 - Laerdya #7 - Thalien #8 - Delmar #9 - Astark #10 - Vyllaenen #11 - Naele
  2. Valindra, certified druid despiser, smiled the sun's smile.
  3. The former Orenian icon, Vexalia Lothryne stirs... There is much work to be done.
  4. A pale mali, having been living in seclusion now for a number of years, had learned of her old ally's passing. Contemplating the moments shared and the good times had, along with the estrangement of his brother, Haus, Valindra let out a faint sigh, almost sorrowful that the two Weisses hadn't made amends in time.. Should Audo have a burial, a tribute to his life be it a grave for body or ashes, those present would find a blade rested at the side of such, a token of respect bestowed unto the Haensemen by the ancient 'aheral.
  5. The Mage-Duelling champion of Celia'nor stirs..
  6. Thank you. Five or so emote long circle drawing has gotten old.
  7. Skin Name: Wraith Knight Bid: $23 Discord: Morigung_oog
  8. Damn, can't believe we didn't see the eminent FTB complex.
  9. Outstanding lore with incredible depth. The snow elves are truly a unique and distinct subrace. While they look and act exactly like high elves, they definitely have SOMETHING that sets them apart. Absolutely. They're not just high elves... And anyone who says otherwise is a filthy dominionite. I love elves.
  10. β€œEw.” An elf spoke upon noting that a human had adopted an elven surname. β€œImpurity. Impure, vile.”
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