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  1. Eriantiel of Númenost sharpened her sword, "This is so on."
  2. "Hm, unfortunate." The princess of Númenost took out her flask, "Perhaps it'll be better now."
  3. Marisol scrunched her nose as she read her son's invitation. "I don't want you associating with them." She folded the letter, "They didn't even invite your sister!" @Tav @annanicole__
  4. "ALEKSIIIII! WE'RE INVITED!" Marisol shoved the invitation in her fiancé's hand. @Phersades
  5. i would like to think it smells like rain especially after days, best smell frfr
  6. "Why didn't my sister write to me? I'm a jeweler!" Marisol scoffed, "I guess I need to make a trip to Balian."
  7. "YEAHHHHHHH!" Eriantiel of Númenost cheered.
  8. "This must be a lie. Right?" Princess of Eriantiel of Númenost commented as she read over the missive. "For once we might have peace. Real peace."
  9. TO A COWARD Issued the 20th of the Snow’s Maiden, in the Year 168 of the Second Age BY THE WILL AND AUTHORITY OF THE PRINCESS TO THE COWARD WHO WRITES TO ME, I am not someone who feels fear. Threats, dangers, and anything alike hold no sway over me. Your tactics in pressuring me to make a choice of betrayal did not and will not frighten me. While you cower behind your words, I will continue to be at peace. If you wish for my head on a plate, summon your courage and confront me, coward. BY ORDER OF, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Eriantiel Arthalion, Princess of Númenost and Lady of Aran-în-Eryn
  10. mi favorito <3 tysm for all the memories
  11. The Hyspian blinked, "WHAT? NO- CALLA YOU CAN'T RETIRE!" Marisol started to weep.
  12. The haunting echoes of cries and screams resonated through the grand halls of the Minas Aranath. The weight of profound grief bore down upon Eriantiel as she faced the harsh reality of losing her friend.
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