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  1. Markus Yves van Aert polishes his father's swords, unsure of the outcome.
  2. Mari blinked, surprised it wasn't Artel (@Destructokeith).
  3. Marisol Solís hung up the missive in her shop, proud of the coat of arms she had created (under SEVERE stress). "At least it's done. May we win."
  4. Odetta von Alstreim welcomed her brother in the Seven Skies. "You've done well, you can rest now."
  5. Mari smiled, happy to be a witness for such an alliance.
  6. Mari attended to her garden, planting a new flower for the fallen von Theonus.
  7. ☼ WRITTEN BY ☼ ☼ ON ATSTANA DE REGNE PETRÈRE 96 ☼ The older I’ve gotten, the more I feel like at home within the Commonwealth. I’ve grown to appreciate the people, their work, and the memories I’ve created there. Since new beginnings are happening, I’ve decided to make something special for the two important families of Petra. The regal crown is a statement of its own, meticulously crafted to embody wealth, prosperity, and strength for a ruler. The base of the piece was made out of Petran Aurum, more durable than most. It contained exactly thirty-two gemstones; fourteen Renilde rubies, ten pure Paulen pearls, and eight black onyx stones. They were set into the crown all around, complementing each other and varying in shape to keep its authenticity. To also resemble a kingdom, having imperfections. The harmonious fusion of the jewels brought out the spirit of the nation, claiming its name as “Life of Petra”. Originally made for Her Royal Majesty, Catherine I of the Commonwealth of Petra, however it can be adjusted for any successor. -.○.- -{ Creator’s Note }- While staring at my sketch board, I had no idea what I wanted to make for the Queen. I took my books and charcoal, making my way to the library. My first thought was to review the history of Petra and see what their relics are. As I read through, I was mainly inspired by the ones that were named after the Holy Orenian Empire, the Kingdom of Oren, and their people. The idea came to me right then and there. I was going to make a crown based on the colors of Petra and their notable figures, honoring the land. I also named the rubies after Her Royal Majesty, Renilde I and the pearls after His Grace, Paul I as a tribute to the founders of the Commonwealth. .︵☼︵. Bernard, a name given by the Queen of the Commonwealth, is a piece for her. It's tailored to embrace grace and elegance, reflecting the royal title. Made from silk like scarlet fabric, carries golden embroidery throughout. The thread forms a pattern of the Queen’s favorite flower, the wild iris. The cape had a velvety texture, dyed in a royal neptune teal. Despite the cape being simple, it had the feel of lavishness as it wraps around the arms but allows movement for the wearer. It was long enough to reach the floor, having a tail that extends far beyond the hemline. To accentuate the dress, golden chains were added, delicately draped along the cape's hem and fastened at the shoulders, adding a touch of royal decadence. -.○.- -{ Creator’s Note }- At this point, I knew I wanted to make something that resembled the Queen herself, allowing her to have her own identity. The color palette had to be changed for this piece, however I kept the gold and red of the crown, to reflect her Petran heritage. Knowing her favorite flower, I made sure to incorporate it within the dress, by making a subtle design with golden thread. From afar, it seems like the gold was piled up together but upon a closer look, someone could tell it was wild irises. I struggled with the cape, I will admit. It was difficult to choose a color when white and black were out of the question. However, by taking another glance at the flower, I went with a dark teal. .︵☼︵. A circlet crafted with the same material as “Life of Petra”, Petran aurum. It was designed to be plain but with a slight touch of distinction. Adorning the circlet are sapphire gemstones, in reference to His Excellency, Sir Konstantin von Theonus of the Commonwealth of Petra. The middle stone was shaped into a rectangular cut as the ones on the sides were cut into fine rounds, accentuating the circlet's design with a sense of harmony and balance. The piece is an honor for House von Theonus and Sir Konstantin, thanking them for all of their recent hard work. -.○.- -{ Creator’s Note }- Alongside the Queen, I had to make something for the Guardian of Petra. Sir Konstantin is a simple man, therefore I made a simple circlet. I chose gold for the base and sapphire stones since they correlate to the colors of House von Theonus. I was aware that he didn’t want anything too flashy or extravagant, making this the perfect piece for him. .︵☼︵. To honor the Guardian of Petra, this piece was made for him. The tunic itself was made from silk, dyed in a deep red. Delicate and intricate golden embroidery covers the tunic, resembling the sun calling out to House von Theonus. Matching the base, the cape was in similar color, having a velvet texture. Unlike the other cape, it did not have a train behind, in case of a battle or a run. Resting on the shoulders was a smaller cape, made from black fur from bears, keeping the wearer warm. To hold the pieces together, a silver long chain draped across. -.○.- -{ Creator’s Note }- Despite His Excellency being a simple man, I decided to do something different for the clothing. When he took up the position as the Lord Regent of Petra, he needed something diplomatic, having the colors of his family and Petra. I started with the coat, having a similar feel of the Queen’s cape but I added black fur this time. The tunic has embroidery as well, having a pattern of the sun which is seen on the crest of the von Theonus. Even if he didn’t wear the circlet, I added a silver chain to hold the cape together. The chain adorned sapphires, another reference to his family. .︵☼︵. Assistant Head Physician of Petra, Founder of Rosa Dorada, and Protector of the Sun
  8. Marisol gasped at the Word of the Volume, "They mentioned my name!"
  9. Marisol cheered - she was very happy with this ban.
  10. Markus Yves, the younger brother of Gustaf, wonders if he'll ever be like his brother. Perhaps too scared to find out.
  11. "Ay tía. ¿Y ahora qué pasó?" Marisol sighed softly as she read the missive, "At least you will be happier now."
  12. "Mama, you must. You play music, no?" Mari, the youngest daughter, handed the missive to her mother. @Rosey
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