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  1. Hey Baybee miss u 

    1. psiop412


      Been a long time baby, miss you ❤️

  2. Check out my "Support Psiop" thread guys, any help is appreciated.

  3. Happy Anniversary Lotc. Thank you for everything.

  4. I did get his message and he did seem sincere apologizing, he just poked me on teamspeak because i'd agree to come by his appeal and post a +1 on the unban of him, honestly i meant what i said when we all make mistakes especially when it comes to gaming and stressful moments, So not my call but as the person who banned him i'd like to see this player have a second go at the server.
  5. Psiop! I made a villain app but I still want to be in the Wolverines. It is mainly a 'I am mad at the blackaxes' villain app and shouldn't impact too much on my character

  6. Hello, its Azaghal! Are you unbanned?

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