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  1. Somewhere, rolling upon the waves of the far world, lost in the heavy fogs and storms of an unforgiving sea an elder Oisin O'Rourke grows a frown, peering into the depths for a moment as if something tragic has occurred.
  2. Stanimir nods. Surely this would not be considered a war-crime or backfire in any way. Civilian manors with no strategic importance were clearly very important targets for the untrained mass of strelts to enact their righteous fury against! Dobrov prevails once more.
  3. Stanimir hums to himself a classic Orenian War-tune, enjoying the victory celebrations the Dobrov Crows were undertaking outside of the borders.
  4. A tall, Golden-Clad elf sits by a fire, surrounded by old friends, his normally grumpy tone marred with exhilarated joy as his gruesome mask shimmered by the fire's light, the pained image of a dying elf masking over his own features, like it normally does. His stoic expression is broken, uncharacteristically, into a chuckle as another individual remarks, "Well, if a comet hit that awful palace it's a good tiding regardless."
  5. IGN: Wayfaree RP NAME: Angrom Doomforged CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  6. Oisin O’Rourke withdraws himself to his private chambers. Feeling rather lonely in his large bed as he slept awkwardly on one side.
  7. Somewhere a Golden-armored Elf walked, a smug sense of pride washed over him each time he glanced towards Yulia, joyed that she continued to prove him wrong on the thoughts of her people.
  8. Mood Music From atop Saint Katherine’s Mount, bright swatches of cloth marred in blues, reds, and pure white flared in the wind down below in the Old North Bay as men and elves from across the Empire drilled relentlessly. The sounds of crews hurrying to load aboard their ships great cargos of food, medical supplies and ammunition replaced only by the heavy thuds of weaponry test-firing into the bay as great sailing ships readied themselves. From atop the walls of the Sea-fort securing the Imperial Naval Dockyard John Charles, Oisin O’Rourke, Commodo
  9. Naming Conventions of His Imperial Majesty’s Fleet This catalogue of ships commissioned or warranted under the authority of the Imperial Navy of the Holy Orenian Empire shall serve as a comprehensive list of all vessels outfitted for combat duty registered under the flag of the Empire. Any ship or crew not listed here flying under the Imperial Ensign shall be considered fraudulent. Along with this catalogue, the following are listed as required naming conventions for ships of the Imperial Navy, to be christened as a warship in the Emperor’s Service: A warship must not be name
  10. Imperial State Navy Sailor’s Enlistment Primer Preamble: The Imperial State Navy, or His Imperial Majesty’s Naval Service, is the premier maritime force in the Holy Orenian Empire, dedicated to securing Imperial interests in combat, trade, and more out at sea. As a new recruit, or Landsman, in the Imperial Navy, it is up to you as an individual to learn the basics on what it takes to shift from the mindset of a Landsman to an Imperial Seaman. This Enlistment Primer is written to serve as an introduction to the Imperial Navy Culture and the overall culture, discip
  11. THE IMPERIAL NAVY “To the Dory, men! Row!” Saint Emmaline of Woldzmir, 1st Adrian Regiment, razing the harbor of Kal’Karaad, c. 1497. The Imperial Navy is the collective term for the naval forces of the Holy Orenian Empire. This institution takes charge of aquatic and amphibious warfare as well as the Empire’s commercial shipping efforts and overseas colonial expansions. As it serves as an administrative body to help determine all military policy and procedure within the country, the War Office is charged with the oversight of the Imperial Navy and its conduct, and holds the power
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