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  1. In the future, before you go on a long story to proclaim your side of a conflict, maybe don’t open with the fact that you are a liar, and have a lying problem.
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    Technical Update

    Zoning the server into separate zones sounds surprisingly efficient, and could tie well with nation tiles for future maps.
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  4. Viktoriya Vladov plans to go for the awkwardness that will inevitably ensue.
  5. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: Of Honor and Virtue, 1690 ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Non-Aggression] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: The Sable Enclave of Vira’ker] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: The War-nation of Krugmar] ========================================= Date of Signing: 17th of the Amber Cold, 1690 ========================================= Shattered. A treaty honored and a debt repaid as the Armies of Mankind and Elvenesse flooded the inner sanctum of San’kala, the Mali’ker of Vira’ker making their way to safeguard the libraries and shrines of the great Motshams that rest before their own elongated days. The Div’cruan, the Order of Mali’ker dedicated to the defense of their own kind, in their vows to take no pleasure in war or suffering as they performed their sacred duty, the protection of their people and the deeds required by their ancestors. Bloodshed. It is written that in the days of our greatest Ancestors’ youth, where the visage of Malin himself was fresh in the mind of the elder blood of the elves, that the Wardens of Malinor stood in strength and pride beside the armies of the Orcish Warnation. In those days, the bloodlust of the Orcish curse was met evenly by the stoic wisdom of elvenkind until the days in which Malinor began to rot. Honor. The elves knew nothing of it as their Princes abandoned the Wardens, spitting upon their blood which had been shed; The sacrifices they had made with their Orcish allies all for nothing as the Sons of Krug were left alone. Yet by might and force, they had found enough victory to seek peace. Temperance. As Khel began his travels, set outwards from the bonds of slavery and the idle tunes of Malinor he cast forth the Mali’ker into his struggles and his strengths. The Zealous, we call him, his commitments breaking the old ways of Malinor, and casting aside the bonds of the Mori. And as Ker’nor formed itself into the world, the people of ker’nor set themselves into their own cycle of ambivalence. Strength. The Mali’ker, people of the Shadows and dwellers of the great caverns. Yet in the Shadows they lived, their culture and ways falling soon to the rot of old Malinor as the ways of Khel were forgotten. Mali’ker and Mali’ame falling alongside one another as ancient cousins once more, yet to the downfall of the Mali’ker as they stood idle, their kin being drawn into the ranks of the ‘ame clans and druidic orders. But Khel was a Prince of War, not of Peace; The Mali’ker falling weak with each idle moment, losing themselves as they sat along cheerfully with the ‘Ame, losing their Ancestors and their Spirits as the ancient betrayal of Malinor in the Great War found it’s horrible consequences repeated. Peace. As it was known to the orcs in the Great War, it is known to their descendants. For it was the Orcs and Dwarves who were blessed with their Honor and Valor in the days of old, not the Humans and Elves. And while the taint of Malinor had bred distrust between the Mali’ker and Orcish peoples, the Spirits had began to rekindle such. The so-called shame of the elder shamans stood without proof as the Mali’ker stood stalwart in the same beliefs the Orcs themselves held, the esteemed Shamans of the Mali’ker being low in number, despite fears of their people abusing such gifts. And with such, common ground was found, in hopes that one day the Mali’ker could redeem such honor lost by the Princes of Old Malinor. The Terms, agreed upon by both groups, are as followed: The Sable Enclave of Vira’ker and War-nation of Krugmar will enter a Non-Aggression pact for mutual benefit of the Mali’ker people and the Orcish clans. The War-nation of Krugmar will henceforth recognize Dak’ir Des’nox, Primarch of Vira’ker, otherwise known as the Motsham of the Mali’ker people, and with such will grant him and his disciples with equal respect as they would a Shaman of the War-nation. The Sable Enclave of Vira’ker will permit free trade and visitation to its lands, shrines, and temples to all Orcs who wish to come in peace and kinship. The War-nation of Krugmar will permit free trade and visitation to its lands, shrines, and temples to all Mali’ker who wish to come in peace and kinship. Neither party shall behave in military manners that will be seen as breaking of currently standing treaties; Any and all battles and skirmishes between the two parties as party to standing treaties will be treated with honor and not malicious actions between each other. THE SABLE PRINCE, Ganzorig Vincrute, Athri’ker Gurukk 'The Zealot' Lak, Leader of the Rexdom of Krugmar, Swampgoth of Lak Clan, and bringer of the Golden Age of the Uruks
