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  1. Oceas

    [Support]Disappearing Iron

    Shop showcase plugin? If so that plugin has always acted glitchy even back during 2.0. Ill try to contact plugin guys.
  2. Oceas

    Pharunbanere's Ban Appeal

    After further review you have been unbanned.
  3. Oceas

    Pharunbanere's Ban Appeal

    Looking into this ban right now searching for the appropriate staff member.
  4. Oceas

    Vice7's Fm Application

    Closed due to request by author
  5. Oceas

    Umm... What? Firenoah12's Ban Appeal

    Unbanned. There was a staff mistake sorry for the inconvience.
  6. Oceas

    Why Am I Banned [Tornadowatch's Ban Appeal.]

    Unbanned. There was a staff mistake sorry for the inconvience.
  7. Oceas

    Terinon's Ban Appeal

    As CountJuno is the GM who banned you he would be the direct Staff member to review this. However given his absence from the team I have notified a Administator to review the ban appeal.
  8. I am begging you to look at this ban appeal, not a single gm has looked at it and I'm completly innocent if you would look at it, it would make my day completly, thanks. http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/73165-snickle539s-ban-appeal/

  9. Oceas

    Shorsand's Ban Appeal

    Approved and Unbanned. *Edit Nice Forum Picture BTW
  10. So my forum signature was old.... perhaps this new one is more accurate?

  11. Oceas

    Meguzara's Forum Moderator Application

    Darion in has been brought forth to my attention by others of your oocly managed anger towards Elene and has leached into not one but all of your characters Aswell. I've known you for many months now and deeply request you stop it. On a side note Elene has been a productive mature member of our community working towards the betterment of the player base which can be seen as her role and position of princess in Malinor. However I will say the job of Global Moderator requires high maturity, bust also judgement that comes through both age and Roleplaying experience while I do not support the position of her gm application I do for forum moderator. Some find this conflicting using it as a stepping stone to learn the ropes better but in all honestly Global moderators both enforce the forums, teams peak, and ingame problems which with that said global to forum title itself explains it all. If lost in my statement yes I support Elene to become a forum moderator I feel she is well positioned and has the maturity and experience to use her discretion while moderating our community.
  12. Oceas

    Xight's Ban Appeal

    In regards to X-raying searching the modreq I noticed the staircase perfectly excavated out of the entire island you knew exactly where to dig. Blockchecking the surrounding island I noticed no signs of other excavation around the staircase except directly above the said area. Now if you can disprove to me how you miraculously did this feet please enlighten me.
  13. The summer term is about to end for college and thus another fast paced season of work and school begins. What are you all going to do to keep up with everything in life cut games? Stay up later for studying? Do share.

    1. Kickstarted and Running

      Kickstarted and Running

      I eat muffins so gain the power I need.

    2. Haelphon


      I will drink ale.