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  1. SURNAME: O’Rourke FIRST NAME: Oisin ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: O’Rourke Manor, Kaedrin DATE OF BIRTH: 1748 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes. ((MC NAME)): Slamguinius_
  2. “A fine opportunity for any up-and-coming family wishing to get out of the big city and all of that Capital drama in Helena!” remarks a House of Commons member, and potential future neighbor.
  3. Ganzorig Vincrute, first Prince of Vira’ker who stole away the Fleet of the Dominion of Malin to take to the seas with the loyalist Div’Cruan smiles, happy to hear news of his people’s return to their roots as the Elven lords of the waves.
  4. “Paddys gran’daddy was once a Mayor, y’know! Vote O’Rourke, it’ll take one of lads in green t’ fill yer pockets with marks!”
  5. Advertisements and posters are placed all throughout, bearing the letter-marking of the O’Rourke Company and the O’Rourke Company Printing shop, bearing the bold title of ‘EQUESTRIAN SALES’ in the middle. The O’Rourke Company’s Equestrian office is here for its seasonal sell of fine steeds throughout the lands! As the harvest season has come to an end, several fine horses have finally met their age and fallen into the category of being acceptable for work or training to stand as War-steeds. These fine horses are available, first come first serve per quality, at a fair price to all within the lands. For inquiry; Contact Oisin O’Rourke of the O’Rourke Company within the lands of Kaedrin. God be with you all. ---- OOC Note ---- Contact within proper means of RP for purchases. MC Name: ScreamToBeHeard Discord: Imp#7502
  6. I see no reason why weaponry such as muskets, flintlocks, cannons or magical variations of any of those could not exist in LotC. It would be no different than magic or a crossbow, three to four emotes including pulling it out, loading it, aiming it, and firing it. No-preloading.
  7. Preface/Note and tl;dr – Old player yells at clouds about how the magic has changed. -1 As a former Frost Witch player, the beauty of the magic was the pure inventiveness of it due to the myth of grandeur. From spreading lies about how we would be hurt if sprinkled with Aurum to bait out potential hunters IRP, to the pure freeform abilities of the magic the old lore felt so much more.... Alive. While I appreciate the amount of work you clearly put into this, the limitations with spells, sabbaths, altars and the likes isn’t the same Fjarriauga that use to torment the server. It’s not the same creatures that players gathered up in groups to hunt because it was actually a fun experience to roleplay with, it just seems like an attempt to turn a unique and creative magic into the next Evocation. I know the loregames era tried to strong arm magics into having a comprehensive set of abilities they could use to prevent power-gaming but Flamboyant is gone. The responsibility to prevent abusing a magic comes on the community, not a limitation of what you can do to provide an enjoyable experience, and I think with the magic set as it is now, that just isn’t something to see. In my honest opinion; You wrote a passable lore, not an enjoyable one. Also altars are just game of thrones tree-man-whitewalker copies and sabbaths are lame.
  8. Areon


    “Agh Hozh call, but mi wundur iv latz gruk tu challunge him fur da titul ur blah zhite lyk zum zhara,” a wandering Azog remarks from beneath his great, darkened cloak, his green lips curling over his tusks as he grins with interest, “Dat iz iv hi evun wehl zhuw up tuh anzur agh challunge.”
  9. Areon


    In the future, before you go on a long story to proclaim your side of a conflict, maybe don’t open with the fact that you are a liar, and have a lying problem.
  10. Zoning the server into separate zones sounds surprisingly efficient, and could tie well with nation tiles for future maps.
  11. Areon


  12. Viktoriya Vladov plans to go for the awkwardness that will inevitably ensue.
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