  6. Accepted, Aspirant. Accepted as a Sorcerer due to former affilitations with Ker’nor.
  7. The Div'cruan =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Forged in the strife of the Fringe wars, The Div'cruan were created many years ago to protect the Mali'ker and their homes within Ker'lomi. Their duty is first and foremost to their people and the Ancestors. Through war and the ages, the Div’cruan upholds its sacred charge, the eternal vigil of the Ancestors who have come before them. As their name entails, they are to show no pain and no fear when they meet their enemy. The Mali'ker are a passionate people, yet in service of the Div’cruan they must not let passion get in the way of their duties, for passion leads to bloodlust. The Div’cruan must be devoid of feeling, just as Onyx is devoid of light. There is no joy in killing, there is no disdain in it either. Killing is simply a method to keep the Mali'ker safe. Nothing more, nothing less - Nothing. Similar to the Archons of olden days, the Div'cruan show dedication to the Ancestors. Acting as their Champions and aiding in teaching populace of how to venerate and honour them, many Div’cruan will dedicate themselves and their lifestyles to a specific Ancestor, often idolizing and training in ways similar to theirs. Base Ranks * * =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Aspirant * * New blood of the Div’cruan, Mali’ker of strong hearts willing to serve their people; Aspirants are the newly armed members of the Div’cruan, yet to have receive their trials of initiation. Vindicator * * The bulk of the ashen guard, the duty of a Vindicator is to follow the orders given to them by their superiors, protect their home, and uphold the ways of the Ancestors adamantly. These members of the Div’cruan often take pilgrimage together to Ancestral way-shrines in celebration and mourning of great events. Hierarch * * A mali'ker at the rank of Hierarch been promoted by either the Ordinator or the Prince of Vira’ker for outstanding duty. The job of a Hierarch is to moderate and oversee the Aspirants as well as conduct Ancestral teachings and trials for them and potential new Initiates. Ordinator * * A rank given only to a select few veteran Div’cruan who have displayed outstanding devotion to the people and the Ancestors. These are the Commanders of the mali'ker troops. Tasked with issuing orders to the soldiers and handing down orders from the Prince. Their word is to be followed to the letter. Rank Specializations (Mages and Holy Mages) * * =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Adept * * Aspirants who are skilled in the Void or Other deific magic aside from Shamanism, yet still holding interest to serve the Ancestors; Once receiving their armor and weapons, they await their Test of Faith and Skill with this rank. Sorcerer * * A full battle-worthy mage of the Div’cruan. Their duty is to follow the orders given to them by their superiors, protect their home, and uphold the ways of the Ancestors adamantly, as well as assist in education Adepts on the proper use of magic. They are on par to Vindicators. Censurer * * A full battle-worthy deific mage of the Div’cruan. Their duty is to follow the orders given to them by their superiors, protect their home, and uphold the ways of the Ancestors adamantly, as well as assist in medical duties. They are on par to Vindicators. Magos * * This mali'ker voidal mage has been promoted by either the Ordinator or the Prince for outstanding duty. Their job is to moderate and oversee the Adepts as well as conduct Ancestral teachings for Aspirants, Adepts, Vindicators, and Sorcerers. They are on par to Hierarchs. Prelate * * This mali'ker deific mage has been promoted by either the Ordinator or the Prince for outstanding duty. Their job is to moderate and oversee the Adepts as well as conduct Ancestral teachings for Aspirants, Adepts, Vindicators, and Censurers. They are on par to Hierarchs. Test of Faith (Initiate Trials) * * =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= When an Aspirant or Adept completes their training and are ready to take the next steps to becoming a full member of the Div’cruan, they must undergo a simple test of faith. Hierarchs, Ordinators or even the Prince himself will bestow a task onto them that they see will best prove the recruit. These tasks can differ depending on which ranked member decided and at times these tasks may even be quite dangerous; Often times related to a Spirit or Ancestor in nature. The Ancestral Pledge * * =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= All mali'ker who complete their tests of faith must utter this pledge before becoming a Vindicator or some sort of Specialized role. I, ___, swear upon my life to uphold the honor of my loved ones lost. My life is devoted to furthering the mali'ker in all forms. I do not seek sin, I seek the love of my Ancestors. I do not seek glory, the glory is theirs. I do not seek riches, coin is meaningless in the Astral Plane. If I stray from the path and into that of the barbarian then I relinquish my life and accept that I may never dwell with our blessed. War Chant * * =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= (IC) Name: Age: Gender: Do you intend to learn, or do you perform, any sort of Voidal or Deific art? Which? Do you accept that in joining this order you may at times be tasked with taking the life of another mali’ker? Do you accept that under particular circumstances you may be removed from the order? And under serious enough terms, executed? (OOC) MC Name: Discord: ((Please put your answers to these questions in a different color than the text))
  8. The less important (and more attractive) version of Dak’ir signs the treaty.
  9. The snake with amber eyes signs the treaty.
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